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Terrifying Treeman

The Fallen Realm of Umbar

Well they are supposedly thunder hammers if the rumours are accurate, but I think they may be a kind of power axe/maul hybrid.

Horst wrote:This is how trolling happens. A few cheeky posts are made. Then they get more insulting. Eventually, we revert to our primal animal state, hurling feces at each other while shreeking with glee.

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Calculating Commissar

I do think it is interesting that there are army "bundles". Granted, they are EXACTLY the same price as if you had bought separately, but it dose give you an idea of what those armies would look like.

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 Ouze wrote:
I can't wait to buy one of these, open the box, peek at the sprues, and then put it back in the box and store it unpainted for years.
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Blood Sacrifice to Khorne

Asmodai seems a prime candidate for conversion to chaos. I look forward to that. Not too much to carve off either.
Made in au
Preparing the Invasion of Terra

Brisbane, Australia

The ravenwing attack squadron is laughable, who in their right mind would spend $555 AU + the codex, lol. Especially for 6 bikers, 2 flyers and the absurdly stupid LS Vengeance

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Draconian wrote:
Asmodai seems a prime candidate for conversion to chaos. I look forward to that. Not too much to carve off either.

QFT, excelent model for converting to chaos :wicked evil grin:

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Multiple thin coats are always better than one thick coat.
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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

The rarefied atmosphere

from this side the plasma cannon looks very lazy. wish it was more detailed to look terminaterish . The chaos autocannon isn't just an autocannon copy pasted like this. anybody got a pic from their right?

The USS Orinoco was a Federation Danube-class runabout that was in service with Starfleet in the late 24th century, attached to Deep Space 9. It was outfitted with a sensor pod.

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

 DiabolicAl wrote:
Another miss for me, silly models made to look mediocre by a slapdash paint job. Do Citadel actually DESIGN models anymore or just put wings on everything and call it a Dark Angel...?

The range isnt totally without merit but its another disappointing release.

I'm with you. The whole release smacks of a Trainee Project: "Here are some blanks. Have a go and see if you can sculpt some details on them." The result: totally OTT bling over flawed basic proportions (like the Terminators' beefy arms on stick legs, or the 'ittle Watcher in the Dark with Shaquille O'Neal's size 22 shoe).

I guess being the very first chapter just means more time to stick crap all over everything.

I am 50 Jesus bears. 
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Mutating Changebringer


 DIDM wrote:
the porportions make 0 sense

and yes, this is sci-fi, but still

the legs, actually the thighs, are puny

It's amazing, isn't it? Almost as if they were done by a child, without even the slightest imposition of realistic human anatomy knowledge. Actually, a child sculpting them might be the best explanation for why they are wearing power armored diapers.

Personally, I find that GW sculpts, especially of Space Marines, are now so stylized that they are veering ever closer to self-parody.

Made in us
Stern Iron Priest with Thrall Bodyguard

Redondo Beach

i knew those Termies and Bikes would be a must buy...
looking at the sprue pics, there are some really cool bitz to be had...
i really like the bolt pistol with the little drum mag. on the biker...

also, the digital White Dwarf is out today...
the battle report actually has two armies from the WD teams own painting table...
it's only the second time i can remember seeing actual hobbyist armies in years...
i guess at least someone at HQ actually reads the forums, since this is a common complaint in the "WD is rubbish" threads...
Adam Troke did just happen to get all the shiney new kits painted up for the battle, of course...


Paint like ya got a pair!

Available for commissions.
Made in us
Screaming Shining Spear

Central Coast, California USA

Studded spikey crotch. This keep getting better. Don't hurt yourself!

Made in us
Leader of the Sept

Hmm, Nephilim Jet Fighter.
The Nephilim where the union of demons and angels.........
Maybe the dark angels do really worship Chaos. Or am i looking to much into this?
Also, Why do i have a feeling that the fighter is going to be just as scary as a doom Scythe?

5000pts 6000pts 3000pts
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nephilim is actually a decent looking flyer fyi, better then the Storm talon. Dark Talon is crap though. GW needs to stop making everything gothic steroids.

Both Land Speeder variants look stupid. The new Terminators look good, though Deathwing Knights look like crap.

Edit: ROFL. Is that "limited edition" codex $90?

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My Armies:

Made in fi
Longtime Dakkanaut

Looks better now than in initial leaked photos. Termie box is expensive but has crapload of options and I like the poses, much better than ninja DV termies. Flyer looks much better now, fixing many of the flaws in Storm Talon. Belial looks bit static but not too bad, I think they were sorta aiming for stylistic similarity with other DA IC's, which tend to be in similar poses. However I don't like Belial's shoulder shield and banner, too baroque. Though easy to convert to something else.

Asmodai is OK, though so similar to old model so I don't see why they bother. Only thing which I still don't like is the Land Speeder.

Mr Vetock, give back my Multi-tracker! 
Made in ca
Bane Lord Tartar Sauce

Man some of those prices are getting up there (The Canadian price for the Deathwing Terminators is $70.00, and the Dark Talon/Nephelim is $90). For me, the models are hit or miss. The deathwing and the fighter are gorgeous. The ravenwing models are decent, but a touch cluttered and I was never a fan of the little 'feather tails' on their bikes. I would love their new land speeder if it wasn't for the forward gunner. I wish that they had set him like they did with the classic land speeder, next to the pilot, rather than far forward where it looks like he doesn't "Quite" fit in the gunners chair.
Made in us
Grisly Ghost Ark Driver

New York

$39.50 codex? Compared to the CSM codex, that's a price drop! GW's making progress!!!!
Made in us
Blood Angel Terminator with Lightning Claws

Norfolk, NE

Dr. What wrote:
$39.50 codex? Compared to the CSM codex, that's a price drop! GW's making progress!!!!

It's $49.50.

Although that is .50 cents less than the CSM dex.

Something is happening on the 24th, we sent you a poster.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


Well, I like lots of the bits. Especially the heads, backpacks, and odds and sods from the Ravenwing Command Squad. Some those beakie helmets are awesome. The Dark Talon does look decent, and the DW sprue is loaded. Sometimes, less is more. I imagine the DW kit will look better spread across some bog Terminator bits. All jammed into 5 figs is a bit much.

Looking for old Space Wolves upgrade sprues. 
Made in us
Resolute Ultramarine Honor Guard

Peoria IL

 H.B.M.C. wrote:
 MetalOxide wrote:
What is that closecombat weapon? It looks like an Ice pick


Not quite.

The model is a RavenWing Hunt Master, and the weapon is a Corvus Hammer (its right there on the website)

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Regular Dakkanaut

 Ian Sturrock wrote:
 blood reaper wrote:

He has a sweat band.

I don't think it's a sweat band. More of an Angel Wing Princess Tiara.

Wait a second: Ravenwing is black, Deathwing is white....they've got little squeaky mascot dudes running around....

Dark Angels are Pretty Cure!

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Made in us
Death-Dealing Dark Angels Devastator

Steelton PA

the Corvus Hammer looks a lot like one of these...


and I like it

I like the look of most of the models, though maybe the flying cathedral look is a little over done. I love the infantry models, and the flyer is fantastic. I really can't wait to read the new codex.

The story of Chorus Lucia, a founding off of the Guardians of the Covenant (DA Codex), as well as the building of the army, ideas and babbling about the game: http://choruslucia.blogspot.com

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Blood for the blood god? Does that include slicing multiple fingers while working on one conversion? 
Made in au
Scuttling Genestealer

 Dawnbringer wrote:
 Dok wrote:
$39 for a dude with a banner? Holy crap...

Well, we were due for someone from the US to hit the AUS country button.

Actually, living in Australia, that is indeed an obscene amount of money for one dude with a banner.

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Nimble Pistolier


Well, the ebay chaps are at it already...


And theres plenty more...

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The Men of Ostermark 6K


Custom Insignia? Theming an army? I take sculpting commissions. PM me for more information. 
Made in au
Preparing the Invasion of Terra

Brisbane, Australia

 AethyrKnight wrote:
 Dawnbringer wrote:
 Dok wrote:
$39 for a dude with a banner? Holy crap...

Well, we were due for someone from the US to hit the AUS country button.

Actually, living in Australia, that is indeed an obscene amount of money for one dude with a banner.

Well, at least it's cheaper than the SW one...
though that isn't really saying much...

Multiple thin coats are always better than one thick coat.
Made in au
Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

I just noticed an odd amount of one-up-manship in the recent Deathwing models. Take a look:

"I am a proud Dark Angel Terminator Sergeant! My armour is impregnable!"
"But I am a Knight Master! I have not one but two targeting thingies. And I don't even have a gun!"
"Pitiful! I am Belial, Master of the Deathwing, and I have three targeting thingies on my armour! Bow before my targeting thingies!!!"

Made in gb
Stubborn Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant


 MightyGodzilla wrote:

Studded spikey crotch. This keep getting better. Don't hurt yourself!

That one just cries out to be painted with a 'pasty-white wannabe Dominant flesh colour' armour, with just the crotch and wristbands picked out in shiny leathery black (silver heavy metal studs though).

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Morphing Obliterator


Looking at the new pics I think the kits look quite nice, I just wish they had done the banner in the termies hand instead of on his back.
Also, is it just me or is there a distinct lack of green in this release.

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 Psienesis wrote:
That is because Calgar is a pimp. Not all SM heroes moonlight as pimps. Thus, their mastery of Pimp Hand is found wanting.

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Made in au
Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

Marines are already covered, and why go to the expense of re-cutting what is already a great Dark Angel upgrade kit?

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


I think the robed models are dead sexy, taking into consideration that they are GW models.

Paulson Games parts are now at:
Made in us
Terminator with Assault Cannon

Here's my take on the new releases:

Codex: Dark Angels: The art looks really good. If it's in line with Codex: Chaos Space Marines, the rules will be really good too. My main concern is simply with the price. At 49.50 USD I don't think that it's worth it to buy Codexes for armies that you won't use. Additionally, high Codex prices may lead people to shy away from making Allies detachments for armis that they aren't willing to "main." This seems potentially undesirable.

Dark Talon: This one overdoes it with the chapel/cathedral bitz IMO, it looks very unaerodynamic even by 40k flyer standards. I do like the Stormtalon-style underside plate with extra jets, which well represent the Hover Strike ability that this vehicle possesses in game.

Nephilim Jetfighter: This looks very cool. I'll have to see it in person to confirm, but I really like the "fighter Stormtalon" aesthetic. This also seems like a potentially stronger choice in game, so I'm happy for that. The rules for the missiles and gatling gun are going to be very important as to whether this is worth it, both in-game and in real money.

Deathwing Terminators: Meh. Seen it before, and frankly I prefer the Dark Vengeance ones.

Deathwing Command Squad: A mix of cool bitz (Apothecary, Standard Bearer) and "meh" ones (Halberd, Sergeant). Overall I've seen conversions that did most of this fine, though their take on the Standard Bearer is excellent.

Deathwing Knights: The best kit of the release by far as well as probably the best Terminator models GW has ever produced. These are basically perfect and I really, really hope their rules are good enough to make them hit local tables often, because I love this aesthetic as well as the overall execution.

Ravenwing Command Squad: Also meh. The Apothecary is cool but I'm not a huge fan of the Standard Bearer. I was hoping for more dynamic poses after the Dark Vengeance set. I do like this take on the classic "beaky" helmets, though.

Ravenwing Black Knights: Pretty much the same as the Command Squad, really. The horseman's picks are cool.

Land Speeder Vengeance/Ravenwing Darkshroud: The biggest failure of a kit I've seen from GW recently-- just a big mistake on all fronts. Bad price, bad model, bad-looking rules.

Sammael: Awesome though not new. He'll likely be a hell of a lot easier to assemble and keep together with Finecast at least. That said, the price is rather steep.

Belial: Cool model and radically underrated. I think this is one of those things that GW just can't win on-- people complain when they make Marines in the typical knees-bent pseudo-crouching poses, and now they complain when they make Marines standing up straight. Whatever. I like the model, it's interesting to see a commander who is actually commanding/inspiring the troops. I wish his storm bolter was more at his side, but such poses are typically avoided in favor of simple recognizability.

Asmodai: Awesome. Looks like a very good blend of 2nd edition aesthetics and modern sculpting techniques. I can also see a lot of Chaos players converting this guy up.

Dark Angels Banner Bearer: Another great take on an old model in accordance with modern methods. Unfortunately, in keeping with a great GW tradition, the banner will probably be terrible in game and the model will never be used. At least he'll look good on the shelf?

All in all I think this is a solid product release but nowhere near the awesome stuff that GW put out with their Dark Eldar, Necron, or Grey Knights redesigns or the Dark Vengeance set. In particular, I'm surprised they didn't do more with the Ravenwing, especially given the very dated nature of the modern Space Marine bike kit. Overall this is a good but not great release, with standouts in the Deathwing Knights and misses with the new Landspeeders. I suspect this will be very successful if the rules are good and not a huge hit if they aren't.
Made in si
Steady Stonecleaver

Ordered Codex, 1x Termies and 2x Flier. Through y FLGS with 20% off, of course.

The jet (the version without half a church on its back) is one of the better GW fliers, I'd say.

Observant viewers will note (and nerdrage about) that the Deathwing shoulder pads are not compatible with other plastic terminator models.

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40k Potica Edition - 40k patch with reactions, suppression and all that good stuff. Feedback thread here.

Gangs of Nu Ork - Necromunda / Gorkamorka expansion supporting all faction. Feedback thread here
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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Eternal Plague

It will be exceptionally interesting to see what the second dex in 6th brings to the table. People see the CSM as meh-good but not earth shattering nor overpowering under the new ruleset.

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