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Progress continues on the SD Sisquiede. The mobile suit itself is done, I was able to assemble it in time for the Painting Challenge deadline. Here are the sub-assemblies laid out:

Next will be the huge gun and other weapons that it has.

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This is not, technically, my first post of the new year, since the one above this was made four hours and thirty-two minutes into January the 1st. Still, I've decided this will be my 'official' first post of the new year, so here is a group picture of all the miniatures that I finished painting in 2020.

This time last year I set this goal in the Fight the Pile of Shame thread (which now has a 2021 edition):
 Turaxa wrote:
I was thinking about this myself recently, so I'll join in. My plan is to complete at least one model per month. This might seem like setting the bar awfully low, but the models could be anything from tiny Reaper miniatures to full 1:144 kits.

I didn't literally paint one model in each calendar month, but over the course of the year I did complete twelve models. In large part this is due to participating in the Dakka Painting Challenge, so thanks are due to Paradigm and Nevelon for organising it each month.

My entry for this month's Painting Challenge is this Reaper Bones miniature of..... a Naga of some sort?

I got this miniature as a freebie with a Reaper order. I've tried (and failed) to paint figures made from Reaper's original white Bones formulation, and found them to be no better than boardgame PVC pieces, with soft detail and bendy extremeties. This figure seems to be made from a slightly different material. It was grey and has sharper detail. The theme for round 71 of the Dakka Painting Challenge is "new tricks". Since the line was released, Reaper fans have learned various techniques to paint Bones miniatures, which includes basecoating them with Reapers Brown Liner paint. So for me, this is a new material painted with new techniques.

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Surrey, BC - Canada

Good luck with your progress in 2021 Turaxa.



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@ Captain Brown: Thank you. Let's hope 2021 is a better year than the last one.

I started painting her last month, but the first model I finished this year is this Battle Sister.

I wanted to update the colour scheme from my old Order of the Crimson Rose Adepta Sororitas army. Below you can see this model compared to a similar one from the original army.

The original figure was undercoated with Citadel white spray paint and then painted with Citadel Bleached Bone, Chaos Black and Scab Red, with Citadel golds and a silver for the metallics. The only washes were, I think, a chestnut wash on the cables. The colours on the original lack depth and definition, and some of the gold doesn't "pop" against the cream-coloured armour.

The figure for the new scheme had already been undercoated with Citadel white spray paint, and got the following treatment:
  • Cream - Citadel Iyanden Darksun basecoat / Citadel Bleached Bone layer / Citadel Seraphim Sepia wash / Bleached Bone drybrush
  • Red - Vallejo Hull Red basecoat / Citadel Scab Red layer / Citadel Chestnut Ink wash
  • Black – Citadel Chaos Black basecoat / Vallejo Dark Rubber layer / Citadel Nuln Oil wash
  • White - Army Painter Spaceship Exterior layer / Dark Star Paynes Grey wash / Spaceship Exterior drybrush

  • I think this makes the colours less flat than in the original scheme. This time the metallics were done with Brass and Tarnished Steel from Dark Star. They have far better coverage and are much brighter than whatever I used originally. I also tried the thermal discolouration technique on the muzzle of the gun, using Citadel washes and inks. I think it came out alright, though old-school Citadel blue ink is really potent and overpowers the other shades a bit.

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    Regular Dakkanaut

    I completed the Naga from Reaper's Bones lines.

    I'll quote myself from the Painting Challenge Round 71 thread:
     Turaxa wrote:
    This Grey Bones material is much better than the older White Bones. Some details on the head and the quiver were a bit indistinct, but overall the level of detail is comparable to older plastics. The limbs and bow, being slim parts, are bendy, but there was no distortion on my figure. I didn't find any mould lines. The material is "grippy" enough that I could push-fit some parts, but I had to superglue others. There is a noticeable seam between the upper and lower body that would have been easy to fill with poly cement if this had been HIPS. Overall this is a good enough material, but I still prefer HIPS or white metal.

    Base-coating with Reaper's Brown Liner paint worked surprisingly well. It flows well and gives good single-coat coverage.

    I've seen some Dakkadakka members posting checklists or bingo sheets of hobby goals for the year, so decided to gameify my own hobby aspirations. Let's see how many I can check off in 2021.

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