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Gordy2000's Battle Reports

Gordy2000's Battle Reports

A place to collect all of Gordy2000's amazing battle reports.

The Siege of Berephous Prime

On an Ork invaded world, the forces of the Imperium of Man are marshalling their defenses. With the power of the Ordos Xenos, and multiple Space Marine Legions behind them the Imperials hope to destroy the Orks and their vast array of scavanged machinery. Meanwhile, all the Orks are hoping for is a good scrap!

The Siege of Berephous Prime Campaign: Intro and Prelude Battle (Pics, Maps) - The Xenos Inquisitor is scouting the Orks, but runs into a bit of trouble.

The Siege of Berephous Prime Campaign: Game 2 - Assault on Forge Precinct Omega - Blood Angels and Ultramarines vie with Orks for control of vital objectives.

The Siege of Berephous Prime: Game 3 - Breakthrough (lots of pics) - The Marines stand firm as an unending tide of Orks and war machines attempt to claim the Forge Precinct.

The Siege of Berephous Prime Campaign: Turn 4 - The Forges of Death (Pics/Maps) - A battle for control of the spaceport.

The Siege of Berephous Prime Turn 5: The Shield of the Emperor (pics, map) - The Orks position looks shaky, and the Marines feel the time is right to push them out of the orbital relay.

The Siege of Berephous Prime: Turn 5, Game 2: Disaster at Forge Precinct Omega (many pics)The oft contested Omega Precinct again sees bloodshed as both armies pour in all their reserves to the war effort.

The Siege of Berephous Prime: KILL TEAM MISSIONS (Lots of pics) - small but important missions to the war effort.

The Siege of Berephous Prime: The Shield of the Emperor Rematch (many pics) - Both armies battling for the Shield wade into battle again with no reinforcements.

The Siege of Berephous Prime Turn 6: Assault on the Equatorial Hub (Bonus Kill Team Boarding Action) - As an Agri Hub is battled for, the Orks launch a surprise attack on an Imperial Cruiser in orbit.

The Siege of Berephous Prime Campaign Turn 8: 6000 point Spearhead/Apoc Game (lots of pics) - The Imperials try to push through the Ork lines, and both sides deploy their largest forces yet.

The Siege of Berephous Prime Turn 9: The Penultimate Battle (3800 Marines vs 2900 Orks) - pic heavy - The Orks hold a defensive line, but the Imperium is sending in an armored wave of Space marines to smash it, whatever the outcome, this one will be bloody.

The Siege of Berephous Prime Grand Finale: 16,000 Point Apoc Game - very long, 100+ pics - This is it, the final battle, and only one side may emerge triumphant!

Hellbringer Campaign

A combined force of Chaos Space Marines and Daemons invade an Imperial Shrine World, their goal to rescue an artifact and release a Greater Daemon on the sanctified planet. Standing in their way are the forces of the Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Grey Knights, ...and some unexpected Xenos aid from the Eldar.

New Campaign - Hellbringer (Chaos+Daemons vs Marines+Eldar): First Battle - Boarding Action - Chaos attempts to seize an orbiting defense station.

Hellbringer Campaign – Game II: 2000 Point Planet Strike (lots of pics, fully painted armies) - The Chaos invasion begins in earnest as the descend to the planet's surface.

Hellbringer Campaign - Game 3: Spearhead (2200 points per side, fully painted armies, lots of pics) - The Eldar and Space Marines work to repel the invasion.

Hellbringer Campaign Game 4 - Breakout (2000 Points Fully Painted Armies and lots of Pics) - Locating their goal, the Chaos forces attempt to draw off, isolate, and destroy the defenders while sending other forces to awaken the daemon.

Hellbringer Game 4: 9,000 point Apoc Battle, fully painted armies and terrain (warning, pic heavy!) - Really game 5, but this battle features the Imperials building a defensive line to prevent the forces of Chaos from reaching the Liber Abominus.

Hellbringer Campaign GRAND FINALE: 17,000 pt Apoc: Fully painted Armies w/ Titans! (lots of pics) - Titans, Greater Daemons, and more units than you can shake a stick at battle it out for the final victory.

Shadow of the Hive Mind

On a distant jungle world an Imperial Research Facility goes quiet. Now a combined force of Space Marines and Imperial Guard arrive to resuscitate the facility and discover what happened there. Does the mysterious Inquisitor know more than he is letting on? And what dangers lurk in the sulfur stained jungle?

Shadow of the Hive Mind: Game 1, Fully Painted Armies, Terrain and lots of pics - The Sons of Gord chapter land and prepare to reclaim the C&C buildings.

Shadow of the Hive Mind Game 2: The Genatorium (fully painted armies, terrain, lots of pics) - The Imperial Guard are sent to reactivate the power generators for the base.

Shadow of the Hive MInd Game 3: Complex Alpha (fully painted armies, terrain + lots of pics) - Imperial Guard forces now hold Complex Alpha, but there is something moving in the jungle...

Shadow of the Hive Mind Campaign: Game 4-Jungle of Death (fully painted armies/terrain, lots of pix) - A relief force sent to Complex Alpha encounters its own difficulties.

Shadow of the Hive Mind Campaign: Game 5 - Complex Delta (fully painted armies/terrain, lots of pix) The Inquisitor holds Complex Delta, but it faces dangers now from both the jungle, and what the Sons of Gord have learned about what is really happening on this planet.

Shadow of the Hive Mind Game 6: Storm Eagle Down (fully painted armies/terrain, lots of pics) - Someone thinks Captain Gordus knows too much...

Shadow of the Hive Mind Game 7: All Out Attack (fully painted armies/terrain, lots of pics) - The Hive Mind goes on the offensive with a heavy assault against the main facility

Shadow of the Hive Mind Game 8: Landing Fields Massacre-fully painted armies, terrain, lots of pix) - The Hive Mind continues its relentless assault as the Inquisitor looks for a way off-world

Shadow of the Hive Mind Game 9: The Cold Void-fully painted armies, terrain, lots of pix) - The Xenos use a new evolutionary trick to take the fight to the orbiting task-force

Shadow of the HIve Mind Game 10: Iniquitous Rides Out (fully painted armies/terrain, lots of pics) - The Inquisitor attempts to flee the doomed world, but what lurks in the jungle ahead...

Shadow of the Hive Mind Game 11: Last Stand (fully painted armies/terrain, lots of pics) - Can the last outpost hold out in time for extraction? Zulu with Nids

Shadow of the Hive Mind Campaign GRAND FINALE (part 1) – 16000 points apoc, all painted - the Xenos gather in overwhelming numbers to crush the final Imperial resistance

Shadow of the Hive Mind Campaign GRAND FINALE (PART 2of 2) – 16000 points apoc, all painted, pics - The Swarmlord gathers his mightiest bio-constructs for the final assault while the Imperial side brings in Titans as the battle for Remuera Majoris IV reaches its bloody conclusion.....

The Triskelion War

A world on the edge of the 13th black crusade is plunged into war as the forces of the Ruinous Powers, the Eldar and the myriad armies of the Imperium battle for domination and the power of ancient secrets.

The Triskelion War Trailer - the trailer for the campaign

The Triskelion War Game 1 - The first shots are fired in the war that will consume the system

The Triskelion War Game 2 - The Arbites ride to the rescue

The Triskelion War Game 3 - Battle for the Armouries

The Triskelion War Game 4 - The Inquisition Investigates the Moon of Triskelion II after promethium supplies are cut off

The Triskelion War Game 5 - The Eldar Enter the Fray

The Triskelion War Game 6 - The war in the void. The Chaos forces attempt to bring reinforcements to Triskelion v. A Battlefleet Gothic game and a Zone Mortalis Boarding action

The Triskelion War Game 7 - Chaos Rising. A huge Chaos offensive threatens to overwhelm the already stretched defenders of the capitol hive

The Triskelion War Game 8 - Fighting Withdrawal. Can the retreating Imperial forces escape?

The Triskelion War Game 9 - Alien Abduction. The Eldar want information and take direct action

The Triskelion War Game 10 - Hold the Line. The Imperials fight a delaying action to allow defenses to be raised at the main basilica

The Triskelion War Game 11 - Battle for the Basilica. Mass infantry battle to decide the fate of Ameti Hive

The Triskelion War Game 12 - No Escape. The Imperial forces attempt to cut off retreating Chaos warbands

The Triskelion War Game 13 - Extreme Prejudice. The Inquisition seeks out a powerful renegade psyker (Zone Mortalis)

The Triskelion War Game 14 - Death From Above. Drop Troopers attack a renegade supply and command base

The Triskelion War Game 15 - A Bridge Too Far. Renegade and Imperial mounted forces battle over a strategic bridge

The Triskelion War Game 15 - The Emperor Protects. Rangers race to extract the Ecclesiarch from Renegade forces

The Triskelion War game 17 - Vengeance of the Faithful. The Sisters of Battle vent their holy wrath on the Renegades

The Triskelion War game 18 - The Ritual. The Inquisition attempts to stop a Chaos Ritual

The Triskelion War game 19 - The Volscani Arrive. Chaos reinforcements are met head on by the Imperium

The Triskelion War game 20 - Tank War. Armored formations from both sides clash in open battle

The Triskelion War game 21 - Hammerfall. The Angels of Death arrive

The Triskelion War game 22 - Killing Blow. The Astartes corner Renegade Units

The Triskelion War game 23 - Broken Spear. Baalor himself decides to blunt the Imperial advance

The Triskelion War game 24 - Boarding Assault. An orbital fortress is the scene of contested boarding actions (bonus BFG battle report)

The Triskelion War game 25 - The Artifact. The Mechanicus unearth something mysterious under the soil of Triskelion - and attract the notice of the Inquisition

The Triskelion War Game 26 - The Eldar Return. Someone else is interested in the newly unearthed artifact

The Triskelion War Game 27 - Enemy of my Enemy. Xenos and Imperial forces forge an uneasy alliance to battle the Chaos threat

The Triskelion War Game 28 - Into the Valley of Death. Imperial forces attempt to locate a Chaos base

The Triskelion War Game 29 - Fear No Evil. Astartes forces battle Chaos to prevent a fell ritual

The Triskelion War Game 30 - Head of the Serpent. The Chaos base of operations comes under attack

The Triskelion War Game 31 - What Lies Beneath. Astartes fight through an underground bunker complex to close a warp portal

The Triskelion War Game 32 - Xenos Moon. Deathwatch battle Eldar over ancient artefacts

The Triskelion War Game 33: Grinding Advance - The Death Korps of Kreig launch a major assault on the renegade lines

[The Triskelion War Game 34: Line Breaker (Part 2 of 3) - The Death Korps continue their assault ]]


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