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Longtime Dakkanaut

The only anime I would even consider adapting for the western market is Gunsmith Cats.

The show is already set in Chicago and riding off the coat tails of Dirty Harry and Bullitt. The only challenge would be May's age and cherry picking the more suitable parts from Sonoda's manga series, which are easy fixes( just don't go there! ). Theres some very cool bits and pieces they could use from Riding Bean too...

Trying to adapt shows and films like Cowboy Bebop and Ghost In The Shell, on the other hand, is really making hardwork for themselves but for little gain.

Casual gaming, mostly solo-coop these days.

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Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

Torn... so very torn...

I don't think Edward's in it, probably due to cowardice more than any actual narrative reasons, so that sucks.

But yeah... I don't know how this is going to turn out.

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Secret Inquisitorial Eldar Xenexecutor

your mind

Not enough for me to start paying for Netflix again. Faye Valentine might have done it with Squid games on the to do list (wife is Korean and patiently waiting for us to settle somewhere so we can view properly I.e. not on an iPad) and I like John Cho but… mildly pessimistic here. The anime was the best imho… this, likely going to be forgettable.

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Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

I can dig it. Looks kind of cheesy, but I think that works for the show. Can’t be worse than the Attack on Titan live action?

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Decrepit Dakkanaut


I don't know how I feel about there being no Ed. Especially considering the style of acting they've gone for Ed would have played into that as a character probably better than the others.

I'm not 100% sold on the "hammy" acting. I think part of the charm of the original was that the main characters were "serious" when it needed to be. I think its also because they come off as acting in the clips. Each bit feels like "and now I'm acting" rather than being fluid natural moments.

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Da Head Honcho Boss Grot

New Jersey, State of Perfection

I imagine Ed is being saved for Season 2.

The style vaguely reminds me of Tarantino.

I'm beyond excited for this.

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Ma55ter_fett wrote:It reads like the ramblings of a Nigerian lobotomized Shakespeare typed into a cellphone with a very aggressive autocomplete function.
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Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

It's very guardians of the galaxy in style at times, then very drab at others... Which makes sense if they are travelling around a star system, worlds will be different.

The minor glimpses of the martial arts are hilariously bad though, super slow motion and looks forced, either they don't have stunt doubles, or the stunt doubles are terrible in that aspect.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

I'll give it a shot when it comes around. Might be good... might be spectacularly bad. No way to tell unitl it drops.

My job here is done. 
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Dominating Dominatrix

Il give it a go, but it appears to just be live action the show. At which point... whats the point? If your not going to do something a little different, enhanced, fleshed out, more... Or continue the story. Why make it? The original already exists. Whats the point of a shot for shot remake of the thing that is already available?

I could be wrong. Kind of hope I am. If i'm not, the original is right there.

These are my opinions. This is how I feel. Others may feel differently. This needs to be stated for some reason.
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