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Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

Hello fellow dakkaists!
This is my first time doing a P&M blog, so be nice => If you have and advice on how to make the thread more readable you're more then welcome to PM me =)

I give you, Da green knights! A bunch of orky boyz thinking they're grey knights
(If anybody has an idea for a better name, I'm all ears =D)
First thing i gotta mention is that I started playing orks since they are the most fun one can have in the 40k lore. But before getting my army any big I switched over to tau since I also liked their lore and all the mecha shooty stuff. But the craving for the orky conversions was burning ever so brightly within me. When my local group got into the Shadowmunda one of the guys who is a really inspired converter and a long time ork fan told me that he was gonna make an army of harlequins which would be portrayed as stormboyz with ballet tutus and on rollerskates. I found this to be the most amusing idea ever. And so i had the idea of ork grey knights. I wanted this project to walk the thin line of being recognizable as both orks and grey knights. For that I decided to use the awesome ironjawz models which are basically orks in full plate armor making my job half done. They have a lot of exposed skin which is very non grey knight so I'm combating that with green stuff. Another thing I sculpt are helmets and visors (or what that part of the helmet is called), although I'm not exactly happy with how they're turning out, maybe I'll redo them later. And all the rest are tons of bits I got from a couple of my ork collecting friends. Since these are intended for playing Armageddon: Shadow war that dictates what miniatures I make and which weapons I arm them with. Those are a Justicar (brute), two troopers, two gunners (arbdoyz and ardboyz). For the specialists I have a paladin which is the actuall warboss of the Waaagh! made from a megaboss miniature, a purgator and an interceptor again made from ardboyz. Sadly I still don't know what am I gonna use as a non-paladin terminator. Pretty much all of them are armed with a pair of falchions modeled with axes cuz we're orkz! Stormbolters are pairs of sluggas glued together. The liber daemonica is changed to be a pair of glyphs: Fing (demon thing) and Zog (****).

Next goes the backstory I made up for the Waaagh! which you're not forced to read =)
Pre.P.S.: I actually foundofound out about Tuska the daemon killa after i made this all up, so what can you do.
There was once a great Waaagh! led by the great warboss Grzztk. He was so mean and green that he krumped all the vocals in his name. One day this merry bunch of green boyz encountered a group of daemons. And that was the greatest single battle they have ever done. Grzztk was so impressed that he decided that from now on the demons were the only thing he and his boyz were gonna fight. He gave his wieredst wierdboy a mission: find out where these spiky fing live so the fight could be brought to their home. And boy did the wierdboy find out that and more. What he saw in his vision within the warp was the Eye of terror, all the demons inside it but much more interestingly the Grey knights. Those were some fearsome 'umies that really knew their business when it came down to killing demons. So trying his damndest to remember everything he just saw the still unnamed wierdboy rushed to his warboss and told him all the little details he found. Grzztk was mighty impressed with the story about the iron 'umies really showing them fings what's for. With little thought (or as much as he could muster) the warboss declared that this waaagh! was ordered his best mek, painboy and the aforementioned wierdboy to collect all the wierdboys they could find and stuff them in the most ancient armor that could be procured. And thus the Green knights (name pending was born). From here on in fighting anything but the demons was considered merely training. Slowly but steadily they are making their way towards the Eye of terror stopping to krump something or the other on their way. On of these stops is the planet Armageddon where the shadow war ensues.

So here are my orks cosplaying grey knights.

My pride and joy, the warboss - paladin Grzztk:

The megaboss model is absolutely great in detail and all, although I would prefer it to be more poseable. Also he originally had a very fantasy like dragon skull on his shoulder which i just had to replace with something. And boy would you look at that. The pink horror of tzeentch really fit well. The one thing I still have to do about it thought is to get some tiny chains to bound his arms and legs.
I also had the greatest fun making the squig gun. I decided that since he's most likely going to be armed with falchions I have to make up a way for him to carry a psycannon and both axes at the same time. Here comes a cosmetic model of a grot (mek gunz crew) and a squig with an integrated psycanon. They are not acually gonna be used in any way on tabletop, they're just there to represent that the paladin has the gun without requiring a third arm to wield it.

This is the banner that goes on top of his backpack. It's currently at a friend that's gonna freehand it to be an orky parody of the GK paladin banner.

The nemesis demon ham... axe.

The justicar:

At first i wanted to make him from just another ardboy but then I decided that the nob should be bigger than the other guys, thus a brute.


I wanted to give everybody the best backpack possible but boy am I gonna pay for that with not being able to use the LOS-blocks at all.


They have little grots helping out with ammo. The guns are psycanons, but the rocket part at the end is magnetized in case if I ever want to use a psilencer.

The specialists, purgator on the left and interceptor on the right:

I may be wrong but i think that the flamers and the stuff on the interceptor's backpack come from a stompa.


I wanted the bases to represent that the battle has already been brought inside the eye of terror, thus these corrupted wriggling bases.

Seals of orkity tools:

The things I still have left to do:
1) finish up the visors or possibly redo all of them.
2) give all of them the tiny glyphs on the shoulderpads
3) give the boyz the personal belly glyph like the paladin and justicar have
4) make a couple more guardian stave hands
5) stick them all to bases
5b) find a suitable terminator model already
6) begin the painting

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Made in gb
Agile Revenant Titan

Haha! This is absolutely brilliant you've done a great job of modelling them as Orky Grey Knights too. They really look the part. Plus, personalised Tellyportas are probably the Orkiest thing I can think of

Can you do strikethrough on this? Lets test:

Da Grey Green Knights

Check out may pan-Eldar projects http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/702683.page

Also my Rogue Trader-esque spaceport factions http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/709686.page

Oh, and I've come up with a semi-expanded Shadow War idea and need some feedback! https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/726439.page

Lastly I contribute to a blog too! http://objectivesecured.blogspot.co.uk/ Check it out! It's not just me  
Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

 Ynneadwraith wrote:
Haha! This is absolutely brilliant you've done a great job of modelling them as Orky Grey Knights too. They really look the part. Plus, personalised Tellyportas are probably the Orkiest thing I can think of

Can you do strikethrough on this? Lets test:

Da Grey Green Knights

Thx a lot =)

The strikethrough is a funny touch x)
Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

Couldn't get much work done over the week but I did finish magnetizing all the falchions and stormbolter hands. Now I gotta do a couple more guardian staves since troopers might need them, a justicar wants his own and the 2nd gunner also wants to have one available.

Still undecided about what to use as a terminator. I can't really use a second orruk megaboss since they will look very similar. Not the most posable model that one. I don't wanna use a 40k meganob since he won't really fit in with the whole medieval look of the squad. Currently considering maybe going for a killa kan or some kind of a huge squig.

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Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

So there's a little arma game coming up this Friday so I've decided to use that as a little push. Got all my boyz based and done a little work on the Guardian staves. Also, empty left hands for the psycannons.

i don't think you can see the bases well, but they are from this set. I chose those since the waaagh! is supposed to be fighting within the eye of terror, thus the corrupted earth.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
And here are some guardian staves.

I really wanted to use that wrecking ball for something within the project but I had my doubts about it being a guardian stave first. But then I thought that a giant spiky ball on a stick is truly the orkiest a guardian stave could possibly get =)

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Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

Guess who had some time for his orks? =)

I took of the jaw part of the helmets and gave every boy an iron gob which mimic the jaw part of the GK helmets. Had a couple of original GW ones, but otherwise done using white 1mm pvc. I think it's also called plasticard? I gave everyone two glyphs on the right shoulder which mimic the liber daemonica. And also a personal glyph on the chest which mimic (yuo guessed it) the other liber daemonica. Boy, these grey knights sure love to read. The chest ones are like name glyphs here.

The other thing I did was slap a couple more seals of orkity here and there with the best one being right on the bound demons forehead which I think is hillarious. Also finally found some chains of an apropriate size to bound him with.

And the last thing I wanna mention. I backed the hobby holder on kickstarter which just seems great for painting. But it's gonna arrive late january at best, so I DIY'd one in the time being.

And with this I might actually just be done with the conversion part. Well, I might add a couple a teeff to the gobs but otherwise it's ready to be primed. Who would have thought it would ever be done. I mean shadow war for which I made these guys is all but dead.

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Made in fi
World-Weary Pathfinder

Finland, Espoo

Very nice conversions! Great idea indeed.
Also a great source of inspiration for my orks as well.

Can't wait to see these guys painted

Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

 Ezki wrote:
Very nice conversions! Great idea indeed.
Also a great source of inspiration for my orks as well.

Can't wait to see these guys painted

Thanks man =)
Yeah, neither can I!
Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

I've finally decided that I have enough conversion / sculpting / kitbashing done on the boyz and that I wanna play them before Gorkmass. Or was it Morkmass? I mix those two up. Anyway, I finally primed them.

I primed bases and grots (with everything that got in the way as well) black, blutacked the grots and primed the orks themselves silver. My current plan is to do a really heavy black wash on everything using watered down black paint instead of an actual wash so the metal itself becomes really dark. That is what I've done with my paladin/warboss.

I'm not sure if I'll leave it at that, maybe I'll add another layer of black. Afterwards I'm planning on drybrushing some gunmetal back in, but not a lot. I'll go quite liberal with the vallejo rust wash next and finish the metal off with bright edge highlighting. And that will leave me with tons of work on those reds, whites, blacks and golds as I'll be painting all those shields, shoulders, holy texts, checkers and so on. Also, grots and a squig.
Made in fi
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

I have to say this is one of the most awesome ork conversion ideas I've seen. Awesome stuff! Keep 'em coming!
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

This is a really stupid idea...and I love it! Very fun Orks with some amazing conversion work and silly, exciting, fluff behind them. It's great to see you starting to paint them too. I imagine they'll be a very nice set once completed. Good job!

Take a look at what I've been painting and modelling: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/725222.page 
Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

Had a bit of time to put some basic colours down. The one thing I've done properly is the green skin on grotz since it's the only place I know exactly what I want to look like.

Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

Shadow war is dead! Long live Kill team!

Dusting these guys off the shelf now that a new supported (at least for a time *sigh*) skirmish game is upon us.

Since the rules and wargear for the games differ quite a bit I had to make a few adjustments. Sadly terminator, purgator and interceptor are out. Also, falchions are not the only viable weapon option anymore. So here's a group shot of my squad. Be warned though, the paintjob is NOWHERE near being a final one =P.

Justicar with a halberd.

A plain GK with a halberd.

Anoter plain GK with falchions.

A gunner with a psilencer.

This is a fun one. He used to be a purgator for shadow war. Since they have a flamer-type psy power I decided that it would be much funnier to actually model crazy flamethrowers on his back while keeping his hand free for melee weapons. But in Kill Team he transfered into being a gunner with an incinerator. Which all fun and great but whta the hell was I supposed to do with his hands that are suspiciously free for someone who's supposed to be holding a flamer. In comes the drum! I mean, what could be more orky and ridicilous than a drum on a stealth mission?

Bonus pic, I also made two force swords which I will most likely not use in the end, because why would you really need that AP -3:

Yes, those are deffkopta's rotor blades x)

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Made in us
Nasty Nob

I like the theme you're going for here. Very fun and creative conversions. Thanks for sharing!

My P&M blog: Cleatus, the Scratch-building Mekboy
Successful Swap Trades: 6 
Made in au
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Perth, Australia

Nice idea for a force sword - I'll remember that!

Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

I finally caught a painting bug that I've been waiting so long for =)
A coupel of paint layers after the paint scheme is starting to really shape.

The halbers turned out unexpectedly necronish x)

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Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

6 foot underwater

Hmm, some fun stuff here. And those swords are pretty sweet.

cyborks & flyboyz : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/300067.page
heretical ramblings : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/302773.page
imperial preachings : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/303365.page
Da Waaagh-ky Races : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/325045.page
Briancj: You have the Mek Taint, MT, and the only thing we can do is watch in horror/amazement.

Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

So here's my first ever attenpt at painting power weapons. I think they turned out more or less okay =)

Abd here's an updated groupshot.

Also, I have a couple of KT games under my belt now. GK are pretty okay =)
Made in ca
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!

Penticton BC Canada

Hello and greetings from Canada. Those power weapons look fantastic!

"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" MDCXX "Blaze away all day!"

Imperial Guard - Emperor's Talons Sentinel Walker Company ~ https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/704269.page
Imperial Guard - Vendetta Gunship flyer eBay Recovery ~ https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/749735.page
Imperial Guard - Air Wing Detachment: Vultures and Valkyrie ~ https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/757074.page
Imperial Guard - Hive Ganger Militia Steel Legion PDF ~ https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/756076.page
Made in au
Fixture of Dakka


Ah yes. Orky madness at it's best. Love armies like this.

The power weapons are fantastic. "more or less ok" is a fair understatement.

Also your bodged painting handle is so incredibly clever and appropriately orky. I love it.

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Excellent force weapons! or are they fORKe weapons..?
Made in us
Courageous Questing Knight

drinking tea in the snow

The power weapons turned out perfectly, i think, and the splash of color they give is good for the rest of the piece

Also they're green and green is good.

realism is a lie
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks for all the kind words you guys =)

 amazingturtles wrote:

Also they're green and green is good.

You gotta have at least a tiny amount of green on your orks, right? And, no, measly grots don't count, they're just novelty items like dashboard dice =D
Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

Since the errata my boyz had a change of gubbinz =)
Someday I will finish all the highlights but for now they are at least tabletop ready.

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Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

Had a blast on a tournament even though I only came in third =)

Made in ru
Fresh-Faced New User

So I made myself a brotherhood champion for commanders. He has the ironest halo with a git protecta x)

Still need to give him an awesome title conversion, because orkihood champion just doesn't cut it =)
Made in fi
World-Weary Pathfinder

Finland, Espoo

Good to see some paint on these guys.
Those power weapons are indeed amazing, good job!

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