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Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

And the Stormcast Eternals march ever towards completion!

Everyone needs some touch up and highlights but they're all set to be sealed and matted.

Really happy with how the Paladins turned out. The non- gold parts help highlight all their bling. I may have to go grab a box of the multipart ones now.
The unit leader especially looks pretty rocking.

The Lord Celestant and his Dracoth are getting closer to being done too. Got their base finished, most of the base colors, some washes done, and now it's time to go back and finish up with all the details.

With these guys soon to be finished, I just need to finish up the flying unit and I'll have all the Stormcast starter figures completed. Then it's just the Bloodbound heroes and I'll have the entire box finished.

...wait, no I won't- Barzam still has the Blood Warriors from the starter he wanted to try painting. Snap to it man! Where's those Titan Forge demons while we're at it? Or those Menoth guys with the 2 handed swords? Weren't we supposed to swap something or other?

Time for more random Frostgrave soldiers too!

I've got a bunch of cultists that are getting close to completion too. Time to actually play the dang game, huh?

Also got back to work on Nekima from Malifaux. I started her months ago, and she's sat with no progress since. That's changing as of this weekend!

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Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

This weekend was certainly unproductive.

The bulk of Saturday was spent helping my wife deal with visa status, and Sunday ended up having me come down with some sort of virus and going to see Skull Island with the son, so there wasn't much time to actually get any hobby stuff done.

Couple with the fact that I had a bunch of orders all get rescheduled for delivery today, it was quite annoying!

I did manage to build just about every Malifaux kit I've had hanging around.

Key there is just about every one of them- there were actually more in the process of getting glued that didn't have bases yet.

I used a bunch of credit I had at the local game store and ended up getting some Paladins and Raptors for my Stormcast Eternals as well.

Naturally nobody in the unit actually has a matching weapon. Couldn't help myself there...

Also put Cypher together, and started painting one of the many random Forsaken I had sitting around.

I should have photos of my soon to arrive desert village up tomorrow!

Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

More Frostgrave plastics incoming, this time mostly Cultists.

And have almost all the base coats down for my Raptors. Well, the Stormcast ones at least. The birds got captured by my kids...

Made in jp
Utilizing Careful Highlighting


Nice work on the cultists. I especially like the purple robes. The second guy on the left in the second photo-- is that skull mask on the cultist sprue?

A man who sips beer is not trustworthy.
-Robert B. Parker
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Now showing off post-apocalyptic female badasses!

Painting total as of 4/18/2017:85
Hobby resolution 2017: I will buy no new models this year.
Painting total for 2016: 380 plus one set of Dungeon Saga dungeon dressing, a Kryomek Goliath, a Jabberwock, four Dreadfleet ships and three Mantic walkers. 
Made in ca
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

 JoshInJapan wrote:
Nice work on the cultists. I especially like the purple robes. The second guy on the left in the second photo-- is that skull mask on the cultist sprue?

That's actually just a skull. He's got skeleton arms from the cultist sprue as well.

Guy with the crappy death kanji has the skull mask that's part of the helmet.

Maybe there's another part I missed? I know there's some zombie heads too. I wonder how Mantic's undead would stack up compatibility wise? Hmm...

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Nice work on the Frost Grave stuff, it's all looking great.

The AoS stuff is really cool, love the scheme you've picked.

Made in us
Combat Jumping Ragik


Those cultists do look pretty good. Will they be seeing action this weekend? Did you ever try making some with guns?

Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

Cultists will be there.

While working on them, I also have been using whatever leftover paint to work on these Hitech Minis Admech types.

Somehow, they're the only Hitech admech guys I have left. I'm missing at least 3 others that I thought I had. Maybe they got tossed or traded? I don't know.

They're lost somewhere along with 2 squads of Wild West Exodus guys and a few mercs that went with them.

Also started a Knight Questor and worked on my Paladins while having too much paint poured out for the other Stormcast.

Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

Between waiting for what seemed like forever for 3 banh mi, the longest game of Gorechosen I've played yet, and doing my taxes, didn't leave a whole lot of time for hobbying this weekend.

Seriously, the game of Gorechosen we played this weekend lasted almost an hour and a half! Last time everyone was dead in close to 45 minutes. Surprising. Maybe due to more players?


In my ongoing efforts to find surrogate figures for Shadows of Brimstone, I picked up BIG JAKE from Malifaux to use in lieu of the Indian tracker.

Not a great pic, but I did manage to get his face done nicely. Hat makes it difficult to see. I had done a wash on him, it came out way too dark, so I'm starting over on the skin. I'll show him finished later on.

I also started (and just about finished) an Arcanist Gunsmith from Malifaux, to use as a female Gunslinger for Shadows of Brimstone.

Again, another character who has their face completely obscured by their hat. Her saber has got to be one of the thinnest Malifaux bits I've glued/ painted in a while.

Also speaking of Malifaux, BobtheInquisitor had asked about the size of Void Wretches. Here's some with a Empire Free Company guy made out of leftover bits.

So yeah, as you can see, they aren't that tiny.

Finished up that Necron Overlord I had from a while back as well.

Going to be putting together a Necron Kill Team/ Strike Force for that new Shadow War game. Always wanted Necrons, but didn't want a whole army of them.

With all the dwarf love going on Dakka lately, I decided to bust out my remaining Fyreslayers. I had a bunch, but sold them off for a very respectable offer. These two are all that remain- of the unpainted ones that is.

The Berserker hero with the big axe seems to be missing the back of it. Will have to have the hobby shop get in touch with the previous owner and see if he can help track it down, or if I can ask GW for a replacement for that single piece.

Makes me want to get the Silver Tower guy out now as well!

Next time I promise I won't take photos when it's pitch black and I forget to set my flash on the camera though! Honest!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Also built up some of the Frostgrave Barbarians, and I have to say, they are probably the best of the various Frostgrave plastics yet.

Very crisp, lots of character, and much like all the other pieces so far, they're totally interchangeable.

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Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

Couldn't resist one more late night photo.

Tuco and one of the Viktorias from Malifaux. Shame you can't see either of their faces, as they both have them painted!

Can't really tell from the photo, but Tuco's got a nice purple skin I'm happy with. He is supposed to be a Nephilim after all, given his horns and super long legs that just don't quit.

Debating if Barzam should tangle with a Malifaux crew for Frostgrave this weekend, or stick to all the hobos and cultists in their rags and furs.

Started trying to finish basing about a dozen figures. It'll be nice getting them done and out of the way- and making room for the Flash Gitz and Necrons that are arriving soon for the Shadow War Armageddon I'm going to get painted up.

Made in us
Librarian with Freaky Familiar


The void wretches don't look quite as big as I was hoping but I am a huge Tremors 2 fan, so I'll keep pining. You've also sold me on the Frostgrave Barbarians. They even have a Conan head from the first movie, when he still wore a full outfit

The Necron overlord paint job really caught my attention, and not just because of his glowing crotchbulb (although I did notice). Really makes me want to dig out the oldcrons. I can't really tell what's going on with the Slayers' black/unpainted accessories, but the gold sure is shiny and the beards beardy. Also glad to see the Empire Militia getting some love.

Did Tucco shoot the buttons off her blouse? How rude.

You're just not going to be satisfied until you finish with BIG JAKE.

Made in ca
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

BIG JAKE is done. When he'll get to see action on the table, that's a question best left unanswered.

(I can't find my mini Malifaux rulebook sadly)

I did manage to get some more stuff ready to spray.

The Hooded Rider, who really needs a bigger sword (as the metal one's sword is almost as long as the horse's body) is pretty much ready to go hang out with my other cultists and Neverborn.

Some Witchling Stalkers from Malifaux's Guild, who look like colorless blobs here sadly. They aren't, honest! They remind me of those little robed guys in the Phantasm movies. Or Jawas. Or both...?

And just about all my outstanding Stormcast Eternals (minus the flying wizard supreme guy) are all done!

The Knight Questor has a different base because all my board game pieces get their bases painted differently. I have no explanation as to why that happens.

Once my brain recovers from driving nonstop across Southern California these last few days, its off to build Flash Gitz and Necrons!

Made in us
Librarian with Freaky Familiar


The Stormcast Eternals look really sharp.

Driving all over...seeing the the desert flowers?

Made in ca
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

Nah, went up the coast and enjoyed the beaches. Kids haven't been anywhere north of LA that I can recall taking them. Stayed up in Santa Barbara at a nice place real close to the beach.
The drive home was an absolute slog through just about every freeway on a quest to find a spot that was going more than 20mph.

I'm quite happy with my Stormcast. I might even try playing an Age of Sigmar game now.

I still need to finish one and a half more flying guys and I'll have the entire Sigmar side of the starter finished.

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Loving those Stormcast Eternals!

Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

So after a few days of vacation, that naturally were spent doing more work than I usually do, I did manage to squeeze some painting in.

I decided to paint something totally outside of my comfort zone. I did some Wild West Exodus Warrior Nation Braves!

Now granted, they still need some work done- especially on the feather and their weapons. I also need to fix up the war paint on a few of their faces.
I know they don't match up to any actual tribe's colors (as far as I know at least) but I think they turned out decent. I'm going to have to find a use for them now.
Turns out I also have the other 5 hand to hand guys that came on their sprue. Will paint them up later though.

One thing is for sure- I really enjoy building those Wargames Factory designed sprues, where each figure is made out of at least 9 or 10 pieces each!

I also am nearing completion on a few more Frostgrave soldiers.

Dude in the middle just got started, while the other two needs some highlights on them and their bases, and they're good to go die in the city.

Here's some of the new plastic Frostgrave barbarians all painted up, Still need to finish up their bases.

On the left is "Skyrim Dovahkiin guy" and "The Baron" who is giving off some serious Into the Badlands vibes if you see his face clearly.
Will probably slap some icon or other on Dovahkiin's shield.

Ahnold the Achaa and "It's not a Tumor" guy with a giant growth on his head. Maybe it's a miscast? There's a HUGE lump on his face above his eyebrows. I need to paint it to make it more prominent.

Hopefully they all fair better this coming Saturday than my last warband. No more witches, that's for sure...

Don't think I've shown this off yet, but it's an Invincible from Infinity I've been starting to paint.

Almost finished up Taelor from the Viktorias crew, and yet another Abomination from Malifaux. One more Abomination to go, and then it's time for Necropunks and other assorted weirdness.

Also going to get my Necrons for Shadow War set up.

Made in us
Librarian with Freaky Familiar


Did you freehand the green markings on the Infinity guy? That is one sharp paint job. Really draws the eye to his chest and thighs.

The abomination and barbarians look like a ton of fun. The braves sadly look more at home on Cinemax than a battlefield...unless love is the battlefield.

Santa Barbara sounds fun. Sorry to hear about the traffic. Have you been to Carbon Canyon Regional Park, off the 57? That's my wife's new favorite local nature spot. It's very pretty.

Anyway, since you've been showing off Malifaux minis, I went and look at their website and found out they have a lot of excellent Ten Thunders minis destined to get me into trouble. So, thanks a lot, but also "thanks" a "lot".

Made in au
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Looking good How's the scale on those barbarians? Might need a few if they match up right
Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

In my opinion, they're a little on the smaller side. Especially compared to newer GW stuff.

Here's one with a Necron I just started.

So yeah, gotta get some Necron started for Shadow War.

Working on some of the specops for 'em

But then I couldn't help myself and started gluing stuff together randomly.

I know, it's an affront to the C'tan. I don't know why I did it.
We also made him a pet out of leftover parts!

Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

We made some progress on the Lychguard models for Shadow War's Kill Team...

And the Praetorians as well.

Still need to do some washes and shading on them before they go off to kill whatever Barzam plans to send at me.

Also got some Guild Wardens done for Malifaux, and have continued plugging away at this Hitech Techpriest type guy.

Sad thing is there's all sorts of different shades of silvers on these things. I'll try to retake some photos of them after I do their bases. The one with the cape is really giving me Doctor Doom vibes now that he's got the green cape....

The more I read these Shadow War rules, the more I think I need to put together some Tyranids. Those things are MONSTERS in this game!

Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

Finally finished up this scribe/ savant type Inquisitorial guy!

And he's all ready to go to school today!

Need to go back over a couple spots and get the shine off of him. Maybe he can see some use in Shadow War?

Also have three more Malifaux figures that are coming along nicely.

That's Hans on the left, who is looking mighty gigantic, even moreso due to how high he is on his base, Rusty Alyce, and the Scion of the Void with his four arms and wings.

Either Alyce is short or the other two are really big. Gonna have to do a lineup with them...

Made in ca
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

For whatever reason we had Friday off from school yesterday, which hasn't happened in the 15 years or so I've been teaching in this school district.

Not that I'm going to complain about getting an extra day off...

I did manage to finish up a few painting projects, or get them just about completed.

First up is Cypher, who I'm not sure if I want to keep all the skulls on his armor in brass or do them in white like the official art. Otherwise he's good enough to be finished.

Next up is the impossible to photograph Kharn. I like the new version, but man is he in a weird position. I wish he was a little less hunched over.

A super zoomed in look at my Frostgrave Soldier Captain. He's made with the bonus parts from the last Nickstarter campaign along with a Barbarian soldier body and bits.

I started working on Hayreddin from Malifaux as well. Something about a devil with a shotgun I like.

Some guild hounds that I plan to take in Frostgrave. Last time I was using the dog thingees from Deadzone. At least these look like war hounds more than those furless monsters!
They still need a bit of work.

Rusty Alyce continues to move along steadily. Her boss Levitius is getting into presentable shape as well.

The hope is that with all these Malifaux figures done I'll have a lot of stuff ready for when the rest of Shadows of Brimstone arrives.

Plus, I'm about at the point where I may run a Malifaux- inspired Frostgrave warband. Especially once all those new Plastcraft Malifaux buildings get released...

Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

Rusty Alyce isn't much of a hech(wo)men if she doesn't have a master to work with.

Enter Leviticus!

Leviticus is close to being done. He's accompanied by the last of his abominations, who obviously needed a chainsaw blade in his forehead because having 4 arms with them attached wasn't enough. Obviously.

All that's left from his crew are the waifus... I mean the waifs. Soon!

I've also got my Mounted Guards from Malifaux's guild almost finished.

Boy Guard

Girl Guard

Both are in pretty dynamic sculpts, with parts going off in just about every direction. These are the first horses I've painted in a LOOOOOOOONG time. Actual horses, that is. Not weird mutant ones with extra limbs or unnatural parts.

Also started working on the Bloodbound from the Shadows over Hammerhall box.

I have a few more that are getting close to completion.

Here's two more random models that are looking a bit more presentable.

That crocodile is one of the bigger jumbo Krokodar from Darklands. The lady is a work in progress of a plastic Wild West Exodus lady we had planned to use as a Saloon Girl in Shadows of Brimstone. She's already 32mm tall, and on a gigantic base. Her buddy there is supposed to be on an 80mm base.

Made in us
Combat Jumping Ragik


There's something about that Rusty Alyce figure I really like. The horses turned out really well. If you can believe it, I've yet to actually paint one. What's up with the Krokodar though? It looks like it has a big "M" on its groin.

Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

That crocodile has big huge gashes and scars in his hide.

The camera does make it look like an M, but the cuts actually aren't that close to each other.

I'm happy with my horsies as well. I asked our family equestrian expert for a bit of help to figure out how to get the coats right. I'll have to show them to her later on to make sure they pass her muster.

Made in us
Mighty Kroxigor Ancient

California the Southern

Continuing through the Breach on the road to Malifaux, I finally got a hold of the alternate Barbaros sculpt, and for less than what Wyrd was charging during their sale.

I really need to fix that root on the base. At first I thought it was a tentacle coming out of the floorboards, then I realized it was part of whatever plants are creeping out of the base. Need to put some brass on that armor and do the claws on his wings as well. Nails in the base as well.

Also started working on the Guild's Master Queeg.

A Necropunk hanging out with a slapped together Necron, who was going to be my Shadow War unit leader until I got a box of Immortals/ Deathmarks. I do own some Immortals, but they were already painted by someone else, and quite nicely, so I didn't bother stripping them.

Both need some more work. Necropunk will get some metallics on him at the same time as the others.

I have a strange desire to make a close combat Necron with those combat blades strapped to his arms for use as a fresh recruit...

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