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40k New Edition Summary - 14th June 17: Lord Duncan paints Primaris in Gravis/non-codex SM focus  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Newest Information in red below with an asterisk in front, use ctrl+F to search * for the most recently added information

Please make a new thread in General Discussion about Land Raiders Vs Lasguns, New Marines, individual faction discussion, and other individual topics, this is about News and Rumours

A special message from Rippy at the end of this post

Release Video: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/22/breaking-news/

Shadow of Chaos: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/26/warhammer-40000-the-shadow-of-chaosgw-homepage-post-1/

Teaser - New Heroes for a Dark Imperium: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/30/warhammer-40000-watch-the-new-teaser-nowgw-homepage-post-1/

Angel of Nurgle:

New Website (not just a shopping cart!): https://warhammer40000.com/

FAQ: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/22/the-new-edition-of-warhammer-40000-your-questions-answered/

Warhammer Fest; Starter Set dataslates: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/27/warhammer-fest-live-blog/

Release date (June 17th), pre-order date (June 3rd), starter set contents (DG VS UM ):
Full Article: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/23/warhammer-40000-launch-date-announced-may22gw-homepage-post-1
 BrookM wrote:

June 3rd – mark your calendars folks, because that’s the day you’ll be able to pre-order your copy of the new edition of Warhammer 40,000. You’ll then be among the first to get your hands on it come release day on June 17th.

Incredible stuff! Here in the Warhammer Community Team, we think that the models alone make this the best Warhammer 40,000 box set ever made. Discussion has already begun about who’s buying two sets in order to bulk out their forces and, as is a time-honoured tradition, there are plenty of pledges of swapsies as the team vie to gain either more Space Marines or Death Guard.

And yet, Dark Imperium is really just the beginning. The launch lineup for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 is the most extensive we’ve had for any game we’ve ever released. So brace yourself, and let’s dive on in!

This is an awesome box set. Inside, you get two armies of brand new miniatures, the full hardback Warhammer 40,000 book, dice and range rulers. Even the outside is covered in gorgeous artwork, and the sight of all those goodies as you open the box for the first time is very satisfying… but a bit more on that later…

Fresh from the forges of Mars, and ready to bleed in defence of the Imperium, the Primaris Space Marines have come tooled for war. The bolt rifle-wielding Intercessors are the mainstay of the force. Alongside them march plasma-toting Hellblasters, providing deadly fire-support. And dropping in from orbit are Inceptors with the short range fury of their twin assault bolters.

Leading these new warriors are the champions of the Primaris Space Marines: the inspiring presence of the Lieutenants, the banner-carrying Ancients, and the commander of the force, a Captain clad in new Gravis armour.

The Death Guard are equally impressive. First up, a unit of Plague Marines. The archetypal unit of the XIV Legion swollen with the raw power of decay, these form of the core of any Death Guard force. Nurgle fans will also be pleased to see a shambling plague host represented by the repugnant and varied Poxwalkers, each draped in scraps of clothing from their former lives. There is a new vehicle on offer too – the Foetid Bloat-drone, a floating Daemon Engine that hunts its prey with a malign intelligence.

Rounding off the Death Guard are their own leaders, including a huge new Lord of Contagion, clad in warped Cataphractii Terminator plate and wielding one of the most brutal looking axes we’ve ever seen. Alongside him is the Noxious Blightbringer, a dark reflection of the noble Legion banner bearers of old, who carries a cursed plague bell that tolls with the death knell of his victims. Last but not least is the Malignant Plaguecaster – one of the pestilent sorcerers of this pox-ridden Legion.

A complete set of datasheets to field both these Death Guard and Primaris Space Marines armies are included in two separate booklets inside the box. You’ll also find a host of new background information on the two forces and on the Plague Wars being fought in Ultramar.

And of course, there’s the new Warhammer 40,000 book itself. This 280-page, hardback tome is included in the Dark Imperium box and is also available separately. This book is your guide to the new edition and contains an extensive exploration of the Warhammer 40,000 setting. This includes some pretty major advancements in the story for every faction in the galaxy, not least of which are the arrival of the Great Rift, the rise of Chaos, and the launching of the Indomitus Crusade.

And rules. Lots of rules. All the rules you need to wage the bloodiest of wars in the far future. Alongside the core rules for the game, there are missions, full guidelines for the 3 ways to play (open, narrative and matched) and advanced rules to represent the myriad war zones of the far future, including all the rules you need to play games of Cities of Death, Planetstrike, Stronghold Assault and Death from the Skies.

White Dwarf Preview: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/10/white-dwarf-preview/

Limited Edition: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/02/warhammer-40000-limited-editions-june2/

Official starter set unboxing video: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/31/dark-imperium-unboxed-may31gw-homepage-post-3/

Forge World in 8th: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/23/forge-world-and-the-new-warhammer-40000/

Pre-orders are live as of midday 3rd of June in your country:[/color] (Aussie Website, struth sorry about that) https://www.games-workshop.com/en-AU/Warhammer-40000-dark-imperium-eng-2017

Forge World pre-orders: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-AU/Warhammer-40-000?N=102708+3129408095&_requestid=1053810

Forge World index contents:


How to assemble Dark Imperium (brought to you by the Lord of Layers himself; Duncan Rhodes):

Primaris assembly

Death Guard assembly

*Painting Primaris Captain in Gravis armour:

Primaris Marines

Primaris Marines (New Marines): https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/15/a-new-breed-of-hero-may15gw-homepage-post-1/

Primaris Marines: Gaming https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/15/primaris-space-marines-gaming-may15gw-homepage-post-4/

Primaris Marines: more stats: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/26/new-warhammer-40000-primaris-space-marinesgw-homepage-post-4/

Primaris Marines: FAQ: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/15/primaris-space-marines-faq-may15gw-homepage-post-2/

Primaris Size Comparison:
Credit to Galas

Redemptor Dreadnought:

Primaris Tank Revealed: The repulsive Repulsor / campaign / Chapter Approved expansions: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/02/let-your-soul-be-armoured-with-faith/


Rumored Repulsor Stats: http://natfka.blogspot.com.au/2017/06/primaris-repulsor-stats-and-load-out.html
Rumored repulsive Repulsor stats on Faeit212 (apparently from "good sources" ) :

Power level 14

S7 T8 W13 Sv3+
Turret - Heavy Lascannon, Heavy Stubber
*Resolve shots with Heavy Stubber first, if the Heavy Lascannon targets a unit hit by the Stubber, it may reroll misses

Hull-mounted Twin Lascannon, swivels up/down and left/right

Rotor cannon is a pintle mounted upgrade

Missiles: Roll a D6 at the start of each fight phase for each enemy unit within 1", on a 4+ it takes D3 mortal wounds (slightly better Frag Assault Launchers)

Transport Capacity 7, can only transport Primaris Marines

Decays its Movement/BS/Attacks as it loses wounds
Movement 10" BS 3+ Attacks 3 base

8th Edition Fluff articles

Ultima Founding: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/29/new-warhammer-40000-the-ultima-founding-may29gw-homepage-post-4/

Indomitus Crusade & Dark Imperium fluff: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/16/new-warhammer-40000-the-dark-imperium-may16gw-homepage-post-4/

New Galaxy Map: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/23/new-warhammer-40000-the-galaxy-mapgw-homepage-post-1/

Warp Rift Fluff: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/04/new-warhammer-40000-the-great-rift/

Faction Focus Articles

CSM: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/07/faction-focus-chaos-space-marines/

AM: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/09/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-astra-militarum/

Eldar: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/11/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-eldar/

Daemons: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/13/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-chaos-daemons/

T'au: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/15/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-tau-empire/

Drukhari: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/17/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-drukhari-may17/

Questor Imperialis: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/19/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-imperial-knights/

Tyranids: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/21/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-tyranids/

Death Guard: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/23/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-death-guard/

Orks: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/25/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-orks/

GSC: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/27/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-genestealer-cults/

SM: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/29/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-space-marines/

Necrons: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/31/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-necrons/

Thousand Sons: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/02/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-thousand-sons/

Imperial Agents: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/04/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-imperial-agents/

Harlequins: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/07/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-harlequins-june6/

Ynnari: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/09/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-ynnari/

Admech: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/13/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-adeptus-mechanicus/

*Non-Codex SM: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/14/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-non-codex-space-marines/

Rule mechanic articles

Three Ways To Play: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/24/new-warhammer-40000-three-ways-to-play/

Choosing an army: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/30/new-warhammer-40000-choosing-your-army-may30gw-homepage-post-4/

Missions: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/25/new-warhammer-40000-missions/

Battlezones (special rules): https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/01/new-warhammer-40000-battlezones-june1gw-homepage-post-4/

Points and Power Levels: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/12/new-warhammer-40000-points-power-levels-may12gw-homepage-post-4/

Weapons: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/26/warhammer-40000-weaponsgw-homepage-post-4/

Weapons Part 2: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/10/new-warhammer-40000-weapons-part-2-may10gw-homepage-post-4/

Close Combat Weapons: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/19/new-warhammer-40000-close-combat-weapons-may19gw-homepage-post-4/

Unit Profiles: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/25/warhammer-40000-unit-profiles/

Datasheets: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/11/new-warhammer-40000-datasheetsgw-homepage-post-4/

Forgeworld Datasheet: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/24/new-warhammer-40000-a-forge-world-datasheet-may24gw-homepage-post-4/

More Forgeworld Datasheets (Spartan/BSK): https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/05/forge-world-preview-indexes/

*Even more Forgeworld Datasheets (Malanthrope/Ork Meka-Dread/XV109 Y’vahra Battlesuit): https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/12/forge-world-index-xenos-preview/

Large Models: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/07/new-warhammer-40000-big-stuff-may7gw-homepage-post-4/

Infantry: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/08/17794gw-homepage-post-4/
To wound chart:
Credit Wartorn Creative

Characters: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/09/new-warhammer-40000-characters-may9gw-homepage-post-4/

Vehicles: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/18/new-warhammer-40000-vehicles-may18gw-homepage-post-4/

Transports: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/21/new-warhammer-40000-transports-may21gw-homepage-post-4/

Battle Forged Armies: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/05/new-warhammer-40000-battle-forged-armiesgw-homepage-post-4/

Stratagems: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/14/new-warhammer-40000-stratagems-may14gw-homepage-post-4/

Deepstrike/Reserves: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/17/new-warhammer-40000-reserves-and-deep-striking-may17gw-homepage-post-4/

Movement Phase: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/27/new-warhammer-40000-movement/

Psychic Phase: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/28/new-warhammer-40000-psychic-phase/

Shooting Phase: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/30/new-40k-shooting-phase-apr30gw-homepage-post-4/

Charge Phase: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/01/new-warhammer-40000-charge-phasegw-homepage-post-4/

Fight Phase: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/02/new-warhammer-40000-fight-phase-may2gw-homepage-post-4/

Morale Phase: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/03/new-warhammer-40000-morale/

Stronghold Assault: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/20/new-warhammer-40000-stronghold-assault-may20gw-homepage-post-4/

Cities of Death: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/22/new-warhammer-40000-cities-of-death-may22gw-homepage-post-4gw-homepage-post-4/

New Warzones

Armageddon: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/29/new-warhammer-40000-war-zone-armageddon/

Cadia: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/06/new-warhammer-40000-war-zone-cadia-may6gw-homepage-post-4/

Damocles: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/13/new-warhammer-40000-war-zone-damocles-may13gw-homepage-post-4/

Ultramar: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/31/new-warhammer-40000-warzone-ultramar-may31gw-homepage-post-4/

Behind the scenes of 8th - "Vox-Cast" series

Episode 1 - The rules writers: Jervis and Robin discuss the new rules:

Episode 2 - The Sculptors: Aly and Maxine discuss sculpting the DG side of the starter set

Episode 3 - The fluff writers: Jervis and Robin discuss the fluff changes that are happening with 8th

Episode 4 - The army painters: Steve and Tom discuss painting the starter set, the starter expansions and dioramas for the rulebook

Episode 5 - The artists: Paul and Darius talk about the artistic direction for New Warhammer

Warhammer Live - "First Blood" series

More will be added if transcripts become available, due to twitch subscription


Jes Goodwin interview transcript: https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/2126

Ultimate show down: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/08/the-ultimate-showdown/

Most leak links no longer work :(
Full Index Leaks: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4IGo22sDo4zdEtrRmEyelg2TkU
Alternate link: http://mystecore.imgur.com/

Most the following leaks are contained in the links above

Rule Book Leaks: http://natfka.blogspot.com.au/2017/05/8th-edition-40k-huge-rules-leak.html

Mission Leaks: http://imgur.com/a/gu4pw

CSM leaks:
Large leak (credit to axisofentropy): http://imgur.com/a/m4L2J

Index leak: (credit to Iphie)

Khorne CSM:
 XT-1984 wrote:

Lucius the Eternal:
zamerion wrote:
Lucius (from miniwars)

BA\SM leaks:
Blood Angels full leak + Some SM index leaks: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/334013-full-leaked-blood-angels-rules-other-space-marine-prices/

SM Weapons Leak: http://imgur.com/a/vE3mI

Roboute Guilliman: https://imgur.com/1va2O0o

Space Wolves Leaks:
SW Index Leaks: https://m.imgur.com/r/Warhammer40k/pqYKP

Grey Knight Leaks:
Full leak (credit to Cordial): http://imgur.com/a/KP4AI

Imperial Guard leaks:
Index leaks: https://www.instagram.com/p/BUvgdMfA37S/

Admech Leaks:
Full leak (credit to rvd1ofakind):
rvd1ofakind wrote:
Mechanicus fully scanned.

Ork Leaks
Ghazghkull Thraka:

Index leaks:
Dakka Flakka Flame wrote:Hi, I'm not sure if these got posted in your rumors thread (which moves too fast for me to keep up with) but over in the Ork Tactics thread some pictures of Ork stuff in English got leaked.

WAAAGH! Discipline:

The Points image was hard to read, so the user Vitali Advenil was kind enough to type them out for us.
 Vitali Advenil wrote:
Typed list because of low image size.

Ammo Runt - 4
Battlewagon - 161
Big Gunz - 8
Big Mek - 55
MA Big Mek - 77
Big Mek on Bike - 81
Blitza-Bommer - 108
Bomb Squig - 10
Boyz - 6
Burna Boyz - 14
Burna-bommer - 102
Bakkajet - 88
Deff Dread - 74
Deffkopta - 55
Flash Gits - 27
Gorkanaut - 295
Gretchin - 3
Grot Gunners - 2
Grot Oiler - 4
Killa Kanz - 51
Kommandos - 9
Lootas - 17
Meganobz - 25
Mek - 22
Mek Gunz - 15
Morkanaut - 270
Nob w/ Waaagh! Banner - 75
Nobz - 17
Nob bikers - 42
Painboy on Bike - 90
Runtherd - 26
Skorchas - 49
Stompa - 900
Stormboyz - 8
Tankbusta - 5
Trukk - 76
Warbikers - 27
Warboss - 55
MA Warboss - 107
Warboss on Bike - 86
Warbuggies - 44
Wartrakks - 49
Wazbom Balstajet - 99
Weirdboy - 62

Ranged Weapons (if it's not listed, its point value is 0)
Big Shoota - 6
Bubblechukka - 12
Grotzooka - 10
Kannon - 15
Kilkannon - 27
Kombi rokkit Launcha - 20
Kombi Scorcha - 19
Kopta rokkits - 28
Kustom Mega Blasta - 9
Kustom Mega Kannon - 23
Kustom Mega Slugga - 7
Kustom Shoota - 4
Lobba - 18
Rack of rokkits - 28
Rokkit Launcha - 12
Pair of rokkit pistols - 12
Shokk Attack Gun - 45
Skorcha - 17
Skorcha missile - 20
Supa Gatler - 28
Tellyport Blasta - 11
Tellyport mega-blasta - 18
Traktor Kannon - 15
Twin Big Shoota - 14
Wazbom mega-kannon - 12
Zzap Gun - 18

SoB leaks:
rumors: http://natfka.blogspot.com/2017/05/8th-ed-sisters-of-battle-revealed.html?m=1

Confirmed (from index): http://natfka.blogspot.com.au/2017/05/sisters-of-battle-leaks.html?m=1

Tau Leaks:
Thanks to Verviedi for the PM!
 Verviedi wrote:
Tau images were taken down, but luckily your favorite robot has saved screenshots of all of them.


Imperial Knight Leaks:
 docdoom77 wrote:

Imperial Knight leaks:

Necron Leaks:
Italian Rulebook: (Credit to MoonlightSonata)
 MoonlightSonata wrote:
So, can anyone read Italian? Necron info:

Monolith + C'tan:
 XT-1984 wrote:

Tyranid Leaks
Thanks to Fluxxxx for the PM!
Index leaks:
Fluxxxx wrote:

More index leaks (credit nordsturmking): http://imgur.com/a/IY9ks

Even more index leaks (credit nordsturmking): http://thetyranidhive.proboards.com/thread/52446/8th-speculation-nids?page=88&scrollTo=899662

even more index leaks (credit nordsturmking): http://thetyranidhive.proboards.com/post/899662/thread

Fortress of Redemption:
 XT-1984 wrote:

Italian Forum Leaks (rumors):
Credit to Aenar
Aenar wrote:
Nothing new for now, I will post here a collection of all the recent leaks I translated:

Adeptus Mechanicus:
Forge Worlds keywords, Cawl has Mars keyword and buffs Mars FW units
Adeptus Mechanicus keyword is shared, Cult Mechanicus kw and Skitarii kw are present to differentiate. Bonuses target AM keyword
Canticles are chosen at the start of each Battle Round and last that much, cannot be chosen twice. Among the effects they allow for rerolling 1s to same FW kw units within 6"

Astra Militarum:
Regiment keywords
Orders are given automatically to same Regiment keyword unit within 6"

Blood Angels:
Black Rage gives +1A on the charge and ignores a wound on a roll of a 6.
Death Company: 2A each, models can take different loadouts
Lemartes allows rerolling charge distance and to hit rolls in melee to DC units within 6"
Sanguinary Guard rerolls to hit rolls if there is a BA general within 6"
Death Mask gives -1 Discipline to enemies within 3"
Encarmine Sword Ap-3 DmgD3, Axe S+1 Ap-2 DmgD3
Sanguinor has WS2+ W4 S4 T4 A5, can charge even if he used Fall Back, gives +1A to every BA within 6"
Dante has WS2+ W6 S4 T4 A5 Save 2+, allows BA units within 6" to reroll to hits. Axe is S+2 Ap-3 DmgD3, rerolls to wound if it is a Character

Scatter lasers are 36" Heavy 4 Ap0
Warp Spiders M7" Save 3+, can move 4d6 and get Fly but cannot Advance nor Charge. Flickerjump goves -1BS to enemy but you roll 2D6 and on a 2 you lose a Warp Spider. Death Spinner is 18" Rapid Fire S6 Ap-4. With Exarch you reroll failed Morale tests.
Wraithknight W24 S8 R8 Save 3+. Wraithcannon is Assault 2 S10 Ap-4 DmgD6, Ghostglaive is Sx2 Ap-4 Dmg6 straigth (no D6 roll). Hits on a 3+ and gets worse losing wounds
D-Scythes are 8" AssaultD3 S10 Ap-4
Banshees M8" A2 Save 4+. Always attack first with the mask, add 3" to Advance and Charge rolls, Exarch gives a -1 penalty to hit in melee to enemy models. Executioner Blade is WS-1 S+2 Ap-3 DmgD3

Inquisition, Grey Knights and Sisters:
Inquisitors can enter any Imperial vehicle and give bubble buffs to Imperium keyword units, depending on the Ordo chosen
Grey Knights know a nerfed verison of Smite, 12" 1 mortal wound (3 if Daemon keyword)
Sisters are amongst the Imperial Agents, the Saint gives them some buffs and they have shared rules with the adeptus ministrorum (Act of Faith, Shield of Faith and Zealot)

Reanimation protocols are made at the start of your movement phase. Roll a D6 for every slain model, on a 5+ it comes back. You can roll again in the following turns. You cannot roll if the whole unit is slain.
Living metal allows for automatically regaining lost wounds
Basic Gauss is 24" Rapid Fire Ap-2, Gauss Cannon is Ap-3 DmgD3
Discipline 10
Warriors cost unchanged form 7th
Monolith M6" W20 S8 T8 Save3+, Gauss Flux Arc Heavy 3 S5 Ap-2, Whip Heavy 6 S8 Ap-2 DmgD6. When it gets charged, roll on a D6 and if 4+ (or worse, depending on wounds lost) charging unit gets D6 mortal wounds.

Ork Battlewagon M12" W16 T7 Save 4+, can get T8 but loses Open-topped. Deff Rolla hits on a 2+, 6 attacks S8 Ap-2

Space Marines:
Grav is S5 Ap-3 and does DmgD3 if Save is 3+ or better
Nartecium no longer provides FnP but heals a model for D3 wounds
Storm Shields still provide 3+ Invuln save
ATSKNF rerolls failed Morale tests

Space Wolves:
Thunderwolves Cavalry M10" W3 S4 T5 Save 3+, same equip as before and they cost nine melta bombs without equipments
Lord on Wolf has W7
Frost weapons add a mortal wound on a 6 (not clear on what dice roll)
Runic Armours give 5+ Invuln Save (4+ if Terminator).

Tau: (from ATT also)
Markerlights are cumulative per phase and provide different bonuses, depending on how many hit the unit. Basic is reroll 1s, then you have remove cover bonus, increase BS, use Seeker/Destroyer Missiles (normally snapshooting)
Railguns have a chance to do Mortal Wounds on a to-wound roll of 6
Activating Nova Reactor may result in Mortal Wound
Firesight Marksmen are Independent Characters
Pulse rifles are AP0. Pulse Blasters AP-1 at 10" and AP-2 at 5", Assault 2.
Ghostkeels and Stealth Suits give a -1 penalty to BS if shot at from more than 12", can deploy outside of deployment zone at 12"
Broadside Railgun is Heavy 2 S8 Ap-4 DmgD6, HYMP is Heavy 4 S7 Ap-1 DmgD3
Pathfinders and Kroots are faster than Fire Warriors
Crisis Suits minimum squad size is 3

Termagaunts cost a bit less than a melta bomb
Tervigon M8" W14 S7 T8 Save3+, can either create a 10 fleshborer Termagaunt unit (you need to keep the points for them) OR re-add fleshborer Termagaunt models to an existing unit

I'll try to add anything new in a few hours. I'll write here again that I am not the one with the Indices but I am translating the leaks as best as I can. I may do some mistakes and the leaks may not be accurate at 100%, but until we get some pictures it is all we have.
Bless you all!

Ork leaks (German):

German Dark Imperium starterset leak unboxing

Twitter/Facebook posts (let me know if you want any added)

"Grand Alliance" question:


Fight Phase hint:

Unwieldy weapons hint:
 Nightlord1987 wrote:
Some FB comments already asked if P. Fists and T. hammers are unwieldy, and GW says they will reveal soon for using such "cumbersome heavy" weapons. So there must still be some sort of penalty.

Can't advance and assault:
 Ghaz wrote:
From Facebook:
Warhammer 40,000 wrote:Make it 100%... models cannot advance and charge. unless they have some rule giving them an exception to that.
Warhammer 40,000 wrote:There is a standard 1" range of weapons, but with the 3" pile in before you attack, just about every model should be able to fight.

Early on Facebook questions:
Credit to Ragnar Blackmane
 Ragnar Blackmane wrote:

Q: Will there be faction-exclusive detachments in addition to the general ones, though?
A:Hey Yannik- well, we haven't seen any yet if there are. That would be pretty cool, though!

Q:Currently focused on building a Night Lords detachment using the Raptor Talon formation and a formation of Fallen.
A: Hey Schuyler - you will absolutely be able to use your army, all is good. The Chaos Marines and Fallen will have rules on release, so you can happily use your force. (Also Knights still in).

A: Hey Anon; There will be a Cult focus article on the way soon, so hold out for that!

A: Ha! We love memes! But we cannot leak stuff before it's announced... kinda the point of announcements! Good try, though...

A: Hey Alex- no need to worry at all. You will 100% be able to use your Custodes in the new edition.

A:Hey Mindy - remember, these are just 3 of the 9 detachments, so it doesn't 'mean' anything! Suffice to say, you will 100% be able to use your Harlequin army in the new edition.

A:Will, it's all good dude - Deathwing armies are very much a thing and totally playable.

A: Turn that frown upside down, John.... Dark Eldar are soul-stealing murderous gits in the new edition... trust us!

Q: Do you still pay for dedicated transports or is it free? Not clear in the article.
A: Hey Mark; This is all about the organisation of the unit, not about points as such. No points are mentioned anywhere here, so it's safe to assume you pay points for things if you are in a matched play game.

A: Guys, it's all good- we are not about to take to take away models or not let you use your armies. We can 100% guaruntee you can use any models you can use now in the new edition.

Q: What happens with armies with no HQ? (Harlequins)
A: Hey Carlos - well, we haven't got that information yet... but you will definitely be able to use a pure Harlequins army in the new rules.

A: There are 12 game-wide detachments in the new rules. If there are any more, we haven't seen anything about them yet...

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #1
Credit to ClockworkZion
 ClockworkZion wrote:
Facebook Q&A dump:

Little Guys update:
Q: Hmm, I've always run my guard squads with lasguns only and kept tthe heavy weapons in seperate heavy weapons squads to not waste shots firing lasguns at tanks and so forth, looks like I might be putting the heavy weapons behind some meatshields, I mean squadmates, again.
A:It's a short but merry* life in the Imperial Guard! Heroism guaranteed**!

*Merriness not confirmed.
** Your experiences may differ.

Q: Dose this mean that each weapon type effectively has split fire or is it for the entire squad? Ie, can I fire 4 Lasguns at one unit and another 4 at another.
A: You can indeed! It's done by models, not by weapon type.

Q: Are we getting anymore faction updates? Yesterday's chaos space marines left me hungry for more
A: We we will indeed see more, Astra Militarum next!

Q: I guess with most vehicles having armour saves which won't really be affected by small arms fire, they should survive.
But isn't there a chance that poisened weapons will ignore that table?
Or that someone tripe firing lasguns could easily roll enough 6's to take out a dreadnought in one volley?
A: I mean.... you have to fire a a lot of lasguns to do it! I just had a game at lunchtime today.. a Tactical Squad firing at a Rhinofor three turns barely scratched it....

Q: Woah, does that mean Strength 7 only wounds T4 on a 3+ instead of 2+?
A: That's right. Conversely, S: 4 now wounds anything up to T:7 on just a 5+...

Q: Will FW chapters be in the update?
A: Indeed, yes, FW have committed to getting rules out for all of their Warhammer 40,000 models on launch.

Q: Little guys? Squats confirmed?!?
A: Haha! Not *that* little, I'm afraid!

Q: So a plasmagun wounds a marine on a 3+? Do I get that right?
A: That's right... but now a bolt gun wounds Toughness 7 on a 5+...

Big Models:
Q: The Hivemind thanks you New Games Workshop! Best news yet!
A: Thanks, Hivemind!

Say, what's this bug on the back of my he...... WE LOVE THE HIVEMIND.

Q: Is there any plans for GW to release an easy to use countdown wound counter? It's now usable for AoS and 40k. They could be sold in different sizes for each model level. 0-10, 10-20, 20+
A: We do indeed! Check these out: https://www.games-workshop.com/Citadel-Wound-Trackers

Q: How will that work for Vehicles that had such differences in AV? E.g. a Leman Russ being 14 front 10 rear. Is the squishy rear no longer reflected?
A: Hey Thomas- Tanks have one Toughness value and wound count, just like other large models.

Q: The real question is will I be able to take an army of flayed ones?
A: Absolutely, yes! What a terrifying army that would be...!

Warzone Cadia:
Q: Will there be an article about what is the new situation of Fenris, after the whole war with Magnus, the great losses of Fenrisians lives (due to both Chaos and the Inquisition) and the fact that now they are almost in the middle of the Rift?
A: Hey Giacomo- There very well could be. Keep your eye on this page!

Q: Is there actually anything left of Cadia to reclaim? I thought the planet blew up.
A: Hey Kevin - it didn't blow up as such... there is still a planet left...not much of it, but it still stands!

Q: What will happen with the Apocalypse? Will it be playable in 8th, or will you release a new rulebook?
A: Hey Pablo; great to hear you enjoy Apocalypse! What we know right now is that current expansions and the like will not be compatible with the new edition of the game. We're very early days at the moment, so we haven't released any information about specific rules sets in the new edition. Watch this space on what's coming in the future!

Q: Didn't the planet explode?
A: Hey Richard - the smoking remains of Cadia still stand!

Chaos Marine Focus:
Q: I think we all want to know if the original Traitor Legions will have their specific personality, rules and play styles that were partially restored by the Traitor Legions supplement, or if we will be back to "Generic Chaos" at launch.
A: Hey guys - the Traitor Legions will indeed be getting rules to distinguish them from each other. More news on what that looks like in the future.

Q: It's like christmas in.. May? when is the next faction focus article? Will it be Tyranids? If not, why would you anger the great devourer so?
FUTHER Q IN RESPONSE TO OTHER POSTERS: All they have to say is "you can use something other than flying hive tyrant and have fun"
A: You can indeed use something other than the flying hive tyrant and have an absolute bawl!

EDIT: errr, of course, we mean "ball", of course! There will be no bawling, we promise!

Q: Warhammer 40,000 - its been suggested that I ask if my Imperial Knights will be viable and able to be used in "Matched Play" since implying that I want to be able to do so is not clear enough. Basically I'm not going to play "Open play" and I won't play "narrative play" very often, all I will play 99% of the time is "matched play" as I normally play at tournaments. So again the question is will I be able to use an entire army of imperial knights in matched play? Also since Deathwing was completely screwed in the last Dark Angel Codex, (which invalidated how I used to run them as a pure Deathwing army), can I please ask again, will I be able to dust them off from their 2 year imprisonment in boxes and run them in matched play as a pure Deathwing Army once again?
A: Hey Matt - pretty sure we've answered this elsewhere too... but yes! Knights and Deathwing will be a viable matched play army in the new edition.

Q: Thank goodness for that; I'm getting tired of playing the good guys! I can finally play my Ultramarines the way they were intended Fingers crossed for new CSM models too, or at least a conversion kit for use with Calth and Prospero squads.
A: Are you suggesting the Ultramarines are the bad guys?! I demand satisfaction, sir! *slaps face with glove*

Q: What about the forge world special minotaurs models? Like Asterion Moloc will he have rules?
A: Hey Murray - a good question, sir! Well, Forge World have said that every model we sell right now will be getting rules. Moloc is on sale right now... so look out for new rules for him incoming!

Q: I'd rather know if my full imperial knight army will be able to be used as an army in the new edition without being unbound or if my all Deathwing army will be useable also without being unbound (or without being whatever the new unbound is)...
A: Hey Matt - absolutely,- both Knights and Deathwing will 100% be able to be used in the new edition. No armies are being made obsolete.

Q: Will Chaos Marines finally gain access to drop pods?
A: Hey Lee - that's a great question. On release, we will be covering all of the models we currently see, which means, no, there will not be a Chaos Space Marine Drop Pod. But who knows what the future brings! Keep your eye on this page for all the latest news on releases.

Q: Or you could just release 8th edition already....
A: Hey Andrew - the release date is set, but we thought we would let you guys know what's going on in advance, so you can get prepared for the release. As such, when the new game drops, it's not a huge surprise, or a load of information is having to be taken in at once.

Q: So what about us legions?
A: Hey Nathan; The Traitor Legions will have rules that distinguish themselves from each other, so your identity as a Legion is not lost. More on that coming later!

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #2 and 3
ClockworkZion wrote:

Q: > Guilliman standing further away than a single guardsman.
> Enemy cannot target the huge dude that towers over vehicles, because single Guardsman is closer.
Makes sense.
A: If your army can't kill that one Guardsman first, what exactly were you going to shoot at Guilliman that was going to worry him?

Q: So how about tanky IC's, will they be able to soak fire in lieu of their units still? Or can you bypass an IC to shoot up a unit behind them?
A: Nope.
If you want something "tanky" in Warhammer 40,000, you should put your units in a tank.

No more independent characters magically intercepting an entire armies shooting on their tiny stormshield.

Q: to avoid indipendent character to join a nearby unit it's an idiocy... a very bad rules and poor design. my character should led his comrades to the victory fighting in first line, and not hiding himself behind his comrades to avoid being targeted from enemy fire. very poor decision gw... there are countless sistem to avoid death star and this is the worst. welcome to the era of coward heroes in 41k millenium
A: Hey Gisberto,
We suggest you give it a try first. It really does work. Even in the current rules these heroes tend to deploy at the back of units.
In the new Warhammer 40,000, we tend to find characters used to accompanying units, advancing alongside the main battleline, possibly flanked on either side by squads, which looks great on the tabletop.

Q: Does that mean a Commissar can stiffen the backs of more than one unit of glorious Astra Militarum!? The Commissar union will have them on strike after this blatant downsizing and cost cutting venture from Terra!
A: We're pretty sure that going on strike is against the Commissariat guidelines.

Q: Will there be weapon types such as the sniper rifle that will avoid the closest target rule and be able to pick out characters?
A: Wouldn't that be something...

Q: I like this!! I am just wondering how the wording will be for the command benefits from some characters. I can see people trying to fin the loop hole and mix matching characters around a unit to beef them up with out having the characters join the unit.

I am hopeful the just canceled the deathstars for the most part!!!
A: Hey Allan,
It's certainly still beneficial to have your units accompanied by Characters, but the days of units benefitting from special abilities from heroes outside their faction is gone, and generally, it is harder to keep both the unit, and character totally safe from harm, which has been an issue in the past.

Q: How will this effect deployment in transports like drop pod lists etc? Will the character need to buy a pod for himself or can he still hitch a ride with another squad and separate once he's landed?
A: Hey Kevin,
Good question. We'll be looking at transports in detail in an article soon.

Q: Warhammer 40,000 but there's still a big part of characters I'm dying to know...challenges! Do challenges still exist for characters? Or is that gone from this edition?
A: Hey Clinton,
challenge rules are gone from the fight phase, but the restriction on hitting lone characters is only in the shooting phase, so expect to still see mighty heroes taking chunks out of each other in the fight phase.

Q: I'm intrigued as this would appear to mean no more command squads/ honored guards etc but you've also stated that everything will still be usable. Any clues how this is going to work?
A: Why would that mean you can't have Command Squads? You can totally still have Command Squads.

Q: Girlyman is just too shy so he hide behind his smurfs while my man, Magnus who is a sorcerer need to fight like a man. Good job!
A: Also, he's as big as a house.
You ever tried to hide a flying red cyclops the size of a house? Not so easy.

Q: The shooting rule makes sense since there would have been a wall of rage over hero's being sniped.

Is magic similarly effected or can characters still be sniped with long range psyker spells?

Any chance of getting this in AoS? Would be awesome to protect my Savage Maniak Weirdnobs as they move up behind boarboys
A: We saw already that "Smite" (your default killy-power) targets the closest unit only. Some other powers might be different though.

Q: Greatly disliking this change- now my Company Master can't join up with his COMMAND SQUAD, and is essentially reduced to just a passive buff-bot following his troops around and leading from the rear. There must have been a better way to fix deathstars, like more accurate point costs, or doing away with allies or something.
A: Hey Peter, There is nothing stopping you having your commander advance to battle with his Command Squad.

Q: What about when characters are in combat? Can they be targeted if they are the closest model? (e.g. A tactical square with a chaplain is charged by a unit of assault terminators. If one of the terminators is "base to base" with the chaplain, can he be targeted by that terminator?)
A: Indeed, you can't hide in Melee.

Q: Really disappointed with this, though at least it seems to only apply to independent characters.

I get why but yet again it feels like a sledgehammer approach over a scalpel.

Yeah,Guilliman will be fine with his crazy stats or the Chaplin type hero where they have good T and armour stat along with an inv save and the wargear options to make them good at close range shooting and cc but what about the ones that don't?.

Guard commissars and colonels,pretty much every type of Eldar,Dark eldar and quin character, necron cryptek and mini lords etc.
It's ok being "safe " when outside 12" or behind a unit but many races have podding unit's or deep strike capable of getting in that range easily,or flyers that are quick enough to get behind them. With many of those "support " characters having only a 4/5 save before modifiers they feel horribly exposed.

I know we haven't seen full rules yet but that feels so unbalanced towards Sm level hqs who were the worst offenders for deathstars
A: Hey Kaibong,
Jeremy's right about being able to hide a little either in, or between units. Also, we've yet to cover how things like Drop Pods work in the new game (we will, don't worry.)
In practice, all armies will have ways to protect their characters.

Q: please reconsider this change. I fully understand nerfing death stars, but banning chericters from joining any unit is one of the worst rules in aos and has no place in 40k. it would have been much better to limit chericters to joining units of their own faction. i was really looking forward to 8th, but this has just killed all of my enthusiasm for it. I guess I'll stick to 7th and hope you reverse this terrible decision with 9th ed.
A: Hey Andrew,
Thanks for your thoughts.
It is still pretty hard to kill a character with shooting here - they have to be the closest model to be targeted, unlike in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. So you still find characters advancing into battle alongside their squads, much as many of them do today. What's been removed, are the more extreme examples of multiple-character mega-units.

Q: So with area effects, why can't you just keep 3+ hqs huddled together behind an infantry blog or two, keeping them alive and adding cumulative buffs (possibly to each other)?
A: Hey Aaron,
Lots of reasons - like getting all those units dragged into a combat with a single unit, and not being able to shoot next turn. Or being so packed together, you can't take objectives easily.

Q: Will currently legal conversions such as Chaos Lords on Bikes or jump pack sorcerers that do not have current models still have rules in 8th?

Also will characters be able to jump in with a squad in there dedicated transport (if there's room)?
A: Hey Tim,
Good questions.
We're well aware loads of you out there have converted up characters for your armies with the current options - you'll be glad to hear that both of those units you mentioned are covered in the new rules.
We'll deal with transport units in an article soon.

Q: So Magnus can be shot on while girlyman the immortal can't. Makes sense. Also in a 1v1 girlyman best Magnus with his crazy sword and resurrection​ steroids
A: Hey Kim,
Both brothers get new rules in the new edition - who's to say that's even the case anymore?
Magnus is going to do just fine, don't worry.

Q: So are Tyrant Guard obsolete? Or are they possibly an upgrade option for a Hive Tyrant? Not like they could ever join any other kind of unit anyway...
A: Hey Robert,
Like all Warhammer 40,000 units, Tyrant Guard will get new rules, including some that might just help them keep the big guy alive if he's nearby...

Q: How will this affect the hive tyrant when he has tyrant guard that are suppose to take wounds for him?
A: Hey Jonathan,All units, including Tyranids get new rules to go along with this new edition. They will work as you imagine they should, don't worry.

Q: Really curious how Astra Militarum Command Squad will work? Should I be building up some Flag Sergeant to lead them?
A: Hey Bradley,
Good question - we know there are a lot of questions raised here.
We'll have more on specific units in articles soon, don't worry.

Q: So how does models that grant FNP work? Does FNP even exist outside of AoS Nurgle Demons any more?
A: Hey Ryan,
Good question.
Every single model has new rules in the new edition, so don't assume your character's rules will work in the same way. It may well be a bonus to certain units within range to make them more durable.

Q: How will this work with units that are "meant" to accompany an HQ? Like the Court of the Archon or Tyrant Guard?
A: Hey John,
They can totally still accompany them to battle.
All will get new rules, some to help protect their character, others will further bolster the units around them.

Q: So i built and painted my blood angel honour guard for nothing? Cheers guys.
A: Hey Christopher,
You can absolutely use your Blood Angels Honour Guard in the new edition. Why would you not be able to?

Q: Wait, are Kroot Shapers now an HQ? Are there even HQ in this edition anymore? As a Kroot Fanatic I must know.
A: Hey Hunter,
HQ's are certainly still a thing, but there are plenty of Characters aren't HQ's. The Kroot Shaper is one of these.

Q: So shadowsun cant have stealthsuit bodyguards anymore?? Her bloody rules revolved around that!!
A: Maybe she has new rules.

(She totally has new rules.)

Q: How will Drop pods work? Can they carry multiple units or do you need a separate drop pod for the character?
A: Hey Paul,
thanks for the question.
We'll cover transports in detail soon, don't worry.

Q: this will be a great change IF you can put multiple units in transports. otherwise characters will be stranded
A: Hey Jonathan,
Glad you like the changes.
We'll cover transport vehicles in detail in an article soon.

Q: will techpriest engineseers still have attached servitors? how will commissars and priests work. actually i like the idea of a comissar scaring ever unit around him into holding the line and him pulling the trigger at any unit that fails
A: Hey Lilia,
We like that image too!
You'll have to wait a little longer for full details on each unit's exact rules though.

Q: What happens to command squads now?
A: Hey Robert,
Command Squads work as they always have - a great unit to accompany your commander to battle.
All will get new rules, some to help protect their character, others will further bolster the units around them.

Q: So no more command squads?
A: There are absolutely still Command Squads.

Astra Militarum Imperial Guard Focus
Q: When can we expect a Dark Eldar preview? Need to know how my favourite pointy eared friends will play
A: we'll have a Dark Eldar preview soon - we're going to run through all the factions.

Q: Can the chaos article be rewritten to include some juicy details as well?
A: Ace. The Chaos article was a little light compared to this one on the juicy details, so we'll use Rubric Marines when we look at Datasheets later in the week. How's that?

Q: Automatic win with Sly Marbo now, right?
A: we think it's a 2+ with re-roll.

Q: I wouldnt call a las gun trusty
A: That is why it fails you.

b]Q:[/b] MUCH better than the pointless Chaos article, though could still do with rule tidbits rather than just HYPE for the first half!
A: But you guys love hype...

Q: Go back to calling them Imperial Guard. Please. What's funny is that even the writer had a freudian slip near the end and called them guard.
A: Call them the Guard if you like. It's just the High Gothic name for them, like Space Marines being called Adeptus Astartes. The infantry are still called Guardsmen after all.

Q: Will there be articles like this for all the factions of the game, even minor ones like the Harlequins?
A: Yes and yes.

Q: Is every vehicle going to have a 3+ save or is this just a coincidence?
A: Hey Stuart,
They certainly don't all have a 3+ save.

A: The Hype Cart, surely.

Q: please show some love for nids
A: Tyranids, being an intergalactic galaxy-eating predator, are incapable of love, and feel only hunger...

(But we will have an article on them soon, if that's what you mean.)

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #4
 ClockworkZion wrote:
Time for the next Q&A Round Up!

Weapons Part 2: Dakka Boogaloo
Q: I love the new template-less world of 40k. No more worrying about spacing everyone out because they all get hit the same anyway now. Though the term Pie Plate of Doom will be missed
A: The Pie and the Mega-Pie will live on in our hearts.

Q: Looking through the comments, It's incredible how blatantly communicated information can be misinterpreted so easily. I don't envy whoever has to answer the same question about twinlinked heavy bolters over and over again.

I'm scared to see what the Spartan assault tank can do now that God hammer landraiders get 4 lascannon shots. Not to mention the other insane arms forgeworld models have access too. Gonna be a lot of info to process on day 1. very excited none the less.
A: Answering the same question over and over again in new and exciting ways is pretty much half our life...!

Q: How much does this "heavy d6" weigh? Does this mean I cant my old plastic dice?
A: HAHA! Best comment of the day....

Q: From the bottom of my humble imperial guardsmen heart, thank you, just thank you gw ❤ Now back to the frontline, those filthy traitors won't die by themselves!
A: *sheds a tear of Imperial pride*

Q: I'm really looking forward for the new 40k.
but when do we see some close combat weapons and rules?
A: Real soon! There is a focus article on the way for melee weapons.

Q: So a number of guns got even better. Is there no love for melee weapons?

As an asside at some point will there be an article discussing how (or possibly if at all) Shooting and Melee have been balanced against one another because at the moment from what has been shown the already dominant shooting phase seems to have gained even more and the major weakness of melee, namely getting into melee before being shot to peices, has not really been addressed?
A: We haven't seen many melee weapons yet, but trust us when we say some of them are.. well...rancid. Just wait until you see what Kharn the Betrayer's axe does...


Q: So just to make sure he difference now between a Stormbolter and a Twin-linked bolted is that at long range they both fire 2 shots and at half range the two linked has 4 and the stormbolter is an assault weapon?

Spelling mistakes fixed- Storm Bolger, twin linked bolted
A: Hey Samuel - we haven't seen the stats for a stormbolter yet! We reckon they will do oh, so many shots...

Q: I am a bit confused on the big guns. Do multiple wounds spill over to other troopers? If not a battlecannons looks underwhelming due to rng?
I have to look at the point cost of a leman russ and its option to have a clear picture i think
A: No, they don't spill over. If Trooper Jenkins takes 6 wounds, he dies real bad. He doesn't die so hard that 5 of his mates die from sympathy pains...

Q: Will weapons with multiple damage (such as D6) cause wounds the same way Destroyer weapons currently do, ie if a model in a unit is hit, and the model dies, any excess wounds won't be carried over?
A: Hey Tara-. A weapon hits a target and saves are made. For each save failed, the model that failed the save takes the damage indicated. That means, against a Battle Cannon, D6 models will take D3 wounds each. That could be D6 really, really dead Chaos Cultists. It DOESN'T mean possibly 18 dead Cultists.

Q: Another big up for shooting armies...I see why now the game is fast paced. Everything will die very fast, i do not believe that we will see a lot of things coming in melee tho for now.
A: Assault isn't toast at all, guys... hang on for the melee weapons focus coming soon...

Q: Quick question on the Damage characteristic. Does a damage characteristic of 3 kill 3 one wound models? Or does it inflict 3 wounds to a single model that don't carry over to other models in the unit?
A: It does 3 wounds to one model. No carrying over onto other members of the unit.

Q: Wow! Looks intense! Double shots for Twin-Linked weapons at half range? That is pretty crazy! The twin linked heavy bolter says its Heavy 6, so it gets 12 shots at Half range? Wow!
A: Have a look again, Horton! The profile is for a twin linked Heavy Bolter. Standard is 3 shots, twin linked is 6, at all ranges.

Q: Will there be positive AP modifiers? For example would an AP 6 weapon in 7th edition concert into AP +1 in 8th one?
A: Not that we have seen yet, no.

Q: I'm really liking what I'm hearing so far. Can't wait for the new edition!! When?? When?? When??
A: Real soon....

Q: So is the new twin linked heavy bolter up to 6 shots, 12 at 18"?
A: Hey Matt - nope - it's heavy 3 for a standard gun, and heavy 6 for the twin-linked gun. It's range makes no difference on how many shots it gets.

Q: May I please ask what is the difference between rapid fire and twin-linked for 8th edition?
A: Hey Lian - sure thing. Rapid fire lets you double your shots at half range. Twin-linked gives you double shots at all ranges. Range makes no difference to twin-linked shots.

Q: Does this mean my Elysian Vulture now shoot 40 shots?! :O *drops jaw*
A: If a Punisher cannonstill has 20 shots... then..yes!

Q: Thats 6 shots at half range yes? Not 6 shots in total and 12 shots at half range.
A: It's 6 shots in total. This is not a rapid fire weapons, so no doubling the number on the profile as you do with rapid-fire.

Q: Battle Cannon is A1 steak sauce! Question I have now is: Will vehicles have the ability to target multiple units? Example: Leman Russ Battle Tank fires Battle Cannon at big Tyranid monster, fire the Heavy Bolters at the Genestealers.
A: Haha! Actually made us laugh, this!

EDIT: Tanks can split their weapons fire between different targets.

Q: So...Battlecannon has Heavy D6...does this mean up to 6 shots or up to 6 Auto-Hits like the Flamer...?
A: It's a random number of hits. If it was always 6 hits, it would be Heavy 6.

Q: Only imperium weapons again?
This is becoming a bad joke. Very disapointing.
A: That's actually the profile for a Chaos Space Marine Heavy Bolter....

Q: Question from yesterday, did all that apply to sgts?
A: No - Sgts are part of the unit.

Q: Wow, that means a lot of dakka!
A: It reeeeally is!

Q: What is Gauss going to do for Necrons? Tesla?
A: Wait for the Necron Faction Focus....

Q: Wow! Now a Land Raider Crusader can do 18 shoots
A: We count 24 on the twin-linked boltguns at half range...

Q: What about plasma pistols ?
A: They get so, so good.... just you wait and see!

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #5
ClockworkZion wrote:Facebook Q&A round-up for May 11th, 2017:

Q: Warhammer 40,000 How many of you man this page? Or is did some poor guardsmen just get locked up in a room to field the unending wave of questions?
A: Just one of us... One soul standing against the tide. Much like Sly Marbo, but somewhat less heroic and chiseled.

Q: Warhammer 40,000 hey can we have the slightest hint of necron stuff in the next teaser please? the red harvest must begin!
A: *This message has been formatted so only true Necrontyr can read it.

Q: Hey guys @Warhammer 40,000, would you consider doing deep strike rules preview ?
A: We can consider it...

Q: You guys are savage and have no chill when it comes to absolutely destroying people, how can I become a member of the community team?
A: You should have seen the quadra-savage reply we typed out... but then thought better of it...!

Q: will weapons have point value's?
also if an aspiring sorcerer can move 6" and the rest of hits unit can move 5" doesn't that mean the sorcerer can only move 5"?
A: It means he can move slightly faster, so long as he stays with his unit.

Q: Give me the new protocols for my Necron minions or you will be harvested.
A: Errrr.....sure thing! We'll get right on it!

Q: Hey GW, will you release a datasheet for khorne berzerkers anytime soon?? (Hopefully before 8th hits) Ever since the CSM faction focus, i am super hyped to see what you have in mind with those lobotomised nutjobs
A: We haven't released anything yet.... but by Jimminy.... they are just as good in combat as you hope them to be....

Q: Well.. definitely will take some getting used too. I do like the effort to balance out the game.
A: It's just not the same without your Marbo memes.

Q: Love all the articles! We would love you to throw us a little more Xenos examples. We have heard a ton about the factions of Man, and just a splash about Orks. Can we please have more splashs of Xenos? <3
A: We like splashing Xenos.... all over the wall with a boltgun.

More Xenos bits on the way REAL soon...

Q: I have only one burning question for 8th -
Will Shadow Captain Shrike's new datasheet reflect his ascension to Chapter Master of the Raven Guard?
A: If that's your only question, we're doing something right. Not sure on that specific detail right now - we will have wait for the rules to appear.

Q: So given that the Rubric Marines have no special ability that allows them to charge after using Rapid Fire and Heavy weapons in the shooting phase, am I correct to assume all units can do that now?
A: Assumptions are a dangerous thing, Oliver...!

Q: That is a seriously better format than how it was handled in the past, very well done.

BUT, are the point costs cropped out of the datasheet or are there going to be multiple versions? Might get bloaty..
A: No bloaty-ness here. Loads more on points coming tomorrow.

Q: I didn't get to post this in time yesterday to be relevant but here we go. First, I'd like to say the new rules are cool. But, I do have a concern. As a chaos player who favors his dinobots and dragons, I'm concerned that the weapon loadouts for the forgefiends (2 hadesautocannons and plasma cannon at +25pts) and heldrakes (with either a baleflamer, whos profile no longer works in 8th, or a single hadesautocannon) were somewhat wanting for the 175 point costs but now units that are cheaper with more weapon sets and/or twinlinked weapons will not only be better (as they kinda were with upgrade capabilities) but completely outshine them or render them useless?
A: Fair comment, James. Chances are that our exstensive group of playtesters will have looked at this and a new, appropriate points value assigned. We aren't just about to change how good a model is without changing it's points value.

Q: Hello new(tm) games workshop, i'd like to ask a badly worded question about whether you'll answer this question and if you do do so will this question be answered? Also if you're doing an article on points values could you tell us how many points my personal favourite, the haruspex, will cost. (How can you not love that face?)
A: Hello, Peter - we'd like to provide a suitably vague yet teasing response about being more than happy to answer your question.

The Haruspex definitely has a points value, but we haven't revealed it yet. As such,we can't mention it yet, despite your obviously adorable face.

Q: This all looks great!!! *Oliver Twist-style pleading request* Adeptus sororitas faction feature/teaser?? cough cough 'obligatory plastic sisters comment' cough cough
A: The Faction Focus article is on it's way for sure.

Q: Love the articles!
Can we expect to see some info on the inquisition? Really want to know how they will be in 8th, like are they a full force on their own, or are they more of an add-on to other armies?
A: Indeed - there will be a focus article on the Imperial Agents for sure.

Q: I assume that point costs is kept separate from unit profiles in order to facilitate easier updates in the future, without invalidating the entire book, or are points supposed to be kept completely outside the codices, in a dedicated book?
A: Assuming is a dangerous past time, Marcin! Check out tomorrow's article on points for more.

Q: On the data sheet it doesn't say what an icon of flame does (unless I missed it), will there be a section of banners and such that all armies have access to?
A: Maybe! It wouldn't be a teaser if we just flat our told you everything, now would it?!

Q: I feel like the page is very busy. And I'm curious about the power rating.... Are the matched play points cost going to be a big list like in AoS's General's Handbook?
A: You will find out loads more in tomorrow's points article.

Q: Nice. So much info on one sheet. Loving it.
First look at melee weapons too. No range - so who gets to fight in cc?
A: More on that real soon.

Q: Will there be a points version of these data sheets for more balanced games?
A: Sounds like you need to tune in to tomorrow's article all about points!

Q: Nice. So the aspiring champion only knows smite? Or will there be another table / sheet for what powers he has access to ?
A: We haven't covered that yet; more on psychic powers coming later.

Q: But GW, where oh where will the points values be listed for matched play?
A: There's every chance that will be covered by tomorrow's "points and power levels" article...


I'm assuming that psychic powers will be assigned from a book via keyword as I see no other reference there?
Fear not, Assumptee... loads more information will be coming. Enlightenment is coming to these dark times.

Q: the lack of points scares the bejesus out of me... and i'm still not happy about losing templates!... going to need a lot more detail before i'm sold
A: What up, Leigh; Guildford represent! Points are still a thing, my fellow Baboon Samurai. Watch out for more on those tomorrow in the "points and power level" article.

Q: Power ranking besides points? Ohhh no.... "We finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up!"
A: There will be both! Tune in to the article all about points tomorrow.

Q: Rubrics! Huzzah! I have to wonder... what does the Icon of Flame do...?
A: Looks like you'll have to wait to find out that one!

Q: Awesome job! Any chance you'll go over the difference between Force weapons & Power weapons in a future article?
A: Of course we can. More articles planned in the future about melee weapons.

Q: Will these sheets be available in cards similar to Psychic Power cards?
A: No news on that right now. .

Q: What exactly is power rating? Is it the same thing as power level that you wrote later in the article?
A: All will be covered in tomorrow's article, fear not.

Q: If the Matched play points aren't going to be on the sheets where will they be? Will we need another book to view these?
A: Tune in tomorrow for the points and power level article and all will be revealed...

Q: Will there be another Datasheet for competitive game?
A: If you mean a points value, then looks like you need to tune into tomorrow's article entitled "points and power levels"....

Q: You tell us what... Death to the False Emperor does? **cheeky grin
A: Not yet...

Q: Will we have a look at the real points system before the release ?
A: Hey Quentin - sure thing - watch out tomorrow for an article all about points.

Q: Great article!!! Will you make an article about Renegades ?
A: You mean the Forge World models? We are focusing on the main Citadel factions for the articles.

Q: I thought invulnerable saves were gone?
A: Not at all - they are right there!

Q: Great stuff but why not call them "dataslates"
A: ...because they are on a sheet. We wanted to put them on slate but it made the rules too heavy...

Q: Can we get a look at Ork boyz?? Please!!
A: There are literally hundreds of units in the game and we wish we had the time to sho...*SMACK*.

"Give us da roolz,you puny 'umie! Don't make 'im ask again else I'll krump yer good"

Eldar Faction Focus
Q: If you say Banshees will be one of the fastest troops in the game then i really wonder what you guys have in store for Harlequins!
Can i expect my fellow clowns to be at the same speed or even faster?!
A: We shall but see!

Q: Are we going to be seeing Aspect Warriors in plastic any time soon, or are we still going to be relegated to Finecast?
A: We have no news on models right now, Andrew - if we ever do hear anything, you will see it here first!

Q: Wait, didn't Fulgrim kill an Avatar by putting it in a headlock and strangling it to death? If so, Guilliman shouldn't fear anything.
A: Besides... Guillian kills three Avatars every day before breakfast. For fun. With a butter knife.

Or so we heard.

Q: You guys better release a skitarii or cult mech (or maybe both) faction focus or the might of the Omnissiah shall make all your computer's unbearably slow.
A: We were wondering why the internet was dropping like a Guardsman in a trench. Now we know.

Q: I'm hoping the Wraithseer will get a datasheet and awesome rules.
A: Guys -with models like that, we are not sure about what is coming yet as FW haven't released information on their rules. As soon as we have it, we will be able to let you know.

Q: When we will have some love for the Custodian Guard?

Soon™, Really Soon™...?

And also, will we have this articles until release? Or will they continue after 8th is available?
A: There will indeed be some more articles coming Real, Real Soon!™

Q: I think Warhammer 40,000 is holding off on the Ork faction preview trying to build up the Waaagh...
A: Savin' da best fer later!

Q: Isn't Reece Robbins the Frontline gaming guy with them awesome Youtube batrep videos?
A: It is indeed him. He has the coolest voice!

Q: This information is completely wrong ... please see the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer for correct info on the Eldar. If you see anyone reading this info please report them to your Commisar!
A: That's how you get promoted around here, trooper!

Q1: Any chance of seeing a Necron profile soon?
A1: You mean.... like this?
Q2: Oh...
Games Workshop.
A2: I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "These guys are better than that, right?!".

But we're not. If there is a pun to be had, we will take it.

Q: Will Ynnari remain or have that army just been discarded?
A: You will 100% be able to use that army.

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #6
ClockworkZion wrote:Have some more Facebook Q&A stuffs!

Points and Power
Q: Essentially 8th edition means no more free stuff. You want that daemon, you are paying for that daemon. I love it. I also notice that GW isn't trying to have games with fewer models, but rather have more dynamic things happen to models more quickly to keep play to 2 hours. It's a pretty sly move to make sure model sales stay high. I see it being a successful strategy. If I can play 3000pts in 3 hours, I'd better buy a few new tanks...
A: "You want that Demon? You gotta pay for that demon". I want that on a T-shirt.

A: Ed, we profusely apologise for being so reasonable.

Q: So that's a big ol Tyranid nerf then.
And GSC too

Sad bois
A: Joel, you should know we have alerted the Inquisition of your latent psychic powers, as demonstrated by your ability to see the future before it has been revealed.

The Black Ships are on the way...

Q: Here's a summary for anyone that doesn't have time to read the article.

Points. They exist.
A: We need you in our editing dept.

Q: I wish this piece had a real example of how points would be formatted. It's not too complicated to look for points in a different part of the book in AoS, because they're broad like power levels, but I can't fathom a clean way to do granular points of each upgrade in a different part of the book. Would have been nice to see an example.
A: Fair feedback - we will see what we can do in the future.

Q: "The points for units don’t appear on the datasheet but will be elsewhere in the same book."

Why? The less a player has to flick through a book the better.
A: So we can alter points in the future without having to alter the whole data sheet. Also, the data sheet it valid for open and matched play too, which tend not to use points as much.

Q: I actually like the idea of power levels for narrative or quick games. I understand why points are seperate from datasheets for updating and balance reasons, but it seems weird to have to look at multiple pages/books just to put together one unit for a list.
A: It's entirely so we can update and tweak points without changing the entire datasheet. It's a good thing for a fluid game.

Q: So you just committed on balance. Thanks a lot that was the one thing I was missing in 7th edition! That and the ability to transport Kill kanz in Pikk Upp Trucks.
A: Killa Kans in Trukks? I'm seeing them falling through the floor of the Trukk in a Flintstones-esque situation...

Q: I like the ideas about changing points but what about when the team misses the mark on something and it is not an issue of points but rules. Will we see the team willing to consider changing data sheets too and not just points?
A: Great question. In the brave new world of New Games Workshop™, I reckon that would be a high priority.

Q: Very cool! Love how summoning will work now! Never summoned myself, but been on the receiving end... hopefully i'll be able to walk straight after playing demon lists now!
A: Bad images.

Q: The more I read the more I like the coming of the 8th edition. Despite my initial scepticism and I really liked 7th. Now I can't wait to get it on my hands. GWs really doing a good job! For the emperor
A: That kinda talk will get you promoted, trooper!

Q: This is great I think. Best of all worlds. Being able to adjust points when units start to dominate tournaments is a masterstroke. really REALLY like this.
A: We thought it made sense.

Q: I would assume Tervigons would also have to pay points for spawning termagantes since it is similar to summoning albeit with some key differences, any chance you guys can correct my assumptions before they're turned into reckless uncertainties?
A: We hate it when wild assumptions spawn into reckless uncertainty! We haven't seen the rules yet, but it's a pretty safe bet there will be no "free" models in the game going forwards.

Q: Speaking of summoning. Will my Bearers of the Word still be able to call upon daemonic allies? How does summing work exactly? Let's say it's turn 3 and I have 150 points set aside for summoning, do I just buy a daemon unit for that many points that turn and they auto come in? Will it be similar to a pyschic test?
A: More on that to come later; you'll see...

Q: This looks fantastic! Will the books be a little better laid out then the current codexes? I feel as if I need to flip through 4 sections just to find the wording on a rule with the currents books.
A: We have tried to tackle that in the new edition for sure. The datasheets are a great step forwards for that.

Q: So, now my big hope is for a faction spotlight on the Sororitas. Cmon Warhammer 40,000, show a little faith!

A: It's happening. Have faith, Brother Devon!

Q: Love that you guys are thinking to the future! Love everything so far about 8th. Hesitant about character rules, but more than that just wish I had 8th to play right NOW! Super excited!
A: We want this game to be around a long time.

Q: Does this mean Tervigons could possibly become troop transports instead of Brood Mothers?
A: We don't know until we see the Tyranid Focus! Coming soon...

Q: Wait a second... GW is actually going to be doing active changes to the point values of certain units/gears? Active tweaking to the game beyond that of FAQ's?

Well hot damn.
A: That's the plan...

Q: How long GW's? How long must we sit in anticipation for this epic goodness?
A: It's coming soon.. real, real soon™...

Q: Will Tervigon's spawned Termagants count as "summoning"? Will you need to keep some points apart for them?
A: Well, we reckon you want to hold out and wait for the Tyranid Faction Focus, which is burrowing it's way here quicker than a claustrophobic Trygon.

Q: This is great stuff! So am I reading this right that summoning will be different from deep striking in 8th edition?
A: It could well do. More information on that coming in the future.

Q: "each of those Tactical Marines would cost 13 points each, " Fresh in from the Derpartment of Redundancy Dept.

I. LOVE. The change to summoned units counting towards overall army point cost. This'll nerf Tervigon and Daemon-summoning armies to manageable levels.

Also, can I beg a Tyranid faction focus article?
A: Of course you can, Pete. It will be with you once the Tervigon has belched it from it's burgeoning belly.

Q: Actual relatively sensbile quiestion: When the app comes out with army builders in it, any chance of a Windows version for those of us with laptops rather than tablets?
A: No word on the app yet, Ed, but we can but hope! Watch this space for news when we get it.

Q: Will there be printed "codexes" in this new format? I'm less concerned about the rules and more concerned about all the new fluff. For example my Space Wolf codex is WAY behind on lore and I would be curious to learn what the Sons of Russ have been up to since Cadia.
A: That would be very cool. We haven't heard about what books are coming yet or how, but we do know codexes in a format similar to the current one are being planned. Watch this space for more!

Q: Can we, potentially, be given an example of summoning and it's respective costs in a future article? Perhaps tying that in to however you write up regarding Daemons?

While being vague is fine, it would be helpful to have something to actually read directly.
A: We will see what we can do.

Q: Hi GW - do we have any idea how often balances passes will be made for points costs? Obviously anything more often than "once per 2-5 years with each codex release" is great, but will it be a thing of regular online patch notes, or still hinge on a less frequent release of a physical product - I.e., an annual re-release of the 40k General's Handbook?
A: No idea at the moment, Alex - we will have to see when it happens. Watch this space for more as and when we get it.

Q: Cool. Glad to see the demise of "free stuff". So will other forces be able to "spawn" new units if they have the points - thinking Tyranid Tervigon, Necron Canoptek Spyder, Genestealer Cult Summons?
A: Great question, Martin; I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Q: Would also love to see if Tyranids get upgrades that even then out against other armies like how they adapt in the books and like 4th ed.
A: Truly terrifying monsters? Huge combat attacks? Devastating shooting... Tyranids will be juuust fine.

Q: Would love some more info on necrons on how they will work and reanimation protocols
A: Hey Ellis - look out for the Necron Faction Focus article, coming soon...

Q: Hey GW, will be see a blood angels faction focus? I ask because my..eh... friend, whos in hospital, really wants to know
A: Tell your friend that they won't have long to wait! For the article, we mean... not for treatment. We hope. Get better soon!

Q: 27 pts for a multi melta? Oh my. That is not cheap! lol
A: You pay for what it's worth... and yup , it's worth it.

Q: Just asking,you wrote ordinary points will come in another book.
I hope you are not planning of releasing it after 1 year as you did for age of sigmar with the General Compendium.
A: Not at all. Full points on release for all units.

Q: So using power points you can equip whatever you want to your squads, how does that not stop imbalance?
A: That's right. The Power Level assumes you are taking a pretty souped up version of that unit. You should feel free to take anything you like on that unit if you are playing Power Levels.

Q: 27 points for a multi-melta? Damn, they must be nasty now!
A: Ooooooh yes.

Q: Sounds cool! Love the power levels for quick fun play.

Thanks for the cost for tact marines. Could we see a similar breakdown for Rubrics to see how power levels and points scale? Curious to see how my beloved Rubrics stand up point wise. Thanks!
A: Tell you what, Scott.. we will write all the rules for all the Chaos models down and make them available to you on the launch!

We wish we had room to show you every unit in the game, but alas, it is not so.

Q: But what if their power level is ALREADY 9000!?!?!?
A: OVER 9000?!?!

Q1: You were 33 minutes late!
A1: We're sorry! Did we make up for it with an awesome article?
Q2: No orks info. So no.
A2: Ork info, huh? Ok... they're super awesome in combat now. More on that later!

Q: I am so excited and I just can't hide it.
A: We're about to to balance the game and I think I like it.

Q: How does a Tervigon work? Do I need to set points aside?
A: I guess we will see more on that in the Tyranid Focus article, winging this way faster than an impatient Haruspex.

Q: Veeery curious how my daemonkin are going to survive
A: By collecting lots of skulls...

Q: wow you guys were late today, I almost gave up
A: Sorry! Technical issues.... not us being divas and arriving late, we promise...

Q: How many models do you need for a power level of over 9000?
A: ....OVER 9000?!

*resists meme*

Q: Sorry when I see the phrase "power level" I think DBZ
A: Yeah, that joke's been mentioned OVER 9000 times.

Q: 27 points? 7 points?! MY OCD. WHY YOU DO DIS
A: Ha! TI's because that's exactly what it's worth!

Q: Hey GW will we see any dark eldar articles?
A: Of course we will, loyal citizen of Commorragh.

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #7
ClockworkZion wrote:Off work now, so let's round up the Q&As for the day:

Damocles Gulf

Q: When you decide to show a battle report of the new 40k, could you have Tau vs Daemons, as these are the two of the most extreme armies, it would be good to see how the balance actually works.
A: Great idea! Chaos vs Xenos... whoever loses, the Imperium wins.

Q: That picture of Chaos ripping Tau to shreds... that's the best thing I've ever seen. Do daemons like the taste of fish?
A: Tau sushi is a delicacy in the Warp.

A: OI! Keep da noize daan! I has a bangin' 'eadache after 'eadbuttin' that Ogryn da ovva day!

Q: Speaking of Tau, how do you pronounce it properly? btw even my gf laughed with the profile joke. hehehehe
A: Glad you liked it! We pronounce as if it rhymes with Cow. NOT so it rhymes with roar.

Q: Show me a rail gun profile !!! Need to know !! Who is the new leader ??? Farsight with shadowsun or new figure
A: We couldn't resist.

A: OI! Keep da noize daan! I has a bangin' 'eadache after 'eadbuttin' that Ogryn da ovva day!

Q: did I miss last day's army focus or where there none to be found?

Will there be one today? ...
....Maybe two?
A: We're not doing one EVERY day...! You haven't missed one today

Q: Can we see an army showcase for Squats?
A: Sure thing. I think there's at least a couple in this picture...

Q: Dead Tau is good Tau
A: You know it.

Daemon Faction Focus
Q: Whoever took over the handling of social media and the new approach needs a raise that's for sure.
A: Would we tease you guys?! Would we?!*

Q: To be entirely honest, I am only following this post for more comedy-gold comments by Warhammer 40,000 admins
A: Thanks- we're here all week! Try the steak!*
Next Post: *Actually, don't.. The Commissar's cat went missing yesterday...

Q: I know this will come off as fanboy-ing, but I really like the new community engagement from Games Workshop. Keep up the good work!
A: Thank you! Wanna know a secret... we're all massive Warhammer 40,000 fanboys too....

Q: Nick Brown this is for you.

Can we see a faction focus on adeptus sororitas next please?

much love if so
A: They are certainly getting one, have faith!

Q: so basically every 2 days there is going to be a Faction Focus? ok, I can candle that, just can't wait till you get to space wolves soon
A: Maaaaaybe....!

Q1: As someone who has only started the game about 2 weeks ago and selected the army i like. When will we be seeing the trynaid faction focus? I want to see what to what changes/focus of the nids so i can feel more confident in buying new models before the release of 8th ed
A1: The Tyranid Faction Focus is on the way, lumbering it's way towards us like a grumpy Tyrannofex.
Q2: Warhammer 40,000 You're going to use all the "adjective/tyranid unit name" at some point, You'd better release the tyranid article next so you don't have to think of new ones every day
A2: We aren't going to run out of Tyranid metaphors; we just keep em' coming... like an overly-productive Tervigon.

Q: Interesting, on a side note what amout the huge explosion templates that we used to use with the knight titan, will they still be needed in 8th ?
A: Hey Matt - templates have gone from the new edition- it is a template-free zone!

Q: Great news everyone, the rumors of Slaanesh down fall were false.
Can we finally get a starter box for Slaanesh daemons like the other three?

Please Warhammer 40,000. We all want that great deal all three other gods already have at GWs.
A: Great point. We will pass this on to the chaps in the studio.

Q: Why don't your packaging peanuts taste like real peanuts?

A: Ummmm...Trent... we...we need to talk.

Q: Still waiting for the Deathwatch Faction Focus
A: Warhammer TV's Dan has been raving about how good Deathwatch are in the new edition. There will be a Faction Focus article on them... soon!


Love it!!!
A: Whole new words from Horton

Q: Are khorne daemonkin still playable?
A: Yes, absolutely. We don't wanna make Khorne players angry... we value our skulls.

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #8
ClockworkZion wrote:So GW must be trying to test to see if I'll keep this up since we got 1 Q&A session on Facebook's comments on Sunday and three on Monday.

Well, it's not dark, I'm not wearing sunglasses, but let's hit it.


Q: 'If your army was Battle-Forged'....

What about those that were collections of Formations? My GKs are going to miss their Conclave friends!
A: You can absolutely use the exact models contained in any of the formations right now in the new edition. They won't have any formation rules, but a Conclave can remain a Conclave (in terms of narrative).. just not get any free rules.

Q: Sounds cool. So those are the three everyone gets? Then there's different ones for missions. Do specific models or units give you some too?
A: Everyone has access to these three... but there are so, so many of them more coming.

Q: Can command points be used to make sure my flan is perfectly cooked?
A: Yes it can. Thanks for the flantastic question.

Q: Looking really good.. Counter Offence seems a great one. Really hoping that there will be racial/army ones.. Ork ones could be brutal.. or Kunnin.. either is good.
A: That would be cool and pretty good, wouldn't it?

Q: Whejdofjsjwjwkanfnkdfnksjwnsnfjeiwkdnntngkenwndjjebajxifkwnkaoxkcnwnzjcnsnannjfjfjwjsnxjjsbwbsndjsjnsnxjxjsjsnsjjxjsjsnejwowoksfjiwjwjwjwj. I can't take it anymore I'm so ready for 8th I'm speaking gibberish
A: Strong reaction there!

Q: Things are looking good for 8th edition. Will all factions get a focus article before release? Also if you're taking requests, the Emperor's first Legion needs an article soon. Maybe even show us the datasheet for the Ravenwing Black Knights.
A: Yes, they will indeed. Dark Angels is on the list, so all good!

Q: Absolutely awesome! Loving everything you guys are doing for 8th!

Any chance you could give a loyal servant of The Emperor a bit of info on the Talons of The Emperor? I am wondering how such warriors will fit in the new edition!
A: Info? Sure thing.. they are still very much a viable army and you can absolutely use them in the new edition.

Q: This is huge! These effekts might be the coolest you have showed us yet?! Not only will it give a whole new dept of tactical to the game. It will also make planning really essential!
A: They are huge, aren't they? Your ability to use Command Points will be the true test of a good player in the new edition.

Q: Can we get an article on chapter tactics and how sub-factions are handled?
A: Great idea! We will see what we can do.

Q: My only complaint is just the click bait part "Biggest change ever" but we've had stratagems, not all of them like these particular examples but command points and stratagems have been around since 3rd, from expansion books and campaign books. Otherwise, I'm all for this, I like it and want to see the other options we have.
A: We almost wrote "The 10 biggest Changes to 40k ever! Number 5 will blow your mind!" but we're not those guys...

Q: Would I be horribly greedy to ask for one stratagem for each faction? One typical of Smurfs, daemons, eldar, DE, Chaos, etc. Probably. I shall ask anyway.
A: Well, if you don't ask, you don't get! We can't show anything right now, but there is loads more to come.

Q: I've just got to sa, you guys are doing an amazing job with the 8th edition news. Giving us little hints and info, the faction focus, and the crazy amount of social media presence. I'm super hype to see what comes of 8th edition, my friends and I can't wait!
A: Thanks for the support, David! We hope your and your friends love the game as much as we do.

Q: Command points is a great idea because it gives me the option of maintaining the moral high ground when I lose a game.

You win? That's nice. Whos got the higher commander score son?!
A: Finally, Nick can have some sort of victory in a game.

Q: Will certain characters have their own stratagems that they can bring to the table? Also, will there be scenarios that will grant additional command points during play, like capturing objectives?
A: Those are both really cool ideas. We will have to wait and see

Q: Any chance for getting like Cards for these stratagems? Like those Tactical Objective for keeping nearby and activate car....stratagems
A: Great idea!

Q: @Warhammer Dan So how many command point does it take to cook a Flan?
A: So many. So many Command Points....

Q: Can you use a CP to reroll something that has already been rerolled?
A: Not sure on that one; standard gaming convention would say no, but we haven't seen the rules in full yet.

Q: My worry is. Will I still be able to field my Talos army? Consisting of the corpsetheif and 3 dark artisan formations...
A: Every army from the current edition is good to field in the new edition

Q: Just trying to comment so I can get some sweet sweet sassy Warhammer Community love
A: Beware the Sassquatch.

Q: Will Ynnarri Soulburst be treated as a command point if it wants to be used?
A: Maybe? We haven't seen the Ynnari rules yet, so perhaps!

Q: Love the strategems! Did I hear that factions will be getting specific ones for themselves, too?
A: You didn't yet no! More on stratagems in the future...

Q: Are the command points a limited resources or will they refresh at some point?
A: The[y] are limited. You earn them from taking the detachments we previewed earlier.

Q: Guuuuh, please, I want a release date for 8th so badly.
A: Real soon...!

Q: Are the command points a set amount for the game or is it a pool you get each turn
A: They are set, and the number you have depends on the detachments you have fulfilled pre-game.

Q: What else can command points be used for. I belive it was said you can spend them to try to go first..? Is that true?
A: Maybe? We haven't revealed any more of these yet... so watch our for more!

Q: Will out of production models like the bonesinger be getting rules in 8th?
A: That's a great question and we're not sure right now until we see the rules.

Q: Hey, Warhammer 40,000:
This question is a little late, probably should have been back on the infantry reveal....BUT this is a very important question!!!

It involves the new rule allowing infantry to act as if they have split fire.

Say a Devestator squad has 4 Lascannons. Say there are two badly hurt land raiders - When do I determine how many cannons to fire at each?
Can I fire them one at a time at the target of my choice each shot?
Do I declare 1 shot against the first, and 3 against the second?
A: Haneef - that's now quite right. In the new edition, you can elect to shoot every gun at a different target if you like. Eg- four lascannons? You can shoot four different tanks.

You elect before you shoot anything where all the shots will be going, then roll to hit.

Q: Can someone spell out the counter offensive one for me, trying to wrap my head around it
A: Sure thing.. it's like this.

So, Nick's Ultramarines are playing Dom's Orks. It's Dom's turn.

Dom has charged 2 units into combat this turn;
A) Ork Boys into some Tactical marines
B) Nobz into some Scouts.

There are also 2 combats already taking place:

C) Assault Marines vs Burna Boyz
D) Command Squad vs Gretchin.

It's the combat phase. Dom will be attacking with the Boyz from A) and the Nobz from B) first (before anything else) as they charged this turn.

Dom activates The Nobz in combat B) to fight; they kill some scouts.

Normally, Dom would automatically go next with the Boyz in combat A) because they also charged.

But Nick calls Counter-Offensive, costing him 2 Command Points. He now gets to activate the Tactical Squad in Combat A), before the Boyz in Combat A) fight. The Marines kill 8 of the Orks (coz Ultramarines are amazing).

Now, Dom activates the Boyz in Combat A).. there are only two of them left!

Now it goes to units that have not charged. It's Dom's turn, so he activates the Burna Boyz in combat C).

Then, Nick activates a remaining unit. The players then alternate activating units unit every unit has fought in the combat phase.

I hope that helps!

Q: With each passing day and article my anticipation for 8th grows. But tell me oh great scribes, what will come of my god machines of the Omnissiah? Will the Collegia Titanica still walk in the 41st millenium? Or will they be containted to the Age of Darkness?
A: So much more information coming soon, loyal servant of Mars!

Q: Will there be Stratagems that add passive effects to an army? (for example maybe giving it a bonus to leadership value or a +1 to shoot with certain weapons?)
A: If there are any passive ones, we haven't seen them yet!

Q: Do these command points replenish, or are these what you get for the enitre game?
A: No, you get a set amount based on the detachments you have taken.

Q: Nick must hold back the flood gates alone now.

A: I got this. Really. Which way do I point the lasgun?

Q: Are we going to see a faction focus Black Templars?
A: There will most certainly be a Space Marines Faction Focus.

Q1: How do you cook a flan?
A1: I'm going to kill Rob. With a flan.
Q2: That seems violent and unbecoming of dessert...
A2: What can I say. I'm a Flanatic.
Q3: It's Flan-tastic puns like this that keep me going.
A3: Is this life? Or is this just flantasy?

Q: Blood Angel faction focus
A: They are all coming, guys, all good'!

Primaris Marine Teaser Video
Responses by WarhammerTV
Q: First off, I'm totally on board and can't wait for 8th.

Fluff-wise, how can this (creation and implementation of primaris marines) NOT cause another HERESY? Even their name, PRIMARIS, you'd be telling marine vets of hundreds of wars that they are secondary. The PRIMARIS would surely look down on their "cousins" and thus be even FURTHER removed from empathy with baseline humanity. (Which is the core reason for the Heresy IE why should lesser beings rule) All in all , I'm effing stoked.
A: We're sure they learned their lesson the first time, right? RIGHT?

Q: They look rather imposing, and it's good that you're not marketing them as a replacement, but an addition. Would it be possible to see a comparison photo with regular Astartes and Custodes?
A: We'll see what we can do, Marcin.

Q: Are these the new Marines RG was making?!
A: Gulliman makes his own rules.
...Then writes them down in a book, and calls it the Codex Astartes.

Q: Looking great! Imposing as a Marine should be.

I hope, like other of my traitor brethren, that the warp will fuel our bodies to fight these new arrivals on an equal ground with new troops without having to be one of the awesome new Deathguard Marines~
A: The Traitors already get their cult troops (as and you say, there are more on the way). These guys can match them in battle
Martian technology and gene science matched against ancient warriors powered by the dark gods - doesn't get much more Warhammer 40,000 than that!

Q: GW, are my normal Blood Angels going to be fairly useless next to these guys or will the Primaris fill more or an elite role?

I only ask because of the information saying that there are now whole Chapters consisting solely of these new marines. As a competitive player (mostly), will I be replacing my normal Astartes with these dudes to keep my edge or will they indeed fill more of a terminator-like role?
A: Hey Elliot,
Good question. We think players will be able to make a competitive force using either their existing models, a mixed force, or a pure Primaris Space Marines army. We'll have an article on how they fit into your games on the way really soon (as in, today)

Q: They look nice but do we really need more marine stuff ? We have armies that haven't been uptade in years, models that look ridiculous by today's standards (ork buggy, I'm looking at you...)
A: Hey,
We'll get to everyone in good time, don't you worry.
Everyone will get news toys, you just have to be patient.

Q: These look amazing, and the sheer amount of salt that is being produced by some people has seasoned my chips to perfection. Thanks GW. A double victory for me.
A: To much salt can be dangerous. It will be handy for stopping beast of Nurgle though, if these Primaris Space Marines ever face the Death Guard.

Q: That looks pretty good, but will armies that are not related to the imperium get new stuff too ? Like Taus, Necrons, Eldars... I mean, I guess they gotta face the horrors coming from the chaos rift, right ?
A: Hey Nicolas,
We'll get to all the armies again in time, don't worry. We only have so many sculptors, and we already canceled all their tea breaks.

Q: Dear GW, are Primaris only Ultramarines locked, or can be used in other chapters? I suppose Guilman want to help all the chapters to be ready for the next threat right?
A: Not just Ultramarines: Loads of Chapters can have them. [LINK TO THE PRIMARIS FAQ]

Q: By the looks of the videos they will have access to regular marine vehicles (Vindicator, Land Raider) right? Obviously there's going to be new primaris only vehicles too...
A: Maybe...

Q: Not a fan of the true scale look. The comic style scale was a major reason the 40k models look great.
Genuinely kind of bummed you guys are taking this route after everything else looked so promising for 8th.
A: Hey Mark,
No worries, you can of course continue to use the existing Space Marines range - the massive variety is one reason Warhammer 40,000 is so fun. It would be boring if everyone had the same army.

Q: I wonder if the Alpha Legion knew about this and planned for these guys to come out. Or maybe tampered with the Gene-seed? So many options.
A: What? You want us to believe the Alpha Legion would ever tamper with the geneseed of a loyalist Space Marine Chapter?

You must be raven mad.

Q: Was expecting more of a change (advancement) in the aesthetics.
Look like just a slightly larger scale Marine. Would like to see more
A: You've only seen one guy so far...
Trust us, we're just getting warmed up.

Q: Will we get to see some of these guys painted up in some other chapters? Or is it just gonna be an ultramarine thing for ages?
A: Hey Ally,
They are certainly not just for Ultramarines: [LINK TO PRIMARIS FAQ]

Q: These will make everyones current marine armies look so naff :/ not cool.
A: Hey Ben,
You can absolutely use these guys alongside your existing Space Marines and they look just fine marching to battle alongside their brothers.

Q: Do you think the Blood Ravens would have stole a few?
A: We reckon we can spare a few for you.

Q: Hi GW. Will the upgrade packs for space marines be compatible with these new models! . I'm just asking because I love making my Ultramarines look like Romans.
A: Hey Oscar,
Good question,
This question is covered in our FAQ on the new Space Marines.

Q: very nice! I wonder if these marines are just Ultramarines or will there be Blood Angel versions too?
A: Loads of Chapters can have them.
Based on what we know with Baal being on the menu for Hive Fleet Leviathan, they could do with some reinforcing...

Q: D: D: D: maybe I'll hold off on even getting into Age of Sigmar so I can save up for these guys
A: Or... both?

Q: maybe all the chapters and legions should get some kind of equivalent? and then these cojld set the stamdard fpr the next 40,0000 years
A: Hey Adrian,
They don't just come in blue: [LINK TO FAQ]

Q1: Is everyone getting them or are my wolves yet again missing out
Q2: They said everyone... go check out the article & FAQ
A: What Price said^ [LINK TO FAQ]

Q: Was hoping for a animated video :(
Can't wait to add them to my imperial fists
A: We'll have more animated videos soon. don't worry.
(Warhammer TV's Laura makes them - she does a great job.)

Q: They look fantastic, now this makes my choice of which new 40k army to start even harder!
A: Sorry for making the choice hard, Amy. The next army will be rubbish, don't worry.*

*We're lying, they look amazing also.

Q: So who is the chap with the veteran sergeant markings on a larger base?
And where are the special/heavy weapons?
A: Hey Jamie,
He'll be a commander of some sort.
And as for more weapons? we have plenty more to show you.
You ain't seen nothing yet.

Q: So these new Space Marines, can they be Chaplains, Librarians or join specialist units like the Ravenwing and Deathwing?
A: We just don't know yet.
But we dare say we'll find out.

So far, we've seen only one type of Primaris Marine. He's not the only one...

Q: Why the hell do the ultramarines get yet another force...
A: We reckon mars probably have a lot of paint colours for different Chapters (they certainly have red...)

Q: So, the Space Wolves getting a few of these guys?
A: We dare say a few might find their way to Fenris. [LINK TO FAQ]

Q: Will this bring an end to all heretics?
A: That's Gulliman's plan.
the "Heretics" probably have other ideas though...

Q: Will there be books about them?
A: What do you think?

Q: Okay....but why though?
A: Because we can, George.
Because we can.

Q: Will the Dark Eldar be playable in the new edition?
A: They certainly are!
We know they have been a bit tricky to play with of late, but very soon, the prey races will once again fear the night.

Q: So is our big boy vulkan coming back?
A: No news on Vulkan at the moment.
Maybe he's really dead this time?

Q: http://i.imgur.com/WlEGd1b.jpg
A: Thanks Big E.

Primaris FAQ
Q: Quick, everyone overreact! I love the new background for the Imperium and SM models and I play Thousand Sons.. They literally say that you don't have to use the new Primaris marines or models... This isn't Bell of Lost Souls, you don't have to do the Sky-falling.
A: The sky's not falling folks.
Those are drop pods carrying in them 10,000 years of imperial retribution!

Q: I can just imagine the dark angels interrogator chaplain welcoming speech for these marines
"yes at times we will be whispering suspiciously with the chapter masters and people of the first company, no you are not invited to these conversations... We're discussing... Non-heretical... Fashion... Yes fashion" so disregard these whispers and if you see any chaos marines just send them to me and disregard any mentions of them being from caliban, as you know they are all liars"
A: Those guys give quite the pep talk.

Q: It really feels like your trying to invalidate regular marines. I mean come on. "From a background point of view, some Chapters, especially those decimated in the events of the Gathering Storm, now have entire companies of these new warriors." Entire companies of what basically seem like post-astartes astartes. They really should only be fielded as highly elite units of Astartes that can really kick ass, but are really rare, so are only fielded in small numbers. It would have been better to say, "Here said decimated Chapters, we have rapid gene-seed replacement now, have more standard marines!"
A: Hey Rovaan,
Current Space Marines are going nowhere.
You can absolutely use them (and we think a lot of people will) as elite support for existing Space Marine and imperial armies.

Q: Black Templars took a huge hit in gathering Storm. Seems like they might enjoy having them around. So they get a company of them?
A1: Just one company? What about a whole crusade?
A2: This just in!
Warhammer TV's Duncan is currently painting some up in Black Templars colours for his personal army. We'll see if we can get you some photos. As you'd expect, they look amazing.

Q: Fluff wise it's very odd. Vlka Fenryka will all of the sudden take such new Astartes only because Big Boy from 500 Worlds will say so? "Yeah, we were keeping them for 10 000 years in broom closet on Mars. And here they were, thousands upon thousand new uber Marines, for each 500 into your chapter you will have Primaris Dread for free
A: Hey Michał,
Certainly not every Space Marine Chapter in the galaxy is 100% sold on these new Space Marines. We'll have to wait and see what the Wolves make of them.

Q: While I'm all for increasing the scale of the Marines range, I can't help but feel like these "Primaris" marines undermine the concept of the Space Marines as a whole. For the last 30 years Space Marines in this game have been the pinnacle, humanity's finest warriors and the standard against which all others are measured. Everything about the Space Marines - from their silhouette to their standing as the Galaxy's finest fighting force is central to their image and the history of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. They have been an iconic part of the game, and I can't help but feel like this dilutes and undermines their standing in the game. To suddenly produce these "Primaris" marines who are better than a normal marine, for me, damages an intrinsic part of the fluff.
A: Now you know how the Thunder Warriors felt...
Don't worry though Euan, no one is getting replaced. These Warriors can battle alongside you existing army, no problem. The noble history of the Chapters is undiminished.

Q: Come on guys. The story had to move on, and most of the Chapters need reinforcements (Blood Angles and Space Wolf's particularly have taken a beating recently and must to be down to bare bones). What's the other option, refuse mass recruitment of reinforcements and let the Chapters die out? How mental would the fan base go if 2 founding Chapters / factions got wiped off the face of the 40k universe?

Plus cool new toys to play with - what's wrong with that?

One question though - Last time I checked the sequence was 8, 9, 10... So where is the MKIX armour, and why have we gone straight to MKX?
A: Where indeed.
Maybe there's some prototype armour somewhere we haven't seen?

Q: Oh look, yet another spaz marine chapter, like this strategy hasn't been applied yet. Yawn.... I'm going to be thoroughly disappointed if the xenos factions (with the exception of eldar) are underpowered. For example, Tyranids could use a little attention.
A: Hey Blake,
Everyone has had attention.
Every single model in Warhammer 40,000 is getting new rules and has been re-balanced against each other with new points. Your Xenos armies are going to do just fine.

Q: we had our super-humans (reg marines), our psichic-super-humans (GK) and our super-super-humans (custodes), and this is just a batch of another super-super-humans-not custodes-but-better-than-marines-thing, i dont know what to think
A: Just go with it, Santiago.

Q: Just because it's worth a shot, are these Marines able to be produced on chapter worlds from normal recruits? Or are they solely imports from Mars/Cawls-super- secret-mega-bunker-of-secret-R&D? Just because I'll be a little disappointed if I want to use these guys in my custom chapter and they're nor really like my guys at all because they didn't grow up on the same homeworld and experience the same trials and will just be whatever base personality they have in my guy colours. Also if you could respond to this. Even just a "we'll have more info about this soon!" would be cool
A: Hey Deejay,
We don't have any news on recruitment yet, but we're sure we'll get more details soon.
You can absolutely use them in your custom Chapter though.

Q: So..

How about that Dark Eldar, huh?

Dear Warhammer 40,000, Citadel, and particularly you, yes you Jes Goodwin, you amazing man you.

Let's talk about the dark kin for a minute here! And no, not those traitorous Ynnari scumbags that ruined everything. I'm talking about the real denizens of the Dark City! The Dark Eldar! Y'know, those gaunt faced, pale skinned, sadistic pirate elves that herald terror and pain!

So far we've seen a lot of great updates regarding the new changes for Warhammer 40k, and I've got to admit, a lot of it looks pretty exciting! But I have to wonder, how will the Dark Eldar (once again, the real ones, not those do'good'er heathens) fare in this next edition? The 7th edition codex release wasn't all too bad in the start of 7th edition, and I enjoyed a good number of games with them! But alas, as more and more codices were released and formations became more and more absurd, it was clear that we became outclassed. And with the release of the Gathering Storm 2 book, we saw Commorragh get invaded by Daemons, Mandrakes, and even the prompt disappearance of our glorious overlord, Vect! (Where has he been hiding anyway?)

That being said, how will Dark Eldar fit into this new edition? So far we've seen that everything will have a toughness value, which has me almost jumping in glee, seeing as how almost the entirety of the Dark Eldar utilizes poison weapons. But of course, it doesn't make much sense for my Kabalite Warriors with their splinter rifles to be hurting Leman Russ battle tanks. But what about the other special rules that Dark Eldar enjoy, and both live and die on?

Open-topped: Probably the bane, and love of every Dark Eldar player around. We loved getting those charges off after dismounting from our vehicles in 7th ed, but now everyone can! But of course at the same time.. We really hated losing an entire boat from massed pulse rifle fire, courtesy of those blue-skinned hippies. How will this rule be converted to 8th Edition? Or will it be at all? Will our troops still be able to zoom across the battlefield hanging off the sides of their transports while shooting everything they fly past? And will there be any benefit to assaulting from vehicles that are/were open-topped?

Jink: Oh how we love you jink, savior of our jetbikes, raiders, venoms, and pretty much our entire army. After all without it, Dark Eldar are pretty much flying around wearing the contents and attire from a questionably safe internet site. We've seen the extensive changes to the cover system, but what about jink? Will it affect the enemy to hit roll instead? Or will it simply add further modifiers for the vehicle's armor save? (Please tell me it'll make them harder to hit)

Flat out: Speed? Yes please. Another fun thing with playing Dark Eldar, is that look you get when your entire armada of plastic boats and bikes zoom halfway across the table and wind up sitting right on top of the enemy line. While we've seen that every unit in the game will have it's own movement distance, will Dark Eldar vehicles just absurdly fast normally? Or will they have an opportunity (like they do now) to forgo shooting to travel even further, and hopefully get those troops they're carrying into combat sooner? (I want to go fast.)

Poison: We've given it a taste and want some more! Just like open-topped, this rule is absolutely pivotal to the Dark Eldar. Heck, besides punching Space Marines in the face (Ill advised), it's all our Kabalite Warriors have going for them with their splinter rifles! Will poison be able to would vehicles as well? Or will there be some type of keyword system in place to prevent this? (Oh and y'know, those spikey bits all over those splinter rifles would be really cool if they worked like melee weapons!)

Haywire: Well heck, if we can't kill it with poison, this should do the trick. With armor value being replaced by toughness, how will haywire work? Will these weapons still be just as dangerous and effective?

Lance: Nothing's quite as fun as telling a friend that their armor 14 Leman Russ is actually armor 12. Or well.. it was fun anyway! Can we assume that lance weaponry will cause additional wounds like Lascannons? Or will lance cause even more carnage in someway?

Power From Pain (PFP!): Probably one of the funnest rules in the game for us Dark Eldar players. Previously it was all token based, encouraging commanders to hunt out and prey upon weak, isolated units to get those early game pain tokens. And then translated to an (almost) army wide, turn based bonus in 7th edition, providing a strong benefit to patient commanders willing to wait a few turns before exposing their forces. Will things stay the same as they are now? Or should I crack out some spare bases and get back to making those pretty little tokens again? Or will it remain at all for that matter?

Fleet: Definitely in the lower rung of useful tricks that the Dark Eldar have up their sleeve, but certainly nasty to help get the most out of those run moves and failed charges. Since Craftworld Eldar, Harlequins, and dare I say it.. Ynnari, benefit from this rule, I'm sure it'll be returning to 8th edition in some form or the other, but can you give us any hint what it'll be like?

Combat drugs: Those Wyches are always chasing their fix! Will this make a return as well to give cult units a random edge against their opponents?

Dodge (Wyches 4++): So we now know that units can fire their pistols in their shooting phase, even while locked in close combat. What will this mean for wyches, who currently only have a 4+ invuln save during the fight subphase? While it's definitely a lot harder to dodge bullets (ask me how I know), will they still be able to use this ability and keep their opponents tied up in combat longer?

Thanks again for taking the time to read this lengthy post. I hope you at least found it entertaining to some degree, and I hope I brought up some interesting questions! I'd really love to see how you guys answer, and even more so if there was a special little "Faction Focus" on the Dark Eldar!

Thanks for reading
A: Hey David,
We'll have a faction focus on the warriors of Commorragh very soon, where we hope a lot of your questions will be answered.
Remember a lot of the rules for the game have changed, and every unit is getting a new warscroll. We think Dark Eldar will work very well in the new Warhammer 40,000.

Q: Will Primaris Chapters have comparable structure to a marine one?

Primaris Librarians? Primaris Terminators?
A: Hey Cerri,
No details yet on company or unit structure. You'll find out details on that soon enough though.

Q: Please tell us you are cranking out enough of the starter boxes. I don't want to miss out because resellers buy a dozen each.
A: We're quite sure we don't know what you mean.
but hypothetically speaking, were there a new starter set on the way, we would have made loads.

Q: Awesome news. The Scythes of the Emperor have a couple of vacancies, so I hear...
A: Oh wow, there's some of you left?
We guess Gulliman can spare a few for the orphans of Sotha, for old times sake.

Q: If allied to Blood Angels, will they be affected by blood angel specific rules and keywords?
A: Allied? They can straight up be Blood Angels if you like.
We haven't seen any details yet on how the Blood Angels special rules will work, but we might soon...

A: Clearly a follower of Nurgle, worried at the prospect of facing these new warriors of the Emperor.

Q: Will these be compatible with the existing Chapter upgrade sprues?
A: Hey John,
Good question. There are some details on compatibility between kist in the Primaris Space Marines FAQ.

Q: Are these guys replacing centurions?
A: Nope.
There are still Centurions of you want them in your army.

Q: What about The news from the Indomitus Crusade.
A: These guys are the Indomitus Crusade.

Q: Stormcast Eternals for 40K...
A: Hang on, we thought you said Stormcast Eternals were Space Marines for the Age of Sigmar?
Which is it?

Primaris Space Marine: Gaming
Q: It means that I'm still waiting for an update to all the finecast miniatures in the Eldar range whilst marine collectors get yet another variation on a tactical marine.
A: You guys did just get a god.

Q: So finally you make 2 wound marines, but only for space marines, and not only that but they are cheaper than rubric marines?
A: Hey Michael,
We've seen the stats for Rubric marines already. Thanks to the armour piecing on their guns, their increased survivability from damage 1 weapons, and the fact they can have accompanying heavy weapons, they do pretty well in a shootout with even Primaris Marines, while their invulnerable saves make them more survivable against a lot of heavy weapons too.
Thousand Sons are going to be just fine.

Q: Will we see similiar super units for the alien races? What about Prime Orks or specific Ynnead aligned super-eldar. I'm a die hard ork player and I want new models damnit. I've been stuck with the same buggy kit since Gorkamorka came out!
A: Hey David,
We'll get to the other races, don't you worry. We haven't forgotten about the greenskins.

Also, The Space Marine Bike is as old as the buggy... just sayin'...

Q: You have created movie-marines. This is a bit underwhelming. I have been collecting marines for almost 19 years now. I have been a fan of you lore just as long. This feels forced, especially lore wise.

Plus it might be my conspiracy nerve tingling, but this feels like a beginning to the end of traditional space marines. I am sorry but I am very much disappointed as a collector and fan here. If they were elites it would've at least made some sense. This just feels forced, misplaced, and unfortunately a tad bit greedy.
A: Heh Bartosz,
Have no fear, your current Space Marines are no going anywhere. The origin of these guys traces it's origins to the heart of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. We do hope you like the full story of them when you get it.

Q: You say these new Marines won't replace regular Astartes on the tabletop, but what about the lore implications this brings? If they were a stand alone faction (i.e. Grey Knights, Custodes) then that would be great, but incorporating these super marines into existing Chapters creates all sorts of unpleasantness in the Command structure.

Suddenly our favorite Captains and even Chapter Masters who have forged 10,000 years of glory, and that we've grown to love are now going to be playing second fiddle in their own Chapters. Who cares about Dante when Super-Dante just joined the party?

And you can't use their lack of experience as a factor, that will only be the case for so long. Once these Primaris Marines become experienced and battle forged there is no logical reason for them to not feel like they should be the ones in charge, and take over the roles of Captains and possibly even Chapter Masters given enough time.

Now your going to either have inferior marines giving orders to those that are by all counts superior to themselves(lets see how long that lasts), or these superior marines are going to take over command of the chapters.

While that may be the logical endgame for Gulliman and the Imperium, from the standpoint of fans who have grown attached to these legendary characters, it's a real concern.
A: Hey Matt,
You're quite right. It remains to be seen how the existing Space Marine Chapters accept these new brothers. Some surely will, endorsed as they are by Gulliman, and some companies and chapters will be more hesitant.
It's up to you, which one of those forces you want to collect.

Q: In the new edition will there still be the current upgrades? And will you incorporate older upgrades that got removed but are still in the boxes?

Breacher team pulse pistols
Carnifex kit with different variations of carnifex

It would be great to see additional upgrades for older units

Also grenades one use only? Maybe everyone can throw one once.

I would love to see guardsmen grenedier squads.

Your reply will mean alot to me
A: Hey John,
As far as upgrades go for those units, if the model comes with it, there will almost certainly be rules for it in the new warhammer 40,000.

As for grenades, we'll be covering how they work in a future article.

Q: Great more marine stuff. It seems like most of these new rules make Tyranid incredibly weak.

Why games workshop, why you keep makings Nids worse. Whhhyyyyyy
A: ey Leium,
would this make Tyranids worse?
We can promise you the armies of the Hive Fleets are VERY scary in the new Warhammer 40,000 - the imperium will need all the help it can to stay off the menu.

Q: Sweet, and Blood Angels can take them. Now if Guilliman could do us a solid and get those reinforcements to Baal before the first part of Sanguinius' prophecy happens, that would be awesome. As much as I love to think of the Angel as perfect, even he admitted his visions were just potential futures that don't always happen.
A: We're sure Guilliman will do his best to get you off the menu.

Q: Cool stuff- Intercessors, meet All is Dust in cover and Inferno Boltguns!
A: Yup, Thousand Sons are almost impossible to shift without heavy weapons, just as they should be.

Q: Will it be possible for a Primaris sm to be dropped into an ordinary tactical squad as a specialist or special weapon marine?
A: Hey Andy,
For the moment, we don't think there are mixed squads, but you can certainly have squads of both in your army.

Q: Three posts in single day?! Looks lile you guys just switched to MAXIMAL HYPE!!!
Keep up the good work!
A: The Hype Train has no breaks!

Q: Joël Walter Please tell me there will be be beakies for the new marines, Raven Guard really needs it reinforcements
A: Hey Joël,
An army of any Chapter can use these Primaris Space Marines if they want to. We're sure there are some on the way to Deliverance.

Q: Let me sum up these comments for you GW.
A: Short. Succinct. To the point.
Got it.

Q: One d6 for both battlecanon and frag grenade? Why?
A: Hey Dalibor,
We take it you mean, as currently they have different sizes blasts?
A lot of weapons have been re-aligned in this edition.
The rest of the stats on those weapons are quite different.
Battlecannons also do multiple damage per hit, making them very useful against tough foes, where the frag grenade lacks stopping power, but is good for clearing light infantry - which is what it should do.

You'll have the rules for all guns soon enough, and you can compare the s[t]ats with full context.

Q: OOOO! Key thing.... grenades have a range!
A: Good spot.

Q: so just marines on steroids ok..
A: We're pretty sure even basic Space Marines, are on far more than steroids.

Q: But how much will they cost in £££s???
A: Hey Ash,
No news on pricing or how many come in a box at the moment. We'll have news on this closer to the release.

Q: Will be Primaris for Grey Knights?
A: No news from Titan at the moment.
They have their own very particular recruitment process, and Gulliman likely didn't know of their existence 10,000 years ago, but who knows?

Q: I know you have said in the q&a that Primaris space marines being added to any space marine chapter is cool but what about ones that are prohibited from recruiting as penitence? Such as the Lamenters? I'm guessing that would be a no until that time is spent?
I know there is nothing stopping me from getting some but would rather keep my small lamenters force fluff compliant.
A: Hey Andy,
A lot of Chapters will be covered specifically, and how they are incorporating the new Space Marines. In almost almost cases, they will be availabe to the Chapter, and you, the player, will get to choose if you want to include them, based on the army you want to build.

T'au Faction Focus
Q: Will Tyranids be getting some love soon? I love all my galaxy-devouring bugs but I am most curious of all to know what has been done to units like the Trygon and Tervigon, especially with the new Reserve system 8th edition proposes
A: Tyranids are terrifying in the new Warhammer 40,000. We'll cover them in article soon, don't worry.

Q: So in 8th, there is no point in assaulting tau (their only "weakness") because they can use infinite supporting fire and wipe you out and then just move out of combat from the 2 models that make it in and blast you off the table.

A: Cheer up, sad Chaos Space Marine.
You guys rock in the new Warhammer 40,000, you'll see.

Q: The right question should be "are tau still kings of everything and impossible to defeat with a normal and not combined army?" I guess the answer is still "yes"
A: Hey Azrael,
T'au will need to work just as hard as everyone else to win in the new Warhammer 40,000, but they certainly have some good options in their army.

Q: After reading this T'au article, I hope they give some of the combat heavy armies (i.e. Tyranids, Khorne Daemons, Orks, etc...) a 'bullet time dodging' rule that allows them to avoid a certain amount of fired shots automatically, LOL!!
A: Combat armies will be totally devastating, don't worry, Alan.

Q: Can we get some imput on most used MC in game Riptides i mean all this is nice sniper drons and crisis but no love for big guys really? I wonder if we will be able to use them in game, more then 1,2 i mean?
A: You can totally still use Riptides.
They're giant battlesuits with cannons the size of a tank - of course they will be good.
That said, there will be plenty of other stuff now to compete with them for a place in your army, more so than previously.

Q: So what happens to the Firesight Marksman? If every model is still playable, and he's not in a sniper drone team, then...?
Also, at a 5+ to-hit, I don't imagine the sniper drones are going to have anyone quaking in their boots.
A: What if there's something in the army that helps them hit on a better roll?

Q: Considering the article focused on only robots, I'm guessing the idea of indoctrinating aliens races into their forces has gone away? Don't get me wrong, I like giant robots, but part of what made T'au interesting in 40k was the whole "Greater good" concept and trying to bring everyone under their banner. A stark contrast to the other armies who only seem to want to kill each other.
A: "War is the continuation of politics by other means."
- Some famous T'au Ethereal, probably

Q: Will Kroot return as close combat champions or remain a cheap ranged unit?
A: Hey Joshua,
Kroot are a very handy auxiliary in the new Warhammer 40,000.
We're not sure about "close combat champions" but they will certainly have a place in your army.

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #9
ClockworkZion wrote:A short one today:
How the Imperium is probably totally boned

Q: So...would the blood angels be getting a big fly swatter to deal with this bug menace?
A: New Dreadnought combat weapon confirmed.

Q: nothing wrong with new scale marines, just don't bend fluff for it. Here bigger marines, now change collection or have smaller ones and it's fine, why that ... with cawl smarter than emperor. guilman should be called heretic for his 30k believes by 40k terra
A: Can we just agree that everyone is a Heretic and move on?

Q: God damn it. My beloved Sons of Sanguinius are on the way to squat town. Thanks GW. Looks like its snakes and ladders again for me
A: Hey David,
No one is going to Squat Town.
No need for Snakes and ladders, when you can play Leviathans and Jump packs.

Q: Dear Games Workshop Community manager, i know you certainly won't answer my question. But as i see the Lord of the XIIIth coming back and leading the armies of our God-Emperor, i want to ask, are other sons of the Emperor coming back too ? In these dark times, the sons of the First Legion really need their Primarch to guide them in theses ages of Darkness. And i'm not speaking only for the Ist Legion, are other still alive Primarchs planned to be brought back ?
A: Hey Steven,
Thanks for your question.
All we know at the moment, is that Guilliman is a the head of a new Crusade, and Magnus is once more out and about in the Galaxy.
Will we see any more primarchs return? Maybe, there are certainly some that are "lost" rather than confirmed dead, but we don't have any news on their return at the moment.

Q: Greeting GW PR team,

This has been the best PR campaigns in wargaming I have ever seen so well done. It does have a downside as we only see small elements at a time and it is a very hard system balance of point, counter point to keep everyone happy with what articles are released and what concerns are alleviated.

So far between the factions focuses and preview articles the game is feeling even more weighted in favor of shooting than what we have seen in 6th and 7th. We have had the Fight Phase preview but that article really just let us know it will play similar to AoS giving the community a more strategic improvement to the close combat phase. Between the PR replies and the article we keep getting the "get excited because close combat is great" reply. Unfortunately we have not gotten a solid preview how this is true.

The example that was used is Guardsman vs Khorne Berserkers but most of the time the Guardsman win this fight in the last few editions. This was due to three game elements Area of Influence, Combat Effectiveness and pointing of models being made without taking into account of the last two elements.

Area of Influence - the area that takes into account the mobility and weapon's range of engagement. This is obviously in favor of fast units and ranged focused units.

Combat Effectiveness - This is the threshold of a unit to still make a meaningful impact related to combat on the battlefield. It takes into account many factors including Area of Influence. Again ranged units normally maintain combat effectiveness longer than non deathstar close combat specialist.

Non deathstar units normally take damage on their approach as well as in the close combat phase. Leaving a unit like Khorne Berserkers at reduced strength by the time they are able the are able to engage an enemy. If the close combat specialist win their combat now they repeat this process but generally reach the threshold of combat ineffective at a faster rate then most ranged units.

The community would really like to see a some articles on how close combat has improved. Try to cover these items and more if possible.

- The Pistol information was nice but do they still offer a plus 1 attack in close combat, as I'm not sure if that was covered?
- The moral check system is going to be very rough for close combat units taking tests on the way in and most likely from close combat. Is there a rule that helps protect the victor of close combat from taking a moral test? YAY we just won this fight but Bob died so more of us get to die.
- How fast can units get into combat from reserves and disembarking transports? PS: Please include this info in tomorrow's post.
- A more extensive look at weapons and abilities close combat specialist have to help turn the tide of battle.
- Give us some detailed examples on match ups example Guardsman vs Khorne Berserkers. How have things changed for close combat specialist and are Guardsman and their equivalent now hitting in melee on something like a 5+?
- Has there been anything done to help out melee infantry advancing across the battlefield? Currently it is better to take units that will fit inside transports over running a 20 man Khorne Berserkers or Crusader squads. Cheap horde units are nice looking at you Ork boys but in games that are time bound horde armies are not reasonable. I do miss my 230 model green tide but it just takes to long to play.

Thanks for your hard work and the community would love to know why and how close combat had improved with 8th.
A: Hey Matthew,
We'll certainly get you some nice juicy rules on Combat very soon covering some, if not all the things you mentioned.

Q: Blasphemy !! Baal will never fall !
Baal will become the new guiding light of the" Dark Imperium" with Sanguinius acting as the Astronomicon of Imperium Nihilus just as the Emperor is the Astronomicon on Terra for the rest of the Imperium....
I repeat Baal can not and Will not FALL !
A: That the spirit.

Q: I dont actually expect a response here but...could we just get on with it?

Ive played 40k for 17 years. Ive seen every rules evolution since 3rd ed. Ive never seen so much hype with no release date.

It really does seem like the game could be brought back to my glory day standards from 3rd and 4th, but this is just dragging out too long.

Take my money!!! Just get every damn thing rolling already!!!!!
A: You don't HAVE to read the articles.
We just thought you'd like to know stuff ahead of time.

Q: My Iron Warriors are certainly not happy to hear about Imperial Fists running around, but this does mean more opportunity to get trophies from killing our most hated foes!
A: We bet it does.

Q: So what's happened to the Dark Angels and their 'successors' *cough* Legion *cough* whilst this has been going on , will Cypher's friends slowly vanish off to the Rock, or will they tag on to the Crusade(s)?
A: We don't know yet, Tom.
Cypher and his buddies have proven pretty hard to catch in the past...

Q: Dear @Warhammer 40,000 I'm wondering... with all this Daemonic Prescence... Where are the Grey Knights?... as a one purpose made Chapter... I don't see them in this lore.
A: The Grey Knights are very much still around.
They do their own thing though, and don't even answer to a Primarch.

Q: Wouldnt Primaris space marines look down on the original space marines? true, they are of the same gene seed, on the same side, brothers and all that, but the original version had a part of them fall to chaos (went traitor) while the new version didnt - unspoiled versus the ones that got eventually spoiled, even a part of them (they had defects).
A: Or would the older ones look down on the untested recruits?

Q: So suddenly Cawl is smarter then the Emperor? It is so dumb I can't find words for it. Just stop changing and retconing old fluff.
A: Well, it took him 10,000 years to "improve" on a Marine with all the resources of Mars, where the Emperor made them from scratch in a few years in his basement.

Q: Hello GW ! All of this is very cool (specially your pre launch news each days) Can we have some news about the grey knights soon ?
A: We'll see what we can do.

Q: Oh. I get it. No need to replace Dante with a primaris when you can just kill all the top brass and then replace them after contact is reestablished! Ha!
A: He's survived 1,000 years of battle. This is just another day in the office right?

Q: So does this mean chapters on the far side, like the Blood Angels don't have Primaris Marines? Kinda sad for Blood Angel players.
A: Hey David,
Guilliman will certainly be trying to get his new reinforcements to Baal, and we're sure Dante will be glad of the help if they can make it.

Q: Newmarines have skitarii pattern galvanic rifles, sans precision shot? Cawl's giving away all our cool stuff!
A: We bet he saved Mars some good stuff too.

Q: will we be getting any more details soon about the blood angels/baal/tyranids?p.s....BRING BACK CORAX!! (please)
A: Nevermore.

Q: So will blood angels have access to Primaris marines? They don't have access to the imperium anymore.
A: If any can reach them in time, we bet they'd happily paint them red and throw them into the jaws of the devourer.

Q: Why the blopd angels always looking like a damsel in distress? Theres a big change coming for them
A: A damsel with a power sword who hunts dragons!

Q: can i join the crusade whit my old marines?, i have many bolter rounds to "gift" to heretics and xenos alike
A: You totally can.
Many non Primaris Marines are on the Crusade too.

Q: first you killed my brets. now you will kill off my angels......why gw why?
A: The angels aren't dead yet, Brad.

Q: The black Templars better have a crusade or I will crusade into your HQ myself
A: We don't think we could stop them crusading if we tried.

Q: Can we possibly have some news of the grey knight ?
A: We'll get you a faction focus article soon, don't worry.

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #10
ClockworkZion wrote:New day, so new Q&A.

Tactical Reserves
Q: Can reserved units enter the game whenever the owning player wants them to? For example, the subterrainian assault doesn't say if the units can remain underground to come up later or does it have to arrive first turn since it doesn't say it can wait?
A: Have a look at the Trygon; it's rules simply say "end of any of your movement phases". Now, that rule is specifically for the Trygon; other units may require a roll, but it will be noted on their datasheet if it is.

Q: err... did i read that correctly.... assaulting from deepstrike?? in that Bloodletters can now actually do what they were made to!!! ok i may have just been sold on this edition
A: You did read that! Of course, they will be over 9" away, so that's a hard charge on 2D6. That, of course is where your Command Points for re-rolling dice might be useful...

Q: I do hope every genestealer cult unit has the option to perform an ambush of some kind. Needing a certain amount of units starting on the table is fair enough, but i think every cult unit woukd get the option of ambushing.

Can't wait now. Hurry up already
A: There will be so much ambushing. So much. Watch this space for the Cult Faction Focus coming soon.

Q: I think Tyranid players will like that the Tryon tunnels will actually function properly (instead of whatever unit the player intended on coming through the tunnel arriving first)

And Charge from reserve (even a long one) is better than the units having to twiddle their thumbs if they aren't a shooty unit
A: It's a 9" charge.. so, a risky roll... but certainly doable! Trygons arriving is now a truly terrifying prospect...

Q: Will all Daemons still be able to deep strike or whatever their new rule will be called? Will any of them have abilities to increase their charge distance? Thinking hounds or some of the faster moving Slaanesh stuff here.
A: We haven't seen those rules yet, Phillip; watch this page for more news when we get it.

Q: What about the special rule Hunters from Hyperspace for Necron Deathmarks ? And give us a faction focus : Necrons today please instead of those sadistic pansy Dark Eldar
A: You've waited for millennia under the sands... what's a little more waiting to a Necron...

Q: Question, for non-competitive games, would an all drop pod army still be allowed? I've been working on an Ultramarines 2nd company with all drop pods.
A: If you're playing an Open or Narrative game and you agree something with an opponent before the game.. then do as you wish!

Q: So genestealer cult needs to deploy half the army during deployment? Is infiltrate a part of deployment in 8th? (maybe it is in 7th as well don't have the rulebook at hand) Do they still arrive with infiltrate?... So many questions and not enough answers :O
Keep up the awesome work
A: There is a sneaky Genestealer Cult Faction Focus article working it's way through the shadows to jump us from behind any time soon...

Q: I'm also really interested how it will work for deepstrike army like for example deathwatch. Striking precisly into heart of enemy force was something iconic for them.
A: There is a Deathwatch Faction Focus on it's way soon.

Q: So any hints on how daemons will appear on the battlefield?
A: With a big zzzap, a puff of smoke and a "ta-daa!". Those daemons love their dramatic entrances.

Q: So...assault from the-deployment-type-formally-known-as-deep-strike? Yes, please. Looks like I'll finally have to change my saying: "Deep striking is for suckers."
A: *EDIT: "winners"

Q: Klopp Question: How do the new Primaris Marines taste? My Trygon is asking for a friend. Is it like a Coke vs Coke Zero thing?
A: We asked the Lictor which hangs around in the office. He said they taste like blue cheese, blueberries and blue candies. But then, they were Ultramarines that he noshed on.

Q: Will there be rules for my Dreadnought to surf on top of my Land Raider?
A: Pics or it didn't happen.

Q: Also 9 inch or 8 inch charge? Since I thought you only had to be within 1 inch to attack?
A: Have a read of this... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/01/new-warhammer-40000-charge-phasegw-homepage-post-4/

Q: Will an Autarch's Path of Command still function as it's current form?
A: All the rules are being re-done from bottom up.... so, perhaps! We'll have to wait until we see the Autarch rules...

Q: So is it confirmed we can charge from deep striking in 8th? Will Warp Talons do something useful the turn they rip out of the warp?
A: Remember, there is no such thing as the special rule "Deep Strike" any more. Each unit's rules will be noted on it's data sheet. Perhaps the Warp Talons one is the same.. perhaps it's different.. .we don't know until we see it!

Q: Are we going to see a Skitarii preview in the near future?
A: Absolutely, yes.

Q: Will Black Templars keep their Vows when arriving from reserves?
A: Maybe? We'll have to see when the Space Marine Focus hits!

Q: This is great! So if I have a pool of points to summon daemons in matched play, do they all have to be summoned before the end of the third battle round?
A: That's a great question, Robert; we just don't know right now! There's loads more coming soon, all is good.

Q: NICE! Assault from Deepstrike!

I hope my Khornis can advance and charge or get additional inches... Booom that will be powerful! No more walking around and hoping for reserves. They just come when I need them! SOOOOOO good!!!!!!

I want to dance and sing!
A: Dance and sing?
Sounds like Noise Marines might be more up your street.

Q: Weren't we supposed to get a dark eldar article? Just asking, not trying to badger.
A: Maybe you get both today...

Q: The new Trygon rules sound awesome. Bringing a buddy with him really opens up tactical options. 30x termagants popping up across the board to claim an objective while the Trygon terrorizes some fancy new marines sounds great.
A: By "great", you mean "truly terrifying", right?!

Q: Showing up in a silent storm of steel and shuriken fire the Harlequins burst forth from the Webway!
Can i expect this to be a tactic for the Harlequins in 8th?
I mean Harlequins showing up, killing stuff before disapearing back into the webway! How cool would that be right?!
A: That sounds ace! Watch out for the Harlequin Faction Focus, coming soon.

Q: I've asked questions before and didn't get answered but I gotta try again: how does this work for drop pods? In matched play if you take pods for everyone, half start on the field? Thx in advance for the reply gw
A: Hey Eryk,
We'll transports, and drop pods specifically in an article soon.

Q: Does that mean that deep striking no longer scatters. As someone whose has to red faced explain how I lost Kaldor Draigo himself to a deep strike mishap on far too many occasions, that's awesome
A: Hey Steven,
"Deep strike" no longer exists. Units all have their own deployment rules. The trygon we can see here, certainly doesn't scatter.

Q: Is it only specific units that can charge from reserve? And will character like Abaddon be deep striking solo then? Or will he get his bringers of despair
A: Hey Christopher,
There is no "Deep Strike" as such.
Whether a unit can charge or not after deploying using an unusual mechanism will be specified on it's own datasheet. Most Terminators will get this in some capacity.

Q: Hey Warhammer 40,000, these new rules look great, but can you clarify if an 8 roll with the dice is enough to assault ? thanks
A: Hmm, we don't think so.
If you are more than 9" away, then moving 8" puts you by definition more than 1" away.

Q: So will tyranids get different rules for which hive fleet they belong to??? That's awesome!!

Any limits from tactical reserves arriving all on turn 1? Even in matched play?
A: It would certainly imply that in that Trygon article, wouldn't it? We'll just have to wait for the Tyranid Faction Focus and see, won't we...

Q: Will drop pods need to land 9" away too? I'm hoping no so I can land on some heretics and make them pulp. You know, like the rules studio guys where doing...
A: There will be loads more on transports, including Drop Pods soon.

Q: So this reads that they arrive when you want, no rolling, but if you forget em in matched play till turn 4 they are destroyed? Assuming I got that right, love it.
A: That's certainly what it says on that Trygon profile...

Q: So drop pod armies are dead then, guess i'll have to start selling some off as i wont be able to use my full drop company.

That sucks.
A: We haven't covered Drop Pods yet, so it will be worth waiting and seeing. There's a transports article incoming at Combat Speed any time now...

Q: Are we going to see an update on taking saves for units with mixed armor values? Inquiring Deathwatch and Black Templar players want to know!
A: Hey Patrick,
Saves change quite a lot with the new AP rules.
We'll see if we can cover mixed units specifically in the future.

Q: Well I was going to build a Mawloc but now I just might have to make him a Trygon
A: Both Good, but Trygons certainly get a boost in the new Warhammer 40,000.

Q: now the question is how you get your reserve units out of reserve. do you roll or do you automatically say when they come in ?
A: Hey William,
The unit's datasheet will specify.
On the Trygon, we've seen so far, there is no roll.

Dark Eldar Faction Focus
Q: Any chance of some faction names we can pronounce?
Please don't change Orks
A: You mean, the green Oorookiagoths?

Q: so instead of a whole new faction they just gave the Dark Eldar a new name and a fresh coat of paint.... i am not impressed
A: Why would they be a whole new Faction?
What they got was some awesome new rules so that you guys with Dark Eldar minitures can kick face on the tabletop.

Q: Hello. Thank you very much for all this teasing on the new edition. It is going to be awesome. Could we have a focus on the Space Wolves, the Fenris Warzone and the primaris for the Space Wolves, please ? My wolves want to tear heretic throats, especially some made of dust.
A: I bet we can.

Q: It still doesn't solve the basic problem of getting Wytches into close combat though. Or Incubi for that matter.
A: If only Raiders were better.
Oh wait! They are.

Q: Necrons next please. Or you shall be deemed heretics
A: We think they overthrew and imprisoned their gods. So, would that make all Necrons Heretic by definition?

Q: Afternoon... I it's quite specific will the warhammer world command tanks get rules for 8th?
A: They will, yes.

Q: How do poison weapons interact with Vehicles? Do Splinter Rifles really wound Land Raiders on a 4+?
A: We haven't seen what splinter rifles do yet.

Q: so, what's going to be Friday's faction focus?
A: You'll find out on Friday.

Q: Are we going to hear about orks!?
A: Yes,
We'll have a new Faction Focus for you guys every other day, and Orks will certainly be one.

Q: The Drunk hairys???
A: Sure.

Q: Why Drukhari and not Dark Eldar ?
A: Drukhari is what they call themselves.

Q: Who da faq are Drukhari?!
A: That's Eldar for Commorites.

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #11
ClockworkZion wrote:

Q: I'd love to see a little more on Necrons overall please? This is the first mention we've gotten yet and it's barely anything. Gauss, reanimation, quantum shielding info would be very welcome because I'm super excited for 8th.
A: [REDACTED] you guys have been waiting under the sands of Tomb Worlds for millennia... this wait must be comparatively easy...

Q1: So since assault from vehicles is a thing, could a transport charge and soak up overwatch, and then have the troops inside charge out into the same target?
A1: We have an article on transports coming soon.... we promise.
Q2 (Marneus Calgar): When you say soon where would that fall on the scale of say a Nid invasion? Are we talking genestealer cults praying in the basement or the "sky is raining teeth"? level of soon?
A2: Marneus Calgar The fact you judge times in Tyranid invasions makes us very happy.

Q: How does this work if a transport, let's say a Trukk carrying a squad of 12 Boyz, charges another vehicle or infantry squadron? At what point will the Boyz be able to disembark and contribute to the melee?
A: Hey Alex - watch out for the transport-specific article, coming soon.

Q: So in the case of open topped vehicle passengers fighting in the combat phase. Will both passengers and vehicle fight at once or will they count as separate units for the "you go I go" purposes? Neuro shredder harlequins are going to be hard to shift I'm hoping
A: Hey Andrew - watch out for the transport article, coming soon.

Q: any hints on how units transport , especially characters - now that they are lone units. will i need to take a vehicle as a lone transport for say my ork warboss.?
A: We have loads more on transports coming soon in their own article.

Q: Still want to know with the new character rules how transports work. Do characters need to have their own or can they ride with the rank and file?

Also this give me high hopes for grabba claws and wrecking balls actually getting to do things. I can't wait to glue and paint them onto my truckk fleet.
A: All will be revealed when the transport article hits...

Q: I can't wait to run a Leman Russ with three heavy flamers and a dozer blade to keep the bodies from piling up and blocking the vision slits!
A: Big yes to this!

Q: Will Adeptus Mechanicus recieve some nice vehicles?
We are the only faction that has no dedicated flyers or transports.
Ignoring the Imperial Knights as unit because every faction can pick them up and they are still not ad mech specific.
Will Ad mech plasma weapons lose the gets hot rule?
What about Belisarius Cawl?
Will we get GW Titans (with decent plastic)
Or Overly Compensating Tanks.
What about grav? how it is going to influence the vehicles?
A: We have no news on new releases, I'm afraid. As soon as we know anything, we will let folks know here.

Q: Wow! Those are huge changes and will make 40k so much quicker to learn. Cant wait for fielding my Deffrolla-Burnaboyz Battlewagon! Some hints on the release date?
A: No hints to be had... but we can say Burna Boyz are monstrous in the new edition.

Q: Harlquin preview image got my hopes up... but wouldn't it be cool if the guys on the transports can fight off them in melee without disembarking (Would make sense with the sculpts!) and make open topped vehicles like them way better.
A: Hey Andrew - there is very much both a Harlequin-specific article and a transports article on the way.

Q: Warhammer 40,000, great stuff! Love the tidbits...but...the article doesn't say what's coming up tomorrow. Keeping it a secret, or is today the last of the bread crumbs?
A: Plenty of breadcrumbs.....

Oh, ok, tomorrow's article is on Close Combat Weapons...

Q: Can you give us any info on how a vehicle’s firing arc will work in 8th now, since they “shoot just like everyone else”? Can my ShadowSword shoot backwards?
A: No information as of yet; for the rules on the Shadowsword, you'll need to wait and see the data sheet.

Q: I beg of you, might Warhammer 40,000, reveal if we can charge when we disembark or have to wait a turn.
A: There's a transports article on the way, we promise!

Q: What happens when Land Raiders come charging? Are the troops inside charging as well?
A: Watch out for the transports article, coming soon.

Q: This sounds great! You guys have done a lot of hard work. What's the release date?
A: Real Soon!

Q1: Speaking of vehicles can you share any information on how drop pods will function in the matched play setting? Will we be able to keep our full pod armies?
A1: Hey guys- well, we haven't covered transports yet - they get their own article soon.
Q2: Well we have a good theme going here why not keeping it going with the transport article tomorrow? I note that you dont have anything queued up
A2: Marneus Calgar My Lord Macragge.... ummm....we're sorry to have displeased you! But my Lord, we have that other article lined up tomorrow... you know the one.... the one we spoke about?

Do you really want them to miss that one?

Q: First of all THANK YOU for giving us at least a tidbit for Necrons, I will no longer complain about not getting anything =D

Second, so an annihilation barge has 8 W the same as a dreadnought which severely weakens it in comparison. Since there is no universal rules for armies can you just tell me there will be something (Anything doesn't need to be a specific example) Necronish to help our vehicles stay alive? Otherwise we just got nerfed harcdcore.
A: Hey Sam -Thank you for reading! it's worth waiting to see the full rules for the Annihilation Barge before dropping the "nerf" bomb. Perhaps they have other rules? Perhaps they are cheaper in points? (Note: we're not sure, but it's fun to speculate!)

Q: Thank the Emperor I can now safely reverse my Leman Russ squadrons into combat!
A: We hear Heavy Flamer sponsons on Leman Russ is the way forwards....

Q: Nothing on transportation rules?? #sadface
A: There is a whole new article coming for the transports real soon!

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #12
ClockworkZion wrote:

Close Combat Weapons
Q: Now I am crying like a baby because you did an article on close combat weapons and didn't mention Orcs at all, no claw no Death Rolla.
A: All you need to know is that Orkz is da best and da most choppy.

Q: Could we see the profile for CSM Chain Axes? I'm really curious about Khorne Berserkers, and if you're going to bring Berserkers, you know they have to bring Chain Axes!
A: Holy Terra. Khorne Bezerkers are utterly, utterly terrifying. Perhaps the best combat unit in the game...

Q: power swords -3 ap, that seems a tad ridiculous in comparison to the power axe.
Also when comparing weapons, can we PLEASE see something that isn't space marine. i'd like to see some ork weapons. And especially if we are getting any new ones
A: Hey Shaun - we tend to show weapons that everyone knows and which most armies get the use out of. That way, it's the most easy example to relate to. While they are da best and da most choppy... not everyone knows what an 'uge choppa is like, compared, say, to a power sword.

Q: Warhammer 40,000, do pistols still give an extra attack for being an off-hand weapon, or are they now just getting the Shooting phase attacks? Still an extra attack in the turn that you charge, or does that go away, as well?
A: Well, we have shown a pistol stat line already in the Datasheet article (linked below). The pistol stat line does not say "you receive an extra attack in combat" like the chainsword does, so it is safe to assume that a bolt pistol does not give you +1 attack in combat.

Q: Do you still get a bonus Attack when wielding an extra close combat weapon? And if so, do Pistols still count as a CCW now that you can actually use them even when locked in CC?
A: It looks like you get an extra attack when using a chainsword, but doesn't mention it anywhere else...

Q: When using the chainsword and another, different CCW (lets say a power sword), does the wielder get to make an additional attack with the power sword, or just an additional attack with the chainsword?
A: Have a read of the chainsword's special rule again...

Knight Faction Focus
Q: I just scrolled down to see if the next article would be Sisters of Battle. Seriously. We've been asking for decades for an update and plastic kits and new models. Can't we get any idea if they're getting attention in the new edition? Or does gw still hate the bolter girls?
A: No hate here, Christopher! We haven't forgotten about the Sisters of Battle at all. They will be receiving new rules support in the new edition and there will be a Faction Focus article too.

Q: So, I'd like a clarification on the heavy D* weapons.

Would they resolve like this: roll d6 to see if you hit, then roll d6 to see how many hits you get or is it roll D6 'shots' then resolve to hit for each shot?
A: It's D6 shots. You roll a D6 and then make that many "to hit" rolls.

Q: Will there be special named knights still? Obsidian Knight and such? Maybe Household rules?
A: Perhaps! We haven't seen anything about them yet... but watch this space!

Q: Superheavy detachment? I can field a Stormblade, Shadowsword and Stormlord all at the same time? In a regular game? I'm going to be so unpopular... Might need to buy a couple of Baneblades to round that off!
A: You can indeed.... they are a lot of points, of course...

Q: Will Khorne Daemonkin be getting their own faction focus article or are they lumped in with Chaos Marines and Daemons articles?
A: Michael Ryan you can absolutely use that army in the new rules. Detachments have to be made up of units that share one keyword. "Chaos" and "Khorne" are one keyword.. so you can fill your boots with making detachments of mixed Khorne stuff!

Q: So imperial knights before orks or tyranids really? You forgot those major factions?
A: The Tyranids and Orks are on the way, guys - they are not coming in the order we think they are most important, but rather the order they are written in!

Q: Can Knights be used together with imperial forces? E.g. with astartes, or astra militarum?
A: They absolutely can, yes!

Q: So What Is The Next?
A: We will have to wait and see...

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #13
ClockworkZion wrote:Lucky(?) 13!

Stronghold Assault
Q1: I feel like it's been Christmas eve for the last month you're killing me here guys...
A1: The Emperor will be bringing you lots of lovely presents very soon... but only if you've been good.
Q2: what if we have been more than good..... greater good, if you will?
A2: If you have have been all about the Greater Good, the Emperor has a special gift just for you. He's having it hand-delivered by three companies of Flesh Tearers real soon!

Q: Nice! Now we just need more Xeno fortifications and terrain. As an Imperial player I would like a chance at ruining Xenos worlds!
A: As a fellow Imperial player... I would hope that all those buildings have been flattened already!

But great shout - we will pass this one on to the guys in the scenery team.

Q1: I would like to know how these models are made. Out of curiosity.
A1: Most of our models these days are sculpted digitally and the molds produced on site here at Games Workshop. It's a fascinating process!
Q2: Will we ever get a behind the scenes doco/movie of the design through to production?
A2: While the methods of production of our models is a closely guarded secret, watched over by a shadowy cabal of Plastimancers, a documentary on how your models are made is a great, great idea. We'll put it to our video team and see what can be done.

Q: Can we have an article discussing flyers, maybe a couple different ones, like the Storm Raven, Tyranid Hive Tyrant, and Eldar hemlock wraith fighter? I think flyers is the one thing that hasnt really been touched on at all. But over all very happy with whats been coming out
A: Hey Heath - that's a great shout. We'll have a Flyer article zooming it;s way to you real soon.

Q: Will we still be able to use Fortifications in a Detachment that isn't a Stronghold Assault missions? I always wanted to get an Aquila Strongpoint, but 7th ed Rules made it almost useless (a single penetrating hit and the gun is out of comission for example) and so far the rules seem to make it an actual choice for my Army now.
A: If you mean "is there a way of using fortifications in a matched play game?" then the answer is yes... but we will reveal more on that in the future.

Q: Really wana see how deathwatch kill teams are gonna work, without formations unless unit entries are changed the army really won't feel like it should.
A: Hey Luke - we will get round to every faction eventually. Watch out for the Deathwatch Faction Focus article, coming this way quicker than a factory-fresh Corvus Blackstar.

Q: In an unrelated topic: Congrats on achieving a 150k subscriber milestone on youtube !
A: Why, thank you!

Q: Gonna be fun watching my Trygons take apart buildings, and my Carnifexes destroy that Fortress
A: Oh, yes you are!

Q: Good to know but, a bit of a damp squib for a saturday afternoon GW. Guessing no faction focus today either.
A: We try to do one every other day, so we'll have one for you tomorrow.

Q: Is that gonna be in a separate book or will it come as part of the core rule book?
A: All will be revealed very soon!

Q: Will the various terrain pieces made by GW for 40k continue to have specific rules?
A: Yes they will indeed. Every terrain piece will have rules you can choose to use if you want to.

Q: Unrelated topic - do we know yet if cc damage rolls from model to model, or is like shooting - extra damage lost?
A: All we have revealed so far about the Fight Phase is right here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/02/new-warhammer-40000-fight-phase-may2gw-homepage-post-4/

Q: Are buildings going to have degenerative stats as well? losing weapons as you damage them?
A: Hey Dennis - great question, sir! We haven't seen a datasheet for a building yet, so we cannot say. We'll see about releasing more on buildings in the near future. Sounds like a cool idea, mind.

Q: Any chance you guys will be releasing more terrain pieces for other factions? We've seen mostly Imperial stuff, but Necron or Ork buildings would be awesome!
Also, Finecast - is this going away, as it should (forgive me, but the quality is seriously bad)?
Also2.0, Start Collecting - Grey Knights pretty please!
A: Hey Tomek - well, non- Imperial scenery is something the guys are looking into.We have already had the Deathworld Forest kit, which saw some Eldar elements in there; who know what the future brings?

Q: I'm just happy a Howling Griffins pic was used in the article
A: That's one of my favourite pieces of Warhammer 40,000 art; the scale it gives is incredible - Nick

Q: Hey GW, show us the Assault Primaris Marines! Also, question- will there be Primaris HQ units? Captains, Techmarines, Chaplains etc?
A: Hey Matt - well, in the Q&A ion Warhammer TV the other night (linked below), Pete Foley said there will be more Primaris Space Marines incoming, and that all of them are very specialised in the role they do. What those look like and who they are... well, only time will tell!

Q: Are we going to get a Zone Mortalis ruleset too? Please?
A: If we see those, they will be coming from Forge World, who make that kit. There is every chance we will; watch this space for all the latest news as we get it.

Q: Will you make bigger buildings for bigger marines?
A: Primaris Space Marines don't need cover... they walk into battle wearing it.

Q: Will you make how to play video tutorials with newhammer?
A: That sounds like a very sensible idea!

Q: We gunna hear about the Necron Dynasties anytime soon?
A: Of course! There is a Faction Focus article planned for every race, Necrons included. Keep watching this space.

Q: PLeASe B0Ss
A: Ha! It's on the way! We wold have thought the Nercontyr would be good at waiting patiently by now... as that's all you've been doing for some 25,000 years.

Chainswords are awesome

Q: I've modded many of my assault marines to dual wield chainswords (with the pistol holstered on their hip). It was a CC Counts As visual drama thing. So, I'm happy to see the chainsword come into its own.
A: Only thing better than a petrol-driven chain-belt Xenos killing-bat? Two of them.

Q: NOW YOU POST IT???!?!?! Today i was assembling my new chaos army and i was wondering "hmmm...maybe some chainswords for them instead of bolters? Nah bolters will do"

Now i have to cut them and assemble them again....
A: Our apologies!

Q1: Will this rule be identical for chainaxes, too?
A1: We'll have to wait and see!
Q2: is a chainaxe the same as a chainsword?
A2: But considerably more axe-y in it's design.

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #14
ClockworkZion wrote:Sunday and Monday Facebook Q&As:

Q: I know you guys or person managing warhammers facebook must be sick of it but... We've been asking for necron faction focus loads of time too but... You dont understand b0ss I NEEDS THE NECRON FOCUS B0SS PLEASE B0SS EVEN SOME NEW PICTURES OF NECRONS WILL DO B0SS PLS
A: Ha! Arda, you ask about this after every article, and once again, I will reassure you that there is one on the way! We haven't forgotten about the Necrons, we promise!

Epic levels of perseverance, though!

Q: Dayum, a Land Raider as a taxi? That would be rad indeed! Traffic wouldn't be a problem at all!
A: I ran a Death Guard Land Raider taxi service once. It was a nightmare. Had to get it cleaned,like, twice a day.

Q: Warhammer 40,000 great news for my Rhinos Are we gonna see some new transport vehicle for Primaris Space Marines?
A: That would be super cool! Watch this space for any news if and when we get it.

Q: Warhammer 40,000 Will we see a Black Templars focus one day?
A: We will look at the Black Templars and indeed, all Space Marines in the future.

Q: When a transport "dies" do the embarked models get placed in its footprint, or is there a disembarkation move?
A: More details on the specifics coming later, [REDACTED]

Q: Warhammer 40,000 please tell me how Dark Eldar Raiders are going to work!!!!! Want that Incubi assault to be devastating!
A: [REDACTED] - there is more to come. But let us tell you this. Raiders are AMAZING on a charge.

Q: Looks good (for armies that like transports, unlike my poor, poor Nids), but I do have one question. Why is it that a model only has a 1 in 6 chance to die if they're inside an exploding transport? That seems very unrealistic and like a way to make sure that you sell a ton of transports at the expense of game balance. Even if I vaporize that Land Raider, five out of six Marines are still coming at me from the point at which they stopped...There's basically nothing I can do to hurt them until they disembark or I force them to by destroying their transport. What am I supposed to do when some tournament player puts all his Marines inside transports and just blitzes for all my important models?
A: That's fair feedback, [REDACTED]. I'm afraid we can't comment on the realism of this as we have never actually witnessed the real effect that an exploding 80-tonne battle tank has on real Space Marines.

But, we can say that's it's worth trying playing with transports in the new edition to really see how they play. Don't forget, everything will be pointed appropriately now too. If our playtesters thought they are immense, they will cost a lot more points.

Q: This didn't really answer much... will assault vehicles (ie the landraider) still allow the vehicle to move and have the troops assault out of it and into combat?

The rule of exiting at the start of the movement phase would seem to make it stupidly easy for the other side to simply kite away...
A: It's a fair enough comment. Well, the enemy can indeed walk away, but then you will get out of the transport, move towards them. and then have your 2D6 charge move. There's not many units that can simply walk away that far...

Q: You said multiple units can fit in a transport. Are we going to be able to purchase say 9 tactical marines and put an IC with them in the rhino for matched play? Your example of the rubric marines had us purchasing them in groups of 5.
A: Hey guys - so, let's say a Rhino has a transport capacity of ten models. It can carry any number of units,so long as that capacity is not breached. You could, for example, carry:

- 1 unit of 10 Tactical Marines
- 1 unit of 5 Tactical Marines and 1 unit of5 Devastators
- A Space Marine Captain and his Command Squad of 5 models.
- 10 Individual heroes!

Q: So if limitations are different, does that mean I can put Terminators in a Rhino like in 2nd ed?
A: You will have to wait and see! While there is no unversal "Bulky" rule, it will say on the Terminators datasheet if there are any restrictions on going into Transports.

Q: Can multiple units sit inside a transport? It was mentioned in an earlier article that only transport capacity is acknowledged for what can embark, but does that mean two squads of Havocs can sit inside a Chaos Rhino?
A: Yes indeed you can.

Q: Sounds like you no longer really want to put shooting units in transports, because you can no longer drive up, jump out, rapid fire. Bad news for the Imperial Guard Armoured fist squads and the like.

On the other hand, transports are now far more useful for things that actually want to get into combat.
A: It just means you have to think a little more about it now. You can still get out of the tank and rapid fire,just not after you have bombed it forwards. Shooting units in transports will very much have a place going forwards.

Q: Faction Focus Ultramarines incoming? Does that mean, there might also be a chance for more infos on the Black Templars? And do they get back some more personal treatment?
A: THERE SHOULD BE! While I imagine that people only want to hear about Ultramarines, given as they are the best Chapter and all, perhaps we might have to be a bit more subtle and call it "Faction Focus Space Marines" instead. - Nick

Q: Faction Focus Dark Angels *cough cough* Dark Angels *cough wheeze*
A: Sure thing! It's right here https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/07/faction-focus-chaos-space-marines/

Q1: So, Warhammer 40,000 how many people can go in a Starwevaer? It doesn't say?
A1: Well, it wouldn't be a teaser if we just showed you everything, would it now...
Q2: Warhammer 40,000 damn you! But but, there is so much unknown about harlies as it is, surely dropping 1 number won't hurt :p

It's not like you're telling us if we're getting a HQ, or how a Death jesters abilities will work, or how much more potent our assault phase will be, or whether our Voidweaver will be something to fear and not just a slot filler :p

Pretty please?

How about I bribe you with a kitten? (picture)

A2: Ok, seeing as it's you and there is a kitten involved, we will present this as a Harlequin would understand:

"My number is less that on hundred and more than one;
We would tell you now, but then that's no fun.
Count all the stars and subtract the sand granules on a beach,
Once you have done this, my number you will reach".

I think that's about as clear as we can be on that one.

Q: Dark Eldar are seeming better and better now!
A: Oh yes. Have the Raider charge in before the Wyches do and soak up the over watch? Yes please...

Q: Ultramar....yawn
A: Ooh... Oh, I see.... you're... you're one of the bad guys? Dude, I'm sorry for you. It must be lame to keep losing in all the background? - Nick


Q: And what about drop pods?
A: What about them? They are transport vehicles like any other, except they arrive on the table in a different way.

Q: Is "jink" still a thing in #NewHammer?
A: Remember, Ryan, there are no universal special rules in the new edition. If a unit can do anything that resembled the jink move of old, it will be specifically written on it's datasheet.

Faction Focus Tyranids
Q: The only good bug is a dead bug! (So excited to see bugs on the table again, then kill them, and actually be terrified by them!) THANKS GW
A: Drop a Deathstrike missile down a 'Nid hole, you got a lot of dead 'Nids

Q: Dear God... The Swarmlord was always one of my fav models in 40K. With those stats how does anyone stand a chance? And the Genestealers! Ouch! My poor Blood Angels... I think Baal is done for...
A: Never! Baal will stand eternal! What are you on about, heretic?!
*checks Swarmlord's stats again*

Q: I only read this to see inevitable Pyrovore mention. I'm somewhat impressed with the sheer dogged determination it takes to justify what is (was?) the worst unit in the game.
A: But everything has changed now.... and... and just wow.

Q: Thank you GW for the Nids article! Your continuous feedback has been great! A question: any idea how Nids will deal with the big vehicles and wraith knights? Will carnifex be able to get into combat quick enough and eat some nommies? Very excited about the Nids changes!
A: We would love to reveal everything all at once... but we just can't! More on it's way soon!

Q: why in the name of all that is holy did you buff the pyrovore. Now we can't make silly memes about how it is the worst unit in the game xD
A: We're expecting all new Pyrovore memes. Don't let us down, now...

Q: Immunity to moral is great for the Great Devorer. The inhabitants of our galaxy will face fear itself
Also good point on improving their mobility.
Will Tyranids get Pistol weapons (I am looking at you Spinefists)?
A: Perhaps? All will be revealed in time...

Q: And the beast?? What about the beast?? Come on faction focus Orks Mork damn you!!
A: We's savin da best fer later....

Q: So with an average deployment zone gap of 18", and some missions having a maximum potential enemy distance of 18", that means that Tyranids are going to have Turn 1 charges as standard (assuming they can roll a 1 on two dice).
A: That's some fast bugs for sure....

Q: Remember Guardsman Perkins, after you have shot the eyes out of the 'Swarmlord' with your Titan-Killing Lasgun you are to affix bayonets and stab the completely ineffectual 'Genestealer' until it stops moving.
A: Sounds like another segment taken from the beloved Infantryman's Uplifting Primer. Such glory.

Q: So with the Synapse rule, are there any negatives for beimg out of Synapse range or only positives when your inside of it? Because if it is only positives being inside of it that might cause me to get a Tyranid army again.
A: Well, not being inside it is negative enough! But more on this coming in the future.

Q: We have seen our beloved parents (genestealers) how much do their children need to wait to see our rules?

The cult will rise!
A: The Faction Focus article for Genstealer Cult is ready... it's just hiding in the shadows somewhere. As soon as we find it, it's yours!

A1: I would like to know more.
Q2: I love this New company. Look how much fun everyone is having with GW engaged with the community. This should be one the greatest business turn around failure into blooming sucess stories. This should be in Forbes, top 500, and everything else
A2: Wasn't "Forbes' 500" that famous Rough Rider company who were wiped out to a man at the Siege of Thrankx IV?

Q1: Cant you stop being so goddamn awesome GW! [APPLAUSE EMOJIS]
A1: We tried once. It didn't go so well...
Q2: Warhammer 40,000 I have no idea how to get your attention, but i guess persistence is worth a shot can you pls look at the issue with Tyranid warriors? You have previously given a very certain statement that they (tyranid warriors) would have more than the current 3 wounds. Is there an error in todays faction focus?
A2: Hmmm - we will look into that for you.

Q: Will the Silent King be coming to stop them?
A: Well, we tried asking him. But he just wouldn't answer a single question. So rude. It's always the quiet ones...

Q: will you guys be doing any demo videos of the new rules please?
A: Sounds like a great idea! Watch this space.

A: *consults Uplifting Primer*

"There.... there is no training for this!"

Q1: You've realling dragging this out. Interest waning
A1: Sorry to hear that; we can stop telling you guys stuff if you'd prefer?!

Q2: How about some real reveals, instead of the most mundane parts of the new edition broken out piecemeal? Oh boy can’t wait until tomorrow to learn how grot blasters work in the new 40k
A2: Wooah, spoiler alert! How did you know that was tomorrow's article?! It was going to be the first of a week-long series of segments entitled "Grot Blasters and You: The Real Warhammer 40,000".

Looks like we'll have to cancel that now and replace it with it with something else...

Q: Genestealer units in the 8th edition..

A: That awkward moment when your remember you left that Tyranid egg-sac in your regulation wash-kit.

Q: Space Wolves next please!
A: Not like a Fenrisian to be impatient! It's bounding it's this way with all the speed of a Thunderwolf on feeding day. Not long to wait!

Cities of Death
Q: Warhammer 40,000, will we get a teaser article for Artillery and barrage weapons? Any chance it might include a taste of what's to come for the conceptually-most-awesome-gun-platform-in-the-galaxy?*

*AKA The Vibro Cannon, former Wrecker of Tanks and Ranks.
A: That's a great suggestion, Warren - we will see what we can do,

Q: LOVE the new cover rules - now can we PLEASE just get the new rules? Please? Or at least a release date? Or a date WHEN you are going to announce a release date? Please. Anything. A clue. A little clue. A riddle. Something....
A: A riddle, you say? We do like riddles...

Q: don't tell me we are keeping the bloody stupid terrain rules from 7th... It bogged down to game to no end needing to have special rules for every bloody ruin
A: These are optional rules for your game - you don't have to play with them if you don't want to!

Q: So all the expansion rules are going to be part of the 8th Edition core rules now?
A: Expansions are are optional cool rules, and will be up to players if they want to use them in their games.

Q: The 500 worlds had better be high on his to do list. If he calls one more staff meeting with out letting us go do work I am going to let Tiggy melt his brain.
A: We LOVE your posts, Lord Macragge!

Q: Commissar-kun, Commissar-kun, notice me sempai! Nyaa~ commit heresy with me please?

Is there ANY hope of getting a Renegades rule-set with the new edition OR the Imperial Guard book being functional with Chaos? Need to level these cities for Nurgle.
A: We notice you! Forge World have committed to releasing rules for all of the models they currently have on sale, so the Renegades will indeed get rules. What they look like, and how they function... well, we haven't seen that yet...

Q: Can we have the necron spotlight? They like to fight in cities
A: It's on the way, [REDACTED]!

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #15
ClockworkZion wrote:Round up time!

Edition Release Announcement
Q: Interesting? Ground breaking, more like it. I cannot wait to get my hands on the Primaris. Since you're sitting on piles of multipart guys already, perhaps someday you'd consider my idea and make an advanced Marine armor kit, with all parts of the suit separate for an infinite amount of poses. Not that I'm complaining, seeing how good your new releases are! Also, since you're resurrecting cool old concepts, perhaps you'd be willing to do a new edition of the Vehicle - and now Monster - Design Rules? It's been fun building crazy war machines back in the 3rd Edition times.

Oh, and Nick, you know what I'm going to ask about, do you?
A: *sigh* I do,yeah.... but go on.. I know you like asking!

Q: Will the Primaris Marines function as elite choices in a regular Space Marine army? I'm trying to figure out how this would sit together with my new Betrayal at Calth box.
A: You can absolutely use these together with standard Space Marines; they work well together in one army.

Q1: Is the music in GW's videos custom recorded for GW? It's absolutely fantastic, completely fits the mood!!!
Q2: Much of the music I've heard in their videos is normally from licensed computer games, like the Dawn of War series, or Warhammer Online (the recent Kharadron release used some of the Dwarf music from Warhammer Online, for example).

Not sure where the track in the above video is from, though.
A: What [REDACTED] said! The music in this particular video is from the Warhammer Quest IOS game.

Q: What book has the Militarum Tempestus army list? I don't see it on the cover of the indexes shown.
A: They will be covered in the Imperium 2 book.

Q: Have you folks just made a post that is a repost of the last one you made?
A: We have indeed, as many people around the world may have been asleep when we posted it the first time!

Q: I hear they are snapfit? is that true? Hopefully stuff in the future wont be?
A: Sorry for the confusion on this one! These models are single-pose miniatures. They still need gluing together. As they are designed in a certain way, the sculptors Aly and Maxime have really gone to town on these and they look just superb.

Q: [REDACTED] .... prove your love for me woman !!!! Xxx
A: Well, that's the gauntlet thrown down, then?!

A: Love this!

Q: Do we know if Primaris/DG are multipart or snap-fit single pose?
A: The Dark Imperium models are single-pose, but boy, are they brimming with character!

Q: Is the book the big rule book?
A: 280 pages of hardbacked glory!

Forge World's Post about 8th Edition Rules
Q: Forge World, when these books are released can we please get a table of contents/list of what is contained in each book?
A: sounds like a great idea. We will get on it.

Q: Will you release army rules for eldar corsairs etc in the forthcoming books in June as well?
A: We will indeed- they are on the way.

Q: I know you guys mentioned that you will announce what's going on with Horus Heresy at warhammer fest, but I wish you could just spit it out already as Gw have been open with what there doing why not.
I've seen a lot of people selling the Heresy books thinking wear changing either way it's damaging the Heresy community with this delay
A: That's fair feedback, Harry. We will have all the latest about Horus Heresy at Warhammer Fest this weekend.

Q: So, index astartes is just marines? We will have to wait for Knights?
A: The book we have shown the Space Marines book and the article says

"Rules for all the rest of the Warhammer 40,000 Forge World range, including the myriad xenos races of the galaxy and the massed forces of the Astra Militarum and their accompanying Imperial Agents, will all be appearing in additional Index books that set to be released before the end of June."

Sounds like the Knights are on the way!

Q: Can you confirm whether or not Titans will be included with the index Astartes?
Having recently purchased the warlord to complete the trinity, I'm eager to be able to use him in more than just my local GW goodbye 7th apoc game.
A: Hey Drew- the first book covers forces of the Space Marines only. There will be more Imperial forces on the way soon.

Q: How much are these going to cost?
A: No word on that yet - watch this space for all the news.

A: We sure have.

Faction Focus Death Guard
Q: I know we have seen more models in the previews than the snap fit versions of DG in the start. This includes a picture of a DG termi that is not the same one found here. Will we be getting boxes in the near future that are to the full standard of model making vs the snap fit? Dark Vengeance never for CSM chosen or cultist non snap fit models. What are the plans to avoid the same lack of releases we had tied to Dark Vengeance?
A: We couldn't possibly say! Besides, if we say either way, it stops all the speculation fun!

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #16
ClockworkZion wrote:Went back to yesterday's Faction Focus Death Guard Article to start with since it seemed like they'd taken off for a tea break. So we'll pick up from there before today's FW one:

Faction Focus Death Guard
Q: Can GW please make sure there are enough copies of the new box available for pre-order so we don't get a repeat of what happened with Shadow War Armageddon?
A: Sure thing Keith; we got this.

Q: If I play a death guard army does it have to be all plague marines? Can I still as now have generic chaos marines and havocs which have death guard rules? I would be very very disappointed if not
A: O course - you can mix these guys in with any number of other Chaos models.

Q: My poor bank account is going to be taking a battering. Absolutely phenomenal models, plus the rules look fantastic.
A: Our apologies to your Bank Manager in advance...

Q: Can you confirm is the rule book in the boxed set is the same as the stand-alone rule book you are also selling?
A: We can indeed confirm that! Have a read of this article - it explains everything. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/23/warhammer-40000-launch-date-announced-may22gw-homepage-post-1/

Q: I take it Duncan will be showing everyone how to paint these?
A: Indeed he will. He's all over it like a fly on...errr... a Death Guard.

Q: Can they take dreadnoughts still? I have the Forgeworld one and the plastic kit.
A: All will be revealed!

Q: This article talks about Poxwalkers and Plague Marines, as the only available troop choices. I really hope that standard CSMs can be still used as troops. After all, the simple marines should be the backbone of any CSM army, and the Death Guard, while the poster-villains of the new edition, is still a CSM legion.
A: You can indeed use Death Guard with other Chaos models, all is good!

Q: Would you guys at the Warhammer Community Team please tell us Dark Angels players about Gets Hot. A lot of our units have twin linked plasma, and given the current nature of gets hot combined with the new twin linked rules, we would simply be killing ourselves twice as often. I would hate to have a lot of my models simply sit on my shelf and collect dust out of sheer uselessness in the new edition
A: Hey Justin - we haven't revealed too much about the plasma guns yet; all to come!

Q: A plague walkers kills a necron warrior and it becomes an infected zombie. Logic.
A: Necrons are pretty susceptible to rust...

Q: You should like have a faction focus on genestealer cult
A: Ok! We'll do just that!

Forge World Datasheet Teaser
Q: Hey Warhammer 40,000. Can you just verify that str is not capped at 10, meaning this bad boy will be hitting at str 16.
A: Have a looks at this article where it says "With the stats going above 10, the system is now an increasing scale,".... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/25/warhammer-40000-unit-profiles/

Q: Any news from Forge world about Dark Mechanicum being bought into 40k as this mysterious new faction? Come on GW hype team I need to know.
A: No news on these guys right now, but if any surfaces,we will let you know on the Forge World page.

Q: Hot damn, nice big dredd... My question is this for you gw, when the new Dex's come out will they have both the forge world beasties and gw beasties in them for my nids? Also a massive thanks for being an awesome company!
A: The standard codex books are unlikely to cover Forge World models as they are not part of the Citadel range.

Q: So any hints you can give regarding whether warhound, reaver and warlord titans will be in the new indexes? I've got a titan maniple I'd rather not leave sitting on the shelf.
A: No word yet; as soon as we know, we will divulge all here!

Q: Will there be a faction focus on Eldar Corsairs? I know what most of my armies are going to be like in 8th now, but Corsairs are my favourite.
A: Not specifically on Corsairs - that would be super-specific. But they will be getting covered with rules in the new edition.

Q: Any chance the FW books or datasheets will be available digitally?
A: We are looking to make that happen, but no word right now

Q: QUESTION! Since we were told that characteristics such as Strength, Wounds etc, don't cap out at 10 anymore... does that mean that a Leviathan gets S16 on his siege Claws??????
A: Sounds like it! 8 x 2 is 16 after all!

Q: So are the new IA index books going to be sold through Forge World or are they going to be a standard GW product? Not a huge deal but it does take some consideration for those of us outside the UK.
A: Have a read of the article below; the books from Forge World will be being sold by Forge World. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/23/forge-world-and-the-new-warhammer-40000/

Q: So stats no longer hardcap at 10, right? So his drills/claws are at S16?
A: Have a read of this article, especially where it says "With the stats going above 10, the system is now an increasing scale,"... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/25/warhammer-40000-unit-profiles/

Q: I got one question.
Do we have rules for the Repressor.
A: The first two books out cover the Space Marines and Chaos; the Repressor is in neither of those. Check out this article to see what's coming: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/23/forge-world-and-the-new-warhammer-40000/

ClockworkZion wrote:
Forge World Datasheet Teaser PART DUEX
Q: Is there any chance of a AOS type warscrolls being available for free? Having recently bought IA:V2 that isn't a cheap book to replace for only 3 models that I own. It really hurts for those of us across the pond.
A: Hey Nathan - as you say, we are looking into whether we can make digital versions of this.More news when we get it.

Q: Are the rules for Forgeworld models going to be in the big 5 faction books, or in a future set of books specifically from Forgeworld?
A: They will be specifically from Forge World; check this article out: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/23/forge-world-and-the-new-warhammer-40000/

Q: Will the FW datasheet be online ? Free or payable ? Coz bying a whole codex for just one or two units..
A: The Datasheets will be available in the new Index books from Forge World; check here for all the info: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/23/forge-world-and-the-new-warhammer-40000/

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #17
ClockworkZion wrote:Okay, so from here on I'm skipping duplicate of the same questions and "My Faction Next!" posts for the sake of brevity.

Q: That stratagem for discarding cards and new objectives is interesting as we have a house rule that lets us discard the card if it is completely impossible to complete with the starting armies e.g. Scout the skies when the opponent has no flyers or Destroying a building/fortification when there are none.
A: That's a very popular house rule in a number of gaming groups, Charles. But now, there is a stratagem for those folks who don't use that house rule as standard.

Q: This looks awesome!

Just a question, Warhammer 40,000-

It says: "This mission will be available as part of the free rules in the Warhammer 40,000 Battle Primer and, of course, in the new book itself. "

Am I reading into it too much, or will there be some rules that are not free. ie: Core vs Advanced?
A: Hey [REDACTED] - the core rules, as in, how you move, shoot fight and the basic mission will be free to download online.

Q: Keeping the same cards or do we need to buy new ones?
A: Hey [REDACTED] - well, the article says "The objective deck has been re-done from the ground up while keeping the feel of that type of game, with its constantly changing and updated orders."

That means the current cards are no longer compatible.

Q: Can I ask something pretty important. Are we still taking turns as per current 40k or the role off at the end of game turns like aos. May I point out if its the second of these im gonna cry... alot
A: Not sure we have made any mention of any roll off at the start of the turn in any of the articles yet..

Q: Unrelated question. Will the existence of primaris marines mean we won't be seeing any more new models for old marines?
A: We haven't got any news about releases that we haven't revealed yet, Mike. Keep your eyes on this page for all the latest news when we get it.

Q: Are the points for match play in the index books?
A: Yes indeed they are.

Q: You didn't answer the single most important thing all Ork's wanted to know!


Q: My warboss highly approoves new thingies...
Warhammer 40,000 Will MEgaBosses be on 60mm bases like in AoS ?
A: No word on any new models right now... but watch this space for all da latest when we get it!

Q: Any confirmation on whether nobz bases will change in the new edition?
A: Not that we know of? Watch dis space for all da latest when we get it!

Q: So pumped for this!? Is it worth taking Ghaz now!?
A: He is so, so good!

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-Up #18:
ClockworkZion wrote:
Primaris Space Marines 2: Heretical Boogaloo
Q: Nice new info Warhammer 40,000, but there is still one question: how would the primaris marines fit into the (more or less rigid) structure of a codex chapter? Will there be an additional company for the primaris? Or will they replace battle casualties in the existing companies? And what about the command structure (Primaris Captains and Command squads)?
A: All will be revealed! The Chapter structure has been looked at and these guys fit in... but we can't quite say how yet...

These have gotten shorter lately, even without me cutting out the "MY FACTION NEXT PLEASE" comments.

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #19:
ClockworkZion wrote:

Replies by Warhammer 40,000
Q: Hey, Warhammer 40,000 I have a question about Power Levels. The Q&A that was released early on said that power levels are based on the unit with no upgrades, but there was a comment on this page that said they were based on the unit having all the upgrades they can take.

So which is it? I only ask because I'm watching people nerd fight on the internet over this issue and just want to give the argument the Emperor's Mercy. Thanks!
A: Hey [REDACTED] - a great question. We had a word with Simon from the rules team about this and he said:

"The Power Level represents an average somewhere in between the basic unit with the most basic loadout and the most tooled up unit of doom with all the upgrades. Basically, it's a mid-range average."

Q: Warhammer 40,000, could we have a break down how to deal with multi-damage weapons on multi-wound models, to include if any of the models have been wounded already?
A: We reckon a video on this might be the best thing to do. Watch the Warhammer TV page; we will see what we can do. e

Genestealer Cults
Q: Wow, awesome.

The most isteresting part is possibly the allies section.

Will Chaos have the possibility to do this too (aka Traitor Guard)? It would be most wellcome and pretty cool.

Amazing job keeping the hype up, as allways
A: Perhaps - but not that we have seen yet...

Q: Anything on the Militarum Tempestus? We where our own faction in 7th and with that gone (outside of the start collecting box), we don't know where we stand. Will we have this question addressed before 8th is released? All we have been told is that our "armies" are still playable. Are we guardsman in carapace armor or are we scions?
A: You are definitely Scions. They are not going any where. More updates when we can give them!


Morty Teaser
Q: Siiiiiicccck
A: Yes, he probably is and has been for a very long time...


Rick Teaser (Actually it's the Primaris Dread Teaser)
Q: Please don't let all the ultramarines convert to primaris marines.... I would still like my normal smurfs to stay relevant in the game
A: Not at all; there will always be a place for every noble Son of Macragge. - Nick

Q: I've already signed over my wallet to the staff of GW Aberdeen to pay for 8th ed. Will you accept the parts of my soul I haven't given you yet and my next pay cheque?
A: Hmmm... we have a lot of souls already...

Q: The images on the live blog are too small to ready any of the text, just a heads up.
A: Great feedback - we will look at this

Q: ... is it just me or does anyone else think with each new dreadnought or terminator released, it takes away some of their identity. Makes them less then what they were?
A1: What if we told you that inside every Dreadnought is a Sly Marbo clone*?
A2: *I mean, that's not true. But... imagine.

Q1: Now that we have a leak of the core rules, when we getting the PDF!?
A1: On release day; the 17th June
Q2: but who KNOWS what can happen between now and then?!
A2: Haha! Who knows indeed...

Q: *cough*Timberwolf*cough*
A: Nasty cough you got there. I suspect Nurgle infection. Inquisition called.

ClockworkZion's Facebook Round-up #20
ClockworkZion wrote:Let's get caught up on these round ups, even if they may be a little useless in the wake of mass leaks...

Faction Focus Space Marines
Q: You got to be kidding me. Like we haven't had enough articles on the space marines already? EVEN MORE OF THEM? It's like it will never end and be an infinite loop of MORE MARINES in new 40K. When are we going to get something about Sisters of Battle?
A: But we will bring you an Adepta Sororitas article in the next few days too.

Q: Eagerly waiting to see what the new chapter tactics are like for Raven Guard. Also can you give us a hint about the land raider redeemer's flamestorm cannons? My Grey Knights are very keen to incinerate some heretics
A: Here in the Warhammer Community office, we think flamestorm cannons might just be the best Land Raider option in the new edition...

You heard it here first.

Q: The Omnissiah demands focus upon his blessed warriors or his holy protection upon thy machines may disappear and leave you open to infectious scrapcode!
A: Have you performed the correct rituals?
No faction focus for you, until you perform the correct rituals.

Q: Would have been nice to have some comments on how the new Primaris Space Marines fit into the list. The early look at their points and their comparison to the tactical squad suggests that the new units were not playtested. Warhammer 40,000 Did the playtesters get to test the Primaris space marines with the new rules?
A: [REDACTED] - they did, yes.
All the units across the entire game have been given lots of attention at the playtest stage.

Q: Warhammer 40,000, this sounds really nice for the non-Primaris Spacies... but what about other Chapters? Chapter Tactics? What about the Black Templars that (in principle) least follow the Codex Astartes? Crusader Squads anyone?
Will there be Chapter specific Faction Focus articles?
Crusader Squads are certainly still a thing.
We'll see if we can cover specific Chapters after we've done at least an overview of all the main armies first.

Q: So the over powered Triumvirate characters are still over powered? He gets back up on a 4+ after soaking up a lot of fire power thanks to his armour. Celestine is bad enough.
A: If anything deserves to be awesome, it's a Primarch.
We haven't seen his points yet though.

Q: Well, Grav Cannons are not worth taking over TL Heavy Bolters on Centurions anymore. Grav Amps do literally nothing now. How disappointing.

The worst part about this article is it rehashed Guiliman and the Dreadnought. We already knew 90% of what was said about them.

I wanted to know what Chapter Tactics do.
The Grav Amps bonus is incorporated into the statline of the weapon, rather than being a re-roll.

Q: Hasn't virtually everything already been a focus on space marines, like 90% of the statlines and such
We're not sure that's true. We've had a good look at the new box set Dark Imperium in the last few days, but we hope you can forgive us that. Otherwise, we've seen stats, rules and showcases for almost every army in 40k, and what's not been covered soon will be.

Q: NIce. Can you guys answer one thing? Will vehicles with sponson weapons be able to fire then at different targets of the main weapon or other sponsons?
Every weapon can fire at a different unit if you like.
This works really well on sponsons, but also on units with a mix of weapons like devastators and havocs.

Q: I want to start a marine army but worried they are going to get phased out with these new marines. Lots of observations supporting that, can GW relieve the anxiety of useless models?
As [PURGED BY ORDER OF THE INQUISITION] says, we are not getting rid of the current Space Marines.
And also, if you think the new ones look better, and you want to start a new army, why don't you just get those?

Q: My centurions are coming out to play again. But can you still have the sergeant armed with different weapons ie TL lascannons while the other 2 have TL heavy bolters?
A: Yes, and now that works really well, as they can all shoot different stuff!

Q: what about Calgar is he gonna be playable alongside Guilliman?
A: Why would he not be?

Choosing your army
Q: What do you guys think would be a normal sized army in the new points system? Like, is 1500 still a standard or should we mentally readjust?
A: We're not sure yet - we haven't worked it out.. but we will!

Q: Hey Warhammer 40000, can a single detachment (say, a battalion) combine different armys? For example, could a single Imperial battalion contain both Space Marines, Skitari and Sisters?
A: They must simply contain the same keyword. That can be as all-encompassing as "Imperium" or be really specific like "Ultramarines". The more specific you make it, the more army bonuses you will get...

Q: I love the idea of power levels to quickly teach someone (like my kids or brand new players) without bogging them down with customization
A: Bingo - it's exactly for that. Cool, isn't it?

Q: Do weapons the unit starts with in its description have to be purchased separately for matched play, or are the points included in the cost of the model?
A: All models come with a standard weapon, and those are covered in the points cost of the base model.

Q: Hey guys, just wondering if the indexes and rulebooks will be available to purchase on iBooks. I imagine so, but just wanted to be sure. Cheers!
A: Hey Chris - indeed, that's the plan!

Q: Up until now I thought this was all pointless.
A: Hey... we make the puns around here!

Q: "How do I choose the right army for me"

"How about undead egyptian pharaoh metal robot space zombies"

"I'll take 15"
A: You're going to want to take so many more than that...

Q: A little late today Warhammer 40,000 I was getting worried! Thanks for the info on battleforged armies!!
A: Sorry about that...Grots in the system again...

Q: Will there be an official list building app, like Azyr for Sigmar? Or a 40k companion app in general?
A: We have one being planned- it won't be available for release but we will have it ASAP.

Q: Any news about artillery? Weapons not requiring line of sight?

A simple confirmation that they'll be in 8th Edition is a I ask
A: Artillery weapons re most certainly still in the game - we make models of them after all! But as to how they work in-game.. well, we haven't revealed that yet...

Q: Are Chapter Tactics involved in picking my army? Or have those been done away with?
A: Well, we haven't seen the Space Marine codex yet... so we cannot say...

Q: The army roster sheets look cool- will they be available for download so we can print them at our own convenience?
A: That's a great idea. We're on it.

Q: With all the leaks I was wondering if you had forsaken us to wander without official news to guide us.
A: Would we do that to you?!

OOP FW Models
"We're still waiting for official confirmation on 8ed rules coverage on OOP miniatures. All decisions have to be made not only by FW management but also approved by GW, so the process can take a little longer to get to an official state we can confirm. So I'm afraid the answer there is 'we don't know *yet*'.

With specific regard to the Plague Hulk, it was a very popular kit and was withdrawn from sale when the moulds broke. We are waiting to hear back from the FW Studio (and a GW confirmation) on if they're going to remake the mould or even sculpt a new master model, it is being talked about but I suspect the final decision will be kept close to their chest until a release is imminent. But obviously if it is rereleased it will have 8ed rules."

No Troop FoC speculation:
 casvalremdeikun wrote:
I asked Pete Foley on Twitter if there were going to be FOCs with no Troops and, while he didn't respond directly, he did like the tweet. So...maybe?

GW are listening to feedback:

Live QA Summaries

Frontline Gaming Q&A Summary:
Credit JohnU
 JohnU wrote:
Ok, I took notes on Frankie and Reece's gameplay opinions. They also did a rules overview but you guys can read the books yourselves. The stream was like 6 hours so I'm sure I missed a few things, but here you go. Good stuff list is just some of the units/rules they called out. Absence from the list does not imply unit is bad. Very few units/armies were called out as being actually bad.
Long post is long.
General Stuff
Snipers will generally need a couple turns to kill a character. 3 Vindicares is about the level to kill a character a turn. Hit or miss depending on the army you're playing against.

60-90 minute games once you're used to rules and playing quickly. Game shouldn't go longer than 2.5 hours. (2k points)

If a unit has a default weapon on their datasheet, but can replace it with something else, you don't need to buy that default weapon. FLG will put out a spreadsheet for list building.

Screening units are going to be important. First turn charges are possible.

Tanks are a lot harder to kill.

Shooting pistols in combat is just ok in practice, combat is usually over before they can be used.

Weapons were pointed for their specific army, not cross-compared

Ballistari are awesome (both shooting and cc)

Reroll was most used CP

Abilities that prevent falling back are very good

Smite is a solid power for most armies. Smite spam can be pretty strong.

Deathguard one of the weaker armies for now

Tau overwatch is even better than 7th

Averaging around 6 CPs with most armies. Build towards a better army, not to spam CP.

Imperial Knights always go first

LOS blocking terrain really important, recommend 2-4 pieces at least.

Top 5 factions (Not in order, subject to change): Frankie (Marines, Dark Eldar, Harlequins, Orks, Nids) Reece (Harlequins, Scions, Nids, Orks, Marines)

Bottom 5 (Eldar, Inquisition, Demons, Legion of the Damned)

Favorite Rule Change: ICs can't join units

Least Favorite: Exploding Vehicles

Reece: "Open Topped vehicles that can fly are the best vehicles in the game"

Harlequins one of the best armies in the game. Big on Dark Eldar too.

VSG is still really good


Reece: "Missile Launchers are probably the best ranged weapon in the game"

Lascannon Centurions w/ an Apothecary is a strong unit

Crusader weakest LR variant. Godhammer probably best of three stock variants.

Grey Knights fragile but hit hard. Recommend Paladins

Jump Pack BA are good. Dante + Sanguinor beats your face.

Aura buffs and their interactions are the big part of list building.

Good Space Wolves stuff: Blood/Swift Claws, Wulfen, Rune Priest, Wolf Guard w/ Combis

Get more mileage out of bigger units in general (Blood Claws, 6 Centurions, etc)

Servitors are terrible. Fenrisian wolves are bad.

Super expensive units are usually resilient enough to still do some work.

Drop reserves first during deployment.

Dark Angels better then they have ever been. Deathwing Knights, Azrael, Black Knights

Land Speeders w/ 2 heavy flamers is secret sauce.

Don't need anti-air weapons

Flyers are hit and miss. They don't use them that much

Grav is still good, just not auto take.

BA one of the best CC armies

Vindicator sucks

Rowboat is so stronk.


Manticore probably best Guard artillery. Basilisks and Wyverns good too.

Need to be cognizant of all your Guard characters not being part of a unit now.

Good Guard stuff: Bullgryn w/ Primaris, Rough riders, Scout Sentinels w/ heavy flamer, Scions, Yarrick one of best HQs in game, Taurox Prime OP, Astropaths

Executioner plasma is bad. Battlecannons is good. Double battlecannons on Knights one of the best loadouts.

Stormlord is best superheavy

Index Imperial 2 other stuff

Mechanicus good stuff: Cawl, Electro Priests (shooty and choppy), Iron Striders, Dragoons.

Rangers lackluster, but overall Mechanics units are solid

Knights are one of the stronger armies. 3-4 Knights tough to deal with.

Shooty Knights are better. Stomps better than the sword.

Sisters good stuff: Acts, Celestine (must take), heavy flamers, Repentia, Penitents, Full mech, Priests

Sisters of Silence flamers are best, swords are meh.

Plasma Acolytes + Coteaz

Custodes play pretty much the same.


Orks good stuff: Jumping Shoota Boys, Meganobz or Gitz, Bosses, Big Meks, Nauts, Burnas, Tankbustas, Big Choppas, Stormboyz, Rokkits, Lootas.

Boyz do a lot more damage. Trukks and sloggers both work. Nobs way better

Dakkajet one of the best flyers.

Stompa is worth the points.

Buggies/Skorchas way better.

Wagon w/ rolla good in combat, hard to kill even w/o 'ard case.

Put skorchas on your walkers. Put wrecking balls on your trukks.

Meganobs good for soaking overwatch

Likes Lootas over Bustas because of range


Tau good stuff: Crisis Suit armies, Missile pods, Commanders, Stormsurge, Kroot w/ aura buffs, Savior protocols, Sniper drones.

Didn't miss JsJ

Regular Commander > Coldstar

Riptides not so good. Don't usually take more than one.

Fish of Fury is decent. Frankie big on suit armies.

HRR and HYMP both good choices for Broadsides.

Vespids are decent


Tyranids good stuff: Psychic powers, Swarmlord, Swarmlord, Swarmlord, Broodlord (best HQ), genestealers, Prime (2nd best HQ), adrenal glands on all the things, Rippers, Hive Guard, Venomthropes (auto include), Biovores, Damn near everything apparently.

Flyrants still good, but not like 7th.

Tervigon is just ok. Warriors a lot better than before. Termagaunts just ok, Hormaguants awesome. Zoanthropes meh. Pyrovores in a pod are pretty good. Harpy/Crone ok. T-fex not very good

Reece: "Tyrannocyte one of the best transports in the game"

Tyranids can put out lots of mortal wounds from different sources

Lots of deployment options. All medium bugs build is probably hardest to pull off. Nidzalla is really good.

Genestealer cults

Cult good stuff: Ambush, Unquestioned loyalty, Patriarch, psychic powers, Magus, Primus, Acolyte hybrids, the good Guard stuff, the good Nid stuff, Standard Bearer, Goliath

Psychic powers some of the best in game. Unquestioned loyalty one of the strongest rules

MSU is a good strategy. Glass cannon army. Spamming demo charges is good


Eldar good stuff: Phoenix Lords except Baharroth, Noobdrad, Avatar, Farseers, Warlocks, Storm Guardians, Wraiths, Dire Avengers, Scorpions, Wave Serpents, Shining Spears, Distort

Eldar got the bat, the world rejoices.

Shuri Cannon > Scatter laser

Wraithlords way better. Banshees super fast, Hawks are ok. Warp Spiders not as good as before. Playstyle is pretty similar to 7th

Fire Prisms are ok. Low damage output

Sun Cannon + Shield is best Knight loadout

Ynnari way better than straight Craftworld

Dark Eldar

Good DE Stuff: Power from Pain, Transports, Drugs, Lillith, No Escape, Drazor + Incubi, Kabalite Warriors, Mandrakes, Reaver jetbikes, Hellions, Flyers, Heat Lance

Archons not that good

No rerollable 2++

MSU not as good. Take 10 man squads

Best flyers

Raiders are hard to kill. Reece "Best transport in the game"

Probably most improved army. One of the best.

Blood Brides > Wyches


Reece and Frankie: "One of the best armies in the game"

Good Harle Stuffs: Psychic powers, Rising Crescendo, Star Weaver, Fusion pistols, Solitaire, Shadow Seer (Best HQ)

Faster than you, shoot better than you, fight better than you.

Just bumrush with Star Weavers and win.


Good Necron Stuff: RP, Overlord + Lord + Cryptek, Named Characters, Immortals, Big warrior bricks, Deathmarks, Flayed Ones, Quantum Shielding

Character auras are really powerful and important

Heavy Destros and Warriors for anti-vehicle

Heavy Destros > Doomsday Ark

Wraiths not as good as before

Illuminor is key

Tesserach Vault is too expensive

Very resilient army


Chaos Marines good stuff: Abbadon, Predators, Havocs, Dark Apostle, Warp smith, Marine troops, Cultists, Chosen, Terminators w/ Warp Time, Berserkers, Warp Talons, Raptors, Maulerfiends, Defilers, Kharne, Magnus,Typhus, Nurglings

Huron not that great. Cypher is ok. Possessed are meh. Mutilators are not that good. Forge Fiends are better but still just ok

Chaos Knights > Lord of Skulls

Magnus is beast

Cultists probably best troops especially w/ Abbadon

Berserker hype is real



Demon good stuff: Princes hiding like little girls, Skarbrand, Khorne and Slaanesh, Tzeentch heralds on discs, Epidermus

Fatey not as good as before. LoC is ok.

Blue Horror split is still good

Reece: "Nurglings are one of the best units in the game"

Summary of changes from live stream QA 1:
Credit to Latro!
- No more armour on vehicles. Vehicles have a damage table as they take damage (wounds) stats decrease, every vehicle has its own damage table. e.g. Bolters could hurt tanks.
- Specfically mentioned everyone can hurt everyone else owing to S and T in ref to vehicles.
- 14 force org charts in core rules, if you meet you generate command points one use only. re-roll dice, interupt chargers going first mentioned. Hints these force orgs tottally replace formations.
- Limited to 1cmd point perphase. Certain force orgs give you more or less points. Gives example of big brigate detachment which gives you 9 cms points.
- Codexes not going away, there will be books with their own army command points
- Templates going away confirmed!
- Every army gets rules day one. 5 books, rules for all armies split across these. (low price point mentioned, a lot less than a codex)
- Expansions will still be part of the game planet strike etc will be re-written
- 'Every unit playtestest a lot' after 'will riptides be nerfed' quetion. Mention of massive community playtesting in USA
- Annual rules updates like AoS generals handbook taking community feedback
- 40k rules will have free PDF digital + printed store copies
- No specific tournament rules but guidelines in matched play
- Top goals in dev: 1. game that worked for all three ways to play. 2. More balanced 3. More accessible
- Background focussed more Imperium vs Chaos, acknowledges chaos has slipped and want to bring that back to the main focus of the game
- Wont confirm a release date 'this year'
- Two points system 'Power level' narative play each unit has a general power level value. Full granular common points ssytem for matched play.
- All factions still in, new website missing ones is just a narative thing.
- There will be new factions (hinted at on launch)
- Big monsters will also loose stats like vehicles as they take damage
- Stats no longer capped at 10!
- Multiple damage e.g. wounds is in on weapons
- Matched play 1000pts to anything
- Allies still in works different though. Keywords system very specific on factions gives an example a marine with spec rules prob wont pass onto allies.
- Mentions close combat is viable.
- Background will move on but not radically change. Some on launch which will 'blow people away'
- Everyday from now on till launch will be a warhammer community article on new 40k - kinda hints its coming out sooner rather than later
- If you'v bought a book within 8 weeks of launch, you can email customer services and get a voucher for value of the book bought

Another live stream QA 1 summary (BOLS):
 CthuluIsSpy wrote:

Q&A Summary
Was the info released at Adepticon about Movement Stats coming back, Chargers striking first and Morale Tests real?
Yes. Armor save modifiers are coming back, Movement stats are back, chargers will strike first (more on that later), and Morale tests are going to work in a similar manner as AoS.

Vehicles & Armor Values?
No more Armor Value for Vehicles. All models will basically have the same stat line. That means Vehicles will have a Damage Table tailored to each vehicle. As the vehicles take damage they loose effectiveness – possibly lower BS, attacks, etc.

Everyone can hurt Everyone!

Will army play styles change?
They have tried to keep the play styles of armies similar and used this edition change to help reset and refocus those archetypes in a re-inforcing manner.

Is the Game still a D6 system?

What’s the typical Game length (time wise)?
For a 1500 point game, shooting for a 90 minute game.

Narrative gaming support? How?
Yes – lots of support. 3 ways to play in mind – New warzones, campaigns, supplements will “have a home” in 8th.

Will every model currently out will have rules?
Yes! “All In” with model rules, including scenery, monsters, etc.

Command Points – how will we generate them?
They will help reflect the army selection & play style. In matched play, EVERY army will be battle-forged. 14 different Force Org charts for army composition. The way you build your army impacts how many you can end-up with.

Command Points – what do they do?
On a very high-level, they do things like give you re-rolls. There are “Generic” abilities and there will be army specific rules when the new codexes come out. One of the Generic abilities will allow you to interrupt charge phase of your opponent.

New Codexes?
Yes! Codexes are not going away, but they will come at a later date.

Army Construction – How will that work?

Here is an example of 3 Force Org Charts – there will be 14 at the start and they (GW) think that no matter what type of army you have you’ll be able to build one that matches a Force Org Chart.

Templates are going away!

How often can we use Command Points?
One per phase. They will be a limited resource.

How did you test this edition?
GW reached out to several groups, notably they spoke with several of the big Tournament Organizers in the US for testing and feedback. That includes our buddies at Frontline Gaming, Adepticon, and NOVA. They said, “Most thoroughly we’ve ever tested.” And they have also taken in lots of community feedback though all the various forums, social media, etc.

How will we get the rules?
Day 1 New Rules! Five books on Day One – rules for everyone with Points, too! Digital and Physical. Everything you need to start playing will be out day one for all armies.

Expansions like Cities of Death?
Yes, will be part of the game. More ideas on the way way – more narrative supplements.

How about Broken Units (a la Riptide)?
Most balanced edition with the most robust testing. Hopefully their won’t be any “broken” units.

Match Play regular updates?
Yes! Much like the General’s Handbook, annual update for rules/points.

Fan Interaction?
Interactive Forum Coming as well social media feedback.

Free Rules? How will we get them?
Digital copies available and printed verisons at FLGS and Games Workshop Stores.

Warhammer 40k App for list building?
Working on it, not available for launch but it’s on the way!

Specific Tournament Rules?
No, but core rules have guidance for folks who want to run tournaments – “just suggestions.”

Unit Rebalancing?
Everything is now a legitimate choice. Even pyrovores. Everything can hurt everything else because of the new types of profiles.

How long was this game edition in development?
“A Long Time.”

What were your Top 3 goals for this edition?
1 – Make a game that works for all 3 ways to play

2 – Make sure the game holds-up to a competitive play

3 – Make it more accessible to everyone from new players, to fans of the lore, to hard core hobbyists.

They really wanted to take in as much feedback as possible and incorporate the feed back to what everyone was asking for.

Release Date?
“This Year.” More news on that later – just not today.

More cool stuff at Warhammer Fest?

Will you cut down the number of models that are available and “streamline” the armies?
No – All models are sticking around!

How will points work?
Two different types of points!

1 – Powerlevel points – this is a basic, very broad brush gauge for a unit. It’s designed for Narrative play so you can have an idea of how powerful your army is and play in a more relaxed way.

2 – Matched Play Points – this is the very granular option. Weapons, options, etc. all have points costs – like the current system.

What about the factions? Noticed on the new 40k site that Astra Militarum was missing – what gives?
The website is more narrative focused – it’s an intro site for new players and a “getting started” place. Astra Militarum is still around and so are the Skitarii, they aren’t going anywhere.

Will there be new factions?
Yes. and possibly some new ones at launch…

What about Monstrous Creatures?
Yep, they are moving to the Damage Table like vehicles!

How will stats work? Str, Toughness, Wounds?
Again, everything can hurt everything! Stats are NOT capped at 10 anymore. Andy commented that when he played his first game, he really felt like the weapons did what they were supposed to – everything felt “right” when he played (in terms of how weapons worked).

What sized games are supported?
Both Match and Narrative games – 1000 points up to what every you want.

What’s the Highest Wound Count Model?
“The Knights are up there, but I don’t want to say and be wrong later…”

What about Allies?
Yes, allies are still around. But they work slightly different. Because the game is moving to the “Keyword” system the typical Death Star units/combos are not going to work. Your special abilities will only transfer to the units with the correct Keywords. This should cut down on the shenanigans.

The Force Org still supports allies but that will cut into command points…

Will Close-Combat be viable?
“Absolutely” – due to the change with chargers striking first and everyone being able to hurt everyone close combat should be a viable part of the game.

Is Medusa Gone? It wasn’t on the new map!

It’s not gone! The map was just really crowded.

What about Forge World Rules?
Those will be available in the same way.

What about the folks that just purchased books and codexes? Those are all invalidated!
Yes – if you still have your proof of purchase, you can contact GW Customer support for vouchers (time limit of 8 weeks).


Summary of changes from live stream QA 2:
Credit to Matt.Kingsley
 Matt.Kingsley wrote:
2nd Warhammer Live Q&A wrote:> Primaris Marines can be made from preexisting Marines.
> Blood Angel Primaris Marines are still affected by Red Thirst (and potentially Black Rage).
> Mk IX Armour is a mystery. What happened to it? They aren't telling us (yet).
> Guilliman *might* make some changes to the Codex Astartes.
> Primaris Marines are more resilient to Chaos, but can potentially be corrupted by chaos still .
> More Primarchs will return (a cowled one, so Mortarion most likely).

> Consolidating into Combat.
> Power Fists and the like are -1 To Hit.
> You can either pick psychic powers from the chart or roll (like in Age of Sigmar).
> Perils of the Warp cuases Mortal Wounds.
> There's no amry specific Detachments - only army specific stratagems. Basic Detachments apparently cover everything already.
> Imperial Fist stratagem can make them better at shooting. White Scars can us a stratgem to Hit & Run.
> Factions can also use their Command Points before deployment to change how their army is constructed (?).
> Unqiue Strategems are based on main Keywords in your Detachments.
> Tactical Reserves is NOT supersceded by any army rules.
> Characters can still travel in tranports with other units.
> Transports can carry multiple units.
> What can be transported is based on Keywords (like Infantry).
> How to keep characters safe: Almost all Command Squads have rules that allows them to intercept wounds from characters.
> Drop Pods: they and the units they contain must be over 9" away from enemies when deployed.
> Grav hasn't neccerssarily be toned down, but it should still be balanced.
> Invulnerable saves work basically the same as they do now.
> Many armies have abilities that allows them to save wounds after Armour or Invulnerable saves (Dark Eldar get Power From Pain, Disgustingly Resilient for Nurgle Daemons). These saves occur after damage, so if an attack causes 5 damage you need to make 5 seperate secondary saves.
> Defender decides casualties - no longer directional.
> Primaris Marines and normal Marines tend to have different functions (Tacticals vs Intercessor are used as an example).
> Mix between totally new psychic powers and adaptation of pre-existing and classic powers (though they may function differently).
> Terminators are going to feel like Terminators.
> Many close combat units are now faster and deadlier than before, apparently.

> They will collect feedback through Facebook and eventually through the Warhammer Community site where everyone can vote on it. Also feedback through events and Twitch.tv.
> GW will still be involved with the tournament scene, especially with major tournaments. Apparently they're going to be involved more.
> They will continue to playtest the game post-release, both for Matched and Narrative standpoints.

> Pete Foley does, indeed, thin his paints.

Misc rumors

Leaked Mortarion pic
Credit to Kharne the Befriender (I had completely forgotten​ to add this in!)

Credit to Rippy

Rumored upcoming BA campaign:
Credit to Warhams-77
Warhams-77 wrote:

"After a brutal campaign in the Cryptus System fighting the alien tyranids, Lord Dante returns to Baal to marshal the entire Blood Angels Chapter and their Successors against Hive Fleet Leviathan. Thus begins the greatest conflict in the history of the sons of Sanguinius. Despite a valiant battle in the void around Baal, the Blood Angels are unable to stop the tyranids drawing ever closer, but their petitions for reinforcements are met with dread news. The Cadian Gate, the Imperium’s most stalwart bastion against Chaos, has fallen. In their darkest hour, no help will reach the beleaguered Dante and his warriors. Is this truly then the Time of Ending?"

Check this and the comments below


Dark Imperium fluff rumor: https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/2117
Credit Lady Atia
- The hot topic is the Great Rift, dividing the galaxy in two. One side can't see the Astronomican's light anymore. Half of the space marines chapters are unaccounted for and a few of them got destroyed.
- Assault on Terra, Emperor's palace was assaulted by a Khorne army, but RowBowTee took charge of the defense with Primaris + Cutodes + Sister of Silence.
- During the darkest hour, when all communication where cut, multiple sightings of the Legion of the Damned, (Baal, Armageddon...and hundreds more planets)
- Indomitus Crusade: Lots of different strike forces, lead by Guilliman. Imperial Fists are mentioned.
- Armageddon: Mega Warp storms transform half the planet into a daemon world, Khorne and Tzeentch fight each other so much, that orcs and human fought side by side (briefly). Note: Salamanders prevented a ritual to summon Angron back to the planet !
-Baal: Blood Angels nearly wiped by Leviathan's fleet, saved by the rift and Guilliman. Expect a Khorne vs Blood Angels thing in the future.
- Plague of plagues: Mortarion besieges Ultramar - there's even a mention of a fight between the two brothers.
- An intermittent passage through the Great Rift was discovered near the Eye of Terror. Revealing a sector owned by Chaos Imperial Knights!

*Message from Rippy
Warning, corny post ahead:

I am overwhelmed with how amazing this community truly is. In the last few months that this thread has been up and running I have been receiving at least roughly 3-5 personal messages a day. Messages of thanks, formatting suggestions, and most importantly, news and rumors I hadn't added. This shows how fantastic this community really is, so many people came together to make this super thread happen, and I will unashamedly say that it is the greatest compendium of 8th news and rumors I have seen on the internet.

With over a million views, over sixteen thousand replies (most of which were on topic ) and entering the most exalted of all time list, it has been a blast keeping the OP up to date.

So thank you to everyone who has helped me, for those who wrote summaries of information found in videos and those who brought us news and rumors in the thread and through PMs. I tried to credit everyone as I went in the OP (apologies to those who I didn't credit, some days were hectic for updating)

I want to say a special thank you to ClockworkZion who brought us 20 Facebook round-ups, following what GW was saying on their facebook (especially handy for those who don't have a facebook).

Also another special thank you to all of the Moderators who worked super hard at keeping everyone on topic and polite (some times with 50+ pages of chat a day, and still managing to keep it in check!).

So although this is potentially the last edition 40k ever has (depending on it's success), hopefully I will have the privilege of doing the next edition news and rumors thread if there ever is one!

I will try and get in first for the upcoming Death Guard codex news and rumors thread if information starts coming in

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I must say after seeing the shooting rules I'm both eager (if cautiously) anticipating 8th while also feeling overly worried for my Slaanesh Daemons. No Initiative, Pistols being able to Shoot in CC, Fall Back & Space Marines having WS3+ are all pointing to my squishy Daemons becoming even more likely to die.

Now of course we don't have the full picture yet, and Slaanesh Daemons could very well have their own bespoke special rules to help them out (or becoming even more cheaper in pts compared to marines). It doesn't really change how I'm still a bit worried.
Made in us
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I'm guessing high initiative armies may be high movement now.
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Shadeglass Maze

Thanks for making this, Rippy!!

Let's keep this thread on topic, everyone - we're all eager to read and discuss rumors of the new edition. Don't ruin it for the rest of us by going OT!
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There was a section on profiles too but good work.

My combined Macragge PDF Imperial Guard and Ultramarine 3rd Co. Blog Clicky

My WAB Hundred Years War English Clicky

AlexHolker wrote:At this stage, I'm starting to think GW's CEO was just getting ready for the Rapture
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'Straya... Mate.

 RandyMcStab wrote:
There was a section on profiles too but good work.

Thanks, I missed that I will add it in.

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Can I make a simple request? Every other post in the last one seemed to use the word "bespoke". After reading through that thread, I have never hated a word as much as that; it felt like every poster using it was treating it like a slur against the game. Can we kick the word "bespoke" for a little while? It just got ridiculous. Never expected to gnash my teeth so hard over a word that wasn't a racial slur, but yeah. Purge it with fire, please? Danke!!

Also, I'm JONESING to see what happens to my daemons, especially my mountain of Slaanesh chariots (seriously, I have like 9 chariots).

Reality is a nice place to visit, but I'd hate to live there.

Manchu wrote:I'm a Catholic. We eat our God.

Due to work, I can usually only ship any sales or trades out on Saturday morning. Please trade/purchase with this in mind.  
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Definitely ready to see what happens with summoning.

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1000 Tzeentch Arcanites (Pyrofane Cult - Hysh) in progress
2000 Slaves to Darkness (Ravagers)
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I find the concept of bespoke limitations on word choice for this thread to be silly. Bespoke is a useful word with a particular meaning, and is in fact the word used by GW. Suggesting we not use it here because it grates on you is not appropriate for the sort of discussion this forum is intended for, IMO.

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'Straya... Mate.

 EnTyme wrote:
Definitely ready to see what happens with summoning.

We have this from twitter

Automatically Appended Next Post:
 Unusual Suspect wrote:
I find the concept of bespoke limitations on word choice for this thread to be silly. Bespoke is a useful word with a particular meaning, and is in fact the word used by GW. Suggesting we not use it here because it grates on you is not appropriate for the sort of discussion this forum is intended for, IMO.

Really guys? First page and off topic, keep it on topic so we don't have another closed thread.

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Thank you for this cleaner summary.

Do we know HOW Forgeworld will be incorporated? Or is that still an unknown?

I'm sitting here terrified that IA13 style renegades will be pushed to the side and just be told "be cultists in a CSM list."

Mala Renegades & Mercenaries -
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Space Cowboy Cruising Around Olympus Mons

Did they say if the new "codex" books will be hardcover or softcover? Hoping hardcover because I really like hardcover over the softcover a but I do understand the cost associated with hardcover might not work

Also in the first post they say each army will get its own books with army commands in it....did they confirm if that means the books released on day 1 will be filler until they release codex style for each faction?
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 JoeyFox wrote:
Thank you for this cleaner summary.

Do we know HOW Forgeworld will be incorporated? Or is that still an unknown?

I'm sitting here terrified that IA13 style renegades will be pushed to the side and just be told "be cultists in a CSM list."

A promise of day 1 get-you-by rules for everything 40K, 30K continues in the vein of 7th.

Whether they choose to exclude units for some reason is possible, but not likely enough to worry about.



We find comfort among those who agree with us - growth among those who don't. - Frank Howard Clark

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The correct statement of individual rights is that everyone has the right to an opinion, but crucially, that opinion can be roundly ignored and even made fun of, particularly if it is demonstrably nonsense!” Professor Brian Cox

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 chiefbigredman wrote:
Did they say if the new "codex" books will be hardcover or softcover? Hoping hardcover because I really like hardcover over the softcover a but I do understand the cost associated with hardcover might not work

Also in the first post they say each army will get its own books with army commands in it....did they confirm if that means the books released on day 1 will be filler until they release codex style for each faction?

They did mention in the Q&A that the individual books would have the special command point actions and more specific, unique army-wide rules, which would imply the Day 1 books won't for the most part.
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30K is going to continue using the 7th Ed ruleset? But doesn't that require the 7th ed core rulebook, or is there a bespoke Horus Heresy core rulebook?

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I'm guessing they either think they've got enough to plug the gap until 30K makes the leap, that anyone getting into 30K is a 40K player who has a book, they'll expect people to buy digital, or even give it away for free!

We find comfort among those who agree with us - growth among those who don't. - Frank Howard Clark

The wise man doubts often, and changes his mind; the fool is obstinate, and doubts not; he knows all things but his own ignorance.

The correct statement of individual rights is that everyone has the right to an opinion, but crucially, that opinion can be roundly ignored and even made fun of, particularly if it is demonstrably nonsense!” Professor Brian Cox

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 Matt.Kingsley wrote:
 chiefbigredman wrote:
Did they say if the new "codex" books will be hardcover or softcover? Hoping hardcover because I really like hardcover over the softcover a but I do understand the cost associated with hardcover might not work

Also in the first post they say each army will get its own books with army commands in it....did they confirm if that means the books released on day 1 will be filler until they release codex style for each faction?

They did mention in the Q&A that the individual books would have the special command point actions and more specific, unique army-wide rules, which would imply the Day 1 books won't for the most part.

Okay! So I guess the day 1 rules will still be valid but you get some extras with the individual books. That's a good thing for people undecided on armies if each combo book has ~5 factions in each then as you build up an army you can get the individual books for some added special rules.

I can't wait for preorders though I haven't been play 40k for a number of years now (fantasy and Kings of war mostly now) but this is getting me very excited it seems like a perfect time to get back into the game with a "clean slate" type approach!
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'Straya... Mate.

 JoeyFox wrote:
Thank you for this cleaner summary.

Do we know HOW Forgeworld will be incorporated? Or is that still an unknown?

I'm sitting here terrified that IA13 style renegades will be pushed to the side and just be told "be cultists in a CSM list."

They said every Forge World model is going to get rules. They haven't clarified if OOP models will get rules, and they haven't said if FW and GW rules will be rolled in together, though I suspect they will be separate (speculation though).

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 Azreal13 wrote:

A promise of day 1 get-you-by rules for everything 40K, 30K continues in the vein of 7th.

Whether they choose to exclude units for some reason is possible, but not likely enough to worry about.



Pardon my ignorance but what exactly does a "bespoke" rule entail? I see it referenced on their initial murmurs of the new edition and I see the dictionary definition of it as well. Explain if you will? If it's OT, PM it to me.

Rippy wrote:
 JoeyFox wrote:
Thank you for this cleaner summary.

Do we know HOW Forgeworld will be incorporated? Or is that still an unknown?

I'm sitting here terrified that IA13 style renegades will be pushed to the side and just be told "be cultists in a CSM list."

They said every Forge World model is going to get rules. They haven't clarified if OOP models will get rules, and they haven't said if FW and GW rules will be rolled in together, though I suspect they will be separate (speculation though).

I worry simply because I have a ton of Chaos Renegades. I don't want to suddenly be forced to proxy Imperial Guard again. I'm terrified they are going to go "Yeah just use CSM cultists and here is this bog-standard leman russ... what you wanted renegade Ogryn's you paid a mint for? No lol, that is ONLY for Siege of Vraks! You can't take them for a generic lost and the damned army!"

I'm sure it'll work out, but you can understand my unease... that said I've been wanting to start Ultramarines and add to my Deathguard so this is a positive. The rules look fun so far, especially the ability to retreat from close combat...will make guard more viable.

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Heavy weapons only having a -1 to hit while moving seems very generous to me.

And They Shall Not Fit Through Doors!!!

Tyranid Army Progress -- With Classic Warriors!:
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 Insectum7 wrote:
Heavy weapons only having a -1 to hit while moving seems very generous to me.
There is probably more than just that. So far, but it is possible that movement does more than just that.

5250 pts
3850 pts
Deathwatch: 1500 pts
Imperial Knights: 375 pts
30K 2500 pts 
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 JoeyFox wrote:
 Azreal13 wrote:

A promise of day 1 get-you-by rules for everything 40K, 30K continues in the vein of 7th.

Whether they choose to exclude units for some reason is possible, but not likely enough to worry about.



Pardon my ignorance but what exactly does a "bespoke" rule entail? I see it referenced on their initial murmurs of the new edition and I see the dictionary definition of it as well. Explain if you will? If it's OT, PM it to me.

Well, I think you probably need to read the thread to get the joke.

But all bespoke means in this context is one-off rules written specifically for a unit or collection of units. Just a "special" rule in 7th Ed speak.

We find comfort among those who agree with us - growth among those who don't. - Frank Howard Clark

The wise man doubts often, and changes his mind; the fool is obstinate, and doubts not; he knows all things but his own ignorance.

The correct statement of individual rights is that everyone has the right to an opinion, but crucially, that opinion can be roundly ignored and even made fun of, particularly if it is demonstrably nonsense!” Professor Brian Cox

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 Azreal13 wrote:

Well, I think you probably need to read the thread to get the joke.

But all bespoke means in this context is one-off rules written specifically for a unit or collection of units. Just a "special" rule in 7th Ed speak.

Ah, thank you. So in short, any units lacking rules in a release will essentially get them as customers demand them. If I'm to read into the use of the word + their statements about rules for "everything."

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Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

It's more a case of "everything has its own rules", and that's what everything having "bespoke" rules means. Means aside from the basic rules that govern the function of the game (movement, shooting, etc.), all the unit's rules will be on its sheet.

Made in us
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The idea behind the "bespoke" rules is that instead of universal special rules, each unit will have unique and interesting rules specific to that unit. It makes things feel more special, apparently. So, instead of Khorne Bezerkers having Counterattack and Rage, they wlll have KHORNES FURY! that does something unique to that unit, for example.

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Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

It'll just end up being a lot of similar (or the same) rules with different names.

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 Insectum7 wrote:
Heavy weapons only having a -1 to hit while moving seems very generous to me.

In the context of a game that has traditionally required heavy weapons to stand still, it does seem generous. I like it, though... potentially makes for a more mobile game, and more use out of heavies, as you don't waste turns getting them into position or waiting for something to walk in front of them. There's not really any inherent reason that heavy weapons should require models to not move that turn... that was just the abstraction that was previously built into the system.

Having said that, it also goes one more step towards this edition being about killing things even faster than ever before... which I'm less fond of.

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Still nervous to see what they do with Artillery and Iron Warriors! Hoping for an excuse to buy some Chaos-y stuff and make my Iron Watriors 30k and 40k Compatible.

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 insaniak wrote:
 Insectum7 wrote:
Heavy weapons only having a -1 to hit while moving seems very generous to me.

Having said that, it also goes one more step towards this edition being about killing things even faster than ever before... which I'm less fond of.

This could be true, however, it also means things like Centurions, Riptides, and other deadlier 7th Ed. shooters get -1 to Hit if they move (depending on how things shake out in the end), which could be good at mitigating some overall damage output. I think it'll balance out in the end. Heavy Weapons look like they will be pretty useful this edition. I haven't seen a Lascannon on the table in last two years, or big blasty tanks like the leman russ with battlecannon, so I am fine if heavy weapons get a boost.

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FireSkullz2 wrote:
Still nervous to see what they do with Artillery and Iron Warriors! Hoping for an excuse to buy some Chaos-y stuff and make my Iron Watriors 30k and 40k Compatible.

I honestly don't think you will see much change to begin with in this regard, from what we have seen rumours wise. Wait to see if Iron Warriors to become a new faction hopefully.

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