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Thor665's Battle Reports

Thor665's Battle Reports

This is just a collection spot for me to organize and provide a single link to all the battle reports I have made on DakkaDakka.

Text and Picture Reports

Battle reports here will feature (blurry?) pictures and (brilliant?) text descriptions of the battles.

Campaign/Storyline Battle Reports

Counter Assault on Saios - A series of six games, fully painted armies, ample (yet easy to skip) fluff, loads of pictures.

Pyres of Petod - A continuation of the Saios campaign, fully painted armies (with, very minor unpainted stuff slipping in, but 95% fully painted) Lots of fluff and pictures too.

Chaos Expansion - The Tau invade a Chaos world, and as both sides turn to Ork allies to swing the war in their favor, they rush towards near mutual annihilation.

Dark Eldar Battle Reports

---7th Edition Codex---

3,000 per side Orks+Dark Eldar vs. Necrons

---5th Edition Codex---

3,000 per side Nurgle CSM + Dark Eldar vs. Space Wolves, Vanilla Marines, and Black Templar

7,500 per side Apocalypse Battle - DE+Orks+Death Guard vs. Black Templar+Vanilla Space Marines (pics)

Thor665's DE vs. thehod's DE 2000 points capture and control

2000 RTT - Duke Sliscus Deep Strike/Razorwing Build

1850 Thor665's Dark Eldar vs. Lorek's Tau

Thor665's Dark Eldar Escalation League

---3rd Edition Codex---

Thor665's Dark Eldar at 1850 RTT

1850 Dark Eldar (Raider Rush) vs. Eldar (Mechdar)

Bolter Beach Team Tourney Battle Report - Lorek and Thor w. Double Dark Eldar

Lorek's Tau vs. Thor665's Dark Eldar 1850 Batrep

1850 RTT tourney report, Dark Eldar Raider Rush

1850 Mech Ork vs. Dark Eldar Raider Rush

The Other Battle Reports

5,000 per side Apocalypse - CSM & Orks vs. Tau & Black Templars

6,000 per side Plaentstrike/Apocalypse - Black Templar & Imperial Fists vs. CSM

8,000 per side Apocalypse - Chaos & Orks vs. Black Templar & Space Wolves (pic heavy)

9,000 per side Apocalypse - Orks & CSM vs. Space Wolves & Imperial Guard (pic heavy)

Video Reports

Below are some video battle reports I have done. In general I prefer doing the text and picture ones, but invariably will keep doing a few of these every now and then.

Dark Eldar Video Battle Reports

1750 Dark Eldar vs. Space Wolves

1850 Dark Eldar (Raider Rush) vs. Eldar (Mechdar)

The Other Video Battle Reports

1850 Drop Pod Raven Guard vs. Battlewagon Orks


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