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Made in gb
Furious Fire Dragon

Midlands, UK

Bellerophon Builds the Legio Metalica and Allies – Two Scales, Double the Fun

Hey folks, welcome to my second Dakka blog. This one will follow my adventures in building Legio Metalica titans, in both 40k and Adeptus Titanicus scale, plus the allied forces that go along with them.

How did all this begin?

Around Christmas I bought myself a Warlord Titan. Full Size. What can I say, I’m weak for titans. The Warlord gatling blaster was released for the full size warlord, Forgeworld offered a bundle which appeared to be the only hope of any sort of discount they’d ever offer on the thing (it effectively amounted to getting one of the guns free), and I was in a position to treat myself as a Christmas present. I’m still amazed that I actually bought it. The huge pile of resin arrived and rather than thinking “Holy God-Emperor, what have I done?” I was excited. So that’s a good sign. The more terrifying part is that my brain was already contemplating more titans before I’d even made a start on the first. Anyway, I set to work checking all the parts against the instructions to make sure that they were all there and in decent condition, then started washing off the mould release agent and chopping off casting gates. For a kit this size, that’s a huge undertaking in itself and it took an age.

This is how a Warlord Titan arrives. This one has the Mars-Alpha pattern head, one Belicosa Volcano Cannon, one Warlord Macro Gatling Blaster and the carapace Laser Blasters.

[Certificate Number redacted, to be revealed at a later date!]

And this is what it looks like when you take all the parts out of the boxes and lay them out – 40k Salamanders hiding amongst the titan components for scale.


Why Metalica? And who will be the allies?

While I was washing resin, I was pondering which Legio it should join. I had a plan in mind that whatever Legio my Titan was from, I would get some AdMech troops from the same Forgeworld, and an allied Knight House. I don’t have any AdMech yet, but I do have some unbuilt Imperial Knights – the Renegade Box and Apocalypse Box have given me two Questoris, one Castallan and two Helverins (yes, they’ve been on my shelves completely untouched for quite a while!) I considered doing a homebrew Legio/House/Forgeworld, but even though homebrew is cool and totally valid, I tend to prefer doing my own take on canon subfactions. So I wanted a Titan Legio, a Mechanicus Forge World and Allied Knight house that were all reasonably well defined, and which I liked. And there aren’t many. Most Titan Legions have no obvious Knight allies, and many have a named Forge World that doesn’t have an official scheme. What I didn’t want to do was make my Titan, say, Legio Osedax, but then have to make up my own colours for Forge World Phaeton, because then I’d be running the risk of GW defining an official scheme down the line which rendered mine incorrect. From the short list, I eventually settled on Legio Metalica. They’ve got clear ties with the well-defined House Raven and Forge World Metalica. Great, just what I was looking for. I love the colour scheme of the titans, which I feel is the most important part of this trio of selections, deep red with white/black/yellow secondary is classic, and I like the Iron Skull heraldry. I also felt they were a bit under-represented in titans that I've seen online given they're a classic legion. Metalica Skitarii look cool in white, and make for a nice departure from most of the other primarily red AdMech.

The one part of the trio I’m not as keen on is House Raven, which is a shame, since they’re very close allies to Metalica, therefore they’re the logical Knight house to pair with Metalica and having well-defined knight allies was one of the main reasons I was drawn to the legion in the first place. But there’s a few things that put me off – I’d like to have my knights in a clearly different paint scheme compared to the titans because they’re separate organisations and I think it’s cool to have drastically different looking knights and titans fighting together, but the Raven colours are pretty similar to the Legio. I’m not fond of their heraldry (the Keep Inviolate looks a bit naff if I’m honest!), and I’d be tempted to include Legio Metalica heraldry in its place to show knights attached to the legion, but then that makes the colours even more similar than they already are. And finally, I’ve done enough major subfactions that I quite fancied doing a lesser known Knight House rather than the AdMech knight posterboys.

Step in Adeptus Titanicus. I’ve got friends and friends-of-friends who are into AT, and I kept seeing very cool models shared in our painting group. But I hadn’t bought any myself because small titans just didn’t feel right. A titan should be the size of a toddler and made from a mountain of resin, or is it really a titan? But then, suddenly I had a full size titan, and even though it’s still mostly in pieces, that objection to AT was suddenly gone. I’d got a big one, so having small ones now felt okay. Better than okay even, they’re really cool models. So I bought into AT. Naturally I’m doing Legio Metalica. Amongst others, I’m going to try to make one of the small Warlords match the big one.

For Knight Allies, there’s two obvious choices – Krast and Lakar. The original old-school Krast description described them as fighting for Legio Metalica while showing them with their original blue colour scheme. The recent Legio Metalica transfer sheet includes the heraldry for the original blue Krast scheme. I really like the blue Krast scheme. But Lakar is really cool too, rather like Lamenters with a flash of blue thrown in, and they’re listed as having fought for Legio Metalica at Beta Garmon. I think I like Lakar more, but I’ve got transfers for Krast. But then, I reasoned, since Krast is blue-with-yellow, and Lakar is yellow-with-blue, they’ll look great together. Yeah, why not, I’ll have two allied Knight Households.

Back to the full scale conundrum. Obviously 40k Krast has changed markedly from the Heresy days (they’re now in a more standard Mechanicus red scheme with totally different heraldry) and appear to no longer be associated with Metalica. But nobody said anything about Lakar. There’s pretty much been no fluff on them since the early days of 1st Edition Titanicus, and a brief mention in a list in Titandeath. I’ve seen a few people online paint them in AT scale, and one notable (and very cool) 40k scale Lakar collection floating around the web. So they’re far from being a major subfaction, look cool, have a notably different colour scheme to the titans. Perfect. I can easily fluff that they’re still fighting in their original colours and they’ve kept up at least some ties to Metalica in honour of their service in the Heresy. So House Lakar will march to support Metalica in 40k scale.
Decision made.

However I’m not going to rule out some Raven too, their ties to Metalica are just too strong to ignore! We’ll see when I get there, but I may end up with two knight households in both scales. However that’s a much more significant undertaking in 40k than it would be in AT, so I’m certainly not going to commit myself just yet.

40k scale – Legio Metalica – (probably) House Lakar - (maybe some) House Raven – Metalica Skitarii

AT scale – Legio Metalica – House Lakar – House Krast

Onwards, for the Omnissiah.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
40k Warlord progress

In the five or so months I’ve had this titan, what have I actually got done? Well, surprisingly little in the way of obvious progress. A lot of time went into the washing, cutting off gates and cleaning up, but there hasn’t been that much in the way of sticking the thing together. Partly that’s down to the question of how and where I’m going to magnetise this thing. It’s such a big, expensive kit and I’m going to be drilling such big magnet holes that it’s a bit intimidating; I want to make sure that I’m not going to screw it up. I tried drilling some test magnet holes in some of the casting gate scrap, and drilled one at a noticeable angle, so now I’m pondering that I should set up a jig or a drill stand to make sure I drill straight. I’ve got the magnets for the arms – and possibly head – 10mm diameter by 10mm deep neodymiums, rated at 5kg pull. Because these weapon arms are substantial. But I’m also contemplating doing the waist and for that I’d want something even beefier, and an even bigger hole to drill.

So in the absence of knowing what to drill and how I’m going to make sure I get it right, I’ve started by JB-welding a few parts together that I know isn’t going to get in the way of doing my magnets. I had been contemplating pinning most of the joints in the titan, but the JB-Weld is such a tough joint I don’t think it’s necessary. I used it to fix a couple of the casting gates together and tried my damndest to pull them apart. There was no way they were moving.

Anyway, here’s a a couple of shots of pieces sat in clamps waiting for the epoxy to cure. With a tape measure because I still can’t quite believe how big it is.

The finished laser blasters with the armour panels dry-fitted, painting bench and Sororitas for scale.

And a scale comparison of the shin/knee assembly against the equivalent part from Adeptus Titanicus.

Adeptus Titanicus Progress

I’ve just recently started working at this, beginning with a pair of Knight Lancers and a pair of Warhounds to test my schemes for Lakar and Metalica respectively. These are still WIP, but mostly there. I still need to base them, apply decals, weather and matt varnish them. I haven’t done weathering yet because I’ve not tried my streaking enamels or pigments yet and I don’t want to risk making a mess of the (nearly) finished models. I’m probably going to prime and them paint a few of the left-over traitor armour panels to test out the weathering techniques before I apply them to the titans. The Warhound armour panels and heads are mostly dry-fitted and blu-tac’d in case any of them look slightly dodgy in how they’re fitted. Weapons are magnetised.

I've been rather indecisive over whether to stick with the gunmetal trim or whether to change it for a pale gold - of the old-school Metalica titans I've seen, there's both silver and gold trim, and I can't quite decide which I prefer. I think I lean towards the gunmetal though, which is why I painted it that way to begin with.

Aside from needing to practice weathering and finish those models, I've also been working on a pair of Reavers. I'll try to get some WIPs up soon. I'd also like to do some test knights in the Krast scheme fairly soon.
Made in us
Been Around the Block

The Knights and mini-titans look great. I like how much thought you've put into the various components of the alliance.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

By the God-Machine. This is going to rock. Little bots look great so far.
Made in gb
Furious Fire Dragon

Midlands, UK

Thanks both

Some progress to report. The AT Warhounds haven't had any further progress yet, still working out my weathering and trying to make my mind up if I'll base them in the same arid earth as my 40k. I probably will. Instead, I've got two reavers to about the same stage of completion - the main painting done, but no weathering, decals or basing yet.

Not the best photos, but decent enough to convey the colours on a WIP.

I've also been working on the Warlord Macro Gatling cannon for the big fella:

After the epoxy on the barrels has cured, I just need to fit them barrels to the body and the main body of the gun will be assembled. It'll just have the couple of armour plates to do, but I'm going to leave those separate until after painting. One of them does need a bit of bending into shape though.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Loving those stripes. Can't wait to see some paint on that cannon.
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