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Lovely stuff as always dude

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A garden grove on Citadel Station

 JoeRugby wrote:
Lovely stuff as always dude
Thanks Joe.

8 months with no updates? Sounds about my speed. Here's some of what I'm working on right now:

I made an Imperial Guard army when the pandemic was first hitting, but they ended up looking a bit blobby/blurry as the uniform/fatigues cloth color and the armor color were kinda same-y. I've decided to depart from that radically by painting their armor orange, and I like the result. If the painting looks sloppy, that's because it is sloppy, there is a lot of cleanup and detailing yet to do.

A basic stormtrooper

Another basic stormtrooper

Some plasma gunners, 3 of 28.

A group of basic stormtroopers

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Nice stormtrooper theme, well adapted to operations on rusty spaceships !

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