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Made in us
Combat Jumping Ragik

Beyond the Beltway

I missed your last post, sorry. Good to hear things are looking up. I've not been too diligent in keeping up with the P&M blogs either, so you're not alone. Lots of other distractions for me nowadays. A pair of four legged distractions most of the time. I know you have cats, but how about a cute dog photo to brighten the day?

This is Roscoe, my Jack Russell Terrier. He hunts gray squirrels. He's really good at it. He is also a massive time sponge, but in a good way.

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Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Surrey, BC - Canada

Very nice Dreadnought Camkierhi.



36 successful trades in the Dakka Swap Shop. I have an ongoing Sale Thread there with painted Empire, Elysian and Tau armies looking for a new home. Un-painted Bretonnian metal army for sale.
Finished Forge World Elysian Army | Finished Tau Sept Cadre | Finished Ork Waaagh | Alaitoc Eldar Warhost | Building Necromunda and Terrain
Finished Order of Our Martyred Lady - Sisters of Battle | Finished Necromundian Imperial Guard Regiment | Finished a 1/72 Flower Class Corvette - HMCS CHILLIWACK
Made in hk
Nasty Nob


You have made so much amazing stuff over the years Cam. Do you ever go back through your blog or gallery to be reminded of how much you have accomplished? I like to reminisce in my own gallery that way. I can't believe that amazing Necromunda tower block you made is already 50 pages ago (and close to 3 years).

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