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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Chicago, IL


After years of lurking and being inspired by everyone's amazing projects I've finally decided to share what I've been working on. I was really in WH40k in high school (back in the 90s!) but I stopped when I went to College. About two years ago I bought some Death Company, Empire state troops, and Empire Flagellants, and I'm totally hooked on modeling again.

I've been a huge fan of the Inquisimunda style projects and so decided to start with a group of Imperial henchmen types. I couldn't think of any fresh angle on the Inquisition or Mechanicus but thought there was room in the background to explore the Navigators. I thought they were always a bit under-developed in the fluff, but could occupy an interesting position of power somewhat apart from the Imperium at large (like the Mechanicus, the Imperium would grind to a halt without them). So I decided to make my henchmen in the service of a powerful and as yet un-named Navigator household.

Although I will probably not start gaming again any time soon (I barely have enough time for modeling) it's still fun constructing this force within the limitations of a counts-as army list — as you might expect, a Coteaz-led GK army list.

I've got many more henchmen in various stages that I need to photograph, as well as two navigators that I'll post momentarily. Soon I'll post what I'm in the middle of building right now, an extremely converted counts-as dreadknight, and eventually I want to share my half-finished scratch-built drop ship (storm raven).

Sorry about the poor photos and the messy paint! I've always been more into converting ...
[Thumb - henchmen-early.jpg]
My first batch of henchmen (very old WIP photo)

[Thumb - warband.jpg]
And almost done, except for little touch ups.

[Thumb - warband_group_collagetower.jpg]
An earlier atmospheric photo.

[Thumb - coteaz3.jpg]
My counts-as Coteaz. Not an inquisitor, but maybe a former acolyte turned commander of the household mercenary force. Although not a navigator, he bears a ritual tatoo symbolic of the warp eye marking his status within the household

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Chicago, IL

Sorry for all the edits — still getting used to the forum technology.

Instead of the traditional Navigator look (mostly gangly bald men in robes) I wanted something more mysterious.

I like to think of these Navigators as being incredibly wealthy, funded by millennia of lucrative shipping contracts and deals. A powerful Navigator house with particularly talented family members would be in great demand, and by offering their services to powerful members of the Imperium and Mechanicum, could preserve a degree of autonomy and independence. In addition to the wealth to hire any manner of exotic mercenary and household staff, they could easily possess priceless arceotech artifacts, retrofitted and repurposed remnants of the dark age of technology.

At the same time, I imagine them as being intensely paranoid, only leaving their palace-ships in entirely enclosing arceotech void suits. Is it to hide their hideously inhuman mutated forms? Or merely an abundance of caution, preserving their valuable lives at all costs.

Basically, that's my fluff explanation for building these count-as terminator armor suits for my navigators. They would count as Inquisitors in terminator armor (with divination powers; I know Navigators are not psychic in the usual sense, but it seems an appropriate way to represent their uncanny ability to peer directly into the warp) or even as solo Paladins.

[Thumb - navigators_wip1.jpg]
My earliest batch of Navigator suits.

[Thumb - navigators_wip2.jpg]
I consolidated the parts i liked best into these 2 suits.

[Thumb - navigators_wip3.jpg]
The idea is that the navigator's arms extend only to the elbow, with robot wrists and hands below

[Thumb - navigators_wip4.jpg]
The domed head and centered eye-piece were meant to reference both astronauts and traditional navigator depictions (bulbous head and 3rd eye)

[Thumb - navigators_primed.jpg]
The final models primed.

[Thumb - nav-basecoats.jpg]
rough base coats

[Thumb - warband_nav+hench.jpg]
almost done

[Thumb - navigator_painted1.jpg]
battle damage and free-hand added

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Made in gb
Aspirant Tech-Adept

Very cool, good idea to take something no-one else is doing and make it your own. Terminator Navigators, who'd have thought it?

Made in gb
Sword-Bearing Inquisitorial Crusader

My jaw dropped when I saw those suits. Your navigators are just lovely, but those suits .... They are inspired! Beautiful work.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Chicago, IL

Thanks! I love both of your stuff!

The suits took a long time to come together and the first one was actually built on top of an aborted attempt at a true-scale marine. I'll try to take some better photos this weekend and maybe host them somewhere else so they don't get so compressed.

And I still can't decide if the second navigator suit should be the same color or something else. Cosmonaut orange? Astronaut white? That may depend on the color of the "dreadknight", which will be my third navigator, piloting a much larger void suit ...

Made in us
Stalwart Ultramarine Tactical Marine


Great looking minis and have to agree with the others your navigators look awesome. Mysterious and intimidating.

"Building the XIII Legion Ultramarines" http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/572379.page

Made in eu
Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

Preston/England/United Kingdom

I'm looking at this on my phone, never the best option but from what i can see the henchman are ace. I am looking forward to looking again on a computer

The navigators are unique and thats always a challenge. Nice idea, especially the helmets, and the painted one looks really good.
Made in de
Fresh-Faced Inquisitorial Acolyte

Mellrichstadt, Germany

Wow! Absolutly MINDBLOWING! The big guys are pure madness! Love them very much!

Made in gb
Calculating Commissar

Reading, Berks

What a fantastic idea for the navigators. They are really different in shape and size to everything else. Great painting on them all too!

Made in ca
Ork Boy Hangin' off a Trukk

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Amazing conversions. Subscribed.

Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

6 foot underwater

Interesting..very interesting Nice looking henchman, and great spin on the navigators.

cyborks & flyboyz : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/300067.page
heretical ramblings : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/302773.page
imperial preachings : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/303365.page
Da Waaagh-ky Races : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/325045.page
Briancj: You have the Mek Taint, MT, and the only thing we can do is watch in horror/amazement.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Chicago, IL

Thanks everybody!

I managed to take some better photos. Still not perfect but you can at least see what's going on this time. The henchmen and Coteaz stand in (House Magister will be his title I think) were the first miniatures I'd painted in 12 or so years and I kept changing my mind about color schemes, so they ended up pretty caked in paint and sloppy. I also worked over a black undercoat, like I used to. I switched to white for the navigator which was a challenge at first but I think worked out much better. And I just got my hands on grey primer which I'm really excited to try soon.
[Thumb - henchmen-guns.jpg]

[Thumb - oldman.jpg]

[Thumb - servitor1.jpg]

[Thumb - closecombat hench.jpg]

[Thumb - hench-backs.jpg]

[Thumb - coteaz-multi.jpg]

[Thumb - navredo1.jpg]

[Thumb - navredo2.jpg]

[Thumb - navigatorwhite.jpg]
a very rough start to the second navigator

[Thumb - assassin1.jpg]
This assassin was built out of an Empire state troop, which took some extensive reposing and sculpting.

[Thumb - assassin2.jpg]
The paintjob isn't quite done — the rifle in particular needs more work.

[Thumb - hench-plas_psyk_flam.jpg]
My newest henchmen, this time painted over white primer. Again, probably not done yet.

Made in gb
Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps

Earlobe deep in doo doo

Brilliantly looking gothic and wyrd. The suits are exceptional examples of jiggery pokery.

"But me no buts! Our comrades get hurt. Our friends die. Falkenburg is a knight who swore an oath to serve the church and to defend the weak. He'd be the first to tell you to stop puling and start planning. Because what we are doing-at risk to ourselves-is what we have sworn to do. The West relies on us. It is a risk we take with pride. It is an oath we honour. Even when some soft southern burgher mutters about us, we know the reason he sleeps soft and comfortable, why his wife is able to complain about the price of cabbages as her most serious problem and why his children dare to throw dung and yell "Knot" when we pass. It's because we are what we are. For all our faults we stand for law and light.
Von Gherens This Rough Magic Lackey, Flint & Freer
Mekagorkalicious -Monkeytroll
2017 Model Count-71
Made in gb
Sword-Bearing Inquisitorial Crusader

The new photos really show your work off. I'm in awe of your imagination, there are so many great ideas in these miniatures.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


“Of the fabulous hydra it is said, cut off one head and two will grow in its place”

- antique proverb

Made in de
Khorne Chosen Marine Riding a Juggernaut


I'm so glad PDH pointed me towards this thread! Amazing work so far! The exo-suits are something truly original, and the henchmen have just the right amount of demented grimdark charm.
Also, don't beat yourself up over those paintjobs, because they are really great as well. These guys are completely 40k in their eclectic strangeness, but they are also quite special.

Instantly subscribed. Looking forward to your next update!

My World Eaters thread here on Dakka

My INQ28 thread here on Dakka

My Legio Custodes thread here on Dakka

My Greenskin thread here on Dakka

Check out my blog: http://www.eternalhunt.wordpress.com 
Made in gb
Hard-Wired Sentinel Pilot

Usually somewhere in England

These are insanely brilliant! Great combinations of parts and some lovely painting too!
Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Boston, MA

You are a kitbashing madman and I absolutely love it. Great work all around, and I really like the mad-scientist feel of the Navigator suits.

Check out my Youtube channel!
Made in fi
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!


One of the coolest minis I've seen in a while. Great work!

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Made in gb
Is 'Eavy Metal Calling?


Excellent stuff.

Made in gb
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Really inspired work throughout. Those suits look phenomenal.

Made in fi
Regular Dakkanaut


Brilliant stuff!

izeColt, Spiky Rat Pack 
Made in nz
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Auckland, New Zealand

Made in au
Expendable Defender Destroid Rookie


Great imagination and bits box usage mate.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Chicago, IL

Wow, thanks everyone! I really appreciate it, especially coming from so many of you who inspired me in the first place.

I've got a few more unpainted conversions to share.

First, an old death cult assassin I built at the same time as the sniper, but never managed to quite finish. He's also built from an Empire state troop, which taxed my limited green-stuff abilities. The face would be painted as a death mask (it's the front of a space marine's bare face grafted onto a flagellant's head — the BA death masks were just too large for his small frame). Since then I've come up with a more interesting idea for death cultists — Abhuman Murder Cultists, who believe that their mutations are signs of sin, that can only be redeemed by killing in the name of the Emperor. So this cultist will probably end up as the base-line human overseer of a band of varied abhumans.

Then some newer conversions. A second servitor, this time with a non-standard pattern heavy plasma gun. I will probably try to sculpt a more traditional plasma barrel around the jetpack exhaust nozzle. And of course, add lots of wires. In time I may upgrade the first servitor's bolter to a matching heavy plasma gun.

And finally some Battlefield-Assistance Drones: esoteric and ancient pieces of technology that mount variable-field high-energy las weaponry. The household's Mechanicus liaison affirms that they are not heretical thinking machines, but driven by internal biological cogitator units and are merely glorified walking servo skulls, but the validity of this statement is unknown. The liaison now appears to include a number of similar drones in his personal coven. Counts-as Jokearoo of course. I have a lot of space marine torso back pieces so will probably make another of the Zentraedi pattern drone on the left.

[Thumb - assasin eversore.jpg]

[Thumb - servitor2_wip.jpg]

[Thumb - droids-wip.jpg]

Made in gb
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Mostly, on my phone.

Exciting lunacy! and I can't believe you're so dismissive of your painting skills, I'm certainly in awe.

Theophony"... and there's strippers in terminator armor and lovecraftian shenanigans afoot."
Solar_Lion: "Man this sums up your blog nicely."

Anpu-adom: "being Geek is about Love. Some love broadly. Some love deeply. And then there are people like Graven.
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Made in gb
Wicked Ghast

Carmarthen, Wales

subbing this man its awesome
Made in us
Preacher of the Emperor

Yes, glorious stuff. It captures the kind of medieval-meets-Mad-Max crazyawesome that was one of the best parts of the original Rogue Trader. And you took one of the lamest parts of RT, the idiot savant space monkeys, and made a great-looking and thematically appropriate counts-as.

What were the base models? I see you mentioned a lot of WHFB Empire troops, but I suspect there are many other things in the mix.

PS: abhumans atoning for their sin of being born by serving as suicide troops -- very grimdark. I've been toying with homebrew rules for exactly that, now in progress on my laptop.... I'll send you a link when I actually get it postable.


 Psienesis wrote:
Well, if you check out Sister Sydney's homebrew/expansion rules, you'll find all kinds of units the Sisters could have, that fit with the theme of the Sisters (as a tabletop army) perfectly well, and are damn-near-perfectly balanced.

I’m updating that fandex now & I’m eager for feedback on new home-brew units for the Sisters: Sororitas Bikers, infiltrators & Novices, tanks, flyers, characters, superheavies, Frateris Militia, and now Confessors and Battle Conclave characters
My Novice Ginevra stories start with Bolter B-Word Privileges 
Made in au
Flashy Flashgitz

Canberra, Down Under

Awesome stuff. Those suits are fantastic - they look like the 40K equivalent of Titanfall suits! Exceptional converting.

Spoilered for size:

Current Proposed Rules Project: Orkish AC-130 Spekta Gunship!

WAAAGH Sparky!
1400 (ish) - On the rebound!
Kommander Sparks DKoK
1000 (ish) - Now on the backburner

- Men, you're lucky men. Soon, you'll all be fighting for your planet. Many of you will be dying for your planet. A few of you will be put through a fine mesh screen for your planet. They will be the luckiest of all.  
Made in us
Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

The suits would make great Thallax Cohort counts as. I might try building one...

EDIT: brillian stuff. I always loved navigators.

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