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Made in us
Preacher of the Emperor


Hello and greetings, welcome to the new home of my Imperial Knights. Since it's been a hot minute, I'm starting afresh from my old https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/362406.page Here, I'll catalogue my trials and tribulations in building the ranks of the Knights of the Suits of House Rouen.

House Rouen Background:
Rouen was a fairly typical feudal world, home to a large Household of Imperial Knights that was divided into 4 squabbling political factions. These factions are known, due to ancient tradition from the Age of Darkness, as the Four Suits of House Rouen: Hearts, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds. Each Suit is tightly regimented into a heirarchy, with the Ancestral heads of each Suit being the King and Queen. The rank of Jack of each Suit typically falls to the eldest in line for King but has also been known to be a political appointment. The most prestigious position is the Ace of each Suit, a merit-based appointment that allows unparalleled choice and support in equipment and armaments. Position and rank between both the suits and the lesser nobles amongst the suits are hotly contested and primarily determined through quarterly combat competitions known across the planet as The Games. In the event that a member of one of the Suits goes rogue and acts against the interests of the united House Rouen, a council of the Suits will appoint an executioner to take on the mask of the Joker. This symbolically puts the pilot outside of the politics of the Suits as they carry out their duty in House Rouen's Knight Porphyrion.
Despite their squabbling, the four Suits present a united front against any external threats, and most off-world deployments will contain a selection of knights from across the four Suits.

I started this project several years ago as an exercise in modelling and converting a number of Knights. I especially wanted to try to recreate some of the Forgeworld knights, and I used the Dreamforge Leviathan kit to start in on that Journey. The project languished for a few years, but the release of the new Knight codex has renewed my interest. I also have a few more tools that have helped to tackle some of the challenges that I faced a few years ago, and I'll highlight those as I describe them. Now, let's get to the Knights!

First up are the knights that I had made significant progress on when the project first began. First up is the Queen of Diamonds, a Questoris Knight Crusader. The conversions on this knight are fairly minor, including some minor leg reposing and a replacement rapid fire battle cannon barrel.

The second knight is the Jack of Hearts, a *ahem* Leviathan-Pattern Acustus Knight, with options to outfit it as either a Knight Castigator or a Knight Acheron. This was built using the Dreamforge Leviathan kit, with extensive conversion done to the guns and less extensive modifications to the Acheron's chainfist to make it more fisty. I added a cowl to replace the original kit's massive noggin with a standard Imperial Knight head, which I think did a lot to bringing it thematically in line with the rest of the knights. Since taking these pictures, I have modelled up and 3D printed a new head cowl that looks a lot better, as well as a perforated cowl for the giant flamer, which will be shown in a future update.

And that catches us up to the present. The next Knight I started modelling is the Ace of Spades, a Warden outfitted with a Paragon Gauntlet known as the Dead Man's Hand. This Knight has a much more aggressive leg reposing which I'm much happier with than the previous one. I've modelled it up with a chaos marine yelling to his squadmates. The fist has also been extensively reposed, including reposing the individual finger joints. I did this to model it squeezing another chaos marine.

The most recent Knight that I've been working on is another conversion of a Forge World knight, this time a Knight Styrix on a regular Questoris chassis. The graviton gun was an easy swap for a standard knight melta gun, but the arm weapons we're much more extensive conversions. The Hekaton Siege Claw became a siege wrecking ball, spewing the same radiation that the twin rad-cleansers unleash. The Volkite Chierovile is still in progress but contains bits from a multitude of sources as well as some of my own plasticard work for some of the details. I think that it's at least recognizable as a Volkite weapon, which I'm pretty happy with. Next up on my plate for this knight is to finish up the rest of the Volkite gun, then work on a custom head with increased optics, and a shield to represent the Styrix's improved shielding. Then of course the actual Knight itself...currently I'm mocking up the weapons on the body of the Ace of Spades.

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Made in us
Water-Caste Negotiator

United States

This is amazing. I love the options, especially the wrecking ball and the Volkite. Can't wait to see this fully assembled and painted.

Made in au
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Albany, Australia

How did you find manipulating the Questoris feet? Is that a replacement ball joint I see on one of them?

Made in us
Preacher of the Emperor


Thanks Nevermind!

Arakasi- it's a bit of a pain but compared to, say, the weapon conversions it hasn't been too bad. I do have some replacement ball joints that I found at a craft store, and they're probably the most difficult part. Theyre hemispheres that I have to sand down considerably to match the height of the original ball joints, and they're a different sort of plastic so I have to super glue them rather than plastic cement them. If I had some styrene hemispheres, the whole process would be considerably easier.

I was out on vacation for a while but I did a little more work finishing up the Volkite gun last night and starting in on the Styrix legs, so I should have more of an update tonight.

Made in us
Preacher of the Emperor


The Styrix conversion is coming along steadily. I took a few assembled shots a few nights ago to show some progress:

After a few more minor changes, I'm considering the arm weapons finished. The Wrecker arm got a bit of skull decoration that looks a little goofy now but I think will end up being kind of cool. I also added some more detail to the shield generator and the head with added optics.

Finally, to change things up a bit I also started working on the pilot for the Styrix. The Lady of the Ace of Diamonds won last year's grand melee, dismounting to finish her final enemy on foot after her Knight was critically damaged.

Made in us
Destructive Daemon Prince

Albany, NY

Lots of good stuff going on here, but special shout out for the best looking Dreamforge Leviathan I've seen. That headswap looks great plus brings the scale more in line with the 40k dudes he hangs out with.

- Salvage

INSTAGRAM: @boss_salvage 
Made in us
Preacher of the Emperor


 Boss Salvage wrote:
Lots of good stuff going on here, but special shout out for the best looking Dreamforge Leviathan I've seen. That headswap looks great plus brings the scale more in line with the 40k dudes he hangs out with.

- Salvage

The head and weapon scale we're my biggest hangups with the Leviathan, otherwise it's a wonderful model. The weapons, well, that's where a lot of converting and scratch building fun comes in. But for the head, I wanted something a little cleaner than what I'd made originally. So I came up with this, which I 3d printed:

In other news, the warglaive deserves a weapon that can hit enemies as far away from it as on the ground. So I started making a lance.

Made in gb
Huge Hierodule

Nottingham (yay!)

Interesting use of that Skaven bommyknocker. Been thinking about uses for it, myself. Subscribed

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