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Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'


Hi Everyone

I volunteered to run the League Table mainly because I think its nice to know that what your doing is being recorded and you can see how you have progressed or have something to aim for.

Brief History of the Challenge

In March 2015 Paradigm started the unofficial monthly painting contest. It's goal was to get DakkaDakka members to paint up their miniatures for fun and gentle rivalry. The community that has grown around the challenge is supportive and always willing to answer any questions. Inspiration is drawn from each member and a feeling of enthusiasm is nurtured. So come and join us, everyone is welcome no matter the painting standard or end goal. Its a great way to hit painting targets and keep motivated.

The Challenge as been a great success and we are now in our 9th Year, still going strong.

How the Scoring Works

The League table shows the percentage of votes received each month for the participants. This is the points you get for that month (Note; Minimum is 1 and Dakka polls round up to whole numbers) Each months score is added up to make the overall score for that year.
Below is the League Table for Paradigm's unofficial painting challenge here on Dakka, it will be updated as we go.

League Table

Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame shows the top 3 entries for each month, I hope you enjoy these wonderful models.

March 2024 - Space Marine - Challenge 109

In 3rd place with 21 votes, the man, the myth, the legend: Brother Quiff Lustgarten by Daia T’Nara.

The silver is split with 22 votes each, starting with Nilfisken’s crisp Crimson Fists Lieutenant:

And CancelledApocalypse’s no less impressive Raven Guard:

But leaping ahead of the pack is XvArcanevX's Dark Angel Jump Captain, with 27 votes and some impressively lit exhaust!

Great start to the new year of competition. Setting a high bar for the year, which I have faith that we will smash past with more amazing work from all of you. Grats to the winners and everyone who entered.

April 2024 - Let's Finish This! - Challenge 110

in 3rd place with 23 votes we have Midget Gems’ Mordheim Ruined Church.

Second place with 24 is CancelledApocalypse’s pair of lovely Battle Wizards

Lovejoy’s grim and weathered Stormcast take the gold this month with 28 votes!

Congrats to the winners, and this month especially, congrats to everyone who finished something. The fight against the Pile of Shame is a endless battle, and many half finished projects lie wounded on the sidelines. Keep putting brush to plastic/metal/resin and getting those models finished and ready for battle! Or display; we don’t judge. The important thing is to keep on painting!

May 2024 - Nice Ride - Challenge 111

We’ve got a pair of ties this months starting at third with 20 votes each:

Orks and speed go and in hand, so no surprise they’d try their hand at pod racing, as Midget Gems shows.

Raven guard are more then just jump packs to race places, sometimes they need a nice ride, which we have with CancelledApocalypse’s Raven Guard rhino and veteran.

With just once more vote each at 21, we again have a tie for the silver.

Not all rides are about speed; some are about style. And spreading gruesome plagues and eating things. Here is Leopold Helveine's Pale Maggothlord, with a siplay of what Nurgle brings to the battlefield.

But not all who pledge thier souls to Chaos are gross and grimy. Maharg’s marauder horseman is clean and fast, shiny and stylish!

And running away with the gold with an amazing 31 votes is Lovejoy's Cavalier Marshall. From the rocks on the base to the pennant snapping in the wind, an amazingly painted work, full of incredible detail (much of which is hand sculpted). Well deserved victory!

June 2024 - Glow Up - Challenge 112

In third place with 24 votes CancelledApocalypse's support squad brings the literal glow of hot plasma to the battlefield.

Mothsniper’s Reaper Dwarves illuminate their way to second with 26.

And from the old goofy grinning metals to the new towering wrecking ball, Lovejoy shows us how Kroxigor evolve, taking the gold with 32 votes!

I know I say this every month, but amazing work from everyone who entered, not just those on the podium. Lots of great interpretation on the theme this month, with some great paintjobs

[url= ]July 2024 - - Challenge 113/url]

August 2024 - - Challenge 114

September 2024 - - Challenge 115

October 2024 - Halloween Special - Challenge 116

November 2024 - - Challenge 117

Demember 2024 - Open Round - Challenge 118


January 2025 - - Challenge 119

February 2025 - - Challenge 120

Very out of date
Bonus Stats

Most individual votes in a month
Buttery Commissar: "Dakka Monthly Painting Challenge 7" With 67 votes

Highest percentage in a month
21% - Januine March 15
19% - OneManNoodle March 15
16% - Buttery Commissar Sept 15

Biggest winning margin
23 votes or 5% - Buttery Commissioner Sept 15

Highest number of entries for a challenge
48 - June 16

Lowest number of entries for a challenge
18 - Sept 15

Highest total votes for a challenge
681 - June 16

Lowest total votes for a challenge
214 - March 15

Total number of votes across all challenges

Total number of finished entries across all challenges

Avg number of entries per challenge

Avg Number of votes per challenge

Number of First place entries
Januine - 8
Midget Gems - 5
Bottle - 3
Zobo - 3
Titlesmanscrest - 2
Zach - 2
Arclaw - 1
Buttery Commissioner - 1
Electriceve - 1
FearPeteySodes - 1
Feltmonkey - 1
Gitsplilla - 1
Kustomer D - 1
Modock - 1
Talys - 1

Number of Second place entries
Januine - 4
Modock - 3
Zobo - 3
Jah-Joshua - 2
Feltmonkey - 2
Paradigm - 2
Alleus - 1
Bottle - 1
Lechine - 1
Lipsdapips - 1
El-Torminator - 1
kb_lock - 1
Chris56 - 1
ckig's - 1
OneManNoodles - 1
Nordicus - 1
Melcavuk - 1
Midget Gems - 1
Moolet - 1
Tittlesmanscrest - 1
Talys - 1
Snotcatcher - 1
SJM - 1
Winter - 1
Winterhound - 1

Number of Third place entries
Bottle - 4
Midget Gems - 4
Modock - 4
Feltmonkey - 3
Paradigm - 3
Jah-Joshua - 2
Lechine - 2
Januine - 2
TP^DC Deputy Manager - 2
Winterhound - 2
Queen Annes Revenge - 1
Buttery Commissioner - 1
Kustomer D - 1
Gundor2 - 1
El-Torminator - 1
Metal_Man - 1
NathanS298 - 1
SlacetoDarkness - 1
SJM - 1
Talys - 1
TazN - 1
Zobo - 1

Total number of challenges entered
Nevelon 32
Paradigm 32
Midget Gems 30
Zergsmasher 25
Kustomer D 25
Farseer Anth'lan 20
Gulgog TufToof 21
Jadenim 18
Moolet 21
vejut 20
keezus 19
Januine 17
Feltmonkey 18
Guildenstern 15
ZoBo 15
methebest 13
sockwithaticket 13

The Birth of the Challenge 24th Feb 2015 12:29

Nev's Post with a links to all the Polls, Challenge threads and Votes

Link to Year 1 Archive

Link to Year 2 Archive

Link to Year 3 Archive

Link to Year 4 Archive

*If you have spotted any mistakes please let me know, there is a lot to keep track of so things can be missed.

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Boosting Ultramarine Biker


Nice Table easy to navigate,subscribed.

Made in gb
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

Thanks for compiling this! I think I finished 2nd last year, so being 6th means I need to up my game!!

Bye bye Dakkadakka, happy hobbying! I really enjoyed my time on here. Opinions were always my own :-) 
Made in gb
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'


Year 1 Archive

Clicking will reveal a lot of images
March 2015 - Space Marines- Challenge 1
In Joint Third Place, with 19 votes apiece and each receiving 5 League Points, we have:



In Second Place, with 35 votes and receiving 8 League Points, a round of applause for:

And the winner of the inaugural Painting Challenge, with a massive 41 votes and receiving 10 League Points, this month's champion:

April 2015 - Veterans - Challenge 2
In 3rd Place, with 32 votes each and receiving 5 League Points, we have

Talys, with a Death Company Veteran

And Paradigm with the Word Bearers Lord:

In second place, with 40 votes and receiving 8 points, we have

Januine's fantastic Harlequin Solitaire

Congratulations on reaching the top 3 two months running!

And finally, in first place by just one vote, receiving 10 points, let's have a round of virtual applause for
SJM's superb GorkaMorka Ork Nob!

May 2015 - Fast and Furious - Challenge 3
In third place, making the top 3 twice in a row, we have
SJM's stunning Ork Cyboar Rider!

In second, with just one vote more, we have
Talys with the Blood Angels Stormraven. Fast, furious and fantastic!

And having (just) held the lead all the way from day 1, there could only be one champion! A round of applause for
FearPeteySodes' Dark Eldar Venom!

June 2015 - Some Kind of Monster - Challenge 4
In third place, and clear of the rest of the field by quite some margin,

SlavetoDorkness with a large scale Stone Troll

The last thing lunch sees...

the last place lunch is...plus snacks for later!

The last of lunch...

Crude surgery after lunch didn't cooperate...

In second place, and fast becoming a familiar face at the top here,
SJM with an Ork Meganob

And out ahead in first, taking his second win in just 4 months,
Januine's Crimson Slaughter Chosen

July 2015 - Sneaky - Challenge 5
In third place, with 41 Votes, is
TP^DC Deputy Manager, with an epic Tau Stealth Suit diorama!

"XV-25 Stealth Suit Right"

In second place, with 46 votes,
Januine's Harlequin Troupe

And in first place, just one vote ahead, we have a tie between

Kustomer D's Commando

And Arclaw's super-sneaky Djanbazan!

August 2015 - Rise of the Machines! - Challenge 6
In third place, with a monstrous Stormlord Superheavy Tank, is

In second place, we have a fantastic Magos Dominus by

And taking his third win (this is getting silly now ) and with what I believe is the highest score recorded so far, is
Januine with another Magos Dominus and his Castellax Automata bodyguard

September 2015 - Never Tell Me The Odds - Challenge 7
In Third Place, we have

Midget Gems: Han Solork and Chewborka

Next, in second place, we have

WinterHound: Bridge Over Troubled Fuel Tanks

And taking the win this month, a fantastic entry by

Buttery Commissar: "Dakka Monthly Painting Challenge"
"It's 2am, I don't want to know what you just did."

October 2015 - Trick or Treat? - Challenge 8
In 3rd place, it's
Midget Gems, with Ork2-D2 and Yodork

In second place, with Haemonculus Minus The Merciless, it's Januine:

"Trick or Treat little monkeigh? They are but two sides of the same deliciously depraved coin don't you see....oh...no - of course you don't....."

And taking first place, to no one's surprise, it's
Gitsplitta's Monster Mash!

November 2015 - Princes of the Universe! - Challenge 9
In 3rd place
Januine's Kataphron Destroyers and Skitarii Alpha

In second place,
ckig's Tarik Mansuri

And winning with a record 59 votes,
Talys with a Blood Angels Chaplain

December 2015 - Open Challenge - Challenge 10
In joint third place with 37 votes apiece, we have El-Torrminator with his superb Harlequin Shadowseer

And Lechine with a fantastic Ta'unar Battlesuit

In second place on 46 votes, we have Lipsdapips with an awesome Ultramarines Command Squad

And in first place, way out ahead with 54 votes, Midget Gems with Santork Klaws

January 2016 -Up Close and Personal - Challenge 11
In third place, with 26 votes, Kustomer D's fantastically brutal Ork vs Blood Angel diorama:

In second place, with a massive 50 votes, it's Lechine's monstrous Tyranid Heirophant! Not something I'd want to be up close and personal with!

And out ahead, with a monumental 60 votes, it's Januine's wonderfully atmospheric Arch-Magos and Sycllax:

February 2016 - Judge Me By My Size, Do You? - Challenge 12
And it's time for the last winners of this first year to be announced!

In third place, lechine's Knight Atrapos:

In second place, Nordicus's Slaughterbrute:

And in first place, tittlemancrest's Stormcast Eternal:

2015 - 16 League Table Thread

Dakka (Unofficial) Painting Challenge: Year One: Thoughts, Suggestions and Potential Improvements
Dakka (Unofficial) Painting Challenge: Year One Retrospective

Original Post
Thanks for the feedback and for making it a sticky, I'll add a few extra sections in over time to make it worthy of the place in the forum.

Don't worry Bottle I expect you up near the very top (No pressure )

If anyone spots any mistakes or feels there is something missing poke me and I'll try to sort it out.

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Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'


Year 2 Archive

Clicking will reveal a lot of images

March 2016 - Space Marines! - Challenge 13

In joint 3rd place, we have:
jah-joshua's Iron Warriors Consul

Paradigm's Salamanders Centurion

In second place,
Snotcatcher's Ultramarines Captain

And in first, Januine Blood Angels Terminator!

April 2016 - The Relic - Challenge 14
In third place, Midget Gems with Indianork Jones! ('they called the squig 'Junior'!')

In second, jah-joshua with Ulrik The Slayer

And in first, just ahead of the competion, Zach with Archaon, Lord of the End Time and all round bad egg!

May 2016 - Everyday Hero - Challenge 15
In joint 3rd,
Buttery Commissar with the colourful characters of Sparrow's Circus
The two Sparrows, father and daughter magicians:

Jake the (ex) lion tamer, his dogs and Wolfboy:

Tiny the strongman and Soni:

And ZoBo's gunners of the Grot Revolutionary Committee!

In second place, kb_lock's cunning Imperial Snipers:

And taking the win this month, Januine's stunning rendition of 'Mad Larkin' of the Tanith First and Only:

June 2016 - Mighty Heroes and Nefarious Villians! - Challenge 16
There was a 3-way tie for 3rd between...

Januine with The Nurse:

queen_annes_revenge's superb Spitfire:

and jah-joshua with Borka Kegslayer, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws

Just clear and taking second, we have ZoBo with Zhadsnark "Da Rippa"

And takin first place, Zach's stunning Bloodthirster

July 2016 - Unleash The Beast! - Challenge 17
It's mighty close at the top!

In 3rd place, Midget Gems with a hulking Squiggoth

In second, Januine's beast of a Dracosan Armoured Transport

Tied with Jah-joshua's Megaboss

and taking the win this month, Bottle with a terrifying Genestealer Patriarch

August 2016 - Death From The Skies - Challenge 18
In 3rd place,TP^DC Deputy Manager's: Nephilim Jetfighter

In second, Januine with Antor Delassio, Deathwatch Vanguard Veteran

And taking the win, Midget Gems with Baron Von Orkhothen

September 2016 - It's A Kind of Magic - Challenge 19
In third place, Bottle's Aelf Mage!

In 2nd place, bringing Da Magik of Rokk to the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium, ZoBo and Akka/Dakka!

And taking the win, way out in front and to no-one's surprise, Januine and Eldrad Ulthran!

October 2016 - Something Wicked This Way Comes - Challenge 20
In third place, with 36 votes, Paradigm (thanks guys! )

In second with 44 votes, tittlemanscrest!

And in first, just ahead with 49, Bottle:

November 2016 - Heavy Metal! - Challenge 21
In 3rd place with 31 votes, Bottle's Aspiring Deathbringer of Khorne

In second place with 33, feltmonkey's Deathwing Dreadnought

And waaay out in front, ZoBo's stunning Stompa, a masterclass in looking mean!

December 2016 - Open Challenge - Challenge 22
In third place, Gundor2's superbly gritty rendition of the Death Guard's Calas Typhon:

Taking second, Midget Gems' Santa Klaws, making a list and checking it... as many times as an Ork can count to...

And taking the win, Bottle's Genestealer Culists! Viva The 8-Armed Revolution!

January 2017 - Rogues And Scoundrels - Challenge 23
In third place, NathanD298's rendition of Inquisitor Greyfax

Taking second, Modock's Duelling Assassins

And way out ahead, to the surprise of no one at all, Midget Gems with the OrX-Wing Starfighter

February 2017 - We Have The Technology - Challenge 24
In 3rd place, Modock's Tau Piranha

In second, Moolet's Battlewagon:

And taking the win, Feltmonkey with Jesse James!

2016 - 17 League Table Thread

Slaughterbrute with hackblade: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/120/700995.page

Original Post
Updated with the latest Month July 17 and also added in a "Bonus Stats" section, Congrats to anyone that has made it onto this section, you should be proud of your achievements

Hope you enjoy

p.s. Special mention to Para and Nev for being the only 2 to have entered every competition so far. amazing work and I really want you make the full 3 years and even more.

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Made in gb
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

Love the achievements section. Thanks for putting it together! :-)

Bye bye Dakkadakka, happy hobbying! I really enjoyed my time on here. Opinions were always my own :-) 
Made in si
Camouflaged Zero

Great work on the chart Midget Gems! Thanks for the effort mate.
Made in gb
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'


Year 3 Archive

Clicking will reveal a lot of images

March 2017 - Space Marines! - Challenge 25

In joint third place,

Bottle's Deathwatch Veterans

And Paradigm's Watch Master (go Deathwatch!)

In second, a point ahead, Melcavuk's awesome Abbadon Ascendant

And out in front, ZoBo with Vulkan of the Salamanders

April 2017 - Primal - Challenge 26

In third place, Modock with this fantastic Ogre

In second,
El-Torminator's awesomeTzaangor

And taking the win, ZoBo's brilliantly appropriate depiction of that old adage, 'there's always a bigger squig!'

May 2017 - BOOM! - Challenge 27

In 3rd, with 36 Votes, Feltmonkey's majestic Tyrant of Halpai:

In second with 39, ZoBo's Great Unclean One:

And taking the win, Midget Gems with one of the most well-suited to the theme entries the challenge has ever seen:
Doctor StrangeOrk, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Loot The Bomb’

June 2017 - Legendary - Challenge 28

In third place, Mockck's super-slick Iguana TAG

In second, just a single vote ahead, Feltmonkey's fearsome Nazgul:

And way out ahead, Tittlemanscrest's Red Wizard, evoking its high fantasy themes wonderfully:

July 2017 - Fun and Games - Challenge 29

In 3rd place, Bottle's Blood Bowl Dwarves:

In joint second, Modock's Harlequin Shadowseer:

And Chris56 with a Sorceress' cottage.

And taking the win by a single point, it's Midget Gems with Whack-A-Grot:

August 2017 - Brutal - Challenge 30
On to the winners:

In 3rd,
feltmonkey's Dark Eldar Archon

In second, merely a point ahead Bottle's Khorne Bloodreavers

And BRUTALising the competition with a whopping 56 vote. Modock's Khorne Slaughterpriest

September 2017 - Armour Up - Challenge 31
WINNERS! Mighty close at the top this month, just 6 votes across the top 5!

In joint third, Modock's Tau Stealth Suits

And Metal_Man's Warlord Titan:

In second, Alleus' Vulturax:

And in first, only a vote ahead, Oppl with the Stormlord:

Congrats folks!

October 2017 - Fright Night - Challenge 32

In third place this month, Feltmonkey's Dark Eldar Mandrakes

Taking a close-fought second, Modock's Blood Warriors

And the winner this month, first-time entrant electriceve with Mortarion!

November 2017 - Armour Up - Challenge 33

Some very impressive scores at the top the month, and well deserved!

In third, Oppl's Black Watch Highlander.

Taking second by just a couple of votes, Januine's Inquisitor Covenant.

And taking the win this month, General Annoyance with an Ork Painboy!

December 2017 - Open Round - Challenge 34

In third place, Midget Gems' Grot Carol Choir.

In second, n1ceguypaul's Santa Dwarf!

And taking the win by a significant margin, Modock's beautiful Emerald Dragon:

January 2018 - A Few Good Men - Challenge 35

Taking third place this month, Moolet's super-crisp Blood Angels Intercessors. Certainly a few good men to have on your side in a firefight!

Taking second, Modock's fantastic adventuring party. Fine fellows to take questing!

And out ahead, Feltmonkey's pirates! They're almost certainly not 'good' (morally speaking! The paintwork is of course great!) and only one of them's a man, but they're still a fearsome crew you wouldn't want to mess with!

February 2018 - Carry a Big Stick - Challenge 36

Taking third, and setting what might be a record of 9 podium finishes in a single rotation of the challenge, Modock's Dragon-slaying Dwarf!

In second, Feltmonkey with a Sylvaneth Treelord that shows of some superb use of colour and texture.

And taking the win by a very large margin, Keezus with the imposing figure of Mister Graves.

Original Post
No worries, Its interesting to do.

And at the half way point for the year
Congrats Modock for the number 1 spot, you have been entering some consistently good models
The next 7 places are all very close (within 9 points of each other) Feltmonkey has jumped into 2nd with Zobo and Bottle climbing the ranks too.

Well done to Modock, Feltmonkey, Chris56, Paradigm, Keezus, N1ceguypaul, Nevelon and Vejut. Who have all managed to enter all the challenges so far in this year.

A Special Congrats to Zerg whos made the 24 entries mark, I'm very glad to have you and your entries with us for over 2 years now

Hopefully I'll get round to doing the "Archive" section this month.

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Is 'Eavy Metal Calling?


Ta for the update, Midget!

1 point outside the top 5 (which admittedly is waaay more than I probably deserve)... Something to fight for in the remaining months!

And special congratulations at this stage to Modock, the lead you've pulled out over the rest of the pack this year is frankly astonishing! 70 points total and only 2 entries that didn't make the top 3, with every month thus far entered... Inspirational and impressive stuff.

Made in si
Camouflaged Zero

Thanks from the heart Para! I'm really grateful for the kind words mate. None of this would be possible without your dedication to monthly painting challenge.
You keep this community together. All praises to you.
Made in us
Three Color Minimum

Melbourne, Australia


Thanks to both Para for his constant dedication and to MidgetGems for his hard work on this table and all the stats.

With that diorama, I'm sure to be dropping a place this month, MG!

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Skirr and Skiver, Fancyman of Cornwall and Best Friend of your Mother's. 
Made in us
The Marine Standing Behind Marneus Calgar

Upstate, New York

Hah! My cunning strategy of just showing up has me ranked above far better painters! Victory through perseverance! Now all I need is Para to miss a month to be the undisputed king of stubbornness. Of course, he just needs 5 minutes or so to bang out a top-notch mini, so this is unlikely to happen; any faster and his proof pictures and finals would cause a time paradox.

Fun to see the numbers and the entries all in one place.

Made in gb
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'


Year 4 Archive

Clicking will reveal a lot of images

March 2018 - Space Marine - Challenge 37
In third place, Kustomer D's Ashen Shrikes:

Just a vote ahead in second, Elbows with a Death Guard Leviathan Dreadnought:

Taking the win by some way, Feltmonkey's superb Angels of Vengeance Chaplain:

April 2018 - Agents of Chaos - Challenge 38

In third place, ZoBo's Ork banner bearer, calling forth the destructive enemies of the WAAAAAGH!


In joint second place, Marine_With_Heart's grimy Chaos Cultists:

and Feltmonkey's superb Geiger-esque chaos warrior:

Scraping a win by just 2 votes, Paradigm's Escher gang (I'm not sure what's weirder, referring to myself in the 3rd person or that I actually won! )

May 2018- Three Colour Maximum - Challenge 39

In third place, ZoBo's monochrome take on Boss Snikrot!

Way out ahead, a close fight for the top two, both of whom had nearly double the votes of the next highest scores! In second place, another black and white entry with Feltmonkey's comic-book-style Dark Angel:

And taking the win by just two points, Chris56's winter-themed Farseer and Wraithguard!

June 2018- Blades in the Dark - Challenge 40

In third place (thanks guys), Paradigm's trio of Predators!

In second, Chris56's take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

And in first with a whopping 46 Votes, 15% of the total votes cast, Modock's inspiring Heldred, in my opinion one of the finest models the challenge has ever seen:

July 2018 - Might Makes Right - Challenge 41

In third place, Modock's axe-wielding Carrowek:

In second, only a point behind the winner, Midget Gems' looted Dreddknight:

And taking a much-deserved win, Feltmonkey's stunning treelord, Duthru:

August 2018 - Above and Beyond - Challenge 42

in 3rd, queen_annes_revenge with a stunningly lifelike Caterpillar D9r:

In second, the Ultramarine Command Squad of Lipsdapips:

And taking the win once more, Modock's Heckler and Hollow Man:

September 2018 - Pick Up The Pace - Challenge 43

Tied for third place this month, we have Midget Gems' Ork Jetbike:

And Evil D-185's flamboyant Viper:

In second place, Lipsdapips with a Scion Scout:

And zooming out into the well-deserved lead, Chris56's Necromunda diorama:

October 2018 - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! - Challenge 44

In third, ZoBo, with Horticulous Slimux

A point ahead in second, Feltmonkey's Plague Marine:

And in first, Evil D-185's horrifying Beast:

November 2018 - Chain of Command - Challenge 45

Taking third place with 24 votes, DV8 with Daenarys of the House Targaryen:

Next up, an unprecedented 3-way tie for 2nd between Total's Iron Warriors Chaos Lord

Chris 65's (NSWF) pirate bust:

and Feltmonkey with the Dark Lord of the Sith, Vader himself

And finally, storming out ahead with a whopping 10% of the total votes cast, Lipsdapips with an awe-inspiring Tau Coldstar Battlesuit:

December 2018 - Open Challenge - Challenge 46

In third, Ezki's mean Looted Dreadnought:

In second, DV8's manic Old Man:

And taking the win by some margin, Modock's Helcat and Kazaks:

January 2019 - Bonds of Fellowship - Challenge 47

In a shared third place, we have Feltmonkey's heroes of a galaxy far, far away:

And lipsdapips' dynamic duo from the grim darkness of the far future:

Coming up in second, Ezki's Death Riders charge in!

And taking another well-deserved win with one of my favourite entries of all time, Modock's Strlock and K9:

February 2019 - Into The Breach - Challenge 48

In hotly contested third place, Lipsdapips' duelling duo of an Ultramarines Lord Executioner and an Iron Warriors Chosen:

Taking second place, Midget Gems with the DelORKean!

And with the final win of the year, taking the victory by just a single vote out of nearly 400, Modock's Kazaks:

Original Post
 Chris56 wrote:

With that diorama, I'm sure to be dropping a place this month, MG!

Well I got to get it finished first

I'm sure you will come up with something just as good (you have been so far )

Yeah you are doing well Nev, beating the 1 entry winners now, your Mannfred Von Carnstein in June seems to have been the most popular so far and rightly so, a very good entry

I'm just glad you guys are looking at and using the table, makes the effort worthwhile, although I always notice I've done something wrong after I post the pics up. Like this month all the bold numbers have gone and 3rd - 4th are the wrong way around (I'll make any tied places for points joint at the end of the year) I keep meaning to do the archive section but never get around to it, it means going back through every challenge to get all the info which I need to be in the mood for.

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The Marine Standing Behind Marneus Calgar

Upstate, New York

 Midget Gems wrote:
I'm just glad you guys are looking at and using the table, makes the effort worthwhile, although I always notice I've done something wrong after I post the pics up. Like this month all the bold numbers have gone and 3rd - 4th are the wrong way around (I'll make any tied places for points joint at the end of the year) I keep meaning to do the archive section but never get around to it, it means going back through every challenge to get all the info which I need to be in the mood for.

I can help a little with the legwork. I just sifted through all of Paradigm’s posts in the painting section (76 pages worth!) to get links for all the competition threads. Poll/Competition/Vote for each month. Plus a few affiliated threads.

Birth: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/637218.page
Old table: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/30/646010.page

--Year 1--

March 15 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Space Marine
April 15 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Veteran
May 15 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Fast and Furious
June 15 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Some Kind of Monster
July 15 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Sneaky
August 15 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Rise of the Machines
September 15 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Never Tell Me the Odds
October 15 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Trick or Treat
November 15: -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Princes of the Universe
December 15 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Open Catagory
January 16: -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Up Close and Personal
February 16 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Size Maters Not

Year one thoughts -- Year one retrospective

---Year 2---

March 16 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Space Marine
April 16 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- The Relic
May 16 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Everyday Hero
June 16 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Mighty Heroes and Nefarious Villeins
July 16 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Unleash the Beast
August 16 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Death from the Skies
September 16 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Some Kind of Magic
Slaughterbrute with hackblade!
October 16: -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Something Wicked This Way Comes
November 16: -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Heavy Metal
December 16 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Open Category
January 17 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Rouges and Scoundrels
Febuary 17 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- We Have the Technology

Year 2 retrospective

--Year 3—

March 17 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Space Marine
April 17 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Primal
May 17 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Boom
June 17 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Legendary
July 17 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Fun and Games
August 17 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Brutal
September 17 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Armor Up!
October 17 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Fright Night
November 17 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Hold the Line
December 17 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Open Category
January 18 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- A Few Good Men
February 18 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Carry a Big Stick

Year 3 retrospective

--Year 4--

March 18 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Space Marine
April 18 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Agents of Chaos
May 18 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Three Color Maximum
June 18 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Blades in the Dark
July 18 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Might Makes Right
August 18 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Above and Beyond
September 18 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Pick up the Pace
October 18 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!
November 18 -- Vote -- Challenge -- Vote -- Chain of Command
December 18 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Open Category
January 19 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Bonds of Fellowship
February 19 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Into the Breach

Year 4 retrospective

--Year 5--

March 19 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Space Marine
April 19 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- The Art of War
May 19 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- To the Death
June 19 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Mad Science
July 19 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Wild World
August 19 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Metal and Wheels
September 19 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Up, Up, and Away!
October 19 -- No Poll -- Challange -- Vote -- Fright Night
November 19 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Heros and Villeins
December 19 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Open Category
January 20 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Not as Clumsy or Random
February 20 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Final Boss

Year 5 retrospective

--Year 6--

March 20 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Space Marine
April 20 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Pile of Shame
May 20 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Old-School Cool
June 20 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- In a Supporting Role
July 20 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Objective Secured!
August 20 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Mastermind
September 20 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- The Long War
October 20 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Halloween Special
November 20 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Saints and Sinners
December 20 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Open Round
January 21 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- New Tricks
February 21 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Showing Off

Year 6 retrospective

--Year 7--

March 21 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Space Marine
April 21 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Traveling in Style
May 21 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- From Ages Past
June 21 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Boots on the Ground
July 21 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself
August 21 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Rebel Scum
September 21 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Heavy Metal
October 21 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Halloween Special
November 21 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Catch Me If You Can
December 21 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Open Round
January 22 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Force of Nature
February 22 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Age Before Beauty.

Year 7 retrospective

-- Year 8 --

March 22 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Space Marine
April 22 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Reborn, Remade
May 22 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Mayhem
June 22 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- The Underdogs
July 22 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- We Are Legion
August 22 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- A Helping Hand
September 22 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- 'That's not a gun... THIS is a gun!'
October 22 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Halloween Spooktacular!
November 22 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Snazzy
December 22 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Open Round
January 23 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Ascension
February 23 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Location, Location, Location

Year 8 retrospective
-- Year 9 --

State of the Challenge

March 23 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Space Marine
April 23 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Doomsday
May 23 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Mistake Were Made
June 23 -- Discussion -- Challenge -- Vote -- Special 100th competition
July 23 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Renewal
August 23 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Some Like it Hot!
September -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Sun’s Out, Guns Out
October 23 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Halloween Special
November 23 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Wrecking Ball
December 23 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Open Round
January 24 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- From the Shadows
February 24 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Out With the Old, In With the New

Year 9 retrospective

-- Year 10 --
March 24 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Space Marine
April 24 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Let’s Finish This!
May 24 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Nice Ride
Summer Side Quest -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Centerpeice
June 24 -- Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Glow Up
July 24 -- No Poll -- Challenge -- Vote -- Footslogger

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Is 'Eavy Metal Calling?


Bloody hell Nev! That's some productive stalking! Cheers for the legwork!

Quite a blast from the past to look back at that first thread... Waiting for 5 people to see if there was enough interest, and this year we have 74 people in the League so far with a couple more this month!

Also something very inspirational there, Nev saying that he might struggle to get an entry complete inside a month... And here he is now, 33 entries for 33 round if I'm remembering rightly! If that's not a testament to the community we've built up around these challenges, and the productive spirit that's created, I don't know what is! Congratulations mate, you're the poster boy of this whole shebang!

Made in us
The Marine Standing Behind Marneus Calgar

Upstate, New York

 Paradigm wrote:
Bloody hell Nev! That's some productive stalking! Cheers for the legwork!

Quite a blast from the past to look back at that first thread... Waiting for 5 people to see if there was enough interest, and this year we have 74 people in the League so far with a couple more this month!

Also something very inspirational there, Nev saying that he might struggle to get an entry complete inside a month... And here he is now, 33 entries for 33 round if I'm remembering rightly! If that's not a testament to the community we've built up around these challenges, and the productive spirit that's created, I don't know what is! Congratulations mate, you're the poster boy of this whole shebang!

And you were worried about being able to participate in your own contest.

In my defense, I was worried about having to go from sprue to finished in a month. Which I can do if the stars align at the right time of year. But is generally quite rare. The fact that I’ve made them all speaks to the open interpretation allowed on the topics (some I’ve had to stretch a bit) and my squirrel/packrat nature of keeping the primed and ready to paint pile full. Although for some entries I had to dig deep into old, forgotten boxes for something to paint.

As always, it’s a joy to participate in these. Lots of fun, and it helps push my envelope as a painter, both in subjects and techniques.

Made in gb
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'


Year 5 Archive

March 2019 - Space Marines - Challenge 49

On 31 votes, Modock with the armoured might of a Kriza Borac:

In second wth 33, lipsdapips with an Ultramarine Captain:

And fending off the competition by just a single vote to take the first win of the 2019/20 season, queen_annes_revenge with a fearsome World Eater:

April 2019 - The Art of War - Challenge 50

In third on 35 points, queen_annes_revenge with the Warmaster himself, Horus. Best of luck at the GD!

Taking second with 39, lipsdapips makes the podium again by exchanging his usual boys in blue for some Sons of Orar:

And taking the win with what might be the highest percentage score and points total the challenge has seen in years, DV8's truly epic Lord of Undead, Nagash:

May 2019 - To The Death! - Challenge 51

Very close results at the top end of the board. In third, DanceofSlaaneesh's Stormcast Castigator

In second, queen_annes_revenge with Abbadon The Despoiler:

And taking the win, Bellerophon's Wraithknight:

June 2019 - Mad Science - Challenge 52

In third place, Modock's Dog Warrior

In second, DV8 with this superb bust:

And taking the win by a single vote, Chris56's armoured-up Grot.

July 2019 - Wild World - Challenge 53

In third place, queen_annes_revenge with this incredibly painted bust of the infamous Red Baron:

In second, only a couple of votes ahead, Bellerophon's incandescent Flamespyre Phoenix:

And taking the win this month, Modock's monstrous Vorlun:

August 2019 - Metal and Wheels - Challenge 54

Wow, do we have a very crowded podium this month! 5 entries tied for the top three spots (and several more a mere handful of votes behind)! So without further ado, let's show off the awesome calibre of this month's winners.

Sharing third place, with 20 votes, queen_annes_revenge with this expertly composed Imperial Pilot

and Captain Brown's Sisters of Battle armour:

In second, a mere vote ahead, Chris56's Gundam diorama:

And sharing the top spot on 23 votes a piece, we have feltmonkey's imposing Imperial Knight:

And Peregrine's masterfully weathered Macharius:

September 2019 - Up, Up and Away - Challenge 55

Sharing third place with 22 votes each, Midget Gems' looted airship:

And Modock's sleep Piranha:

In a very crowded second place, with 25 votes apiece, we have DV8's Chainghasts,

Bellerophon's Elf Prince:

and Feltmonkey's Snowspeeder:

But taking the win, a full 10 points clear of the competition on 35, Captain Brown's impressive Valkyrie:

October 2019 - Fright Night - Challenge 56

Sharing third, feltmonkey's imposing Dark Angels Chaplain

and Chris56 with the Crimson Corvus:

Taking second, DV8's Black Coach:

And claiming another win, Modock with Tegroth, Servile Hellion of Dis

Novemeber 2019 - Heroes and Villains - Challenge 57

In third place, Modock with Vassily Plushenko.

In second, DV8 with Bane:

And taking the win, queen_annes_revenge with a Death Korps Commissar.

December 2019 - Open round - Challenge 58

3rd is queen_annes_revenge with his Young miniatures RAF bomber pilot:

Sharing second place with 19 votes each we have:

DV8's Bane's crew:

... and Power Elephants very own apocalyptic kid

Sharing the gold medal with 21 votes each we have:

Bellerophon with his Scorpion tank:

and Modock with a full unit of Frontoviks:

January 2020 - Not As Clumsy or Random - Challenge 59

In third, Keezus with Asha

In second, Modock, with Zondnautika, transformer bike

And out in front, Queen_annes_revenge with Inquisitor Eisenhorn

February 2020 - Final Boss - Challenge 60

In third, still a good way clear of the rest of the pack, DV8 with a resplendent Custodes Shield Captain:

Just out ahead, Feltmonkey with the monstrous Dreaded Ambull:

And taking the final win of the rotation, Modock chalks up another victory with a sublime Szalamandra:

 Paradigm wrote:
Bloody hell Nev! That's some productive stalking! Cheers for the legwork!

Also something very inspirational there, Nev saying that he might struggle to get an entry complete inside a month... And here he is now, 33 entries for 33 round if I'm remembering rightly! If that's not a testament to the community we've built up around these challenges, and the productive spirit that's created, I don't know what is! Congratulations mate, you're the poster boy of this whole shebang!

Echoing those words. Thank you very much Nev, that is a great help to have it all in one place, I'll get my act together and put the effort in to finish that section off.

I really want you guys to make the 3 year mark, just a few more months to go

 Nevelon wrote:

As always, it’s a joy to participate in these. Lots of fun, and it helps push my envelope as a painter, both in subjects and techniques.

I feel the same, its given me a great excuse to create things that normally I would never have even considered. Thanks to you both for running this challenge for so long and all your entries

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Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'


Year 6 Archive

April 2020 - Space Marine - Challenge 60

In third place, DV6's ferocious Space Wolf!

In second, feltmonkey with the Big Man, Roboute Guilliman himself!

And following his series win last year with another first place, Modock's Lord of Contagion!

May 2020 - Pile of Shame - Challenge 62

In third place, CancelledApocalpyse with an Eldar Farseer.:

In second, feltmonkey with the complete Stuffed Fables board game:

The heroic Stuffies. Piggle, Lumpy, Theadora, Mr Stitch, Flops, and Lionel -

The evil minions -

Three bosses. From left, Knuckle, a Snatcher, and The Dollmaker.

The two Big Bads, Skreela and Crepitus -

And taking the win with truly majestic style, DV8's Katakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis:

June 2020 - Old School Cool - Challenge 63

In third place, queen_annes_revenge with some Chaos Dwarves.

In second, DV8 with Valten

And taking the win by a mere point, Modock's Dwarf Slayers

July 2020 - In A Supporting Role - Challenge 64

In third with 28 votes, Modock with an amazing Streloks Duo...Boarding Shotgun and Marksman Rifle.

Squeaking by with one more vote, QAR’s excellent chaos havoc.

And taking first with a healthy margin, DV8 and a motley collections of Agents of the Imperium


July 2020 - Objective Secured - Challenge 65

In 3rd place Ezki’s Kreig are dug in onto the frozen objective as Kriegsmen are wont to do, putting firepower downrange.

Cypher Lords in spring
Securing the objective
Amazing freehand.

In second is Chris56’s Cypher Lords. In contrast to the frozen, unmoving Kreig, we have springtime grace and motion.

And squeaking out the win with one vote, Freya’s lovely Infiltrators:

August 2020 - Mastermind - Challenge 66

In third, with a model so beautiful it will damn your soul to gaze upon it, maxwin's Shalaxi Helbane:

Masters and puppets, two great things that go so well together, Modock with the Puppetactica Company:

And just one vote ahead, a stunning rendition of Gen. Washington from DV8:

September 2020 - The Long War - Challenge 67

In 3rd is feltmonkey’s Foetid Bloat-Drone. It’s gross, and covered in layers of filth thousands of years old.

And on the flip side, in immaculately clean armor, polished with pride more times than can be counted by mortal minds, perfection embodied, queen_annes_revenge’s Emperors Children.

Taking first with a healthy margin, chocked full of so many details you discover new ones every time you look at it, rusty but proud, DV8’s Ironclad.

October 2020 - Halloween Special - Challenge 68

In 3rd, Modock with the Ariadna Dog Warrior. Werewolves, a classic Halloween staple, with a modern military twist.

Some nights you hit up the cupboard for a midnight snack. Halloween? YOU are the snack. Evil-D185’s "The Cupboard Mimic" is a nice shot of horror.

But that’s not the only bloody horror we saw this month. Taking first is DV8’s Mourngul. It’s big, it’s mean, and it’s coming for you next!

November 2020 - Saints and Sinners - Challenge 69

At 25 votes each we have a tie for third. feltmonkey’s Saint Hazael on the side of the righteous, and Ezki’s Escher gangers on the flip side of the morality axis. Amazing work from both.
feltmonkey - Saint Hazael 25 votes

Ezki - Escher gangers 25 votes

In second is DV8’s Templar. Good? Evil? He’s a knight with a quest in the Holy Lands.
DV8 - Knights Templar 29 votes

And in 1st place is Chris56’s Chaos warband. When you worship the ruinous powers is it really sin? You are just following your god’s dictates to live a life of decadence and chaos... Morality aside, amazing paintjob on these guys!
Chris56 - Severin Steelheart's warband 32 votes

Decemeber 2020 - Open round - Challenge 70

Warpig1815’s amazing diorama filled with amazing detail:
Blood on the Ice: Prussia, 1242

Ronin might be samurai without masters, but they have been painted masterfully by Modock:

feltmonkey’s amazing work with Bastian Oriel rounds out this podium. From the detail of the book, to the glowing crystals, he’s earned his spot here.

Moving up to silver, we have a two way tie, 33 votes each.

queen_annes_revenge with Magistus Amon. QAR continues to deliver the quality this month, with a 1k sons’s sorcerer.

But hot on his heals is Paradigm with The Mandolorian. I wonder if he has a bounty puck for the heretic?

Edging out both of them by a single vote, Ezki stomps to victory! You need to respect the madness of the mechboy to bring a Stompa to the table, crammed full of detail and weathering.

January 2020 - New Tricks - Challenge 71

In a tie for third, with 29 votes, is DV8’s adorable little rat. So much detail packed into so little space.

DV8 - Skaven (scale)

Sharing the bronze, but no less impressive, is Paradigm’s Vampire Lord. Even with a limited palette, the vampire comes alive (un-alive?) and the stained glass is a bonus experiment.
Paradigm -- Vampire Lord (Limited palette, also stained glass)

With just one vote above on the next podium is Modock’s Allison. One of the painters not only experimenting with oils this month, but with a larger scale. Looks like he’s been doing this every day.
Modock - Allison (Scale/Oils)

In contrast to the ultra-smooth blends of Modock’s oils, QAR went for a more visible artist’s style of brushwork, and the effort paid off. A wizard at rest, sitting on the winner’s spot, enjoying a nice smoke.
queen_annes_revenge - Gandalf (New scale, brushwork)

Feburary 2020 - Showing Off! - Challenge 72

Tie for 3rd, with 26 votes each.

First is queen_annes_revenge with a Kingdom Death Order Knight Pinup. Who needs armor when your cape has freehand like that?

Trust the squirrel. He knows the way to the podium.
DV8 -- Halfling Navigator

It’s hard to find words to describe the second place winner, besides “breathtaking” With 29 votes Modock’s Excelsy, female warrior.

First place should not be a surprise. Orcs are going to fight, they are going to win, and bigger is best. Amazing work here backs up that with paint and 31 votes. maxwin with Ghazghkull and Makari!

Original Response
Table and Archive section updated, thanks a lot Nev

I couldn't work out a better way of getting all the images in one thread, doing each month as a spoiler took up a lot of space and took away the focus from the current years challenge. I tired doing a spoiler within a spoiler but couldn't get it to work it seems to ignore the 2nd spoiler, unless I'm doing something wrong?

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Is 'Eavy Metal Calling?


Woooo! My rubbish Ultramarine got me into the top 5!

Cheers for the work on the archive, it seems the Photobucketpocalyse has claimed a few entries but most are still there. Yeah, spoilers within spoilers don't work, it's fine how it is to be honest.

Not to be That Guy after all your hard work, but you listed Nov 17 as Armour Up, not Hold The Line.

Made in us
Grim Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain

A Protoss colony world

Wow, thanks very much to Nevelon for compiling the challenge thread links for us. It'll save me some time come February or March when I do my yearly challenge recap in my P&M blog.

It's interesting to see how much everyone has improved since the first challenge. I've missed a handful of them, but I've entered most of them since it started, and it's good motivation for me to keep painting. I never get many votes, but I don't let that slow me down. It just means I'm in very good company as far as skills. This last challenge was my second best in terms of raw numbers of votes, falling 1 short of my best (in the BOOM! challenge).

My armies (re-counted and updated on 11/1/23, including modeled wargear options):
Dark Angels: ~15000 Astra Militarum: ~1200 | Adeptus Custodes: ~1900 | Imperial Knights: ~2000 | Sisters of Battle: ~3500 | Leagues of Votann: ~1200 | Tyranids: ~2600 | Stormcast Eternals: ~5000
Check out my P&M Blogs: ZergSmasher's P&M Blog | Imperial Knights blog | Board Games blog | Total models painted in 2023: 40 | Total models painted in 2024: 14 | Current main painting project: Dark Angels
 Mr_Rose wrote:
Who doesn’t love crazy mutant squawk-puppies? Eh? Nobody, that’s who.
Made in gb
Just the Bare Metal

Essex uk

Stripped down and ready to go am I in time to enter ?
[Thumb - 28429437_553097031736803_2405746280685895680_n.jpg]

Made in gb
Is 'Eavy Metal Calling?


Welcome to Dakka!

That's certainly a suitable entry, when you're done could you please post it in this month's thread rather than the League Table thread here?

Thanks, and good luck!

Made in gb
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'


Year 7 Archive

League Table

Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame shows the top 3 entries for each month, I hope you enjoy these wonderful models.

March 2021 - Space Marine - Challenge 73


In tied 3rd place on 20 votes apiece, we have Chris56 with his Samurai-inspired Rising Suns Captain

And queen_annes_revenge with a World Eaters Terminator, suitably grim and grimy:

Five votes ahead on 25, Tyranid Horde takes second with a resplendent Lt Amulius:

And way out ahead on 31 votes, we have DV8's Master Of Sanctity. No resting on his laurels for last year's League winner, it seems, as this entry proves!

April 2021 - Traveling in Style - Challenge 74
We have a 6 way tie for 3rd, which I’m pretty sure is a record. 25 votes each


If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. 74 times. After all these years I finally managed to eek out a podium spot, in a VERY tight race with an amazing group of painters. Glad you all like the Flyrant. There might be more like it emerging from the void...
Nevelon: Tyranid Hive Tyrant

Next with the bronze, and all sorts of other metals, are Tyranid Horde's metallic chainghasts. A unique take on these otherworldly spooks.
Tyranid Horde: Crawlocke The Jailor and Chainghasts

Few things travel in style like the swift and deadly Shining Spears. Captain Brown’s clean smooth whites and flapping banners earn a well deserved place here.
Captain Brown: Shining Spears

QAR continues to impress with Bane and the Tumbler.
queen_annes_revenge: Bane

But wait there’s more! Ezki’s Dark Eldar haemonculus is appropriately kitbashed from a variety of sources, ending up with a composite greater than the sum of it’s parts.
Ezki: Dark Elder Haemonculus

And last for the 6 way tie, but in no way the least, is Midget Gems’s looted piranha. Also bashed together, but not with dark fleshcraft, but just a bit of ork know-whats and some rivets.
Midget Gems: Looted Piranha

Traveling in style does not require wings, or wheels, or fancy vehicles. Sometimes it’s just a hoodie and an attitude. DV8’s amazing spider pair bring the style as they navigate the streets stopping crime and foiling plots. “With great power comes great paint jobs” or something like that. A well earned second place with 30 votes.
DV8: Miles Morales and Ghost Spider

And coming in first, with 35 votes, is Warpig’s amazing diorama. No surrender, just tenacity and amazing paintwork and weathering. Every aspect is full of detail, all executed superbly, tying the whole piece together in an excellent entry
Warpig1815: P-40C Tomahawk and Mk. IV Matilda

May 2021 - From Ages Past - Challenge 75

Tied for 3rd with 20 vores apiece, we've got
Freya's wonderfully evoative Sith Lord

And Warpig1815 with Aristodemus The Spartan! Just 299 more to paint now, right?

In second, DV8 with the unlikely duo of She-Hulk and the TARDIS, giving a new meaning to the blue box's Hostile Action Displacement System (yes, that's a niche one for the Whovians out there... )

And finally, with an entry as creepy as it is retro, JoshinJapan takes the win with this striking Chaos Lord:

June 2021 - Boots on the Ground - Challenge 76

In third place, Ezki's Incubi squad:

Taking second, DV8 with Radukar The Beast:

And taking the win, a pair of Dwarves from queen_annes_revenge:

July 2021 - Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself - Challenge 77

In third place on 29 votes, my own Yndrasta! Thanks everyone!

Sharing third, the ever-excellent queen_annes_revenge with menacing Batman villain Black Mask and a Night Lords Praetor:

And DV8's master of illusion, Mysterio:

And taking the win on 34 votes, Ezki with the utter classic that is the Beholder:

Thanks to everyone who left feedback and voted, see you all next month!

August 2021 - Rebel Scum - Challenge 78

In third, with 20 votes, Paradigm with some grim Orcs looking to cause some trouble:

There is a time to rise up against the frozen lich oppressing the realm, and a time to go do some side quests to level up a bit more. A pair of adventurers makes the right choice in skipping our second place entry:
ms07b3 - "Let us skip this boss"

And a 3-way tie for first (because y’all want me to do all the extra work here) with 27 votes each.
Freya's Revan, with excellent attention on the lighting:

DV8 with Hjarnan the Tall with his faithful companion, Dog. Packed full of details and amazing work.

Tyranid Horde, standing tall with Wraithseer Baralon Whisperwind rounds out the top spot.

As always, amazing work from everyone who participated. Congrats all around, with extra helpings for the podium finishers!

September 2021 - Heavy Metal - Challenge 79

A tie for third, with 22 votes each.
First up is the_balloon_dog's Agwe, Petro Loa of the Mortifactors. Winning the bike race over the other biker lords, he cruises to a bronze.

But shares that spot with ms07b3’s Sister of Battle, purging the heretics on a scale not normally seen!

Edging them out by one vote (And in the process knocking the two painters with 20 votes each from sharing bronze while he shared silver) is JoshInJapan’s classic Chaos Warriors. Heavy Metal in the literal sense, he’s done a great job bringing these classics to life.

And in first place, living up to the hype of the proof picture, is Freya's Dakkasaurus Rex. It’s over the top crazy, covered in guns and armor. King of the Dakka Lizards.

Thank you once again to all the participants. We have a wonderful community here, and it’s great painting with all of you every month. It’s never too late to enter, so break out the spooks, scares, and trick or treats for October if you haven’t already!

October 2021 - Halloween Special - Challenge 80

In third, with an impressive Deamonhunter and 33 votes, is Freya:

Second place is just a couple of votes more. From the statuesque to the tiny, we go from the demonhunter to DV8’s Baby Yoda. Who is cute enough to warrant tossing a full sized candy bar into that bucket!

And taking the gold with 38 votes is sigismund22’s Halloween Special Judiciar. This model had been modified in the most heretically awesome way to bring it into the holiday spirit, and painted to match. Better give this guy treats if he comes knocking, the giant sword lets you know what kind of trick you would be in for!

November 2021 - Catch Me If You Can - Challenge 81

In 3rd, Captain Brown’s Farseer Wearing Faolchu's Wing with 20 votes. Classic metal with a vibrant paintjob. Well done!

Continuing the theme of classic lead is Glam the Wardancer by JoshInJapan. Amazing work on the swords and stripy pants got you the silver this month.

Sharing second place are some amazing entries from Ezki’s mekshop. A pair of ork racers zooming to the finish in a belch of smoke, rust and dakka!

And squeaking out the win by a single vote is DV8’s Starlord. Smooth colors and the attention to detail that we’ve grown to expect, another amazing piece of work here.

Demember 2021 - Open Round - Challenge 82

Coming in third with 18 votes is Mr. Nobody’s Death Rider of Krieg. Lovely smooth clean colors. You can tell he’s in charge, as he doesn’t have mud all over him!

Second place goes to a classic car, mekshop style. It’s rusted and ramshakle, but pulls in to win the silver. Ezki's Kustom Boosta Blasta!

And a suitably icy win for this mid-winter’s contest, Freya’s Wold lord!

January 2022 - Force of Nature - Challenge 83

In third place, Captain Brown's Elder Warlock:

In second, queen_annes_revenge with Gandalf and Pippin on Shadofax:

And tied for first place, Freya's dragon:

and DV8's Beast:

Febuary 2022 - Age Before Beauty - Challenge 84

In third place, DV8's Emperor's Champion:

And in second, just a vote ahead, JoshinJapan with a screaming squad of old-school Eldar, and the highest-scoring in the cavalcade of Howling Banshees:

And taking the win, queen_annes_revenge with a warrior from Numenor and a venerable Dwarf brewer:

Well done, everyone!

Original Post
End of Year 3 Summary

End of Year League Table

A huge congratulations to everyone that took part and voted in any month of this years challenge. The points are for fun but here is a rundown of the year.

The top 10 positions for this year are:

1st - Modock with 106 points
2nd - Feltmonkey with 86 points
3rd - Midget Gems with 74 points
4th - Chris56 with 71 points
5th - Moolet with 63 points
6th - Paradigm with 62 points
7th - ZoBo with 58 points
8th - Keezus with 54 points
9th - n1ceguypaul with 45 points
10th - Bottle with 37 points

A very well deserved win Modock, your painting really is something some of us can only dream of. It's been brilliant fun watching your creations take shape and how skilfully you change the tone of a colour.
Feltmonkey did really well to keep up and in doing so has created some masterful work (story about his son wanting to hold the treeman is the best though )
And a great battle between myself and Chris56 for 3rd/4th I really thought you were going to catch me at the end. Thank you for making me up my game with some of my entries knowing you where right there behind me.

The main point of the challenge is to get people painting, a set of people managed to submit finished entries for each challenge or most months. A big well done goes to:

Chris56 - 12 Entries
Feltmonkey - 12 Entries
Keezus - 12 Entries
Midget Gems - 12 Entries
Modock - 12 Entries
Nevelon - 12 Entries
Paradigm - 12 Entries
Vejut - 12 Entries
Mootlet - 11 Entries
n1ceguypaul - 11 Entries
u971 - 10 Entries
GulGog TufToof - 9 Entries
Zobo - 9 Entries
ZergSmasher - 9 Entries

Special mention for Para and Nev who have entered every challenge across all years meaning 36 challenges in a row.

The Stats
We had a total of 356 entries by 95 different people averaging 30 entries a month.

We had a total of 5302 votes averaging 441 votes a month.

Highest number of entries was March's "Space Marine" challenge with 38 entries.

Highest votes in 1 month was November's " Hold The Line!" challenge with 688 votes cast.

Highest votes for an entry was also in November's " Hold The Line!" challenge, 61 votes for General Annoyance.

Highest percentage of the vote was in August's challenge "Brutal" for Modock with 14% of the vote.

One hit wonder was Tittlemanscrest who won June's "Legendary" challenge with his only entry of the year.

Modock managed to place in 9 of the 12 months top 3 positions

Modock, Midget Gems and Zobo each won 2 months.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

In a Trayzn pokeball

This year was not a good year for entry consistency on my part. Here's to a better 2019-20.

 JohnHwangDD wrote:
The hobby is actually hating GW.
 iGuy91 wrote:
You love the T-Rex. Its both a hero and a Villain in the first two movies. It is the "king" of dinosaurs. Its the best. You love your T-rex.
Then comes along the frakking Spinosaurus who kills the T-rex, and the movie says "LOVE THIS NOW! HE IS BETTER" But...in your heart, you love the T-rex, who shouldn't have lost to no stupid Spinosaurus. So you hate the movie. And refuse to love the Spinosaurus because it is a hamfisted attempt at taking what you loved, making it TREX +++ and trying to sell you it.
 Elbows wrote:
You know what's better than a psychic phase? A psychic phase which asks customers to buy more miniatures...
the_scotsman wrote:
Dae think the company behind such names as deathwatch death guard deathskullz death marks death korps deathleaper death jester might be bad at naming?
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Fireknife Shas'el


Woohoo, top twenty!

So, target for next year is to beat Nevelon (sorry Nev, but you’re the closest person above me who completed every month).

 Zed wrote:
*All statements reflect my opinion at this moment. if some sort of pretty new model gets released (or if I change my mind at random) I reserve the right to jump on any bandwagon at will.
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Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'


Year 7 Archive

League Table

Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame shows the top 3 entries for each month, I hope you enjoy these wonderful models.

March 2022 - Space Marine - Challenge 85


In third place, JoshinJapan with some Martian marines:

Taking second, DV8;s Hulkbuster, the big stompy armour to end all big stompy armours:

And finally, taking the win we have Lifeafter with a wonderfully weathered Imperial Fist Intercessor:

April 2022 - Reborn, Remade - Challenge 86


In joint third place, we have Captain Brown's fearsome Redemptionists:

And Maharg's bold Bonereaper

Sharing second place, MrNobody's mighty Stompa:

And DV's star-spangled Sam Wilson/Captain America

And shambling into first place, JoshinJapan's horde of zombies!

May 2022 - Mayhem - Challenge 87

In third, Freya's Typhus

and Snail22's Beastmen

In second, DV8's villainously good Green Goblin

And taking another win, queen_annes_revenge showing up for the Emperor's Children with a Kakophoni

June 2022 - - Challenge 88

Sharing 3rd place, we have Captain Brown's motely assortment of gangers

and Geifer's Stormtrooper squad

Out ahead in second, DV8 with Awlrach the Drowner

And taking the win, perhaps the greatest underdogs of the 41st millenium, Grot by lovejoy

July 2022 - We Are Legion - Challenge 89

In third place, we have Mothsniper's incredibly colourful Tyranids:

Just a point ahead in second, DV8's mighty Leviathan Dreadnought:

And taking the win, Lovejoy's stunning and battle-scarred Stormcast Eternals

August 2022 - A Helping Hand - Challenge 90

With 20 votes apiece, we have JoshinJapan, whose ammo carriers also carry him to a third place spot!

And joining him there, 401st's World Eaters Apothecary. Trust him, he's a doctor!

In second, CancelledApocalpyse with a pair of Eldar, one of whom may have Seen this podium finish coming!

And taking the win, Lovejoy's regimental advisors, from miscast rescue to victory!

September 2022 - That's Not A Gun.... THIS Is A Gun - Challenge 91

In third place, CancelledApocalypse with a colourful, fiery and excellently converted Fire Dragon Aspect Wraithlord

In second, 401st stakes their claim to a podium finish by rocking up in a World Eaters Kratos, blasting away almost all competition with a fearsome array of firepower

But taking the win, with what must be the biggest gun of the lot among this month's entries, it's Midget Gems returning to his classic kitbashing ways in explosive style with this Orky artillery piece, claiming an impressively high 38 votes!

October 2022 - Halloween Spooktacular - Challenge 92

Winners! 4 entries shariing the podium this month, with both JoshInJapan's Shub-Niggurath

And Geifer's Vampire sharing third place.

Lovejoy takes second, with a Vargskyr and a Freeguild General

And taking the win by a single vote, it's
Mr Nobody with some totally ordinary furniture.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all for participating!

November 2022 - Snazzy - Challenge 93

In third place with 13 votes each, we have:

theCrowe withThe Cat, the Rat and the Fox.

inmygravenimage with Doctor Octopus vs Spider-Man:

And Vejut's Spartan tank (6mm)

Taking a solo second place, Maharg's Eschar Ganger

And sharing first place, Lovejoy's Shrew and Rat Pirates

And CancelledApocalypse[s Eldar Corsair Prince

Demember 2022 - Open Round - Challenge 94

Up first, JoshInJapan's colourful and delightfully oldschool Dragon

Sharing the spot with Nevelon's monstrous Parasite of Mortrex:

And CancelledApocalypse's trie of Imperial warriors:

Next up, Midget Gems brings the seasonal cheer and takes home second place with Santork's little helpers!

And finally, taking first spot, Lovejoy's characterful converted Stormcast archer

January 2023 - Ascension - Challenge 95

Sharing third place with 18 votes apiece, we have JoshInJapan's sinister Anti-Paladin

and Midget Gems' crazy Ork Angels

Just one vote ahead on 19, we've got Mr. Nobody's colourful Chaos Spawn:

And just taking the win with 20,vote, Lovejoy's classic Blue Dragon:
Lovejoy: Blue Dragon

Febuary 2023 - Location, Location, Location - Challenge 96

In third place, Midget Gems' Ork Kommandos sneak into position!

Outpacing the competition before settling in for a refreshing (perhaps?) drink at The Last Drop, the underhive's premier watering hole, it's Jadenim!

And leaping ahead with raptor-like speed, CancelledApocalypse's Exodite Dragon Knight!

That's a wrap for the round, the 2022/3 rotation and my tenure as manager of this challenge! Thanks for all the entries, comments and feedback from everyone as ever, and well done all! Best of luck for the rounds to come, and I'll see you all next month as a keen observer to the fantastic hobbying

Original Post

Good luck with your Target Jadenim

I've done an update for the new year and also cleaned up the 1st post by moving the archives to separate posts it was getting a bit messy.

Any issues let me know and good luck for year 5 (wow)

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Year 8 Archive

League Table

Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame shows the top 3 entries for each month, I hope you enjoy these wonderful models.

March 2023 - Space Marine - Challenge 97


What a way to start off a new year. 7 people packed into 3 spots on the podium.

In a 2-way tie for third, we have at 20 votes each:

Pariah Press - Human Renegades. New plastics is the classic style, right out of the RT rulebook.

Midget Gems - Knights Sanguine Assault Marines. Robed warriors on the hunt!

Followed by a three-way tie for second, 23 votes each.

Dante_Macabre – Chaplain. Tending to the faith of the chapter with zeal and an amazing paint job.

youwashock – Crimson Fist. Great conversion work melding the old and new, leading the way. Nice work from the new folks at the club. We all started somewhere, let them know they are doing great.

And a shot with the other Marines the club has painted. Sadly, the group is already losing interest. Have to see if it picks up again after spring break.

CancelledApocalypse - Raven Guard Infiltrator. Great clean black armor, For a master of stealth, quite outstanding.

And last but defiantly not least, a pair sharing first with 27 votes:
Perkustin – Apothecary. This medic is ready to tend to the wounded in style! Amazing work.

JoshInJapan – Oldhammer Marines. Legends from way back in the lead, classic minis from a more civilized time.

Congrats to all the winners and to everyone who participated. Amazing start to a new round, and looking forward to another amazing year painting alongside all of you!

April 2023 - Doomsday - Challenge 98


Another packed podium. Having a lot of trouble choosing the form of your destruction out there. or y’all just really like to make me work here.

In 3rd place with 17 votes is Daia T'Nara with Sister Verity, bearer of the Domesday Book of Slaanesh (and Scientia, her pet lectern). Because reading is fundamental!

First of the two-way tie for second with 19 votes is:

JoshInJapan -- Dr. Johan and his Doomray. Mad science is the best science, and nothing says “Doom” like giant deathrays.

Although sometimes it’s best to go with the classic end of days, with armies from the Northern Wastes pouring down to crush all civilization, lead by XvArcanevX's Chaos Lord

And at 21 votes each, the winners three.

youwashock’s Apocalypse. Devoured by a giant monster is a fine way for the world to end.

But for a quick and easy Doom, all you need to do is "Push the Button” as shown by Midget Gems

Or tear the galaxy apart in an endless future of warfare with JamesY's Praetor of the Sons of Horus

As always, great work from everyone, especially those on the podium. So many amazing ways for the world to end. Keep up the good fight against the Pile of Shame in this month’s comp, Mistakes Were Made. (which may or may not end up resulting in more doom)

May 2023 - Mistakes were made - Challenge 99

Make no mistake, that was an amazing month full of great entries. And it’s time for some winners.

Tied for 3rd with 21 votes each are...

Mr Nobody with his Downed Ork Pilot and friends. All orcs love a good fight, but I think he’d prefer to still be flying for this one!

Meanwhile, Captain Brown's Empty Imperial Outpost is quiet. too quiet. What happened here? Where are the brave defenders?

In second (with 23 votes) is Tabbybrook Mage from keezus. Who is entirely too cute to go dungeon delving. Who knows what lurks in the dark places of the world? This can only end badly...


Speaking of which, our first place winner with 25 votes by youwashock – Before and Beyond The Wall gives us a great example. I don’t know what this poor adventurer did getting past the wall, but I know she’s regretting a lot of her life choices right now. From fresh and ready to take on the world, to hiding in the dark. So many mistakes...

That wraps up our 99th competition. Thanks for painting along. Great work on the podium, and all the way down the line. Congrats to everyone!

June 2023 - Centennial - Challenge 100

Not the most packed podium we’ve had, but up there. Very fitting for the big centennial.

So let’s start off with the four-way tie for 3rd, with 27 votes a pop.

JoshInJapan - The Paradigm of Corruption – “Paradigm”
Truly the pinnacle of a warrior of chaos!

feltmonkey - Varag Ghoul-Chewer – “Paragon/Celebration”
If you could boil Blood Bowl down to one mini, this would be it. Mean, Green, and charging down the field.

Midget Gems - Looted Knight “Rise of the Machines”
Delivering from the mekshop once again with another amazing orky kitbash.

Bonus group Pic

Tyranid Horde - Imperial Navy - "Catch Me If You Can"
Contrasting with the brutality of the knight, are some crisp Navy fighters.

Moving up to silver, with a two way tie at 30 votes each:

Captain Brown - Eldar Falcon
A more elegant tank from a more civilized time...

Ezki - Canoness Veridyan - "Paradigm"
Stepping straight of the 2nd ed SoB codex cover:

And taking the top spot, with 33 votes:
Mothsniper – Blackstone Heroes - “Centennial”
Amazing collection of uniquely painted characters

And that’s a wrap on the big 100. Thank you all for joining us for this milestone. It would not have happened without the dedicated community. individuals have drifted in and out, but collectively we have kept this rolling along, month after month. Thousands of minis have been painted, many new skills learned, and many painters encouraged. Congrats not only to the winners, but to everyone who participated, this month and all the months before. Amazing work from everyone!

July 2023 - Renewal - Challenge 101

In 3rd, with a motley assortment of gobbos and 20 votes, Olthannon - The Coven of Moulders.

With 2 more votes at second, ms07b3’s culltists.

And just a vote ahead each, a tie for first!

Mothsniper’s old school Malachite Slayers:

And the armored might of revolution, Midget Gems' Grot Tanks

As always, fun month and great work from everyone. Congrats to the winners, and everyone who joined the battle victorious against the Pile of Shame.

August 2023 - Some Like it Hot! - Challenge 102

In third with 19 votes, a lovely display of blue flames and heat stressed metal, youwashock's Fire Elemental:

Burning his way into second place with 21 votes, JoshInJapan's Burning Men are covered in flames

And taking top spot this month with 24 votes, Mothsniper's Blackstone Fortress Zealot. Bringing the heat to purge the galaxy with holy flames.

Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated. This was a fun topic, with a lot of different interpretations. And fire. This feels like the first time in a while there were not multiple people sharing spots on the podium. But it was a knife-fight at the top, and a vote or two either way on a lot of entries would have changed that. Amazing works as always.

September 2023 - Sun's Out, Guns out - Challenge 103

In 3rd, with 19 votes is youwashock's Leviathan Dreadnought. Bringing the firepower that only a relic dreadnought can, storming it’s way to the bronze!

In a fight too close to call for second (tied at 21 votes each), we have the large guns (both scale and size!) of XvArcanevX's Berserker vs....

...Mr Nobody’s Morkanaut. Bringing the cunning brutality the orks are known for.

And taking the top spot with 23 votes is JoshInJapan's Ogre Chieftains. Hail to the chief!

October 2023 - Halloween Special - Challenge 104

In 3rd place, with some classic metal clowns and 21 votes, Captain Brown's Harlequins.

23 votes and 2nd place, continuing the classic horrors from the past, Heinrich Kemmler by Ezki:

And perched upon the top of the contest, with 26 votes, Youwashock's Gwenom

October is always a fun month. Such a wide range of fun and spooky entries. Congrats to the winners, and everyone who got something painted!

November 2023 - Wrecking Ball - Challenge 105

That should wrap up the 5 days for votes, onto the results!

In 3rd, with a 22 votes and a pair of fungus-fueled engines of destruction is Maharg’s Night Goblin Fanatics:

Swinging in with just one more vote is Midget Gems' Ork Wrecking Ball w/ Morky Cyrus:

Bonus Pic

But the gold this month goes to Ezki's Karlach with 30 votes. Wielding a battleaxe instead of a more literal wrecking ball, she is still an exquisite engine of destruction!

Congrats to the winners and everyone who entered. As always, amazing work from everyone this month. Lots of fun variations on the theme, painted well. Personal thanks for those who voted for me; my entry got up to tied for 4th, closest to the podium I’ve been in a while.

Demember 2023 - Open Round - Challenge 106

In third with 23 votes, some fuzzy adventurers ready to go out into the world from Maharg.

Jinkies! Looks like Velma lost her glasses again. Probably left them with the rest of her clothes... Second place goes to youwashock with 26 votes.

And with 27 votes, CancelledApocalypse takes gold in the open round with Anand Starfall, Queen of the Exodites.

As always, amazing work from everyone involved. Great collection of stuff to gaze upon. Grats to the winners, and to everyone who participated. Real high standard this month form all who entered.

January 2024 - From the Shadows - Challenge 107

Shambling into third with 25 votes are XvArcanevX's Zombies. Lovely assortment of the living dead stepping out of the darkness.

CancelledApocalypse takes the silver with one more vote and Captain Korvin Kylo and Kelsya Darkeye. Each with a different approach to stealthy warfare, but both beautifully effective.

And in first is Ezki at 29 votes with Shadowheart. An amazingly executed model of our favorite devotee of Shar.

February 2024 - Out With the Old, In With the New - Challenge 108

In third with 20 votes is Mr Nobody’s Thousand Sons Dreadnought. A relic of old, starting a new army!

In a tie for second with 22 votes each we have XvArcanevX with a Varghulf Courtier and Crypt Guard, new released and ready to nobly protect their lands...

... maybe against Maharg's Orcs, who look like they just stepped off the pages of a WD from the ‘80s.

Toss a gold to your Ezki, with an amazing bust of Triss Merigold, winning this month with 26 votes.

Amazing work to finish out year 9. Congrats to everyone who entered and joined us painting this month, and season. Please post your thoughts and progress over in the retrospective thread and/or grab a marine and start off year 10 with a bang!

Original Post
Sorry for the delay was very busy and by the time I got around to it was worth waiting for a double update rather than 2 1 week apart.

Table updated and just 2 more challenges to go looking close at the top

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 Jadenim wrote:
Woohoo, top twenty!

So, target for next year is to beat Nevelon (sorry Nev, but you’re the closest person above me who completed every month).

So I got into the top twenty again

16th I think is an improvement over last year (although Midget Gems, do you have a shot of the table as it finished in 2019?]

I managed to complete every month, which was my big target for the year

I didn’t manage to beat Nevelon [shakes old man fist]. Next time Gadget, next time!

So a solid performance, but does feel like I’ve plateaued this year a bit; I’ve appreciated the individual comments on entries, but does anyone have any “meta” advice for how I could improve in general?

 Zed wrote:
*All statements reflect my opinion at this moment. if some sort of pretty new model gets released (or if I change my mind at random) I reserve the right to jump on any bandwagon at will.
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Great work Jadenim

Yes of course I have all months i've done saved in my images under the folder "Dakka painting challenge"

2019 - Year 4 Finished Table

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