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Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/23 00:32:23

Post by: neil101

FOUND it! I have found my little piece of the 40k web where i can build and muse and share.
I am neil101 father of three boys 10 10 12 , I like creating things designing things drawing things, i hope some of myself and my boys work shall find a home here amongst peers.
This is a good place . If you can see beyond my spelling and gramatical errors you might enjoy my comic Praxus Teaser page 2 Introduction page 4.
I have 3 projects on the go a the moment. Purity Seal Manufactorum , Praxus Comic and Antal Adalais's Praxian Guard. Oh plus The Comedic Grimdark cookie kronikles, and i probably just started a new diorama project . And i know theres not much paint yet but its comming i promise!

Update , Mostly working on creating the Agridustrial world of Praxus at the moment, in story, pictures, and models

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/23 20:31:31

Post by: Viktor von Domm

whoa cool shots, like your conversions a lot.

the pic "scouts and catachans clash " looks very dynamic, almost real, the camera angle and the sunlight make it a truly cool pic.

your catachan guy does he have a hormagaunt on his back? is it a trophy? nice idea...

your dead cadian i truly love, great, wanted to do that myself for so long, same with the memorial, looks cool, but i´m not really into your paintjob there...

and the true winner is the slain sm and his fallen off dented helemt... prieceless. looks really cool. did you have to cut many limbs for that? did you have to cut on the knees as well? though work, never did that ...

by the way only flew over your inquisitorial tower thread for now, but it was thias and the scratchbuilt landraider thread
that inspired me for my scratchbuilding contest...

really like your work, hope to see mor of it soon^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/23 22:58:24

Post by: neil101

Hey Viktor hows things mate? thanks for stopping by.. my boys have being asking if anyone has commented on the boltgun yet? but this is close enough i think. ctachan does have alien head trophies tau as well ( cant see in the pic , and the necron head fell off! though the chances of a guardsman killing a necron was a bit far fetched i think. i was so proud of the cadian , i too have being waiting years to do one , after seeing the cities of death boobytraps on forgeworld. The memorial was just a quick and nasty rush job, actually my very first build in about 4 years, just to get the taste for it again,
the space marine is inspired by a very old white dwarf issue 101/ or 101 i think that had space marine and imperial gaurd medics as they were called then healing some prone models , as well as a dented shouder pad tutorial on gw website a few years ago. the model is an old space crusade model i cut off his arms and added new ones and yes the cuts are on the knee joints, getting his legs to go straight with such big boots was tricky.
got a bit more stuff to show some custom orks base coated comming soon , to this blog . and maybe my next big project.... btw do you know if i can add more posts to my blog with more pictures , or do i have to edit the original ones out and replace them with new ones? anyone?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/23 23:03:48

Post by: madmartykmf

These are some greats conversions!! I love the dead cadian. The bolter is pretty sick too.

Keep up the great work!!


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/24 08:27:48

Post by: Viktor von Domm

first, i just forgotten to post about your nasty bolter piece... looks really cool.

as a father of three hooligan boys this would be just the project to do in serial production...^^

so if you got any templates for that bolter i would be much thankfull...

just imagine a bunch of boys storming raging and making shooting sound over a playground^^ that would be the day^^

and as for a guardsman killing a necron...everyman is entiteld to a lucky day... and with all these chainswords flying around a head is just another thing to cut^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/24 10:40:58

Post by: Xenon

Conversions are very nice! I especially liked dead guardsman and marine.

But great work overall!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/27 17:49:27

Post by: neil101

ok quick update and some pics of my NEW build , based on an idea of recycled junk , i plan on making a adeptus mechanicus purity seal manufactorum, with animated working parts , designed to be playable and a diaroma that tells a story of the sacrifice involved in creating purity seals for the front line fighting men. My idea came from several fantastic converted models of the adaptus mechanicus, floating around especialy those of our very own inquisitor earl( respect) and of course the inspirational talent of john blanche and new kid on the block karl kopinski.

so the story is on a certain planets , out of respect and fear of the imperium,chidren of imperial citizens are chosen by the adaptus mechanicus outpost stations at birth to ritually grow there hair for 20 years. to keep it well looked after , unlike most imperial citizens and when the time is right, to sacrificially give up there body hair to be woven into the rarest of purity seals , so the front line soldiers when awarded one never forget what they are fighting for... humanity!

thats it really in a nutshell, this will be my biggest project to date , i got a little confidence boost after my inquisitorial tower;-) so gonna try to do a bit better this time , add some animated parts from broken dvd drives and printers and what not's
there is a video of my junk collection that will going into the project the moving parts stuff is near the end of it

most of this stuff is just concept art and designs for now , but more will follow as i create it.. cheers neil

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/27 17:57:32

Post by: Commander Cain

If this turns out as good as those sketches, I will be very impressed!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/27 19:38:16

Post by: Viktor von Domm

be sure that when you pull that of, you are a seriuos contestant to win both categories!!!

you got so much junk stored, and the iedeas you have for them... whoa, i have to pull my hat eaven now.

your sketches are wonderfull, the ones for the full shot looks almost out of a codex book. this is meant as high praise!

i´m not fully firm on the fluff behind your concept, but i guess that the impire would just do that. its their kind of working stretegy.

as i watched your vid, imagine me sitting a my monitor, getting nearer and nearer, and my jaw droping lower and lower. well to have a yard and a house of his own certainly has its advantages^^
again i salute to your dedication!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/27 20:29:13

Post by: neil101

Ha ha hope i havent bitten off more than i can chew...,never worked with electricals before , need to do a bit more research on that side.

and yes as my partner keeps telling me too much crap in the house!! i know this is my last project honest!!!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/27 20:44:19

Post by: Viktor von Domm

my wife also tells me often off for storing crap^^. i got a middle floor in our flat of my own with pc and a table for painting and so on... all stuffed to the ceiling^^.
lately i sloughterd some old disks 3 1/4 those floppy thingys, the got some nice small parts^^. there are so many things to find when your getting your hands on crap^^.

i think you got some serious talent, when looking at your ex toaster i see potential for almost anything.

one suggestion: will you make a central switching unit? in your vid i saw you testing printer and cddrive parts... maybe you could use HO train components as well, so you have energy and circuits due to railings...

besides, maybe i´ve mentioned it already, but i like your art. eaven if i wouldnt be a fan on 40k...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/27 21:09:59

Post by: neil101

cheers vik, as you know, when your a family man you don't get much time, for hobbies, its hard because you have to be selfish sometimes to be creative, with a family, its about striking a balance . I dont work at moment so i have some spare time between making meals and picking up kids, but i feel tremendous guilt when iam being creative, as i think everyone eles around me suffers. Its strange i go into a zone of creativity and nothing eles matters , its pure obbsessiveness that creates great art but , wrecks family life.
iam lucky i ahve an understanding partner, but being creative is not a choice for me its almost a punishment, it drives me crazy , with bouts of depression and moments of euphouria. i can go months about 6 normally with no inspiration at all, then bam! i have to get it all out in one go.. then crash back to reality , as you can guess iam in a high athe moment, so not much sleep not much food , but plenty of inspiration. lots of ideas , i see potential everywhere. but it doesnt pay the bills or by the food or clothes . :-( so lets see how long this phase lasts.

phew think i needed to say something... cheers for the words of encouragement mate. and hope your family is well!
@ commander cain , heres to hoping.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/27 21:44:00

Post by: Viktor von Domm

i think i can understand you. that said i think also it isn´t that good a help iun these matters. first i´m also unemployed. which means more spare time than my wife wants me to have...she also wants to pay the bills...but me, i´m not up to it at the moment, cant do that, its a state of mind i´m in at the moment. i think myself not suitable for the economy to work a 9-5 shift... comes with beeing creative i think. i guess its like my old literature teacher told us, creativity, genius and madness are often in one tight package. your feeling i fully understand. to have these creativity flashes can be sometimes hurtfull. to yourself and to your loved ones. to surpress these flashes will surely rob you of your sleep. it does this to me sometimes. than the nagging feeling to sit at my desk and create is so overhelming, but i have to get sleep, cause come what may at 6:30 my wife must get up and the children must go to kindergarden and school. and my duties lie there...but after that i often forget about houshold chores and so on. i know you sometimes feel quilty for your gift. but one thought so: beeing creative is a seldom talent, not bestowed upon many people. who knows waht your talents might lead you to. it sounds comic but mabye one day your talent for creativity gets you lucky and you can pay rents with that. and also i think your kids understand you and love you and you show them everytime you love them as well when you do thinks like bolters and stuff for them. and your wife surely understands you, cause as long as you show love to your family bills arent that important. well mighgty words from me but i want to think that money isn´t by far equal to love...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/27 22:16:50

Post by: neil101

Wise words mate well spoken, and true. i think we are alike , and i think nearly everyone in these forums suffer for their art, and there is a lot of it about in these pages, i wonder how much has been sacrificed for everyone in here to bring out there own worlds, for other people share in their imagination and creativity. i think we are all peter pan who refuses to grow up , because to grop up is to forget something.. my children are so easily in touch with there creativity, and imagination. in fact its just playing , and its fun!
whats better than to imagine something that does not exsist, and then create it like frankenstein , with you as god . how can people not want to be creative? if you dont like your world just write another , paint another or build another. oh and btw that badly painted rhino had me fall of my chair lol . and its not that i want to be mean , but that was funny , but in a cool way whata fantastic and original paintjob, probably the most original i have ever seen actually lol

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/27 22:39:31

Post by: Viktor von Domm

yeah, first thought was that it was a happy marine rhino^^.
the bolters weren´t eaven seeable^^ under all that paint. the upper parts was in an ocre that i thought it looked almost like fur^^

your thought about peter pan really got me thinking...i guess thats the main problem for me that i am not enough grown up. i mean im married and i have kids but i want to be a boy still. and some things boys cant/wont do...playing is important for me. in my head or with my kids or just for myself at my pc.... or eaven when i´m reading a book.
its all about balance, but i think i´m not good in balacing between personal interest and social interest, i make my childhood and parents partly responsible for that, they got some serious problems during that time and i think i try desperatly to claim that lost time as a boy back...the main problem is that it feels good to play, its too hard to stop. who can switch off these thoughts...


other question i have to ask in behalv of my kids. your bolter, mind if you post templates for it? that would be great.

thanks in advance, yours vic (besides i´m called Mathias, stupidly i created this account because i like Viktor von Doom of the Fantstic Four of Marvel Comics, but i´m just to stupid to spell right^^)

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/27 22:57:56

Post by: neil101

lol i got victor von doom just thought you were called domm!
, i have no templates for the bolter as it was hand drawn but i could measure it up for your boys, you will a pringle tube some
mdf http://www.google.co.uk/products?q=mdf&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-GBfficial&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wf

and some( hard as nails) or( no more nails ) type glue
and some foam board http://www.google.co.uk/products?q=foam%20board&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-GBfficial&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wf
i carved the handle out of wood but you could build it around another toy machine gun

bolt gun metal , and black spray paint.
shall measure up for you mate tommorow.

though i did notice a much better bolter in the sister of battle armour thread ,and the guy says he is going to write a tut as well check it out

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/27 23:09:39

Post by: Viktor von Domm

yep read thet partly also. also a very dedicated person.the thing is yours looks sturdier^^ and my hooligans need sturdiness rather than posh things sometimes. i plan to do these bolters for the next summer to be completed so the can play on playgrounds with it and can have the time of their life ^^

yeah mdf is probably the way to go, low texture and sturdines combined with slimness.

the handle will be the main problem, cause carving is rather difficult. but that is more of a challange^^. maybe my nine year old can help me during the process...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 19:49:58

Post by: neil101

Update of some old fantasy stuff. including stone monster made from real stones , princess minonoke ashitaka's red elk yakul with out horns, and huge scenic gaming map!!!!!

[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000460259.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000465579.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000470659.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000475859.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000481219.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000486259.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000491539.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000496739.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000502939.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000507419.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000512979.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000523019.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000528139.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000533779.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000538739.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000543979.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000549179.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000554499.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000559739.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000559739.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000564899.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000570139.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000612139.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000627739.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000633219.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000638419.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000643619.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_000648819.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 20:03:27

Post by: Viktor von Domm

can any body please say erol flynn? that elf with the rapier has got to be him^^

all i can say hugh... when did you do that?and from what?
and although i know the princess from her movie, i can say only one thing when i read the word elk....

that majestetic elk bit my ankle...one day an elk eaven ate my grandmother....well as much as i remember from


watch 1:45^^ moose or elk^^

as for the terrain, i like the lony house the most...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 20:08:13

Post by: Gavin Thorne

I spy with my little eye...

Heroscape figures!

Nice diorama and I look forward to seeing the purity seal manufactotum thing. Nice attention to detail and interesting fluff. I'm hooked!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 20:16:04

Post by: Viktor von Domm

well neil you had it coming^^, changed my avatar with a gift of this talented artist... behold the true master of all planes Viktor von Doom, Ruler of Latveria and scourge of the Fantastic Four. Now with extra Spacemarines added^^

thanks mate, i realy enjoy it^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 20:28:51

Post by: neil101

cheers Gavin, your right about the heroscape , must have more mi..n..i..s. Most of this is old old stuff , there really is fluff on it lol i too am looking forward to getting stuck in on the manufactorummmmm... hope my work improves a lot more , i have plenty of ideas but not enough patience normally to see them through to fruition , but i believe i turned a corner, i think its called having someone other than yourself to apprecaite your work lol .

nice sig vik that could get annoying quickly lol , hope your kid forgives me ...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 20:32:50

Post by: Viktor von Domm

i got a green cape, and maybe i make a new pic with him and his mask as a minny me DOOM^^, but for now i use this as a tribute^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 21:05:09

Post by: neil101

trying to get everything in place , got bits flying around the forums, this is in the board game section but will put up a teaser

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 21:11:50

Post by: Viktor von Domm

really cool idea of a facehugger, you could do lots of that, heck I could do lots of that for my nids army, i have to keep that in mind...

did you by chance ever read something from terry pratchett? and if so do you know leonard da quirm? he was locked up for his wild inspirational talent by the ruler of the main city...^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 21:12:57

Post by: madmartykmf

That is EPIC! I for one can't wait to see the rule set and the game board. I do have to admit though, Alien(s) 2 is my all time favorite movie! Any chance of the Colonial Marines showing up? Keep up the great work.


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 21:19:58

Post by: Gavin Thorne

Where's Jonesy?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 21:28:29

Post by: neil101

arh crap , jonesy , knew i forgot something , and a had a great wriggling chest burster alien , that gone walkabout, shame..
but you want marines! , you got...well a marine ,..kinda , sort of , more like imperial guard really..

[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_001125699.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_001136459.jpg]
[Thumb - odst fantasy bolter orks.wmv_001115459.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/28 21:41:03

Post by: Viktor von Domm

lol that looks like starman from the mtv movie awards^^

nice shinbonepads on the imperial marine^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/29 17:07:51

Post by: neil101

Update on the Manufactorum, got a chance to put some pieces together today just to get an idea of the scale of the thing. It's gonna be bloody huge, holy crap if i do get this finished i havent a clue where i will put it . will have to by a shed!

Edit oh crap i just uploaded 30 files with lovely descriptive cmments, took me ages , and dakka cancelled it and said comment too long , arh bummer! not writing all that again though just pics sorry.

[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000015019.jpg]
 Filename manufactorum update.wmv_000020339.jpg [Disk] Download
 File size 192 Kbytes

[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000025419.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000030579.jpg]
 Filename manufactorum update.wmv_000035739.jpg [Disk] Download
 File size 204 Kbytes

[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000041099.jpg]
 Filename manufactorum update.wmv_000046459.jpg [Disk] Download
 File size 197 Kbytes

[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000051619.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000056939.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000062259.jpg]
 Filename manufactorum update.wmv_000067379.jpg [Disk] Download
 File size 181 Kbytes

 Filename manufactorum update.wmv_000067379.jpg [Disk] Download
 File size 181 Kbytes

[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000072659.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000077939.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000083219.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000088459.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000093699.jpg]
 Filename manufactorum update.wmv_000099259.jpg [Disk] Download
 File size 189 Kbytes

[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000252579.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000259619.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000263139.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000268619.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000273539.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000278699.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum update.wmv_000283939.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/29 19:45:17

Post by: Viktor von Domm

coll stuff... this will take ages no milleniums to paint...and a ton on paints... how will you paint that all, also considering your many movable or turning pieces... RESPECT!!!

one question: do your sons give their lego pieces freely or do you salvage in their rooms when they are in school?

i made it a rule that i buy lego or any toys on fleamarkets or via ebay...if i was hunting in the cildrens room then i wouldnßt stop... so i´m constantly reminding me of my rule^^...

your skullwith optics is awesome, did you sloughter an old cam for the optics?either your good at salvaging stuff from your hood or your family and you are constantly trashing things LOL^^

one other thing: in your movie you show the guardsmen facing orks... again respect, for not making little "pew pew" sound in the vid. i know i would have done so, my orcs i´m painting are constantly sreaming, the guardsman whimpering, the nids roaring and the marines shoozing... boombooombooooom^^^

i saw your inqusitional tower admidst your new project. will it be part or is it youst a stand in?

and where the heck do you have so much space for storing so much material, and then placing id together??? big envy there.....seems everybody anywhere has much more living room than we here in germany... doesn´t anybody live in lofts anymore?

well i will cross every available finger for your project!

good luck and keep on beeing as motivated!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/29 21:58:46

Post by: neil101

Hey Mathias, let me answer your questions one at a time mate. First i hadn't even thought about paint yet , but will have to bu a bucket load. I hope i can spray the moveable parts so they will still move , we'll see. I do ask the boys for parts , though i try not to use too many , they are getting older now so play with it a bit less. But your right about not being able to stop. they usaully want to help though. The skull with optics was my only broken camera , i took it apart to fix it but there was a cog broken so unfortunately the zoom does not work , it would of being cool to have a working optical zoom feature , or better stil a skull that takes pictures of you game :-0 . there are lots of skulls about at the moment for halloween , cool for moddeling 40k. i am constantly breaking things , i dont know why , but i never really chuck anything out either , so its not all reacent.
I was so tempted to make pew pew sounds lol. the tower is just a stand in for size references. I only have the dining room to play in and we normall use that for eating in so we are all eating off our knees whilst this project runs.. i dont really have much space with 5 people in the house , i could do with a shed so iam out of the house and the boys are getting bigger and bigger!
You cross fingers i will press thumbs?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/29 22:19:18

Post by: Viktor von Domm

be sure of my best wishes!

i loled reaaaalllyy hard as i read that you surpressed the urge to pew pew^^

eating on your knees? well your family is truly forgiving.

as for your sons willingness to help, what more could a father wish for? well big sacks full of money will never get out of fashion but its like back in the old days were a father has a buisiness running and the sons grew up to run the shop after he retired^^. well no one wants you to retire from your project not one minute (dont take that too serious^^).

this mecharius(?) skull with your cam optics i probably like the most. i haven´t thought that way about halloween.... i will stretch my tendrils outward for some skulls... in germany they aren´t so big in the season as in gb or the americas... but its sure getting us out everyyear to collects sweets with our bunch. and although we are not that straight farvard we do get our share for sure^^.

it would be a true fun thing to have a working cam for your project, but i think since it would be a rather too straight angle for a shot you often wouldn´t get a good one at that.

as for you spraying movable parts: does that then work? i ´m in prospect of painting a predator tank for my sm chapter and the sponsons should stay movable...hope i can pull that of...well i have often said it but tomorrow i will for sure pull myself together and present my own blog of sm and thingys... its a thing that has to be done.

by the way my endeavor on ebay only did cost me 0.80€. pheeewwou.... saved by the bell... learned a thing or two in that situation...

as usual i close with all the best wishes for you and your loved ones, and all the creativity you can harness^^

yours truly mathias

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/29 23:53:03

Post by: neil101

Look forward to seeing your blog mate .

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/30 17:29:38

Post by: neil101

mini update , to manufactorum. found some fantastic fruit boxes in tesco's , that will save me a few pennies on meterials , and is lighter than the mdf i had planned, quick and dirty mock up of the base structure, comments and critiscisms welcome

[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000008939.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000011339.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000017579.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000021659.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000026859.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000031899.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000031899.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000037019.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000047779.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000052699.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000058099.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000063179.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000068379.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000073619.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000079419.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000084259.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000089499.jpg]
[Thumb - manufactorum 2nd update.wmv_000094779.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/30 18:51:47

Post by: Viktor von Domm

whenever i see your "so callled quick shots" i see your talent for drama^^. nice scene you developed.
i am really a fan of your chimneys... the are for now in this pre-phase the very heart and soul of your piece, cause the show the spirit of things to come!

also i like the idea of going from mdf to fruitbaskets, since the are made of veryy sturdy cardboard they will take punishment during painting but also will be farm lighter to carry around.

i´m glad that it seems your family doesn´t have to eat dinner from their knees any more^^ your manufactorum has shrucken considerable so its eaysier to pack away^^

also the pipes on the ground and the big one leading to the chimneys look very good, your very observant to actual architecture.

if i wasn´t subscribed already now would be definatly the time to do so again^^

since i´m not anymore a person with much patience dont be long for more updates^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/30 19:43:03

Post by: neil101

Nice to see you again mate, you know i have the bolter templates in production ( i havent forgotten about them) will post them when they are finished , it also inspired me to do some touching up of the beast. Think i want to redo the paintjob and add some colour to it . maybe add a close assualt blade. , like your blog btw its here at last! you are also a very skilled painter,to paint them up to that standard. might even make your guys a bunker for fun, if i get time. tyranids scratching at the door ;-). anyway yeah the fruitcardboard is excellent can't recommend it enough , the best find i have made. free , strong and light, what more could a terrain builder ask for? have you used it before? as for the pipes , and chimney , i need to go wider with the chimney to make it look more like my design, the pipes going into the floor is a happy accident , only really given it a cursory thought but your right it does make sense. I had to make the door wider to fit the dvd drive , but i think it suits it , oh and i have a finally sorted out the inside layout of the machines, and conveyor belt , that was a nightmare. trying to fit everything in and leave space and tell a story also . thinking of doing a short story / comic to introduce the concept.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/30 20:35:42

Post by: Viktor von Domm

definatly make a comic, would be instantly subscribed. have you had a look at:

its not grim dark but utterly funny...^^

well sometimes the best creations happen by accidents...
maybe i need a bit of advice from you, since you have an eye for scratchbuilding:
i want to do this as a stand in for droppods:


my mariens will not be droped to the ground instead they will pop up the ground^^

how should i do that...

and yeah i´ve used fruitcardbord before. since it is curogated cardboard you should mask it with tape wherever you cut it, otherwise it will show up and i think it might get weaken when sprayed...
what have you in mind when you say wider with the chimneys? looks good to me and tells the story of ?birmingham? massive production and pollution and so on...

have top admit that i havent seen in the pics so far something that reminded me of doors...?

well had a big disapointment today. followed your hint as to search for skulls in a decoration shop... germany is so lazy and uninteressted when it comes to halloween. the only thing i found were smiling skulls... imagine making a mecharious style built and having missing teeth and a stuuuupid grin in your face... a definte nogo^^

well the search will go on

yeasterday i scurred the webs on ebay and guess what i´ve found:
someone sells repainted waterguns for steampunk parties and rpg gamers... and they have to bloody pay through their noses for it. guess he will be making tons of money with it...
just a hint, maybe we could do a light endeavor into market with nice bolters....

had just a flash: maybe you could do a comic with just more or less painted models...and speach bubbles... that would be a new take^^

gosh i never wrote so much like today back in school^^

read you^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/30 20:44:23

Post by: Commander Cain

Nice work, keep it up!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/30 20:45:32

Post by: Viktor von Domm

wrong thread^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/30 20:49:33

Post by: monkeytroll

Woo, lots of intersting stuff Looking forward to seeing the manufactorum come together, and love the Nostromo crew

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/30 21:05:46

Post by: cccchristoph


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/30 23:08:12

Post by: neil101

thanks everyone , for taking time to stop by . i will keep trying to make it interesting, I dont have great mini painting skills as you see from the pics lol , hoping too improve, but i dont seem to have the patience , i want everything done yesterday . but hopefully i can stay focused to build and convert things. i find it more instant , . will keep trying to update as regularly as possible.

@ DR DOOOOM! that boring/ tunneling machine is such a great idea, infact i was looking at the forge world wall breacher yesterday, thinking how i could make one myself and was checking out toys in Tesco's they had something similar but it was £8 so i left it. maybe you could use a pringles tube cut in half at an angle with something like this at the end http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ed/Drill_bits-italy.JPG could ,maybe cut in half 2 pig pong balls or similar stick 3 to the end and add chopped up bits of wire for the teeth or maybe broken push pins, the plastic type? or better still chopped bits of sprue! the rubble will be tricky as you will have to base it. , i have never found an easy way to do rubble.

think i will give the comic/short story a go ,just post it in here though , the person who does the tau comic is talented indeed. mine wont be as blue as his though.
btw way have you ever been to koln, was looking at the cathedral there and its the most gothic thing i have ever seen especially in ww2 , straight out of 40k.

@commander cain , thanks mate
@monkeytroll yeah me too , now i have sorted out the factory layout, will still be a little cramped though.
@cccchristoph Thats what she said....!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/09/30 23:24:06

Post by: Viktor von Domm

your suggestions for the drill pod i will try to make something up in the morning.. we´ll see...

and yeah i know the dome in köln, i´ve made from another building pictures from our last holiday on the isle of rügen east coast of germany. also many gothic or early industrial buildings. redstones and piqued windos and such...tried myself with a gothic ruin i ´ve found in the interwebs... still to be built...

eatattau is absolutly hillariuos, yours could be well more into drama and more grim and dark. would love to see it.

and here comes the great revelation concerning rubble:
either you use plaster mixed with pva glue... or you can use cork. just tear it apart any how you like---> instant rubble, so much texture and totaly not streamlined. if you are using plaster you also only brack the plates of plaster and have nice edges...

and for that beetlejuce... well wjat can you expect in times of all hallows eve...spooookey^^

i´m off for now, see ya in a few hours...good night

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/01 10:22:52

Post by: neil101

Misc and other musings. found the tescos toy lego atlantis could be usefull for your drill if found cheap? it was from childrens playbox, cost £12 here is the link

[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000031739.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000036939.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000042299.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000057979.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000063299.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000068459.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000073699.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000078859.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000084099.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000089499.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000094939.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000100899.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000109939.jpg]
[Thumb - gears of war.wmv_000120379.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/01 10:36:20

Post by: Viktor von Domm

your roughnecks look awsome... now you also do greenstuff...
they look really beefy, like they would not shy away of takling a marine thenmself...
if you want a story, do it with those two and maybe do it like

that would rock^^

did you use some marinechests? looks cool, the one shot with the sergant in the middle looks like theother two would say: whats up shorty?

as for the toy do you mean that i should use the sawblade or rather the wheels? they would do the job...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/01 18:28:12

Post by: neil101

yeah that would be pretty cool, kane and lynch as tough gung ho imperial guard soldiers , maybe stop motion animation, in a comedy style.
but i am thinking more the human civillian element for the story , a softer side to 40k that we dont normally see.

i did use space marine bodies , to give them there carapace , it was almost identical to the original design. those gears of war concept artists ripped quite a lot from 40k, genestealers as well.
as for the toy i meant the wheels both the front and back are good but a combination of their designs would be best i think. shame its so expensive this one was a pocket money present one of my boys baught themselves only a few weeks ago , so i cant steal it for any projects :-(

P.s Starship troopers = Roughnecks
Gears of war = cog + Gears

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/01 20:43:51

Post by: Viktor von Domm

i used the term roughnecks especially for that reason... and because the look like the thing^^...

well yeah toys are really expensive these days... maybe ....but dont want to hijack your thread^^ join me in this discussion on my blog. heres your ballroom^^

so will you massproduce these fine imps for your moloch of a project? would be a good honor gard (well of course for such a delicate subject its a job for ordo astardes....but well...)

as for a softer side of 40k, well thats why the tau were invented lol^^
no seriously i thought in the sense of warhammer (either system) civillians are just used as casuallities or recrutment material...or food^^

but would be interessting to see somewhat everyday life in 40k. food regulations that will lead to enormous waitinglines in front of small shops... schools that preach instead of teach...or you might go so far as to show life in the underhive from a necromunda point of view with gangs and so on...

i will cross fingers for your first steps in this project and also for your current (many) things...

ps.: for my hive fleet consider your idea of face huggers so stealed partner^^ have just found it in the web.... might be fun idea to use as a poster ...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/05 15:27:07

Post by: neil101

Hello again , wanted to share some stuff i have being upto.. havent been able to work on the manufactorum for a while so i started my Online story, graphic novell , it to introduce the concept of my manufactorum. The story is called called Praxus , a industrial civilised world , in impearial space , the story is a short one and will be illustrated in black and white , it will focus on the lives of two individuals and will explore ideas of civillian life , love , innocence lost , and sacrifice within the grimdark 40k universe. hope to have the story finished fully and illustrated before the manufactorum is finished , i will post the story and artwork in chapters , there will probably be 3 . this is just a teaser to see if there is any interest for this sort of thing , but critisims and comments are always welcome . if this is succesfull i will produce more stories based on the planet. Cheers neil101

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/05 19:48:09

Post by: Viktor von Domm

welllll.....hmmmmm no, can´t be bothered....

urhgh *shakes head* ohhh just came to my senses again^^

great artwork... love the lines must have taken ages to draw that...
i like your style to tell a story with only some small pictures. you just can hear the sound of battle and the raging of the men and music...yeah right music. some big sounds...

you teased me with this strip right enough, well actually i can´t demand anything but if i could i would definatly... would love to see the whole story. as you mentioned that it is about two characters in the 40th millenium and shows their life and you also mentioned you want to show more civilian life then this battle drama won´t be the whole content. this sound s truly interessting.

one suggestion: i´ve read my fair share of comics in my time. and if i had to sum up what makes a story good and waht not i would recomend something you wouldn´t guess^^...
do the lettering from hand instead by typesetting. i think your sketches deserve handlettered typo. even the last word "war" i would set as some sort of drawing. there is so much life in your drawings that the stale letters from a writing program won´t do them pictures justice.

well, now that i have taken a glimpse of thinks to come, it leaves me wanting and guessing...
will these individuals be lovers, brothers or enemies...?
where will the story lead to...
hmmm, i just noticed that i´m not the patient one^^ but to have a good story with great pictures drawn in that style i woont have a chance but to wait...

ok mate up to you... get on the drawing desk *slashes whiplash*


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/05 21:29:39

Post by: neil101

Thanks for the advice about the typeset its easy to miss stuff like that when your focused on story and artwork etc.. Just not sur if my lettering is up to the job. might look around for help with that. you any good with letters? , Somehow i thought you would have knowledge of the comic book world, and its a great compliment that you like my artwork, as you must of seen plenty lol . Iam taking the illustrating one step at a time , as i havent really drawn like this before , only quick sketches. and i would really like this to be good. hope i can keep the pace up and get a bit faster , as it took me three days to finish that page ! at that rate i will be finished next year. I wasnt confident enough to add blacks yet , but i would like to experiment a bit ( not like me lol! ) What do you think of the black and white scheme? do you think it needs more black , i added a darker pic and i think this works better online.
. as always thanks for the feedback .

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/05 21:49:29

Post by: Viktor von Domm

hope i didn´t bump you with my begining prank...got sometimes a weird sense of humor...

as for your lettering... well the least you can do is get a more 40k related typo from a free typo site...can´t name you one at the moment....

your lining could use some more black, as i recall you used this brush technique some times...that looked awsome.
did you do the strip on one piece of paper? i don´t know if you knew that comic artists sketch upon a whole big paper for one panel. so that the art never gets to tiny...

and don´t be afraid that this won´t pull off any other that cool and yet beautiful. you´re a serious artist. the dynamics in your panels and your gift for "camerawork" cant find another word for, are remarkably. and about the amount of time invested for this piece of art, never rush, good things need time.
as for me helping with your lettering part...don´t know how we should do that beeing miles apart...and also, this is your artwork. your vision, this shouldn´t be spoiled by another hand. i know i wouldn´t want it in my case.it´s like having your baby from another man/woman...as art IS an act like creating life, yeah sound big but true art is big, it´s what set us apart from the beasts...it´s one of the two major things we can do to get immortal. the other is raising children...

good luck mate and move on^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/05 22:39:18

Post by: the damned artificer

Looking good, especially the comic your brewing on, I'll definately be watching

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/08 18:25:10

Post by: neil101

thanks guys , @ vik yeah i know some artist draw bigger and reduce , might try it for the rest of the comic, as i forgot doh!
cheers for the tip

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/08 21:17:10

Post by: Viktor von Domm

i´m all for help^^, glad your back.
busy life?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/09 19:19:44

Post by: neil101

Never enough time in the day for me .yeah just story writing sketching and more weiting until i can get some work done on the manufactorum.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/09 19:26:03

Post by: Viktor von Domm

i´ll cross fingers for some creative freetime for you^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/23 14:46:08

Post by: neil101

Well , even though my blog has being quiet , i can assure you i have not being resting on my laurels, i fact i havent stopped bloody working, unfortunately , or fortunately , it has been primarirly on the Praxus Novella ( which really is just a fancy and time consuming way of writing an interseting fluff for my manufactorum, which i also havent being working on , drawing it seems is very labour intensive , but i have decide to split my creative adventures into a few catorgeries to stop the dreaded boredom from setting in. i will be working on all the projects at once now , that is the comic the manufactorum and the all new characters from the PRAXUS Novella , the end result will be the Sequential art Novella will take a bit longer , sorry for anyone hoping a quicky turn -a- round

but the upside is i get a few days a week to work on the manufactorum and main models of the peoples of praxus, of which i am proud to present (spoiler alert= Antal adalais (although a bit older than he appears in the Novella) Praxian future heir to Praxus planetary governorship , and his planetary deffence personelle body guard Copiae.
models are from perry minatures plastics range including a selection of unmounted dragoons british officers , french officers and french infantry, i highly recomend them! they are amazlingly detailed and highly customisable, the down side is even though they are 28 mm they are not very compatible with the 40k minatures, as they are realisticly proportioned, ie small and delicate, unlike them catachans , the models seem to be compatible with eldar high elf and tau, arms with a little conversion and some times cadian , although the shoulder pads are a bit oversized! The minis actually look tiny when not mounted on gw bases and bulked up with backpacks and so fourth, which i think makes space marines look realsized without any conversion .. BONUS will show a pic of this after the upload. these are a simple setup and a few hours converting to see if thety were usable, and my sons helped convert them , in fact my youngest twin , made ANTAL ADALAIS ( the general himself ) and he has the best conversion imo. bloody kids!!

linky to models http://www.perry-miniatures.com/index2.html

[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000009219.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000014259.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000019419.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000024659.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000029979.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000035179.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000040379.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000045619.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000056139.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000077379.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000082379.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000087539.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000092819.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000098139.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000103379.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000108499.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000113659.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard.wmv_000124219.jpg]
[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000004979.jpg]
[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000009339.jpg]
[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000014139.jpg]
[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000019219.jpg]
[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000029579.jpg]
[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000034739.jpg]
[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000040019.jpg]
[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000050459.jpg]
[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000055699.jpg]
[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000076619.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/23 15:25:31

Post by: malfred

Nice work, though the scale differences can be off-putting. I think it still works, though.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/23 16:54:14

Post by: neil101

Thanks Malfred , your right the scale is a bit off , when they arrived i just thought arh bugger! cant use those. but with a bit of labour i think the models can be used ,especially the french draggon bodies they seem a bit bigger than the rest( the ones with the knee high boots).
i iniatley only wanted to create civillians for my manufactorum with theis range of models ( actually the american civial war models and british longbowmen from the war of the roses) but these looked so good i couldnt resist.
i have uploaded a few more shots showing size comparrisons with various races , if anyone eles id interested in abuying them. wont have the shock i got when opening the box!

[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000097579.jpg]
[Thumb - PRAXIAN PDF.wmv_000118819.jpg]
[Thumb - model size comp.wmv_000001699.jpg]
[Thumb - model size comp.wmv_000005259.jpg]
[Thumb - model size comp.wmv_000014379.jpg]
[Thumb - model size comp.wmv_000024579.jpg]
[Thumb - model size comp.wmv_000029979.jpg]
[Thumb - model size comp.wmv_000035059.jpg]
[Thumb - model size comp.wmv_000040379.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/23 19:38:25

Post by: Viktor von Domm

i had the effect of wathcing a b/w film seeing those many unpainted models in grey lol^^

as for your modeling please show a ful cap of Antal Adalais (by the way a great name, who came up with that? sound glamour) so to get more credit of the conversionskills of your son.
as for scale issues, yep that lascan looks a bit bigger than needed.... but why not give every one a bipod and thus justifing the beefier look? alsways thought mordians or this british version of 40k zulu wars was a very good treat to paint. way out of league for my budget but they look classy, so good choice using perry min. for this project. and on the plus side (big plus there) you can built up a big force with smaller budget. do you have a paintscheme for them? to tell you the truth if i would live next door to ye i would let my get chained up to your desk and be your paintslave^^ to paint them^^

again scale wise the eldar weapons are in scale but their style would be way of. the tau are quite usable and look like the perry guns making a timejump^^. maybe do something to make them a little more IG or maybe give the scopes cause the have that sniper look upon them.

again i am astonished at what you all here on dakka can spend on minis. i hack and punch my way through ebay on a dayly basis to gather a few bits and figs here and there and you cash inn the big stash for GW and the likes with seemingly no remorse? my wife gets the hysterics whenever i speak of new models and i fear every time the postman rings to bring me more ebayed goodies...i truly envy you lot^^...

phew... shot my powder for now and will look for more from your gifted family^^ give my reagards to ye son for making a new genaration with inspiration^^,

cheers mates vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/23 20:43:16

Post by: neil101

Hey vik , thanks for the nice comments again, i can allways rely on you to make it seem worthwhile . i like black and white movies , or least if i can afford models i cant afford paint to paint them lol, although all the models you have seen so far are not mine
they all belong to my children, an unexcpected bonus's of having three boys , who like minatures but cant be that bothered to paint them. thats a good 8 years worth of birthdays christmas's and pocket money * 3 , so i get to play with them as well . infact i only have the catachans , which i bought for my alien project and the scouts which i think look cool. having chucked out all my original minis and scenery in an argument with my partner 8 years ago! told you i had a quick temper
although my partner did buy me a scout speeder and a gothic 40k building last month , when i was in the final stages of the inquisitower. which i havent touched yet, unlike me!!
the perry minatures i figure is gonna save me a fortune, in expensive gw minis but your right about the weapons they still look a bit too big will get custom converting them smaller somehow, not that worried if they are not imperium weapons really since they are planetary deffence force, but the tiny perry muskets just did'nt cut it in 40k imo.
I am also looking forward to painting these beauties, hope i can do them justice given how small they are and given how big my hands are
as for colour scheme mmm er blue and white , black with red edging, racing green , like sharps rifles, not really sure since they are based on a black and white comic?
any suggestions are welcome.

edit there IS a full cap of Antal adalais , the one leaning on his rifle oh and the name i made up from the baby names websites, it Antal means prince Adalais King
dont woorty there will be a bibliography /glossary with the comic/ Sequential Art Novella.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/23 22:00:34

Post by: Viktor von Domm

i followed the dune thread for a while, then lost interest, cause it got to specialized...BUT, here i come again, cause what better thing for a apintscheme to suggest as to make Antal like Paul Atreides?

the best i coud come up with in a hurry^^

got strategy to paint the models for your youngsters^^. so it seems your doing comisions^^.
well i didn´t realized up until your last post that the guy leaning on his rigle is Antal... he was the one i thought needed to get his rifle slimmed the most...i feel bad to write that since he was built by your son... could you persuade your son to dremel something off of that monster of a gun? or do the bipod upgrade i suggested...would help. but i got a nagging thought. since i done my duty serving this misbegotten goverment of mine in the army i wouldn´t rest a gun on the barrel. as dirt and whatnot might kill you when handling your weapon that way, cause you can´t rely upon it when it is needed the most. but alas it is good to see somone important not handling some fancy pancy weapon when being a celeb. makes this Antal- Persona a easy for liking^^

quick sidequestion, as you use the term partner, are you married? if not is it something that desn´t cause bother in UK? i know for years it was still a pain in the b...t here in Germany but since i became freshly married in august this year my kids are finaly all legal^^

concerning that temper happening, OUCH....OUCH...OUCH...
can understand that, i know what can lead to what, but your minis...that had to hurt where ye couln´t scratch yerself...

ok i´m hopping themes here but waht gives:
did i understand you right? did you name SHARPe, as in Richard Sharpe and the sharpshooters?
that would be so damn awsome. was one of my favorites on tv for a long time. had a short run in tv at germany long ago. he WAS THE underdog and a hero and a gentleman and a roque and a roughneck. what more can you want in a tight backage (man i sound as i´m in love...lol)
but their colors are truly cool. like napoleon wars dark angles one could say^^.
as for truly painting them....why not go the extra miles and paint them fully with washes? i´ve seen orcs and marines here on dakka done only mostly with washes and then some details. would work wonders on jackets and trousers i think....

well lost my train of thought .... agian^^ so
heres to you

cheers mate, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/24 02:04:37

Post by: neil101

lol napoleon wars dark angels such a cool idea when you say it like that, . yeah its the same sharp with actor sean bean .will probably do the main troops in green like sharpe and the officers in more bright colours to signify rank. these are really just a mock up wip so ,thank you for your input mate, the idea of making the guns with bipods is good , will make up some heavy stubber type guys like that.
you know from a distance the guns look fine , its just up close and personelle that they look HUGE! , but now i know they look big i wont be happy until they are all correct. doh!
was that ME getting too specialised in the dune thread lol
i am a big fan of dune the movie, and as you can tell , Antal Adalais is already quite a bit inspired by Paul Atreidis, although i think my name is better lol thanks for the jacket link , i downloaded the movie but refused to watch it again whilst i was writing the story, because i didnt want it to overly inspire me. but the clothes and sets i do like , as you will see when i release the first chapter . i looked at tsar nicholas 2nd and king george 5th for inspiration with the noble families , and i have some wonderfull sketches of outfits for antal in the Graphic Novel. Washes for the paint scheme is a very good idea, thankyou as the are tiny! with lots of detail, and i am not a vey good painter ......yet! will test it out.
as for resting the gun on its barrel, i will pass on the advice. from an actual veteran! Dont want him blown to pieces with the first shot!

as for the minis yes it did hurt ;-( but i got over it and the children keep finding old metal minis in m delapidated shed , where i chucked them in anger before they went to the bin.

could be the reason we are not married lol we were engaged last year though , congrats on your marriage !

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/24 13:08:20

Post by: Viktor von Domm

thanks mate, after three kids it was like: now or never^^ for us^^.

i think this would deserve a whole blog if you do them in tribute for sharpe. they are awsome. anything done in the likes of them could only come out as awsome^^.
and yeah who isn´t a fan of dune? got meself one day via ebay the collectors dvd. watched it with my wife. well she wasn´t so inrigued by the movie. i love it. the music blows my mind whenever the fremen are charging. got goosebuds when thinking about it^^.
and i absolutly have to agree with you that Antal Adalais is far better than Paul. it is a name of dozen rather where yours is original. in white white dwarf 171 the title pic was a good one concerning this merger of the napoleon style and grim dark 40k. they had lots of russian styled influences. this is something that will never get out of fashion.

so in short you say it might be worthwhile to have a kind of tresure hunt in your shed as to search for long lost items? sound like fun with a certain morbid twist^^

i will update hopefully some by now older pics of my undertakings in 40k ish work. be prepared^^ to look in my profile for new threads^^.

cheers mate, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/24 13:43:03

Post by: neil101

Looking forward to it!

is this the wd your talking about?


the prostoyan first born? i dont have this one. but i know of them also the Mordian and Pretorian , but i think this will be the first Napoleonic French English IG i have seen!
would like to convert some of these models also

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/24 13:47:24

Post by: Viktor von Domm

yep this is the edition i was talkin about.
and again yeah i like the old pretorian figs. they look cool. they got outdated by the mordians but these aren´t a true heir for coolness like the former.
the thing your up to now has more salt in cause your doing it by your own hands.

see you in the evening chap^^, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/24 13:59:16

Post by: Yggdrasil

Hey, nice job on the minis, the simple addition of lasguns clearly make them belong to the 40k universe!

I have a question though : what is this guy supposed to wield? Is he a Ghostbuster or something?

From what I can see he's got an Empire Drum & an Eldar weapon platform remote, plus pipes & cables...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/24 18:58:34

Post by: neil101

Hey , Yggdrasil ( isnt that the viking tree of life?), thanks for the comment mate, the lasguns thing is weird , i know , take any mini from any game ever , put a lasgun in their hands , and blammo! 40k imperial guard. just goes to show the scope of the universe gw has created. as for ghostbuster lol yeah that would be cool , warp hunting napoleonics! Unfortunately this guy isnt that cool , he is still a drummer, or rather a upadated one handed drummer , the drum is supposed to be a motivational loud speaker, playing music and inspiring words, like a giant subwoofer! thought the addition a cables etc made himk look more grimdark. i just wasnt very good at moodeling the speaker lol , tried lines first but, think i need more practice at greenstuffing!. @ Vik cheers mate , i hope i can do them justice, but i think the mordians came first and pretorians second , would like to get some custom lasguns made for these guys.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/25 20:51:22

Post by: PDH

Those Perrys have done a marvellous job....so have your kids. WOW I see what you meant about the size of those lasguns. Though I think the las carbine you have on the chap below looks about the right size (for an over sized heroic weapon).


Antal Adalais looks good. The pose is really quite striking and screams arrogant royalty.

Really looking forward to seeing more of these guys.


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/26 01:12:07

Post by: neil101

Thanks PDH , hope you had a nice weekend! yep lasguns are def too big Vanilla, will have to get cracking on them , although i think Viks idea of tau rifles converted will probably look best, created nice army list for these guys and i think long rifles , aka tau converted along with short rifles , lasguns broke down will look ok. some rough riders custom malcador tanks and heavy support mortars and missiles is what iam thinking , now just need some more money ;-) did some green stuffing on young Antal , how he appears in the Novella, not quite as arrogant then. will post in the morning.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/26 02:17:25

Post by: Viktor von Domm

out of boredom i started a lazy workjob on a tau i got in a random package via ebay... and i have to state that tau are absolutly tiny. their weapons are so small...havn´t had something that little before in the making...
i like the long rifle idea it would look really good if then when done you could march them soldiers up in a fronline like in the napoleonic wars and have them shoot side by side. also one suggestion: what about bayonettes? would fit the overall style of the perry miniatures and also be something not overly overdone in 40k...
an update tomorrow...cant wait^^

best of luck for your work and greetings to your family, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/26 02:24:42

Post by: jackanory

neil101 wrote:Hey , Yggdrasil ( isnt that the viking tree of life?), thanks for the comment mate, the lasguns thing is weird , i know , take any mini from any game ever , put a lasgun in their hands , and blammo! 40k imperial guard. just goes to show the scope of the universe gw has created. as for ghostbuster lol yeah that would be cool , warp hunting napoleonics! Unfortunately this guy isnt that cool , he is still a drummer, or rather a upadated one handed drummer , the drum is supposed to be a motivational loud speaker, playing music and inspiring words, like a giant subwoofer! thought the addition a cables etc made himk look more grimdark. i just wasnt very good at moodeling the speaker lol , tried lines first but, think i need more practice at greenstuffing!. @ Vik cheers mate , i hope i can do them justice, but i think the mordians came first and pretorians second , would like to get some custom lasguns made for these guys.

You could always buy a cheap pair of in-ear earphones and take them apart to get the speaker cover from them...it's the only use I can see for them to be honest, I don't know why anyone would want to listen to music using in-ear ones!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/26 12:51:20

Post by: neil101

ear phones might try that , though i think they will be too big! thanks anyway .
mini update on the young Antal , in ceremonial day wear! also changed the rockit launcher from a necron arm

[Thumb - antal young dress.wmv_000022419.jpg]
[Thumb - antal young dress.wmv_000054819.jpg]
[Thumb - antal young dress.wmv_000109459.jpg]
[Thumb - antal young dress.wmv_000129619.jpg]
[Thumb - antal young dress.wmv_000164299.jpg]
[Thumb - antal young dress.wmv_000241659.jpg]
[Thumb - antal young dress.wmv_000325259.jpg]
[Thumb - antal young dress.wmv_000341659.jpg]
[Thumb - antal young dress.wmv_000355819.jpg]
[Thumb - antal young dress.wmv_000370539.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/26 13:35:47

Post by: Viktor von Domm

holy moly batman, that launcher is a heavy one... cool effects with the necron enrgy thingy there.
and well what can i say, the cloak of Antal looks gorgeous. the hint of an eaglehead beneath, thats style^^.
BUT man, now that we all took a closer look on that guy...

I SEE DEAD PEOPLE...argh argh ähm...*koff, koff* maent mold lines... i see them where they are surly not needed anymore^^

your gs skills are really cool, love the cords, they look really good.and the coat is really thin. and the tie is an absolute killer beauty. nice work there.

i salute to your creativity, cheers mate, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/26 15:20:27

Post by: neil101

cheers vik , yeah need to get rid of the mold lines, still learning, thanks for the advice , hopefully will get better given time. The necron energy thing is a drinking straw!
,nice big launchers!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/26 20:01:23

Post by: Viktor von Domm

and there i thought straws where for sucking and now you use them for spitting^^. if you want to search for moldlines your invited to my blogs to go hunting. i hate doing that. beeing a lazy one... and drilling out barrels i also don´t like. but i manned up and from time to time i get this rage and scream at my figs and drill like hell^^.

cheers mate, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/27 00:25:07

Post by: neil101

mini manufactorum update.

I have not being able to work on the manufactorum receantly because of one thing, a right angled gear. i am planning on building the manufactorum from the inside out , and bacause it is going to have moving parts (specificly the cog that surrounds the skull in the ad mek logo ) i needed a right angled gear for that to work , unfortunately they are expensive about £17 for one from Maplins. http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=43541 and i didnt really want to spend that amount on two tiny cogs
but not any more , i found the correct cogs in my childrens lego box( good old lego) this is not mine but mine is the same. from the starwars at te actually.
so now i can get back to work on the thing. Posted a pic and vid of the cogs at work. note in the actual manufactorum only the gear around the skull will turn . not the skull itself.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/27 00:58:31

Post by: kenshin620

Really like the Perry models! Excellent progress

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/27 01:44:50

Post by: neil101

Thanks Kenshin, me too , really want to make em my own though, but their size is restricting my options, i want them to look obviously 40k, but the guns are too big. maybe helmets and wires. need to think outside the box on this one.
but then again , its environment that makes an army as much as uniform , stick em in a hover tank or smilar and there you go , not that i will though , strictly old school ww1 style tanks for these boys, might even make the Tsar tank for em ,or similar



Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/27 14:14:49

Post by: Viktor von Domm

this will certainly be a nice optical effect when the gear of the mechthingy will turn. reminds me of the first batman movie where they did something funny with the wheels so that only the whells turned and not the wheel cover^^

and i totally LOOOOVE the old female and male mark v(was it that type) tank. i just think it is the best design in tanks ewwwwa^^
but saying this never found out whats the difference of both.
always wanted to scratch built one of these. i recommend to totally go for at least zwo of these for your guarding troops^^

and waht the hell is that "bycicle tank there? that looks ridiculus, please don´t do that, would spoil your look of your efforts. i think that the enemy would rather lough it self to death than get shot at... reminds my of the sketch from monthy photons "the killing joke in WWII"

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/27 15:50:37

Post by: neil101

lol , er.....choke cough arrgh! " clenches hands to chest "
yeah the Tsar it's not very grimdark, is it. i researched it for a another story i am writing. called arclight. an alternate reality where there is no russian revolution. In early 20th century dying civilisation has built a steampunk tower of bable to electryfy to troposphere to enable free electrcity world wide set in mongolia 300 years after nicholai teslas technology has being utilised, and the Imperial russian aristocracy has forgooten why they are their !

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/27 17:35:23

Post by: monkeytroll

Perry miniatures looking nice there, and as to the tsar tank, I'm thinking that'll look nice with some cyborks hanging off it

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/27 18:36:40

Post by: neil101

Cheers Monkeytroll the Tsar tank looks like a giant cybork wheel chair for a squigoth

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/27 19:52:39

Post by: Viktor von Domm

yep that would work, like wiener dogs, the one frazzled likes i saw them use these things as wheelchairs... not funny cause that is a prob with those dogs they are so long their backs cant support the body for long...so they need wheelchairs sometimes...

your story sound interesting, kind of a steampunk scenario...
hmm would love to read more about it. could be easy to get into that storyline as a reader.

and for that vid i posted, it is even funnier when you know german language, cause then you now the true dumb fun in it^^

cheers mate, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/28 00:58:28

Post by: madmartykmf

Very interesting new project you have going. You "guard" have some pretty sweet GS work. Keep up the great work buddy.


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/28 10:28:19

Post by: Hangfire

Just read through this thread, impressive stuff.

Neil your imagination and creative skills are awe inspiring, I love the way you've taken one idea - Purity Seals - and from that a wealth of ideas - A factory, background story, a comic, the defense force.

I can imagine you're the type of person who struggles to finish stuff as you've always got new ideas popping into your head that you want to try out. If that's the case, then the good old ToDo list is your friend. I really want to see what you come up with and hope to goodness it leads somewhere good for you (Awards, recognition, maybe a job).

@Viktor, you give good feedback and encouragement and that's quite a rare thing. Keep it up.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/28 11:32:36

Post by: Viktor von Domm

thanks mate, so long as i can say something usefull i will do so, or jsut talk gibberish which sometimes has also it´s uses^^

had a quick stroll through your gallery, lie those old cruseade minis. particulary the chaos marine he looks super!

cheers, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/28 12:06:07

Post by: weetyskemian44

It is good! I can wait to see painted ones

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/28 12:46:57

Post by: neil101

thank you guys ,made my day after stress of cheap arsed landlords, boo.
gotta go to town with family to buy shoes and pay bills.

@ hangfire yeah i am the type of person that is always having ideas , and i do need to stick to my to do lists lol edit got more time to answer this post now , just wanted to say that was a really nice comment you made there, cheers , i do stuggle with commiting myself to one project at a time like most creative people i guess, but dakka really helps with this , having a bunch of like minded peers around offering encouragement , and constructive critiscims is great, it also helps to look around and draw inspiration from other posters , a lot of which will end up in the Praxus novella ( with permissions of course.) and friendly rivalry helps motivate as much as money. well nearly. i am using this blog to try and focus my random thought procceses into one cordinated thing , 40k for the moment at least and finally finish some projects , this will in turn hopefully filter into any other personel creative things i do , outside of dakka( stories mostl )non finished yet. but finishing the inquistorial tower , was a corner turner for me. generaly i would of leave it half finished, being satisfied in the knowledge that i could complete if i wanted to, same with stories , once you have the story in your head the hard work is done, and am iam the least monatary driven person know, so without wanting to make money from any projects and no one to share them with, whats the point of finishin anything to a high degree, ? but with dakka the extreemely talented and dedicated people here made me realise i could finish projects and show them to like minded people who might just get what iam doing and why iam doing it. big up dakka and all who sail with her!

@vik talking gibberish is also nice sometimes

@ weety thank you , your minis are an inspiration to me. hope i can paint mine as good as yours.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/28 12:54:44

Post by: Viktor von Domm

hi neil,

my deepest condolence, seeing money part ways with you is always troublesome...like losing some distant friends...

landlords... always pancin´around as if the own the place...öhm...

so man is there something to look forward to or is it going to be a bring eavening as no uptade will cross our ways? hope not man, need some new stuff from ye, gets to be addicting...

have a nice day with the family, cheers mate, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/29 18:34:13

Post by: neil101

@ vik thanks for your monatary sympathies

I have good news peoples I have finished the introduction to Praxus. I have decided to post the story in paragraphes ,instead of chapters , this should mean i get work out quicker than if i posted in chapters first 2 paragraphs will be on the drawing board asap , but for now thanks for your patience and here is the official cover and introduction to my Sequential art Novella ( fancy title for a web comic i know
so without further ado......

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/29 18:35:55

Post by: neil101

Edit had a problem with the upload page 3 is there now

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/29 19:37:31

Post by: Viktor von Domm

Hi neil,
first big congatulations for your first pages. second, ähm your still working on page three?
can´t see it right now...

as for what i CAN see, truly breath taking.
the scenery is quite, heavy ladden and you just can hear heavy footsteps punctuated with the clatter of that staff of that person. whoever that might be.
although i´m not that fluent when it comes to fluff and this leads to lack of a understanding, i can still enjoy your beautiful and detailed work.
will we get to see the full text of the proclamation?
and if we see in these few pages the first glimpses of the manufactorum, then we all are in for a true treat^^.

by the way, in case of details, did you do a special job of the soles of this guy? the inprint looks like it was made with little inquisitorial emblems...

great work, now i´m again caught, line, hook and sinker...

cheers mate, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/29 20:22:34

Post by: Calibanite Lion

nice story boards, i really like them. were they all done on a tablet or is it drawn, scanned and then added to? either case, fantastic

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/29 20:53:14

Post by: Commander Cain

Looks like it will be the start of a great comic! That writing is very neat how did you do it?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/29 20:57:52

Post by: Viktor von Domm

can someone please translate or better summerize the content of page 3. my english and latin is at it´s last frontier and i would like to understand what´s been written there...
i got some foggy ideas, and i´m startled by them...

thanks in advance, vik

pm me, so this wont dull the blog^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/29 21:03:12

Post by: neil101

thanks Calibite lion , I like drawing but never complete anything to any standard , this is my first attempt to complete a story with illustrations. the art work is HB pencil drawn on A 4 printing paper and scanned into photoshop cs3 to add text and what nots, the borders are made in an old illustrator 10 program.

@ (page 3 is fixed cheers )Vik lol as usual your enthusiasm lifts my waning pencil in the darkest hours lol . dont worry about the fluff , it will all become clear in the end ;-)

as for the soles of the feet, sharp spikey nails to remind Ignacious Aleron of his unworthyness to his most beneficent Emperor.

now your caught i will reel you in and fillet your emotions like a fish out of water. jk
feels good to post something finally , i know my work isnt the best around by a longshot , but hopefully it will be enough to carry the story, to its climax!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/29 21:10:51

Post by: monkeytroll

Now that looks sweet so far neil I would probably have preferred not to see the full reveal on page 3, and maybe seen a few more shots of the proclamation in later panels that might fill in the gaps from page 2, but that's purely a personal thing, I enjoy being teased like that

Oh, and 'onimisiah'? Should that have been omnimessiah, or was it deliberate?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/29 21:12:14

Post by: Viktor von Domm

don´t go fishing for complements, thats not up your ally.

you do great and it´s better to be proud about it!

nails...reminds me of the monk from da vinci code. self inflicted wounds to show how faithful he is...

your deeply twisted man, like that^^ ,filet me...as long as i´m not thrown away for beeing unworthy^^...

bows humbly, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/29 22:03:59

Post by: neil101

@ Commander cain , Big thanks man , although i cant take credit for the Italics my hand is not that neat. they are fonts!

@MonkeyTroll I Thank you sir... I did consider not having the full reveal as it happens , just a few snippets here and there , but alas i had to think of the BIG picture, this is really just another bigger teaser than my previous teaser. is that enough teasing for you you naughty boy! lol no more teasing the real deal next time i promise.
and arh bugger my spelling is atrocious ( did i spell that right?) thanks for the notice you are now my official spell checker lol , shouldnt be to hard to change ;-)

@ Vik qoute "don´t go fishing for complements, thats not up your ally " you caught me , what can i say , i like compliments especially when they come from someone as venerable as yourself. ( see i can do sychophantic ass kisser as well...lol jk
my social graces know no bounds.
the da vinci code , yeah watched that receantly ..mmm, maybe it stuck in my deep grim dark twisted mind.

flagelation is the only way... if theres no blood its no good!!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/31 13:52:16

Post by: neil101

Mini update ,I managed to put together the perry minis, although most still need backpacks, i decided for now not to change the majority of the models muskets to lasguns. may do that in the future , if i can find a way to do that doesnt make them look oversized. for now though 40k weapons for characters , i will get the 40k theme through scenery , vehicles and characters for now. still havent painted them yet , but i am looking forward to doing it, although i am also worried i wont do them justice, i dont have much experience of painting minis succesfully. But i suppose thats one of the reasons i joined dakka , so i could learn and share
@ vik thanks for the air dry clay tip for the bases i had some in storage that i hadnt really used, it was very hard though, had to mix with some liquid nails ( no more nails ) type glue. going to base them in muddy dkok type ground with an accent of golden orangey red brown autumn leaves, an idea someone suggested to someone eles on another thread thanks for that. will paint em with dark angels green / and white. with red accents probably. oh and i custom made a autocannon copied the style from the dkok one. YOINK

[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000003299.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000006939.jpg]
 Filename praxian guard_0001.wmv_000016859.jpg [Disk] Download
 File size 187 Kbytes

[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000021579.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000026819.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000032139.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000037219.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000042539.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000048139.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000052979.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000058219.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000063299.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000069099.jpg]
 Filename praxian guard_0001.wmv_000074139.jpg [Disk] Download
 File size 196 Kbytes

[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000079179.jpg]
 Filename praxian guard_0001.wmv_000084299.jpg [Disk] Download
 File size 185 Kbytes

[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000089619.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000095179.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000100299.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000105299.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000116059.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000123579.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000126939.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000131979.jpg]
[Thumb - praxian guard_0001.wmv_000136779.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/31 13:58:43

Post by: madmartykmf

Very very cool looking! Great job on the snow/mud terrain effect on the bases.

Also I found out how the guy made the water streams on the fountain... fishing wire covered in water effects!

Keep up the great work,


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/31 15:43:48

Post by: neil101

Thanks Mike , and fishing wire arh ... i see now!!!! have some of that somewhere! what a good idea , cheers gonna try that out!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/31 21:53:45

Post by: Viktor von Domm

man i like your kind of photography... looks as mentioned before almost like a graphic novel in itself...

your did what? what? an actual autocannon??? AAA...

looks super. MAMA can santa puuhhhhlleaseeee bring me also some?

the base looks (darn run out of adjectives).... made today the first steps into lava bases...but your muddy base wetted my apetite for an own trechsystem...gosh the to want list gets longer and longer...

those perry miniatures are one heck of a gracious army. did you say you get the lot of them white trousers? in this mud? well as your not the one to wash´em trousers you can make them as dirty as can be^^.

the scenes one could do with this lot of marching force...so cool...

and when i though i´ve seen it all and that i finally can rest my head, i behold the bayonettes... joy,joy,joy! love them. when i see them i sincerely ask myself when reentering the tabletop world why did i overlooked the possability of doing historical armies? cant find an answer for this but the consequences sure bite me in the behind (^^), now i sit here surounded by spheez mereenz...

i´ve had a good though about your muskets and how to add that 40k look to them instead of changing them out by lascanons. why not add some toothpikc cut up and also some wire? so it looks lie they are futuristic versions of an old archaic weaponsystem? also you can connect the wire then to teir backpacks... instant karskin then...

seems ebverytime my mind gets blown when i look in your thread...don´t know how much i can stand...*must hold through...*

cheers mate, we definitly must see more....up until then our last braincells burn out in overload^^.


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/10/31 23:09:12

Post by: monkeytroll

These are going to be very interesting, love the posed pics. Good job on that autocannon.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 01:03:06

Post by: neil101

Thanks Vik you know how i like to tell a story , great idea about the wire and backpacks will deffinately try that out i think it could just work ,was even thinking of changing the helmets to a more modern style my youngest son the one who posed Antal , designed a cool helmet in one of his squiggles/ doodles / drawings and i really liked it so i decided it should be used for the indoor palace guards helmets. i then dumbed it down and made it more 40k for the normal praxian guard as well . i may use this design on a selction of the troops.
maybe engineers , or grenadiers i think the back pack idea with this will be very 40k.
i would like to see your lava designed bases. post em in your blog but muddy wet leave strewn fields all the way, i am learning alot about my tastes and styles with these projects
i think i am a humanist , there has to be a human element, in the sci fi i like, and imperial guard is billions of humans , i love the waste of life and pointlessness of it all. if you die it doesnt matter beacause there are billions more to take your place.
the perry minatures will allow me to capture that feeling better than anything else. they are small enough and cheap enough to field hundreds if you so wished . i always imagined that is what the imperial guard are like. Ants overunning the enemy. but with old Gnarly tanks as well as lasguns . gw doesnt really sell this aspect anymore , its all about powerfull characters
and small specialised armies. and too many tanks. i think the human elemant is lost in that somehow. the perry minis have charecter and i like that.
and bayonettes are cool . I even put one on the lasgun and it looked great.

@ Monkey troll , i commited the cardinal crime of photographing minis with the sun in front of me But it adds drama to my grayscale modles
until they are painted , that is

ooh i made a mortar and flame team tonight but its too late to post so will post in the morn!

thanks for the kind words of encouragement mate! my style is a bit lazy and messy compared with some of the really neat perfectionist styel work in here, but with comments like that iam learning there may be a place for a messy ( but creative) grimdark army in these wonderfull forums, I mean war is messy right?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 09:16:37

Post by: Viktor von Domm

when you mentioned ants i absolutly thought the same. in their fighting style IG mirrors very much nid fighting style.
in the WWII battles of russsian and german forces the russians often had a gunb for two soldiers. if the first one died the second one grabbed his gun and fought on. my granddad told my of ambushes where thousands of men stormed on armed with sticks and stones... really ant life is showed by the numerous colonies of the imperium...
senseless death all over. i also think that GWs strategie to make the IG army to mechanical is only set to bully players in buying numerous hefty priced units.
there is so much more soule and blood (so much blood indeed) in a fleshy army...

like the helmet design of your son. he seems to have inhaled the grim dark style of gothic warfare very well. i guess your geneseed^^ is really creative^^ if your offspring has so much talent in so young years...(horrible sentece i know...but feelings are sometimes hard to translate...)

you do know that it is quite sarcastic to say your a humanist and field lots of simulated men in a sloughterhouse? but i feel that to in that same sense. there is little posabilities to make a personalized and individual tank or a mech. but every little difference counts a lot made by a human model. it will be hard time to make this really working when i want to do my nid army... individuality is not really doable then...

as for the later helmet design it looks a bit at first to me like

the hakman from dc comics but then also like the falconian(?) from Flash Gorndan a bit... very retro sf and a true gem at that!

i recomend to do it only on special troops as the shako is a very important part of the uniform of your perry models. also i really realized how much i lkie the classic crossed belts ofer the torso of the napoleonistic models. this gives so much potential to add contrast for the paintjob. much much better than the dadian model which has only a rather flat looking chest compared...

i will add the lava bases to my blog or maybe even start a new blog for the iron templars to sort it...

cheers mate and give my best congratulations to your artistic son


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 09:23:14

Post by: manoknok

Form line against infantry
Form square against cavalry

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 10:22:07

Post by: weetyskemian44

I love that idea of the massed ranks of humanity breaking like a wave against the rock of the foe, and eroding it away with blood... shear bloody poety. I blame john blanche for the great illustrations he did for the guard where they are like a great sea, bristling with lasguns, The odd tank showing up like monstrous whales.

Everyman in the army is terrified of death, but he thinks he is alone in fearing. His belief in the bravery of his comrades is his shield from cowardice. I'm sure I read that somewhere

pic - copyright john blanche but I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

[Thumb - guard.JPG]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 12:24:38

Post by: Viktor von Domm

Everyman in the army is terrified of death, but he thinks he is alone in fearing.

this is how all fashistoid goverments work and how they get men to commit cruelties to other men... rule by fear and make everyone think they are the only ones who fear, fear to be punished by their fellow man...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 13:37:02

Post by: neil101

hi guys ,
@ weetyskemian44 qoute " the massed ranks of humanity breaking like a wave against the rock of the foe, and eroding it away with blood... shear bloody poety. I blame john blanche for the great illustrations he did for the guard where they are like a great sea, bristling with lasguns, The odd tank showing up like monstrous whales "
Man you tapped into my soul with that piece of rhetoric, you described exactly how i feel about the Massed ranks of IG and any war in general for that matter
The fact that your not fighting for your country or any greater good, or political reason. your fighting for your friends, because they have your back, and you theirs. I haven never being in the army unlike Vik but i read alot, and what you wrote is beautiful and poignant , and more to the point true! to be able to capture the humanity in war with minitures alone , is what i am trying to do with this piece without really understanding that until now. your Iambic pentameter ( if thats what it was ) should grace the purity seals of the imperium oh and i lLOVE that John Blanche painting dearly , i had the box set of 32 plastic ig guards when i was sixteen, and this graced the cover. oh how i miss them old troopers and orderlies, there legs so short and their guns so long

@ Manoknok "Form line against infantry
Form square against cavalry " so true!!
I wish i new a bit more about historical formations , but 40k allows my own interpretation of it, rather than follow the cannonical dogma that has already being written, having said that i will take bits and pieces from any established anything? if it saves time and adds truth or depth to my creations

@ Vik I see how claiming to be a humanist the wanting to eliminate billions of humans in the same sentance could be described as being Sarcastic i saw that the russians had one weapon per 2 men , in the movie enemy at the gates,
I will pass on the compliments to the Clan thanks , and your geneseed qoute did make me chuckle but its also true, I will set up their own blog or add to this with their minis soon , they also love converting, i put some of their chaos marines in the background on the pics , lots of extra bits and bobs in that box!
as for that helmet it is brilliant , like thor and the birdman from "GO FLASH GO" Gordan as you said , also reminds me of a guy in buckrogers but gw did sangiun guards and ultra marine vets very similar!
wow i will have to keep my verbatim smaller or i will fill my blog with words instead of pictures

so flame team and mortar squad as promised , well a bit late , but writing takes time.

oh and if you notice the large melon in the pics it was to add a bit of colour to the blog , until i get the paints out and be warned these are scruffy even by my pretty open standards will clean em up when painting.

"oh and just one more thing....." added a bendy straw to the auto cannon to make it look more like the dkok one, i think i works well.

[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000003379.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000013459.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000021579.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000036899.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000042099.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000047659.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000047659.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000052579.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000057739.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000063019.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000068179.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000073419.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000079139.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000083739.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000089659.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000094499.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000100019.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000104699.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000110059.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000115219.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000120539.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000125499.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000131019.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000136339.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000141499.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000146659.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000152179.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000162779.jpg]
[Thumb - flame and mortar team.wmv_000168179.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 18:35:36

Post by: weetyskemian44

Thanks! I was in a poetic mood.

good update - like the straw. It'll look great when its painted and you cant tell its a straw!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 18:42:38

Post by: Sageheart

i love those converted guardsmen, it makes me wanna try it out! cant wait to see more. great work!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
which sets did you get exactly?

and on the musket stuff, maybe just add a las-cell clip or some such to make them look more high tech thou they dont have to be entirely redone. this could even be done with scopes or something of that sort as well, maybe cords to their bags like stormtroopers?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 19:55:23

Post by: Viktor von Domm

that yelling soldier near the autocanon is "da bomb"^^
really humourus...
today i had a very painfull research session on ebay and certain websites. i have to admit it i fell in love with the victorian/ napoleonic uniforms and converting them.
for me it seems like a really pressing matter now. seems if i don´t attemptt something í would feel like not beeing able to join in all the fun...
but what to do. i´m tempted to sell all my IG stuff or at least my orcs and nids... gosh i do have to much gw models i probably wont paint any time near in the futur...
but your models speak volumes and create new needs...

DAMENED be thy creativity you hellspawn of Tzeentch lord of change as is the act of converting.
You sir have tainted my pure soul, now i´m nothing but a foul creature like yourself.
With my last free breaths i commed the fellow onlookers of this foul stench of a thread avert thy eyes...


phew for chukling...there are some people who might find that remark of bad taste... wouldn´t want to insult someone. sometimes my humor is not so easy to understand...kind of offending...
and yeah the obvious relation of the helmet to the ones from the vet ultras hasen´t occured to me up until now. *slaps his forhead*
the mortar looks cool, what parts did you use? do i see some clockworkparts from actual clocks?
what did you use for amunition? looks really super. also i think you are going a slight steampunk way? aren´t you? the googles of your flamer team seems that way. are stanard IG heavy flamers also in teams of two ? even if not they look super cool. how did you do the imprint of the chest of the flamer? nice idea by the way. on that scale detail is all! your bases get messier by the second it seems^^. will look incredible.

hmmm run out of metaphorical gunpowder...
again you have astonished me beyond measure. my last hope is that you will make such a crapy paintjob, otherwise i would need to find a new hobby....(joke here)
cheers my friend, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 20:53:55

Post by: monkeytroll

Like where you're going with these Cool sighting console for the mortar team, and that looks like an interesting clocktower objective going on there.

And bonus points to Viktor for keeping the Monty Python quota up to scratch in this thread

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 21:10:12

Post by: Viktor von Domm

this is one of my favorite of them, its so educational...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 22:09:40

Post by: neil101

Hey guys , having too much fun with these, gotta put em away to get on with Praxus an Manufactorum though , paint em or draw , or build . Nice cunundrum to have though.
@ Weetyskemian44 your welcome . to be honest iam a half dreading half cant wait to paint em. I look forward to your next waxing of lyrics .

@Sageheart Thank you ,i do enjoy a good kitbash! I baught Perry minis , French infantry line , a and a couple of seperate sprues , 3 unmounted french dragoon , 1 English line infantry command. .. i think . If you check out the earlier pics you might gleen a bit more info, be warned they are small out of the box.
vik suggested the las gun things as well gonna try out some styles ,but i fear the 40k ammo clip is too big!

Join me on the dark side Sage , there are many things I could teach you.....

@ Vik Go ahead take the plunge might be an idea to pick up a few single sprues first though see what style you like , there cheap enough singley "is that a word!"
but dont be too rash with your other minis. you will only have to buy em all back eventually. I Did lol .Glad i opened your eyes.... WELCOME TO THE DARKSIDE , you shall be known as Darth Von Donm from now on!

I did go slightly steam punk , but i think the goggles dont work, will probbably change that a bit more cyberpunk.
as for the humour , Montypython is more than welcome in the blog , infact i would go as far as to suggest that no internet blog is , worth its salt without a resident ongoing montypython sketch , so in short more lampoonery is a must!
i did use clock work parts and
just bits and bobs from the bits box!
as for the paint job err why do you think i havent painted anything yet,lol,
@ monkeytroll , round and round we go, were it stops nobody knows. not even me!

thanks for kind words people.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 22:18:36

Post by: Commander Cain

At first I was doubtful about these Napoleonic guys, but WOW! They are looking amazing! Might I ask how you made the shells for the mortar crew?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 22:22:49

Post by: Sageheart

neil101 wrote:@Sageheart Thank you ,i do enjoy a good kitbash! I baught Perry minis , French infantry line , a and a couple of seperate sprues , 3 unmounted french dragoon , 1 English line infantry command. .. i think . If you check out the earlier pics you might gleen a bit more info, be warned they are small out of the box.
vik suggested the las gun things as well gonna try out some styles ,but i fear the 40k ammo clip is too big!

Join me on the dark side Sage , there are many things I could teach you.....

i may have to! i was looking up models there, and was thinking of getting a bunch of the english line infantry models they look great, and are cheep if you get bulkkk. It may make my blob squad all infantry army an actually concept rather than a dream hahaha.

is it hard to switch weapons for things such as flamers, melta, etc? how are they glued. i'm really digging what you've done with them!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 22:36:37

Post by: moonshine

i don't just like this army, i love it
i enjoy a guard army that dos'nt use cadians or catachans so very well done i really can't say enough good about this army because it would use up a whole page

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 22:37:54

Post by: neil101

I still am , though i think custom tanks and rough riders will make all the difference. i also need more varied models , will have to look down the back of the sofa for extra cash. they stiil look a bit small sometimes , but chucking all the infantry at the guns over a sodden battlefied , whilst mortars rain down around sounds good to me.

some one eles asked about the mortars.

neil101 wrote:
the mortar round come curtesy of my childrens toy box, he searched through for ya and found the actual toy set, its a 6 inch action figure set from a lookout tower that goes by various names as world peace keeping force , world peace keepers lookout tower, and power team. here is a link to a website selling it. and a pic


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 22:44:02

Post by: the damned artificer

Wow dude there's so much stuff in here I almost can't cope
But pulled my self together and looked at the drawings and they look really good, and I will encourage you to shade them to match the last frame as that looks very neat

Looking forward to more

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 22:54:05

Post by: Viktor von Domm

this raises another question for me. i have oggled on these figs here. they are my favorite now...

they do have great coats...*nudge, nudge, nudge*
could have done a monty vid with that but i let it rest....for now^^

where did you get your perry minis ? did you buy them in an actual shop of via the web?
and i´ll be totaly frank with you, what did they charge?

how do i convince my wife....
got about nearly 50 catachans now...and do i really want them?...descisions, descisions.

and thanks for the mortar amo^^ info

and here is one amo info in return:
see those pencil amothingies? i use them for my autocanons. i guess i have to show them tomorrow. they look really the part. like oversized heavy machinegun amo...
and they are sooo damn cheap...

thanks, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 23:46:43

Post by: neil101

@ sageheart and @ Vik converting the command sqauds is easy arms off etc. there are lots of spare heads in the french line sprues , the bulk of models are posed with upright muskets so , and not enough spare arms so they are a no. really, although , the kneeling down mortar loader is one of them, but command sqauds , are very customisable, here is the link to where i baught them the actual website. linky to models http://www.perry-miniatures.com/index2.html look under plastics. they have all prices etc on there. happy hunting @ vik you have to be careful when purchasing historical models because alot of them are 20mm no good at all for 40k , even these are small as i have said before.
nice idea about 50mm bullets

@ moonshine , cheers mate, I am really feeling the spirit of them myself, like dkok with style on a budget. it helps that i have written and sketched nearly 200 pages of fluff on praxus so they feel very much real. not just a tabletop army It even has it own archetectural style "Brutal Gothic, ", mix between brutalism and neo gothic!, they are part of a much bigger picture.
@ the damned artificer , glad your well mate, never mind Praxus when are we gonna see an update to your amazing blog" looks at watch" . as for Praxus yeah i did struggle with the style i wanted , but decided on minimalism for conciseness and to ultimately save time, i would love to add more detail , or even colour, but i am alread spending too much time on each page as it is , ;-( , but i suppose a tad more tone couldnt harm ;-) and the more i do the faster i should get. thanks for your input mate ,appreciate it! and again thanks to all for the lovely comments, really getting to feel like a 2nd home on dakka! Must leave laptop... and sleep......goodnight people!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/01 23:59:21

Post by: Commander Cain

Ah, I thought the shells might come from something like that, I shall have to see if I can dig something similar up from the long-forgotten toy boxes

Napoleonic Hussars=IG rough riders methinks!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/02 02:14:12

Post by: Sageheart

i'm having trouble seeing the sprues. Are the heads glued on? can you get a pic of how they come out of the box or did you take them all out hahahhaha.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/02 03:59:16

Post by: manoknok

@ Neil101 Man this is so freaking awesome...I've been mulling doing something similar and when I have finished what I am doing now, and saved some money I will act on it! Your army is looking seriously cool. Quick question: where did you get enough Lasguns?

Just to follow up: there is a great book called the Redcoat by Richard Holmes...it will give you a great overview of Redcoats tactics life and eccentricities...for instance up until the late 1800s you could be flogged in the British Army for not having a mustache.


That's a really good place to start. Then of course there is Sharpe. Don't know how old you are, if you are over 22 you've probably seen them. There is nothing wrong with the books but I prefer the TV series...and will give you a great visual on outfits and perhaps veterans...

Snipers - Riflemen (Green)
General canon fodder - Redcoats (er Red)
Heavy weapons - Rocket Troop (blue)

Sorry...I am getting carried away...

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Btw...your comic looks pretty good...when done you should sumbit to black library. no harm in trying.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/02 11:36:45

Post by: Hangfire

Good to see you making progress Neil, keep it up.

Love the comic, it was a bit difficult to read on a browser, kept having to zoom in and out.

The priest type figure looks kinda aztec to me. I'm looking forward to more, are you going to be covering what the Manufactorium does and the laws around the hair growing etc?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/02 12:36:38

Post by: neil101

@ commander cain , mmm hussars or dragoons decisions, descisions. though hussars look very much like Vostoyan firstborn :-). good luck with tha long forgotten toybox the search !

@Sage heart linky http://www.perry-miniatures.com/index2.html , most come with heads on , but have a spare one each! commanders come without but still have spares!

@Manoknok, thats a freaking awesome compliment! Seriously thanks , If you have being thinking for a while , you should def go for it. all your ideas will come to the for, with them! and you sound very knowledgeable about historical warfare in general, i bet you would have some great , insights . thanks for the link, will have a look , i was thinking of re watching some sharp actually, i watched a documentary on the writer on youtube, and hes a serious historical warfare nut! even has a musket with bayonet for gardening or some such lol.

the lasguns are from an old box o twenty cadians , and catachans these , are some spares from the left over sprues. Pdf gave me a great link for them from http://www.bitsandkits.co.uk/imperial-guard-cadian-infantry-c-6_54_55.html?sesid=r5hck8kvjf8jjbt0hgidav0jc6
but i find they look ok on the table top , but up close in photos , look oversized. this thing i have stuggled with most. you will also need some bases.
nice idea about the colour scheme, i was thinking , grey or green for the long coats , and green black ,white , for shortcoats , with blue white , or black and red , for officors, but having weapons teams diff colour is a good idea. and as for black library , i am honoured you think it woyuld ranks so highly, , every body keeps telling me i shouldnt be so neagtive , so maybe i will. thanks

@ Hangfire cheers mate, i am terrified of painting em though .....! glad you like the comic. really looking forward to getting more stuff out there , my brain is hurting with overloaded creative stuff ,;-)
I iam glad you metioned that it is difficult to read in the browser , because i have being trying out various methods of publishing, they all have drawbacks , though, if any one has any info on FREE image hosting where you can view the pages full screen and sequentially i would be immensley gratefull. Aztec priest, you are observant i wrote a graphic novel last year called OLMEC, the Precursor ancient 3000 year old founding civilastion in meso america guatamala, about a Latin Amercian shaman , who makes a deal with Xicuatlan , an old sky god of war and death to disseminate his teachings to civilation, and make war and shed blood in his name , in return for immortality abd revenge upon his enemies. takes place in modern day san franscisco and ancient meso america.

So there was probably some residual infuence left over in my subconcious, although The Priest's name Ignacious ALERON , might give some clues to his vestments.
as for the manufactorum... All will be revealed in due course!.... so that will be a yes then ! ;-)
regrds neil

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 06:24:48

Post by: manoknok

Yeah Bernard Cormwell is a bit of a Legend.

I would love to own a musket.

Did you buy the lasguns separately or just harvest them from places?

That, and the money, and my Sigmarites are the only thing holding me back.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 17:22:38

Post by: moonshine

ooh i love bitz and kitz

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 19:16:29

Post by: neil101

@ Manoknok , I was in the Vikings linky http://www.vikingsonline.org.uk/ ( Historical re enactment group , was i was a teenager , and we used to beat up the sealed knot linky http://www.thesealedknot.org.uk/ guys for fun, they didnt like getting their expensive uniforms ,armour, pikes and muskets dirty! Unlike the smelly actual bodily contact vikings :-) ,always admired the muskets they used though!
the lasguns were just hanging around the bits box leftovers!
as for epense. i found the perry minis to be ridicolously cheap ! , £15 , for 43 minis :-0 ! for plastic french line anyway, then of course you have to buy bases seperately . or use the stock ones they come with. ( cut mine up for my next conversion !

@ moonshine , havent purchased anything from it my self, yet! are they reliable?

Update in 30 mins if i can get the lamp light pics bright enough!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 20:12:45

Post by: Viktor von Domm

eh neil? i got a question, have you looked into victorix miniatures? they sell also 28mm...well 28mm anyway...
also they have a more wider range of products. they have highlanders and even fitting artillery sets...

just wanted to now what you think about them. also they come in boxes of 60! Minis...not to be sneezed at...

multipose also...

as for my attempts...well budget is pretty used...so i dont know when i will be able to buy these nice fighters myself...

would it be possible (in your opinion) to convert a catechan warrior into somthing that resembles something like:


i greatly honor your opinion on this...

cheers mate, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 21:03:49

Post by: moonshine

yes they have been very reliable the only problem is they sell out of godd stuff very quickly

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 21:47:11

Post by: neil101

hey guys just wanted to let people know what i have being upto this week........? Praxian guard! yeah iam just loving making these guys and cant wait to paint them, but something special this week, After seeing some pics that weetiskeemian posted of the old imperial army , it got me thinking.... i had already decided that the praxian guard would be a bloody muddy infantry based army with a few Clanking metal behemoth tanks rolling over the bodies of the dead qoute weetyskeemian " like a monstrous whale" but if i was baseing the army as napoleonics meets ww1 infantry , i wanted ww2 artillery backing up the footsloggers, so i have decided these will be predominantly inafantry knee deep in mud grass and autumnal leaves at the front line! but at the back line the heavy artillery and mortar crews would be backing them , up , i researched ww1 artiullery mortars for my mortar crew (already posted) but wanted something a bit bigger for the arty boys, so here now i present my wip (no paint yet , but promise this will be my first job when i do ) Praxian guard Artilley Engineers led by ex Mercenary Squat ( out of respect for two squat loving ddakites , Weetyskeemian44 and Dances with squats ) He also appears in the Comic albeit in chapter 3 , ages away yet. Leutnant (respect for Vik german luetenant) Dance , nickname , Weety in thick scottish "accent dont call me DANCE" my names weety!

And his Big Baby Shortie the big Arty

@ vik here is a link to a guy who sells pith helmet head conversions for catachans and Cadians, he also has many other top tips , this would be perfect for your army! i think.

and as for the arty are you psychic mate?

@ Moonshine thanks for the Info mate.

pics are very grainy will prob take a few better ones in the morn , but i plan on painting this baby tommorow anyway so will update when painted.

[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000021539.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000037499.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000062979.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000120739.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000126059.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000136379.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000141659.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000146779.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000151979.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000168459.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000178659.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000183659.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000188739.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000193939.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000204459.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000209579.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000214819.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000225419.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000231019.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000236179.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000241499.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000246579.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000284179.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000288939.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000293739.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000309739.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000319699.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000324859.jpg]
[Thumb - artillery engineers.wmv_000335499.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 22:03:32

Post by: weetyskemian44

Thats really WW1 retro. I especially like the rails, nice touch.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 22:13:35

Post by: Viktor von Domm

i just read your words... then scrolled down.thinking well what the heck did he do now...

then: my jaw hit the ground. and i don´t use this term lightly as some people do on this site here...
you are a mad sculpter as if i ever saw one. that detail, the crane, the mud, the amo, and of course your master the leutnant weety dance...^^
i´m at a loss for words, well not really cause i want to pay you full respect for your beutiful monster of a diorama...i love it!
i can just imagine how much fun this all will be to paint...
i see myself (as invisioned you) painting for hours just leaving my work for a pee and not sleeping or being able to communicate with the world until its done...

i am truly amazed by your work man.
on a sidenote to your arty^^, you´ve manned it is that something you done deliberatly? you even gave the big roaring mancanon a pair of balls?^^
as i saw these things i loled so hard...what are they for? please keep them for the sake of MANkind^^

and one other thing, my next project. with your astonishing work i will spill some beans. also i have to beat you as i think your working hardpressed for it also in that genius of a head of yours as well....: (zepelin...) *hushs*

i salute you neil, yours truly vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 22:54:53

Post by: neil101

@ Weety, cheers thats exactly what i wanted to achieve with this! ( although i am qouted as saying ww2 arty Doh! well maybe a nice miture, with some grimdark sci fi for good measure. its being a long hard 4 days, and nights, i am done scratchbuilding for a while , its goona take me another 4 days to tidy up. Some nice relaxing painting i think for me for a while now.Abot the rails , yeah i notice over the years GW has shyed away from any rail related stuff, probbaly doesnt want to overlap into the model train grounds, well that just leaves it open for me to interpret something 40k has'nt seen yet . they have tracks and wheels, mine will have rails!

@ Vik Man balls for the long sclhlong. lol thats another happy accident! that i never even thought about. I think Leutnant Dance has a few Emasculation issues, maybe being called dance on a squat homeworld has given him a neurosis that makes him over compensate by hetro sexualising his big shooty weapon, have you notice how small he is but he has the biggest weapon, that speaks volumes , poor old chap. He should just get a girfriend!
as for the hushed" zepplin " bugger! you got me! bring it on fly boy , your going down, to china town! lol jk
quick remove it before someone steals your Vision ;-)

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 23:03:54

Post by: weetyskemian44

I just noticed the balls. The squat has small man syndrome!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 23:25:12

Post by: Viktor von Domm

your both totaly mistaken, he is in fact a very frustrated women, and because of her frustration she is making terrible killing material in the form of manly weapon methaphors...

as in:
see this schlong, he is big and hurtful, and he will tear you some holes and two...

omg, did i wrote that...

and no whats writtenstays written, writing honor that is...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/05 23:52:17

Post by: neil101

lol , and here i was thinking the beard was just a metaphor. its actually just a disguise.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/06 00:12:51

Post by: Viktor von Domm

jep didn´t you saw the small plastic threads around her ears?

so obvious...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/06 00:22:43

Post by: kenshin620

Looks great! I really need to buy some historicals soon. Warlord Prussians or Vixtrix's Highlanders methinks

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/06 00:27:05

Post by: neil101

just checked out vixtrixs napoleonics , russian line and french. they look good , if you do buy some would you pm me when you put em in our blog, would like to see scale and detailed pics. never heard of warlord, but will have a little looksee cheers!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/06 09:00:29

Post by: weetyskemian44

so its all about penis envy? sorry I think we may have gone too far with the metaphors. And neil thought he was just making a big gun!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/06 11:17:10

Post by: manoknok

Neil101. You need to start painting when you are producing stuff this cool.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/06 15:58:53

Post by: neil101

Your right of course!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/07 18:30:40

Post by: madmartykmf

Holy crap! Can't wait to see it painted up.


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 06:15:46

Post by: manoknok

Hi Neil,

Any chance you still have any of your British minis on the sprue?

Been looking online and I am sure if you have Perry or Victrix...either one I can't clearly see what they are like on the sprue...so if you have any could you post a photo?

Would appreciate it as I like the shako look....

Automatically Appended Next Post:
For instance are the heads and arms seperate on the sprue? Or fixed position

Automatically Appended Next Post:
I guess what I really want/need to know is if the arms and heads are seperate on the sprue so you can position how you like...or if they are already attached.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 08:37:13

Post by: Viktor von Domm

@ manoknok

use the link benaeth, the seller sells all victorix and perry minis.
also he features the box contents with sprue pics. just surf his ebay store. there you´ll find all things needed.

thats where i fell in love with the lot of ´em...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 09:16:46

Post by: SilverMK2

Hi there - saw your big gun in the other thread you posted. Some very nice work. You may have mentioned (I just skimmed through the thread to look at pictures ), but what is the white stuff you are making your sculpted bases from?

Looks kind of like air drying clay or something. Either way, it looks cool.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 10:11:46

Post by: Tortured-Robot

Leutnant : "Guardsman!... Prepare to BOOOoOOoM!"

Guardsman: "Preparing to BOOOoOOoM! Sir"

Leutnant : Guardman!... Release the BOOOoOOoM!"

Guardsman : Releasing the BOOOoOOoM! Sir"


Automatically Appended Next Post:
Guardsman : "Scatter dice missed Sir"

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 13:06:12

Post by: kenshin620

Viktor von Domm wrote:@ manoknok

use the link benaeth, the seller sells all victorix and perry minis.
also he features the box contents with sprue pics. just surf his ebay store. there you´ll find all things needed.

thats where i fell in love with the lot of ´em...


Good link. From what I can tell only the Perry French infantry and ACW infantry have mostly one piece models. Everything else has so many bitz. Truescale of course but a lot of plastic nevertheless

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 14:26:35

Post by: neil101

Hey Guys n Gals, mini update!
having lots of fun painting up the Beast! ,
@ manoknok I have perry miniatures. i Have french line infantry 43 minature in the box about 6-12 minis have seperate arms and fixed heads the rest have fixed arms and heads! all have spare heads! i also have some seperate sprues, french unmounted dragoons 2 per sprue they have seperate arms and seperate heads. a also have a english command sprue , about 6 minis all have mixed seperate and fixed heads ,including spare arms and heads! here is the link again.. i baught from the perry website. look under plastics and you will have the option of looking at nearly all individual sprues , i imagine the english line is similar to the french line boxeset with most having attached arms and a few commeders with unatatched . http://www.perry-miniatures.com/index2.html sorry all mine are off sprue now!

@ vik thanks mate!

@Silver Mk2 thanks for dropping by i have'nt actuallty mentioned what i am sculpting the mud affect from so nows a good opportunity , cheers , as you guessed it is air dry clay , but mixed with liquid nails ( hard as nails, no more nails ) http://uk.ebid.net/for-sale/instant-nails-cartridge-box-of-12-hard-as-nails-8534251.htm?from=googlebase
i get mine from everything for a pound shop , great stuff! helps make the clay not as hard to work with and gives a very good mud effect in itself! EDIT the liqiud nails not the clay unfortunately!

@ Totured-Robot lol, Guardsman " Permission to wear ear protectors sir!"
Luetnant " What!"

@ Kenshin620 , lots and lots and lots .

so heres the update a custom commisar ! and flame team fire and a pic of arty wip paint! would love some advice on the arty do you think the gun should be grey or green

Edit uploaded wrong pics doh! ! fire made from cotton wool balls, paper towels and florist wire!
Painted the gun and rail car grey whilst the shield is now olive drab camo green !

[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000042579.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000047779.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000058459.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000074059.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000090059.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000101019.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000110979.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000002459.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000007059.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000026939.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000053179.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000063659.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000079819.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000095459.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000105939.jpg]
[Thumb - flamethrower.wmv_000115899.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 14:32:32

Post by: SilverMK2

Cheers - you get the air drying clay from the pound shop as well? Hmmm... I have several near me that I shall have to raid for more than just glue and knife blades

Also - love that flame - very epic

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 20:22:13

Post by: Viktor von Domm

holy moly. that flame is woth of a dragon...

brilliant!! how did you paint it? do you have airbrush? i cant imagine you doing that with just brushes...
love the smoky feel of the end of the flame...
and you have sorros about not doing justice to your models paintwise??? no way.

the arty looks very promising. and again i cant understand your paintangst^^

your commisar will represent probably the friendliest commisar of the whole imperium^^. but we dont let us be fooled by his well behavior, as he wields a badass boltgun and surely knows how to use it...by placing one round in well deserved lazy and flinching guardheads^^

again for your arty: i think we need a closer look to your metalworks here. from up now it looks really well kept. so we can expect that leutnant dance is doing a terrific job to keep it so well in shape^^

cant wait to but have to i guess for your next update^^

best wishes, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 20:43:30

Post by: monkeytroll

Love those flames

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 21:23:06

Post by: weetyskemian44

they are amazing flames aren't they. looks terrifying.

You can get air drying clay from pound-shops? how big were the bags?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 22:05:45

Post by: neil101

hey guys , man it took me 4 attempts to get them flames right , and one recoat! , still not too happy, with the smoothness, but like the size ;-) never painted flames before , and i learned a lot in the process, white /yellow/orange /red then black! and i had pics to follow!
@ Vik no airbrush , wouldnt of taken me 4 attempts if i did! , as for paint angst, just not very confident with the brush's and not really knowing all the new techniques that have come around since i stopped collecting , getting better though two days of fresh painting under the belt.and reading plenty of tuts on the web and dakka!
added more detail to the arty ,and i You were right about painting it grey! looks miles better than just plain old olive drab green Cheers vik , it really helped me out ! repainted the gun to codex grey with a olive drab camo shield. need to get some wet effect or similar for the puddles now. will update after some painting tommorow. but iam happy now thanks.
@Monkey Cheers matey appreciate that! i used flinty's dunnedin 51st as inspiration!
@ Weety sorry no , Silver misinterpreted what i said unfortunately!, would be good if you could though!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 22:08:39

Post by: Viktor von Domm

did you have a arty from gw or where did you get those many good looking parts from?

i always wonder...^^

would be nice if you gave some insights...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 22:17:29

Post by: SilverMK2

Whoops, sorry

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 22:21:13

Post by: weetyskemian44

if only it were true I wouldn't need a kiln

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 22:51:25

Post by: neil101

@ Vik i have three boys who have too many toys for their own good! so instead of charitry shop , my bits box.lots of lego and action figure and a few models like starwars ( although i dont really like to use anything good normaly!

@ weety hope you got your new kiln back in one piece! i looked at your models a while back . very contemporary i am suprised your reserved in your minis when your so bold with your statues. are ever tempted to mix things up a bit , or is it a case of this is traditional modeling and tis is art? i ask because i sometimes want to push the bounderies of whats acceptable as minature hobby art , which tends to be a bit conservative, with more abstaract contemporary concepts! ahve you seen Hell by the Chapman brothers? ( No offence intended Vik) i sometimes wonder if this direction is where my work is heading!


[Thumb - info.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 23:03:59

Post by: weetyskemian44

LOVE the chapman brothers. bringing toy soldiers to the high brow. And offending anyone anywhere.
Well maybe one day I might get a bit crazy creative with my minis but its early days yet - I would like to get better at green stuff so that I can do things at that scale

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 23:10:39

Post by: Viktor von Domm

well as i understood, the chapmanbrothers tried to recreate hell by building a tabletop variant of a concentration camp?
if someone is to make an analogy like that i couldn´t find anything to object there. hll is a fine and fitting description i think.

didn´understand the halo link. but if that is near to the first se above.

wow your parts list reads very good. and you hide your sources well in that beauty of yours.
lego, megabloks and starwars are very good recources.
fine detailed and sometimes even in scale.

thanks for your explanaitions


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/09 23:14:30

Post by: kenshin620

Now that is a flamethrower. Would other weapons like mortars get something like that?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 00:05:46

Post by: neil101

@ weety , the chapmans are a rare breed , artisans and contemporary, as for the high brow,mmmm they may think that ! more like the cannonicale moneymarket. i like abstract and leftfield stuff, but only if its technically immpressive ie i couldnt do it, or even know how it was done! , if it speaks an idea fluently, or if it makes me think about something in a new way.I dont really understand most of the chapmans work , but thats a good thing sometimes. i actually think your work is quite contemporary , or different from the mainstream already your choice of models and our outlandish pallete, is nt something you see together now. i think not gaming with the minis allows much greater freedom of expression. as your not tied to rules . i let the bos game with all mine so i cant be too precious or extravegant. i dont see my models as untouchable art. if it gets broke or scratched it bothers me , but if i have taken a photo , then so be it. i think this is changing now though with all the extra effort iam putting in, but for wht i gain in beuaty i also lose in freedom .when you do decide to combine your ideas fully, i think it would be an interesting journey to follow.
@ Vik the halo link is tenous at best ! i like dioramas and the chapmans and the halo monument are the best examples i have ever seen, both amazing stories that are being told , in a similar style for diffenrent reasons ! and your welcome , your imperial steampunk blog is chuggin along nicely mate! btw
@ kenshin Yep , i researhed ww1 mortar blasts yesterday , will be building some 3d blast templates as well. even the rockit launcher and arty have smoke bellowing out , now!

Edit added a link to to some of my unfinished projects for anyone interested, in this thread!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 02:24:23

Post by: The Good Green

That flame is rad! What a cinematic effect! That terrain looks quite impressive as well.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 15:48:45

Post by: neil101

another Arty painting update
Did some washes today , like the effect, the photos dont do it justice , the mud is comming along nicely just need some wet effect and to add some grass and leaves, not done any highlighting yet , apart from wet on wet , need some advice on the colour of the crane? was thinking of an accent colour maybe, or maybe should wait and do it last to accent red and yellow leaves.? lots to do yet doh!
oh and it seems poetry is the new model making in dakka @ Weety and Vik so heres my contemplative contribution.

The myths we created were tied to our seasons,

Through civilization our hubris was treason,

We abandoned our gods in favor of reason,

The hole that it left was filled by new prophets,

Now modern religions are reaping the profits!

[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000002179.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000022179.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000030459.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000035739.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000040859.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000046139.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000051579.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000061899.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000068179.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000072459.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000077579.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000083059.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000088019.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000093499.jpg]
[Thumb - arty update.wmv_000098659.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 19:27:43

Post by: weetyskemian44

I like it, I like it a lot. And you say Mr victor has a steam-punk blog? I'm in there like swimwear!

I see your point about not having to obey the rules when you dont play - but even when I did play it was just a small scale thing with a few friends who introduced me to the w40k. And they didn't mind if my paint schemes were odd and miss-matching. But of course these days even greater freedom is to be had - I can have a 13 man squad all equipped with plasma guns if i can find the models. I can forget painting rank and file if I so choose and just paint characters. I'm tempted to start doing commission work once I have painted what I've got - I think by then I will have enough confidence. Undoubtedly this will introduce more discipline into my work.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 20:13:20

Post by: Scrazza

that whole big cannon looks great. Base included. Big up. Mind sharing how you made the rail canon?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 20:13:50

Post by: Viktor von Domm

I'm in there like swimwear! thats a nice saying^^ i´ll have to sig that, its worth it^^

at neil:
very good poem, sad but oh so true... reminds me of something but i´m not sure where of...

so man, i have to tell you soething. i know plenty of people who often talk about their oh so bad talents...this makes me sometimes sad, sometimes makes me laugh and sometimes even mad. you sire (was a typo but i let it be, cause it looks like heaven sent^^) have nothing to be feared of as for your painting that is... i see your walls and the look disgusting. oily and smeared with god knows waht, and he/she wont tell hopefully...that was meant to be read in a good way by the way!!! like your go at making it look dirty. you seem to have an eye for that, does that comes from being a humanist? go figure! now to something sad. i saw plenty of mouldlines... on the wall on the upperside. you could fix that easy by adding some sand maybe? and more sadly on the lower backpart of your arty...that sure will be seeable when you do the metalpaintjob there... i would huighly suggest in the deepest voice to do something about that. and i know from a very nerved me that removing lines is the absolute crappiest partof the hobby. its the taxfiles fill in of the hobby, literally!
also now that i´ve taken a better view to your amo for the arty i would suggest one thing for future weapons. have your children the use of inkpens? the ones withe the ink cartridges? i will use them also for a big berta like weapon in the future... these empty ones are also a good resource for other builts...just a hint^^

by the way, you semm to have gathered quite a good taste in furniture... the stool in red leather looks pretty classy and also the couch? looks cool and arty. hmmmm those brits sure know how to set their rooms right^^

cheers mate love your work to pieces^^

yours truly vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 20:28:52

Post by: monkeytroll

Looks muddy, nice

A bit of rust on the crane might set it off nicely?

edit for spelling (work blue fingers, work)

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 20:52:51

Post by: weetyskemian44

When I am rich I will employ poor people to do my mould lines. Currently speaking I am not rich - anyone want me to do their mould lines for 2 pound an hour?

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I mean mold obviously

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 21:03:29

Post by: Commander Cain

That looks fantastic Neil! I can't believe how fast it has come together.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 21:04:44

Post by: monkeytroll

Tempting weety, very tempting

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 21:10:12

Post by: Viktor von Domm

weety if you handle the flight i will pay you 3 pounds per hour to do my mold lines^^


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 22:10:43

Post by: neil101

Hey you lovely lovely , talented people, thank you for the nice comments and advice and encouragement. I think this would be a good time to get a bit emotional, so bear with me... Well I have being out of work for a while now, as the principle carer of my three boys , My partner picks up the bills full time! And as anyone here who has being unemployed for a any amount knows , it can get a bit difficult! loss of self worth ,pride and a feeling of been unconected with the world, as i have mentioned earlier in this blog i tend to work all the time , on various projects like all of you guys no doubt. Every one unfinished , but having a blog and a group of creative and talented people to share ideas with has really helped me feel connected again. I know alot of the stuff on dakka is just pleasentries and tit for tat, but thats how friendships are born right? through mutual respect and a bit of good natured rivalry?
The amount of talent in these blogs constantly astounds me , and forces me to up my game and try new things . its like a giant school of learning where there the pupils are now all teachers! one of the most respectful places i have ever come across in life, regardless of the web. So with that in mind i would like to thank everyone who has commented on my work so far, or just commented for that matter and for making my first month on Dakka a wondeful experience.
Thanks Guys n Gals
right enough of the mushy stuff , probably because i was listening to Morrissey earlier whilst painting the deprresing walls and mud for inspiration, damb Mancunian Poet always touches the dark places in me.

@ Weety In there like swimwear lol more lymerics ! I think going Pro is the natural progression for a perfectionist like yourself! and if i ever get those plastic squats one of my sons friends has promised me , they will be in the post the next day for you to paint ! thanks for the kind words.

@Scrazza cheers mate, the actual gun was made with spare toys and broken bits from m childrens to box , i work by researching the object fully and trying to get into the spirit of the time and place, and by printing lots and lots of pics out as a reference then pick and choose bits to match various parts of the object's sillouette iam scartchbuilding.any partys i dont have foamboard is my friend.

@ Vik i know i complain alot have a quick temper and i go fishing for compliments all the time , every one needs a flaw, theres three i have plenty more. ;-) Iam not sure if its a confidence thing or just an Ego thing probably both. But to be sure my ego is fully massaged by all the nice compliments and confidence is getting restored....... for now at least!;-0
thanks for the critque You compliment with one hand and take away with the other lol such is life. MOULD LINES ARHHH PDH warned me about them he said i will give you two pieces of advice drill gun barrels and clean mould lines,
i thought i could get awa with it because my vid cam is low res lol Captured! bugger this one i will leave be but thats the second time you have told me off for that. So consider my lesson learnt! I have neve ever trimmed any mould lines ,( not really sure how to do it to be honest )
but from now on all other projects will be mould free. There are lots of mould lines on kids toys though and the plastic is very hard !mmmm thanks for the Pen Tips " get it"
and for everyone who didnt know about Viks Fantastic Steampunk IG blog in the painting and moddleing section.
@ Monkey troll i was thinking of adding more leaves and grass but i like the mud too much, maybe on another project! thanks for the rusting advice i have heard about dry rusting powder on pdh's blog and was thinking of trying to find something like that! maybe like an old jcb or tracktor!
@ Commander Cain thanks ,i obviously have too much time on my hands. Maybe i should slow down and take m time more but i am already planning the next thing! Must Get it out the way.... i think i need to learn to slow down . i always think of myself as an ideas person as to a perfectionist, just do enough to communicate our vison then move on, this is a good thing and bad . i guess it might change the longer i spend on dakka.
@ Weety do ou do building and vehicle mould lines as well?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/10 22:35:09

Post by: Viktor von Domm

your a tragic comidian by heart arent ya? well i really like your writing style and you sure can tell a story. the part about the "You compliment with one hand and take away with the other lol such is life"

thats great art to write something like that. man i need to get you out for a drink so baldy!
and to tell you the truth about silly old me: the illness i probably have is called: manic depressive? thats me, wide eyed smile and in the next moment deeply depressed...
and i also have this urgent need to rush my projects, because there are so many other things i want to do. i probably also need someone to do the building after i have done the kick off part... but in the end the piece woulnßt be mine then... so i better learn slowmo as well...

your comment: "its like a giant school of learning where there the pupils are now all teachers" is very true but also very nice. i really like this kind of observation. i think it sums it pretty much up what dakka is all about.

and again i really want to get pished together with you, never done that with a real friend, only with would and thought be freinds. would be really nice for once to drink and muse together.

and the increase of a poet is a battle poet. and you sir have the true markings of a born balttepoet on you.

be nice to yourself, you deserve it! no arguing with me cause where i stand is always to the front!


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/11 04:49:16

Post by: manoknok

Neil this is looking really good! Keep it up!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/11 20:27:22

Post by: Regnak

Wow... good going! The flames from the Flamer squad look great! Nice idea.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/11 20:45:47

Post by: Hangfire

Dude, I often think that people with those sorts of personality traits are drawn to hobbies like this, dunno why they just are.
I think maybe a similar reason I love programming so much, you start with a blank sheet, type some words on it, compile and bingo you've got a result, but it's cool cause most people haven't got a clue how you did it.

I was talking to a mate at work the other day and lamenting how we'd love to have the time to do something /create something that defines us. Something you can always fall back on and say - "I did that"

Something a bit like this

So what i'm trying to say (badly) is make the most of your time to do something amazing - which btw I think you're well on your way to doing.
I'm sure being unempolyed sucks big time, but well, sometimes being employed sucks too.

p.s. forgive my lack of knowledge but who are the chapman bros?

pps. more comic??????

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/11 20:57:36

Post by: Viktor von Domm

at hangfire, did you had taken part in that movie? was that from you as well? cool, cant really belive its not done in parts by cgi tho, but i got next to nothing knowledge of that stuff...
whoa, truly great art man. must have taken ages to do that all. if you did it only by stop motions then how many frames did you make for one sec? 24 or more? gosh thats some dedication...

really liked it, if waht i said above didn´t let my admiration show through^^

astounded vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/11 22:46:21

Post by: weetyskemian44

Hey Neil I am touched that it helps you to be here and communicate with the rest of us - and to be honest I feel the same way about having this wider group of pen-pals as we would of called each other back in the day - It really helps - especially when your 'real life' buddies don't really appreciate what your doing (they saw wow thats really detailed and small, followed by what the hell is it meant to be, followed by NERD! when I explain usually). I think I might have to find a blog for ceramic artists when I start making stuff because it really helps with motivation and inspiration.

And I really hope you can get everything sorted with jobs and stuff. Bloody government isn't really helping much at the mo.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/12 00:08:01

Post by: neil101

Wow don't know what to say ... so heres something i made whilst at uni , think this says it all

and one for fun , not mine of course, wish it was though.

@ Manoknok thanks mate , chugging along nicely ,should be done by tommorow.

@ Regnak , cheers mate , just thought it would add a bit of movement to the models

@ Hangfire , those are nice words and i appreciate it mate iknow what you mean about wanting to define yourself with something , and that Video is completely Amazing, but correct me if iam wrong ... but you didnt make it did you? it's what you aspire to be able to do right , or something as original and immpressive! I completey understand, I had a workman around the other day, fixing a fire, and he saw all my crap out on the table , and wanted to know what it was for? i told him I AM an ARTIST! and he said " what do Artist do then" ( not taking the piss though) i tried to explain what i do and what i try to do , but i found it very difficult, i said , I try to reveal the hidden truth in things , to show that whilst we work to live , we live for something more, To show the beauty in the forgotten and every day , to be a modern day magician and turn the mundane and fogetable into something new and special. to look at the world anew everyday with child like eyes, to look up to the sky and clouds when eveyone is looking at there feet. to challenge the status qou and become immortal without actually living forever! to capture moments and feelings , to inspire and aspire, and he said " Does it pay the bills though"
The truth is Iam selfish and immature , i know there is no hope for a stable future in the arts but i refuse to give it up, its who i define myself by now, i dont even want to earn a living from it anymore, just create for pleasures sake , and to bury my head in the sand but the fact I am able to live off my partner without too much shame or guilt speaks volumes about the man i have become , I am Good father but a terrible partner. i feel sorry for my fiance though , having to put up with my manic moods , but enough wallowing , god iam becoming a maudling old bugger.

oh and i will prob do soem more illustrations on praxus in the next few days , glad your still interested! i promised to have the next paragraph out on the 13 , but thats not gonna happen this bloody gun took longer than i thought.

I was in a shopping centre today , buying more paint primark is doing great jewelry colour combimations , turquise and puple and brown peacock feathers with spots and roal blue and gold bangles, told ou i was getting into colour again. when it was anounced that they would be having a two minutes silence in respect of the two world wars and for the ongoing casualties in afghanistan, but being me as stubborn as i am , refused to be told what to do, thinking i can show my respect to dead soldiers in my own way , through my art and in private if i so wish. so i casually continued shopping, although not speaking , whilst everyone , and i mean everyone stopped , now i know what i did could be considered disrespectfull , and i got plenty of eyefulls of disgust i can tell you. and i wasnt feeling too proud about it at the time ,but i cant abide being told what to do sometimes , and i convinced myself , that by doing as everyone eles did , doing what your told, i reasoned , this is how wars start, by not standing up and saying no , no matter how difficult , and by following the majority out of obedience and fear , you give other people power over you! i know go figure , but i still dont know how to feel about what i did and why i felt compelled to do it, and it was hard , having every one think , you know what, but i just couldnt bring myself to follow the crowd ,no matter how many people are doing it!
as a footnote it caused a holy hell of an argument with my partner , who stoicly did her duty , . anhow just wanted to get that off my chest. sorry its a bit long.

@ weety , again i appreciate your comments, i took some balls to post that comment last night i can tell you alot of my friends are Geeks but still dont get my facination with 40k , not sure i do really , i suppose its just escapism right!
and as for your pottery , it's a good idea to surround your self with creative people , ideas bounce around like pinballs, remember to post a link though , so we can gate crash your new high brow friends , with snotling nosed gretchings and and a big hop splat gun

have you being a potter for a while , or is it a new thing?

@ Vik get back to work , you slacker , more pics please.

so i ordered some more perry minis today , some horesy ones , an early xmas gift when the arty is finished, should be tommorow , will start the rough riders , thinking of cutting off the high hats of the line infantry and sculptig some ww2 style german helmets , i still think they look too napoleonic. must buy guitar strings.
oh and i picked up some water effect stuff to put on the arty,
okay i think my post are getting longer .. is that possible?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/12 07:26:49

Post by: Hangfire

No no no no no, sorry didn't mean to imply I'd made that video, way too artistic for me!

Hah, will make sure I explicit in the future.

I just meant it was cool and probably someone's masterpiece, I watch it every now and then when I need a bit of inspiration.

My 1 hour day would never let me do something that cool.

Although I do have today off work - time to get painting or programming nah painting nah prorgramming......

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/12 08:47:08

Post by: Viktor von Domm

if i may join the recent discussion...

to the visit of your workman, neil. when sensitiv people get in contact with non- sensitive people, for a lack of a non insulting word the sensitive ones tend to think they have to act like the non sensitive ones. thats a shame, cause as you can be sure of the nonsenitive wont feel obliged to act like sensible people. goes with being nonsensitive... logs are logs and can´t become brians, there did it insulted a whole range of people in one go...

personaly i´m not a material man. money is for spending not for having. it´s the same with boots. when you start getting a kick out of boots then you start getting serious...well actualy i quite like boots so put in a better image that fits in this fetish like behavoir concerning money. maybe my take on with money derives from beeing poor all my live and i guess i will always be poor. but thats ok for me. as long as my children don´t have to starve (which they wouldn´t no matter how poor we might get, i would steal rather than let them hunger...) material thoughts are well past me.

as for the logvisit at your place, the only error comitted by you was telling the log what you do. with those people simply(thats the key word here) say it´s my hobby. they are so packed up with their own super high tech car music bulk that they probably wouldn´t understand art if you hit them with it...

second part of my rant against humanity:
that respectful silence and stillstanding? do you know what that should achieve? well one thing is for sure, the dead wont rise by standing still, what i´ve heard you have to speak in tongues and have to drink blood or something. so that cant possibly be the thought behind it...
so what then? i tell you cause no one asked me^^
to show you your place in society. like a dog has to know its place. sit! bark! play dead! this is a way of the ruling parties to show us mere mortal insignificant ones how to behave. and no goverment punishment can ever be that cruel than the bileful views of the bystanders when your not acting your part (yeah right acting the lot of them do that anyways...). deep down there is a place where THEY have achieved that you feel a slight pang of guilt for not standing still. believe it or not it is there. struggle all you like but if we don´t shoot our way free the have won even now. slice by slice. the main word for this is called Hypocrisy. argh...

god better end this as i lost my temper and my red line , so i don´t know anymore what else i wanted to add...

for better times, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/12 09:03:10

Post by: weetyskemian44

2 minute silences blow, suck and really creep me out - The last time I was caught up in one I was talking drunkenly to a friend about something rude and everyone in tesco got to hear two minutes of that conversation cos they were all being silent. Embarrassing but funny as hell.

Freedom of speech right. sod em.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/12 09:06:13

Post by: Viktor von Domm

two thumbs up for that comment!!!

one thing to add tho. has it been noticed that what makes us think we´ve done wrong mostly comes from the views of total strangers, whom we probably won´t ever meet again? and we still feel that slight pang of guilt? civilization is making us insane...

mad vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/12 10:10:01

Post by: SilverMK2

The mud on that gun emplacement looks pretty good.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/12 12:17:27

Post by: Element206

wow, that space marine really got served! :( My favorite piece out of all of this is the dreadnought in the background of the pic....looks awesome!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 17:14:10

Post by: neil101

Hi , peeps , time for another update, the on rails Artillery Gun is just about finished ,Finally , quite happy with it for my first time painting proper in while , learnt some new tricks , objective light sourcing , wet blending, and some colour theory, as well as using wet water effect type stuff for the first time.( although i can hardly say i mastered them ) thanks for all the input on the beast and encouragement especially colour scheme wise! , felt like a long two weeks, 4 days to build 10 days to paint ! now i kbnow why i avoided painting minis for so long! but no turning back now, i am in for the colour all they way now! , looking forward to painting up something a bit simpler now , maybe my nice Antal Adalais mini. If the comic lets me free for a few hours. And i know i promised an praxus update yesterday , but this took more time than expected so i am quite a bit behinde schedule regarding that, but have no fear , i am sick of scratch building for the moment , so back to the drawing board
so i know there are lots of mould lines and the finish is not very high standard , but i kinda got sick of it , so i may come back to it and finish to a higher standard later , but probably not , this diorama , was for me a test board for the colour scheme of the praxian guard, now i know they will be in knee deep mud with a dirty green and grey weapon scheme. the pics are of a low quality , i think because we only have a few hours of good light these days, .....and i missed them

@ Element206 , cheers mate , so all this i did for nothing! , and that dred will get a lick of paint someday! thanks for popping in!

@ SilverMK2 , cheers mate , just airdry clay and liquid nails..... oh and paint obviously

[Thumb - arty colour update 3.1.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.2.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000003099.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000013659.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000031699.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000036779.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000042019.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000047259.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000057659.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000062899.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000068259.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000074019.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000078779.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000083939.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000099899.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000115339.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000131259.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000136579.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000147179.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000157859.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000163259.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000167699.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000178179.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000183619.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000194259.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000199779.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000205059.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000210219.jpg]
[Thumb - arty colour update 3.wmv_000220219.jpg]
[Thumb - arty4 boom.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 17:23:45

Post by: kenshin620

Looks great, lovely detailing

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 17:41:28

Post by: weetyskemian44

Water and mud effects are very realistic!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 17:46:58

Post by: neil101

@ Kenshin620 , thanks mate, the vid camera does not do it much justice , but its also quite forgiving
@ Weety do you mean in my garden or on the model as you can see , i dont have to look far for inspiration

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 18:01:46

Post by: monkeytroll

Hey neil, glad you feel you can unburden yourself on us, the dakka community does seem to be just that - a real community. Long-term unemployment sucks, assess your self-worth on the love of your family not your job status. I'd guess the trick is to learn to forget everything except the potential hobby-time

As to the arty piece - lovely, excellent work on the basing, if you keep that up on the troops the force will look superb. Love that last shot 'Ceiling light spotted at 1 o'clock, sir. Permission to fire?'

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 18:48:29

Post by: Commander Cain

Great work! Now I know why the mud looks so realistic, you just dug up a bit of your garden and slapped it on the base!

Love all the little details like the glowy bits and water effects.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 18:53:28

Post by: Viktor von Domm

Hi neil,

i think you should do more outside pics. the ligh is jsut fine.
also the contrast to the garden in the back gave the model a very living realistic look. and as others siad before. your mud looks exellent. soacking wet mud. you jsut can taste the diarrhea that comes with such a scene...
poor soldiers that has to fight under these circumstances...
the detail put in this scenic diorama is truly that of an humanist...
i see many different kinds of weathering techniques. so you should definatly paint more. the talent is there. sometimes its really good to wait with painting. i have the theory that painting can even get better while not painting at all. you see your surounding world during those years of non painting and you learn about light and shadow and color nevertheless. the eyes get better or more mature... so when you finaly pick painting up again its far better when you left it....

so i will be waiting for your Antal Adalais to get some good paint on his behind^^...

good work mate have a half free holiday and back to your damn painting desk^^

cheers to you man, you deserve it!


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 19:00:23

Post by: weetyskemian44

I would agree with that - didn't paint for ages but the difference between my old painting and the new is noticable. Shame I don't have any pictures of my old minis cos they all went before the age of digital cameras

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 19:02:06

Post by: neil101

@ Monkey

" Permission Granted Guardsman"
" wait thats no ordinary ceiling light.." its Vik Von Doms Steampunk Airship.... FIRE AT WILL!

@ Commander Cain My secrets are out, and i thought i threw you guys of scent with that airdry clay herring!

@ Vik You have some great insights mate, i think your right about learning more about paint and colour etc , without actually painting, just getting into the groove again , and it feels good! bring it on Antal... Now back to your Airship! quick smart.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 19:04:01

Post by: Peter Wiggin

This project scratches my mad scientist itch.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 19:05:19

Post by: Viktor von Domm

yeah yeah yeah, the airships building is on the way...not much work doen, after all i got two guestvisits this weekend...
so not much done in taht department. but a lot of thoughts involved... follow me on my own thread (sorry for the shameless thread hijack^^)


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 19:06:08

Post by: Commander Cain

It's an airship!!!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 19:06:39

Post by: Peter Wiggin

monkeytroll wrote:Hey neil, glad you feel you can unburden yourself on us, the dakka community does seem to be just that - a real community. Long-term unemployment sucks, assess your self-worth on the love of your family not your job status. I'd guess the trick is to learn to forget everything except the potential hobby-time

Yah, don't sweat it Neil. There are millions of folks out of work these days...I happen to be one of them as well!

Learn to gauge your life by the positive aspects, not just the negative aspects you don't like. Plus, gives you ALOT of time to develop l337 modeling skillz.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 19:10:55

Post by: neil101

Thanks guys i really appreciate that, and i do have a fantastic family so , in them terms i am rich already
Edit oops sorry didnt notice that comment, sorry
@ agroszkiewicz he he he , you know you wanna build something...... do it soldier, and make it barmy , thats an order!
Direct hit sir he comming down on in the biscuit barrel!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 19:15:43

Post by: monkeytroll

Not on the biscuits!
First platoon, save those digestives!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 19:40:58

Post by: Viktor von Domm

ach me aching bleading heart, ye´re a cruel git man, doin´something fierce to a mans work e`en if he hadns done it yet...seems like clobbering times set maan. so `em kids glooves `re off. prepare yuirself fer some rottin barenuckle fightin yer nutter!

i will avenge m men, be sure of that...


Automatically Appended Next Post:
Admiral Liberman: So is it time to give out the humble pie... captain, obliterate the tower at your own time. *lazy salute*...

Captain Davor: Sir, Admiral , Sir. as you wish Sir! *smartly salutes*

Captain Davor to First mate Norstroem: I want that filthy tower grounded to dust, Mr Norstroem. comence at once. *turns towards Admiral.

First mate Norstroem: Aaaaatttention to all decks, commence attack, man all stations. load all tesla aperatures...

second mate Corvex: All decks reporting full service, teslas loaded, ready to fire. awaiting your orders.

First mate Norstroem: May the empress guide our steel, let the houds of hell loose, FIRE!!!

second mate Corvex: comence fire, all batteries fired....

*heavy battlesounds from the ship and after a few seconds enormous explosions that reach the far heights of the airways of the battleship "Nemrod"

second mate Crovex to first mate Norstroem: outlooks report that the tower is no more. there is not much to be seen due to the enormous fires spreding through out the area...shall we comence further fire?

first mate Norstroem: Seize fire, and switch alarm to level green. commence set course...duty as usual...

may the servants of the wrong ruler rest in pieces...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 20:33:25

Post by: monkeytroll

Recovered vid-pict from survey-skull 57351-gamma12 showing orks attempting to cyberisea chocolate wafer looted from Praxian regiment during the chaos caused by a massive airship explosion.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 20:36:10

Post by: Viktor von Domm

cyberised chocolate wafers? yummy , my favorites...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 20:44:56

Post by: moonshine

mmmmmm cyberised choclate wafer i wonder if orks can eat that anyway the flamer looks awesome though i would cover the flame in gloss varnish to give it a shiney finish

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/14 20:55:24

Post by: neil101

ROFL ROFL LOL seriously i need to compose myself , you mentalists!!!

@ Moonshine . good idea that , but i bought only mat! oh well who needs money right!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/15 02:40:06

Post by: manoknok

You have an extremely active imagination :-)

How do you do the cotton wool on the barrel of the gun...I'd like to stick some on some tank exhausts?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/15 16:11:49

Post by: neil101

@ Moonshine Cyberised chocolate wafer,.....mmmmm that gives me an idea...
@Manoknok a curse as well as a blessing! the cotton wool balls are slighty spray painted back and red , and just wrapped around a brabecue scewerer or florist wire, and pulled out to resemble the smoke , its actually inserted into the barrel to steady it.

so i know i have being a bit deppressive and a little down receantly in my blog , so i decided no more of that , time for some good old fashioned humour! you have been warned!

So i was gonna take a day off today , and rest after all that hard arty work, but it seems my mind had other ideas. I have wanted to show some of my boys work for a while , but havent got around to it yet! so i decided to show off some of there painting skills , on some orks i had converted a while back but are still wip, @ Monkeytroll and @ Vik , your to blame for this i hope your happy now, with your crazy cyborks!! and Airyships i also had a few orky buildings wip, maybe this will give me incentive to finish em off! and some rare archeotch minis found last month in my dillapidated old shed.
so without further ado, i present the first instalment of the crazy orky monkeytroll inspired world of....

Edit In Respect of Monkeytrolls fantastic cyberork blog. Upzag His Mek was accidently mistaken for Grimsnik the Doc oops please read Upzag as Grimsnik

The Grimdark Cookie Chronicles

In the aftermath of the Praxian Cookie event. Known to all Praxus as the The Grimdark Cookie Chronicles, a black mark in Praxus history. A Memorial was built in the smouldering remains of the Inquisitorial Tower. But unbeknownst to the imperial denizens a shadowy cult had emerged beneath the hallowed ground. A long dormant Green skinned clan of the MonkeyTroll Grimsnik Variety. With the smell of burning Grimdark cookies wafting their flared nostrils, the sleepy headed Bashed Upzag a distant cousin to the renowned Mad Doc GRIMSNIK Roused gently, rubbing his ancient bionic eyes.

Bashed “ Fee fi fo fum I smell grimadark cookies ,...YUM!” , “Grotsnick! wake da boys we be freebootin tonight!”

A gangly gretchin grot with a wicked grin, wimpered into view,

Grotsnick “Yes boss” he snivelled.

Bashed “ and dont forget to wake Einstein! , e mite be oosful

Grotsnick“ but boss, he might zap me wiv is weird brainz”


Basheds gang gathered round da boss .

Bashed “Rite lads, you know da drill , dem stinking oomies bin cucking grimdark Cuckees
again, and we ar gonna grab em , befor , dem dirty Praxians get em all,

Amy Orkhouse “ But boss dem oomies ar pretty tuff! And dares only a few of us!”

Emo..rk “ yeh boss dey nearly cut mi hair last time, “

Chopper, Cum ere an I will chop ye air for ya!, bwahhhhh

Emo..rk “ dont you dare touch me you brute! Do you know how long I spent getting this flick
to fall over my left eye so I can barely see , yet look , decidedly moody and unapproachable!”

Bashed “Never mind all dat you big babies! We got Einstein!!”

A hushed murmur ran through the standing Orks, as wizened old weird boy Einstein hobbled into view!

Einstein “ I new dis day wud cum fellow dakkites, time for us to join back wiv da great waaagh! Our rudely enforced cryo sleep is broken, we shall reclaim what’s ours , and rejoin our long forgotten kindred. We shall journey far and wide across tables and chairs , gardens and sofas, maybe even Internet forums, we shall rejoin our brethren in our inimitable right for Cybork embelishments! From Our beloved and reverent MAD DOC GRIMSNIK!!!”


Bashed “ Listen up boys, our journey wont be easy, dares lots of oomies updare and only a few of us, dare will be casualties, we wont all make it! But we have no choice , its clear now, we must rejoin our bruvvers, in da MonkeyTroll System. Yes they left without us , Yes they are very far away , but think on this . The sacrifice of a few will be worth the Mighty GORKA MEKKA'S REWARD ! Imagine , cybork eyes like Mine! You could all see what I see ..( in actuality Bashed could only see a vague outline of his boys , the cybork eye operation peformed by GRIMSNIK ,went terribly wrong , only managing to save blurry partial eyesight,
hardly the x ray specs with thermo optics and night vision he had promised! But he was hardly gonna let dem idiots know better)
You could see all dem fings if you work ard enuff”

“I want a rokkit booster”
“I wanna Electro Chopper.”
“I want da longest..”

Yu can all av what yer want if we get off dis stinking planet.
But first we need resources, right! And I dont know about you boys but that sleep has made me VERY VERY UNGRY!



[Thumb - grimdark titles.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/15 18:45:31

Post by: monkeytroll


'Grotsnik and Grotsnak eat the Grimdark Cookie monument' - So glad my minions at work were down the other end of the warehouse when I read that

Good work fella

Oh, not to ruin your fluff or anything, but Upzag is my Mek, Grimsnik is the DOk

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/15 18:53:15

Post by: Viktor von Domm

Dear sir neil, if i could humbly bow lower for just one bit i would do so, but i am bowing so low to show you my undivided loyality as i can already...

you sir have won the day. i hope that we haven´t seen the last of this bunch of green hides. nice take on the names, amy orchouse...well something was bound to get draged ip from the fungus with millions of orcs roaming the galaxy. very good comic. i hope you had as much fun doing it as i had while reading and watching... and then bringing one of my favorite chars of SW into the mix! is there no limit to your imagination? i certainly hope not!

and i really like this short version of some newsflash you made with the cookie lid in the middle, reminded me a bit of the oldschool batman movies^^.
really you made me smile like a kid, thank you sir!
and the grotsniks, munch munch^^

why is it that whenever you make something new you wet my appetite for something new as well? I have to compose myself^^...

on more serious note, i hope that you haven´t had some praxean timeline consequences for your fluff with me bombing your tower? i thought since my airship might come from a paralel dimension, this doesn´t have to affect the praxean timeline of your comic, non?

the only one suggestion i have is:
dont sleep so long man, we all need more of that stuff, work more for us^^. no only joking, rthe last we want is surly you having slept over your minis and getting a burnout from that...

and again: even if i repeat myself a million times, that was some awsome story you told us. definatly something to reread from time to time.

*nods aprovingly* vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/15 19:16:55

Post by: neil101

@ Monkeytroll edit i did it again didnt i! , dem stinking runts got da better of us dat time ! grotsnik , i knew i would fluff it! ;-) oh well , the cryo sleep must have addled his poor tiny brain... edited what i can but will have upload all again in correct order to preserve continuity, can it wait oh mighty Gorkka Mekka?

@Vik he he he ,i did , i was like a kid in a cookie shop!
not to worry about time lines thats what warp storms are for!
de nah nah nah nah nah nahnnah COOKIEEE! (like batman but cookie)

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/15 19:18:41

Post by: weetyskemian44

LOL. Chewbakkas pink wafer attack and those space grusade grots eating the biscuit were my favourite parts. Made me titter. I hope you ate all those biscuits afterwards - with tea. mmmmmmmm tea and biscuits

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/15 19:24:04

Post by: Viktor von Domm

phew, at least some worries of my shoulders then^^.

the world needs more munchkins like grotsnick and grotsnack...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/15 21:28:02

Post by: neil101

Hi guys made me laugh too i think an IP has being born!
Dem cheeky buggers will come out when i get too gloomy

just a tiny update , sculpted some ww2 german style helmets on some greatcoats and short coats, to give the Praxian guard a more modern feel , not sure if i should do it on all of them yet or maybe add some short caps russian revolution style... pics are real dark!

[Thumb - helmets.wmv_000009219.jpg]
[Thumb - helmets.wmv_000016899.jpg]
[Thumb - helmets.wmv_000043579.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/15 22:03:19

Post by: weetyskemian44

Looks pro! I cant quite imagine how you did it - I'm a bit of a GS novice

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/15 22:46:48

Post by: Viktor von Domm

if you did that alone with a strip of greenstuff, there is no stopping... sky is the limit. no seriuosly the helemts look like the real thing. as to how you always pull something off like that i cant understand. the little time i know you and your art there seems to be a total explosion of talent. you´re trying out new things almost every day and nothing you do is crap? thats some awsome outcome...darn i have to try sculpting as well...i think my heros will need some googles at least...also i have to get shirtsleeves of catachans to look like real mans uniforms...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/15 23:11:32

Post by: neil101


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/16 16:02:17

Post by: neil101

Thanks guys iam flattered , but the lighting is very poor, and i chose the best one to photgraph! ;-) they are also a little too big in reality, and while some look good from the side some look good from the front, only one looks correct at both front and back! lol wi;; post a pic when painted, cheers for the support!

Mini update , splashed some paint on Antal today, only managed to get a few colours on ,but i like his style, i even trimmed the mold lines after i primed him! thats how much i respect viks Critiques

gone for the french style of navy blue for him. cant wait to get a wash on! Dirtyboy

[Thumb - Antal.wmv_000006899.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/16 17:44:20

Post by: Scrazza

that model looks good already. I LOL 'ed with the cookie fight.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/16 20:20:34

Post by: Viktor von Domm

so finaly into the finer parts of paintcity! and geuss what you´ve made your own warm welcome sign. the antal looks great. the white is very crisp. i´ve tried it, and although my white in htat time was a bit on the rotten side it was creepier. your white looks like fresh brushed teeth^^. really fetching red to go with. cant say much about the blue as my monitor will only tell me its still black. thats natrual ligh for you, cant always win with it. its unpredictable. if you´d turn him a bit i might go so far as to say how godlooking he is, facewise.
with what washes will you be making im pop? i would use hmmmm... processing....devlan mud maybe? or you might be so bold and use a blue wash? diluted to the merest fraction? for the white?after that i would corrct some splashes that happen by when it would be done by me... i am careless when its about washes mostly...

well its the third time during this post i had to rescroll upwards to admire the white. thats definatly yopur color. how many goes did you with the white? must have been planty to get it so clean and smooth... good some people have all the patience...

cool mini or what? said cool mini! nuff said!


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/16 21:38:00

Post by: neil101

@ Scrazza mmm cookies , thanks matey, gonna take my time with him, as much as a impatient man can anyway, he is after all the Future heir of all Praxus , cant have him looking shoddy now! hows the Custom tanith comming along mate?

@ Viktor ,l I am still laughing that i have managed to fill up 8 pages of the blog without putting paint on a single mini... haha, that has to be a dakka record! , although your blog is going the same way methinks! Well as you said i couldnt hold off any longer , my confidence is up , i have fresh paints and plenty of time( well unless i start the comic again tommorow , ) and i have had plenty of opportunity to observe some really oustanding painting on here , as well as some of yours ...lol jk so now iam the one to be judged , dom dom duhhh! arh well , it had to happen eventually! The whites are from a fresh pot over citadel mat black spray. and i think this really helps! the paint really clings much better than car spray ;-) .
I couldnt cheap out on such an important character. It took about 4 coats really thin like, first time i have done that many, same with the blood red. But i think your right they do look brighter than my usual dirty whites on the catachans! Unfortunately he could do with some more clean up work , there is superglue frosting on plenty of his parts and he really needs some greenstuff on his shoulder(big gap) but now i have started i am uncertain if i should start work like that! I notice now that most of my conversions are not very clean, for priming really, I suppose there was always a chance they were never gonna get a lick of paint. Another lesson learnt. Work cleaner with conversions in future if you plan to paint them! hum!
Regards matey

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/16 21:45:36

Post by: Scrazza

neil101 wrote:@ Scrazza mmm cookies , thanks matey, gonna take my time with him, as much as a impatient man can anyway, he is after all the Future heir of all Praxus , cant have him looking shoddy now! hows the Custom tanith comming along mate?

They are coming along nicely, thank you. Tommorow I'll start sculpting cloaks again. The future heir ey? I'm sure you'll paint him up nicely.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/16 21:53:05

Post by: Viktor von Domm

thanks for your pose update^^ his face looks like he is birthed for greatness!
hmmm gaps, thats a very thoughy...i cant help you there...well maybe still. i have atube of glue specially for glueing pottery...its something thats more claylike you could say. after some household glueing with it i wanted to try it out for some conversion or better-ing of minis...maybe you got that too. might work...

by the way, mature antal, very good one^^
as see him now turned, i realized that he wears a backpack... hmmmm i would think about that for a minute. will he really wearing is socks by himslef into combat? i think not. i would use the paintjob and maybe some GS to make it into something in the linse of a shocktrooperbackpack like the ones from the karskin...would be more fitting. as for your red... i discovered something when doing my earthangels: when you have a black undercoat, and you aply a thin coat of red, or some other color. it looks instantly blended in a not too shaby way... i will use this for some of my dudes when its finally dudetime^^ again...
also do you think it will be wise to make my leader of the airship based on http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440247a&prodId=prod1070115?

also i bought today some mortheimers to base some conversions around them...was it worth it?should i expand in that direction? sorry to highjacking...

and one thing for future shyness about painting your creations...there is always simple green in the lands of the queeny^^...

cheers matey, have a pint of paint on your men^^


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/17 20:05:44

Post by: neil101

HI Dakkites another small update, so The horesy perry minis arrived today ...Yippee, but iam too engrossed in painting Antal to put them together , maybe later though.
I Am feeling pretty good today , iam verry happy with the way Mature Antal is panning out , gives me lots of positives for the rest of the Antal Adalais planetary deffence personelle body guard Copiae. So i was thinking about how i got here, not exsitentially or anything just , in this position with the Napoleonic Army, As you may know i dont really play 40k , well at least not the official version , just house rules , a skirmish type affair that me and the boys make anew every time we play . Which isnt very often. But when i introduced them to it about 8 years ago, my oldest is 12 , my hankering for collecting and playing the board games came around again, ( which is what i really grew up on, Space crusade, Heroquest, advanced hero quest, Advanced space crusade, and the big one Space hulk although i had and maybe still have RT , i was far more interested in the fantastic backgrounds the artist and writers invented, in the rule books but mainly in WD, My first issue being 101) . But what really captured my imagination was the hordes of imperial guard and Crashing stomping titans, as well as the grimdark adaptus mechanicus. Now i know there have being plenty of other great things about 40k since, Necromundan Hives, oodles of new SM chapters all fully fleshed out ( no imagination needed!) gunships , space combat and FORGEWORLD. But for me there is something romantic about the Imperial Army that i fell in love with many moons ago when i first layed my eyes on Commisars and Orderlies ,and Medics with chainswords. Something so human yet so fanstastically grimdark and futuristic! I could relate to the imperial army better than the mk6 "womble" marines. As i grew up , i realised that GW had created a magical universe out of one that allready exsisted, And i know you know what iam talking about because we have all walked or driven past something , that immeadietly made us think , Now that is pure 40k , ( a giant glass crusher in front of a window and door factory was the last time i had grimdark de ja vu , Ork roller thing with spikes on! ( will have to take a photo of that next time i am out) And more and more as i have completed research projects for stories , i notice more history that has influenced 40k . So when i came to begin my research for praxus , i knew elements of 40k were inspired by Dune, the film more than the books imo. so instead of researching 40k , or dune i thought i would go direct to the source , The renaiscence and the rution revolution , this time. I knew i wanted ribbons and saches , and eppulettes , because they look so damn good , i didnt really want them on all The Praxian Guard, After all they are supposed to be futuristic lasgun carriying soldiers. And if i had pleanty of cash i would of probbabably just baught mordians , vostoyan, Death Korp or Praetorians, but hey this real life and 40k models are expensive right! ,
but then i discovered the amazing world of historical models , mainly the perry mininatures, They seemed to me exactly what Gw had being trying to achieve with the IG all these years especially the perry twins models , who after all designed lots and lots of the 40k and fantasy minis for GW. They had character and soul, and more importantly were realatively cheap! I have periodically perused the perry catologue , but found the metal minis too expensive , and limited when converting. so when i i notice they had started selling plastics , and lots of them. wild horese wouldnt have kept me from purchasing!
But.. after getting them home opening them and once i composed myself from the shock of how small they are, i realised, that its not just the eppulletes and saches that i like , its the commisars , and snipers , and tanks, and lasguns etc.. so what to do the IG army i long for is gone replaced by cadians , who are nice but just not the same, and are also increasingly expensive ( 32 Imperial army boxset, box o 20 cadians, now 10 man squad , and my cash flow wont allow me to collect 200 original figs, which would also negate the creative process. So converting them is the only way to satisfy my longing for grimdark 40k with napoleonic inspired orderlies in metal breastplates, and ww2 gestapo inspired imperialist russian commisars, and my creative drive. Think i went on a tangent a bit there sorry , so basicly trying to say i wanted to show some of my inspiration behind my idea of a pretty and original 40k army, that is full of character but is also cheap easy to convert and true to the original ideas behind the Imperial Army!

so i thought i would post up stuff thats flittering around my head in regards to the direction of these praxian guards.
@ Vik i know there are mold lines on the gun , i just noticed them myself and i think your right about his back pack , he prob wouldnt have it but its asthetically pleasing on the model , and makes him a bit bulkier like 40k IG, They are very small , i would turn it into a hellgun , but onece the paints on i dont like converting , maybe though!

@ all i could do with some advice on what colour to paint his gun, i have trouble with guns ,should they be gun metal are coloured and also his pack thanks guys n gals

[Thumb - Antal 1st.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000002579.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000006619.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000011979.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000017139.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000077979.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000079619.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000103579.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000104739.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000106499.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000107659.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000109699.jpg]
[Thumb - antal 2 wip.wmv_000114819.jpg]
[Thumb - WD96-Page-57-RT05-Imperial-Army-01.jpg]
[Thumb - Titan_Moderati.jpg]
[Thumb - Space_Fleet.jpg]
[Thumb - ig-box-rt.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/17 20:30:08

Post by: Viktor von Domm

woah informational overkill....the usual on this blog tho^^...

your antal looks like he was bought and built from finest china...(the stuff that teapots and cups are made of...)
really goodlooking details you´ve made on him. so when will you do commisons? would be a good thing to do? or would that be a confict of interests?
also i see you´ve made him blonde...its a bit cliche`but still goodlooking. why do all herostyle characters have to be blonde? as a dark blone or whats called in german doggish blonde, and you yourself arent a blonde either?^^ i think it funny we instantly think about heros with blonde hair...but he is handsome, nevertheless and this wasnt critique...

in fear of derailing something i have to ask you something:
might i post my very first inspiration regarding my first guard expierience?


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/17 20:34:34

Post by: neil101

Of course! lets here it matey!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/17 20:38:09

Post by: Peter Wiggin

Love the imagery! Most certainly not my personal style, but paintings from the Napoleonic era usually have great visuals of heroic war. Also, love the "Space Empire" dudes.....so old school.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/17 20:47:42

Post by: Scrazza

Wow, you did your research. Antal looks very good. He is shaping up real good.

For advice. Well, if you want a historical look, Why not paint the lasgun like wood? Except for the metal bits like the barrel. (obviously) For the sacks and backpacks, try to paint it like cow skin. I've seen it before on other miniatures, in movies. I've even seen it on uniforms in museums.

Hope this helped.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/17 20:51:52

Post by: Viktor von Domm

so since you asked for it i will deliver. please bear in mind that my first confrontations with massproduced soldiers was verrrry early in my life. i had the whole life and especially my childhood a very strong affilation to all things militarian. this doenst have to be something thats important or difficult. but bear in mind, my mom abhored all thing concerning guns and the likes. also i was born in western berlin. during my youth it was two seperate cities...and guns and tanks and so on where not so common in the western part. quite the oposite in the eastern part of the city (eastern more russian related for the noneuropeans). so i had a very intense reaction to this:
its from a cartoon series of a small girlish bee but for me the ants marching in duty where always the main point of the series.

sounds funny? wasnt for me. laugh if you want i know its probably justified...
well after that there where sweets in eggform with choclate parts. in between these "kinderüberraschungen" there were some plastic eggs with toys and other crap. and if you got really lucky you got one of these

i had quite a few of them then after some very bad hardship with my mom (shes mental) they were all lost...

so in short i had always fantasised about big armies marching into ballte. roman legions, british blackpowder soldiers or in the last installment the cadians/praetorians...

so long story short conclusion: i really apreciate your research, modeling and painting on so many levels. looking in your blog is like looking in some long gone part of my childhood. and your not killing it but reviving it, so here is my thank you to you!

thanks my friend, and please dont stop^^


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Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/17 21:42:41

Post by: neil101

Thats a great story matze, I can only imagine what growing up in western berlin was like , but you paint a vivid picture mate. I think i have seen that cartoon , or something similar, but i get what you mean about ant like soldiers!, I am suprised you havent collected military Historical minis since the "EVENT" with your mother. Although I know from Fraternity a similar situation , with my own. Although i think its only receantly the historical minis have become cheap enough and of a qaulity that it may be worth while! That Figur aus Überraschungseier is fantastic , if i had those as a kid , maybe i wouldnt be interested in 40k , Your story is a tragic happy one
it really is heartfelt and it reminds me of the Steadfast Tin soldier by hans christian anderson . So tragic but tinged with hope .
So from now on you shall be called The Steadfast Tin Soldier ,


well on Praxus anyway!
Thanks for posting that mate, really made my evening.
and thanks for the unfaltering support , it really means something that , i can post honest and heartfelt ideas and feelings without being ridiculed.
oh and about the blonde i know i know , you should see how long i spent on designing the heroin, but iam just as fallible as the next guy to stereotypes, although i kinda based him on the Tsar nicholas the 2nd and King george the 5th who were cousins but could be mistaken for twins!!!!

@agroszkiewicz cheers mate you probably guessed your blog was the inspiration to post my research pics , so thanks for that mate. And i never thought napoleonics was my style , it just grew on me the more research i did, i still dislike any political shanningans to do with it , its justa pure and simple style thing ! although when creating a story around a european style prince
you have to look to these things eventually.

@ Scrazza , you think this is reasearch lol (no offence) you should see my bedroom i have at least 300 pages of clippings and sketches and stories , on Praxus , from flowers to architecture, jewelry to food, well everything it takes to create a world i suppose! , I guess i really should finish the comic so i can share it all!!!
And your painting tips i found very useful, i will definately be using those ideas , thanks again

thanks for the encouargement guys

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/17 21:59:31

Post by: Viktor von Domm

the title sound really cool, and somewhat waht every commisar would want his soldiers to be, non?
and your absolutley right now is the time for cheaper historical minis. in my childhood times you would oly get those flat tin men and they would have cost you a lung or two...
by the way: your bedroom? doesn´t you and the missus (amber, i really like the sound of her name, rolls of the tongue, my compliments to her) share a room together?...

well most parts of historical documentation of the napoleonic area leave out the dirty bits and all we mere school educated people remeber and know is the shine polished uniforms and the muscled horse...and the hairdo of napoleon himself. so all the nasty stuff with hunger and rotting wounds and mud and ill soldiers still putting up a fight and whores on battlefields are seldom knowledge...

for making a good looking and convincingly looking army (if set in historical or sifi setting either is irrelevant) your kind of research is the only true one. so fire awawy your research, we can take it. one thing i have come to understand is that in these forums there are so many heavily educated people on board...well sometimes the trailer park idiot you also get but they are a thankfully rare kind...

so we still be waiting for your praxean insights. but you can alwyas sweeten the wait by dropping some more or less hard facts of history for insirational usage...(sounds like a justification for drinking booze?)


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/18 13:37:44

Post by: Hangfire

I hadn't seen the Steadfast Tin Soldier before, that was cool. I'm stuck doing assignments for Unit work at the moment, so no time for painting. I needed a break so thought i'd pop on dakka and see how things are shaping up.

Looking good as always. Take it easy you guys, once these assignments are done i'll be back properly...

Hey Vik, I used to have to hide my 3 white dwarfs and space crusade under the bed cause my Mum was a strict christian and would've burned me alive if she found them - Mothers eh?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/18 13:53:41

Post by: Viktor von Domm

truer words were never spoken...
best is she was a very tomcat girl when young...i imagine her playing cowboys and indians then...but some people forgett when grewing older what they used to like...
as for my kids i try to instal some kind of honor codex in them. never beat someone smaller than you and as they are all guys never hurt females...in kindergarten thats only doable for a given value of relyable but for my oldest one no hurtingpolicy is strickt with girls. as for defense, when someones beginning a fight they´re entitled to fight back and stop the bum! so i guess the rest i´m pretty open to warfare and the things involved. my sons have millions of lego and playmobil solders but a puppethouse and a pram as well... gotta give them all the options. also in computergames i still have my hand on the switchon button but when i would play it they can too...if its not so messy^^.
as for hiding your white dwarfs... my mom was very thight on comics as well. as you can imagine this causes problems... when i started working and making my very first own money i spent it all on comics. i was about 16 then. i could see how much i´ve spent on my taxforms...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/18 15:29:07

Post by: Scrazza

@ Scrazza , you think this is reasearch lol (no offence) you should see my bedroom i have at least 300 pages of clippings and sketches and stories , on Praxus , from flowers to architecture, jewelry to food, well everything it takes to create a world i suppose! , I guess i really should finish the comic so i can share it all!!!
And your painting tips i found very useful, i will definately be using those ideas , thanks again

Oooh, that level of 'Research' ( ) Puts my background fluff to shame.

Well I am glad I could help with some paintin tips.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/18 18:15:10

Post by: neil101

@ Scrazza i think i have 40k research OCD lol
i was just on the Gw website and i thought about your blog, have you ever considered doing a custom guants ghosts


or Colonel Schaefers last chancers

i think your style would suit these characters as well, and i would love to see a custom Guant!

@ Hangfire Hi matey , hope you still dont need to hide your hobby! although something ellicit only makes it more desirable right so your working hard heh well glad to see you have time to pop in moddled some Rough riders today , just in blue tack , trying to get that 40k look again,
will post a pic later ! never got chance to work on Antal today
Hope you get back to your blog , i need more painting tips fella, have pu considered what your gonna do when you are happy with your skills,? planning a army or sqaud with some fluff?

@ vik mmmm Comics , i started reading Nemesis reaceantly , nice art work , average story, although i did like the walking dead for a while and Y the last man standing!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/18 18:38:41

Post by: Scrazza

Hmmm, the first picture doesn't show. But I have all of the sheaffers last chancer models. I even have Sheafer twice!

Custom Gaunt? Sounds good.


But this is your blog, we needn't discuss my blog on yours.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/19 13:59:41

Post by: neil101

Hey guys did a liitle work today!
Put pen to paper and made an army list for the praxian guard , so i dont just continue to collect . Must have an end in sight
also took some wip pics of the rough riders, when i finish Antal i am gonna concentrate on the comic for a while , i think this blog needs some serious fluff

Antal Adalais's Personal Body Guard The Nobilite Copiae.
With Elements From The
Praxian Planetery Deffence Force

Army List

Antal Adalais Commander
General Mathias Von Dom

Advisors plus nobles
Proctor Panurge
Ex offiocio Arnette plus Hugo and Viktor
Medic Vostroyan plus medic orderlies
Primaris Psyker custom
Muscians Standad bearers and Cherubin

Artillery Luetnent Dance
Thudd gun?
On Rails Cannon

Air support Captain Kassen Madron
old School style jetbikes or hover vehicle

Tank Platoon
Scratch built Custom style Malcador /Valdor ww1

Colonel Than Marinka Infantry Votroyan
Orderlies , old Imperial army style
Infantry ww1/ww2/napoleonic 40k mashup

Weapon teams
Mortar sqaud
Flame teams
Heavy stubber?
Lascannon ?

Praxus Nobbilite close combat teams
2 handed Chainsaws?

Praxus Nobilite
Rough riders
Power swords

Vulgus Penal battalion

Buildings Russian 60's Hyperboloid pylon with Parabolic radar command section , 40's Mainot Line Bunkers
medical support area tents and what nots

back to monotone for this greyscale update , but a colourfull antal next Btw the twins LJ and RJ made all the foot infantry in these scenes, and also a couple of the hores ones and it was BJ my eldest who had the idea of the injured soldier being dragged by the captain and if anyone needs on sprue pics of the perry cav just let me know i took some earlier , these are Dragoon comand sprue ,Hussar command sprue and French heavy Cav boxset.

[Thumb - rough riders nobles1.jpg]
[Thumb - rough riders nobles2.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles3.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles4.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles5.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles6.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles7.jpg]
[Thumb - rough riders nobles8.jpg]
[Thumb - rough riders nobles9.jpg]
[Thumb - rough riders nobles10.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles11.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles12.jpg]
[Thumb - rough riders nobles13.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles14.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles15.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles16.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles17.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles18.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles19.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles20.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles21.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles22.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles23.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles24.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles25.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles26.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles27.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles28.jpg]
[Thumb - roughriders nobles29.jpg]
[Thumb - rough riders nobles30.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/19 15:31:25

Post by: Scrazza

WOW...thats all I can say. I have the perry french cav myself, and only now see the otential for guard rough riders.

I like it. Full of dramatic scenes. !

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/19 16:14:02

Post by: weetyskemian44

great cavalry charge. Very epic.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/19 18:56:18

Post by: neil101

Yay ,Thanks scrazza thanks Weety!
now that was a fun little project , I thought i would post some my research pics for the Hyperboloid command structure for the back line, i will eventually make, and the fantastic maginot line bunkers for the front line!
Hyperboloid Water tower in Ciechanów, Poland. Designed by Jerzy Michał Bogusławski; built in 1972. The support structure is an hyperboloid lattice and the water reservoir is a toroid.

The Hyperboloid water tower - the world's first steel lattice shell structure by the great Russian engineer and scientist Vladimir Shukhov (1853-1939) in 1896. The All-Russia industrial and art exhibition 1896 in Nizhny Novgorod.

Maginot line bunkers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maginot_Line#Armoured_cloches

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/19 19:46:01

Post by: weetyskemian44

The staircase in side that old latice tower thing looks frighteningly bendy

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/19 20:25:06

Post by: Viktor von Domm

"eat chainsaw you vile monster..."
what brave men and fellow horses must you guardsmen be to charge into the midst of such ravaging beasts. and your captain is the bravest of them all. despite his very near ending he risks his few living seconds to rescue his comrade in arms...if he survives he is a true war hero.
when i see such tragic battles it reminds me of the withdraw at hoth in the second(true) starwars movie... its always a pain to behold to see soldiers that have to do a strategic withdrawl...

this was a truly epic sloughterhouse warpit battle. the poses of the fleeing soldier and the shooting hussar are very good and capture the movement really good.

for your list, the only comment i can make, looks like a heck of work to do...i haven´t got the foogiest of ideas what to do and where to begin with such a task...

your research concerning russian terrain structure is very good. i like the webbbing of steel. if you want to do that, you got my respect for that is a very tideous task ahead...

whats the tank in one of the latter pictures?
as for your air support, any ideas what you will be making? will you scatchbuilt something profane as a valyrie or do you come up with something more unique? what about something hoovering?
or will you be building also a flying fortress?hmm there should be far more fortresses in the sky for my liking^^

have you found a modernday material for building your bunkerline? i´m thinking about it now, but nothing springs to mind...perhaps later...

cool work and stuff colors. we like your film noir battles. reminds me of that old kirk douglas movie: Paths of Glory

again if i wouldn´t be your friend already i´d be your fan by now again^^

cheers mate, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/19 20:59:42

Post by: neil101

Wow how did i miss that movie , surely gonna get hold of that, thanks mate. and starwars the empire strikes back is also a favourite of mine , very much inspired by ww2 , glad you mentioned the fleeing soldier , because i wasnt sure if , that came accross. "Run-a-way"! The movement is captured with shaky camera work ,and great detailed models . happy accident! i guess , if i wasnt for your original comment on the catachans clash, i would never have used this technique again. so even if i get a better camera in future , the diorama scenes will probably remain with this technique now! but paint is in my soul now so , technicolour is not far away.
The russian erchetecture is from my Arclight research , i may as well , reuse what i can , in the present as that might never be finished!

the tank i dont know what either are i think the one with men on is an american ww2 sherman. the other i havent a clue! found on the maginot line somehwere
as for the structures just wavy ideas floating around for now , not sure how or when they will be impemented.
i notice you reply comments on every detail of my uploads , it must take you as long to comment as it does me to upload. lol
not sure about flying stuff yet i like the thought of valkries etc.. but will probably , end up with old school jet bikes
regards mate

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/19 21:21:02

Post by: Viktor von Domm

ha there is little possability to go anywhere wrong with jetbikes as the oooooze coolness.! totaly go for that. we have seen some good takes on that thiong here( iknow you did too^^)
as for ancsereing to all posts of yours, well i see it that way: i want to hoor almost every thing you do by showing that someone sees it and recognize(hpoe i do that...) it. if soething doesnt get recognized then for my part it would be like telling a joke and nobodys laughing...sad story then...
i have to say my mind is somewhat alike a sponge...it sucks much up but it is still pretty much made out of holes...
so did you already mentioned Arclight ? and i lost that or ...what? i´m confused^^

the very good thing of that movie is the beginning. the cuts are very future tech for that time it loks as if shot in one go...and the mood is just classy. later it gets a bit boring for my taste as it gets a bbit courtyard romantic...not my style then. and impiere strikes back IS by far my dearest movie. as you might have percieved Viktor von Doom, my nom du guerre here is a very baddy character. he and the hated (for most people) Darth Vader are some great idols of mine. well by now i expect the average man to get a light uneaven feeling about me^^. but i see there characters differently. the both wanted to create an utopia. they both wanted a very special community that they ruled to keep out the dumb descissiond of the mere mortals. with them we would be living in peace and harmony, for their given value of harmony they wnat to spread out. free will is for them something like a toddler thats using a fork to see what happens when you put it in a socket...well the darth aveder thinks...what an infidel and smacks him some and then he bannes sockets and forks, for he really cares for his next in kin... i think they both are what you get when you see to much bad things happen and too much bad politician acting upon stupid thoughts...
i personaly think one day despotism is the way to go. democracy will eventually put us down for good if something doesnt happen...
phew, what a mental rant of me...^^


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/19 22:21:37

Post by: neil101

man you really remind me of a close friend who also reminds me of magneto from the x men . he also is a despotic phillosopher ,who wouldn't think twice about abolishing the vote if there was such thing as a honourable polotician. but as we both know there are only humans , is'nt this why we like stories , because they remind us of that possibility ,where honour and morality are infallible ,this is what draws us like a moth to the flame. because if we can imagine it then it is possible?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/19 22:39:16

Post by: Viktor von Domm

that remind me of two things: john lennon and the fact that i´m getting really forgettful as i´m also a big fan of magnus lensher aka magneto^^. he also has a very familiar bloodline to mine so he is more of my kind of dark hero than the other two. as for lennon: you can probably guess what song i´m thinking of right now...^^

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/20 04:16:46

Post by: kenshin620

Cool cav. Interesting that you mixed all their french sets together

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/20 23:52:06

Post by: neil101

Thanks Kenshin620 Yeah , was thinking of them as Praxian Nobles , with there own household colours , all individual , like chivalric knights, brought together to form a noble unit . but these are just ideas so i could see what looks best, i will prob make three sets of rough riders ,lascarbinier ,grenade lancer, and a mixed one .

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/21 00:18:40

Post by: Viktor von Domm

sound then like bretonian crusaders^^ cool concept. and it gets you some diverity. so you wont have to paint one scheme over and over again...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/21 00:56:25

Post by: neil101

Yeah but I am scared of losing army cohesion as well especiallly after using units form so many different styles in the army, I think i will have to be very carefull with my colour schemes so as to keep the whole group looking like a unified army. I am very excited though because i have purchased a few interesting oop minis " ouch" to add to the Praxian Guard. I have decided to try and make a loose diorama based on this scene not an exact copy , but its style and feeling, to encourage me to paint the army up quickly. and to have a good reason for having them all if i dont really game!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/21 01:01:18

Post by: Commander Cain

Looks like this will be an exciting diorama. Keep up the good work neil!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/21 09:55:49

Post by: Scrazza

Hehe, will that titan be in your diorama as well?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/21 12:20:58

Post by: Viktor von Domm

"crosses fingers for neil making a titan...."


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/22 17:39:58

Post by: neil101

Titan lol your kidding right ? I cant even finish the 3 projects i am working on!

so update with some fluff for the manufactorum and Praxus comic

Origins of Saint Marrete
Daughters of the Emperor
By Scholar Rosiwe
The exact details of the origins of Ministorum organisation, daughters of the Emperor are well documented in the scholarum libraries of the Eclisiarchy. But these versions omit Important details of the Venerable saint Marrete. Deemed Heretical by Inquisitor Lock's Ministorum purge. As a young man I was one of the Administratum's offico's responsible for the destruction of many books and texts thought inappropriate for the Ministorum. Petty scrivener level II I was superior to many of my companions in that my role required binocular vision and thus I was spared the normal blinding process. Although warned implicitly that any reading of the texts was sorely forbidden. In no hurry to jeopardise my position, I dutifully operated my role in the denouncement of said texts, with not a second thought for the heretical contents. Until an accident with the pyrocastor forced several of us attendants to take shelter beneath a large bookshelf. It was whilst in this rather uncomfortable position my eyes did wonder upwards towards a large tome that lay open , and its beautiful scrivenings did my eyes attention seek. Knowing the punishment for such an act and not wanting to be seen by my compatriots , I swiftly returned my gaze to the floor, but surely enough like a moth to flame my eyes did seek out its illuminated text. Which told of a girl with the most magnificent pure golden hair, born into servitude upon a hive world Phalanx, struggling her whole life in the service of others she worked many years to buy back her genetic freedom, An insatiable thirst for piety had grown with her on the hive world ,and now older, her faith in the Emperor was as solid as plascrete. Her new found freedom allowed for one thought a holy pilgrimage. Although Holy Terra was out of the question for one with such poor funds, Another reliquary sprang to mind , The tomb of Saint Bernadette. A pilgrimage of only II clusters. With this in mind Marrete ,(the girl now allowed a name because she was no longer in servitude) did every thing she could to raise the creds needed to get off Phalanx. Anyone who has had the misfortune to have been to Phalanx will know, that a pretty girl only has one option to raise creds in the lower habs. Bruised and used, the dishevelled Marrete now had enough creds for a ticket off world. Her transaction complete, Marrete lay in bliss as the refitted launcher , made its jauntily way towards its destination. Hungry and tired Marrete sold the last of her belongings for a little food and water, her only possessions being a small tardy old dress, ripped and stained with her trials. Other mid and high level hab dwellers were also on board making the same pilgrimage. Offended that a low hab dweller would be making the journey, they unashamedly denounced Marrette's unsightly appearance. Happy in her contentment Marrete ignored their vindications and thought only of her opportunity to Basque in the reflected glory of the Emperor through the beneficent reliquary of Saint Bernadette. But her arrival at the entrance of Tomb was met with no less consternation , For the ministorial sister at the gates looked upon the dishevelled and lowly mess that was Marrete, and refused her admittance. Chastising her for her semi nakedness and whore like attire. Marrete emaciated and drawn refused to move. Insisting she had just as much right as anyone to enter. Embarrassed and angry at her indolence , she ordered the reliquary guards to remove her. Knowing the consequences awaiting the girl for such ignoble actions at a consecrated site, a travelling missionary took pity on the wretched Marrete and offered up a long cape from his vestment gowns to protect her modesty. Now covered from neck to to barefoot , Marrete approached the gates a second time. Infuriated at this disobedience , the sister immediately levied a toll for entrance. Knowing full well Marrete had nothing left to give having used up all her creds on the journey. Thankful for her own deviations, the sister rested smugly in her own contentment.
Throwing off the missionaries vestments and what was left of her ragged clothes. Marrete picked up the sharpest rock she could find and began hacking off her beautiful long hair. Her head ruined and her fingers sore , she handed the bloodied scalp to the sister, Saying
“I was born naked , now I stand naked in front of you,
I am but used flesh and tired bone
I am naught and not worthy
I have nothing to give but myself
But the Emperors love is bountiful and I am his daughter,
I offer all that I am to him , in the knowledge that if he requires more , it your duty as one of his humble servants to take it.
She promptly fell upon her knees in front of the sister and said
“ Do you still require more of me sister?”
The sister suddenly embarrassed by her own prideful actions , immediately cast off her own vestments and cut her hair. As did many of the pilgrims.
News of the event spread throughout the Ecclisiarchy and many similar acts followed at different pilgrimage sites for many years. Until one former missionary , now inspired deacon announced a new sect be formed named “The Daughters of the Emperor” a divisional department that created
robes for the Ministorums many Deacons, cardinals and pontificates. From the hair given by pilgrims at sanctified shrines throughout the Imperium. So the hierarchy would always be reminded of this simple selfless act of humility.

( In the footnotes of the page , an extra article had been added at a later date.)
A small and unknown fact to many. When a Commissar Inured learned of this story from a pontifice mundi he formed an idea to supply his men with purity seals made of the highest quality human hair . So his fighting men were reminded of humanity when awarded one of these rare purity seals. The Daughter of the Emperor shrines are now on Thousands of Imperial worlds and the Venerable saint Marrete is worshipped as a icon of humility on just as many .

Appended Scholar Rosiwe was found guilty of treason and heresy and seminally executed by Inquisitor Ravnus lock , These writings were found hidden in his vestments. And re intered into the Ministorum libraries. By servo Skull MMMXXVII

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/22 18:02:28

Post by: azekio

you, sir are a genius. THIS , right here, THIS is why models rule: the story telling opertunities are immense! keep it up.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/22 18:15:04

Post by: Hangfire


So was the whole ministorium "The Daughters of the Emperor" declared heretical?

Sorry I always need things spelled out for me.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/22 18:34:18

Post by: Sageheart

liking the work, that fluff was good!

yes, i believe you are correct hangfire

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/22 18:51:10

Post by: Viktor von Domm

a really sad story. you have to undestand what the beliefs of marette had did to her. she sold her body to the cheapest uses and let her ego be bruised and tortured only to achieve something that is so important to her yet so insignificant to the one beeing that she wanted to honor with said actions (the pilgrimage i mean). all this in the name of the shrivveld shell of a each-day-massmurder... this is sad and sick in one tight bundle. really why do we all play with SM and IGs and the likes...? god the spirit beneath all that is hurting ...

don´t get me wrong i really liked that story, your writing is very entertaining. the scene with Scholar Rosiwe, trying to avert his eyes...pictures flashed before my eyes.

what i still don´t understand is why was the story around marette deemed heretic? i wouuld gather that she did holy and very supporting deeds to the emperor? will this be shown in further parts of your historical surroundings of the manufactorium?

again thank you for this exeptionally storytelling.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/22 18:53:57

Post by: weetyskemian44

Dark, Gothic and with an unhappy ending - This is perfect for the chistmass season...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/22 21:30:59

Post by: neil101

Wow thanks guys n gals did'nt expect that many replies for fluff ! , he, he, he .
@ azekio Wow thank you , what a compliment, but i must be weary of my own prideful actions, lest I feel the inquisitorial wrath! I agree with you about the story telling opportunities,
this has always been the biggest draw for me, reading them and inventing your own , well that and lascannons!

@Hangfire , Again thanks mate, it was you and Viks comments about continuing the comic and writing some background deatails , that inspired me to post it!
and sorry for any loss in clarity , i really didnt check it well enough before posting. only the texts were deemed heretical not the organistaion as a whole, well at least i didnt think , but hey you never know with the inquisition right? Hope this clears up any confusion.

"Devout and puritanical, Inquisitor Lock was opposed to any deviations in the Ministorum.
His acquaintance with Cardinal Ror undoubtedly buttressing an already formidable faith. It was Cardinal Ror who suggested his tyrannical purge of Ecclesiastical writings. A chance to rewrite and amend tawdry or corporal accounts of Saints. And Re-embellish them with a virtuous and chaste enlightenment. The unchaste Saint Marrete , becoming a vestal bride of the Emperor. Who forsake all attempts at her modesty despite her low and squalid upbringing. Saving her virtue for the Emperor alone."

Only the texts that contained prurient and licentious meterial was ordained heretical in his first purge, In later purges all manner of behaviour consider impure , was removed from the texts.

@ Sageheart , cheers mate , this is just the warm up , get ready for the main course

@ Vik , You soul is a rare one mate. You understand the deepest tragedy of it all.
We play with them because , we can imitate reality , and bend it to our will , we could play with my little ponies and care bears, but we would still put a hunter, or wolf in the mix!
40k is a mirror to our souls. the miniatures are only a dark reflection , of what we already know to be true.....WITH LASCANNONS
hope the extra bit clears up why she was deemed heretical!

@ weety , arent all Christmas stories grimdark! well the good ones at least!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/22 21:40:36

Post by: Viktor von Domm

all knots untied in my brain^^, silly me, not realizing something like prostitution might be something the old shriveld one wasn´t into...murder any time of the day but mingling...no sir we´re british...
sure thing it had to be purged...also you made it very clear that the inquisition reminds me a lot of orwells big brother...now i see a direct line...

man your absolutly crippeld by too many talents...that way you have to do so much work in so many genres...write more, we can chew a whole lot more^^ and definatly need to^^

and i jsut love your picture you draw me with the cearbear hunter...thats priceless!!!an oh so true...

when my sis and i were kids we used to play with her dollyhouse. my redcoats of playmobil (yeah this early i had victorian redcoats^^) protected he puppet family in it from pirates...

cheers mate. you know what to do: blow our minds...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/24 22:05:16

Post by: Hangfire

Ahhhhhhhh I see, I always have questions after reading any story or watching a film...you know those ones where the ending is left to the viewer imagination, grrrrr, I don't have one.

Good story, I like it, so the practice of turning hair into seals continues but the true history gets re-written, love it.

BTW, did you have genestealers/nids particularly in mind as the praxian guard's enemy or did you just grab whatever was closest to hand?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/25 09:35:21

Post by: neil101

whatever is at hand , i like the thought using the blog to display all the minis in the house. Like a repository blog where i can look back over from time to time and see the evolution of paintings and conversions. But because the Praxian guard is less 40k than most things i think it needs very 40k elements to make it work. and nothing is more sci fi than nids immeadiately i think well they look like napoleonics but , fighting nids , nah must be Praxian Guard. I have had a bit of burnout at the moment , just getting my mojo back , and will continue work on the comic. The diorama can wait , as can the manufactorum, although i really want to get the Praxian Guard painted up as well! Thanks Hangfire and Vik glad you like the fluff.
I have some more teaser fluf to publish about characters and history , but i think i would be better served finishing the fisr chapter of the comic first , so you have a fuller picture.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/25 10:00:54

Post by: Viktor von Domm

what ever takes your fancy, remember rule one in hobby:

your time, your money, your minis, your ideas behind it...and all in due time...

so hurry up man, your way short concerning the deadline of my patience...only kiddin`...maybe...

i just realize i have nothing to post with real input and message atm...

and back on topic mr. neil...

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/26 10:18:53

Post by: Viktor von Domm

still got nothing usefull to say ...

except i want to honor this great thread by celebrating my 1000th !!!! post with you neil.

keep up your great work and have a nice day my friend!


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/26 18:35:58

Post by: neil101

1000 words and still nothing to say! As stalin would say "Qauntity has a qaulity it's own"
ok things have been a bit slow in this ere part of town... and they still are jk not much to show just some bits and bobs from tinternet that i have accuired for the IG diorama , fret not people praxus has not been forgotten , just taking a break ,so i can see it with fresh eyes
did a really rubbish graphic to illustrate some of my ideas behind the diorama. I have decided it will be a dedication to the ever chaging ig as it will incorporate 3 generations of IG,thanks to a very helpful dakkite Silver mk2 , who had some 2nd gen IG Veterans awaiting a troop transport to Praxus. i also custom made a oldschool lascannon, not great qaulity though , and will be a stand in unless i find an original model , that doesnt break the bank. Also made some custom barb wire from 34 guage jewelry wire , using this tutorial, i dont really reccomend it unless you need lots and are broke , because its very labour intensive work , and the results are not too great!
linky http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Sections&file=index&req=viewarticle&artid=107
so here is the diorama inspiration in full again and a mock up of sorts plus the lates ig guard aditions.

[Thumb - Imperial Guard war.jpg]
[Thumb - Imperial Guard war concept.jpg]
[Thumb - diororam update.wmv_000032619.jpg]
[Thumb - diorama 2.wmv_000029659.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/26 20:20:00

Post by: Scrazza

nice start. just like Vik ( ) I have nothing to contibute to this great thread.

But all I'm saying, Looks amazing.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/26 20:37:35

Post by: Viktor von Domm

ha got you now, cause now i have something to say^^ lol

is that a dkok officer or a commisar even...nothing says cool awsome as a DKOK Officer...
also fro what i can see the lascanon looks very good and when painted it should work...if i recall corrctly i have one lying by with no apparent use... she was in a bitbox i aquired in the early start of restarting the hobby...do you want it? and remeber the tactical facpalm i sent you...be warned of your next step^^
the mock up of yours looks funny. and even if vast amounts of IG troups have to suffer its still something like hot soup to see chaosmarines getting shot^^

i vote: Kill more Choas Space Marines, do it for our Children!!!

also for barbed wire (yours looks good to go^^) i recommed the read of this:


it reminds me of the link you posted tho, wich gets me to think what came before, hen or egg...

and another thing to your new minis, i love the standard bearer, will he get a cuirass/brestplate? that would be so cool...

so i want to end this post with:

Purge the heretics with cleansing fire!!!

cheers mate, vik

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/27 05:41:53

Post by: weetyskemian44

That standard bearer is cool - he looks old - I see what your going for witht he diorama -

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/27 08:16:58

Post by: Deeks2010

Hello there everyone,

This morning I woke up very early, everyone else is still in bed and I powered up my laptop and came over to dakka just to have a quick read, nearly 2 hours later I have just finished reading this thread, I am truely inspired. I too am currently not in work, although still employed at present (I will loose my job in January) I have been sadly struck down with an illness that often leaves me unable to walk or use my hands because of incapacitating pain, its called Fibro Mialga (FM) I too am a parent of 3 wonderfull children, the eldest of whom, Lewes, recently became excited about the world of 40k. I have truely loved the opportunity this has given me to try my hand at something new, and at the same time given me the opportunity to play once again, like a child with my children, in an imaginative and creative way no other game has been able to do, recently it was my nephews 13th birthday, we had a normal party for him, but also converted our living room into one huge battle ground, for a fantastic 40k game, 7 children and I crawling around on the floor, Necrons, Tau, Chaos Space Marines and Space Marines strewn everywhere, 3 hours passed in a flash, and when it was all over I noticed that my fiance had sat and watched the entire evening, even my youngest two had joined in, Luke aged 5 and Lucy aged 8, throwing dice, moving minis it was the best evening.
I suppose what I am trying to say is thank you, My inner child has found its way out again, this hobby and all the advice and inspiration Dakka Dakka has given me and my children is fantastic, I am learning how to paint, model, play, so much more, and to be honest, I feel my whole family have been brought closer together.

Blooming eck! what an outburst!!! im sorry for that, but keep it up guys, and thank you.

Mayb I will have the courage to post some pics in my gallery of some of my work now, not just my sons.


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/27 13:54:09

Post by: Viktor von Domm

sorry to hear about your illness. its very rare one. my mother in law got the same illnes. she used to go into cold chambers to ease the pain to some extent. she had 15 years of not finding out what it was. very painful and also frustrating...
i´ve heard that you could do something with your eating habits to ease the effects a bit and constant (i know at first painful) exercises can help you. do you happen to know more peole with your illness in your suroundings? might be good to visit forums for that too...
that aside i guess there are far more people around that share that unemploeyed background and i think it is a good thing to use the gven time for modeling and overall creativity.
as for posting your pics, if hurting comments might appear the community is there to help and tone that negative remarks down. we tend to help not demolish someone. thtas for the outside world^^

just had a quick look in your gallery, your necrons look good. are you testing schemes there? also i love the destructor base with that lightnig effect, what did you use for that? and the lower part of said base looks stunning.
i think your good to go.

nice to have you here^^


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/27 14:00:56

Post by: neil101

@ Deeks Wow Deeks, welcome to the 40k k stands for kitchen philosophy korner , also know as grumpy old veterans reunited lol , Can't speak for all the other Dakkites but i imagaine Everyone here shares your passion for childlike activities he he he , something cathartic about shutting out real life for a few hours and indulging yourself. Cant believe you managed to trawl through this unsightly mess of a blog in just a few hours, although iam also humbled to think you would want to. Sorry to here about your rare condition of FM , but as they say every cloud has a silver lining ,(Take notes dakkites me being positive!) and if it means you get to convert your front room into a huge apocolyptic play area , well , i think thats one right there! I do still find it slightly weird still , i guess i have always been a closet 40k gamer, since i left school, not wanting to reveal my passion for miniatures ,and sci fi fantasy stuff lest i be ridiculed, this thankfully has been eased since finding dakka, where , there is no shame in sharing what after all is a fantastic, creative and imaginative experience,( I am a out of the geek closet ) in fact i feel sorry for those people who have missed out on all the great little stories and amazing artwork, and sculpture that has gone into creating our paralell universe. Finding 40k through children again is a nice way to be eased back into its grimdark world." no hard sell" and your oldest " Lewes " I am sure will have a great teacher or Living Ancestor to all you sqautites, to show him the ropes.
I also have found dakka to be a wonderfull and supportive community as Monkeytroll said earlier, that really embraces its own, like no other place . I really hope you do post some pics in your gallery , though looking at your sig i can see you may have already! or maybe there your sons, iam sure the many experienced and talented dakkites on here will lend a hand with paniting tips , i know weetyskeemian 44's blogs is doing exceptional tutorials , thats where iam learning from anyway! Monkeytrolls for orky conversion inspiration ,VIk Von Domm for Airship Steampunks as well as Scrazza and Scarpers wonderful Ig , and Madmarty for Building, as well as all the others iam sure you know about!
Honoured you chose this corner for your comments and looking forward to seeing your work and your sons!, infact i might post some pics of my boys work today , they prefer converting to painting , just like there dad lol
is it snowing where you are?

@ Scrazza silence is a virtue when the inquisition watches all!
@Weety I love that standard bearer guy always have !, £ 8 .00 from http://www.bobnbootzmodels.co.uk/
You do know you are directly responsible for that purchase. You see what happens when you inspire people , money gets spent , hearts get broken , people die! ( well not always)
but you see , there are consequences for producing such a fantastic blog! thats all iam saying ! My kids have no new shoes now , not your fault directly , but there you go , just wanted to let you know, Amber will have no perfume at crimbo either if i continue, but dont feel bad about it i understand you cant help yourself, just carry on purchasing wonderfull minis from yesteryear paint them up to a top qaulity standard and sod the consequnces jk!
@ Vik the barb wire blog is the same tecnique i used , he just did it much better , i might have another go , just need some more small pliers . the drill idea will save time though! i stood winding with a clothes peg for an age

oh and also i feel like ending by quoting some old wd stuff some nice pics from wd 172 and ermm 1 something something and a bit of text... a grimdark kookie kronikle to if anyone can guess what from?

"The sky is so big and wide and inviting. Why don't you just fly into it like a bird, rolling and tumbling on the wind? The individual drops his weapon, his eyes become wide and vacant, he begins to jump up and down and flap his arms furiously.
The model starts to move around the table randomly each turn. Flapping his arms and staring at the sky,
and continues to do this until he leaves the table.

although this one is deffinately more me

" It's all too much - the war the killing, the endless misery. Chronically depressed, the trooper sits down upon the ground oblivious to everything around him.
The model remains in its current position for the remainder of the game, burbling quitetly about the horror' , and may do nothing eles.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/27 14:11:58

Post by: Viktor von Domm

that IG Cosplaer has some serious issues to compensate that with thaaaaat bg gun, don´t you think so?

i guess your quotes of old doesn´t exist in this colorful qualitxy in the current game anymore? its got a really rpg taste to these rules...what a shame...

i will post a pic of my lascanon in the evening, as proposed yesterday...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/27 14:12:01

Post by: weetyskemian44

Hallucinogen grenade?

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/27 14:29:16

Post by: neil101

@ vik , cheers matey , apreciate that! it was more like rpg back then , more skirmish less tanks! and the gun lol i want one!

@ Weety you know your stuff! Hallucinogen Effect table ( d10) no 6 and 10 from the 40k weargear book1993 still a bit young for me lol
you win a grimdark kronikle episode ! watch this space......

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/27 17:52:52

Post by: Deeks2010

is it snowing where you are?

Yes snow on the ground all day now, and more on the way tonight.

Thank you for the kind words.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/27 18:04:35

Post by: Scrazza

My wonderfull IG ey? why, thank you!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/27 21:12:40

Post by: monkeytroll

That's some nice inspiration for a diorama (you'll have to excuse me playing catch-up ). That is a classic standard bearer, very nice. Miss those days when it was more rpg, even though I don't play anymore there was more scope for modelling too. I really should look into inquisimunda a bit more to make up some warbands as opposed to large armies - might actually finish some projects then

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/28 00:35:05

Post by: neil101

Hey Monkey how goes it? yeh the diorama ( what a strange and cool word) a little off focus for me , but " a change is as good as a rest they say" was worried about the grass but caught a gitsplitta tutorial on his mantis marines , and feel more confident in aproaching it now. Looking at painting an oldschool backdrop like , the back of wd's battle scenes back in the day! by the way your back just in time for a Grimdark cookie kronikle episode , well soon any way ! as for now and this is still orky related , i have entered a Death Skulls poetry competition right here on dakk run by eyeofhorus ,
with this effort:

We da lootas an freebootaz knicking stuff from shivs to shootaz
eyeing up da umies tanks, so we can kitbash dem urm... thanks
kannon, pulsas, burnas, cutters. We da tinka Gork Mek nuttaz
all da time we, we finding fings and makes da stuff dat bruvvers bring

Uvver orks dey fink where barmy, why not WAAAGH along wiv army
jus get yer ed tested yer Brainz, but Mad Doc Grimsnik sez wer sane
dey dont want the fings we uze, instead dey all grogged up wiv booze
an even Warboss, he can't see, but grabs our goodies when ready!

So into Dakka we do ride, our paro nature makes us hide,
behind the blue stuff on our hedz, painted on wiv grotling legs
Ere we go the the end is near, Warboss has his BIG GUN Cheer
whilst umies run an cower in fear. Looted Rhino,... Death Skulls ere!
wait... take da shot, double one, oh dear.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 01:26:14

Post by: neil101

Keeping up the orky theme, I present as promised

The Grimdark Cookie Kronikles Episode 2 ( the Film tie- in Episode )

Following the crushing defeat by the Cookie Guardians , Bashed's plan to capture supplies is scuppered , now his gang ,broken and split are forced into hiding amongst the disgusting fruit bowls. His brave plan in tatters, and with only nine of his boys left. He must use all his strength and guile to escape this cursed planet Praxus, and find a way home for him and his bruvvers , back to the fabled MonkeyTroll system where Fabulous Cybork embellishments await the the few Orks brave enough to survive the journey .Meanwhile a lone Orky Winehouse hides in the wreckage of an old disused cookie factory.
Now the story continues......

[Thumb - 1.jpg]
[Thumb - 2.jpg]
[Thumb - 3.jpg]
[Thumb - 4.jpg]
[Thumb - 5.jpg]
[Thumb - 6.jpg]
[Thumb - 7.jpg]
[Thumb - 8.jpg]
[Thumb - 9.jpg]
[Thumb - 10.jpg]
[Thumb - 11.jpg]
[Thumb - 12  copy.jpg]
[Thumb - 13.jpg]
[Thumb - 14.jpg]
[Thumb - 15.jpg]
[Thumb - 16.jpg]
[Thumb - 17.jpg]
[Thumb - 18.jpg]
[Thumb - 19.jpg]
[Thumb - 20.jpg]
[Thumb - 21.jpg]
[Thumb - 22.jpg]
[Thumb - 23.jpg]
[Thumb - 24.jpg]

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 09:13:40

Post by: Viktor von Domm

holy gak, i think i logged in just in time...

"look a heretic..." man that got class...
the best pics i could think of where the one where the orcs stood gawping at the crumbled pieces of the cyberized cookie and the preatorian teaparty. i think your walking in mighty footsteps of the likes of the monty phytons. truly, humorous stories are definatly your take.
the use of known pics to me i think is most hilarious. and to top it all you start to use orkmoticons...

by the way is that the actual inside of your inquisition tower? i think i didn´t saw interior shots before and now i have seen a close up of the big gate it looks super cool.

one can just ask how long have you been working on that story? must have taken ages...
will you make a story of chewies escape from the bowels of the dark tower? hate to see him getting wasted there...

one further thiung, did you just recently paint that psyker lucius grave? cant remeber for sure if you´ve shown him already. and a further question even , is winehouse a transgender? will this open a grat rift between the orks now that possibly a new ork race has emerged?

oh the suspense is killin` me...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 14:19:15

Post by: neil101

Man i feel rough! ugh ugh.....man flu strikes!
Glad you like , kinda makes it nearly makes it worthwhile that i stayed up untill 3 am to finish it , on a shool night... naughty, now i pay the consequences for my actions lol. oghhhwww..

the inquisi tower has always had hinges , i was planning on a great classical painting on the inside doors, but never got around to it. there is nothing inside though , although i did make detailed plans for the interior a huge deamon binding room . the interior shots was just cinema magic lol.
Well what a great honour to be walking in gilliams and co's footsteps, i am a surrealist at heart. and he is my favourite grimadark director. in fact i watched time bandits the other day and was amazed at the 40k similarities, in set design and cotume, those gw artists really did take from a wide selection . as for chewie man what you want the magician to reveal his secrets lol. Luscious Grave is new curtesy ebay , my first auction bid ever , and i sniped it at £ 2.31 plus p&p yay ! in the shop where i got the standard bearere from he was £ 15.00 !!! over priced though there are loads of hime around, could be a recast? the paint job is not mine but it is good, , though a little too flash gordon for my tates! he will be dipped and stripped , but for now he is fine! you kmow me vik i still havent painted up a mini since i stated this blog, well nearly...
Shim ork mmm , not sure where thats going , might have to reread my ork fluff, but i only have a 2nd gen rulebook.
cheers mate

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 19:14:36

Post by: weetyskemian44

I notice that the sound effect on the opening door is shwing! which I found highly humorous.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 20:02:12

Post by: Scrazza

I lol'ed. Just like last one, this was one epic story. I loved the part with the preatorians, that was just hilarious

Looking forward to the next installement.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 20:19:45

Post by: neil101

A little known fact : most Orks are in fact closet key party afficiandos.

Hey guys i have some news The Fantastic Poetry Competition run by the Extreemly talented EyeOfHorus has been judged ,
and the winner is ..........................................ME ! YIPPEE!
Although it was a close call , and i personally liked Hemmingways .
Here is a link to the poetry forum, i really advice taking a look at EyeOfHorus's Great Death Skulls Army as well
and here is a link to the fantastic prize given altruistically by the EyeOfHorus Himself from his own collection, who will apparently Give a modelling and painting tutorial on its development! so I guess There may be another character entreing TGDCK (the grimdark cookie kronikles)

ooh if i wasnt so groggy i think i would paint a miniature ..thats how excited i am .

edit Thanks Scrazza !

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 20:21:23

Post by: monkeytroll

Sweet!! Thanks, that cheered me up as I just came home to find I've gone from no water to too much water (pipes were frozen, now I've got a flooded boat )

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 20:27:05

Post by: Viktor von Domm

at weety, are you thinking austin powers?

at neil,

you brits certainly have invented humor. my old english teacher and me we talked ages about humor in class, the other mere students did their chores^^. me, i laugh at silly spelling^^. you brits are able to make fun of the gravest things. disabled people, different races and religions and also about women... in gernany for all these things you might get arrested or worse land in a talk show...
the only jokes we could hope for are jokes of banana peel slapstick, but even then you do know your better in it...:

poor geman humor sold for 40 DM to the spiegel...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 20:37:36

Post by: monkeytroll

Grats on the win Couldn't help picturing a group of orks rapping that first verse when I read it

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 20:55:43

Post by: Viktor von Domm

whoa, in GB you must have some very fierce weather??? sound very grave... this night radiostations says we get -10 degrees...not comparable it seems to you mishaps...

best wishes to you all on that foggy island.

and also big congrats to neil, you´ve got you a nice and big orky pirate for your talent...thats what you get when meddlin`with ´em words...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 21:06:51

Post by: SilverMK2

Viktor von Domm wrote:whoa, in GB you must have some very fierce weather??? sound very grave... this night radiostations says we get -10 degrees...not comparable it seems to you mishaps...

The problem is that we are well versed in "weather" (rain, wind, overcastness, general crappyness, etc), however, we tend not to have really extreme weather. Which means that whenever it is really sunny and hot in the summer, or really cold and snowy in the winter the whole country seems to grind to a halt.

Where I live there has been about 0.5-1cm of snow and there have been car crashes everywhere on main roads which are, to be honest, perfectly clear. The road leading up to the building where I live, and some smaller side streets are fairly slippery though.

Forecast for "several cm" of snow tonight and tomorrow though. Generally that means "it will heavily snow everywhere except for where Silver lives, where there will be no snow"

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 21:12:51

Post by: weetyskemian44

yeah that always happens to me too - snow everywhere but the tip of cornwall. but this time it was the otherway round and we have been well sprinkled with the white stuff.

shwing - waynes world!! party time, excellent!

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 21:33:57

Post by: neil101

Snow is falling ...all around us , children playyying , having fun,
tis the season, for love and understanding , MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY ONE! except its not christmas yet.
and every ones got flu and its freezing, but still its very pretty!

@monkeytroll hang on not sure i heard that right , all i got from that sentance was you live on a BOAT ! thats pretty damb cool flooded or not! Sorry about frozen pipes matey, but glad i could lift your mood !

@Silver qoute "Forecast for "several cm" of snow tonight and tomorrow though. Generally that means "it will heavily snow everywhere except for where Silver lives, where there will be no snow" that sounded very ominous! i think talking in third person helped now all i can wonder is where silver lives..... a cave , up a tree.... i dont know monkey lives on a boat you live some where that i doesnt snow, am i the only one that lives in a house

@ vik silver has hit the nail on the head , we only do mild ,not extremes. need to ebay for a sledge

@weety i didnt think it snowed down south at all, just in the grim north

Wayne Campbell: She's a babe.
Garth Algar: She's magically babelicious.
Wayne Campbell: She tested very high on the stroke-ability scale.

Wayne Campbell: Cassandra. She's a fox. In French she would be called "la renarde" and she would be hunted with only her cunning to protect her.
Garth Algar: She's a babe.
Wayne Campbell: She's a robo-babe. In Latin she would be called "babia majora".
Garth Algar: If she were a president she would be Baberaham Lincoln.

Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 21:35:57

Post by: Viktor von Domm

ahhh, but then agian its the same actor and he did use it a lot^^

and to silver, when some more snow falls here in berin the public transport system is non existing too.
last year we had a really tough winter. from early november if i recall corectly to march we had ice!!! all over the pavement about to an extent of 10cm. i dont exagerate that. after the fierce winter in berlin manxy streets had to receive serious repair and now many people are a bit afraid that this winter will be the same or even harder.
and i ask you this, i was promised global warming??? where is that? i think we were betryed...time to get out our ole` pal FCKW and get our hair done up properly...damn now that my hair is retreating to the attack of the brow...i wont have any use for hairspray...


Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum  @ 2010/11/29 21:37:30

Post by: SilverMK2

*Silver whispers quietly into your mind*