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MorpheusSleeps PMed me willing to sell some Warmachine models (I currently have a SwapShop thread looking for such models):

From: MorpheusSleeps
To: Marz
Date: 2012/04/04 12:15:17

Hey man,
I have...
-Exemplar Errants unit of 10 (PIP 32036 )
-Exemplar Errant Officer and Standard Bearer (PIP 32066)
-Covenant of Menoth (PIP 32045)
I can do the whole lot including postage for $45?
Let me know if that's good for you. Thanks.

I looked at his posting history and noticed it wasn't great. He had a thread open in the SwapShop selling some Warhammer stuff (http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/439017.page) and it appeared that people had been PMing him and apparently buying stuff. A Mod had brought up the fact that he said he was in the USA but was posting from Thailand (I should have just stopped talking to this guy right then). I did a quick google search for "MorpheusSleeps" and didn't find the username pop up anywhere else. So I agreed to the trade but tried some haggling just to see his reaction:
From: Marz
To: MorpheusSleeps
Date: 2012/04/04 14:06:06
Subject: Re:Warmachine
Hi there.
I can agree to $45 if they are unpainted/primed. If they are painted would you take $40?
Please let me know and I can send money via Paypal and give you my shipping address.

He got back to me pretty quickly and agreed on my price with a little resistance.
From: MorpheusSleeps
To: Marz
Date: 2012/04/04 14:38:48
Subject: Re:Re:Warmachine
They're primed black. $45 is a lower than what they are worth...
I have a tonne of stuff to sell so I suppose I'll have to agree though! I'm sure you'll be able to help me out with something one day.
Thanks. Simon.

Pretty natural response. I picked up on the European spelling of "tonne" but it didn't bother me too much. I responded that I would pay his original asking price, as it was already pretty damn low and I didn't want to completely lowball the guy:
From: Marz
To: MorpheusSleeps
Date: 2012/04/04 14:44:34
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Warmachine
Ha ok you caught me, I love to haggle
I'll send you $45 via Paypal right now. My shipping address:

Confirmation of payment and an idea of when they would ship:
From: MorpheusSleeps
To: Marz
Date: 2012/04/04 15:07:09
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re:Warmachine
No worries Mike... I'm not your judge brother.
Will get those posted out to you in the next 48 hours.

I told a friend about my trade and mentioned this guy also had some WHFB stuff for sale. So I struck up another deal:
From: Marz
To: MorpheusSleeps
Date: 2012/04/04 17:46:24
Subject: Warhammer Fantasy
Hi again, I noticed you also were selling some WHFB Vampire Counts stuff. I have a friend who is building a VC army and is interested in
1 Box Vargheists/Crypt Horrors
1 Box Varghulf
Would you take $45 for these? If not, what would you accept?

He happily accepts:
From: MorpheusSleeps
To: Marz
Date: 2012/04/04 17:51:01
Subject: Re:Warhammer Fantasy
Sure, $45 is fine. Shall we say $5 for postage?
If you paypal me at elofspear@yahoo.com I will ship it out tomorrow morning.

I ask for tracking info:
From: Marz
To: MorpheusSleeps
Date: 2012/04/05 11:15:51
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Warmachine
Hi Simon,
If you could PM me with the tracking number(s) after these ship I would greatly appreciate it.

That was the last I heard from "Simon Fielding" aka MorpheusSleeps. I did notice he did not mark the items I had paid him for as "sold" in his SwapShop listing. I decided to Google his Paypal email address and, to my chagrin, found this thread: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1529790 A poster with the name Yamabushi using the same PayPal email address trying to scam people. I immediately disputed my Paypal transactions. Upon further investigation I found that there was a problem on DakkaDakka last December with a person using the name of GreyKnightVision http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/433026.page#3969846 His Paypal address was YamabushiSimon@live.co.uk and was showing as from Thailand.

"Simon" hasn't messaged me since I called him out and hasn't responded to the Paypal disputes. He was very insistent on Paypal. I have PMed a SwapShop mod about this as I feel I have been scammed. All in all, I learned a hard lesson about trading on Dakka and I hope this information can help other traders in the future.

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Buyer Beware, Dakka-Dakka is in no way responsible for what happened.

Anyway, Goodluck! Paypal will more than likely refund you the money as there will be no tracking information to provide. They are pretty cut and dry on that stuff.

You didn't gift him the money correct?

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There is another transaction report about the same guy that was made a couple of days ago. The guy seemed super sketchy, so I avoided it - in retrospect, I'm glad I did.
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I also sent this guy money for 2 rhinos and he said he'd post them soon. I didn't pay with a gift payment as it seemed sketchy...needless to say, I have not received my items and I've filed a paypal claim. You'd think people would have better things to do than try to scam you out of $35.00 lol.

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MadMaverick76 wrote:Buyer Beware, Dakka-Dakka is in no way responsible for what happened.

Anyway, Goodluck! Paypal will more than likely refund you the money as there will be no tracking information to provide. They are pretty cut and dry on that stuff.

You didn't gift him the money correct?

Oh, I'm not holding DakkaDakka responsible in any way. I fully understand the risks that go along with trading on a forum. I did not gift the payment and I have a good feeling Paypal will be refunding me soon.
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There is already an outstanding Transaction Report on this chap here:


Please can you add your info to that thread so that it is all in one place.

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