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Oh yes, the Truffle Dogs are painted! Looking good! And you're making good progress on the hobby bingo as well, the "starter set" square is one that I'm probably not claiming any time soon..

As for the 'nid schemes, I'm partial to the pink'n'blue, it's the most synthwave of them

The battleship looks oddly familiar.. Is it USS Massachusetts? I built one as a kid (a Revell 1:720 kit), at the beginning of my modeling journey. Didn't get painted either.

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I've been absent from dakka a while and this blog has gotten delightfully strange in my absence.
As for your hive fleet, I vote green armor purple skin, with the added suggestion that you name it hive fleet joker and paint obnoxious clown make up around the grinning maws of your beasts.
Make the imperial xenologists wonder how they got those scars...

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Can I change my vote to give fleet joker?

It’s cool that you found your dad’s battleship. Gotta love a bit of nostalgia. Will it be getting any paint?

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Can I change my vote to give fleet joker?

It’s cool that you found your dad’s battleship. Gotta love a bit of nostalgia. Will it be getting any paint?

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Ok, seems I'm too late to the party, but would have picked the most loved color scheme too Maybe add a further layer of color by using bone color or black on the weapon?

And battleship looks cool. I remember doing a plane with my father decades ago, it also never got paint. I think he has still some other kits lying around at home that he never built/ will build. Might snag them from him
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Surrey, BC - Canada

 amazingturtles wrote:

So this is not something i made, but it is related to my hobby, and i am excited about the fact that i found it. behold, the thing that got me into hobby stuff in the first place!

This is a ship my father made, before i was born. it was one of my most beloved toys as a kid (even though i was only allowed to touch it under the most CAREFUL supervision). I spent a long time just looking at it, and when i learned that my dad had made it himself, i was stunned and would eventually want to make my own! It's been missing for years, and it's obviously a bit battered, but finding it was like finding a long lost friend.


Looks like an IOWA class battleship.



PS: Happy Canada Day.

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What a cool find! I'm happy that you were able to reconnect with an old model buddy. I know nothing about boats so I'm afraid I'm no help with IDs, so all I can say is that as far as battleships go, it looks pretty chonky!

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