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[EDIT] I'm gonna use this topic to show the process of my tau army. Really really could use some critisism from everyone since it is my first army.

Latest updates are as usual on the bottom of this topic


Here's my first Tau Battlesuit. I'm doing an army completly with this paintschedule. C&C are more then welcome cause I'm a starting painter.

I'd like to know your C&C on the paintjob(remember it's one of my first painted models) and to know with pose you like most.

Tau battlesuit standing

Tau battlesuit flying


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Interesting color scheme. You did a nice job on the yellows, but it doesn't quite work for me. Your black areas are heavily chipped and scratched, but your yellow areas are pristine. I think you need to go one way or another, either all heavily weathered or all pristine. The lower legs look tan, which doesn't quite fit either color.

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Hmm think you're right on the yellow areas. think i'm getting it a little bit weatherd down. More C&C?

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I like it! But I do agree that everything should be weathered. However, since they're Tau, you could just go all pristine.

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for a beginner , these are awesome

for an amateur , these are goo

for an pro , these or OK

So , there you go ! You are somewhere in betwwen a pro and an amateur from my POW

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Regular Dakkanaut

Westerville, OH

They have a solid 'tabletop' or 'gaming' quality to them. I'd agree on being consistent with your battle damage. I'd also think about trying out the GW washes, and learning how they can help you shade your miniature.

But you've got a solid color composition, which is one of the most important steps to being a good painter.
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This really isn't a painting comment, but i thought you could only fill 3 hardpoints?

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~2000 pts
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Looks great!!!!! Like ifurita said your yellows are pristine but your blacks are withered. You did a great job on your withering by the way. And you might want to go over the blues with a couple thin coats instead of one big one. Looks great keep it up

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Annapolis, MD, USA

I would also wash the metal areas as they are a bit flat in color.

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I see mould lines...

I third (fourth?) the comments on the yellow areas lacking weathering. Could also use some tidying up around the blue on the plasma rifle and the weathering. Look at the first photo - the arm on the left side of the image looks nicely scratched but the torso looks heavy handed.

Very nice start! I hope mine turn out as well once I get around to them.

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You're tottaly right, because this is my first model and i did not spend as much attention as I should concerning the mould lines.

@Ghost in the Darkness

I did not knew I could use washes for Tau, do you've got some examples/and help on washes and how to applie them?

@spartan m36

Thank you, working at the pristine parts now, want to have a heavy battled Tau Army, one that fights for the Greater Good, but is not standard like the shiny one's


Thank you very much, could you help me with washes? (look at reply "Ghost in the Darkness")


Thank you very Much!!


Thank You!

@ Everyone!

Thanks for critizing and kind comments! Keep the C&C coming!

Everyone has a choice. Me, I choos not to make a choice  
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South Africa

For your first Tau model it is very good.

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Stabbin' Skarboy

I am also new to this gig so I will give you a kindred spirits view. I think they look awesome for a first time paint.

But everyone above has good points so take these folks advice and you will surely get better.

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As a reply to your comments here's my battlesuit a little more weathered. Thought this is artifical lighting, making more tommorow if i can. going for an field trip to Barcelona with school this weekend till thursday

Everyone has a choice. Me, I choos not to make a choice  
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Enginseer with a Wrench

Salt Lake City, UT

I like it with the additional weathering. Great job!
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Executing Exarch

Odenton, MD

I am not a fan of the metal, have you considered changing it to a bone color?

other than that Black and yellow always look great!
Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

Wow, the additional weathering makes it look awesome! Looks like one hard-nosed battle commander

Great job!!
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Looks much better with the weathering!
Made in eu
Regular Dakkanaut

Westerville, OH

There are a ton of ways to use washes. One way, for yellows, is to just get a small brush (like a 5/0 or even smaller) and put the wash onto it, then run the wash just into the cracks/depths/crevasses of the model. Another way is to apply the wash to a whole area, and then re-paint your basecoat and and layers on top of that wash, only on the surfaces--not in the depths/cracks of the model.
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All right,

Ordering my Tau Fire-warriors as soon as my PAYPAL is working.

Just finished my drones who came with the Battlesuit.

Please critize and comment my painting. I'm going for a tau army wich isn't pristine but heavely weatherd through battle and weather.

Finding it hard to get strait lines so i'm gonna get a marker(pen) for this next week.

[Thumb - SNC00901.jpg]
My drone (needs more touchup and lining)

[Thumb - SNC00899.jpg]

[Thumb - SNC00902.jpg]
With the battlesuit

Everyone has a choice. Me, I choos not to make a choice  
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looking really good,i think i wash on the metal would help on the brightness of the damage

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Stabbin' Skarboy

The weathering you have added is very nice. Big improvement.

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Mira Mesa

The biggest gripe I have, is the edges of the yellow and black are so contrasting, any inconsistancy is glaring. I would clean up around the suit's "neck" and there is some over-lap on his right arm and shoulder.

I think some Devlan Mud and Gryphin Sephia could go a long way here. The metalic looks too bright for battle damage, and the yellow and black are rather flat. Some careful use of washing could make everything look more corroded and damaged, which is what you are going for, right? Putting down Scorched Brown before the Chainmail, leaving some of the brown showing, then washing the area with Devlan Mud makes for some very realistic battle marks. Gryphin Sephia and Devlan Mud work hand-in-hand in metalic joints, getting into the crevasses and rusting it.

You have a good grasp of weathering none the less, although your glow effects could use some work. My Tau friend studied this page, and his model detail increased tremendously: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?community=&catId=cat380004&categoryId=400035&pIndex=1&aId=1100010&start=2

Don't get me wrong, this are great models. Infact, I think if you get all of the above hammered away your models could be contest winners. Great work regardless though, keep it up.

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Thanks for the link DarkHound. I was looking for something showing a little bit of detail on how to paint those things on the Tau vehicles. Score for me.

Oi!! Which Butt'n makes dis ting go!?!
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Portsmouth, UK

These are looking great so far, they really look like they have see a lot of action in the field.

There are a few things with painting that just take time and practice, fine / straight lines are one of them. its will come in time dont worry.


Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Burtucky, Michigan

Finally a Tau army look, that LOOKS like theyve been slugging it out for some years now. Nice work man
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Please comment on my devifish. Not yet finished so c&c is welcome
[Thumb - SNC01027.jpg]

[Thumb - SNC01029.jpg]

[Thumb - SNC01030.jpg]

[Thumb - SNC01033.jpg]

Everyone has a choice. Me, I choos not to make a choice  
Made in us
Stabbin' Skarboy

I am hesitant to comment on things as I am fairly new to this hobby but I think that the dry brushing is a little heavy handed here.
Other then that it looks good to me. The black/yellow color scheme is growing on me more and more.

Oi!! Which Butt'n makes dis ting go!?!
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Stump wrote:I am hesitant to comment on things as I am fairly new to this hobby but I think that the dry brushing is a little heavy handed here.
Other then that it looks good to me. The black/yellow color scheme is growing on me more and more.

Agreed! the colour scheme i really like! Just not the dry brushing! think it would look alot better if you didn't go as heavy on the dry brush or didn't bother with it at all!

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Ollanius Pius - Savior of the Emperor

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These really are quite nice, even with such an extravagant color scheme. Much progress since the last time I viewed them, kudos!
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