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So, for a while now I've had this urge to obtain either a) a Games Workshops plastic Bloodthirster (last time I looked I could get one off evilbay for about £50 to £60) or b) a dragon of similar price, size, stature and presence, as my one big model (and likely last model) purchase of the year.

To that end I've been looking for a dragon that looks along the lines of the Game of Thrones and Skyrim dragons (yes I'm aware they're actually wyverns!).

Problem is, I can't find one.

All the models of dragons I've come across (including several Reaper one's) have wings and 4 legs, so proper dragon, not a wyvern. Plus even the largest one I've seen (one by Reaper with some name I can't recall) doesn't seem from the photos of it to be really all that big and imposing like a Games Workshop Bloodthirster is. The actual wyvern models out there that I've seen are equally as woeful.

Is there a model of a dragon as such I seek out there?

Thanks in advance.
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Mierce have a few that may fit the bill

More types at the bottom here


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If you want to go colossal:

Thats a 12cm/5” base...

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Fargo, ND USA

What about the Maw-krusha? That's a big beefy Wyvern.

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What about the Joan of Arc dragon - its big and very much a wyvern

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Last purchase of the year? If you buy Smaug, you won't be able to afford any other miniatures this year...

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There is a recent Nolzur's Wyvern, though I'm not sure how decent it is, nor how big it is:

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