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Badass "Sister Sin"

Camas, WA

Linked Source - Date Posted

WOC - May 2012
New Sorceror in Plastic
October WOC Release

TRUE - This happened as they said.
FALSE - This did not happen as they said. This will include rumors that are solely date based (i.e. Tau will be out next month) but not rumors that include a date (Tau has X, Y and Z being released. Pretty sure that'll be out next month.)
WRONG DATE - This has not happened when they said but includes rumors beyond date of release
PARTIALLY TRUE/ TOO VAGUE - Either close but not really true or cannot assess whether this happened or not.
- Has not come to pass yet.
DUPLICATE - Either that rumor monger already said it or it is clearly a duplication of another rumor monger with no new information.
SPECULATION - No Rumor, just speculation.
ALREADY TRUE - No rumor, just restating already existing items. (i.e. Lothern Sea Guard will be Core)

We have now standardized the titles for each rumor set to make it easier to search things out. Current used tags are spoilered here:

40k Rule Rumors
40k Supplement Rumors
6th Edition Rumors
7th Edition Rumors
9th Edition Fantasy Rumors
Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors
Apocalypse Rumors
Black Templar Rumors
Blood Angel Rumors
Blood Bowl Rumors
Bret Rumors
Chaos Space Marine Rumors
Daemons Rumors
Dark Angel Rumors
Digital Release Rumors
Dwarf Rumors
Eldar Rumors
End Times Rumors
Epic Rumors
Expansion Rumors
Fantasy Rule Rumors
Fantasy Starter Rumors
Fantasy Supplement Rumors
FAQ Rumors
Finecast Rumors
Flyer Rumors
Forgeworld rumors
Fortification Rumors
Grey Knight Rumors
GW Army Builder Rumors
GW General Rumors
GW Site Rumors
High Elf Rumors
Hobbit Rumors
Horus Heresy Rumors
IG Rumors
Inquisition Rumors
Knight Rumors
Lizardman Rumors
Necron Rumors
Ork Rumors
Paint Rumors
Release Schedule Rumors
Sister of Battle Rumors
Space Marines Rumors
Space Wolf Rumors
Specialist Rumors
Starter Set Rumors
GW Store Rumors
Tau Rumors
Thunderhawk Rumors
Tyranid Rumors
Web Page Rumors
White Dwarf Rumors
WOC Rumors
Wood Elf Rumors

From a 'confirmation' standpoint, the only confirmation that we will use for the veracity of rumors is an official GW release. So even if we see the WD or a price list or leak or whatever, the rumor monger doesn't get a TRUE/FALSE until GW says something.

I also stop counting new rumors once the first WD scans pop out. So no credit for just reading the WD once everyone has it.

Also, if I mess up categorizing, coding or listing something, please post in the thread or PM me.

4chan - Total rumors: (6 TRUE) / (102 FALSE) / (4 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 8/31/2017

Eldar Rumors - Oct 2017
Iyanden - Cannot lose more than 1 model.. ALREADY TRUE
Ulthwe - Ignore wound on a 6 ALREADY TRUE
Biel Tan - +1 Ld and reroll all to hit rolls of 1 with Shuriken Weapons TRUE

Saim-Hann - Jetbikes reroll failed charges and ignore the -1 penalty for moving and firing heavy weapons TRUE
Alaitoc - enemies subtract 1 to their hit rolls if unit is more than 12" away

Release Schedule Rumors - August 2017
CSM + GK - August 19th FALSE
DG - September 23rd
Tau and AM - October 7th FALSE
Tyranid and BA - November 11th FALSE
Necrons and TS - December 9th FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - June 2017
40K Release Schedule





Aeldari FALSE

Astra Militarum FALSE


Sisters of Battle FALSE

Chaos Marines FALSE


Daemons FALSE

Thousand Sons FALSE

Eldar Rumors - Jan 2017
From 4chan, so pretty much totally unreliable, but it is a rumour of sorts...

I have see eldar boxes today, although I have not been able to make any photos, I have not been alone while leaving the boxes from the truck, but while working on the truck, they opened some

Asdrubael Vect it's on a grav plataform and the platform looks like the image of rumour engine, the same box also brings 2 incubi but are very different from the current ones as with thicker armor, but none of the 3 miniatures look like the image of the red eldar of fall of cadia. FALSE

There were other boxes containing larger boxes inside, but I've only seen a little piece of the side, in which an female eldar in a yellow and blue gown with the name ...of Iyanden (I could not see it all) under the portrait, the box was large so i guess that will contain more miniatures since it is bigger than the box of vect FALSE

Specialist Game Rumors - Jan 2017
Per /tg/ so may not be reliable:

"Gang of Commorragh only includes a gang of reavers of commorragh (3) & gang of feral hellions (5), 2 ruler, pack of dice, 3 spike of commorragh (little 3d carton scenery like towers), pack of cards and 48 page rulebook. TRUE

The box size is small like lost patrol."

Sisters Rumors - Dec 2016
Sisters of Battle

Ministorum Delegation: Lets you pair a leader with a bodyguard. Must be from Adepta Sororitas faction. Grants both Shield of Faith. TRUE

Army of Faith: Improved prayer (Shield of Faith?) TRUE

Fury of Angels

Celestians + Seraphim FALSE[/b]
Seraphim DS without scatter on celestians and can assault with them

Angelic Host FALSE[/b]
2-5 Seraphim
Seraphim get +1 SOF and friendlies within 12" reroll SOF

Forward Crusade FALSE[/b]
3-6 Dominions
Half infiltrate on foot, other half outflank in immolator and may choose to come in on the side closest to one of the other squads

Wrath Squadron FALSE[/b]
3-6 Retributers
AoF also grants Relentless. Flamers gain torrent

The Penitent Host FALSE[/b]
2-6 Repentia
4+ FNP and AoF grabts fleet and allows a charge from anywhere

Hammer of Wrath FALSE[/b]
2 Exorcists
Roll 2d6 pick highest, apply to both

Purge Squadron FALSE[/b]
3-6 Immolators with same weapon
Flamers get +1S
HB get Rending
MM get tank Hunter

Emperors Hate - Core FALSE[/b]
Command Squad
Celestian Squad
Battle Sisters
Must take immolator
Grants ObSec and double AoF

Crusade of Daughters - Core FALSE[/b]
20 Battle Sisters
May take 5 special and 5 heavy weapons
AoF - pick Doms or Rets AoF

Hymns of War - Decurion FALSE[/b]
Reroll WL
No AoF test

Chaos Rumors - Nov 2016
via 4chan (sent in by a reader)
Confirmed source at the usual places has their hands on the book and is posting new info, translated from German

new Lore of Change, all powers force successful dtw rolls be rerolled

Primaris: +2 to invulns, passed saves reflect s3 ap3 blind hits backFALSE
1: reroll all to hit rolls for one unit for one turn FALSE
2: pick the result of one dice in your turn FALSE
3: a unit's weapons gain Force FALSE
4: 3d6" S: d6 AP: d6 Assault d6 Witchfire FALSE
5: you an opponent roll off and add the number of WC you want to spend, loser takes the difference in totals in Perils rolls FALSE
6 - 12" S: D AP- line, starts at -2 on the D table but you can spend extra warp charges to offset this FALSE

Magnus gets the Rubric too, 12" Nova that works like Mind War and transforms things it kills into new 1kSons/Spawn FALSE

40k Rumors - Oct 2016
According to a mate, these are the profiles for custodes and sisters:

ws6, bs4, s5, t5, w2, i5, a3, ld10, 2+/4++.
hatred, furious charge, rampage.FALSE

ws5, bs4, s3, t3, w1, i5, a2, ld10, 2+.
Preferred enemy (psykers), hatred (psykers)
furious charge and a pariah blade which inflicts ID on any model with the psyker special rule and otherwise is ap3.
they will have the pariah rule meaning they can never be the target of any psychic power. and all psychic powers cease to be in effect within 6" of the unit FALSE

Space Marine Rumors - May 2015
via 4chan via B&C
>New assault marines can take 2 special weapons (even melta) or two melee weapons for unit. The veteran sergent can take an eviscerator for 10 points. PARTIALLY TRUE

>Assault marines have a rule that allow them to contest even against units with objective secured. FALSE

>Tactical marines have objective secured as a base rule. FALSE

>Devastators can take free heavy bolters and every other weapons is 5 points less. FALSE
They can take Grav cannons for 10 points each. FALSE
>Signum now gives split fire and night vision. FALSE

>Anti-air missiles are now free with each missile launcher, even those on land speeder or terminators FALSE

>Missile launchers on Land speeder storms and drop pod now have pinning.

>All sergeants can take auspex now FALSE

>Centurions don't have twin-linked weapons anymore. They instead have two heavy bolters or two lascannons each. Grav is the same. They can shoot with all weapons. FALSE

>A lot of generic formations are for "Dark Angels, Adeptus Astartes, Blood Angels and Space Wolves faction".FALSE

Yes, I know how stupid it is to list 4chan as a monger... But it should be funny.

Genestealer Rumors - Feb 2014
via 4chan: *
I gave you Chaos Marines, Dark Angels and SM. Now I give you this. You've been wishing for it for a long time, but hope everyone's ready to be disappointed.

>Dataslate: Shadow Within FALSE
>Contains two seperate sections: Formations & missions for Codex: Astra Militarum, and similar for Codex: Tyranids. Plus the usual fluff garbage.
>Cannot be used to make a stand-alone army like Inquisition, you need either of the two codices.
>No new models released alongside this, everything uses pre-existing kits.
>If you take a formation then you cannot bring in any kind of ally.

>AM-side formations: Special HQ Broodlord with "Patriarch's Will" rule; Genestealer Brood with mandatory Broodlord & additional deployment options, Troop Hormagaunts with "Dormant Eggs" rule. FALSE

>T-side formations: Elite Psyker Battle Squad with "Hive Conduit", Elite Stormtroopers, Troop Penal Legion. No transport options, every formation has to footslog. FALSE

>More missions than in any other dataslate. some seem very similar to Planet Strike (one in particular: "defender" starts with only troops on the board, everything else must roll on reserves to enter (5+, only three units can arrive per turn), attacker must capture objectives held by defender.) FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - Jan 2014
Battle for Iyanden Warzone FALSE
Poster says that it will be accompanied by three releases:
Hierophant / Viciator Kit (WOW!) FALSE
Zoanthrope / Venomthrope Kit FALSE
Pyrovore / Biovore Kit FALSE

Viciator?s are bio-titans similar in stature to Hierophants. Their carapace is covered in grizzly barbs and hooks and their long legs help them stride across the battlefield. Hanging under their thorax is a large devourer weapon-symbiote, as the Viciator lurches forward thousands upon thousands of worms are coaxed out of the weapon by powerful bio-electric jolts. Viciator?s have a terrifiying fanged maw, with-in resides a symbiote that could be more dangerous than the brainleech worms it harbours. A strange creature is bound inside its mouth, and when opened, the beast will shoot concentrated blasts of acid that can chew through armour with ease. Vehicles that the worms are unable to penetrate are often given an entrance after this weapon symbiote melts a hole through its hull. FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Nov 2013
I have new information and clarification from my Source

Khorne supplement DIGITAL in JANUARY FALSE
Can Ally with Demons or CSM FALSE

4 Pages of new Rules (codex CSM is needed) FALSE

New Warlordtraits FALSE
New Wargear FALSE
New Missions (also for Apoc) FALSE

-Champions of Khorne (Berzerkers with +1 on A and Ld ) FALSE
-They have ?ButcherŽs Nails? rule which gives 6++ & FNP BUT ONLY after ?spilling Blood? (killing enemy Model in CC) and only in CC. FALSE
-22 Points each, can take Melee and Ranged Weapons FALSE
-Can take Juggernaut of Khorne for extra 30 Points each FALSE
-Or Terminator Armor for 25 Points each FALSE
-One Model can be upgraded to a Khorne Lord of Skulls with +1 to WS and Ld FALSE
-Champion Squads are an Elite choice FALSE

-Berzerkers are Troops FALSE
-Can take CSM-pods for 45 points. Other CSM units donŽt get this option. (like SM pods, except that they do damage instead of scattering when landing on top of enemy units) Str. 4 AP- Blast 5? move remaining models out of the way FALSE

-Lord of Skulls is in (Apoc only) FALSE

Digital Nurgle Supplement is scheduled for March
- Warlordtraits, Wargear, Missions FALSE
-3 new units FALSE

Models will be released in April along with the Printed Version of the Supplements. FALSE
Tzeentch and Slaanesh are supposed to follow with their own wave later in the year. FALSE

-Chaos Terminator Lord (clam pack) has a big 2 handed Mace like Weapon and Options for Khorne to make Lord of Skulls FALSE
-CSM Pod (repacked Pod with Spikes) FALSE
-Berzekers/Champions of Khorne (dual Kit) old models repacked, 5 per box FALSE
-Deathshroud/Plague Terminators (dual Kit) different looking to the FW deathshrouds but same scythes. Plague Terminators have some kind of liquid or acid spewing weapon FALSE
-Plague Marines/The Infected (dual Kit) Infected have fly like wings and dual sickle FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - Aug 2013
Army-wide notes
- No FOC and ally table changes TRUE
- Devastation and Adaptation are new power tables with 3 powers each + primaris. FALSE
- Primaris for Devastation = Warp Blast, Adaptation = Onslaught (similar to battle-focus) FALSE
- All Tyranid powers can be used with either one or two charges to increase the effect. FALSE
- Ravenous Advance: Units with this rule can run & assault in the same turn. FALSE
- The Ground Trembles: All MC cause d3 Hammer of Wrath hits. FALSE
- Red Terror, Deathleaper and Old One Eye are unique upgrades to their respective broods. FALSE

- Harpy/Erinye, plastic dual kit. FALSE
- Harpy is designed to kill infantry hordes/provide support via its special vector strike. PARTIALLY TRUE
- Vector striking it can either use Spore Mine Cyst to create blasts along the path or Sonic Screech to halve initiative and cause a pinning test. FALSE

- Erinye is an AA variant in Elite, very different front torso/head piece with gribbly tentacles. FALSE
- Increased Swoop speed and its gimmick is grappling other flyers. FALSE
- Vector strike -> dice roll 4+ -> the enemy flyer is dragged directly behind where the Erinye ended its move, including a new facing. FALSE
- Both can buy broods of Gargoyles that can drop off in the movement phase when not vector striking. FALSE

- Zoanthrope (Doom)/Genethrope, plastic dual kit. FALSE
- Zoanthropes are ML1 psykers, have access to the Devastation, Telepathy, Telekinesis tables. FALSE
- Genethropes are similar, but have access to the Adaptation and Biomancy tables. FALSE
- New unique biomorphs. Increased Shadow in the Warp range, Deny the Witch boost aura, two others. FALSE

- Both types can upgrade up to ML2 but only ever get 1 power, each Elite choice is a unit of 1-3 that can contain mixded Zoan and Gene. FALSE

- Doom has access to all the above tables and comes with Essence Leech and 3 powers. FALSE
- Consumes a wound every time it uses a power (except for Leech), but can keep casting until a Perils roll or its down to 1 wound. FALSE

- Mycetic Spore/Mycetic Hive Node, plastic dual kit TRUE
- Spore is a Dedicated Transport, notable changes are that SC can join and MC broods can all opt to get spores. FALSE

- Hive Nodes are bought by HQ models (1-3 choice for Tyrants, 1 for every other HQ), no transport capacity. FALSE
- Nodes provide Synapse and can be configured in one of many ways. Grants poison or shrouding to nearby units or terraforms (Dangerous Terrain) the surroundings. FALSE

- Carnifex
- Old unused bimorphs in the box are options again. TRUE
- Base cost the same but upgrades are much, much cheaper overall but lots of "only buy 1 out of this list" kind of choices which greatly limits what a fex can have. FALSE
- Tusked gives HoW an AP value, Thornback increases the number of HoW hits. FALSE
- Enhanced Senses gives Night Fighting. FALSE
- Tail Scythe & Tail Mace each deliver a single hit to all models in BtB at Ini 1, with different stats. FALSE
- Living Battering Ram rule: Changed to allow the Carnifex to assault the contents of a building/transport on a 4+ if it was destroyed by its charge, rolled once for the brood. FALSE

40kradio - Total rumors: (61 TRUE) / (5 FALSE) / (3 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Dark Eldar Rumors - Sept 2014
via a reader on Faeit 212
Just listened to this weeks 40K Radio podcast - and they mention briefly that Dark Eldar are confirmed for pre-release next weekend (20th) and release in two weekends (27th). TRUE

They follow it up with their usual caveat of "this is not a fact", but also joke that "everything that is not designated a fact is, ultimately, a fact".

Ok, it seems a nasty rumor is making its way around the interwebs. Many forums are saying 40k 7th is switching over to % based lists. We are here to 100% confirm that is not happening. TRUE

We have always told you guys the truth about everything in the past 12 months. Our source has been spot on with everything from release schedules to what each army will have.

So please rest easy knowing that force org will still be in the game.

These are facts, not rumors from your trusted source for insider 40k news, not 40krumors.

IG Rumors - Jan 2014
Ok some more news. There was a slight misunderstanding of the new IG name....Astra Militarum. No extra "I" in there. And from our source there will be a mix of Cadian and Catachan releases for Astra Militarum. So tHigh Elf Rumors of Catachans going away would appear to be incorrect. TRUE

IG Rumors / Knight Rumors / Wood Elf Rumors - Jan 2014
via Lion 275 on Warseer
IG will be in April. March will focus soley on the Imperial Knights. Followed by Wood Elves in May... TRUE

It sounds like Imperial Knights will be a Dataslate or a mini codex. I bet you see it in the WD then have it come out in Dataslate/mini dex. From what we were told it will not be in the IG codex and will be able to ally with various armies. DUPLICATE

IG is getting a new name with their new codex a la SoB. According to 40K Radio's source, they'll be renamed to the Astra Militarium. TRUE

Yup a brand new name. The book is called Astra Militarium. DUPLICATE

I am just going by what our source has told us. Could be a legal issue, could be they are incorporating more things into the Codex. Time will tell.

And I want to re-iterate Knight ARE NOT part of Astra Militarium (IG). TRUE

IG Rumors / Knight Rumors - Feb 2014
Imperial Knight Titan: 1 kit will make all the versions. TRUE

Imperial Knight Titan Codex: Three armies in this book.
1st Army: Imperial Knights Army TRUE
2nd Army: Mechanicum Army FALSE
3rd Army: Freeblades Army (Mercs that can ally) PARTIALLY TRUE

Warhammer 40k 7th Edition (Yes it is called 7th ed) in May.

Astra Militarium (Imperial Guard):
Stormtroopers (plastic) TRUE
Bullgryns (old Ogryns) DUPLICATE
Commissar Squads FALSE
New Larger Transport TRUE

Stormtroopers, Commissar Squads, and Bullgryns are Astra Auxilary. These units may be taken as "plug-ins" to other Imperial armies. FALSE

Catachans and Cadians are covered in the new codex. Catachans are not going to direct only. TRUE

Orks are in June. DUPLICATE

IG Rumors
via Rik on 40k Radio
So some exciting news. A listener of ours was at a GW store today that mistakenly received a shipment of some unreleased items. It was the plastic Ogryn kit. The rename is confirmed as they were called Militarum Auxillia. Boom! Nailed it. PARTIALLY TRUE

Space Marines Rumors - Feb 2014
I prefer GW's made up Latin to what they have now. I can't wait until they re-brand Space Marines as Adeptus Astartes... From what our source told us Space Marines will get a name change in the future. FALSE

Ork Rumors - Jan 2014
Orks are due in June and not September. TRUE

7th edition Rumors - Jan 2014
Some updates on 7th edition: 1) It will napurely be a book release. TRUE
2) It could be released as early as May. TRUE

On the Chaos Space Marine Releases. 1) Look for the stuff to be released beginning of summer. TRUE
2) Crimson Slaughter(CSM in the DV starter) might receive a Supplement as well. TRUE

Knight Rumors - Jan 2014
As you may have seen on other sites Febraury is all about the Dwarfs. So for you fans of the short and bearded get pumped. March will see the release of Imperial Knights. This year is shaping up to be a good one. DUPLICATE
We believe it will be release through the new WD format. The week of the Release, you will get the rules in the WD. TRUE
they said it was for ALL imperial armies. TRUE

7th Edition Rumors - Dec 2013
The big 40k rumor is: This summer GW will release 7th edition 40k , TRUE
and 9th edition Fantasy has been shelved, for now. TRUE
They way it was explained to us is that 7th Edition will be made to include the new Escalation and Stronghold rules. I would also not be surprised to see the Dataslates added to the main rule book. TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - Oct 2013
First 5 months of releases for 2014
Feb ? can?t recall at the moment (Might be Hobbit related)
Mar ? Dwarfs FALSE
Apr ? Imperial Guard TRUE
May ? Wood Elves TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - Sep 2013
People, Tyranids are not pushed back, they have always been slated for January.

Oct: Dark Elves TRUE
Nov: Holiday Releases(boxed army type stuff) PARTIALLY TRUE
Dec: Hobbit TRUE
Jan: Tyranids TRUE
Feb: Dwarfs TRUE
March: IG TRUE

Dark Elf Rumors - Sep 2013
- Warlocks appear to have one hand weapon TRUE
- The new chariot crew is armed with spears and what looks to be a large crossbow or bolt thrower on the chariot. TRUE
- The new Warriors look quite different to me. But then again I am a big geek that notices stuff like that. They have cloaks that come down their back and all the helmets don't cover the eyes any more. TRUE
- The warlocks are bare chested, and the weapons look mundane...aka not glowing. They look like large jagged daggers. They are held in reverse grips which looks pretty slick. The warlock champions eyes are glowing which IMO hints at some magical abilities. md as far as the warriors go I think a big difference will be the size of them. Look at the size difference between Isle of Blood Lothern Sea Guard and the normal High Elves spearman. TRUE
- (Hydra) It looks bigger and beefier. Like we said Dark Elves are setting the bar for the best range of models in WHFB. TRUE
- The cloaks hang down from underneath the shoulder armor and cover the back of the chain mail. It definitely is new for them but it looks really cool. The Druchii warriors also have shoulder armor. It makes them look simply awesome. The skull embossed on their shields looks great too. Yes the Hydra does have 2 handlers. TRUE
- The Warriors, Black Guard, and Dark Riders all have cloaks. None of them appear to have face coverings. The Executioners appear to have skull faced helms. The theme to me appears to be a more sinister version of their High Elf bretheren. The plate armor has very spiked and jagged edges. The style will still fit well with the Shades and Reaper but next to these new models they will look very dated. TRUE
-The Kraken has 5 heads/fanged maws. The have spines and scales with smooth neck and belly flesh. Scales are painted a Dark Grey with the softer flesh painted blue. Looks awesome. TRUE
-The pictures we have of the Witch Elves has them with two hand weapons. TRUE
-Black Guard look very stalwart with large halberds and high helms with 3 spikes on each side with a flowing plume on top. Their armor is black trimmed in gold and they have dark purple cloaks. The unit champion is holding a sword by the hilt with the blade planted in the ground. Musician is a drummer. TRUE
-The executioners have what look like skull helms, and their armor is a brighter silver than the Black Guard. Their tunics are red in color and the Draiches are all held on the left hand side of their bodies (their left our right). They look very cool ranked up. TRUE
- The Dark Riders are very cool looking. Sleek looking horses with only a bit of armor. All of the Riders are hunched over in the saddle to give the illusion of speeding fast cav. The helmets appear to be open faced and they are armed with spears in the picture I have, once again that doesn't mean they wont get crossbows (in the pictures we have they are in the back ground behind the Warlocks). TRUE
- The Kraken doesn't have tentacles, it has four legs with webbed appendages ending in claws and it also has a tail. TRUE
- The Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne look very cool. If you are a fan of the newer larger models GW has been putting out for WHFB you will really dig it. It is a bit toned down compared to the Empire Celestial Hurricanum/Luminark of Hysh and has blades and hooks on it to make it very sinister and Dark Elf. TRUE
- Execs use swords (phew!). TRUE
- Black Guards look "amazing", with bulkier shoulders and tall helmets with plumes, so I guess pretty much like they look now (in that respect at least). TRUE
- The Cauldron has six wheels and two staircases leading up to the platform with the big statue of Khaine. It is not pulled by anything, so maybe (my assumption it will be used like the Screaming Bell? Three Witch Elves on it, lots of spikes and blades. TRUE
- The Witch Elves have loincloths and bras (obviously) and look "vicious". TRUE
- On the Throne, there is something that looks like half-Witch Elf, half Medusa, with snakes as hair. TRUE
- The new Hydra is beefier than the current one. DUPLICATE
- And the WEs on the Throne use spears. TRUE
- Warlocks are bare-chested, with long flowing hair, painted white. They seem to have black eyes (or no eyes), except for the champion, whose eyes are glowing. Dark Riders are cloaked (of course), and hunched over in the saddle, in order to present a low profile. TRUE

Dark Elf Rumors - Sep 2013
NEW RUMORS for Warhammer Fantasy! My "source" has sent me pictures of the new Dark Elf release. The Dark Elves will be out in October with a slew of new models:

1) NEW Plastic Dark Elf Warrior Box(Makes Spearmen, swordsmen, & crossbowmen) TRUE
2) NEW PLastic Dark Riders/Warlocks TRUE
3) NEW Plastic Blackguard/Executioners TRUE
4) NEW Plastic Coldone Chariot/Scroungerunner(Pulled by horses) TRUE
5) NEW Plastic Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne(This model is AMAZING) TRUE
6) NEW Plastic Hydra/Kraken TRUE
7) NEW Plastic Witch Elf box TRUE

Space Marines Rumors - August 2013
"Centurions: The guys are a heavy support choice. They're a marine cased in heavy armor with powerfist with lascannons under slung on one pic and heavy bolters on the other. Think of a heavier terminator armor that a marine straps into. I think this is where Chaos Oblits came from. They look to be on 40mm and I'm really starting to dig these models. TRUE

Plastic Chaplain: Like other plastic HQ's that have come out. He is armed with a Crozius and bolt pistol. He has ornate armor and he is in a dynamic pose. TRUE

Plastic Librarian: Same as above regarding previous HQ releases. He is helmetless and he's armed with a staff. He also has a wicked cherub flying off his pack pack. I really like this model. TRUE

The Hunter: I believe this will be anti-air rhino. Its a cross between Vindicator Heavy Armor and a whirlwind style weapon mounted on the back. It comes with two cannons that have three barrels. TRUE

Vanguard Plastic: I saw two separate pics one armed with TH/SS and one with a pair of Lighting claws, finally. Same Marine bodies just with some new iconography to freshen up the models. TRUE

From what I have seen so far the Marine release is going to be huge for GW. Sorry about no pics but I promised."

75hastings69 - Total rumors: (128 TRUE) / (29 FALSE) / (3 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 9/5/2017

PENDING Ork Rumors - 9/5/2017
Orks are soon (disqus)
"soon soon soon soon soon "

Space Marine Rumors - June 2017
via 75hastings69

AFAIK “Initially” there are 4 boxes of “troops/infantry/marines” (including the flying ones), ALREADY PARTIALLY TRUE

and 2 “character” sets, which I assume will be captains and Lieutenants. ALREADY TRUE

As for when I rarely dare to dabble in such things (especially after the timing of the plastic thunderhawk release…. which might still actually not be wrong, just my guess at the timing thanks to the “we’ve sold our last resin thunderhawk” making me jump to conclusions!). I will say I am “expecting” Death Guard to release after the boxed set and for new marines to be closely behind them….. however I could be wrong of course

BTW I also never thought I’d be starting let alone be excited about an army of SM, however as the new marines range is small and not overwhelming and I like the armour and overall style I am going to start a SM army, just not sure what chapter yet.

40k Rumors - Mar 2017
75hastings69 wrote:I wouldn't be expecting too much in the way of releases for existing chapters from this point going forwards, not that there won't be 'some', expect the focus to shift onto GW pumping out RGs new armies and weapons of destruction for the upcoming storylines/advances/crusade mk2 (who knows there might even be a new starter box on the not too far horizon )TRUE

Without trying to sound like a dick I've known for almost 9 months where this story was going and who revived RG etc. if the rest of what I was told is true (new marines, Mortarion and his plague armies etc.) then there are truly some very exciting times coming for 40k players/hobbyists!

Anon wrote:New marines as in Imperial or Chaos?

75hastings69 wrote:Imperial

*EDIT, there will of course be new Chaos Marines models,TRUE but I am referring to a totally new kind of Marine, those created on Mars by Cawl & RG along with the other new machineries of war.TRUE

See one of my original posts here....

Anon wrote:I can well imagine some kind of Mk9 marine bred from custodes or grey knight genestock with some new goodness. Perhaps they'll even be true scale! Then we'll all have to buy all our marines all over again.

75hastings69 wrote:New marines will make old marines seem like empire now seem to sigmarines ...... if that makes sense?

Anon wrote:SO Mark 9 power armour?

75hastings69 wrote:Not only the armour will change

Age of Sigmar Rumors - Sept 2016
Lastly I will say the next 24 months have some very interesting stuff planned out for 40k at least, I don't know about AoS beyond new Skaven minis are due at some point and also the LoC (which will be released alongside the 40k rubric marines but will obviously be for AoS too), TRUE
and also some great boxed games. I hope the new direction brings GW back into many hobbyists homes as I do believe they are trying and now seem to actually want people to buy, which is good. TRUE

40k Rumors - Sept 2016
None at all sorry. There are other 40k things too..... new plague army, TRUE
rubric marines TRUE & LoC etc. etc. but I have no idea when any of it is due out. I was expecting the GS Cult codex to hit by end of 2016 but I'm not so sure now.

PENDING 40k Rumors - Sept 2016
Looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing Magnus TRUE , Angron, Mortarion, Russ & Guilliman TRUE now

Board Game Release - Mar 2016

Who's ready to enter the great silver tower of Tzeentch? TRUE

Maybe more a hybrid quest/pitfight TRUE

Specialist Game Rumors - Nov 2015
When I said Bram was spot on I was referring to the fact that SG will not be how it used to be. This team will almost be like a FFG within FW producing our old favourites, not everything is a board game, imagine other classic tabletop games getting an update, doesn't mean they have to change into a boardgame format. Specialist Games ARE coming back, only with a slightly different name with an updated product and not under the direct (incompetent) control of GW. TRUE

PENDING Specialist Game Rumors - Nov 2015
AFAIK the scope is pretty big, just don't be expecting things overnight, my understanding is we are still a few months out from seeing anything yet. Def full blown epic armies, not sure about how much will be plastic and how much will be resin. I expect rules to be updated where needed. Do not expect to see old sculpts unless they are classics.

I have not heard warmaster discussed, however do not discount it, this is currently in it's infancy. The HH box seems to be well received and not too bad of a price point when you compare the equivalent cost of the minis and the fact there is also a standalone game in there. I don't expect any of it will be "cheap" but it will be more accessible. As I understand it Epic & BB are quite high up the list of priorities.

Originally Posted by BramGaunt
So I'm guessing it will be different from what we are expecting. What we are expecting is a return to how 'specialist games' were run, but what we are probably getting is a branch akin to Fantasy Flight Games that produces GW License board games that double as miniature games.
Hastings: Indeed, pretty much spot on mate :-)

Horus Heresy Rumors - Oct 2015
via 75hastings69 10-28-2015

The Plan for Horus Heresy
“As I said back in February standalone HH game. Later develops into a main 30k range to replace hobbit on store shelves.

Q: Ok, so this will become an actual miniatures game and not be restricted solely to being a board game? TRUE
A: That’s what I was told yes. Not sure on timeframe, but all so far is going exactly as I was told and posted.

…my source (who gave me the info in January) had already seen boxes with the 30k logo on printed some boxes had 30k & 40k logos on, as I reported in February. I will not go into specifics as to what these kits were, but they are obviously worked on already if the boxes are done TRUE
…The plan is for 30k to replace LotR on the store shelves, that plan and the releases AFTER HH standalone box is already WELL into the production time cycle.”

Horus Heresy Rumors - Oct 2015
I'd disagree with some that

I don't think the timeframe allows for GW to be responsive to sales of HH for the first thing. For the second point my source (who gave me the info in January) had already seen boxes with the 30k logo on printed some boxes had 30k & 40k logos on, as I reported in February. I will not go into specifics as to what these kits were, but they are obviously worked on already if the boxes are done DUPLICATE

Very rare GW change the order of their releases, I've known it happen only twice during my entire time in the hobby.

The plan is for 30k to replace LotR on the store shelves, that plan and the releases AFTER HH standalone box is already WELL into the production time cycle. So I would dispute that anyone else/any other site who DOES know what these printed boxes was IS NOT lying, my source certainly knows...... and so do I. DUPLICATE

40k Rumors - July 2015
via Hastings on Warseer
I have said I was told that Codexes (Codices? how the hell do you do the plural of Codex anyway???) would be gone within 2 years. That might mean the rules for each unit are included in the boxes/free on the net/wd etc. FALSE

I do think that 40k rules will become more simplified, why? because GW don't want to focus on making games systems/rules anymore, they purely want to sell models. I do not doubt for one second that they (the main 40k rules) "COULD" become like AoS, but that is my personal opinion, and as I openly said that was me jumping to the conclusion based on how easily they destroyed their longest game world in favour of making more money.

I think rather than being of any use at all this thread is purely scaremongering and misleading. The death of the codex doesn't mean the end of 40k, the death of the army book in WFB was because AoS had ALREADY killed WFB, and AoS had no place for army books.

I could send you PMs over 3 years old discussing the demise of WFB would that suit? In fact if you care to look you WILL find discussions on the fantasy threads about the demise of army books and rolling them into smaller groups of armies (i.e. order, Destruction etc.) think they were by Harry though as well as myself.

Having known MANY people at GW for MANY years I can tell you without any shadow of doubt that things two years out are not unknown quantities to some members of GW. When I was right in the thick of the rumour mill some years back the occasional eagle eyed viewer might even have seen unreleased models in the background of pictures on my painting logs MANY MONTHS before they were released. I was sat happily reading the WoC army book 5 months before it was released, almost 6 months before for the O&G one, so please don't figure to assume that no one knows anything and they're just fishing, some people know a great deal, what they chose to share is entirely different.

Seriously GW don't do things on a whim, whatever is going to happen to 40k WILL already be well progressed, just no-one hears about it until the last minute.

Also not to be picky but my original post say WITHIN 2 years.

Horus Heresy Rumors - July 2015
Hastings - Warseer
Posted by Samsonov

Also, the rumoured starter set was two praetors, 40 marines, 10 terminators and 2 contemptors. It looks like the two praetors have been spotted. Still struggle to believe they would include all that in one starter, at least not at the £75 range.

I don't think it was 40 marines, for some reason I thought it was 30. But the other figures look right. FALSE

Horus Heresy Rumors - July 2015
Posted by Vanisher
Makes me wonder will there be a full cataphractii terminator squad kit.

Yes, as per my post 15th Feb FALSE

Horus Heresy Rumors - July 2015
I don't know TBH, I'll share what I have heard, but this dates back a while as I pay very little interest to GW now.

I heard that 30k HH would be a boxed standalone game (like execution force was) TRUE
and that the plastics contained within it would go on to form part of a larger 30k range and would be released some time later as individual box sets/clampacks, I was told that rules would be in those boxes, but that some boxes would contain rules for 30k AND 40k (and these boxes have BOTH logos on - yes there is a new 30k logo) so I assume it will be using a different ruleset to 40k (as there would be no point having rules for both systems in boxes if they were both the same). TRUE
I was also told the plastic assassins would get clampack releases later and be released as part of the main 40k range..... as the box set is pretty much still quite widely available I don't expect this to be soon, although I never had a timeframe in the first case. TRUE

As for your AoS style rule reboot question - I remember being told to expect 40k codexes (codices?) to be a thing of the past within 2 years, and that the rules would be in the box for each model/unit, but there would still be a core ruleset which the in box rules would obviously add to. I've not bought any AoS releases (nor do I intend to) so I don't know if they have rules in the boxes (seems daft as when rules got FAQ'd (lol) or changed they'd need to repack ALL the boxes - seems even dafter that anything would actually bother with rules for AoS!!) or just online? I am going to leap to the conclusion that 40k probably WILL become more simplified like AoS, mainly because GW no longer see themselves as rules/games writers but just model sellers. How much more simplified I wouldn't hazard a guess at. Whatever they decide to do you can bet it's in the pipeline already, because myself and Harry were privately discussing the changes to WFB almost 3 years ago - I was told it was being canned and whilst we thought that was not the case and that AoS would be a continuation or refresh of it WFB HAS actually been canned and REPLACED by AoS, so these things are planned well ahead.

FW make huge sales from HH, there was no way that GW weren't going to want in on the action! I expect FW to still produce the big kits/characters/customising kits but GW will provide the bulk of the models needed to play 30k. We can only hope that GW let FW handle the 30k rules/books and they just make the models for it. But keep in mind I was told that when the 30k RANGE hits the stores (not the standalone box game but the actual range) it will take over the store space that used to be taken up by LotR/Hobbit, so GW may want to keep tight hold of the reigns even though they are no longer committed to producing games?

That's probably done very little to answer you, but it's the best I can manage and hopefully slightly informative if only a repost of what I wrote in January.

Indeed. Maybe those are the 2 characters from the starter/standalone box that might only be available in that box...... or something


Having thought about this I think the unit/model rules for 30k & 40k will be online/WD rather than actually inside the box kits (I may have misinterpreted what my source said).

Also I should point out that as I understand it 40k and 30k will be very different games/rulesets, so it may be that 40k becomes like AoS and 30k is handled by FW (although this is just wishful thinking on the behalf of hobbyists the world over!).

Of course I may be completely wrong...... because that happens a lot
Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - June 2015
75hastings69 on Warseer
AFAIK, the box AoS is the first in several weeks worth of releases for fantasy, and the actual BRB comes soon after the AoS box FALSE

And THIS is the reason that WFB as we knew it is gone, because it isn't selling. So they either scrap it completely, or try something new in a fantasy setting. If you for one moment that success of this game means existing WFB players buy it then you are very mistaken, if only all existing WFB players buy it then it has failed already!!!!

Nobody listens to angry vets who form a customer base that isn't perfoming well enough in terms of buying to sustain the current model.

If people see something and it's cool they'll buy it. It's a gamble on GWs behalf to revive a dying fantasy customer base, they could do it better with advertising and reduce the risk of this failing, but hey this is GW...

Fantasy used to do well, back when GW didn't have much in the way of competition, now they do, they have competition that do it better and in most cases cheaper, sure the competition might not be to everyones taste BUT ITS AN ALTERNATIVE, this has been the sole biggest reason for GWs falling sales (well that and their pricing policies are based back in a time when they could pretty much do what they want - but they're all too stupid to see that times and indeed the landscape of tabletop gaming have changed & evolved. I myself have spent my money on other companies since finescat, and I will openly admit I used to be a huge GW fanboy, my eyes have since been opened to the wonderous variety currently available, and truth is I no longer need or even want GW

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - June 2015

As far as I understand AoS is a skirmish level game, FALSE
pretty light on rules, a stand alone entry level game. What comes after is different,TRUE full ruleset for bigger battles with all the fluff, artwork etc.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - June 2015

The way I understand it AoS is a standalone skirmish game, the 'rules' included with it as my pastry based friend has already said multiple times are minimal. I then understand that the Rulebooks that come later deal with expanding the base game of AoS in every way in which you would imagine a GW product to do, upscale the battles, further the fluff, detail the world(s) & protaganists, lots of artwork etc. DUPLICATE

I think rather than anyone being "wrong" there are 2 separate products here that are being merged into 1 topic.

Of course, the parts I am hearing about could just be rumour reverb from the post on Dakka???

75hastings69 on warseer wrote:
Yep...... I think this guy is actually NOT talking entirely about the AoS box/set but in some instances the Rules AFTERWARDS...

....... consists of three books (what I have heard too) FALSE

- full fledged rule system; no skirmish game - meaning not restricted to low miniature count: (as I understand it AoS WILL be skirmish level, the later rules bring about massed battle rules) PARTIALLY TRUE

- there are unit cards for every (as far as I can see) old unit. I was told there would be separate rules to allow fielding of old units, however I thought these were included in the kits TRUE

game is set on world Regalia that is connected with other young realms through portals of the old ones. Young realms are realms that were populated by the old creators and were guided on similar historical paths. Exactly what I was told FALSE

...... Fast travel is possible through a number of ..... circles that allows mages to open portal from one to another ..... There were a long period of peace curated by the Exoatl (Old Ones) ...... Exactly what I was told FALSE

The Skaven arrived on their own on Regalia and are basically the same. Exactly what I was told

The Soul Mill is a huge machinery ...... to feed on the power of dead spirits..... Exactly what I was told

- Lizardmen are not gone. There is a race called Servants of the Exoatl - I was not aware of the "servants of" part but the name Exoatl was mentioned to me. FALSE

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - May 2015
Harry, Arthurius11 and Hastings have posted several hints that this game called Age of Sigmar is going to be a smaller affair than the mass-battle game WFB used to be in 8th. The rumor tracker has their posts. DUPLICATE

It's basically more of a skirmish (low model count) game. DUPLICATE
The box contains a small rulebook with less pages than usual (at least that's what I understood reading Harry's latest posts regarding the rulebook) and two forces. SPECULATION

It is rumored to be 'human warriors' (a Sigmarite Knightly Order?) vs Chaos Warriors and Daemons of Khorne. TRUE Rules for the units are included in the box. And some scenarios. Calling it an introductory set (for new players but also to the new setting for us veterans) seems to be a fitting description of it. TRUE

The last posts from Hastings on WS mentioned new building kits to be released in the near future. The removal of several WFB buildings like the fortress seems to back this up. And Hastings can be trusted anyway. TRUE

The tracker has lots of good WFB rumors collected - if you focus mostly on these three.

Campaign Rumors - May 2015
All I said was DA & Tzeentch, no idea if there'll be a boxed set but I am pretty certain there are also separate releases for both (as well?). FALSE

Deathwatch Rumors/ Genestealer Cult Rumors - May 2015
via 75hastings69 on Warseer

Anyone here remember the little guessing game we had about releases?
Most of it can be found here.......

So you'll see in there the assassins game (correct)
HH Game (I guess time will tell ) DUPLICATE

... and amongst the other stuff....

G/S Cult Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release) TRUE
Deathwatch Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release) TRUE

..... well, I may have gotten myself a bit confused about what these actually were, it seems we "may" be seeing these two as a combined set in some fashion, whether that's as another standalone game or as a "starter/campaign" set is yet unclear, although I'm going to assume that these would be unusual choices for a starter box. TRUE

Horus Heresy Rumors - Apr 2015

Also Hastings posted on Warseer last night
Originally Posted by Dryaktylus
What kind of game should that be? Something like Space Crusade/Advanced Space Crusade/Ultramarines? Doesn't sound like the rumoured replacement of the LotR line.

As I originally said.....

The box sets are stand alone games, the models will then form part of the main ranges. That's exactly what I said months ago. The replacement for lotr will be 30k not the h/h standalone game. TRUE

There were no grey areas, no hidden gems of info just the facts. its really not that difficult to understand.

Horus Heresy Rumors - Mar 2015
Originally Posted by my_name_is_tudor

More Horus Heresy stuff? How dull. They've already done that.

Originally Posted by 75hastings69

Oh no they haven't TRUE

Originally Posted by 75hastings69

Think outside the box a little.......... or maybe inside the box

Originally Posted by BasetheRuin

As in think inside the brand new 30k starter box?

I'll have to start saving money then!

Originally Posted by 75hastings69

Originally Posted by my_name_is_tudor

Personally I don't think there's any version of a 30K game that could get me particularly excited, given my assumption that it would focus on the good marines/bad marines bust up and not all the other interesting stuff the Galaxy has to offer...

Originally Posted by 75hastings69

well maybe not initially

Originally Posted by 75hastings69

To end SOME speculation I'll say it's not a different scale. And I'll add that this whilst initially being a standalone product is only the beginning TRUE

Oh, and just for the record AFAIK there's no 40k end times. 40k remains as is. TRUE

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
Yes indeed, but let's take it a bit further. Let's imagine creating a standalone game, which is only available for say 6 months, BUT then we'll make the models from it available as individual box sets for something we are definitely going to support, something that might take up empty shelf space in stores. Lets ALSO then imagine we then release another standalone game, again limited to so many months, then we make the models from that set available for another range we support.

Obviously I'm just speculating here.... right

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
and so shall I.

Right guys there are several separate rumours that folks are getting mixed up. So I'll at least split it up a little for you. THIS IS NOT RELEASE ORDER, just to help separate the rumours. IT ALSO ISN'T A FULL LIST OF THIS YEARS 40K RELEASES, in fact some of these may be early next year. NONE OF THESE ARE WFB BASED.

Admech Codex & models (full release) DUPLICATE
***** Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release)
***** Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release)
***** Standalone Boxed "historical game" models from which will form part of "a full range" (notice I didn't say existing range ) DUPLICATE
***** Standalone Boxed Game models from which will form part of an existing range

I haven't heard anything about mark 9 armour so don't associate it with any of the above.
Speculate away

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
I mean Harlequin sized as in number of kits, i.e. a few characters, a troops kit, a larger kit and a transport. Or thereabouts One kind of has a main codex, kind of, and it's been mentioned on this very thread. The other has also been mentioned on another thread, the one that got moved for not having any news or rumours in.... even though it actually contained quite a bit. In fact I suppose you might say the 2nd has a main codex too (kind of)

You sir are on the mark

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
No. It's HH as stated above.

I think there's a misunderstanding here. BOTH new standalone games will have their model contents released. The first being HH, will see models released as part of the 30k range. The 2nd boxed game models will be released as part of 40k range, part that is currently only available in finecast and not deathwatch before anyone says it again.

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
Totally (well not totally actually) unrelated I did hear that actual CODEXes? (CODices?) god know s the plural, might soon be a thing of the past. with all rules being in box leaflets. Some might even contain 2 sets of rules, one for 40k and one for 30k But I'm not 100% on this.

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
This is partially true. The "starter set" is in fact a standalone game, however I'll accept starter set as it does lead onto the main 30k game. I think it's safe to assume that 30k could/will have a different game mechanic to 40k, or it would be pretty pointless as a standalone game. Hence the reason that some boxes will contain rules for both 30 & 40k (if the rules weren't different they'd only include 1 set of rules.

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
As I previously said I am lead to believe it will be a main range (30k) and will take up the shelf space from lotr/hobbit. I think continued support is pretty much a given.

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
Don't forget once this standalone box is off the shelves/website the contents (models) will for boxes for the main range. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they were in a similar fashion to the recent Deathstorm components.

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
I'm almost 100% certain it will not use the same rules as 40k, if it did it would be pointless as a standalone game, and pointless providing in box rules for 30k & 40k. That's what I think anyway. TRUE

Originally Posted by Loyalist87
Admech will come mid April to mid May, TRUE
so we have a Release slot for the Horus Heresy Box set and some more content at the end of the month.

Let's say I know someone...

At the moment I can say that the release will probably be directly after Admech, but I'm careful with schedules. The date of the releases may change at any time.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Feb 2015
via 75hastings69 on Warseer
You know I'm not actually sure it is that depressing, as it is WFB doesn't sell well enough to be supported in its current format, that much is proven by the need to change it, so the options are, they keep WFB as is and run it into the ground and it dies, every army is squatted as well as future support/releases etc.

OR we change it in the chance of keeping it alive, even if it's not how people recognise it now, it might work, it might be great, but it buys WFB time, time to turn itself around, perhaps start a new fan base, perhaps grow into something better, but it's a chance. So what if army X or Y doesn't get new models for a while, they might do in the future if things work out. I'm not sure how WFB will pan out, I'm really not, but I truly don't believe it's as bad as everyone thinks.

I'll be honest and tell you I know VERY little about new WFB, but what I've heard is that you'll still be able to play massed battles, TRUE
you'll also be able to play skirmish level games, TRUE
you'll still be able to use your existing models, TRUE
the basing probably wont matter that much, TRUE
you'll also get a load of new models, aTRUE nd probably a bunch of other stuff too, compared to the DEATH of WFB I think it's the best option.

Horus Heresy Rumors / PENDING Release Schedule Rumors - Feb 2015
via Hastings on Faeit 212
-In No Particular Order-
Adeptus Mechanicus Codex & models (full release) TRUE
Genestealer Cult Codex & models (Harelquin sized release) TRUE
Deathwatch Codex & models (Harelquin sized release) DUPLICATE
Horus Heresy Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, then models become part of 30k range - Mark 4 + Cataphract armors featured. TRUE
Assassins Standalone box game, TRUE
on sale for a few months, then models become part of the 40k range. TRUE

Also of note:
Greater Daemons all complete
Dark Angels later in the year TRUE
Tzeentch later in the year FALSE

The "starter set" is in fact a standalone game, however I'll accept starter set as it does lead onto the main 30k game. I think it's safe to assume that 30k could/will have a different game mechanic to 40k, or it would be pretty pointless as a standalone game. Hence the reason that some boxes will contain rules for both 30 & 40k (if the rules weren't different they'd only include 1 set of rules. DUPLICATE

It's not however a safety net for WFB, it's a replacement for lotr/hobbit on the shelves as AFAIK all of this is going direct only.

Space Marine Rumors - Feb 2015
Enough with the mk 9 armour. I've stated please DO NOT ASSOCIATE ANY OF THIS WITH MK9 ARMOUR. I have heard no such thing, and it has nothing to do with anything on this thread. IF there is mk9 armour it's something totally different to what's on this thread, or are we deliberately trying to merge all the rumours back into one large blob? TRUE

Warhammer 40k Rumors - Feb 2015

via Hastings on Warseer in response to above
This is partially true. The "starter set" is in fact a standalone game, however I'll accept starter set as it does lead onto the main 30k game. I think it's safe to assume that 30k could/will have a different game mechanic to 40k, or it would be pretty pointless as a standalone game. Hence the reason that some boxes will contain rules for both 30 & 40k (if the rules weren't different they'd only include 1 set of rules.

It's not however a safety net for WFB, it's a replacement for lotr/hobbit on the shelves as AFAIK all of this is going direct only. WFB is going to have plenty of store presence, and regardless of what many (and indeed I) think I don't think the reboot will be bad for WFB, especially if in it's current format is failing to sell. Hell at one point it was almost totally canned. TRUE

You never know new WFB might just be awesome (not finecast awesome either), however my own feelings are that the background is what makes WFB, dick with this then it isn't WFB any more, and frankly that just isn't for me. I'm going a little O/T here posting about WFB on 40k (or should that be 30k??) boards but I feel it's as good a time as any. I think what's done WFB no good is the high entry cost and investment of time & money to get a decent army, making a game that's playable as a skirmish game AND a massed battle game does make financial sense, start small, minimal initial outlay, get people interested/hooked, build and buy a bigger army, SADLY this is where GW fall down, THIS IS WHAT THEY USED TO DO YEARS AGO, with games like Heroquest, Warhammer Quest, Blood Bowl etc. get people into the Warhammer world and setting and races of that fantasy world.

They lost sight of this and thought that the product was self sustaining, it isn't, there is much more competition now for peoples hard earned cash than ever before, there are many companies that do similar and in some cases better stuff than GW and people know it, because other companies use the internet etc. to their advantage, GW see it as the enemy, and they are wrong.

I guarantee this thread has generated more excitement in a few short hours than crap like warhammer visions ever will, and it won't cost them hardly anything. People including me are now thinking, maybe I'll get some nids really for genestealer cults coming along, or I'll pick up an extra deathstorm box for all the nids, or whatever, that GW is SALES. Hiding away ignoring your fan base is beyond ridiculous, especially in such a niche market. The fact that Whisperer oftruth said "Admech..... proved popular beyond all expectations" shows just how little they know/listen to their fanbase, as this has been one of THE most wishlisted armies for so many years it is ridiculous. Anyway enough rambling.

PENDING Release Schedule Rumors - Feb 2015
Question by drbored on Warseer (hastings response is afterwards)
Sad about Sisters, but let's work on the rest of these.
When you say 'Harlequin-sized release' you mean in terms of number of kits?
So it COULD be a main codex (like Space Marines or whatevs) getting about
as many models as the Harlequins got, or are we talking about smaller
forces like the Militarum Tempestus and Harlequin-style releases with new

Also I think it's pretty clear that the 'full range' is going to become
GW's plastic 30k stuff, which means the boxed 'historical game' is going to
be Horus Heresy based, or am I just off the mark?

hastings Response
I mean Harlequin sized as in number of kits, i.e. a few characters, a
troops kit, a larger kit and a transport. Or thereabouts One kind of has a
main codex, kind of, and it's been mentioned on this very thread. The other
has also been mentioned on another thread, the one that got moved for not
having any news or rumours in.... even though it actually contained quite a
bit. In fact I suppose you might say the 2nd has a main codex too (kind of)

You sir are on the mark

It's HH as stated above.

I think there's a misunderstanding here. BOTH new standalone games will have their model contents released. The first being HH, will see models released as part of the 30k range. The 2nd boxed game models will be released as part of 40k range, part that is currently only available in finecast and not deathwatch before anyone says it again.

second 'box game' is based on Officio Assasinorum.
via Hastings
rearrange this:-


I'm honestly really hoping that Chaos Space Marines gets some attention. Let's get some properly sized Plague Marines, updated Khorne Berzerkers, and Noise Marines and Thousand Sons that aren't half Finecast, kthxbai

Also thanks hastings, this is awesome stuff and makes me pretty excited for the future!
Oh they will

Hastings Response
But not as part of the stuff in this thread, well unless you count the bad SM as CSM? (if you know what I mean)

I have heard that there might be a plastic GD, plastic daemons, and plastic CSM kit for a certain god at some point later this year (and no it's not Khorne!)

Hastings Wrapping things up
So from the list we have:-
Admech Codex & models (full release)
**** Codex & models (Harelquin sized release already mentioned on thread)
**** Codex & models (Harelquin sized release already mentioned on thread)
HH Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, then models become part of 30k range.

Assassins Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, then models become part of the 40k range.

Not Arbites, Not CSM in any form, subtract from those listed. Although I did say that DA might get an update AND that there may be a 40k release of a GD, Deamons and CSM for a god that isn't Khorne at some time later in the year.

Genestealer Cult

Then separately DA & Tzeentch type stuff. Oh but don't rule out the missing GDs etc. they're all done

Two are due out this year (greater daemons) AFAIK, and we've seen pics of 1

I will just reiterate I DO NOT KNOW THE TIMEFRAME of these releases, I've been out of the loop for some time. I can only assume that Lords of Warg have the Apr/May Admech correct (I'd heard April) but I've no idea of the schedule or indeed order of the other stuff.

I guess Patriarch, Magus, Hybrids, and Limo might just about make that a Harlequin sized release?

Totally (well not totally actually) unrelated I did hear that actual CODEXes? (CODices?) god know s the plural, might soon be a thing of the past. with all rules being in box leaflets. Some might even contain 2 sets of rules, one for 40k and one for 30k But I'm not 100% on this.

Endtimes Rumors - Nov 2014
Plastic vermin lord, TRUE
other Skaven stuff. TRUE
Also it's been a long while but iirc there's still some as yet unreleased big kits, a big dwarf Warmachine with smashy fists and a large angry looking statue type thing, possibly of elvish design?

Think it was based on the (very) old dwarf juggernaught iirc

Chaos Rumors - Jun 2014
There's something large & nurgle-y coming first (Posted in a Bretonnians thread)
It's not a GUO, it's bigger than current GUO, giant sized TRUE

Fantasy Release Schedule Rumors - May 2013
I'm pretty sure LM, DE & Dwarf players WILL get a new book before 9th, but not sure about the rest. TRUE

Dwarves should be with you early next year. TRUE

... significant changes to the rules, the timeline and the approach to armybooks. TRUE

And this way get rid of named characters - 500 years passed so some are dead and some are new phoenix kings etc so no reason to field them on the table? SPECULATION

(Kroothawk's Summary of Hasting's Point): Warhammer Fantasy is shrinking, the old army book concept will go for combined-army-list-update book

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - May 2013
I don't think I actually mentioned WE, Bret, O&G or Beastmen army "books"
updates and models yes, books ..... hmm, after 9th ed hits???? TRUE

Lizardmen Rumors - May 2013
New larger monsters for LM TRUE

High Elf Rumors - March 2013
I did report another plastic Mage some time ago so ill happily confirm that TRUE

Blood Bowl Rumors Rumors - Mar 2013
Cardboard Pitch TRUE
Orc Team TRUE
Human Team TRUE
Elf team FALSE
Chaos All-Stars Team FALSE

High Elf Rumors - March 2013
Just very quickly, to the poster who made up a bunch of stuff and also said there was no flying chariot, if I said its being pulled by eagles does that kind of politely say "wrong"? TRUE

Space Marines Rumors/Eldar Rumors/BT Rumors - March 2013
for the SM codex, you choose a chapter and that choice confers a bonus/bonuses to your army e.g. My imperial fists get tank hunter and bolter drill. TRUE
AFAIK you are correct, DA, BA & SW remain independent codex armies, other SM chapters are dealt with in the SM codex. TRUE
updated jetbikes for the Eldar release FALSE
plastic Wraithguard. Yes. TRUE
there's a huge wraith guard construct type thing (similar to tau) IIRC it has two builds (shooty & cc), TRUE
the actual wraith guard have some kind of CC build option. TRUE
expect rhino variants, TRUE
new "suit" smaller than a dread but bigger than a termie. TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - March 2013
There's no allies supplement.TRUE
So I'm not sure when we might see this kroot monster that 2 people have seen. TRUE

Tau are next, then Eldar. Sisters, Templars, Orks, and probably Nids need books before IG does.

hastings response
Not quite, remove sisters & Templars...... replace with SM & IG....... Although the order of them might be mixed up a bit

Oops my mistake, I thought you were listing the order, then I realised you were listing codex that need updating before IG ....... still a little further look ahead in the future of 40k never did any harm did it?

another posted question
I was under the impression it was Tau, Eldar, Orks, SM, Nids, then Guard?

hastings answer.
Move the orks

Eldar TRUE

Beastmen Rumors
Beastmen in 2015
Including Plastic Centigors FALSE

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - March 2013
Lizardmen TRUE

Dwarfs TRUE

9th edition TRUE

Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2013
No dwarves this year TRUE

WOC Rumors - Jan 2013
WoC book TRUE
plastic dragon Ogres DUPLICATE
plastic forsaken DUPLICATE
nice woc lord on foot in plastic DUPLICATE
the plastic chariot TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors
I was under the impression that the khorne chariot was either built for a herald or built with a cannon option, not heard about this troop carrying option. TRUE

Space Marines Rumors - Nov 2012
I did hear the chaplain fron DV would be available as a clampack but no idea when. FALSE

Dark Angel Rumors - Nov 2012
As for DA they'll be in the WD that gets released in December and will be on sale in Jan, as some have quite rightly already said. TRUE
(...)You can certainly expect a new speeder type TRUE

Tau Rumors - Nov 2012
Anybody who might be interested in what tau models (or at least one of them) you can really expect next year might want to type "Fil Dunn tau" into a google image search TRUE
Just to clear things up there IS something very similar to that image coming for tau.

WOC Rumors - Dragon Ogres - Oct 2012
They're in the unoriginal rearing on back legs pose that is by numbers for GW TRUE
they are indeed plastic DUPLICATE
plastic demonic nurgle flies with plagubearers TRUE

WOC Rumors - Sept 2012
WOC - a WD official update for the new models.... TRUE
WOC - there may be knights on Juggernaughts TRUE
WOC - marauders on steeds of slaanesh TRUE
WOC - Daemons get more plastic beginning of next year.... along with a new book TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors
WD 393 starter TRUE
WD 396 Hobbit TRUE
DA are the last available for pre-orders in 2012 TRUE
After that...

Release Schedule Rumors
Assumed to be Preorder Dates
CSM by Jan/Feb 2013 TRUE
WoC by Jan/Feb 2013 TRUE
DoC by Jan/Feb 2013 TRUE
Chaos Daemons by Jan/Feb 2013 TRUE
Chaos SM Sept 2012 FALSE

Wood Elf Rumors - July 2012
Plastic WE Spell Singer FALSE

Chaos/Release Schedule Rumors? - July 2012
CSM in Oct/Early Nov TRUE
Raptors (plastic 2 types) TRUE
Dread looks like an angry obliterater on roids! TRUE
Obliterators look good but not as good as the "mauler" CC version SUBJECTIVE
Obliterators dual kit with Mauler (CC) Oblits FALSE
Dragon flyer is ok TRUE
Two deamonic Centauroid cannon things a bit iffy TRUE
Warp smith TRUE
Apostles TRUE
Cultists TRUE
Some odd walker thing TOO VAGUE
New csm marines (could be recut with added bits? Either way I didn't recognise them as current ones - but then again my 40k fu is weak!) FALSE
Chosen very nice too TRUE
All 4 greater Deamons will get plastic kits (with head/weapon options plus wfb/40k specific bits on sprues)
and that there will be "resin conversion packs" to make "named greater Deamons". FALSE

Dark Elf Rumors / Dwarf Rumors / High Elf Rumors / Wood Elf Rumors - July 2012
DE - Rumours of Witch Elves, TRUE
Dwarves - Rumours of a a big plastic, steam driven, wheeled, orc mashing, monsterous contraption in the image of the ancestors. FALSE
On the big Orc mashing kit, it's actually a large plastic re-imagining of the old "dwarf juggernaut" model... with a smashy fist option (as one of three (iirc) options) FALSE
Dwarves - Plastic slayers FALSE
HE - There has been a suggestion that there will be a flying Chariot.TRUE
WE - There are rumours of a BIG treeman. TRUE

6th Ed Rumors - June 2012
The 6th ed Starter Set will be Dark Angels vs Chaos TRUE
I'm expecting the Starter Set mid September TRUE
Dark Angels Terminator Captain, 5 Deathwing, Tac Squad, Ravenwing bikes (3 likely)TRUE Kept together as this is a list for one boxed releaseChaos Marines Sorcerer, Chosen, CSM squad?, Cultists, Posessed?, Dreadnought? TRUE Kept together as this is a list for one boxed release, largely correct.

WOC Rumors - May 2012
New Sorceror in Plastic FALSE
October WOC Release TRUE

Flier Rumors/ Dark Elf Rumors - May 2012
Confirmed Flyers for June TRUE
Carnosaurs and DE TRUE

Necron Rumors - 2nd Wave - Unknown Date
Contents of Wave were not wholly correct
4 Vehicles TRUE (Counting Tomb Blades, Stalker, 2 Flyers)
2 aircraft TRUE WRONG DATE
walker,tomb spiders, tomb blades TRUE

Bloodbowl in Autumn FALSE

WOC Rumors - Models next Year - Oct 2011
plastic chariot/warshrine, TRUE
plastic forsaken, TRUE
plastic Dragon Ogres, TRUE
Plastic Lord Kit TRUE
Finecast Characters TOO VAGUE

Starter Box Rumors - Oct 2011
Hinted at Chaos + Chaos Cultists/Guard vs DA in Starter TRUE

IG Rumors - Releases in 2009 - 2009
Psykers, TRUE
Ratling Snipers TRUE

Achaylus72 - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (4 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING - Updated 5/2/2016

Sisters Rumors - July 2014
Please treat this as a rumour, but I may have some info on this.

My info goes like this. As of next year around July 2015 GW will hand over Sisters of Battle to Forge World and they'll be a full multi part resin kit. FALSE

However, this is only for a short as if what I am hearing is true, you see if the info is correct, GW is introducing a new Faction into 40,000 and it will be called "Children of Chaos" FALSE
this new "Chaos" faction will be basically Space Beastmen. However bringing in a new faction means the culling of an established faction and according to what I have been told there is no place for plastic SoB.

This ties in well, as Forge World will bring out a rehash GW Codex for SoB but under "Forge World" title, but they can only be fielded as an auxiliary force and not a stand alone army. As I have said this will be a short time and by the 1st Qtr of 2016 FALSE
Forge World will withdraw SoB from the range, this has been done this way so that GW and Citadel Miniatures can wash their hands of SoB and the squatting of SoB will be Forge Worlds fault.

I hope this is wrong, but I have had it told to me more than once and one of those is a former games developer of GW that shall never be named.

Actuality - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (3 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

High Elf Rumors - July 2012
HE - Imrik making a return, his inclusion possibly acting like Skrag but for True Dragon Princes. (This ties in with the popularity of the Caledor novels depicting mass dragon combat, the Storm of Magic novella, AND the Graham McNeil 2 part novel.) FALSE
HE - The monstrous cavalry are a form of lesser wingless dragon, akin to the demigryph. FALSE
HE - Dragon Princes riding some form of true dragon, (possibly limited to a sun dragon) Possibly in sets of three FALSE

Adeptus Astartes - Mikhael? - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (3 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 5/2/2016 - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Specialist Game Rumors - Jan 2016
from "The Eye" at GWHQ.

"Prepare yourself for a new boardgame involving flyers from all of the factions. It's call warplane or something like that, I'll get the name tomorrow as I forgot it... but you can play eldar, chaos, space marine and orks" FALSE

The first "specialist game" to be released and will be announced any time now!

Posters have been seen in the staff areas at GWHQ.

Tyranid Rumors - Oct 2015
via Adeptus Astartes Facebook
Our little mole at Warhammer World has been whispering:
"In November a new Tyranid army is being launched as 'super psychic' monsters with new psychic monstrous and gigantic creatures being released as a independent army like the mechanicum and cult mechanicum" FALSE

“The Horus Heresy Boxed Game will arrive in Early November. TRUE
Looks like a release (no pre order) on November 7th.” FALSE

And that is the third rumor source pointing out a release date of the first week of November. Our previous schedule laid out a pre-order date date on either October 31, with a November 7th street date, so this fits in perfectly. The new piece of info is the lack of a pre-order, which would be unusual for GW. If true they may want it to come out with a big splash of excitement, or perhaps want to maximize impulse purchases if it is in any way a limited release.


40k Starter Rumors and 6th Edition Rumors - Sept 2011
Chaos Legions Codex - First release of 6th PARTIALLY TRUE
No traitor guard TRUE
2 Codexes before 6th: DA or Eldar FALSE
2 Codexes before 6th:Necrons TRUE
Chaos vs DA boxed set TRUE

Agapornis Irritado - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 1/12/2016

Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2016
via Agapornis Irritado 1-5-2015

Translated English

“The news is two boxes and peronaje, not what I said before, if not the blacksmith-runic matador.
are still more out 3 units and three peronajes, one of them is the first array to filter (the “classic hero “the other two one is the characters riding on two types of Ur-salamanders. I do not remember their names, but they are a version of Runesmith commander and the other is a kind of Lord of the” warrior Lodge “(so is how they are organized). You have several options of weapons, perhaps the most interesting is a halberd long handle. TRUE
Certainly crashes his background, but Fyreslayers are dwarfs “possessed” Aqsy, for those who are more violent than other Duardin, . Inhabiting other planes
The golem will for normal Duardin

Shooting Guns are halberds that can be used in the shooting phase as flamethrowers.

The golem will come out in the generic duardin, I can not specify the date, but for the Q2 or Q3″

Alebelly_Cragfist - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (9 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Age of Sigmar Rumors - Nov 2016
via Alcina on The Grand Alliance forums

For Aos: 1 for each Grand Alliance:
- Order: Sylvaneth TRUE
- Chaos: Khorne Bloodbound TRUE
- Death: not mentionned
- Destruction: not mentionned.

Price would be twice the normal Start Collecting Boxes price (i.e. 100 £ or 130 €), with around twice the minis. But this is not 2x the Start Collecting Box in term of minis . TRUE

It might be released on 19th of November (not sure whether it would be the pre-order day or the final release).

I also heard that beautiful models are on their way, with, for Chaos, especially Tzeench but also Slaanesh were mentionned. Release date not sure, maybe starting still this year but more probably beginning of next. Next year would be as interesting as this one, or even more.

It seems also that GW sells currently more AoS products than 40K ones on a worldwide basis.

Alebelly_Cragfist - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (9 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Dwarf Rumors - June 2013
I heard whispers that Vetock was going to do/has done the Dwarf AB. Not confirmed, but likely. SPECULATION

Dwarf Rumors - July 2012
Dwarves - Squadrons of Gyros are being considered. FALSE
Dwarves - Latest 'Blackfire Pass' WHFRP supplement specifically mentions 2 new machines available to Engineers - The War Zeppelin and a 'warmachine in the likeness of an ancestor.' Such fluff has to be OK'd by GW HQ, so they're happy for both to be canon, which would suggest that whatever the Dwarfs get, it'll be one if not both of these.... The artwork in numerous recent GW releases picturing both would lend further weight to this rumour. FALSE
Dwarves - Blackfirepass supplement. FALSE
Dwarves - Forgeworld have also confirmed they will be releasing a Zep kit, just not when. FALSE
Dwarves - They are also releasing their own Dwarfs in much the same way as their CDs. FALSE
Dwarves - Concentrating on named character models. FALSE

Alienoid - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (1 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Ork Rumors - Jun 2014
I don't have any websites or anything to prove this but my local store owner hinted to when the new Ork codex is coming out, I was in the store and I brought it up and he asked if I was saving my money for it and I replied yes then he said "see you next Friday" (today is Tuesday 17th) so that is the only way I know when it is coming out he doesn't often give hints to when a product is scheduled to release but I trust him FALSE

Andross - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING - Updated 8/7/2017

Chaos Rumors - Oct 2016
via Andross on Dakka
Part 1
Right so at the end of my thread regarding the Infernal Tetrad. I got into a bit of gossip mongering about some up coming Chaos Space Marine and Daemon products.

So this what I know as true. As much as can be expected of an early rumer.

A good friend of mine who works in my local GW store, has let me in on some information. Now he's told me things that are "coming soon" before and he's always been proved right before. So I personally believe what he's told me.

Things he says are coming soon. a new daemonkin style Codex: for the three remaining Chaos powers, A new set of Chaos data cards comprising of the tacticle objective cards (originaly available with with the special edition version of Traitor's Hate) and new Pykic Power cards for Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh, with seven powers for each and conversion kits for the Chaos Powers like those for Blood Angels, Space Wolves etc with 10 shoulder pads champion heads weapons. So yeh if he's done his clearvoyant trick I'll be very very busy through next year. If he gets anything else he lets me in on I'll be sure to share.

Part 2
Not a single crossover Codex: for all three one whole book for each of them.

The Data Cards are the only thing he said had stuff for all three in, the faction spesific psykic powers.

The only thing I don't get is how the updated psykic powers will play into the new Codex:s.

Point. If we're getting new powers there will need to be a printed version of them. Not everyone will be able to afford or want the the cards they're a nice touch and I always get them for any factions I own, but they are for everyone.

Now l lets take what I've heard to be true. If we're getting three new Codex:s it stands to reason that each discipline will be in the appropriate faction Codex:. But I know some people who flat out dislike the Daemonkin thing. should they have to buy three Codex:s they don't really want just so they can have the updated psykic powers for an army and Codex: they already own?

And Azreal13, when I said a daemonkin style Codex: I meant a Codex: each for each chaos power, that do for each of them, what Khorne Daemonkin does for Khorne unit's, but won't necessarily have "Daemonkin" in the title,

And on the subject of scepticism. Any man who is not sceptical about another man's rumour is a fool. Any man who endorses said rumour whithout evidence is a fool among fools.

I am sceptical about everything. The reason that I'm fairly confindent of these rumours is the guy that told me has tipped me off on things before. and everything he's told me about I now own. Like I said in my thread on the Infernal Tetrad "Sorcererof Khorne". His early info has always proved to be correct. I just hope they get the Data Cards before Christmas as I'll need them for the legion Codex: I'm wrighting.

"Please GW, please before Chrimbo,"

Part 3
Right. as I understand it he means. A Codex: for Tzeentch, a Codex: for Nurgle and a Codex: for Slaanesh with new rules, wargear, formations, etc. For armies built around both mortals and daemons dedicated to the aforementioned power/faction. But they probably won't have "Daemonkin" in title. FALSE

Yeh I'm pretty sure we'll be getting more campaign books to represent the activities of Abaddon's 13th black crusade. a lot more. FALSE

Antipathy - Total rumors: (4 TRUE) / (25 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING - Updated 8/7/2017

Tau Rumors - Oct 2012
the old trackers (elite cavalry with sniper rifles) FALSE
vultures (fast attack jump infantry) FALSE
ridden kroot monsters previously from fw FALSE

Wood Elf Rumors - August 2012
Not so much a packmaster, but the new Alter Kindred takes on the form of an animal/nature and becomes some form of monstrous beast/infantry, apparently. FALSE
The fluff being they give themselves over to the forest, and take on its aspects, sort of like miniature orions, rather than being a shapeshifter atypical druid. FALSE
Playtested versions have seen "proxied" varghulfs with extremely fast movement, so that may mean that they can take on an aerial aspect that gives them fly. FALSE
As for the monstrous cav, I am lead to believe that wild riders current iteration is still viable in the rules. FALSE
Chariots meanwhile, I have heard absolutely nothing about, other than suggestions of an altar type of unit acting like a mortis engine with its "spirit host", but that has been dismissed by my sources as pure wishlisting. FALSE

Lizardmen Rumors - August 2012
- late summer/early autumn release next year for Lizardmen, TRUE
-"super monstrous cavalry" unit; units of Carnosaur mounted Saurus;FALSE
- new plastic carnosaur (singular);TRUE
- It will also be the first time in 8th Edition (to date) that a character will be able to ride the same monstrous beast as the unit in its army - FALSE

- Slann now becomes a multi-part plastic set - availability for a Relic Priest (Kroak, including Deathmask), a normal Priest, and a special limited edition plastic combination pack (similar to the Exalted Daemon Chariot) that combines a Stegadon and a Slann Priest to recreate Mazdamundi. In addition, they get access to Disciplines, but these may not be taken more than once. Reading into rumours suggests that Slann have Loremaster (see below for reasoning). FALSE
- All Saurus armies become "viable" thanks to the return of Sacred Spawnings - units can purchase Sacred Spawnings like a Mark of Chaos, while characters get access to them off the bat. One will allow them to join Temple Guard units, others will give benefits to specific units, like Magic Resistance or Devastating Charge (Sotek?), while others (like Itzl, or whatever the Cold One Riders are), are already included within their stats. FALSE
- Razordons and Salamanders become a Dual part plastic Monstrous beasts + handler kits, 2 Monsters and 6 Handlers to a set. FALSE
- Couatl model - working like a Terrorgheist in that it can be both a mount (rumours are to be available at sub-200 points to allow 2 to be taken for heroes in 2400 games) and a monster, presuming rare. FALSE
- The Stegadons become special choices as well, with a unit "upgrade" to Ancient stats, and a weapon "upgrade" to didgeridoo blowdarts. Skink Mounts still available IIRC. FALSE
- Skink Priests gain access to Beasts as well as Heavens. In addition, Skink Priests may become "attendants" to a Slann - basically I read it as a Skink Priest option allowing it access to the same Lore the Slann itself knows. Reading into that suggests that Slann have Loremaster as standard. PARTIALLY TRUE
- The return of the Arcanadon - one thing that every non-lizard player is going to hate, a pokemon venusaur/stegadon crossover which takes in solar power to create a blast of magical light, in the form of a cannonball/stone thrower/flame cannon/breath weapon monster. Although nothing concrete about the presumed dual nature of the kit, it could possibly be a much "wanted" Thunder Lizard capable of making thunderstorms. This is eerily reminiscent of the Luminarks/Hurricanums however, so I am EXTREMELY DOUBTFUL and think is little more than wishlisting. Combined with the Couatl which is also a "thunder/weather" monster, this might be crossed wires, OR wishlisting (I believe the latter, though). SPECULATION
- Apparently Nakai will return - an apparently unbreakable "autohealing" monster non-general hero choice. FALSE

Wood Elf Rumors - Aug 13 2012
- Plastic Dragon (Spellweaver/Highborn option) FALSE
- Plastic Set for Eternal Guard equipped with Saearath - presuming 10 to a set like High Elven Elites, including full command. TRUE
- Wild Riders, they're becoming "larger" and "much deadlier", including vine/ivy wreathed horns and "immense mounts" - matching the Orion, Vaults of Winter novel description FALSE
- Scouts become their own unit choice TRUE

Bret Rumors - July 2012
Brets - Trebuchet flaming ammunition would create an area of dangerous terrain. FALSE
Brets - Battle Pilgrims are being removed, in favour of the reliquae acting as a potential battle standard bearer and allowing men at arms to take swords and shields, as opposed to spears/halberd limitations.
Brets - They are toying with removal of lance formation and replacing that with monstrous cavalry rules for breton warhorses. FALSE
Brets - The fireball throwing trebuchet, being a dual plastic kit, one being a trebuchet and another being developed as launching some form of wine barrel as an explosive, as per a mangonel similar to as seen in medieval 2 total war games. FALSE
Brets - The reliquae is a dual kit, becoming more like a screaming bell. The dual part nature of the kit is hazy, but possibilities I have heard from range from a large standard (similar to carroccio standard from medieval 2 total war, to a more 'crazy' design relating to a damsel in distress, where a damsel is held in tribute to some passing monster, causing the bretons to rage when said damsel in distress gets eaten alive by a hungry wyvern. FALSE
Brets - Hippogryph with parts to represent louen as well as an unarmoured, uncaparisoned, unmounted version to represent a storm of magic version. FALSE
Brets - Dual plastic kit for royal pegasus/unicorn prophetess/paladin/faye enchantress. FALSE
Brets - A foot knight hero is to be available to represent a duke of montfort, along with his dismounted knights. FALSE

aracerssx - Total rumors: (6 TRUE) / (4 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - 9/12/2016

Chaos Rumors - Sept 2016
via aracerssx, originally from 4chan;
Well, saw the Traitor's Hate stuff and talked about it to the redshirt. Supposedly it has datasheets for all renegade knight patterns seperatly instead of the single one from the box, i.e. Warden, Crusader and so on. Dedications are in. FALSE
Kharn will get a new datasheet, but will mostly stay the same except for one change. Maybe the rumored Eternal Warrior, the guy refused to clarify that. He can be taken in CSM and KDK. FALSE
Black Legion meta formation is the usual decurion stuff. TRUE
Several formations combine daemons and CSM. It's all about BL and CS, so no stuff for other legions. FALSE
The psychic disciplines are not god-specific and availiable to all psykers. TRUE

Names of the new heretic Psychic Disciplines.
Ectomancy (mmm, Ecto Cooler) TRUE
Geomortis TRUE
Sinisturm TRUE
Heretech TRUE

Rumored Heretech power:

Howl of the Warp
Warp Charge 2

Blessing targeting a friendly unit within 18"

Unit's ranged weapons become AP3, Gets Hot FALSE

Archaeinox - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - updated 11/20/2016 - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Chaos Rumors - Nov 2016
via Bolter&Chainsword’s Archaeinox 11-14-2016

TS painting guide, Magnus and “a range of Thousand Sons miniatures” up for order Nov 25 as others have mentioned but just to confirm for sure, this was from GW rep. TRUE

…Rep says end of next week and in WD is Magnus, TS painting guide and full range of TS minis”

Archibald_tk - Total rumors: (31 TRUE) / (1 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - updated 2/15/2016

Age of Sigmar Rumors - Jan 2016
via Archibald_TK on Warseer
Next releases:
- Bloodthirster, Bloodcrushers (now per 6), Bloodletters & Bloodthrone are back in new packaging. TRUE
- Battlesmith (1 model) 23€ - £18 - $30 - AU$ 1.000.000 and a liver TRUE
- Grimwrath Berserker (1 model) 23€ - £18 - $30 - AU$ 1.000.000 and a kidney TRUE

- Chaos Alliance book or whatever it'll be called in English (304 pages, yup, no typo here, softcover) 26€ £20 $33 TRUE
Ah, it's the old softcover Codex pricing! 158 Warscrolls for the 21 following factions: TRUE
- Everchosen
- Slaves to Darkness
- Khorne Bloodbound
- Daemons of Khorne
- Tzeentch Arcanists
- Daemons of Tzeentch
- Nurgle Rotbringer
- Daemons of Nurgle
- Hosts of Slaanesh
- Daemons of Chaos
- Brayherds
- Warherds
- Monsters of Chaos
- Chaos Gargants
- Thunderscorn
- Master Clan
- Clan Verminus
- Skryre
- Moulder
- Pestilens
- Eshin

Thunderscorn are Dragon Ogres... I mean Dragon Ogors...

Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2016
via Archibald_TK on Warseer

New releases:
Fyreslayers Hearthguard (5 miniatures) - 33€ 25£ 40$ TRUE
Slayers with shorter beards with what looks like shooting weapons, greataxes or some sort of flail halberd. TRUE

Fyreslayer Vulkite Berserkers (10 miniatures) - 45€ 35£ 60$ TRUE
Slayers with dual axes, or a bladed shield coupled with an axe or pickaxe. TRUE

Fyreslayer Auric Runemaster (1 model) 23€ 18£ 30$ TRUE
This is not the one we saw on the sprue, that one carries some sort of brazero staff and he... he... he has no mustache! TRUE

SURPRISE! The WD shows the models that have yet to be released everywhere. I find the new giant salamander to be absolutely gorgeous. IMO in term of design they take models like the slaughterbrute, break them in half, throw the parts into an incinerator and bury the ashes 3 feet under. TRUE

For those wondering, Fyreslayers use the Ur-Gold to create runes over their own body. I have no time to actually read the WD but I'll come back later if there is anything interesting. I think that army design is a success.

Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2016
via Archibald_TK on Warseer

A few more nuggets of info from the WD:
- Fyreslayers are born from the fight between Grimnir and Vulcatrix.
- Fyreslayers believe that in Ur-Gold resides the essence of Grimnir, their shattered God.
- Ur-Gold is magical. There is a funny rule when you play a Runemaster where your opponent chooses one of his units as carrying some gold, and thanks to it said unit can reroll all 1 to wound. But better not let the Runemaster get close enough and realize you are carrying the gold or the Fyreslayers will go all chop chop on you.
- When they insert Ur-Gold runes in their flesh, their God's energy starts flowing through their vein. This lead to things like being surrounded by flames, striking harder, more resilient skin (I suppose that's why they have 5+ save).

This is how each of their chapters is organized: TRUE
- Chapter mast.. no wait what am I saying? I mean Auric Runefather.
- Below that is the Auric Runemaster (the one in the WD)
- Auric Runesmiters
- Grimwrath Berzerkers
- Auric Runesons
- Hearthguard Berzerkers and Auric Hearthguard (the ones in the WD)
- Battlesmiths
- Vulkite Berzerkers (the ones in the WD)

PS- They're not actually called Chapters as you already guessed, but I don't know how to translate the real name in English.

Sorry but there are quite frankly too many things in the WD for me to read everything.

The huge salamander looking monster are 100% new models and are featured heavily in the next WD. They're not simple cavalry, they're large monsters in the same category as a Carnosaur. TRUE

Thought they are not actually slayers at all, they have their traditional look. Normal flesh, orange hair (but they show other models with dark hairs). Flames only appear on a few specific items. One recurring item they carry is the key. In fact one of the weapons carried by a lizard rider looks like what would happen if you were to turn a Keyblade into a halberd. TRUE

Thought I constantly called them salamanders, I have actually no idea what the big monsters will be called. If it's in the WD I've yet to read it.

They all are helmeted. Usually the part at the top of the helmet where the hairs "burst out" is shaped like a dragon head. Between the helmet and how much they are naked they kind of give a small "300" vibe TRUE

Tau Rumors - Oct 2015
- Commander (apparently with a drone) - 40€, 30£, 50$ TRUE
- Crisis Battelsuits (3 suits + 6 drones) - 60€, 45£, 75$ TRUE
- Drones (2 drones) - 9€, 7.7£, 12$ TRUE
- Warzone Damocles: Kauyon (campaign book) - 60€, 45£, 74$ TRUE
- Codex Tau (128p) - 39€, 30£, 49.5$ TRUE
- Tau cards, Raven Guard! cards, also White Scars cards!! for some reason - each 10.5€, 8£, 13.5$ TRUE

- Commander is 85pts base. Coldstar has no particular rules compared to a Crisis so no +1T sorry. The high yield canon is crap (or should I say crap for that model), 18" S5 AP5 Assault6 TL. TRUE
- Crisis suits kit contain 4 of each weapon (except only 3 missiles). Iridium armor is still in the Codex, you can build one of such suits per kit (it the red one we saw in the pictures). TRUE
- Kauyon's pictures show two formations: the awesome Shadowstrike Kill Team (2-4 Scouts + 1-5 Vanguards, you chose to fail or succeed reserve rolls for the Vanguards, they don't scatter within 9" of the scouts, they can charge the turn they DS) and Pinion Battle Demi-Company (like a demi company but with scouts that help reserves by accompanying other units to allow them to do a flank attack and can give ignore cover to an unit with 9") TRUE
- Codex pictures show 80pts Devilfish and 44pts Pathfinders (minimum unit size of 4) TRUE

Chaos Rumors - Sept 2015
Via Archibald_TK 9-14-2015

Two new clampacks, both 23€/18£/30$ if I remember correctly:
– Slaughterpriest, kind of a tall dude so he shall stand out in an army. Good looking model IMO, remind me a lot of the old Confrontation giants for those who remember them. TRUE

– Skullgrinder, regular looking Khorne guy a, Blacksmith who fights with some sort of flaming flail hammer… no wait scratch that, it’s a flaming flail anvil! TRUE

Don’t ask, I think Khorne dudes believe you don’t hit the metal on the anvil, but that you hit the metal WITH the anvil.Big problem I have with him is that he suffer from the same problem that many Aos miniatures already have: despite being a clampack, in the middle of an army he looks so much like the rest you’ll probably lose sight of him. Better make his flames really stand out when you paint him.

– Also Khorne Army Book, same price as the Sigmarines one. TRUE

– They appear to be some repackaging of Khorne miniatures for AoS, but their price was not listed in the WD. There is a new Skullcrushers box that now contains 6 of them instead of 3.

Next week hints refer to a pariah/outcast, a victor and some Zone Mortalis stuff I believe.

CHaos Rumors - Sept 2015
Sept. 19 Preorder

Two new clampacks, both 23€/18£/30$ if I remember correctly:

- Slaughterpriest, kind of a tall dude so he shall stand out in an army. Good looking model IMO, remind me a lot of the old Confrontation giants for those who remember them. DUPLICATE

- Skullgrinder, regular looking Khorne guy n°2456, Blacksmith who fights with some sort of flaming flail hammer... no wait scratch that, it's a flaming flail anvil! Don't ask, I think Khorne dudes believe you don't hit the metal on the anvil, but that you hit the metal WITH the anvil. DUPLICATE
Big problem I have with him is that he suffer from the same problem that many Aos miniatures already have: despite being a clampack, in the middle of an army he looks so much like the rest you'll probably lose sight of him. Better make his flames really stand out when you paint him.

- Also Khorne Army Book, same price as the Sigmarines one.

- They appear to be some repackaging of Khorne miniatures for AoS, but their price was not listed in the WD. There is a new Skullcrushers box that now contains 6 of them instead of 3.

Next week hints refer to a pariah/outcast, a victor and some Zone Mortalis stuff I believe.


Dark Elf Rumors - Sept 2013
Witch Elves are core now, that's true. TRUE
It might be 20...the box is as fat as a monstrous infantry kit... FALSE

Arthurius11 - Total rumors: (16 TRUE) / (3 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE)

Chaos Rumors - Sept 2015
Mentioned I heard about skarbrand back during end times but when it didn't come with the bloodthirster kit I assumed I heard wrong, glad to hear he is finally coming TRUE

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - June 2015
As Harry said the human faction is not going to be just "sigmar knights". FALSE
And the chaos is a mix of khorne models with warriors and demons and a pretty cool character mode

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - May 2015
Harry, Arthurius11 and Hastings have posted several hints that this game called Age of Sigmar is going to be a smaller affair than the mass-battle game WFB used to be in 8th. The rumor tracker has their posts. DUPLICATE

It's basically more of a skirmish (low model count) game. The box contains a small rulebook with less pages than usual (at least that's what I understood reading Harry's latest posts regarding the rulebook) and two forces. DUPLICATE

It is rumored to be 'human warriors' (a Sigmarite Knightly Order?) vs Chaos Warriors and Daemons of Khorne. TRUE
Rules for the units are included in the box. And some scenarios. Calling it an introductory set (for new players but also to the new setting for us veterans) seems to be a fitting description of it. DUPLICATE

The last posts from Hastings on WS mentioned new building kits to be released in the near future. The removal of several WFB buildings like the fortress seems to back this up. And Hastings can be trusted anyway. DUPLICATE

The tracker has lots of good WFB rumors collected - if you focus mostly on these three.
End Times Rumors/Chaos Rumors - Jan 2015
The main purpose of this khorne codex is to ride in the slipstream of End Times 5, which will be released earlier in march, with the
"headline"-release of the new Bloodthirster (builds 3 variants).TRUE

...The bloodthirster apparently looks great with various head and weapon options. The Archaon book will bring some more khorne stuff with a new unit as well. TRUE

...I heard there could be an old special character possibly getting a new model, it's possible it could be a dual kit with the bloodthirster. FALSE

...And Skarbrand. Assume he would dual kit with blood thirster but not 100% FALSE

End Times Rumors - Oct 2014
via Arthurius11 on Warseer
As usual this is not 100% but I have heard the elves book is going to be called end times : Khaine. Also that there will be no new dark elf models with it. Take that as you will. I personally hope that is wrong or incorrect as I was hoping for new Malekith or morathi models. But leaves door open for other possible elves models / units. We will see as it is still a while away on those ones. TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - Sept 2014
via Arthurius11 on Warseer
This is not 100% and could be wrong but I have heard, after space hulk it is dark eldar, TRUE
then the end times chaos book. We shall see TRUE

Space Hulk Rumors - Sept 2014
The only thing I have heard about at this moment for this month is space hulk which is not fantasy related anyway. TRUE

End Times Rumors - Aug 2014
Have some more "rumours" in regard to the end times campaign coming, as usual take them as you will.

Along with Nagash and the vampire releases I mentioned earlier there will also be new release models for tomb kings, skaven, chaos and dark elves.

Thanquol and bone ripper will be getting there own new models along with a new plastic vermin lord. TRUE
There will also be new fantasy terrain.

That is all I know atm.

There will be a new Nagash model. TRUE

Dark Elf Rumors - Sep 2013
To add the rumours I posted earlier in the thread, I was told today there will also be a plastic shadowblade model TRUE
model called Black Ark Admiral. TRUE

Dark Elf Rumors - Sep 2013
First post so be kind. I have a friend who works for GW and he told me about 2 weeks ago about a
dual kit hydra / some other monster, TRUE
dual kit plastic witch elves / sisters of slaughter, TRUE
new cauldron and medusa kit thing was his exact words. TRUE

Astropate - Total rumors: (9 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / ( 1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 1/8/2018

PENDING Release Schedule Rumors - Jan 2018

First half of February : Adeptus Custodes.
Second half of February : Thousand Sons.

First half of March : T'au Empire.
Second half of March : Necron.

Between April and May : Drukhari, Harlequinn and two new elven armies for Age of Sigmar.

Haechi posted up in November, and recently updated his rumors on ATT

Grey Knights Rumors / Space Wolf Rumors - Aug 2014
From a source of L'Astropate

this saturday new release:

Limied edition, English. 5 new Planetstrike missions for SW and Orks.
New box: 1x SM Commander, 1x Long Fangs, 1x Sky Claws, 2x Space Wolves Pack, 1x Drop Pod.
5 Space Wolves equipped as an Assault Squad.
5 Space Wolves equipped as a Devastator Squad.
Limited edition, English.
Grey Knights repack. 10 models.

Atia - Total rumors: (78 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (2 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 8/12/2017

PENDING Specialist Games Rumors - Aug 2017
- Necromunda is next (surprise surprise!). Full plastic support. First two gangs maybe end of this year! They will make all old gangs.
- Adeptus Titanicus sometimes next year.
- Battlefleet Heresy after that (surprise, surprise). New scale.

Lady Atia

Age of Sigmar Rumors - May 2017

The incunbent rumours:

Bob:i think Fp are going to stay and prosper in one form or another. especially with the dev of pen & paper rpg in aos setting ^^
Tomas Höll: Along with the new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay edition?
Bob: yes.
Another comment.
Bob: will see what they announce at Warhammer fest

40k Rumors - May 2017
n her blog Lady Atia is active again. She has said two things in the comments.

Given White Dwarf's out on the 16th next month, I'd imagine they're dropping the new edition the Saturday after with preorders on the 3rd and 10th. TRUE

Lady Atia "It's not the 20th. You will get something else cool on that date "

Then someone was speculating about possible AoS style sub-factions for all the 40k factions she had this to say on Tau.

Lady Atia "Let's say so much - you will be getting some new tau stuff that's not directly part of the t'au empire "

PENDING Specialist Games Rumors - Mar 2017
Also regarding the battlefleet game - afaik they want to start with the heresy setting, as it's easy to do. To give you some examples - this is similiar to AT and Necromunda. Necromunda needs lots of terrain, so it's easier to use current 40k armies and release the terrain first with Forgeworld supporting Necromunda and the "classic gangs" later - atleast that's the plan afaik. Adeptus Titanicus is easy to do because you only need one army - titans. That said, AT is gonna be big (if it sells) and they want to use it to show all the awesome titans in the background.

So from what I know, the current plan is to do the battlefleet game set in the heresy first because you can start with one fleet and expand later on. Hence I call it Battlefleet Heresy for now (similiar to the working title of the next horus heresy book which was Angelis initially but is now Angelus afaik - or maybe the spelling was of between lis and lus haha^^ - see my comment from february last year http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/319621-is-it-confirmed-that-signus-and-thramas-are-same-book/?p=4316361).

PENDING Chaos Rumors - Oct 2016
And it's just the beginning

Imagine how awesome Mortarion will be

Yeah, well it's pretty much just splitting the current range and build upon the different themes. And this is good. The cult legions are too different from normal chaos marines anyways. It also gives the possibility for terminators and other things - really cool

Chaos Rumors - Oct 2016
Howdy Guys and Girls
A white raven appeared today and brought me a message - winter is coming ...

Warhammer 40k turns 30 years old next year. The new edition is due. The clock will be taken from 5 minutes to midnight to 1 minute to midnight with the return of the Daemonprimarchs - but will they return alone? This is the theme of the new setting - think along the lines of 13th Black Crusade - but this time, it's serious. They want to get the same excitement as the community had during the End Times - without actually going as far as Age of Sigmar did.

Chaos fans - this is your hour. Stop beeing grudgy, there will be lots of love for all of you - renegades, former legions, daemon lovers.

The lore already start to unfold, with the Shield of Baal and Warzone Fenris - so we are already within the action. As usual, this is a bit of an early talk, so stay cool and take it with a tiny bit of salt.

Lady Atia

PENDING Specialist Games Rumors - Mar 2017
Taken from the comments on the war of Sigmar blog. A new battlefleet game is coming from the specialist games studio. I guess it will be the next project after Titanicus. Atia said it was called 'heresy'. Hastings confirmed that the game is coming but didn't know about the title.
He also said that a new 'mordheim' game is coming in 2018. Probably Aosified but he did not know any details. Exciting times.
No info about real Necromunda. Sorry.

PENDING Eldar Rumors - Jan 2017
Exodites. Whoop whoop!

..I want them so bad.

Lets say .... maybe Nothing set in stone yet, so lets say maybe.

Chaos Rumors - Oct 2016
But the AoS focus model should be the LoC DUPLICATE

No worries, the birds will be happy ^^

Chaos Rumors - Oct 2016
AoS Arcanites and Tzeentch Daemons should both get waves next year afaik TRUE

PENDING 40k Rumors - March 2016

While I would love to see Space Pandas or Vampires or Ptera-Squirrel, sadly none of them haha.

Yeah, we will see Exodite Eldar - no ETA yet, and not soon though.

Sisters of Silence and Custodes are done by Forgeworld. Sisters of Battle and Chaos Space Marines need more or less a whole new range ala Dark Eldar/Necrons/Orks (from 2nd to 3rd).

40k Rumors - Jan 2017
Howdy Guys and Girls

Some whispers via Perturabo's Raven:

"- Cadia will fall in preperation for 8th edition TRUE
- 8th edition WILL NOT AoSify the 40k franchise, they will only gave it rule tweaks, GW isn't crazy to kill their most successful franchise TRUE [/color]
- From January till Summer, the release schedule wont be full 40k, it will have AoS and Bloodbowl here and there. TRUE
- Regarding Roboute being rumored to be released, he said that it is a possibility but no confirmation right now. Since Guilliman is the imperial poster boy so he would probably be released. TRUE
- So with Fall of Cadia, GW is optimistic that it will be a huge event across the globe, with the storyline progressing etc.

And I need to repeat that this is not the End Times, like with AoS/Fantasy-reboot."

As usual, take it with a bit of salt, but it sounds quite alright ^^

Lady Atia

PENDING Release Schedule Rumors - Mar 2016
I don't have an ETA for that stuff.

For Mechanicum: Afaik they have the designs for 2-3 more robots. Afaik they would like to do a combined book.

The deathwatch stuff should get multi part kits down the line. TRUE

More boardgame stuff (surprise surprise). TRUE

Specialist Games try to get Bloodbowl out. Earliest targeted release is Q3/4 2016, latest is Q1 '17. TRUE
After that they want to work on Adeptus Titanicus with a new scale.

I also got early snippets about two possible new/old factions who may come "back", but that's pretty early talk (40k/30k).

For Forgeworld, it's the new IA with Tau vs. Adeptus Mechanicus/Titans/Red Scorpions targeted around summer. The book itself is finished afaik, just needs an release slot. Inferno later afaik. After that they wanted to do Signus/Thramas/Diamat.

40k Rumors - Oct 2016
There is nothing major for AoS coming in the next two months afaik. Bloodbowl is November and 1k sons in December. TRUE

Chaos Rumors - Dec 2016
Martin Jørgensen • I am saving my €€ for a new Lord of Change TRUE
Lady Atia - Better save ~ 300-500 euros for the next month(s).

Sisters Rumors - Oct 2016
Afaik sister capes are seperate pieces all together^^ TRUE

Age of Sigmar Rumors - Dec 2016
Howdy Guys and Girls

Perturabos' raven told me today that we will see the former 'Island of Blood' set reprinted for AoS, pre-orders are up at December the 17th. TRUE

Who wants to get some skaven or aelfs ?

Sisters Rumors - October 2016
Someguy: Wait, they weren't joking when they talked about Sisters of Battle?
Atia: Nope TRUE

40k Chaos Rumors - Nov 2016
So, take it with a bit of salt, but I just want to add my two cents:

- I heard that both renegades and traitor legions would get love and rules this year, and I heard there will be two books for chaos this year (but no Codex). Now we got Traitors Hate already, so the legions book would make sense with what I know. TRUE
- Physical rules for assassins, sororitas silentium and custodes make sense too. Even more if they can add a teaser for the sisters of battles^^ TRUE

Lady Atia

PENDING Age of Sigmar Rumors - Oct 2016
via Lady Atia on Dakka
There is nothing major for AoS coming in the next two months afaik. Bloodbowl is November TRUE and 1k sons in December.

I sadly have no ETA for the arcanists (but they should take the stage as big badies for AoS next afaik) - but they reboxed the heroes (well, they are pretty pricey soooo). So who know's *shrugs*. It's usually one big release per month and filler for the other weeks now - hence it feels rather slow.

I'm pretty sure we will get all four cult armies down the line, but that's not anytime soon. It's the same with the (daemon) primarchs - you won't get all of them next year lol. These are big awesome releases, they won't hit out everything they can do within a few months.

Sigmar Rumors - July 2016
Lady Atia wrote:

- Slaanesh isn't dead, she's vanished (some even say she hides in Azyrheim ....)
- Slaanesh's armies are there and kicking. Daemons and mortals.
- Slaanesh's Keeper of Secrets are there and kicking, doing more than ever before, some even naming themself Slaanesh ...
- The whole Slaanesh vs Aelfs storyline is already foreshadowed in the lore. Same with Slaanesh's follower try to find her. Same with Malerion hiding in the Shadowlands. Or the Big Ironjaw emmisary from Gorkamorka doing the Great Waaaaagh!.
- AoS is a storyline, and will continue as that.
- GW's current plastic Slaanesh line is already "kid friendly".

Release Schedule Rumors - Jul 2016
via a friendly raven ^.^

"First monthly white dwarf has the new Khârn in it (leaning forward charging). TRUE

Also a campaign type book with new rules for Chaos Space Marines. It's not a new Codex, but does have cool new rules. TRUE

Also included is the new Deathwatch Codex TRUE
with Artemis Model TRUE and the new flyer for them. Looks like a mix between a tau and imperial flyer." TRUE

As always, take it with a tiny bit of salt but that one is usually pretty spot on =)

Lady Atia

Age of Sigmar Rumors - July 2016
Howdy again

There will also be a new mini starter set this week, with rules, 4 battle plans, 3 Bloodwarriors, 5 Bloodreavers, 2 Retributors and 3 Liberators. TRUE

There will also be some small snap fits sets for 10 pounds each.

Last but not least a new "Getting Started with WH AoS" magazine with a free libarator.

Lady Atia

Chaos Rumors - June 2016

Anyone still hyped about Tzeentch? Yes? Great. Here some snippets to avoid all possible confusions:

- Forgeworld will do the Prospero Magnus. In resin. Around Fall, for the Inferno release (as I think Russ may be ready for sale for the next Open Day). There are no "problems", Simon Egan just was afraid of both the horns on his chest and his face. He will be the largest Primarch. And of course FW will continue to produce the 30k Primarchs. TRUE

- GW will use the Daemon Primarchs for their ongoing storyline. Because that's the things that "are more interesting". You can use them for both 30k and 40k games, more people buy plastic models than resin. Magnus is finished. TRUE But please don't expect all 5/6 Daemon Primarchs tomorrow lol.

- GW already did them (Angron, Mortarion, Magnus and Fulgrim) in EPIC. They all work as large focus models for their respective Cults.

- I wouldn't expect this stuff before the Summer is over. Relax, enjoy your Sylvaneth and play some games using your Handbook.

- Tzeentch Arcanites, Thousand Sons, Daemons of Tzeentch. #YearOfTzeentch (btw, don't take the year as year but more as ~12 months lol). Also, these aren't next in line, so again, don't expect this tomorrow ... TRUE

Last but not least, a quote from Sad Panda that summs it quite up

"Remember it is still a few months out, especially the 40K stuff.

There are a lot of things in the pipeline before it. Deathwatch for example." DUPLICATE

So, let's chill and enjoy our summer =)

Lady Atia

Horus Heresy - June 2016
"I saw a picture of an exclusive HH Space Marine, which will be available in GW stores the 25th June. It's a World Eater, with a long blade / short Spear, and Terminator armour. The price will be 35€, while stock last... " TRUE

Age of Sigmar Rumors - May 2016
Aelf/Sylvaneth info.
I use salt with this, but sound like plausible.
Should be an Fireslayers like release

2 Troops (one should be the morphed aelf/dryad thing) TRUE
1 cavalry unit (Announced big) TRUE
1 Large Monster kit (beetle i guess) TRUE
Sylvaneth/Aelf Battletome TRUE
Sylvaneth/Aelf Painting Guide TRUE

Maybe missing 1 to 3 heroes pack.
I hope the Large beetle will have different options (like Fireslayer wyrm)

Thumb alarielle beetle rider

Age of Sigmar Rumors - May 2016
Hello everyone !!

We got this by a friendly raven :

summer campaign

-taking place in realm of life TRUE
-your battle results will be logged at a GW Web Station (the computer you order from when at a GW Store) to prevent skewing results like Eye of Terror did TRUE
-it will shape the setting when they write up future campaign books

general's handbook

-units have a model count cap (max 10 models, or 20 models, etc. depends on the unit)
-you can only add models in "groups" (no points for individual models. example: add 5 liberators to your unit for X points)
-book will contain points for all models, and they'll be included in battletomes going forward (i don't know if it's definitive, i couldn't tell if he assumed that was what's going to happen or if he was told by studio guys)
-army organization is a mix of force org from 40k and the point-tiers from fantasy. for every X points in a game, you can have up to Y heros/wizards/monsters, etc.
-in Match Play, there's the "Rule of 1s", in that 1s always fail, limit named characters to 1 per army, and units you summoned cannot summon other units that turn
-weapon upgrades in units won't cost additional points.
-some missions in the book that are styled like LotR games, where you recreate a major battle with each player bringing an army determined by the rules, and such missions will be included in battletomes.
-narrative will have a lot of cool stuff to add to your games. magic items for your heroes to wield, new Path of Glory for all armies, new missions to run, etc.

future models

-in the general's handbook, there looks to be new sylvaneth models shown. i would take this with a grain of salt, as they could be very well done conversions, but from what i heard, there are models of aelfs whose limbs are turning into branches and plants, and new updated treemen (not treelords, the treemen who are bigger than branchwraiths but smaller than treelords)
-concept art shown of allariel riding what looks to be a giant rhino beetle? sounds interesting, possible future model? only time will tell
-Slaanesh is not dead. Models are supposedly finished and they're waiting to get things ready (box art, artwork for future books, production, finding a time to include in the story, etc.) studios rarely release models the second they are done, there's a lot of prep work behind the scenes.

sales numbers

-. AoS is now roughly 30% of sales. 40k is still outperforming by a large margin, but AoS numbers are healthy. what to take away from this is that AoS will continue forward, it's here to stay, there's no plans to go backwards on it.

Use Salt of course !!


Age of Sigmar Rumors - Apr 2016
- GW is working with tournament organizers to get the stuff right
- There will be points TRUE
- There will be unit categories similiar to 40k, Leaders, Battle Line Units, Behemoths and Warmachines (working titles). TRUE
- You build your army similiar to 40k now, so you have Battalions and some kind of FoC, depeneding on the points size of your army
- Core Rules + FAQ's stay the same. TRUE
- Books are not invalidated TRUE
- All warscrolls get points, even Tombkings/Squattonia TRUE
- Basically it's Unbound, Story Mode and Tournament Mode

- Open play is basically Unbound or Apocalypse, including rules for multi player battles

- Narrative Play will give you campaign rules similiar to FW's Imperial Armour/HH Campaigns

What do you think so far?

Edit :
- 5 Campaign in the book with a story arc for each. (path to glory included)
- 22 batte plan (small to very big)
- Must have book
- Rules for multiplayer games
- people from the podcast playtested the game.
- 2000 points = 2.5hours battle.

-Lady Atia
Release Schedule Rumors - Mar 2016
Hello plastic lovers

Here the planning round up :

3rd tome of the balance of power is next week TRUE

then it's Space marines birthday TRUE

End of April should be Orcs ehhhh I mean Orruks (Look like Ironjaw will be the next faction?) Multi week releases TRUE

Then Tzeench board game this Summer ("Hero quest in tzeench's silvertower" + kick-off of Tzeentch's reign) TRUE

By Fall Warzone fenris , AKA do we kill the wolves ? Black Library E-shorts blend into the next part. TRUE

End of 2016 should be HH boardgame 2 TRUE

Bloodbowl revival (HYPE) should be Q3/Q4 if possible. TRUE

All this release should be mixed with a bit of AOS repack and minor stuff.

+ There is a game board conundrum so the release date is a bit blurred.

bob. (Under Atia tutelage)

Orc Rumors - Feb 2016
Hello all !

Yes !!! the new destruction army will be the reboot of savage orcs ! TRUE
Multiple source agree on this

"army release size, so similar to fyreslayers one. big kit and a few smaller ones and clampacks + bookS" TRUE


Age of Sigmar Rumors - Feb 2016
"Just to clear things up - there won't be just reboxes 'till Orruks kick off ... but filler for the AoS starterset armies and there should be the re-release of the broodlord soonish afaik." Atia TRUE

PENDING Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Jan 2016

Well wouldnt be surprised to see a proper Ad Mec codex when they release their Crusader and Collosus robots
they have designs for them (infact the only designs that didn't got used for the last two Ad Mec releases)

yeah, GW has concepts done for 2 more robots boxes, one which is based on the old collossus and should be a dual kit box, the other based on the crusader. Should have new Datasmith models in it too (or at least that was the plan)

Specialist Games Rumors - Dec 2015
Today i heard rumors that Specialist games are going to release, Blood Bowl.
A reliable source told me about BB re release TRUE

2nd quarter 2016, i guess. Because he told me before the end of the league and we end around june each year

Chaos Rumors - Dec 2015
via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword
I wouldn't say NO love for chaos ^^ Rubrics are always cool
Rubric Marines are done afaik TRUE

Dwarf Rumors - Nov 2015

There should be a campaign, and atleast two new battletomes, one this year, one early next year

*hint hint, a new, old, but new faction*
"Old Dwarfs" (essentially the last big plastic wave) = Steamhead Duardin

Slayers + some elements of the Chaos Dwarfs (no hats, but the fire theme) = Fyreslayers TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - Nov 2015
via Atia on B&C
we will get a second book for War Zone Damocles including some Farsight stuff, called Mont'ka - soon TRUE

you want spoilers? ok!
The Imperium is mad, and sends its forces - Astra Militarum, Adeptus Astartes, Adepta Sororitas ...
... and the agents of the Officio Assassinorum ... Farsight must die TRUE

 Chaos Rumors - Sept 2015
Howdy Guys and Girls not home yet, glad that i can post here
A raven whispered that Skarbrand is next week, 80 Pounds pricetag, and he is the Celestant-Prime equivalent for Khorne Bloodbound TRUE

 Release Schedule Rumors - Sept 2015
- this weeks releases should be afaik:

SlaughterpriestTRUE and Skullgrinder clampacks - as promised a few weeks ago TRUE

also the re-basing of the old Khorne stuff, and the Khorne Bloodbound Battletome TRUE

 Release Schedule Rumors - Aug 2015

Howdy Guys and Girls

Here a little teaser of things to come in the next weeks, as far as i know

- Prosecutors, with different weapon options, f.e. spears and a two handed hammer TRUE
- Bloodreavers, they will have the option of two handed axes too TRUE
- Bloodwarriors with different weapon options (2 axes and these coole two-handed axes) TRUE
- Slaughterpriest and Skullgrinder clampacks DUPLICATE

no ETA on them yet, so don't ask for it

Lady Atia

Tau Rumors - Sept 2015
The first 40k release should be Tau, afaik in October TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - Sept 2015
via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword
September 19th is Stormcast Eternals afaik ... TRUE Knight Heraldor and Knight Vexillor, no Tau, no Chaos, no Unicorns TRUE

Sigmarine Rumors - Aug 2015
Lady Atia wrote:
This week releases should be afaik:

Prosecutors box, three models, should be 46,- € TRUE

Knight Azyros, should be 33,- €
(that guy is the prosecutor hero) TRUE

Knight Venator, same price as the Azyros, shooty hero TRUE

Stormcast Eternals Upgrade Sprues, should be 9,- €, with shields and stuff (we have seen the shields back with the one bundle) TRUE

Battletome Stormcast Eternals, should be 46,- €, here you have your Armybook/Codex with fluff and rules^^ TRUE

Lady Atia

Edit: Also, afaik we still have the Knight Vexillor (banner) and Knight Heraldor to go, just not this week

 Sigmar Rumors - July 2015
Atia stated what's coming up for next week's preorders(starting August 1st):
Paladins box. Builds Retributors(hammers!), Decimators(greataxes!), or Protectors(glaives!). TRUE

So we get bases and Judicators(ranged unit!) this week, Paladins next week.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - May 2015
via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword
Age of Sigmar
well, as far as i know:
- advertising for AoS starts this saturday (white dwarf (you have seen pics from the white dwarf already ), leaflets, etc) TRUE
- it's indeed a new start for warhammer fantasy, some big changes are coming TRUE
- round bases - yes TRUE
- if you want something important - you should buy it now - starting with saturday, some products will vanish :/ TRUE

 Release Schedule Rumors - Apr 2015
Atia on the Electro-Priests: 4-9-2015


…the release schedule is skitarii ALREADY TRUE
> maybe dark angels (remember, we only have a Interrogator Chaplain re-direct) TRUE
> Cult Mechanicus (as we have working URL’s for the Codex and Datacards) TRUE

atraphos - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (1 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - June 2012
2 Months for 6th and 3 for Chaos, double month of CSM coming FALSE
HQ changing stats or force org PARTIALLY TRUE

Autumn Leaves - Total rumors: (3 TRUE) / (1 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Jan 2015
I said Warhammer Fantasy won't be getting a new edition until 2015 TRUE
and I also said it's going to be warhammer skirmish game FALSE
in a similar format to the 40K starter sets TRUE
and I also said that WFB is only contributing 8% of the overall revenue of GW's annual income in the last 12 months and thats a primary reason why the bean counters in the PLC are demanding some serious change to the former flagship core game.
Yes they are going to be 'rejuvenating' the Warhammer fantasy brand so it's more entrant level friendly for the kids. TRUE
I have made my predictions and I totally stand by them.
Watch and wait to see if they come true.
The company is undergoing some serious changes, the WD has been revamped already.


Ork Rumors - Nov 2012
- furious charge and mob rules but all orks ( not grots or squigs) FALSE
- will get FnP 6+ as a race FALSE
- Most weapons will stay the same except choppas are ap6 but gain ap5 on charge and big choppers will be +2s and ap4 and ap3 on charge. FALSE
- Nobz stay the same but are getting more characterful upgrades available to them, new kinds or grot assistants such as suicide grots(act alot like bomb squigs but prone to blowing up in unit) and ammo runts and attack squigs also more weapon options like Big shootas and such. PARTIALLY TRUE
- new nob mega armour unit with teleporting abilities but its teleporting works differently from conventional deepstrike bit more random. FALSE
- There is a special mek character that can bestow teleportation on D3 units. FALSE
- special bloodaxe character with rules that can bring back boyz units once they are destroyed, much like an imperial guard special character. FALSE
- A large multi wound squigoth type creature, not FW, it is ever hungry and uses a hunger points system. if it doesn't fulfill the hunger points in enemy's it will rampage nearest unit friend or foe in order to eat. FALSE
- Two new ork psychic lists for weirdboys, Mork more offencive and Gork more strategic. FALSE
- Many powers in the lists get more powerful the more orks are around the weirboy, PARTIALLY TRUE
although the more powerful they are the more dangerous they are if they are miscast as they will often misdirect or hit the weirdboy and unit. FALSE
- New ork only fortifications (including an ork rock) FALSE
- and an ork only warlord chart.TRUE

Beasts of War - Total rumors: (26 TRUE) / (1 FALSE) / (3 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Ork Rumors - Jun 2014
We’ve been hearing on the grape vine that Looted Vehicles might be going from the upcoming Ork Codex and with that in minds we thought we’d see what you’re favourite vehicles were to bosh together for the glory of your Warboss and the Waaaaaaaagh! TRUE

Of course there were some firm favourites to loot but with Orks your mind can go utterly wild! So, if you don’t see an option below in the poll that you like then fire up your typing fingers and let us know what you loved converting for your green tide of awesomeness!

There’s nothing stopping you from doing this kind of thing in the new edition of course, Orks are resourceful, but if Looted Vehicles really are going to the scrap heap what will you use your looted vehicles as?

Ork Rumors - Jun 2014
Formation - 'ork warband' - warboss, mek, unit of nobs, six boys mobs, one unit of grots. Gives Boss of the Waaagh! Greenskin Hordes and Stampede rules.

Boss of the Waaagh! Lets you re-roll your warlord trait if taken as a primary detachment.

Greenskin Hordes. "Evey unit with ten or more models in the detachment gains the Hammer of Wrath special rule... and in every assault phase in which is successfuly charges an enemy unit the dice rolled for it's charge range in ten or more before modifers..." The wording here is confusing; not sure if it means that Hammer of Wrath only works if you roll ten or more, or if there was another rule which got cut out.

Stampede! If the formation's warboss is your warlord, he can use his Waaagh! special rule each and every turn after the first. This implies that warbosses have a special rule called 'Waaagh!' which usually can't be used every turn.

Detachment 'ork horde'. HQ, three troops, elite, fast attack, heavy support, fortification and Lord of War. Gives Greenskin Hordes and Boss of the Waaagh! Not sure if 'elite, fast attack and heavy support' was meant to mean one of each is compulsory.

Ork Rumors - June 2014
via Weekender video on Beasts of War
new ork Formations inside the ork Dex and the stompa will be in the book. TRUE

Boxed Set Rumors - Details - August 2012
- The Dark Vengeance boxed set TRUE
- 2 units of 10 Chaos Cultist models, one armed with auto-guns (with a shotgun & CC weapon for the leader and a Heavy Stubber support trooper) and one with auto-pistol & CC weapon (with 2 CC weapons for the leader and a Flamer support model). TRUE
- unit of 6 Chosen?elite Chaos Space Marines, armed with a variety of Power Weapons (a Maul on the Sergeant, a Power Fist, a Chain Axe and a set of Lightning Claws by the look of things). The remaining Chosen are armed with Boltguns, TRUE
- Chaos Lord, armed with a Power Sword & Plasma Pistol. TRUE
- brand new model? the Hellbrute! equipped with a Multi-Melta & Power Fist. TRUE
- 10 man Tactical Squad. Plasma Gunner and a Heavy Plasma Cannon. a Plasma Pistol/Chainsword Sergeant. TRUE
- Terminators? 5 of them. with Stormbolter/Power Fist, with a Power Sword Sergeant. However, you do get an Assault Cannon and Chainfist option? TRUE
- 3 Space Marine (or Ravenwing) Bikers, with Sergeant and one Biker sporting Bolt Pistol/Chainsword and the third Biker packing a Plasma Gun. TRUE
- Dark Angels Company Master (Balthasar)? Power Sword! TRUE
- A Dark Angels Librarian? Force Sword? TRUE
- limited edition Interrogator Chaplain, TRUE
- smaller rulebook. TRUE
- There will also be templates and a new How to Play Dark Vengeance booklet, TRUE

40k Rule Rumors -Psychic Power Rumors - June 2012
- 6 disciplines (Biomancy, Divination, Pyromancy, Telekinesis & Telepathy) PARTIALLY TRUE
and each Pskyer in the 40K universe will have access to a limited number of them PARTIALLY TRUE

Starter Set Rumors
Belial in Starter FALSE

40k Rule Rumors - AP for CC - May 2012
CCW get AP in 6th Ed TRUE

40k Rule Rumors -Charge Reactions - May 2012
Stand and shoot charge reaction TRUE
Premeasuring in! TRUE

Starter Set Rumors - May 2012
Definitely Chaos Power Armor, Dreadnought, Belial. Guessing at DW Terms and ravenwing DUPLICATE

Flyer Rumors - May 2012
Ork fighter TRUE
Storm hawk TRUE
2 Necron Flyer Rumors TRUE

40k Rule Rumors -Leaked 6th Ed is Real - Jan 2012
It was an 'all in' playtest, evasion out, turns and apoc not changed PARTIALLY TRUE

40k Rule Rumors - Wound Allocation - May 2012
Wound Allocation is closest models to shooting unit first. TRUE

40k Rule Rumors - Fantasy Challenges in 40k - May 2012
40k will have challenges like in fantasy TRUE

40k Rule Rumors - Charge Reactions in 40k - May 2012
Stand and shoot against units charging you. TRUE

40k Rule Rumors - Random Psychic Powers - May 2012
Random rolling for psychic powers TRUE

NEED LINK - Necron Pics Leaked - UNKNOWN DATE
BoW were one of the first to leak pictures of Necrons. I believe this was an early WD leak TRUE

beerbeard - Total rumors: (2 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Release Schedule Rumors - July 2013
August: Lizardmen, but that's not all PARTIALLY TRUE
September: Big Surprise! TOO VAGUE
October: Space Marines, more than you expect FALSE
November: Dark Elves, more surprises TRUE
December: Hobbit TRUE
January: Dwarfs, and yes, more surprises FALSE

Ben Curry - Total rumors: (6 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 7/19/2016

Age of Sigmar Rumors - Apr 2016

Details of 'The Generals Handbook' announced. 3 Ways to play TRUE
Games Workshop have teamed up with my podcast (The Bad Dice Podcast ) along with Heelanhammer and Facehammer to give details of the new '3 ways to play' announcement.

We were invited into games workshop to playtest the book and this episode is all about our experiences.

Details are:
First thing, its a book and will be release in the summer. TRUE
There are 5 new campaigns including path to glory, TRUE
22 new battle plans from small games all the way up to epic battles between the games biggest characters. TRUE
6 new ‘Pitched Battle’ scenarios TRUE
Multi-player and team play and of course, TRUE
full points values for every Warscroll in Age of Sigmar. TRUE

Best Pone - Total rumors: (32 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (2 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

40k Expansion Rumors - Nov 2013
I've been hearing talk of a couple of new expansions for 40K due for release next month:

The first is a fortifications expansion, containing new datasheets and missions for use in regular 40k. I'm also under the understanding that some of these datasheets allow you to take several fortifications as a single choice. TRUE

The second expansion brings superheavy vehicles (and gargantuan creatures) to regular 40k. My understanding is that this will be achieved by adding a new super heavy slot to the force org chart, and that you will be limited to the choices detailed within this expansion (I think there's approximately 15 of them). This expansion will also include new missions. TRUE

Sisters of Battle Rumors - Codex - Sep 2013
via Best_Pone on Warseer
Codex: Sisters of Battle
An interesting tidbit I overheard being discussed recently is that Sisters of Battle are getting a digital codex release soon. Unfortunately, I'm still in the dark as to if there will be a physical codex release, or whether this is new material or just a repackaging of the current list. TRUE

Space Marines Rumors - August 2013
Up for release in September is the new Codex: Space Marines. TRUE

- There will be 7 Ltd Ed varients. 6 of these will be covers for First Founding chapters, whilst the 7th will have Black Templars on the cover. TRUE

- New weapon family: Grav weapons. I believe these wound against the armour save (so terminators would be wounded as if they had a toughness of 2). TRUE

- First Founding chapters will be getting a substantial section each to themselves, so hopefully this can be looked as as Codex: Space Marines instead of Codex: Ultramarines. This will also show in a rule called Chapter Tactics, for which the effects depend on the chapter being played. TRUE

- There is a new armour type that at first glance looks to be somewhere between a terminator and a dreadnought - looking more closely, it appears to go over the marine's power armour however. TRUE
- This new armour can be armed in 2 ways, depending on the user. The devastator version has either a bolter array or missile launchers mounted on the chest armour, whilst the gauntlets can be armed with heavy bolters, lascannons or grav cannons. The assault version has a bolter array or frag launchers mounted on the chest armour, with assault drills mounted on the gauntlets. TRUE

- There are 2 new AA tanks. One tank veterans will already be familiar with as the Hunter, armed an AA missile launcher. The other tank mounts 2 tri-barreled turrets instead. TRUE
- There is a new tactical squad. Lots of options as you'd expect, but of particular interest will probably be the grav pistol and grav rifle. TRUE

- A new plastic Sternguard veteran squad. TRUE

- A new plastic Vanguard veteran squad. TRUE

- New plastic characters: a captain, a librarian and a chaplain. TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Black Legion - July 2013
So, I've heard from a little birdy that Black Legion will be getting the next supplement. No idea if that will be August or not though, seeing as August is a WFB month. TRUE

Space Marine - Rumors - June 2013
Has anyone mentioned the company masters yet? Marine players are getting some more of the company masters. I believe they're the masters of the reserve companies. TRUE

Apocalypse Rumors
You've already seen the Chaos and Necron superheavies. DUPLICATE
You'll also get some fortifications - giant gun/missile emplacements and the like. These are also designed to hook up with the Wall of Martyrs terrain. TRUE
As well as the Apocalypse rulebook, there's also a collector's edition and a gamer's edition. TRUE

Eldar Rumors - May 2013
"To be fair, the flyers and wraithknight are the new shiny things, so they're going to be what grab the most attention. TRUE
You are getting new wraithguard - it's a double pack that also do a close combat version. Both types will also have weapon options. TRUE
The Finecast that I've seen are a spiritseer TRUE
and a ranger TRUE
and your new battleforce replaces the warwalker with a viper." TRUE

Eldar Rumors - May 2013
I'm not sure how to break this to you really. The Wraithknight... looks down on your puny flyers? TRUE

Talking of flyers, they do put me in mind of the anime Battle Fairy Yukikaze. I won't try drawing either of them this time though, as that didn't turn out so well last time PARTIALLY TRUE

Eldar Rumors - May 2013
The main hull and wings are common across both builds. It's amazing how different tail and fin positioning can alter the look of the aircraft though TRUE

Common features: TRUE
- Downward angling of the primary wings (about 30º I'd estimate)
- Canards are very slightly angled down, but near horizontal
- Engines are mounted in pods in the wings
- One weapon mounted centreline under the hull, and one in a pod in each wing

- Has a single vertical stabiliser mounted on the centreline of the aircraft TRUE

- Twin "vertical" stabilisers (they're actually about 30º from horizontal), one mounted on each engine pod. PARTIALLY TRUE

Eldar Rumors - April 2013

The pods on the wings of my drawing are the engines by the way, and yes, this fighter doesn't have a forked nose. Overall, the length of the Hemyock is a little longer than the Wave Serpant chassis, and the cockpit is located in the nose of this particular design. TRUE

Oh, and I think you're all expecting the obligatory mega-walker. From the glance I got, it looks like a wraithlord scaled up to twice the height I guess. DUPLICATE

High Elf Rumors - March 2013
I can confirm the flying chariot. It looks like a tiny boat with wings, and is pulled by a single giant eagle. It looks kind of silly in my opinion, but not much that can be done about that. TRUE

As for the phoenix, it can be made up either as a fire phoenix or an ice phoenix. This one at least look pretty cool (or hot, depending on the option you choose I guess ) TRUE

Both of these will be plastic kits:
- A unit of lasses that look to be using bows formed from water. They're something to do with Avalon? TRUE
- A unit wielding bows and swords, with face-covering helms. I understand these to be called Shadow Soldiers or something to that effect. TRUE


Blood Angel Rumors - Apr 2016
via BigBangA1 on Faeit 212 (thank you)
I am actually really interested in the new Blood Angel Campaign. I was at my the GW store in my area and had a chat with the manager there. He said he knew a Blood Angel update was coming and he was super excited for it. TRUE

He said it featured formations with "assaults from deepstrike everywhere."

Black Blow Fly - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 8/3/2017

PENDING GK Rumors - Aug 2017
Rumored new rules for Grey Knights ...

Psychic power:
Vortex of Doom


Finest Hour:
2CP Use at the start of your turn. A single Character can double the range of any aura ability on its datasheet to 12″ for this turn.

Mental Focus:
1CP Cast an addition psychic power in the psychic phase.

Psychic Channelling:
1CP When attempting a psychic power roll 3 dice and pick the two highest.

Armoury of Titan:
1/3 CP Your army can take an extra relic or two extra relics for 3 CPs. All relics must be given to different characters.

Leaked Rules:

Grand Masters can take Nemesis Dreadknight Armour. ALREADY TRUE

BlackRaven1987!! - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (1 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Release Schedule Rumors - Dec 2012
March/April - Wood Elves FALSE

Blog for the Blog God - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (1 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE)

Chaos Rumors - Jan 2016
3rd Triumverate Box
New Abbaddon Sculpt FALSE
Kossolax the foresword, worldeater chaos lord FALSE
Deamon Prince Urkanthos FALSE

[url=http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2015/09/40k-new-release-rumors-khorne-bloodthirster-tau.html] Chaos Rumors-/url] - Sept 2015
via Blog for The Blood God

Just got told by someone who has seen the next two white dwarves that next weekends preorder, not this weekend is skarbrand, apparently he is a named Bloodthirster, big £80 and is an outcast as he was tricked into attacking Khorne by Tzeentch TRUE


Space Marines Rumors - March 2013
Hmmmm, very interesting, this sounds a lot like something that I've seen play tested at certain events. Might be a coincidence but if it's the same thing then I'd expect this "suit" to essentially be a mini-Contemptor dreadnought similar to the RT-era type, designed for living Marine heroes to wear into battle and then leave afterwards. Walker, WS/BS 5, AV11, 5++ save, two power fists (with alternative weapons) and an optional jump pack. PARTIALLY TRUE

Braindead on 40k kings - Total rumors: (19 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Space Wolf Rumors - Aug 2014
via 40k Kings (translated by Google from German)

Force Org:
at least 2 HQ, 2 hours - maximum of 6 HQ (!) TRUE
additional possibility to make units
Warlord traits:

Reroll hits in a challenge TRUE
Relentlessly for (complete) beasts and cavalry units of the Wolves, who within 12 around the Warlord these units Furious Charge PARTIALLY TRUE
Monster Hunter TRUE
FNP 6 + for Warlord and unit TRUE
Flank attack and cover for Warlord TRUE
Repeat 12 inch radius MW and pinning TRUE


Helfrost weapons in various versions: with wound strength test / death
Blizzard shield (for Dreadnoughts): Melee weapon, 3 + ward against all hits against the front (also in NK)
Rune Weapons: How Psiwaffen with Adamantener will TRUE


Bite of Fenris: Bolter with Helfrost TRUE
Helm Durfast: reroll to hit, shooting attacks have ignore cover TRUE
Armor of Russ: 2 + / 4 + +, ini opponents in challenge -5 TRUE
The Black Death: +2 S, DS2, melee, unwieldy, +3 attacks when more enemy models in melee TRUE
Wulfestein: have support and unit Furious Charge, Carrier has Berserk TRUE

Psychic Powers:
Living Lightning (Primary) / WC1: 18 inches Hexenfeuer, S7 DS, Storm 3, shock = at goal from 6 two additional hit, except for snapshots TRUE
Stormbringer / WC1: Blessing, veils for psykers and unit TRUE
Storm rage / WC1: curse unit in 18 inches, 1BF, open as difficult terrain, all jump infantry, slider, etc. antigrav must immediately remove test for dangerous terrain if affected. TRUE

Murderous Hurricane / WC2: 18 inches Hexenfeuer, S4 DS, 5 inch template, Rending, Storm 1 TRUE
Fury of the wolf spirits / WC2: 18 inches Hexenfeuer, both profiles are shot in any order, S6 DS-4 storm, S5 DS2 Storm 2, precise TRUE
Maw / WC2: 18 inches focused Hexenfeuer, a model (not monstrous) makes Initest / death TRUE

Björn: TRUE

KG 6, BF6, 13/13/10, reverend
Assault Cannon
5 + +
+1 On Iniklau
may swap weapons

Ulrik the Slayer: TRUE

KG 6, ini 5, 3 attacks
are unit 6 + FNP
nemesis is within 6 inches
are adamant within 12 inches

Bramgaunt - Total rumors: (20 TRUE) / (5 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Apocalypse Rumors
1st: There is a new rulebook, if anyone still questioned that. Complete overhaul. The scale of additional shenanigans will be the same as with a regular rulebook, as well as limited items. TOO VAGUE
Probably a collectors- and a gamers edition aswell (allthough I am only guessing that!). SPECULATION

Hobbit Rumors - Nov 2012
Release of The Hobbit game is scheduled for december 1st, with preorders starting November 24th. TRUE

The LotR tabletop game will be renamed "The Hobbit". TRUE
War of the Rings stays the same (for now). TRUE

The one product for the Hobbit in december (as far as I know we really only get one) is a boxed game in the lines of Dark Vengence and Island of Blood. TRUE
It contains more miniatures then Dark Vengance. TRUE

The box is supposed to contain scenery. TRUE

The box also comes with a brand new rule book. TRUE

For the time being, the only way to obtain the book ist the boxed set. No hardcover FALSE

Now the downside is the price is located somewhere around 100?. PARTIALLY TRUE

There were hints on a limited edition of the boxed set. TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Info
the Codex cover artwork is the one that was already used by the BL "Blood Gorgons" Novel. TRUE
There are only 4 psychic powers per God, sadly.TRUE
If you upgrade your Demon prince to a specific god he gains hatred for the opposed chaos godTRUE
A posessed vehicle ignores stinned an shaken on 2+, but if a unit embarks you have to roll a D6 : on a roll of 1 you lose a random member if the squad and the vehicle regains 1hp TRUE
Obliterators can morph assault cannons TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - July 2012
Starter set in Sept TRUE
CSM in August FALSE

High Elf Rumors
HE - Plastic kit for archers, spearmen and seaguard all in one box. FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - June 2012
SC unlock Cults as Troops TRUE
Nominate one HQ as general to determine which one gets to be troops FALSE

Necron Rumors - Oct 2011
Warriors models the same TRUE
Expensive Flayed Ones,TRUE
Imm/Deathm one kit TRUE
Finecast C'Tan/Lords TRUE
'Eternal Life' rule that allows whole units to WBB FALSE
PE/Rapid Fire in 6th is better TRUE

Brassangel - Total rumors: (2 TRUE) / (3 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Tyranid Rumors - Oct 2013
I have heard murmurings (once again) about some FO reshuffling: Hive Guard to Heavy Support was one. FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - 2nd Wave - Jan 2012
Tyrannofex/Tervigon TRUE
Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord TRUE
The Doom of Malan'tai (either metal, or that new resin/plastic hybrid we've been hearing about) FALSE
Special Edition Ymgarl Genestealer (1 mold only, Direct Order only) FALSE

Brass Scorpion - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

GW General Rumors - Feb 2015
Brass Scorpion over at SpikeyBits Forum says this:

“Some of you astute GW customers out there may have noticed that the Tomb Kings army book has been out of print for a few months. This is because it is moving to paperback! The new price will also be significantly cheaper too. Instead of the $49.50 US hardback Army book price it will be about $37 US and change. Perhaps we can presume this shift to cheaper paperbacks will be seen in other Army and Codex books over time. We’ll just have to wait and see.” TRUE

Brovius - Total rumors: (43 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

PTs still shunt, and shunt is unchanged. TRUE

I swear every time I try to leave the PC I refresh the page and feel compelled to answer another question tongue.png

Doomfists are no more, that goes for both the NDK and the Dread. TRUE
Dreads are still psychic pilots, but everything else is just a normal vehicle (and received the appropriate price change). TRUE
The Dread still has Sanctuary and Banishment. TRUE
The higher price from C:SM is likely to accomodate the Aegis and Psychic Pilot (Reinforced Aegis is gone, not that it really did much after the FAQ).

EDIT: Homers are available for all Justicars, Paladins, and HQs that aren't BHCs or Crowe. Teleport Homer is limited to TDA and PT-armed models though. Strikes can't benefit from the homer for some odd reason. TRUE

Grey Knight Rumors - Aug 2014
Psilencer is ranged force weapon.TRUE

~Psycannons became Salvo 2/4 as expected. Heavy Psycannon has a dual profile, area saturation is the same (Heavy 1, large blast) but has a Salvo 3/6 option too. TRUE
~Purifiers inflict Soulblaze on all melee attacks, Incinerators have Soulblaze as well. TRUE
~Librarians are cheeeeeeeeeaaaap. We're talking ML3 (still in TDA) for the price of a current Psyriflemen dread (unfortunately Psybolts really are gone now) TRUE
~Brother-Captains are ML1, can be upgraded to a GM (+1A and ML2) for the same price as the GM's current ML-upgrade. Still under the 200pt mark. TRUE
~Nemesis Force Weapons have a few reworks. No more +1 invuln in melee for swords, halberds are +1S instead of +2I and the warding stave is +2S, AP4 and grants Adamantium Will. TRUE
~Paladin Apothecary is the same price as the current Apothecary upgrade (a solid 55pts less) and becomes a character. As reported, NFWs now cost points to upgrade, the previously spoiled figures are correct. TRUE

~The Titansword is +3S and AP2, all NFW have Daemonbane (successful Force activation grants rerolls to wound and armour pen against Daemons. TRUE

~NDK is a Monstrous Creature (character), same base cost, and all it's options got cheaper. PT is 45 points less than before, and the melee upgrades are dirt-cheap. With how awesome Psylencers are now, you'll be glad to know the Gatling Psylencer dropped 5pts. TRUE

Falchions are bought as a pair, S: user Specialist weapons. Just the one attack still. TRUE
GKT pricing is real, but they do have to pay for melee weapon upgrades, which are one price no matter the model using them. Special weapons are bunkered into PA and TDA price-points though (which BCs and GMs have access to, no more Ballistic Skill tax!) and a GM with Psycannon clocks in at just over 200pts. TRUE

Psycannon/sword GKTs are silly cheap now, slightly less than a Paladin. GKTs are the future, people! TRUE

EDIT: Regular banner is 12" bubble of rerolling failed morale and pinning checks and +1A to GKs in the squad.

~The Soul Glaive is a halberd that lets you reroll failed Force tests, and while Force is in effect, the weilder rerolls to hit, wound and armour pen rolls. Costs as much as a GK Strike. TRUE

~The Bone Shard of Solor gives the weilder a 3++ while within 12" of a Daemon, increasing to a 2++ for Daemons of Khorne within the same distance. Half a GK Strike in points TRUE
~Domina Liber Daemonica grants 1 extra psychic power but has to be rolled on the Sanctic chart. The bearer and all friendly GK units within 6" reroll 1s on psychic tests from Sanctic. Costs as much as a GKT Psycannon TRUE
~Cuirass of Sacrifice is TDA with FnP and IWND, costs 5 points less than a GK Strike TRUE
~The Nemesis Banner is a 12" Fearless bubble for GKs, GKs in the squad get +1A and Daemons treat the fearless bubble as dangerous terrain, but is pretty pricey and only available for Paladins (as is the Brotherhood banner). TRUE

~The Fury of Deimos is an Assault 3, 36" master-crafted Storm Bolter with Precision Shot. Not too bad, same points cost as the Bone Shard. TRUE

Sanctic is repeated in the book (so no new powers), squads have the same psychic powers as they do in the FAQ, except that Purifiers have Banishment, Hammerhand AND Cleansign Flame. BCs, GMs and Librarians have the same power access as before. Draigo has Gate of Infinity! TRUE
No new characters or units as predicted/previously rumoured. TRUE

Still no Psycannon upgrades for vehicles. TRUE

And more:

Another interesting change: Psyk-out grenades changed a fair bit. Work like defensive grenades when charged by Psykers, can be thrown and they inflict Perils on one randomly determined Psyker in the squad that is hit by it (so like Mindstrike missiles but limited to one Perils, doesn't need to hit the Psyker, just his squad which is interesting). TRUE

Grey Knight Rumors - Aug 2014
Few questions;

A )can you write down what NFW do now? (I will miss that +2 I from hellbard, that is quite big hit, but I guess that's the way GW wants to shift meta from CC to shooty)

B ) No more psy-razors?

C ) Mind strikes are in/out?

D ) Draigo is Lord of the War? any buffs?

E) How are paladins priced now ?

F ) Any SM additions into new GK codex to replace missing Inq stuff?

EDIT: BT's questions answered as follows-

a) NFWs all have Daemonbane (while Force is active, they also allow rerolls to wound and armour pen against Daemons) TRUE

B) Unfortunately, no TRUE

c) Replaced with Stormstrike Missiles, S8 AP2 concussion, but we have the throwable Psyk-out grenades which are similar to Mindstrike. Better vs. one Psyker in a squad, worse vs. squads of Psykers. TRUE

d) Yep, LoW treatment for him too. Titan Sword is S+3, AP2 and he's 30pts less. No force org manipulation though. TRUE

e) Same as now, minimum squads of 3. Apothecaries are a whole Paladin cheaper. Land Raiders are dedicated transports (same for GKTs) TRUE

f) Nope, no new units at all which is a bummer. We're expected to ally to get armour-cracking tools now. TRUE

Purifiers can't deepstrike still, neither can Purgs. TRUE
Only change to Psycannons was the Salvo 2/4 profile, s o still 24" range and rending. DUPLICATE

Is there any Army Wide rule to make us better at Deep Striking?

Nope, and the deepstrike bonus is only for the formation that was shown in WD (It is in the codex too). TRUE
There's a biiiig formation though (fittingly called a GK Brotherhood) with a pretty awesome benefit. If you take...

1 Grand Master
1 Brother Captain
3 Strike squads
3 Terminator squads
2 Interceptor squads
2 Purgation squads
1 Dreadnought

...you get Rites of Teleportation (as per the other formation) and Psychic Brotherhood (While the GM is alive, all models in the formation harness Warp Charges on a 3+). It's only something viable in bigger games and the specific nature of the force means you've only got three mastery levels' worth of non-Sanctic powers to benefit from it. TRUE

NDKs will be the big thing for popping vehicles, but our answer for fliers is still going to be fliers of our own.

EDIT: Psylencer is rng24", S3, AP-, Heavy 6, Force. I wasn't joking about that. Funny how just that one word makes such a huuuuge difference to how we look at the weapon, huh. TRUE

Grey Knight Rumors - Aug 2014
Oh, I only just noticed this. Greatsword is a Specialist Weapon that's master-crafted. Looks like it's not worth the upgrade anymore. The vanilla pair of Powerfists (Yes, they retconned Nemesis Doomfists!!) are a better option. TRUE

Only formations are the WD-spoiled one and the Brotherhood I posted earlier (which is strikeforce but better, with restrictions). TRUE

The Aegis is as per the FAQ, all GKs have Purity of Spirit (Which is just the rule that means GKs only Perils by rolling two or more 6's when using Sanctic powers unless otherwise stated (I think this means they'd still Perils if they failed to cast Vortex of Doom). TRUE

TGS is the warlord chart, basically. Warlord traits are: TRUE

1) Daemon-slayer- Warlord gains Hatred: Daemons and when casting Banishment, harnesses Warp Charges on a 2+

2) Hammer of Riteousness- Warlord and unit have Hammer of Wrath

3) Unyielding Anvil- Warlord and GKs within 12" have Stubborn

4) First to the Fray- A nod to poor Mordrak, Warlord and unit automatically arrive first turn when Deep Striking and can reroll the scatter

5) Perfect Timing- Warlord and unit gain Counterattack

6) Lore Master- Warlord knows one more psychic power than normal, must be generated from Sanctic

Bionicman, on 19 Aug 2014 - 3:26 PM, said:
Yeah, thank you Brovius for your efforts.
Psilencer is S3 ???

Sorry, typo. Psylencer is still S4. Storm Raven is still Fast Attack. TRUE

I skipped past this earlier when I was talking about the BHC, but Heroic Sacrifice is back in a lesser form. It's not tied to a psychic test but it's just a single attack, rolling to hit and wound normally. No instagibbing EW models, sadly. Herald of Titan is also gone. I also missed where Crowe has The Perfect Warrior too, so he does have to always issue/accept challenges (he's a challenge king anyway, since he gets AP2 from Smash and rerollable saves from Blade Parry). TRUE

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[url=http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/461735.page]High Elf Rumors / Wood Elf Rumors
HE/WE - Both High Elves and Wood Elves may get the rumoured Treeman in their updated books. FALSE

Captain Citadel - Total rumors: (21 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING


Release Schedule Rumors - Feb 2016

A mate of mine passed along that GW has blacked out the following dates for their store employees: Feb 28, Apr 16, and May 7th. I assume that means big releases on those dates.

 Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - May 2015
via Captain Citadel

Kataphron Destroyers TRUE

(Kataphron Breachers are their Assault based counterparts)

3+ Models per unit (55pts apiece)


Phosphor Blaster, Plasma Culverin, other weapon options

Holy Requisition Formation TRUE
1 Tech Priest Dominus

1-3 Kataphron Destroyers units

Formation can Deep Strike

 Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Apr 2015

"Cult Mechanicus will feature a new robot type unit that is part Forge World Castellex, part Space Marine Centurion. TRUE

Their bodies are plated armour sealed in the front much like the centurions in appearance, but with no chest mounted weapons. They are on 50mm bases and are quite larger than the Centurion models. Their heads are a giant domed EVA helmet which looks quite fantastic. There are no organic components visible the models, they are automanta. TRUE

There are several armaments they come with; a larger calibre cannon in their right hand to flamer type weapon in their left. Articulated hands with finger appendages are also an option, as well as a top shoulder mounted versions of these same type weapons." TRUE
Adeptus Mechanicus - Apr 2015
via Captain Citadel on 4-26-2015

The name of the new tracked infantry models that will be releasing are Kataphron Destroyers. TRUE

They are the lighter armoured tracked infantry variants that features two types of cannon; a version of the familiar plasma cannon and a newer larger tech-based calibre weapon of mysterious providence. TRUE

The models themselves feature a mechanical upper body hardwired both into the track assembly and weapon arms, but can swivel at the hip whilst their power feeds are contained into rear back mounted power sources. TRUE

Each miniature has the main weapon attached to their right arms which are cropped at the shoulder, and their left arms contain a smaller hand held flamer type weapon. TRUE

Their heads are rife with targeting reticules and there is no organic components visible on these versions of the models. TRUE

They are heavy support choices for Cult Mechanicus. FALSE
 Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Apr 2015
Via Captain Citadel

The HQ unit for the New Cult Mechanicus is called a Tech Priest Dominus. This is a larger character model that is similar to the Forge World Magos models, except it is done in plastic. He is similar yet different that a Magos, robed and slightly hunched over from the arcane mechanisms mounted on his back. There are two head options one is crowned with a strange almost papal hat and the other with the normal hooded mechanicus garb. TRUE

There are servo arms that stabilize the figure to the ground and do not have free motion. He walks with an immense staff that is a much larger and more ornate version of a Tech Prist’s weapon, and also sports a cane. TRUE

The model has multiple spidery legs concealed under his robe, and is on a 40mm base. TRUE
 Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Apr 2015
Via Captain Citadel

“The Second combo kit for the new Mechanicus will feature tracked conveyor infantry models who resemble cybernetic terminators cut at the waist and attached to set of small triangle treads. TRUE

One unit type will be heavily armored, and decked out for close quarters engagements. TRUE
The second is less armored, and features two types of cannon; a plasma cannon varainat, and a larger calibre weapon. TRUE

They are on 50mm bases.”
Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Apr 2015
Via Captain Citadel

“There will be a new combo kit for the Cult Mechanicus that contains their core unit the Electro-Priest. One version features large double handed glaives similar to the old model from the 1990’s and the other is armed with archaic looking wrist mounted shooting weapons. Both versions feature robed legs, and torsos with exposed fleshy chests that contain the bio-electrical details that they are known for. PARTIALLY TRUE

Their heads are both bare, and some are blindfolded as well. The close combat versions are wreathed in cog plate, and the shooting variant (with the wrist mounted weapons) have yet more archaic equipment grafted into their backs and heads. TRUE

They both share the same robed legs which look similar to the zealots of olde, and are topped with a very American wrestling championship styled belt crowned with a large Mechanicus cog. Their bases are smaller than 40mm.” TRUE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Apr 2015
via Captain Citadel 4-20-2015

Cult Mechanicus is coming. TRUE Their troops will be the Electro-priests that everyone has been raving about for weeks. FALSE
From the looks of it, we’ll also finally see the Imperial robots that compliment Forge World’s existing range, and other all new exotic units. TRUE

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Mar 2015
Via Captain Citadel

“Hate to be a bugger, but Fantasy 9th will be round bases. Once you get over the shock, it will make more sense when you see it. Don’t base your new Fantasy minis quite yet, it may be time to wait and see lads!” TRUE

Chaos Daemon Rumors / End Times Rumors - Jan 2015
The Plastic Bloodthirster is real. TRUE

Kit makes three models a normal bloodthirster with whip and Axe of Khorne, one wielding a monstrous two-handed axe, third has a doubleheaded axe and super long chain flail. The wings are really big - the model is almost as big as Nagash, and is extra tall. It is sculpted on top of a flickering flame. There are three different heads with different types of horns and helmets. Large armoured hooves, thigh straps, regular upper body strapps and gladiator kindof armour. Super muscular, like a super ripped world's strongest man mixed with a Khorne daemon. TRUE

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Necron Rumors - 2nd Wave - Oct 2011
Contents of Wave were not wholly correct
Doom/Night Scythe TRUE WRONG DATE
Wraiths/Spyders, TRUE
Szeras, TRUE
Anrakyr, TRUE
Battleforce TRUE

Tau Rumors - March 2011
Tau in 2012 (June)FALSE
Necrons in November 2011 TRUE
Gk April 2011 TRUE
Wartorn Skies - July FALSE
Sisters - March 2012 FALSE

Cargad.com - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE)

Warhammer fantasy Rumors - May 2014

A rumour from a spanish site (found here: http://www.cargad.com/index.php/2014...aba-warhammer/ )

They were the first to mention a release of Nagash / End Times campaign (May 29th), but did so in a context saying that this End Times campaign would be the lead to a closure of "Warhammer" (presumably WFB, not 40K), followed by a subsequent new skirmish game (presumably fantasy-ish-themed) in 2015 PARTIALLY TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - Feb 2009

Thanks to a small bird, we give a pile you of the VERY TRUSTWORTHY news exceeds what Games Workshop will send during 2.009. Obvious, surely what it is said safe is nothing, but he is quite safe *
March: the War of Anillo. I supplement so that SdA is a game of battles and not of skirmishes. They will even sell plastic pedestals for “adapting” or “putting in rows” minis of the Gentleman of the Ring. *
April: the Imperial Guard comes. Few new miniatures, but will be something (and great). *
May: Fantasy, second big wave of miniatures of the Empire. To already known Tank Steam they are united (finally) Great the Espaderos to him of plastic. We will also see the new Altar military. *
Julio: Warhammer 40,000 Planet Strike. I supplement for planetary assaults. The stage scene says that it is the best one than it has never been seen.
* August: Elfos for SDA.
* September: You remember that we said to you that for 2,009 was going away to reedit a classic one? Then already we can say that one is SPACE HULK. With new miniatures (impressive) among others of Exterminadores and Genestealers. Without a doubt, the explosion of 2,009 (and now to hope that also they reedit Heroquest). Ah, has said to us that perhaps the price is high, so to buy in England it becomes essential.
* October: It is possible (but it is without confirming) that of Warhammer Fantasy we see the Skavens.
* In November it is highly probable that we see códex of certain chapter of Marin, but not yet is confirmed. And now, the brief news:
* For the 2,010, it almost seems certainly there will be new códex of Tiránidos and Bloody Angeles (taking advantage of the pull of Space Hulk), and says that Necrones or (attention) Tau.
* Of Fantasy the first army that we will see will be the one of Khemri. Without the news of the Beasts of the Chaos.
* There is the good news and the bad news for fans of the Eldar Dark. The good one is that the project is finished, book and miniatures. The bad one is that by low popularity of códex, its launching has discarded.
* A rumor that had appeared envelope that Games Workshop could “leave of side” printed books and to happen to give the pdf free (since already it did in Japan) is denied. That is everything. We give thanks to who has blown the news to us (that she will follow in the anonymity).

Cazzz669 - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (1 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

End Times Rumors - Jan 2015
Originally Posted by cazzz669
So, just got off the horn with a contact at GW who apparently has just come out of a briefing regarding the future of WHF
in May 2015 after the End of Times WHF will become a skirmish game centered around surviving warbands after the "armegeddon" of the fantasy world as a result of the End of Times. FALSE
Chaos decimate the Empire
Nagash and co decimate Brettonia
Ulthuan sinks
there will be less army books than currently ( no idea if this means imalgimation armies )

appreciate I do not post very often so will doubtless recieve a whole load of flame for this post BUT given i literally just got told it, thought some people here would appreciate me sharing..
Personally I hope to god this is all incorrect

ChargeandDie - Total rumors: (27 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (2 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2014
Runelord can't add DD TRUE

Dwarf army can add 2 DD every magic phase TRUE
Anvil is Boune spell (can plus the S for dwarf) PARTIALLY TRUE
Dwarf Gyrocopter(new models) can make two version: TRUE
1 is bomber(max can take 2)
2 is fight with machine gun (max can take 6)

A lot new special character
1: king of Eight Peaks TRUE
2: the engineer with big gun TRUE

All the new models are infantry (with out Gyrocopte):
1: Hammerer TRUE
2: Black smith
3: Long beard TRUE

5: Irondragon(name not confirm) new shooting unit TRUE
like choas dwraf IG 4+armor S4 T4 weapon is flaming attack TRUE

(The hammerer black smith and long beard is in same box, TRUE
the slayer other box because no armor, TRUE
Irondragon other box. TRUE
all the new models very cool.)
All the rune are same and warmachine too TRUE
The magic item:
1: The armmr can give the user T10 TRUE

Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2014
Source also says that hammerers can get 2+ AS with a 6+ ward. Probably with a rune. FALSE

Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2014
Tunneler / super cannon kit. I assume it's a greater cannon of sorts. FALSE

Dark Elf Rumors - Aug 2013
I've heard some whispers from my friend that De will get something like a Medusa kit TRUE
the signature spell or dark magic lore attribute boosts strength. TRUE
Also getting a 100 point item (executioner axe) in line with other books like OnG and LM. TRUE

Dark Elf Rumors - Aug 2013
Kraken has 4 s7 attacks and if all hit, additional d6 s7 attacks.
Scourgerunner has s7 bolt thrower with no armor saves (fluff - they use this to hunt monsters). TRUE
Signature spell boosts strength by 1 and adds d3 power dice. TRUE
And someone mentioned army wide ASF. TRUE

Dark Elf Rumors - aug 2013
I've heard some rumours about the witch elf alternative unit. Apparently they will have lashes with a shield and have a 4+ ward save in combat unless against mark of slaneesh units. WS5 2A and additional +1 to hit if WS is higher than enemy in base contact. TRUE
The alternate hydra - beast of karond kar has 4 S7 attacks and additonal D6 S7 attacks if all the attacks hit. TRUE

Dark Elf Rumors - Aug 2013
There's a new type of Lord choice - think sea helm for DE. Has a sword for a leg. the model looks cool accordingly to my source. TRUE

Dark Elf Rumors - Aug 2013
Warlocks are a casting unit Ala pink horrors. Spells are leadership hex and 2d6 s5 MM. Fixed level 2 with +1 to cast with every rank. Apparently they have 4+ ward. TRUE
New type of witch hag char which has an item to give +1 attack to unit and +2 if the unit has frenzy. TRUE
Lore attribute is target takes 2d6 s1 AP hits if roll doubles while casting and 3d6 if triples are rolled. TRUE
Another rumour I just heard is rerolling ones when wounding. How would that work? TRUE

Dark Elf Rumors - Aug 2013
There's another one about the altar - 5+ ward and reroll to wound to all Khaine units within 6 inches and it has a bound spell similar to the witch hag item. Black horror is template remove models if strength test fails. No armor saves but ward saves are allowed TRUE

Chipstar - Total rumors: (14 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

6th Edition Rumors - June 2012
- allies chart is in for sure, a matrix. you need 1 HQ 2 Troop of your own army, then you can ally, need 1 HQ 1 Troop of that army, then may take other slots. can special characters be brought as allies didn't see any limit on (taking special characters as allies) TRUE
- it's still move shoot assault TRUE
- "snapshop" = stand and shoot for an assaulted unit, BS1, no template or blast TRUE Templates can be used for overwatch, but largely right
- snapshot is also for HWs that have moved. you can fire a krak missile as a snapshot; heavy bolter that moves = 3 shots at BS1 TRUE
- psychic powers are IN ADDITION to your codex powers; so you don't lose any of the powers in a current codex TRUE
- premeasure all the time TRUE
- random charges 2d6 for foot, 3d6 drop lowest for jump pack troops TRUE
- jump pack troops get "hammer of wrath" = impact hits, 1 A @ I 10, normwal weapon normal attack (for jump packs, not sure about wings, maybe) TRUE
- 6 missions, and 3 deployment zones, primary and 3 secondary objectives TRUE
- vps for objectives "first blood" = 2nd objective worth 1 vp no more dawn of war, no - more spearhead one is like triangles cleanse 2? TRUE Lo
- power weapon is AP2 FALSE
- there is a hull point systemm, damage chart changed TRUE
- 1-2 shaked 3 = stuned 4 = weapon destroyed 5 = wrecked 6 = kablam FALSE No wrecked on the chart.
- terrain is a part of the FoC, "fortifcation FOC slot" 1 per game aegis defense line 50pts TRUE
- cover is 5+ TRUE
- rapid fire is half range not 12" rapid fire isnt limited by movement TRUE

Cincydooley - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Space Wolf Rumors - Jul 2014
The Space Wolves are getting a new flyer. TRUE

CleverAntics - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (3 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 1/8/2016 - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Release Schedule Rumors - Oct 2015
Long time lurker/Swap Shop enthusiast here. Normally I follow rumors/leaks without ever putting word in let alone feeding information to the public. Well, over the weekend at the FLGS I spoke with a fellow player who is adamant that 'change' is on the way; and no, that quoted word is not hinting at Tzeentch. He's very confident in his source and let me in on the timeline from now til January. As usual take with your prescribed amount of salt as I relay the supposed information I gathered.

Given the expansive release of the Tau Empire they're likely going to stretch into November as well. TRUE
December shouldn't really see any releases aside from the odd paint set or bundle deals per usual. FALSE
Once we hit January we're looking at Slaanesh and, unsurprisingly, the Keeper of Secrets kit release along with the Daemonkin Codex. FALSE
It was not mentioned if any other models would be released alongside it. He hinted that a character KoS would also be included, but whether that's further along the line as they did with Skarbrand or not, I'm not sure.

On top of all this...? The generic Chaos Space Marine Codex WILL NOT be updated and essentially is being split off into the 4 Daemonkin Codexes. I kinda have a hard time believing this bit, but maybe it isn't so far-fetched as it sounds? Nurgle, Tzeentch and Slaanesh players supposedly will be pleased as Typhus, Ahriman and Lucius will be included in their Daemonkin Codexes.

Not quite sure what to think of it as GW has been a little radical lately and wouldn't quite put anything seemingly far-fetched past them anymore. Apologies if this has been relayed before, but I follow Chaos Rumors like a Cultist and I don't recall anything other than Tzeentch Daemonkin being predicted after Tau, which obviously conflicts with this. We'll see.

ClockworkZion - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (5 FALSE) / (2 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Sisters of Battle Rumors - Jan 2015
From a little Ripper Swarm to me:
The Codex is done, the models are in production, and it's nebulously a Q2 release. FALSE
It's the Dark Eldar treatment-- rebuilt the range from the ground up, completely.

7th Edition Rumors - May 2014
Talking to my "source" (or whatever you want to call him) here's what I got:
-No known changes to psychic powers FALSE
-Assault changes where on the table at one point to try and make it more on par with shooting but it's unclear if they made it in or not right now
-Escalation and Stronghold Assault rules are in, TRUE
but profiles are not (and they were added to try and balance the Riptide and Wraithknight, paticulalry for Imperial Armies who don't have a lot of tools to shut them down fast enough) FALSE
EDIT: -Just one book, not three. FALSE
-New Starter isn't Marines and Orks . PARTIALLY TRUE

7th Edition Rumors - Apr 2014
The new rulebook is not a 7th edition of the game, but a re-issue of 6th edition which has the FAQs incorporated in it, and some minor tweaks across the board. FALSE
Some of you may remember when they did something similar during 3rd edition, where they totally overhauled the assault phase, but the edition itself was left alone from that point. Same idea here-- they're folding in the changes in Stronghold Assault into the main rulebook, and quantifying superheavy units and D weapons in the main rules. But that's about it. PARTIALLY TRUE

Commandart - Total rumors: (2 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 2/2/2017

PENDING Sisters Rumors / Dwarf Rumors / 40k Rumors - Feb 2017
-Also for you 40k players, namely those interested in sisters. They are coming. After seeing how much the recent hero set sold they are working on them now. It may take about a year but it's in progress.
Hope I have peaked some interest and brought some hope to you all. Sadly I didn't get much info about Death and Destruction but I am hoping Death will get a long awaited release, and some goblins will soon be a thing.

-The rumored dwarves should be released at the end of March. TRUE

-Elves will be getting some releases in the summer

-Some elves will be joining slaneesh as a cult.

-For those of you who play 40k as well, expect it to get streamlined a bit. The rules bloat will be taken care of. TRUE

conspiracynutt - Total rumors: (3 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Blood Angels Rumors - Nov 2014
via e9832a04-6d07-11e4-9637-1fd442c0eb49
or conspiracynutt (was posted under both names)
Ok, this is either going to go down like a lead balloon or I may have just found the holy grail of rumour farming!!!!

So here goes, the next book being released for the campaign is....
Shield of Baal:Exterminatus. TRUE

Not only that but the Blood angels codex is coming with this funky little tidbit:
Codex Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard Edition TRUE
As well as:
Blood Angels Data Cards(English) TRUE

I know people will throw salt all over this, but I believe it is genuine and I have proof but I just don't want to give it away just yet in case Games Workshop patch that particular hole because it could be a potential gold mine for info.


Dark Angel Rumors - August 2012
Mortis Dreadnought TRUE
New Character that can choose allies as troops FALSE
2+ FNP on Deathwing FALSE
New Land Speeders TRUE
Blazing Sword for Ravenwing FALSE
3 banners that will characterize the army and the command team. TRUE
Different Gets Hot! rules FALSE
New Aircraft TRUE
cyclone missile launcher will have an AA if the model remains stationary for that turn. FALSE
new options for the predator. FALSE
WW AA will have the option as an upgrade and 3 different types of missile to choose before the game. FALSE
special character chaplain PARTIALLY TRUE
new psychic powers PARTIALLY TRUE
two basic troops choices and not just one. TRUE
Codex is first after the new year TRUE

cyphertheory - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (1 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 5/15/2017

PENDING Specialist Games Rumors - May 2017
Heard from my ususal source that Necromunda is getting a release at xmas

suggested that the original six gangs will be getting plastics releases.

this is not in response to SW:A, but rather was a planned release as part of the specialist games spin up.

did not say new terrain, but did say that the current release of terrain is not yet over and there is more to come.

source was previously correct on all of the releases for Gathering Storm a few months before release

Space Marine Rumors - Jan 2017

"I have heard that it could be Guilliman returned TRUE in some form of dreadnought like suit/armour FALSE"

Danboy Jack - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (3 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Necron Rumors - Jan 2015
via Danboy Jack in the Comment sections
Necron rumors I heard are pretty dire, shop worker who is a close friend of mine got this info while he was up hq for some training purposes last week.

Gauss will now on a roll of a six be double strength against vehicles so rifles str8, the immortal ones str 10 instead of auto glancing. FALSE

the stand back up rule is gone now all necrons have a 5+ invuln save made better by a res orb by +1 on troops and +2 on characters because they have removed the 3+ invuln item res orbs 5pts dearer. FALSE

He also saw a change/notes for both flayed ones and scarabs but didn't have time to read them properly other than scarabs do two things on a 5 and a 6 now. I'm guessing an armour point gone on only a 5 now and maybe a glance on a 6? That's speculation on my part. FALSE

Please i'm just repeating what i was told today he's a bit of a joker my mate but he really was up there last week as some other guy was covering the shop.

Dark Apostle - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE)

Release Schedule Rumors - Aug 2015


"AM won't get a release this year. PARTIALLY TRUE
Tzeentch/chaos is after Tau. (TDK i don't know but chaos will be seeing more this year in the november at the very least. possible Xmas release. (or there abouts) but i have not been told anything about AM. i heard whispers of Tyranids, but no IG just yet.

BUT.....but i have been wrong before as have everyone else whom has supplied info's here. (it's all hit and miss until GW releases it- regardless of the source. as we have witnessed recently)

as always take the info any way you like."

we will be getting that new sorcerer. i initially thought it was a daemon, it could well be a chaos sorcerer (chaos space marine). regardless what i heard/was told: Tzeentch will see a release (if not rules aka dex, then models) Tau ~ Chaos ~ Tyranid......then maybe AM, then another Imperial dex, possibly a supplement followed by several repacks.for Tau: * new drones* new suits* possibly new kroot and vespids.Chaos:* updated dex/TDK (either or)* Havocs (we have heard this before, but increased price point, increased number of options in kit)* something new and big.* Cultists (idk if 10 or 20 man, just that they are coming)Nids:* expect new dex, or supplement containing last big wave of nids as well as several new strains represented.* re-pack of gaunts (with options for gargoyles- wings)AM:* hardback dex* sentinel repack* rough riders* new tank/terrain feature.Imperial Dex/Supp:* IDK. wasn't listening as i was focused on finding out chaos info's (but did hear to expect something around the end of this year/start of next year, could be a campaign, could be anything at this point)that's more or less i know or can divulge at this moment. now i fully do not expect this to come true nor do i expect anyone to take me serious due in part i never share pictures or verify my info. but take this with salt and know that some or all MIGHT be released (and in the order given above)

Campaign Rumors - May 2015
via Dark Apostle on Faeit 212
daemons is what i was told....i have on excellent authority that what NF says here is 100% correct. a character and a squad (for Dark Angels). daemonkin will release after with campaign with DA v TDK. FALSE

(really if you must, choose to disbelieve me, but don't disbelieve our good pal NF, he is on the money this time)

Chaos Rumors - May 2015
via Dark Apostle on Faeit 212
they will add a new daemon character for the campaign this is one of the objectives for the DA to kill off before a mighty Lord of Change is summoned also it is a great wizard/psyker consider it to be Ahriman but in daemon form, or that is the fluff more or less for that model. not sure on release time. picture i was sent is of a model that is not a kitbash or a conversion, new sculpt. FALSE

it is not the alleged LOC model, this is in addition to the LOC.

only saw daemon character picture. awaiting image for LOC.

disbelieve until it releases you will anyway. (or some will, others will just apply a healthy dose of salt and appreciate the info's nonetheless)

Darkwarrior1981 - Total rumors: (9 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Ork Rumors / Supplement Rumors - Jun 2014
via DarkWarrior1981 on Warseer
I just recieved word from someone who works for GW (higher up, not a red/black shirt), that there will be a codex supplement called Waaagh Ghazgkull. Obviously, themed around the warboss we all know. The book is listed as codex orks supplement, but it is unclear at the moment, if it will be like Clan Raukaan (so you need the codex), or standalone linke Militarum tempestus. It will be released soon, I assume shortly after the codex. It appears, that both books are already in the warehouse waiting for the day of release. TRUE

Flyer Rumors - release - Jan 2013
It contains only rules for fliers still on sale or with a codex entry TRUE
(the Dark Eldar bomber is in), TRUE
some fliers have their rules updated to 6th edition (whatever this means exactly) TRUE
the Stormraven is now available to Codex Space Marines and Black Templars as well TRUE
Also you will find the flier rules from Crusade of Fire and new missions TRUE
The book will be on sale (no pre-order) from 16th of February, TRUE
is direct only (so not from your FLGS) TRUE
english language only and will not be limited stock TRUE

Darnok (from Warseer) - Total rumors: (88 TRUE) / (22 FALSE) / (11 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 7/19/2016

Board Game Rumors - Apr 2016
Via Darnok on Warseer:

According to what I've been told, after next weeks Ghoul reboxing it should be the Silver Tower game the week after. So pre-orders on the 14th of May, release on the 21th. TRUE

Flyer Rumors - Apr 2016
Re: Flyer Game - Summer 2016

The OP is actually right, but there are two more flyers and a supplement coming before the "flyer game". TRUE

Board Game Rumors - Mar 2016
From what I have been told, this WHQ-like game is coming this May. The title seems to be "Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower", and it comes with hero models for multiple races - including human, Stormcast, Aelf, Duardin and Ogor (and I quote: "amongst others"). There might even be expansions, if the base game sells well. TRUE

Orc Rumors - Mar 2016

Some kind of late Easter Egg here... According to one of my sources, the former Orcs & Goblins will get their "AoS-ification" at the end of April. TRUE
The first release is set for 30th of April, with advance orders up on the 23. In no particular order, there will be: a monster kit, a new unit of cavalry, a new unit of infantry, plus some clampack characters. Apart from the characters (no details here) the other new kits are about Ironjaws (former Black Orcs). TRUE

Orc Rumors - Feb 2016
Re: AoS - Upcoming releases

From what I've been told about Marchs O&G releases, we'll see a big monster, an infantry unit, a cavalry unit, and several clampack characters. Plus the obvious book of course.

Eh, just got word that my first batch of O&G information was off a month. Sorry everybody, it will be April, not March. It seems like some Skaven repacks, more Stormcasts and something Khorne is coming during March. TRUE

Age of Sigmar Rumors - Jan 2016
Darnok over on Warseer is on the case:

“There will be similar books for the other alliances. New Realm Gate Wars book(s) too. I have no information on the timing, except for “soonish”. TRUE

Expect some WoC repacks soon as well.”

Space Wolf Rumors - Jan 2016
Darnok - Warseer Forum

I've been told the SW will not get a new codex, but an expansion book - I guess similar to the last Tau update. There will be new models, but I have no details about them (yet). TRUE

Chaos Rumors - Nov 2015
via Darnok 11-9-2015

“There is a couple of special Chaos Knights following Archaon, as well as a Tzeentch character. A Battle Tome to go with all of them as well.

And there is more for AoS in January…” TRUE

Tau Rumors - Aug 2015

Tau in September should be about right.FALSE
There are a few more AoS releases coming, but I don't think they will stretch into October.

 CHaos Rumors - Aug 2015
I was told there was a new big kit for Khorne coming. "Exalted Deathbringer" sounds about right.
Ah, okay. In that case this model is not the one I just mentioned. Think Bloodthirster size. TRUE

Chaos Rumors - Aug 2015
Plastic Fleshhounds aren't happening, at least not in the near future. TRUE

Horus Heresy Rumors
Darnok - Warseeer

Re: Horus Heresy Plastics in late 2015

There is still a lot of releases for AoS in line before the HH game is due. TRUE

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - June 2015
Just a few words of warnign about those "Dakka rumours": they sound nothing like what I've been told so far. No overlap with things that I have heard about, but lots of things that where not in that. I can not go into more detail, but to me it sounds like somebody either got a lot of things wrong, or stuff has just been made up. TRUE

Dark Angel Rumors - May 2015
I've been told there would be two more upgrade sets, so UM and DA are only the first half of that.TRUE
Devastators will be the second kit after Assault Marines. TRUE
Add a few clampack characters, and that's the SM release. TRUE
DA will only get a codex and a character (plus this upgrade frame). I don't know whether the older DA upgrade sprue will remain in production - I hope so.
No, DA are still on their own.

 Space Marine Rumors /  Eldar Rumors /  Dark Angel Rumors - May 2015
Darnok - Warseer Forum
I can confirm that Space Marines are coming,TRUE
as well as Dark Angels. Three weeks of SM releases, one for DAs. After the AdMech stuff is done there is an Eldar armybox, FALSEand then it’s Marines.As for those rumours in the OP: eh, “rules rumours” are usually crap, as are these. I consider the “sprue rumours” to be nothing more than wishlisting too.
Well, it will be right after the SM releases, so late June or early July. And quite a lot of stuff too, should be only WHF for a while.
There is a lot of WHF coming after the SM releases are done. Just not at the beginning of June. TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - Mar 2015
The AdMech stuff is already set in motion. On the Eldar: I've been told it's a full codex,TRUE
but only new Jetbikes (could be two boxes for different unit types thoug - interpretation of mine) and a few characters with it. TRUE

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Feb 2015
via Darnok on Warseer
My latest information has 9th for summer. TRUE May has something else coming. TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Jan 2015
As far as I’m informed, this is 100% correct. New Bloodthirster, yeah! TRUE

So far I only have heard about a CSM supplement in March. Maybe some more details will surface over the next weeks.
The theme is Khorne, as far as I’m told. TRUE
Adding to the confusion now…
One of my very reliable birdies told me to not expect a new CSM codex, but only a supplement. And while it is centered around Khorne (plus at least one new unit and new models in plastic), it is not about a Legion, but a renegade warband. This is a contradiction to the rumour in the OP by S teve the Warboss, and only one set of those rumours can be correct in the end. TRUE
So apply a bit more salt than usual.

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Jan 2015
Re: Chaos Space Marines in the pipeline

Originally Posted by totgeboren
Darnok, do you happen to know anything about the theme of the supposed new CSM supplement? Some random warband again I assume?

The theme is Khorne, as far as I'm told.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Jan 2015
Darnok wrote:If you like Warhammer, I suggest you better take a seat.

Over the last few months I got a few glimpses on what WHF could change to in the very near future. I have collected messages, asked questions, and tried to form a somewhat coherent picture. The one thing I believe by now is: Warhammer in its current form will no longer be supported by GW. It will be transformed into something else, with everything built up in background and most of the model range being kicked out of the door.

To give you an insight into some of the messages I got, have a look at the following. Please note that I am paraphrasing at times, and have cut out (hopefully) everything that could lead to the original identities of my friendly birdies.

Quote Originally Posted by Birdy
- 9th Edition to pick up where the ET leaves off in fluff, plus a couple of hundred years or so (to reboot the setting). PARTIALLY TRUE

- The Warhammer World gets shattered on a dimensional level during the climax of the ET. No more "map of the Old World" - it's now little bubbles of reality, where pockets of civilisation try desperately to eke a living before the next collision with another bubble, which may be full of Chaos. (To address the problem of "how come my Tomb Kings of Khemri are fighting against Wood Elves from Athel Loren?", not that I get the impression that either of those will still exist, but you get the idea) PARTIALLY TRUE

- New faction... heavily armoured, religious, "good" human warriors fighting with the power of the gods. (Warhammer Space Marines, basically). Karl Franz Ascended seems to be the prototype or precursor for this concept, AFAICT. TRUE
Quote Originally Posted by Another Birdy
9th edition will have 6 factions. FALSE
Model diversity cut in half shelf space. New world and new age so current factions and lore aren't recognizable at all. Each new faction has like 3 core units that will always be on the shelf. Much faster releases of stuff, mainly characters and special units of 2-5 fancy models (like Morghasts) that have their own rules right in the box, so not dependent on a static army book. Many of the these non-core models are only available for a limited time (say 6 months to a year), so they don't take up shelf space forever and ever. Many existing models are not usable in 9th. FALSE
Quote Originally Posted by Birdy #3
We can expect the next edition of Fantasy to throw everything up in the air. The whole End Times move has been to wean people onto a whole new take on the Warhammer world and it's going to start with every army being "chaosified". We can expect army play styles and appearance to change quite dramatically and there will be a whole load of new models being released early on to tie everything together. This has caused quite a stir back at GW HQ as there are a lot of people behind the scenes (some of which are very well known to us) who don't like the changes that have been made. I have also been told that the models due to be released are some of the best to date!
Add to that (and by "Birdy Prime" I mean my best source so far): TRUE

Quote Originally Posted by Birdy Prime
'9th' [or] whatever is next for fantasy [...] coming 2015 in the summer. TRUE The new faction [plus] future releases after this point for five 'existing' factions (which plus this would make six) […] but I think there will be [...] more.
As you can see, it will be drastic. It seems like those „Spanish rumours“ might have had some more flesh on them than I thought: I am by now sorry for my sometimes nasty words about them. And despite my remorse about ever mentioning it, I think my statement about a „ragestorm of epic proportions“ could have been correct after all.

This whole thing will turn out to be either correct or not in less than six months. Hopefully we can get over our worst emotions until then.

P.S.: I have sat on most of this since right before Christmas, but decided I didn't want to ruin anybodies holidays. I also had high hopes for somebody relieving me from this stuff... but that hope was lost.

Harlequin Rumors - Dec 2014

"As most of you will know, the next release for 40K will be Codex: Necrons at the end of January. But...

Source #1

After that come.... Harlequins. Multiple plastic kits and clams over several weeks I think including new jetbike riding ones, is there a current or old name for them? These are called sky weavers. TRUE

Apply salt as usual, but this comes from my most trusted source. Unless there is anything big I'm unaware of this should be hitting February, or March at the latest."

Necron Rumors - Dec 2014
Necrons will hit on the 31th of January (so advance orders are up on the previous Friday, the 23rd).TRUE
Codex, TRUE
clampack character,TRUE
and an army box - the latter probably a bit after the book/character. TRUE

High Elf Rumors - Nov 2014
The Elves get their turn with a twist in the upcoming End Times Series for Warhammer Fantasy. Here's the latest:

End Times Rumors 11-9-2014 (Black Library Weekender)
via Warseer's Darnok:
Now what if I tell you that 1.) the Elves ET book will come with no models alongside it TRUE
and 2.) there will be two more ET books after it?
Volume III: The Curse of Khaine (Scheduled for this year) TRUE
Volume IV: Skaven Book TRUE
Volume V: Unknown rumored final volume

The big point of contention out there in rumorland is whether or not End Times: Khaine will come with models, or be a book only release. Based on what we've seen before from the End Times series, Army Bundles to represent the listed battle hosts is a given, and both High Elves and Dark Elves have received substantial new kits in their last updates.

But then again, would a model of Khaine himself count as an "Elf Model"?

Fantasy Rumors - Aug 2014
a "big thing" for WHF at the end of August - sadly no details, but the notion of "the shape of things to come!" ... confirmed as being the return of Nagash TRUE
Nurgle gets some love in October: a book, TRUE 3 plastic kits TRUE and a clampack TRUE - again, sadly no details about this

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Hellbrute Rumors - Feb 2014
via Darnok on Warseer
As far as I'm informed, the Helbrutes will be available a week after the Knights Codex. TRUE
It won't go up for advance order with the new Warhammer Visions though, as the Knight books have that spot. As far as I know, the Helbrutes release is the 15th (so advance order from 8th).

Eldar Rumors
There will be something in the codex called a wraithknight (almost as big as a phantom titan) TRUE
and a psyker flyer. TRUE
Striking Scopion will be a must have! TRUE

Tau Rumors - March 2013
Tau - Spring / Easter TRUE

WD - Jan 2013
No more rules in WD TRUE

Chaos Daemon Rumors
Greater Daemons in plastic (maybe only 2, maybe 4) PILE ON
Nurgle Flies ridden by Plaguebearers PILE ON
a Khorne chariot/cannon double-kit TRUE
Of course there will be the usual mix of characters in plastic and Finecast. TRUE

Eldar Rumors - Nov 2012
the translation of the next eldar codex has started (or so it seems).. TOO VAGUE

All plastic minis stay the same for the moment including jetbikes TRUE
Wraithguards will be plastic with a HtH option (swords) TRUE
A new Farseer model (finecast iirc) TRUE
a character for Dire Avengers, FALSE
a new entry "something-seer" TRUE

White Dwarf Rumors - Overhaul - August 2012
WD is changing in a fairly big way. They are moving out of the design studio into completely new offices and have brought in an outsider to head up the new format magazine (a former editor of a major successful magazine). The new magazine will have increased content and is being invested in with more money by GW in an attempt to break with the concept amongst many readers that it is little more than a figures advert. They've been working on the new mag since early May (4 WDs have been released since), so I'd expect the first of the new look fairly soon, but it would give us an idea on internal turn around times when it appears... TRUE

WOC Rumors - Kroot's Daemon Thread - July 2012
Plastic Dragon Ogres TRUE
Chaos Knight can mount Dragon Ogres FALSE
Plastic Chaos Ogres FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - July 2012
the book is done and almost at the printers TOO VAGUE?
an Iron Warriors character (?) has been seen, with a huge servo harness TRUE
possible new Obliterators (plastic or Finecast?) TRUE
painted versions of all 4 cult terminators have been sighted - could be conversions though TOO VAGUE
plastic Plaguebearers on round bases have been sighted TRUE

Dark Elf Rumors / Dwarf Rumors / Wood Elf Rumors
DE - Expected before WE TRUE
Dwarves - Expected before WE TRUE
WE - The treeman, however was said to be on the new monster base and about as tall as the Ogre Thundertusk's banner, and that it stylewise is more living brushwood-forest thingy than an actual anthromorphic tree. PARTIALLY TRUE

6th Edition Rumors - June 2012
Anyway, Land Speeders have the special rule "Jink", which gives them a 5+ save all the time, this changes to 4+ if they go flat out. (I'm reasonably sure all fast skimmers get this, I'm not sure whether it's a USR or just a quality Fast Skimmers get) TRUE
Also, (and I can't believe I forgot this one) models are taken from the front when they're shot. Or, to put it another way, when a unit gets shot at, models from the part of the unit closest to the firer are removed first. TRUE

6th Edition Rumors - Leaks - June 2012
- Hull Points are in, it is stated that Ghost Arks, Land Raiders, and Defilers each have 4 Hull Points apiece. TRUE
- Necrons have the ability to strip hull points for each roll of a 6 to penetrate/glance vehicles, making rapid-firing gauss weaponry very powerful at removing armour. TRUE
- Speaking of rapid fire, you can indeed move and fire once up to the full range of the weapon (it is explicitly stated that Fire Warriors can fire their weapons up to 30" away), no confirmation on the 3x fire for Relentless at half range though. TRUE
- Assault moves are indeed 2d6", but added together. Units equipped with jump packs can re-roll the dice to see how far they charge. TRUE
- The Rage USR gives you +2 attacks on the charge TRUE]
- All flying monstrous creatures have the ability to fly 24", doing something called a "Vector Strike", which is a certain amount of automatic hits to a unit they fly over, at the base strength of the creature. TRUE
- Monstrous creatures' attacks are explicitly AP 2 TRUE
- Every army must select a "Warlord" or single general to lead the army, this leader gets an ability. They can choose between three different types of abilities, "Personal", "Inspirational" or "Strategic". They then roll on one of those charts to see what ability it is. The two examples given were a Grand Master giving all friendlies within 12" his Ld of 10 (Inspirational), and a Chaos Lord being a scoring unit (Personal, the ability itself was called "Immovable Object" TRUE
- Flyers are a specific type of unit, and it is somewhat unclear as to the rules for shooting at them. Either all units require a 6 to hit them (unless they have a special rule called Skyfire), or this is still the case but only if those flyers move flat-out. Monstrous creatures with the ability to Fly also get this "6-to-hit" rule. TRUE
- You have the ability to buy different terrain (it even has its own slot on the new FOC), e.g, you can buy a Bastion with a Quad-Gun (which has the aforementioned Skyfire USR). There seem to be quite a few options for what terrain you can buy, but naturally most of them are typically represented by terrain kits GW sells. TRUE
- Now we're on the topic of the FOC, the rules for allies weren't laid out specifically, but it is heavily implied that its not the same as in WHFB. They refer to allied units as "Detachments", and there is an example of a player with a Chaos Space Marine force having some detachments of Chaos Daemons in his army. Basically, I was given the impression that it is far more common (and frequent) for a detachment from another 40k army to join a larger one, than it is for a Fantasy army to have Allies. Think more along the lines of the Storm of Magic rules for using TK, VC, or Daemons. TRUE
- Here's a biggie: Units -can- go on Overwatch, giving them the ability to fire upon an enemy unit which charges them, but at BS 1. Eldar (and any other army with access to the Clairvoyance psychic power set) can use a psychic power to give a unit the ability to fire at their usual BS. TRUE
- Monstrous Creatures have access to a special "Smash" attack, allowing them to halve their attacks, but double their strength. It mentions that this gives them the ability to destroy tanks more easily. TRUE
- It's somewhat hinted that AP will have some kind of affect against vehicles. This is because part of the Munitorum dice set includes vehicle damage dice. It specifies that some of the dice are "AP 1, AP 2, and AP 3 Damage dice", or something to that effect. TRUE
- 4 Disciplines of Psychic powers PARTIALLY TRUE
- basically what we were thinking in terms of Clairvoyance, Biomancy, etc etc. There's a chart near the back of the WD detailing which (if any) psychic disciplines a particular army gains access to. It's interesting to see that a large amount of armies don't have access to any at all. TRUE

40k Rule Rumors - Rulebook
440 Page Rulebook Blurb TRUE
Psychic Power handout. 7 Disciplines with aquila case and cards PARTIALLY TRUE
There are also "Munitorum Templates" (£12, designed with a metal effect look), "Munitorum Tape Measure" (£10, looking like a Servoskull) and "Munitorum Dice" (£10, while stocks last). TRUE

40k Rule Rumors - Pancake Style 6th Rumors
AP are on ccw TRUE
but he says power weapons are ap 2, not 3. FALSE
When you charge it's double your move, infantry move 6, bikes 8 cav 7 etc. FALSE
It's move assault then shooting now! FALSE
Fnp is 5+. TRUE
Master crafted ccw give you a 5+ invuln save FALSE
When you shoot you roll to hit depending on the speed of your target. Fast vehicles you always need a 6. FALSE
A unit can't claim a object while inside a vehicle. TRUE
There's new kinds of instance death. If your say strengh 8 vs a space marine captain toughness 4 you only do 2 wounds! Strengh (9?) or more would do 3 wounds & kill him. FALSE
In kill point missions you get kill points based on what the units points cost, so for example a landraider would be worth 5 kill points & a unit of marines 3pts. FALSE

Eldar Rumors - Flyer - May 2012
Eldar flyer spotted TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - May 2012
Jan: VC Army Book TRUE
Feb: Vampire Models TRUE
March: Tyr/SW TRUE
April: Empire TRUE
May: DA/Chaos FALSE
July: 6th Ed FALSE
August: 40k Model Wave PARTIALLY TRUE
Oct: Empire Models + DA/Chaos FALSE
Dec: WoC models + 40k Models? FALSE

Paint Rumors - Jan 2012
Paints, TRUE
Tervigon TRUE

Darth Spader - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (1 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Starter Box Rumors
Necrons and SM with Aegis. FALSE

Dave from Faeit212 - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Apocalypse Rumors - Dec 2012
a new Apoc rulebook soon too bring apoc games in line with 6th edition TRUE

David Metcalfe on Warseer FB - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (1 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - updated 1/8/2016

Dark Angel Rumors - Nov 2016

New two part campaign series coming in thr new year, first book is called "the Hunt", contains detachments and formations for Dark Angels AND their SUCCESSORS, as well as agents of the inquisition investigating the behavior of the unforgiven. Book two "Fall of the Angels" will detail formations and detachments of the Fallen and their allies. Including rules and models for Luther, Merir Astelan and THE LION. FALSE

DeathlessDraich - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (3 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Dark Elf Rumors - Sep 2013
1) 2 new monsters (or monstrous units?) not 1. One monster from Karond Kar (Is this the Kraken? Does it fly? - I don't know) and the other may be from Har Ganeth FALSE
2) Temple of Khaine artifacts remain - Don't know whether there are new poisons or not TOO VAGUE
3) Maybe a new unit from Har Ganeth or a modification for Executioners? FALSE
4) Improved Assassins - could be a Save or improved Hidden rules. FALSE
5) I think rumours of City Guard, Slaves etc are probably hopeful speculation. Dark Magic and Black Horror will probably remain as do all the present units but following latest trends there are bound to be new units. SPECULATION


Starter Set Rumors - July 2012
RRP for Starter set is 75 pounds TRUE
Flyers - Tau, TRUE
Flyers - Eldar TRUE
Tyranid Harpy TRUE


40k Rule Rumors - Warrior's Code - Plastic - Nov 2013
GW yellow staff were being quite tight in areas. There is a new 'Warrior's Code' coming in for 2014, but they seem to apply them from this weekend. FALSE
This included:
All painted Armies. Now, GW state they will not apply a '3 colour standard' because this is open to abuse. They picked up on someone with a very basic paint scheme that was supposed to be white scar bikers that seemed to be a white primer, a wash and some boltgun metal on the bike engines. PARTIALLY TRUE

No proxies. This is subject to interpretation, but they seem to enforce it based on 'if it has a model is must be used' and conversions must be pre-approved if heavy and not blatantly obvious what the mini is. One fellow who fell foul had an immaculately painted army with Dark angel minis, but painted as White Scars. Even though it had conversions like landspeeders with twin lascannons for preds, he was made to re-write the list as a White Scars list. So the big ugly speeder was a LR etc. I thought this was quite harsh. PARTIALLY TRUE

Others included me being asked why my drop pod doors were glued shut - ummm because I don't like them flapping around, I can't be arsed to paint the insides and also because i was not aware the rules said a vehicle's doors must be modelled to open?

Firstly, plastic T-Hawk is designed. However it currently takes 7 sprues. Apparently the problem is that the big boy kit machine can only do 6 at a time. So the sprues need rehashing to try and cram it all in to make it economical. (I know, I know...) FALSE
The other is that plastic Sisters are done. The timing of the new codex is an attempt to whittle down some apparently high stocks of current metal. FALSE

Dex in Alaska on Faeit 212 - Total rumors: (13 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

IG Rumors - Wyvern Rumor - Mar 2014
via Dex in Alaska on Faeit 212
The Wyvern is on the next cover of the White Dwarf #10 TRUE
Wyvern Support Battery-Heavy Choice and can take 3 in total. TRUE
Comes with a Stormshard Mortar 48" S4 AP6 heavy 2, barrage, blast, ignores cover, shred TRUE
Armour Value is the same as a Chimera and it costs 10 points less than a Griffon TRUE

The model has a chimera hull and looks a lot like Hydra, but with two large short barrels instead of the Hydra's long Autocannons. TRUE

It is a dual kit: Astra Militarum Hydra/ Astra Militarum Wyvern TRUE

IG Rumors - Order Rumors - Mar 2014
via Dex in Alaska on Faeit 212
"Take Aim": Gives the ordered unit Precision Shot TRUE
"Smite At Will": Gives the ordered unit Split Fire TRUE
"First Rank Second Rank": Ordered unit gains an additional attack with lasguns and hot-shot lasguns TRUE
"Forwards for the Emperor" After shooting, ordered unit must run even if they can't normally TRUE
"Move, Move, Move" Ordered unit must run, roll dice and use the highest. TRUE
"Suppressive Fire" Ordered unit's weapons have the pinning rule TRUE


Dark Elf Rumors - Sept 2013
I've heard wich elves box have more than 10 models, but TBC. FALSE

Dez on Faeit 212 - Total rumors: (2 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Chaos Space Marine Rumors and Warlord Traits
The CSM codex has it?s own Warlord chart, TRUE
some characters have specific Warlord Traits! TRUE

DingleDingle - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

GW General Rumors - Jan 2015
"And among other things, the 3D models for the new molds arrived in today. You are not going to believe this, but the diagrams call for new bases. These bases are not circular, nor are they square...hexagon and octagon bases. Unfortunately, it does not say whether the bases are for fantasy or 40k."

dr bored - Total rumors: (3 TRUE) / (7 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Chaos Space Marine Rumors July 2011
Chaos by march 2012 FALSE
6th by Oct 2012 TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors
New Terminator Kit FALSE
2 New Named SCs (one referenced in BL book) FALSE
Chaos Flier (more in line with FW Hellblade/Helltalon TRUE

2012 Release Schedule Rumors - UNKNOWN DATE
Dark Angels (May/June) FALSE
6th Edition (July/August) FALSE
-Starter Box featuring Dark Angels vs. Eldar FALSE
Eldar (Oct/Nov Xenos slot) FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors SC - May 2012
SC in the Codex but not first wave of releases TRUE

duffybear1988 on Warseer - Total rumors: (6 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE)

Space Marine Rumors - Feb 2015
Yeah sorry I got the Mk. IX thing wrong guys. I was right with the new armour, but it seems as Harry says, it wasn't going forward, it was going back in time. It'll be interesting to see what this new armour ends up looking like. TRUE

Space Marine Rumors - Feb 2015
via duffybear1988 on Warseer
Ohhhhhh what about MK9 power armour?
Hot off the production line. FALSE

Here's what I know -
I have been told that there is a new mark of power armour coming at some point in the future. This is to help GW protect it's IP, so expect the design to be different from any previous version. It has been suggested that it looks a bit like Ironman's armour, but I haven't seen it so I don't know how close this is to reality. I don't have a time frame for the arrival and I don't know if old kits will be phased out or if they will remain alongside it. I'm guessing/hoping that older kits will remain as they are and all new kits will feature mark IX armour. This makes the most sense to me, but then this is GW we are talking about here.

That's all I know at this stage and Harry probably knows more than me about what's coming because he's hinting at bigger shocks.
Harlequin Rumors - Jan 2015
6 figures included on the sprue (possibly one is a venom crewman). TRUE
No seer or jester on the sprue my source has. TRUE
Masks are separate to heads and there are far more masks than needed. TRUE
Lots of swords/blades for various poses. TRUE
Nearly all are in dynamic leaping/dancing poses on Eldar ruins. TRUE

I don't know about kisses. Right now I'm just passing on the details as I get them. We discussed it a little last night and think that it's possible there may be another sprue that he doesn't have that comes as part of the box. If that's the case then there may be a jester and seer as well as a troupe master included. FALSE
My source has the right contacts at GW and has no reason to make stuff up, but as usual take everything with a pinch of salt.

Drider - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 5/23/2017 - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

40k Rumors - Dec 2016

Although I hear that 8th is to be around that time too. I can't say anything for the actual rule set, aparantly it brings a new game type. There'll be the current Unbound and the current battle-forged, but also a new tournament style format that's easier to pick up and play (it sounds contradictory to me). Something that does away with formations and the general bloat of stacking special rules upon special rules but should make it easier to balance. PARTIALLY TRUE

As i said before though, i've got no idea of the accuracy of any of this.

duskraider - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (3 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Tau Rumors - March 2011
Tau next FALSE
then chaos FALSE
then eldar FALSE


Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Apr 2015
via DVeight 4-22-2015

Warhammer 9th Timing

The source is a GW employee in a senior position. Not design team. Very good friend of mine that has for years been trying to get me to play Warhammer and 40K which I started year ago. He let the cat out of the bag when we discussed teeing up a social game. His words were “Let’s organise a game soon and also some time get together with the other guys for a last game of 8th edition triumph and treachery. 9th Edition is locked in for release on 11th July.”TRUE

Earlybird - Total rumors: (4 TRUE) / (15 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Jan 2015
EarlyBird wrote:from the horse mouth

factions :

1) Chaos : Demons + Beasts + Mortals
2) Elves
3) Empire
4) Undead
5) Orcs and Goblins
6) Skavens

Lizards are gone in space.
Dwarves survivors join the empire with the ogres.

1) Chaos core : Warriors of chaos/chariot/Hounds
Demons figs will be kept as they are usable in 40k
Bye bye marauders, ungors, centigors, razorgor etc

2) Elves core : spearmen/archers/cavalry on horse
No more xbows
the 3 elves will blend in one faction
dark elves monsters are gone : cold ones, hydra

3) Empire core: Hallberds/Handgun/Canon
Some dwarves survivors and ogres are included
Imperial and bretonnian knights are merged

4) Undead core : Skeletons/Ghouls/Spirit host
bye bye bone giant, scorpion sphinx, chariots and everything too much egyptian

5) Orcs and goblins core : Goblins/Orcs/Black orcs
no real change for them

6) Skaven core : Clanrats/Plague rats/Rat ogres
no real change for them too


Wood Elf Rumors - August 2012
WE -Book for spring 2014 TRUE
WE -Chariot is back FALSE
WE -Packmaster with orion hounds or great bear FALSE
WE -A "fairy" unit working a bit like the Banshee FALSE
WE - Stags as mounts for Kurnous cavalry TRUE
WE -Skaw the falconer is back with new mini PARTIALLY TRUE

Lizardmen Rumors and Fantasy Release Schedule Rumors - May 2013
Lizardmen sacred spawns are back. FALSE

V9 Army books :

Ancient Kingdoms : Lizardmen/High Elves/Wood Elves/Dwarves/Tomb Kings FALSE
Servants of Dark Gods : Warriors of Chaos/Daemons of Chaos/Beastmen/Skaven/Dark Elves FALSE
Old Word Denizens : The Empire/Bretonnia/Orcs and Goblins/Ogre Kingdoms/Vampire Counts FALSE

High Elf Rumors - April 2013
Core :
Lothern Sea Guard ALREADY TRUE
Silver Helms TRUE
Tiranoc Chariot FALSE
Shadow Warriors FALSE

Special :
Ellyrian Reavers FALSE
Chrace Chariot ALREADY TRUE
Dragon Princes (Horse) ALREADY TRUE
Great Eagles FALSE
Swordmasters ALREADY TRUE
Bolt Thrower FALSE

Rare :
Dragon Princes (monstruous) FALSE
Phoenix Guard FALSE
Phoenix TRUE
Saphery Chariot FALSE

Eldargal - Total rumors: (12 TRUE) / (8 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Bret Rumors / Dark Elf Rumors / High Elf Rumors
Brets - New Repanse de Lyonesse mini. (She is 100% certain on this and says she will do a lap of the carpark naked if she is wrong)
DE - Expected in 2013 (Late 2013) TRUE
DE - Rumours of Witch Elves, TRUE
DE - Executioners TRUE
DE - Black guard TRUE
DE - ?Large plastic critter? DUPLICATE
DE - and plastic characters. TRUE
DE - Plastic monster, possibly a hydra, not certain its for DE specifically. TRUE
DE - Plastic mounted character, possibly female. FALSE
DE - Dual kit chariot TRUE
DE - Plastic bolt thrower FALSE
Dwarves - Plastic slayers FALSE
HE - A new everqueen sculpt coming possibly riding some kind of 'critter'. No mention of Maiden Guard. TRUE

WOC Rumors - May 2012
New WOC Character that is an elf FALSE
October WOC Release TRUE
New Avatar FALSE
New Falcon Variants FALSE
New Vehicle TRUE
New Jetbikes and Vyper FALSE
New Characters TRUE

New Aspect Warriors FALSE

Eldar Rumors - Flyer - May 2012
Eldar flyer spotted TRUE

Endobai - Total rumors: (44 TRUE) / (4 FALSE) / (5 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Tyranid Rumors - Dec 2013
Q: Can you give any more indication on the psychic powers? You said that most have powers assigned to them (specifically the brood lord).
A: A number of them, some, but I doubt it is most. Tyrants for example have to roll. TRUE

I know too little about the whole set of powers. Dominion seems to be the Primaris. TRUE
Biomorphs are accessible by many creatures. Hive Tyrant is definetely on the top of the list so... TRUE

Harpy: It does have very, very interesting weapon. Cannot say which untill images start showing. TOO VAGUE
I believe that when it comes to the background description of it this is the first time ever the Tyranids get access to this kind of weapon class. TRUE
I know, cryptic and some people will say that the guy knows nothing so talks nonsense to cover the fact, but in this case just one word I would have to use would say almost everything.
Honestly I cannot find a way to describe it without making it all too obvious.

The range of wargear, the pricing of the box, the space on the sprues and wealth of options available suggests there is nothing left for such large pieces like wings.
An educated guess, the process of deduction + absolutely no confirmation there are wings = no Shrikes. FALSE

Psychic Deck - Seven cards. TRUE

Hormagaunts - I cannot say how many points - against Warseer policy isn't it? - definetely not beasts. Slaanesh fast, but not that fast. PARTIALLY TRUE
Plus fleet and move through cover. The second seems an army-wide rule (not sure about winged Tyraninds). FALSE

Carnifex - Got a re-pack. Nothing I can say about their rules. TRUE

Biomorphs are accessible by many, many models and Carnifex definetely is described as one of them. TRUE

2 Twin Linked brainleech devourer? The weapon stays. Not sure if it is as good as it was. TRUE

The Doom of Malan' tai is dead and gone. TRUE
Both big, ground beasts are from the Epic 40k, also the shooting one. TRUE
Warrior box is half-dual as I said without confirming it is this particular one. TRUE

Old One Eye and Swarmlord still here TRUE
Blind Venom stays. TRUE
Venomthrope definetely confers cover saves, but don't know if it is a cover save which can be combined with stealth/shrouded or confering stealth/shrouded to models close to it. TRUE

Still more than a full month from today. (12/8) TRUE

Tyranid Rumors - Dec 2013
All those sets allow construction of another unit, also the Haruspex which can be assembled as... another creature from Epic 40k. TRUE

Hive Guards got another weapon option which can be seen on the leaked image.
The weapon is electricity based. No doubt inspired by Teslas, but I have no idea if it works in a similar way. TRUE

Tyrant Guards are very lovely. My most favourite models in the release combining what is the best in the 3rd and 4th metal models.
Several weapon options just like with the warriors. TRUE

I think that they got those new 50 mm bases. I was mistaken in the past with the SM Centurions so forgive me if I make commit another once again. TRUE

Haruspex is damn ugly so you will recognise it immediatelly, but its 'twin' is actually really nice looking MC. TRUE

Harpy's 'brother' is not called Eridne/however it was called in those rumours. TRUE

Hormagaunts: Cheaper and faster. Think of Slaaneshi Daemons. TRUE
Rippers: If I see it right got more expensive, but are no longer suicidal. TRUE
Hive Guard Anti Air?: I doubt it is judging from the description, but cannot disprove that entirely. PARTIALLY TRUE
Genestealers: Seem the same, but Broodlord has a fixed psychic power (no rolls) and full access to biomorphs - there is a list of those much like with wargear for other armies in other books. TRUE
Spores: No trace of them so far. FALSE
No clamshells. Perhaps a second wave, wouldn't be that weird, but mind their production capacity when it comes to plastic models is limited. Jes Goodwin said something about it when was asked about Jetbikes. TRUE
The are some repackages, though. More models in some boxes (so no Dire Avenger rip off), but don't remember how the prices will change in comp TRUE

There are definetely those four sets named in the phone call in Germany. TRUE
Dual sets (one, lets say, is half-dual), so four MCs including three new beasties. TRUE

There are also other boxes, but re-packs/army sets. TRUE

No clamshell. DUPLICATE

Tyranid Rumors - Release - Dec 2013
The poster below was spot on. The Warriors are a new set, the last one was from 2001 so it is as with the Tacticals who got reinvented, multi-optional new sprues. Cool, useful, but they are not super-killy. Can easily be made the core of the army and have access to very many weapon options so good value for money too. DUPLICATE

Tyranid Rumors - Release - Dec 2013

In my opinion definetely the centerpiece of the release. Much like the Tactical squad for the Marine codex they are something every Tyranid player - new or veteran - will have to buy. FALSE
The box includes all or almost all weapon options the Warrior entry in the current (still the current) codex has + something really nice. Still don't expect all your wishes to come true. Remember it is no more than three infantry sprues in the box. TRUE

The unit's cost.
It depends on the cost of wargear and what special rules give them - namely what Synapse Creature gives them in the new codex. Right now I can see no meaningful point decrease. Still troops though. TRUE

Still troops, but comes with 'the Gaunt tax' to occupy the slot. Gaunts are cheaper so it helps a little. TRUE

Much depends on the new psychic powers the Tyranids get because it remains a psycher with randomly generated powers so unlike some psychers in the new tyranid codex. TRUE

The Big Bug.
It is big, but not that big. Remember that the Wraithknight and Eldar models in general are smooth and do not have so many limbs, vents, horns, bio-guns etc so making something as large as the Eldar fellow would create something really, really expensive - definetely in titan price range. The big bug is thankfully cheaper. TRUE

The creature is taken from the Epic 40k, but the difference in size is not so ridiculously... pronounced, but it is large enough. TRUE

Ohh and the instinctive behaviour list is expanded - with entirely new modes some creatures will take when separated from the Hive Mind.

Tyrant Guard too got something new, a weapon upgrade they will find really useful. TRUE

Tyranid Rumors - Release - Dec 2013
Warrior entry options seem covered, but Shrikes are a diffrent entry... cannot say for sure but with so many options in the set I doubt there is any space left... TRUE

Instinctive behaviour - clarification

As I was afraid it was misunderstood (yes I see you H.B.M.C.).
Modes stay, so if something lurks it doesn't feed. TRUE

But there are more modes than just those two. TRUE

Psychic powers
One set of 7 powers, but some creatures do not roll, but get something specific and it doesn't have to be the Primaris. TRUE

Tyranid Rumors - Dec 2013
RE: Tyranid Prime, It is not a clamshell plastic pack. DUPLICATE

Expansion Rumors - Nov 2013
All GW produced superheavies (as in the ones already in plastic) will be in the book. TRUE

40k Expansions - Nov 2013
I can confirm both expansions.

Hardbacks, c. 100 pages long. PARTIALLY TRUE
Escalation provides rules for super heavies, gargantuans and D-weapons + 16 unit sheets providing options for all armies. TRUE
For example Revenant titan for Eldar and Dark Eldar ( I guess Tantalus was not good enough?). TRUE
I'd expect all models released in plastic + 1-2 per army. Thunderhawks are mentioned as one of those vehicles. TRUE

Basically mini-Apocalypse with about 50% superheavies which are described. PARTIALLY TRUE
The fortification supplement gives datasheets for released fortification sets, how to combine some of them and field as larger constructs + various rules for buildings, ruins etc. TRUE

Both books include missions and background sections, but fluff is not too important contrary to codex supplements. Treat them as Planetstrike, Spearhead and similar sets of rules we've seen in the past. TRUE

Erazmus_M_Wattle - Total rumors: (8 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (2 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Chaos Space Marine Rumors
new Chaos Marine plastic kit that had blank pads with little slots in them in which legion icons would be glued FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Sept 2012
Well I have heard that the Forgefiend box does come with an alternate build. TRUE
The Helldrake may come with an alternate build too but I'm not getting my hopes up on that one. TOO VAGUE
lords of
Release Schedule Rumors
CC Obliterators [colittlelor=green]TRUE[/color]
Oblits 2 to a box FALSE
Codex CSM - Oct TRUE
August WD - Daemons, No CSM TRUE
Sept - Starter Set [TRUE[/b]
Soulgrinders in fantasy. Massive rectangle base. TRUE
Daemons - Plastic Plague Bearers. TRUE
Daemons - Finecast screamers ... not the old models. New sculpts. PARTIALLY TRUE

Finecast Rumors - Prediction March 2011
GW is moving away from metal to Finecast TRUE


Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - May 2015
I have on, Excellent authority, new info.

4 army books which I am assuming will be costly

Skirmish game for sure no news of a new system with blocks of infantry. no idea about how this game will function beyond it being skirmish FALSE

old fluff returns via gods like sigmar recreating the old world anew. GREAT NEWS. New kits, New characters, if the old character died in the end times he won't be coming back so pretty much everyone. TRUE

this is all I have but it's great stuff since it means new game, New story, New minis, all done WITHOUT invalidating the minis you already own. books will be more generalized so no more individual books but that doesn't stop anyone from playing just one faction. TRUE


knowing where this is from I'm starting to work on my fantasy again.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Also round or square bases make no difference. Keep them square or switch won't change anything TRUE

Natfka on Faeit 212 - Total rumors: (451 TRUE) / (910 FALSE) / (93 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 1/25/2018

PENDING Black Library Rumors - Jan 2018
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
there are something cool comming for the black library celebration.. a new model for eisenhorn(resin) in 28mm will be available from 24 feb and while stock last.

PENDING Release Schedule Rumors - Jan 2018
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Just heard that there’s a Battle for Mars box set coming by March time. Adept mech vs necron. Very big amount of salt required

PENDING 40k Rumors - Nov 2017
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

Warlord Trait- Reduce damage inflicted on your Warlord by 1 with a minimum of 1.
Relic- 1 time per battle at the end of movement phase, remove the bearer of the relic and one unit within 3" and set them up anywhere on the battlefield out side of 9" away from enemy models
1. 2CP a Canoptek unit at the beginning of your turn gains Reanimation protocols until end of turn
2. 2CP re-roll reanimation protocol rolls of 1 this turn.

Warlord Trait- Add 1 to characters strength
Relic- Range and Type: Melee S: +2, AP2, D3 Wound rolls of 6+ inflict D3 mortal wounds instead of normal damage
1. 1CP 2 infantry units within 2" of each other and one contains more than 10 models and the other less than 10 models, you may combine them into a single unit for the rest of the game at the end of the movement phase
2. 1 CP select an Ork infantry or Biker unit before they shoot, each to hit roll of a 6+ gets to immediately shoot again. extra attacks cannot generate additional shots.

Warlord Traits
1. re-roll failed to hit rolls if they have if they have not moved this turn
2. the Warlord can advance and shoot as if it had not moved
Relic- 1 time per game, you may re-roll a single hit roll, wound roll, or damage roll for the bearer or a unit within 6". Also each time a stratagem is used by opponent, roll a d6 and if a 6 is rolled, gain 1CP
Stratagem- use when an enemy unit is hit by a marker light, gain d3+1 markerlight counters next to the unit.

Building the Land Raider: use the following steps
1. Primary Sponson Weapons determine Transport Capacity
two twin lascannons 10
two hurricane bolters 16
two flamestorm cannons 10

2. Secondary Sponson Weapons
two lascannons -5TC
two heavy bolters -5TC
two flamers -5TC
none -0TC

3. Hull Mounted Weapons
twin lascannon -5TC
twin heavy bolters -0TC
twin assault cannon -0TC
twin helfrost cannon -0TC
reaper autocannon -0TC

4. Wargear. do not effect TC
Imperium hunter killer, storm bolter, or multi-melta
Chaos combi bolter, combi flamer, combi melta, combi plasma

5. Determine final transport capacity

6. List abilities
All have the explodes and smoke launchers abilities
Imperium: power of machine spirit
Chaos: daemonic machine spirit ability
Land Raiders with 3 twin lascannons and or 2 lascannons have power overlord ability
Land Raiders with neither lascannons or twin lascannons can have frag assault launchers

PENDING 40k Rumors - Nov 2017
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
> Daemons release in Jan really more an AOS thing, but will include Great
> Unclean One (!) and Pestigors

> Space Wolves last codex out (Summer-ish); Leman Russ returns! Also new
> Primaris bits for the Wolves (don't know what, exactly - maybe upgrade
> sprues, maybe a unique unit?)

> Oct/Nov Khorne release inc. Angron, plastic Bezerkers, Khorninators,
> dudes on Juggernaughts, Hounds

Last bit... Eldar due new Aspect Warriors and Avatar... but no idea when.
It was suggested, though, that the new models will be (are!?) so different
that they will *require* new codex entries.

I asked what he meant. HE WINKED and suggested new Avatar will be size and
power of Daemon Primarchs (price point to match) and Aspects will come with
multiple weapon options FOR EVERYONE (think Dark Reapers can all take
Shuriken Cannons instead of Reaper Launcher; Fire Dragons Flamers instead
of Fusion Guns).
40k General Rumors - Nov 2017
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The rules specifically say that point values for units and wargear in these sections take precedence over point values in books with an earlier publication date or do not have a publication date at all.

Also yes, the new chapter approved book has Forgeworld armies in it, but only point value updates. TRUE Armies listed in the Forgeworld section are Adeptus Astartes, Grey Knights/Inquisition/Sisters of Battle, Daemon Bound, Hellforged, Eyrine Cults, Lords of Ruin, Children of the Warp, Traitor Questoris, Heretic Titan Legions, Astra Militarum, Death Korps of Krieg, Elysian, Renegades and Heretics, Titan Legions, Necrons, Tyranids, Orks, Tau Empire, and Asuryani.
PENDING 40k Rumors - Nov 2017
via sources on Faeit 212

Warlord Trait- re-roll failed wound rolls
Relic- once per game at end of movement, teleport a friendly infantry or biker unit to within 6" and outside of 9" of enemy model
1. 1CP select an enemy vehicle within 1" of a watch master and on a 2+ vehicle suffers d3 mortal wounds
2. 1CP each time you make a hit roll a 6+ in the fight phase and its not an imperium or chaos aligned model, make an extra attack. additional attacks cant be created from these.

Warlord Traits
1. Wych Cult- each roll of a 6+ in the fight phase causes 3 hits
2. Haemonculus Coven- heal d3 wounds at the start of each turn
3. re-roll to hits and to wound rolls of a 1 during the fight phase.
Relic- Pistol 2 R12 S1 AP-2 D2 wounds on a 2+ vehicles on a 6+. For each model killed bearer gains a wound
1CP/3CP one infantry, beast, or biker unit or 2 for 3 CP may use the webway and emerge onto the battle at the end of any of your movement phases. Setting up anywhere that is 9" or more from enemy units. Can only be used once per battle.

Warlord Trait- re-roll hit rolls of a 1
Relic- Increase leadership by 1, and all enemy units within 6" reduce their leadership by 1
1. 1CP/3CP one infantry, beast, or biker unit or 2 for 3 CP may use the webway and emerge onto the battle at the end of any of your movement phases. Setting up anywhere that is 9" or more from enemy units. Can only be used once per battle.
2. 1CP after a harlequin unit has advanced, it gains a 3+ invul until start of next turn. TRUE

Genestealer Cults
Warlord Trait- friendly infantry units can do a Heroic Intervention within 6"
Relic- +1 strength to friendly infantry unit within 6"
1. 1CP end of movement phase, remove a infantry unit from the board that is more than 6" from enemy models. At the end of the next movement phase, return it to the board using Cult Ambush
2. 1CP before rolling on cult ambush table, roll 2 dice instead of 1 and choose the result. A Primus may roll 3 dice instead.

Imperial Knights
Warlord Trait- add one to Attacks
Relic- replace reaper chainsword with this Melee S+6 AP3 D6 TRUE
1CP when a Questor Imperialis or Mechanicus unit with a invul save is targeted, you may add 1 to the invul save until the end of the phase.

Thousand Sons
Warlord Trait- re-roll deny witch tests
Relic- rolling doubles for psychic tests means the opponent may not resist with deny the witch or negate it by any means.
Psychic Power- warp charge of 7. Select an enemy unit within 18" and roll 9 dice. The unit suffers mortal wounds on each roll of a 6
1CP If within 6" of at least 2 other friendly TS psykers, you can add 2 to your psychic test.

PENDING 40k Rumors - Nov 2017
via Sources on Faeit 212
The section is for Land Raiders only and creates a Transport Capacity or TC. ALREADY TRUE
For your Land Raiders this is determined by the primary weapon choice. For example 2 twin lascannons grant a TC of 10, 2 Hurricane Bolters grants a 16 and two Flamestorm cannons a 12.

From there you can take secondary weapons including hull mounted weapons. These subtract from your TC, and have options that include Imperium only, Space Wolves only (helfrost cannon) and Chaos only choices. Most of these options reduce the TC by 5 or 0. Most secondary sponson weapons have a -5.

Wargear is available as well, but does not affect your TC, and whatever is left over is gives you the Transport Capacity for your Land Raider.

There are also special abilities that are determined whether your Land Raider is imperium or chaos, like daemonic machine spirit or machine spirit.

There are no point cost values for making your Land Raider, as its for Open Play. ALREADY TRUE
A blank datasheet comes with the book.

PENDING 40k Rumors - Nov 2017
via sources on Faeit 212
2017 Chapter Approved is coming is Soon-Dec

Rules for Open Play- apoc
Narrative Play- planetstrike, stronghold assault
Matched Play- eternal war, maelstrom of war, and objective markers for each faction
Faction Rules for Adepta Sororitas, Deathwatch, Drukhari, Genestealer Cults, Harlquins, Imperial Knights, Necrons, Orks, Space Wolves, Tau Empire, and Thousand Sons
Scenery Rules, Point Cost changes

Adepta Sororitas
1GP Martydom-use when a character dies and on a 2+ can perform an Act of Faith
1GP Purity of Faith- use when an enemy uses psychic powers within 24" on a 4+ negate it.

Warlord Trait
re-roll failed morale tests if within 6" of Warlord

Blade to replace power sword. Melee S +2 AP-3 D3

Space Wolves
1 GP shooting phase choose 1 unit within 1" of the enemy and use bolt weapons as if they are pistol 2 type. TRUE
1 GP set up a unit on the hunt- deploys at the end of any movement phase within 6" of any board edge and more than 9" away from enemy models.

Warlord Trait
Warlord can fight first even if he did not charge

Sword- melee S+1, AP-4, D1 can re-roll all failed to wound rolls.

Updated Point Values
Space Marines pts per model
Aggressor 21
Chaplain in Terminator Armour 100
Drop Pod 83
Inceptor 25
Intercessor 18
Librarian 88
Librarian in Terminator 120
Razorback 70
Stalker 75
Stormraven 192
Tartaros Terminator 26
Terminator Assault 26
Terminus Ultra 250
Vindicator 125
Whirlwind 70

Assault bolter 10
Assault cannon 22
Assault plasma incinerator 17
Auto boltstorm gauntlets 12
Auxiliary grenade launcher 1
Boltstorm gauntlet 22
Centurion assault launchers 3
Force axe 10
Force stave 8
Hurricane bolter 10
Ironclad assault launchers 5
Plasma exterminator 17
Predator autocannon 40
Twin assault cannon 44

Roboute Guilliman 385
Sergeant Chronus 40

Death Guard
Deathshroud Terminators 35
Defiler 140
Lord of Contagion 100
Noxious Blightbringer 58
Plague Marines 17
Plagueburst Crawler 100
Sorcerer Terminator 120
Tallyman 55

Blight launcher 10
Force Axe 10
Force Stave 8
Force Sword 8
Helbrute Fist single/pair 40/50
predator autocannon 40

PENDING Release Schedule Rumors - Nov 2017
Rumors from Sources on Faeit 212
I saw a load of bogus rumours that had been sent in about the Dark Angels on your site today, and thought I'd clear things up from what I've heard from a VERY reliable source:
The next Primarch will not be the Lion, the next slated Primarchs in the works are Leman Russ and Fulgrim.

My source had previously told me about Mortarian way before he was announced, but I couldn't verify if it was true until it was too late and the info was already out. So I wanted to wait and see if the rumours were true about a Space Wolf codex in December alongside BA and DA (which would disprove the Russ rumour). Doesn't look like Wolves are coming in December now... so make of this what you will.

Here is a bit of a follow up, and looking ahead at the future primarchs..
Take with a pinch of salt obviously as I can’t be 100% sure, but from tidbits I’ve heard it does line up with Wolves not getting a pre-Xmas release so that they can get a big release next year (Fenris being right on the Cicatrix Maledictum might be relevant for some upcoming fluff), then Slaanesh getting some love Q3/4 (following from the Khorne release a couple of years back, Tzeentch last year and Nurgle this year).

PENDING 40k Rumors - Feb 2017
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Later this year around November, GW is planning to release several terrain sets and paint sets just in time for the holiday season. These will all have about 25% price reduction over buying everything separately. The sets will only be produced if globally there is enough demand that GW can justify making them. If you wish to get these then you need to tell your stores that you would like to order them before March 3rd.

Citadel of the Everchosen TRUE
Prices $660, £400, €560 approx 25% deal
2 Chaos Dreadhold Helforts
4 Chaos Dreadhold Skull Keeps

Sector Mechanicus Hive Shield TRUE
Prices $206, £125, €175 approx 25% deal
2 Voidshield Generators
1 Haemotrope Reactor
1 Promethium Relay Pipes

Outpost Pythos IV TRUE
Prices $165, £100, €140 approx 25% deal
1 Deathworld Forest
1 Munitorum Armoured Containers
1 Imperial Bastion

Ruins of Elixia TRUE
Prices $149, £90, €126 approx 28% deal
1 Baleful Realmgates
1 Numinous Occulum
1 Ophidian Archway
1 Dragonfate Dias

Base and Shade Paint Set
Prices $206, £125, €175 approx 33% deal
47 paints
35 Base 12 shade

Base and Effects Paint Set
Prices $206, £400, €560 approx 29% deal
11 texture and 10 technical paints
Aos Bases and 40k bases
mordheim turf and middenland tufts

Project Paint Set
Prices $206, £125, €175 approx 32% deal
49 paints
8 shade, 11 base, 10 dry, 20 layer

Layer Paint Set
Prices $248, £150, €210 approx 45% deal
72 layer paints

Air Paint Set
Prices $206, £125, €175 approx 28% deal
52 air paints

Eldar Rumors - Oct 2017
via sources on Faeit 212
I was told Codex Eldar Pre-orders will be next Saturday together with the Eldrad Mini from Death Masque. TRUE

PENDING Release Schedule Rumors - Sep 2017
via sources on Faeit 212
December's White Dwarf will be a fun one. It will include exclusive cards for 40k, the Age of Sigmar, and Shadespire.

Release Schedule Rumors - Aug 2017
via sources on Faeit 212
Just wanted to give you a heads up; the remaining codexes this year that have not been announced are;
Thousand Sons FALSE[/b]
Astra Militarum TRUE
Blood Angels FALSE[/b]
Dark Angels FALSE[/b]
Space Wolves FALSE[/b]

The 3 marine ones will be released on the same day and are the last for the year.

PENDING Chaos Rumors - Aug 2017
Rumors via sources on Faeit 212
Death Guard releases are going to be:
Lord of Contagion ALREADY TRUE
Noxious Blightbringer ALREADY TRUE
Malignant Plaguecaster ALREADY TRUE
Multi-part Plague Marine Kit
Multi Part Terminator Kit
Multi-Part Pox Walker Kit
Blight Drone Kit ALREADY TRUE
Plagueburster Tank Kit ALREADY TRUE
Codex and Cards
Special Edition Codex and Cards set

Not sure if there will be other models, but those are guaranteed.

PENDING Imperial Guard Rumors - Aug 2017
Rumors via sources on Faeit 212
I was told something about the new Astra Militarum.. apparently they're going to be Armageddon Steel Legion and they're coming out at the same time as new Orks. (Armageddon campaign I think).
The Ork teasers from a few weeks ago (wheels with spikes) and the laspistol we saw the other week are from those new kits.

Space Marine Rumors - June 2017
via very solid sources on Faeit 212
Power level 14 FALSE

S7 T8 W13 Sv3+ FALSE
Turret - Heavy Lascannon, Heavy Stubber FALSE
*Resolve shots with Heavy Stubber first, if the Heavy Lascannon targets a unit hit by the Stubber, it may reroll misses

Hull-mounted Twin Lascannon, swivels up/down and left/right

Rotor cannon is a pintle mounted upgrade FALSE

Missiles: Roll a D6 at the start of each fight phase for each enemy unit within 1", on a 4+ it takes D3 mortal wounds (slightly better Frag Assault Launchers) FALSE

Transport Capacity 7, can only transport Primaris Marines FALSE

Decays its Movement/BS/Attacks as it loses wounds
Movement 10" BS 3+ Attacks 3 base FALSE

8th Edition 40k Rumors - May 2017
Our sources here on Faeit 212 responded with the following
"Those aren't codices. But they are close to what actually will be released. Primaris, as GW said today, aren't their own faction. "

Codexes of 8th Edition

1) Armies of the Astartes: Adeptus Astartes, Grey Knights, Death Watch, Primaris Astartes. TRUE
2) The Imperium: Mechanicum, Inquisition, Adeptus Soritas, Astra Militarum, Imperial Knights, Officio Assassinorum, Adeptus Custodes, Sisters of Silence. TRUE
3) Xenos book 1: Eldar, Dark Eldar, Ynnari, Harlequins, Necrons. TRUE
4) Xenos book 2: Tau, Orks, Tyranids, Genestealer Cults. TRUE
5) Chaos: Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines. TRUE

40k Rumors - May 2017

Please note that a valued source has confirmed that these are wildly off. Here is from a source we can trust about the rumors below
Some items are kinda correct due to the poster grabbing gw shares and sigmar rules, and basically throwing spaghetti at the wall. But most is either incomplete, somewhat off, or wildly off.

via Sources on Faeit 212
- Assault 2d6”, multiple units TRUE
- Split fire: any unit can target as many targets as they want TRUE
- Normally the unit don’t have to target the nearest unit, but there are lots of abilities that have this restriction FALSE
- Invulnerable saves simply ignore armour penetration up to the given value. They are not that common, wave serpents and Canoptek wraiths have one FALSE
- Most power fields, etc. are separate saves that are taken in addition to other saves just like FnP of today, they may or may not ignore mortal wounds on a case by case basis FALSE
- Dodges, camos, etc are now to hit modifiers PARTIALLY TRUE
- Characters cannot join units TRUE
- Characters can only be targeted if nearest target or within 12” PARTIALLY TRUE
- Larger models are seldom characters, Gulliman is not for example TRUE
- Deepstriking units can be placed anywhere. Every unit with deep strike has a value. Have to beat it to land on target, otherwise opposing player can move unit the rolled distance PARTIALLY TRUE
- There are no mishaps anymore TRUE
- Overwatch shooting against deep striking units within 9” at -1 BS FALSE
- Summoning is not a psychic ability anymore, normal deep striking with psyker as homing beacon instead FALSE
- There are spells that replenish or add wounds to demon squads PARTIALLY TRUE
- Most vehicles have a single attack with high S, but no AP, some have considerably more like the battle waggon FALSE
- Vehicles and units fighting against vehicles usually can fall back without penalty, they cannot move in the charge phase when they have moved or shot in the same turn. Most walkers don’t have this rule PARTIALLY TRUE
- Terrain enhances armour in assault phase for the defender, or both in consecutive turns, is negated by grenades PARTIALLY TRUE
- Assaulting units get +1 attack FALSE
- Vertical movement does not count against the allowance but a model cannot go higher than the movement value in a given phase. Lots of exceptions for jumping, flying, etc. of course FALSE
Ranges are measured on the ground level from base or model to base or model, whichever is nearer
- Units are deployed within 3” of a transport, cannot move, but can charge in the charge phase FALSE
- No more firing from a transport, though some vehicles, especially open topped ones have extra firing points weapons if they transport enough (and sometimes eligible) models. But they use their own BS and the kind of weapon is fixed. For example Raiders have 5 fire point splinter rifles, but only if they transport kabalite warriors FALSE
- No challenges TRUE
- Hidden power fists viable again, wound allocation by owning player, any model in squad, but wounded ones first TRUE
- There are some precision weapons that let the firing player choose the wound allocation (always or on a 6) PARTIALLY TRUE
- Units have always the same T and Save now. There are some models that have T- Sv - and adapt like drones and grots, most of the other combined units have matchings stats now, Black templar neophytes have a 3+ now, for whatever reason PARTIALLY TRUE
- Command points allow to reroll saves, hits, wounding or charge distance, reroll any single dice throw, negate all terrain in 12” of one of your models, alter the attack sequence, boost psychic block rolls, allow additional reserves and allow units to get another charge phase after wiping out an enemy PARTIALLY TRUE
- There are some models like Ghazghkull that have their own abilities that are triggered by command points FALSE
- perils of the war: snake eyes on the test, d6 on table, d3 mortal wounds and losing a spell are the worst cases FALSE
- Player can spend command points to choose who goes first instead of rolling, whoever spends more FALSE
- Matched games have a fixed number of turns, 5 or 6 rounds depending on mission, 18” is starting range and turn 1 charges are completely legal PARTIALLY TRUE
- Reserves are not random, except for rounding: second turn half the units are deployed, third turn half of the remaining, fourth turn rest PARTIALLY TRUE
- Flyers have an individual to hit modifier, mostly -2 or -3, a 6 is always a hit as usual, depends on the flying mode for flyers that have more than one PARTIALLY TRUE
- Flyers are affected by heavy weapon malus, but most flyer weapons are assault,
flyer weapons have often a shorter range and a different name, but are otherwise identical to their ground counterparts PARTIALLY TRUE
- Terrain does not influence movement distance per se. Some citadel terrain pieces half the movement or do other things. TRUE
- There are no warzone rules in the core rules PARTIALLY TRUE[/b]
- True line of sight is used to establish line of sight to a model, but otherwise models count in or out of cover depending if they are in a piece of terrain or if they are touching it and the firing - line goes through the terrain PARTIALLY TRUE[/b]
- In matched play, models have a fixed base size specified in the General’s Handbook. In the two other game types, they can use any base they want FALSE

Space Marine Rumors - May 2017
via sources on Faeit 212
I have seen the new Space Marines and I can confirm the Space Marines are a lot bigger than the current ones and are about eye level to a stormcast. Recently produced Marines, from about Deathwatch on, are closer in scale and will fit in with the new marines. This includes the Space Marine Paint Set miniatures. TRUE

PENDING Space Marine Rumors - Apr 2017
via Sources on Faeit 212
Sorry, the new marines will not get their box sets for awhile, "near end of summer" and there will be new assault marines and terminators coming along shortly thereafter.

40k Rumors - Apr 2017
via Sources on Faeit 212
Starter Set
The starter set goes live the 17th and is going to be Death Guard Vs. Ultramarines, PARTIALLY TRUE
$120 box. Chaos gets a blob of cultists, TRUE
a few terminators, FALSE
a few plague marines, TRUE
a lord, TRUE
and drones. TRUE

Loyalists get 2 tactical squads,TRUE
a devastator, FALSE
an assault squad, TRUE
plus a librarian FALSE
and a captain.TRUE
Comes with dice and rulers as well.

In addition, there will be the standard soft cover core rules booklet FALSE
and a small campaign book. The campaign book has the stats for all the dudes in the box, plus a series of narrative missions that set up the ground floor for the first real story arc of the new edition.

AoS was very much a test kitchen for what to expect of the “New Warhammer 40k”. AoS had a rocky start, but they learned from their mistakes, and recently even AoS has surpassed 40k in some regards.

The battle tome will become the template for the codex, not the other way around. Each dex will get the special army wide rules, 6-12 relics, 6 warlord traits, and 6 psychic powers, only now it’s written that you can chose to ether select or roll on warlord/psychic charts. It will also contain full rules and points for all the old and new units in a given army, and special rules for things like warbands, campaigns, narrative missions and the like.

Formations are back, but they cost points now, and so are decurons, but they will be a lot more flexible and take cues from their AoS counterparts.

6th and 7th edition suffered from growing pains and an identity crisis. GW spent a good amount of time and money figuring out what they want 8th edition to really feel like, and are using what they learned in 40k 6th-7th edition and AoS V1.0-1.2 to rebuild 40k from the ground up. They want new players to feel less intimidated by the dense lore and setting, but want to keep returning players invested in the storyline. Black library is going to do a soft reboot for some of the new 40k lore books, with a gimmicky “New Warhammer” type flagship launch to, as I said before, laydown a ground floor for the upcoming 8th edition.

40k Rumors - Apr 2017
via Sources on Faeit 212

Day one any beyond:

June 10th launch, FALSE
they’re going to drip feed us rumors for the rest of May. Expect to see full Space Marine datasheets sometime around the end of next week, with a couple of fluff pieces talking about how the galaxy got ripped in half and how all the marines got taller. FALSE

For those of you who are saving your pennies, here’s what the launch schedule looked like so far.

About 1-2 weeks beforehand all 7th edition exclusive products are being pulled from stores for good. Codex’s, Rulebooks, Dark Vengeance, not the new campaign books such as Gathering Storm sense those are still fluff pieces, but expect those to become much harder to find.

Than on day 1: 5 new, free soft cover/PDFs launch with all the core 8th edition rules.

They are:
The Rules: Containing your prophesized 12 pages of core rules, plus outlines for open play and the 14 universal FoC, ranging from 1 HQ and 1 Troop choice 1 command point allies to massive 20+ slot charts that grants a fist full of command. The new force org charts are pitched as a great way customize your army, one of them is a big guns esqu 1 troop/HQ 5+ Heavy support, but really they’re just designed to scale command points to game size. FALSE

A few of the wilder ones, such as the aforementioned big guns list, have restrictions and special rules that might sway player one way or the other in terms of army composition, but the more well-rounded ones grant the most command points (which are such a big deal. I cannot stress this enough, proper use of command points can make or break strategies), and the real meat and potato special rules granting armies are going to be built from the FoC structures found in your army codex, once they bring those back.

The free PDF version of the following books will be sectioned up amongst
faction lines, but the paper ones are going to be the mashups listed below.

Armies of the Imperium: Exactly what it says on the cover, a splash of lore
and datasheets for every imperial unit in the game. DUPLICATE

Armies of chaos: The spiky version of the above.DUPLICATE

Armies of Xenos: Split up among proper faction lines (Eldar, Tau, Necron, Nids), and containing datasheets and rules for the rest. DUPLICATE

A galaxy in flames: Art and fluff book. Brings everyone up to speed on the setting, pushing the story forward by a few weeks and setting up the opening of a AoS style narrative campaign. FALSE

Seriously though, who is not going to want spoilers.

Spoilers: the “official” story is something about Guilliman’s gene seed,
but it’s heavily hinted at that there’s some kind of tech heresy at play
and Mars is having a mini end times of their own. And some of the new
imperial units are going to be new, like honest to goodness, we swear they
didn’t fish these out of a closet, someone just invented these new.

Space Marine Rumors - Mar 2017
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The image you have circulating of the dual wielding marine is a kitbash fake. FALSE

It was discussion of the image that spawned the first rumor: "I saw it, it had sigmarite-like legs, a longer bolter" etc and not the other way around. People seem to think the first rumors gained validity by the model that followed, but it's the other way around.

The image you have been circulating is not a legitimate product.

There are new marine kits coming. There are always new marine kits coming. At this time there is no intention to change the scale of space marines, due to the importance of cross-compatibility of bits.

Space Marine Rumors - Mar 2017
via sources that wish to remain anonymous
The image of the new marine is genuine and sprues have been seen of these new marines. TRUE
They reflect true scale marines, FALSEbut are not kitbashed, these are genuine GW prints.

40k Rumors - March 2017
From natfka:

Triumviate of the Primarch - 90$ TRUE
-3 Models, Guilliman, Cypher and Grand Master Voldus.
-Guilliman comes with the Armour of Fate, the Hand of Dominion and The Emperors Sword. All Friendly units can Reroll failed leadership checks. Guilliman has ALL command Traits. TRUE
-Cypher comes with Eternal warrior, fleet, infiltrate and shrouded
-Voldus hammer works as a conduit for his psychic powers

Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch - 50$ TRUE
-Datasheets for the Triumvirate of the Primarch
- Formations to field the Fallen, the Grey Knights Bulwark of Purity, the Victrix Guard of the Ultramarines and the Triumvirate of the primarch
-Daemonic Adversaries - Special rules to field grey knights that are not daemons.

40k Rumors - Feb 2017
via a source that wishes remain anonymous
Roboute Guilliman will become the Emperor Incarnate, as the Emperor is destroyed and fragmented. Cypher will be at Guilliman's side. FALSE

40k Rumors - Feb 2017
via Sources on Faeit 212
Can confirm:
Guilliman arriving at Terra and losing it with the Custodes for standing around guarding the emperor while the rest of the galaxy burns is how I was told (by the guy who said guilliman was coming) it would happen, and that that'show we'd get Custodes back into the game.

Also can confirm Mortarion, although nothing about him leading Chaos. Also nothing about any Chaos Primarch dying, FWIW TRUE

Now for the potential dissapointment, here's an update on previously related Mortarion stuff I'd passed along:

1) Originally heard from manager that he was packaged with Vect & Abaddon, but not lately FALSE
2) New Abaddon doesn't make sense if they're killing him off,
3) Not a single peep about Vect since the initial Eldar release,
So 1+2+3 probably safe to call Too Salty! on the 3-fer box of Mortarion/Vect/Abaddon.

Interesting tid-bit, second hand (extra salt) - Cypher may actually be on Terra to kill the Emperor and usher in a new "Age of Emperor" 8th. All I get when asking to confirm that with my normal source, though, was a wink and a "you'll enjoy this lead up to 8th, trust me. Don't worry about the name." FALSE

8th Edition Rumors - Feb 2017
8th Edition is shaping up to have some big changes in it, especially if what he hear is true about Cypher possibly killing Abaddon. FALSE
I will be the first to admit that I truly don't understand this next part, or what it could mean, and if it had not been from several different places or sources then I would of dismissed it.

Warhammer 40k in 8th edition will be called The Age of the Emperor FALSE

A couple of you will quickly draw some serious implications from this. Not only from the standpoint of storyline and what does this mean, but to the similarities of the title to The Age of Sigmar.

40k Rumors - Feb 2017
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Guess all the images leaked forced the studios hand early.

Guilliman, Cypher, the new Grey Knight model (I don't play GK, can't remember the name) are in a second Imperium box. ALREADY TRUE
The eldar box contains the three models we saw in this month's white dwarf (so he doesn't know where that Eldrad model is, since they stopped making the box set he was in) but the fine cast is also sold out. ALREADY TRUE
There is a fourth box coming with: Mortarion, Abaddon, Vect. He said Mortarion is nice and beefy (probably those images were legit) but that he's nowhere near the size of Magnus.
8th edition will be very similar to the generals handbook from the get go with the "three ways to play" TRUE
but codices aren't going anywhere, and nothing will be obsolete the way WHFB army books suddenly were. FALSE
So, points based (what we already know and love), narrative, and AoS style. AoS style didn't even have WS/BS to hit. Managers have seen the new rules now, or at least a high level overview. Warhammer stores will be having a contest soon that involves all aspects of the hobby and winners get a sweet prize that involves a sneak peek at the rules.
Salt level reference: he's been saying guilliman and cypher for about 6 months, but he also said the contents of the eldar box would be eldrad, vect, and the visarch, which doesn't seem accurate now. He seems to get the models/books correct but the timing/packaging wrong. So I believe the models, but salty about the three packs. abandon and Mortarion and vect in one box? Eh...
Last thing, nobody knew anything about an edition just for 30k. More likely it's just "continue using 7th ed rules for now."

40k Rumors - Feb 2017
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
1. the bolt pistol may belong to Cypher DUPLICATE
2. three books for gathering storms series ALREADY TRUE
3. each book will have a trio of characters
4. last book is called the rise of legend/Primarch?, which obviously include a Primarch TRUE
5. last trio of characters will be: Grandpa Smurf, Cypher and a Grey Knight Master (my source saw photos of both Cypher and Knight Master, but didn't see Gradpa Smurf yet) ALREADY TRUE
6. then 8th edition
7. Abaddon is likely to be killed during the last book, GW staffs are jokingly saying killed by the bolt pistol
8. dwarf release and gryph hound release should still be there, but the focus is to finish off gathering storm series and launch 8th edition

Add on
40k new edition's content will be much reduced, but still bit longer than AoS rules, around 30 pages, likely release date will be summer. after Book III of the gathering storm. PARTIALLY TRUE

40k Rumors - Jan 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Hey Gary, saw your "salty" rumor on vect and thought you should know the sodium content probably isn't all that high.

word today was that Vect is in fact returning, but that it would be part of a box of three (sort of like the Triumvate) which would also include the Uthrad previously released in the boxed game. FALSE The third would be Asurmen. FALSE
Someone brought in the old metal Asrumen model, and he looked at it and right away said "aw yeah, that's what we're updating for the new box". He threw out something like "next couple months" but his timing is generally off so I can't help you there.

I don't know a lot about Eldar, so I don't know if Asurmen was supposed to have a Gyrinx with the original metal model. So (1) there could be an exodite still coming (2) there could be a new human psyker coming (3) Asurmen could be getting a pet. FALSE

FWIW, a second source (another GW employee) also confirmed Asurmen, but didn't know anything about the box.

PENDING 40k Rumors - Jan 2017
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
1. Fall of Cadia is the prelude to what will be a global campaign over the summer - look for big build up after Tzeentch and then the campaign should start in ~4 months. It sounds like it's going to be global, he wasn't sure what format it would take (e.g., if it would be global with implications like the last black crusade campaign)

2. Lord Guilliman...will be making his arrival (return?) to the 40k sometime before that campaign kicks off. Didn't sound like there would be more primarchs than Guilliman and Magnus heading in but 4 months is a long time. TRUE

40k Rumors - Jan 2017

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
8th ed was referred to as a "backwards AOS-ification" of 40k. Basically, they'll push the plot forward, keep the existing mechanics more or less as they are, but adding in "streamlined/narrative" way to play that is closer to the narratives you find in the AOS Generals handbook. FALSE

40k Rumors - Dec 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I can't tell you how I know but next up is Roboute TRUE
and a new cypher. TRUE

40k Rumors - Dec 2016
via a very solid source on Faeit 212
so now that GW has officially confirmed the Celestine for next year, w/ no plastic SOB in 2016, and I'm assuming my friend was talking of the resin Canoness as the plastic character release, ALREADY TRUE

I figured I'd share the rest. With chaos approaching Terra (still saying early-mid 2017), one of the loyalist primarchs will wake up (he says Guilliman, although others on your board seem to think the Lion), DUPLICATE
and they will call the custodes to the battle.Not sure if that's with Cadia or not.

So again:
(1) he called the "no sisters of battle in plastic except a character" in 2016, ALREADY TRUE
(2) he divulged the "plastic Celestine almost as big as Stormcast Prime", ALREADY TRUE

and at the same time he gave those and tossed out Slaneesh vs Eldar, he tossed out Loyalist primarch waking up (again, he says Guilliman) DUPLICATE
and bringing the custodes out of the throne room to actually do something.

The only thing he's been wrong about so far was release timing. I'll take it.

40k Rumors - Dec 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Jan 2017 release of new race specific paint set (similar to space marine and storm cast paint set, but with new style cover etc, i think there is that golden daemon thing on the cover), the pot is small. (same size as the the beginner paint set I think, each race will have 8? pots in a single box). TRUE

40k Rumors - Dec 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
info about another two part series coming next year.

It follows on from Warzone Fenris and focusses on the Dark Angels and their Successors going on a crusade post Fenris Cataclysm.. FALSE

They received a summons from the High Lords if Terra to get to Cadia (as did the Wolves and almost everybody else!) However, something else has caught their attention and they must intercept it fast.. although the dilemma is.. if they don't get to Cadia, it will look very suspect and could cost the Imperial dearly in their defence.. but I'd they don't intercept this 'thing/person/army' (can't say!!) then it could also, equally spell doom for the Angels and the Imperium.. or so they think.. who knows?

The first book is called The Hunt and is focused on the Angels and their Successors and the second book is called The Fall and is focused The Fallen and Chaos..

It's leading into a race to Terra for the 13th Crusade.

It also features a loyalist Primarch returning, you guessed it, The Lion.. FALSE and everybody's favourite Hide and Seek champion Zahariel.. I mean Cypher!! DUPLICATE

Specialist Games Rumors - Dec 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I was at GW HQ, talking to one of the management. adeptus
titanicus is on the way soon. he said they are looking at necromunda or
mordheim after that. ALREADY TRUE

Chaos Rumors - Nov 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
WoM is hardcase like End Times books were and has 2 books. One is the fluff and other is rules. All that info is correct (from previous rumors) but it’s laid out in two parts, CSM TSons and Tz demons to add to/overwrite current CSM or Demons codex to play a TSons list. TRUE

The 9 traitor legions, yeah, mostly formations, data scrolls, relics, way more psyker powers and chapter tactics like SMs so this is a HUGE boost. FALSE

Dec 3rd preorder for legions, 10th for Imperials. FALSE

PS: the rubric marines box is stunning
1) its comes with an amazingly diverse transfer sheet and
2) 10 infernal boltgun and 5 warpflamers. Soul reaper cannon. TRUE

Chaos Rumors - Nov 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
the book will have 9 new unit entries. some are new, some are updated with adjusted point cost and new options: TRUE
Exhalted Sorcerors
Scarab Occult Terminators
Pink Horrors
Blue Horrors
Brimstone Horrors

(yes you read that right, updated rules for Horrors aswell. the book in general will be a tzeentch like daemonkin, featuring all sorts of tzeentch daemons aswell)

there are 10 formations within the book and inside the detatchment.
there are 6 CSM formations and 4 Daemon Formations

There are Updates to Daemonic Loci as well as Icons of Chaos. The Aspiring Sorceror and Scarab Occult Sorceror have multiple wargear options.
the Tzeentch Discipline is added. there are also all 4 Traitor Marine Psychic Diciplines inside. TRUE

Magnus, Ahriman, Exhalted Sorcerors, Scarab Occult Socrerors aswell as Aspiring Sorcerors all have acces to 11 Disciplines (all 6 BRB Disciplines, all 4 Traitor Marine Disciplines aswell as the updated new Tzeentch one)
finally Ahriman is able to Cast powers of his Corvidae Cult aswell as many, many more.
Chaos Rumors - Oct 2016
via anonymous readers
about the new Magnus model,
who off the cuff mentioned that I'd want to buy two copies of the kit, as
it's apparently a dual Magnus/Lord of Change kit. FALSE

GW General - Oct 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
GW will bring back some of the Out of Print Miniatures in limited quantities under a new Made to Order label.
More official Info will come next week. TRUE

40k General Rumors - Oct 2016
via anonymous sources
I'm an ex staffer in the UK. With regards to the data Cards. They have been, and as far as I am aware, still are splash releases. They only print so many and when they are gone, they are gone. So we shall probably still see data Cards for new dexes etc. ALREADY TRUE

As to a digital version, there is already a fully licenced tactical objectives app here in the UK by derp studios. Available on Android and iPhone. I don't know if it is available on the other side of the pond

40k General Rumors - Oct 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The Horus Heresy Legion Forge World Space Marine Icon bearer will be available at every Warhammer and Games Workshop starting on October 22. TRUE

Heard from an insider but unable to verify yet with a second source, but taken in context of the rumors of 40k End Times, Games Workshop taking over a lot of the HH, and plastic primarchs, this makes a bit of sense.:

By the end(ish) of 2016, the Black Crusade will make it to Terra. As the forces of chaos arrive, the Legio Custodes is forced out to defend the Imperial Palace. And, surprise: the Silent Sisters have been there the whole time. So that's where you get the introduction of the next 30k box set models into the 40k universe.
Also probably means no more Sisters of Battle, although there may be one or two surprise one-off models. FALSE

Anyway, to sum up:
1. Black Crusade reaches Terra, forcing the Custodes and Sisters of Silence into the fray (rumor somewhat supported by GW taking on more 30k, Custodes/SoS included in new Box, and the recent kick off of 13th Black Crusade)

There's also some extra-salty soup regarding the return of Eldrad re: Slaneesh, but may we've already had enough sodium today.

Additional intel
By the way, additional but super salty (only heard from one second hand source but he's a former employer), is that by landing the Black Crusade on Terra, that's where we're going to get a whole slew of Primarchs returning from the webway/waking up from stasis, and the emergence of the demon primarchs, and the potential death and rebirth of the Emperor. So, basically, 40k endtimes, no word on if 8th edition would involve a major rules overhaul. FALSE

Having said that, this is basically salt soup at this point until I can get some confirmation kind of confirmation from another GW connection. If you hear something similar from someone else in the meantime, you're probably getting good intel at that point.

Blood Bowl Rumors - Sept 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Blood Bowl box contents. This is it! ALREADY TRUE
2 teams of 12 push fit colored models- one is blue the other green -Orks and Humans ALREADY TRUE
Game Tokens and Balls ALREADY TRUE
Fold-out Pitch ALREADY TRUE
Two team dug-outs ALREADY TRUE
Two sets of Blood Bowl dice ALREADY TRUE
Plastic Pass, Scatter and Throw in templates ALREADY TRUE
Deck of special play cards ALREADY TRUE
Player reference cards ALREADY TRUE
Blood Bowl Rulebook ALREADY TRUE
Two Game Reference Sheets ALREADY TRUE

Blood ANgel Rumors - Sept 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Black Crusade: Angels Blade (Blood Angel Supplement) TRUE
Blood Angels: Death Company Strike Froce TRUE
Blood Angles: Archangels Orbital Intervention Force TRUE
Blood Angles: Chapter Ancients TRUE
Blood Angel Assault Squad TRUE
Blood Angel Stern Guard Veteran Squad TRUE
Blood Angel Company Command TRUE
The Beast Arises 10: Last Son of Dorn (Book)
The Red Path (Book)

Blood ANgel Rumors - Sept 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The re-released Boxes (Sternguard, Vanguard, Assault and Company

Command) are re-packed Boxes with an Blood Angel Upgrade Sprue added
(small price increase of ~4€ per box) TRUE

There will be Limited Editon of the Angel's Blade Supplement with

Mission Markers, Psychic cards, Tactical Objective Cards and Campaign map TRUE

40k Rumors - Aug 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Primarchs and Demon Primarchs are coming to 40K.

They won't be the same as they are in 30K. They're going to be slightly different to account for the 10k year gap.

We will be seeing The Lion, Russ, Guilliman, DUPLICATE Khan, Mortarion, Angron, Perturabo and
Magnus TRUE .

It will be once all of the 'end times' build up has finished (all of the latest campaigns) and we enter the new age (8th edition).

GW wants to cash in on FW success with the HH series as well as the fact that we're returning to a 'Golden Era' style GW with the new CEO and Merchandising and Marketing Director - Meaning they are actively listening to us, the customers and are proactively doing what we want now.
(Just look at the new Monthly WD with battle reports and painting guides, the new Get Started sets, the new clip n play introductory kids sets, the FAQ/Errata they're doing, the Points Systems for AoS, the social media interaction with the Facebook groups and new Warhammer TV talk show etc!!)

GW has been paying attention to the success of the HH/30K and to us wanting storyline advancement and more excitement (whilst not wanting a full AoS style reboot) and 8th edition is going to be that. (The latest campaigns, Baal, Curse of the Wulfen, Death Masque etc are all part of that lead up).

Apparently there is going to be a huge global campaign based around the next Black Crusade and a huge push by Chaos - As well as Nids doing their thing, the Orks going on a Rampage, The Tau pushing out, The Eldar getting themselves involved, The Necrons rising up and The Imperium battling on all fronts. (Business as usual but things are much more desperate!).

There will be storyline advancement on a scale we've not seen before!!

Apparently, the next Campaign will feature the Ordo Hereticus and Chaos and after that, we will be seeing the final stages of the lead up - with lots of new a chaos goodies including those Greater Demons, Rubric Marines, Plague Marines and everything else chaos related that's coming!

40k Release Rumors - Aug 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Hi! FYI on the new White Dwarf: It will be like good old times. But lets focus on releases:

Free Gift Miniature is a Slaughterpriest with Hackblade(existing) TRUE

Kharn the Betrayer is a new release but not the free gift, coming alongside a new supplement that contains new rules for CSM, including Renegade Knights etc. It is called "Traitor's Hate" and has a Black Crusade label on it. TRUE

Deathwatch is going to be huge. There will be repacked boxes of existing Space Marines with additional Deathwatch sprues. What I remember is:
- Dreadnoughts
- Bikes
- Vanguard
- Razorback
- Land Raider
- Space Marine Characters
- New Character TRUE
- Flyer TRUE
- Deathwatch Squad TRUE


The Void Shield Generator... yes, it is back in september - and its plastic! Same model as the limited one. TRUE

Thats what I remember. And trust me. The new WD is just awesome... good old times are back!!! 14 pages of battle report for example! TRUE

Sisters Rumors - July 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Jes Goodwin has wrapped up the artwork and the rules for the codex. Sisters are ready and could be released within 3 months at any time FALSE

The bad thing is that they have been in this state for more than a year and Jes has stopped the process.

Also the next plastic primarch would be Leman Russ, but you probably know that already. FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - July 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

8th edition and New Campaign called War in the Webway FALSE
8th Edition is kicking off next year but rather than do the usual starter set and massive rulebook with 2 armies facing off they will be releasing 7 starter set army boxes which will be the seven main armies taking part in a new campaign called "War in the Webway" which will be the first of five campaigns which will move the 40k storyline forward to the "1 minute to mindnight mark". FALSE

All kits in the box are plastic I am told and some will include new plastic updates which will later be released as separate kits. The Main Rule book will just be rules and each Campaign will have a "fluff" and Special rules books which will develop that campaign's storyline.

The six boxes are:
1. Kharn's Slaughterband - (New) Kharn the Betrayer, (new)Khorne Bezerkers, Bloodletters, Bloodcrushers and a Hellbrute) FALSE
2. Eldrad's Cursing Spear - ( New) Eldrad, (New) 2 Guardian squads (can be either defenders or storm guardians, (new) 5 warlocks, 2 war walkers, Fire Prism FALSE
3. Magnus' Weavers of Change- (New) Magnus Daemon Prince, (New) Prosperine Terminators, (New) Rubric Marines (ranged), Rubric Marines (Close Combat), Chaos Predator Tank FALSE
4. Iyanna's Phoenix Host - (New) Iyanna Arienal the Oracle of Ynnead, (New) Arcane Battleseer Firesight (Can also be built as standard Arcane Battleseer) (Can also be built as 10 Wraithguard/Blades,2 Wraithlords, 5 Dire Avengers FALSE
5. Ahriman's Unholy Covenant - (New) Ahriman,(New) N'kari (can also be built as standard Keeper of Secrets) (New) 2 Chaos Sorcerors, Rubric Marines, Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, Daemonettes of Slaanesh, Chariot of Tzeentch FALSE
6. Sythrac's Anguish Bringer's - (New) Valossian Sythrac the Blade of Vect, (New) 5 Kabalite Trueborn, Kabalite Warriors, (New) Incubi, 2 Venoms, 1 Raider, 1 Razorwing Jetfighter FALSE
7. The Laughing Host - (New) Prince Yriel Champion of Cegorach, (New) Sylandri Veilwalker, 3 Harlequin Troupes, 2 Starweavers, (New) 1 Sentinel of the Black Library. FALSE

New Kits for the Campaign
I am told that there will be other new kits coming out alongside the campaign, all kits mentioned above will also be available separately. I asked about some of the new units mentioned above and this is what I have so far:

- Prosperine Terminators = Basically Rubric Terminators but all are heavy weapon specialists with in built heavy bolters, multi melta's but also more magical weaponry too. Terminator Models which are more like the Imperial than Chaos ones but have the rubric details you would expect on them. FALSE

- Iyanna, the special character we all know and love (or hate) but she becomes very dark and sinister, shes floating on wild growing wriathbone and spirits, has a spear and staff, helmet is a cross between a Farseer and Spiritseer FALSE

- Magnus, Daemon Prince, covering in Tzeentch markings, bright red armour and a golden sythe. Described as flying with feathered wings whilst mid casting a spell. Apparently he is in the webway and basically racing Ahriman to the Black Library, they are NOT allies in any way PARTIALLY TRUE

- Eldrad, still doing his usual thing, new plastic model is very similar to old metal one. TRUE

-N'kari, the Keeper of Secrets leading the Slaanesh Daemons in the webway, in an alliance with Ahriman, but both of them are extremely untrusting of the other and secretly have different aims. Also can be built as a normal Keeper of Secrets, multiple weapon and head options, posed as if leaping and about to strike out. FALSE

- Arcane Battleseer, similar to a Wraithknight with psychic weapons and powers. Imagine if you smashed up a wraithknight into chunks of Wraithbone then bound them back together with psychic energy energy, can be posed casting a spell, fighting or just standard. Looks extremely cool I'm told. FALSE

-Arcane Battleseer Firesight, The first Arcane Battleseer. Used to be the High Farseer of Iyanden but then died and became a Wraithseer and a close advisor to Iyanna Arienal. Was blown apart along with 2 Wraithknights after detonating an Ork Stompa. Iyanna's desperate ritual to save Firesight merged the souls of the Wraithknight Pilots and Firesight together and created a new Wraithbone body called an "Arcane Battleseer". A successful design so has begun being replicated on other craftworlds in addition to creating Wraithseers. Posed like a normal Arcane Battleseer but has a more ornate head and a special energy spear/staff. FALSE

- Valossian Sythrac, Basically is Vect's top Archon who does all of his dirty work.
Posed leaping forward with a Husblade behind him and an open soul trap in an outstretched hand which has tendrils of energy leaping forward from it. Has a Golden Helmet with multiple Horns which apparently look a bit like Malekith from WHFB. FALSE

-Prince Yriel, similar to current model but cloak is now a diamond one, and stands on top of eldar architecture with spear swiping and leaving 'Green fire behind it". He now wears a mask covering the left half of his face which included his special Eye thing which has received a bit of an upgrade and now shoots a special beam. His Banners on his back are gone and replacing with long hair blowing in the wind. FALSE

-Kharn the Betrayer, a lot like the current model but more dynamic and posed as though lashing out at an enemy. PARTIALLY TRUE

-Sylandri Veilwalker, Special Shadowseer, floating on mist which also covers half her character. Has a curved semi circle blade in one hand and a staff in the other. FALSE

- Sentinel of the Black Library. Wraithlord sized figure with a long spear held by both hands. Cloaked in a long black and white chequered robe and has a mirror mask for its face which is mostly hidden by a hood. FALSE

Future Campaigns
There are apparently 4 more campaign book series' (each with their own army starte sets and new releases).
Campaign 2 Is Eye of Terror area Chaos invasion (Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Astra Militarum, Eldar, Necrons VS everything Chaos) FALSE
Campaign 3 Is Orks Vs Nids Vs Imperium Vs Necrons in Octarius Sector and surrounding space
Campaign 4 Is Tau vs Imperium but later Chaos and a faction of Dark Eldar, Necrons also turn up as well apparently
Campaign 5 is Eye of Terror area and beyond part 2 (the stories from all 4 previous books brought together) pretty much every race is sensing the chaos in the galaxy and moves towards this area with their own missions and aims

In Campaign 3 pretty much everyone on the development team is game on for having a Ghazghkull vs Swarmlord whilst Campaign 4 they want a showdown between Farsight or Shadowsun and Imotekh. From what I gather, nothing beyond the first two books is set in stone yet and the rest is all a rough outline.

The aim is that these 5 Campaigns should take about 2 years to run their course and progress the setting to a new state where various side stories can be developed and therefore create new stories but keep the clock at "1 minute to midnight" for the overall setting.

Squat Rumors - July 2016 RETRACTED
via an anonymous reader on Faeit 212
One of those rumours without proof I'm afraid but got it from a close contact that squats are coming back, little bit steampunk, to 40k. Bonkers but true.

All I have currently is they are quite steampunk in design, think blimps and jump packs with a new jump pack base design.

Hi, got an update from contact and sad to say not squats after all. Gutted, aos they are. Apologies, excitement got the better of me.

Deathwatch Rumors - June 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The Deathwatch Codex is on its way at the end of August
Cheers TRUE

New Information
via anonymous (separate from the intel above) sources on Faeit 212
to chime in:
the "Suffer not the Alien to live" campaigne that kicked off this
weekend will last through sept. and will end with the deathwatch release
and deathwatch themed activities

GW is really putting A LOT of effort to bring acitivities to their
stores for both Systems, expect a lot of cool stuff during summer.

Horus Heresy Rumors - June 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
its Tartaros Armor, hes not bare handed TRUE
only in stores, no pre-order, no online order. TRUE

Horus Heresy Rumors - June 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212 (very reliable sources)
here is whats about that limited horus heresy miniature:
Cataphracti Terminator Armour with a halberd, he got a mohawk and is painted in pre heresy World Eaters Colors. DUPLICATE

The Model is Limited to GW Stores Only and will be sold by them on the 25th of June. DUPLICATE
The model comes within a Box and exclusive Horus Heresy Rules, just like the 30 Years of Space Marine anniversary Marine.
He will cost 40USD

40k Rumors - May 2016 PILEON?
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Games Workshop will release a new streamlined 40k Edition in Autumn. FALSE

Age of Sigmar Rumors - Apr 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
There will be a globel campaign for AoS coming up in a few weeks/months time. TRUE
It will have it's own website. TRUE
A living map.
All results will lead into the next book.
Details are still being finished.
A new start up section is coming for AoS with kits starting at £5 up.
On the finance front.
AoS is actually doing as well if not better then 40k in some areas.
There has been a decline in shop sales but with summer coming GW hope this should pick up.
No more leaks!
GW are going are no longer going to be holding back info.
You will know as soon as it happens.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Chaos Space Marines are currently being worked on. The models are not even finalized, but a book is being created, and I am assuming that it is a codex. The book is not coming for at least a year, the details are still being changed frequently, both the models dimensions and specific details. FALSE

Three interesting sightings
1. A field artillery battery manned by Chaos Space Marines, with tracks and barrels that looked like a quad mortar. Their armor was different , as it had plates on the front that looked similar to that of a Warpsmith. The helmets looked like Mk III

2. Chaos Sorcerer with staves that looked Chaos-y, one that was wearing a robe. None of the sorcerers had horns or spikes sticking out where I would have expected to see them. A group of them casting a psychic power with a Nova Blast effect.

3. New Predator Tank weapons that are not autocannons or lascannons. At least 2 new cannons being worked on, both are boxy with lights down the side, but no clues to what they do.

I saw no legion markings. All armor was a greasy metallic gray, or the subjects were illuminated in a reddish glow. Lights from the eyes of helmets are red or green.

There were no models of cult troops, heretics, or other infantry

There was also something referred to as a Wyrm with large armor plates reminiscent of a Forgefiend. No other details

Release Schedule Rumors - Feb 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
This Week.
Start Collecting Skeleton Horde- 10 Skeleton Warriors, 5 Black Knights/Hexwraiths, and 1 Morghast of Nagash £50 €65 PARTIALLY TRUE

Start Collecting Skaven Pestilent £50 €65 TRUE
Battletome: Skaven Pestilent £20 €28 TRUE
The Virulent Horde £105 €140 TRUE
Realmgate Wars: Warbeast TRUE
Legends of Sigmar TRUE

Orc Rumors - Feb 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
We will see new Kits in March. It's not a Book only release. TRUE

Orc Rumors - Feb 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
It's a Orcs / Orruk only release. TRUE

The Orruk / Destruction release will Start in late March and last into April. TRUE
Orruks are a three weeks release
Before this we will see some repacks for the AoS Chaos fraction.

Chaos Rumors - Feb 2016
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
CSM Rumor: Not sure what other info you have on this and my source has kinda dried up

on this for now, but I think your post about a future codex may be related to a release I heard about. Before things dried up it was confirmed to me there is a list of future releases, 3 to 4 months like the one that came out for Christmas, going out to GW stores and there are CSM releases on it. TOO VAGUE

40k General Rumors - Feb 2016
via anonymous sources
A very very salty rumor about 40k End Times. From an undisclosed message, it seems End Times will come through this year with another name(s), it will be (translate from spanish) more changes about game system than fluff. Expect to play only formations and the point system will be gone. FALSE

GW General Rumors - Nov 2015
via a reader on Faeit 212
Something you might be interested in. A good friend (who works at GW) told me that they will be running Black Friday deals this year. ALREADY TRUE
He won't say what just yet though.

Release Schedule Rumors - Nov 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Assassins and 3 character release will follow 30k box, TRUE
then back to sigmar
till after the new year.

PENDING Paint Rumors - Aug 2015
Via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I've been told that some of the GW paints are going OOP. I don't know if they're just being discontinued or whether they're being replaced, I just know it's due to happen in November. The colours going are:
Ratskin flesh
Warpfiend Grey
Slaanesh Grey
Ungor Flesh
Bestigor Flesh
Dark Reaper
Thunderhawk Blue
Tyrant Skull
Mourn Mountain Snow
Lamenters Yellow
Daemonette Hide
Etherium Blue
Blackfire Earth
Lustrian Undergrowth

The trade brochure for the Best Sellers range has red dots next to the paints and when I asked what that was that's when I was told.

Horus Heresy Rumors - Oct 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Regarding the Horus Heresy boxed game
- it will be a limited release "similar to Space Hulk"; FALSE
- it will be a board game and not a 'standard' miniatures game; TRUE
- there will not be any rules for Xenos factions included.

Tau Rumors - Oct 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The Ghostkeel is an elite choice that comes with 2 stealth drones for each Ghostkeel. It's a Jet Pack Monstrous Creature, and you can take 1-3. It has the normal Tau BS 3 with 4 wounds, but only a T5. However the 3+ save with +2 to it's cover save outside of 12" should make up for it. TRUE

The main gun- Fusion Collider is an 18" S8 AP1 melta blast gun that can be exchanged for a Ion weapon that is more infantry based with a S7AP4 Assault 6 gun that can overcharge for additional strength and a large blast. TRUE

It also has a twin- linked flamer that can be exchanged out for a TL bust cannon or fusion blaster. TRUE

The model has gear that doubles the cover saves to a max of +2 but also gains shrouded from it's drones. It seems powerful with stealth, shrouded, and the limited doubling, but I have not had time to read the details to see what stacks. TRUE

Two support systems are also allowed for upgrades. Cost wise its a little over a hundred and a quarter.TRUE

GW General - Sept 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

GW wants to do more stuff in the future to get new customers. There is a
new kind of magazine in the works that will be sold at GW and
kiosk/magazine shops containing a basic overview about the hobby and a
free mini. FALSE

It's basicly a starter magazine to get people into the hobby and to
their local GW. Also there is talk about more advertisement, no info what

GW General - Sept 2015
New Information Just In
via a very solid source on Faeit 212
I just want to chime in on the new magazine, the rumor is true. It should be around the same price as the current WD. The free miniature is the same Stormcast Eternal which was attached to the AOS introduction WD a couple of months ago. TRUE

Tau Rumors - Aug 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
A new XV 8 Commander will be released as well. TRUE

Tau Rumors - Aug 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The Tau Codex is coming, but no real ETA I can share at the moment. In it Tau will get 2 new suits, one larger than a riptide, another smaller than a riptide. TRUE

 Fantasy Rumors - Aug 2015
For next week we have re-packing of Skaven Pestilens Plague Monks, Plague

Furnace and Plagueclaw.TRUE Then there’s the Khorne Bloodbound Bloodreavers. TRUE

There’s also the next book – The Quest for Ghal Maraz (guess this is the
quest hint from White Dwarf). This is supposed to be like the other book
Age of Sigmar with extra battlescrolls, scenarios etc and advances the
storyline TRUE

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - July 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
He basically confirmed a few points and brought up some I've not seen

1) WFB was definitely dying/losing money, so had no future.

2) AoS is aimed at bringing in 40K players, and it is working.

3) Everything currently in the WFB range will not only still be supported,
but also still produced so long as there is demand and the moulds are fine.

4) Bretonnia in some form has survived, and will be distinct from The
Empire - he said that they'd probably be near the top of the list for a big
update. (I know Bretonnia is always 'coming soon' but he said that this was
something the had worried him personally so he'd sought answers.) TRUE

5) There is tons of AoS stuff already made and in the release schedule,
Stormcast stuff is just the tip. TRUE

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - July 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I wanted to follow up on the AoS book. It will have 8 scenarios, some (they couldn't tell me how many) Warscrolls, and the 4 page rules. They also stressed this repeatedly. "It is not a rule book" TRUE

I just have to wonder, what did the BrB Have? Rules on the game. Basic model stats. Scenarios. This sounds like a $74 rule book to me.

More as I get it, but I think most will come on Saturday when they allow pre-sales.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - June 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I think players should be doing a bit more to give current players more info,
but as they don't seem to want to do that, I thought I'd weigh in with what
I know.

I had to be taught how the new game works in order to
teach it to potential players.

As this info comes from the intro game there may be some simplification of
the rules that I am unaware of, as you don't want to overload a newbie with
too much info.

Anyway, on with what I know:

Age of Sigmar offers a skirmish-level fantasy game, he did not know
whether it would be expanded to a mass-battle game later but he thought it
would. FALSE

Players take control over several small units, organised into loose groups.
The models are on round bases. He mentioned that at least at our location,
people can use square bases if they want to, in fact with the new
unit formation rules it might be slightly easier to use squares. PARTIALLY TRUE

Units can choose how loose their units form up, either very loose (think
8th ed skirmisher loose) with benefits to movement and defense against
shooting, tight, or square. FALSE

Tight allows for more maneuvers than square, but is less maneuverable than
loose. However, if you receive a charge in tight formation you're better
off in CC than if you received it in Skirmish. FALSE

Square offers almost no maneuverability, you can only move slowly forward.
However, if you receive a charge in Square formation then you're better off
in CC than if you received it in Tight or Skirmish formation. FALSE

One of the units in the intro game (the Chosen of Sigmar) can elect to
change their formation when someone declares a charge against them as long
as they pass a Ld check (base Ld 8 so it's fairly easy, hero had Ld 9) FALSE

The only real benefit to receiving a charge in Skirmish formation (and
there are a ton of negatives - you don't get a bonus from your numbers,
only the models in base contact with the enemy can strike (see below), and
you can't parry) is that the enemy don't get the bonus for charging you in
your flank/rear, since the skirmish formation means you effectively don't
have any. FALSE

A lot of the base rules are the same as in 8th ed fantasy. The same
statline is there (M, WS, BS etc etc), armour works the same, shooting
takes similar penalties (long range, soft cover, shooting at skirmishers
etc), the difference is in the recommended level of play. FALSE
CC works out in
much the same way, highest I goes first, units in base contact with either
an enemy model or a friendly model in base contact with an enemy model get
to strike, though only the former get to use all their attacks. Casualties
are removed from the back, as per usual. FALSE
Different kinds of weapons
(halberds, spears, etc) and their associated bonuses weren't brought up
since the models involved only used hand weapons. Hand weapon + shield
still gives you a parry save though, as long as you received a charge (or
charged yourself) in tight or square formation, and the attacks weren't
coming from your flanks or rear. FALSE

GW is trying to push this to be played at the 1000-1500pt level. FALSE
A lot of
focus was put on the heroes leading each force, and leaders will have more
impact on the game. Think LotR Strategy Battle Game and its Warband rules.
He implied that leaders in general will be more expensive, but have
more of an impact on the game. So a 1000pt force might be led by a 300pt
hero who is absolutely the core of the force, and if they die the rest of
the force is at a severe disadvantage. This goes double if the leader is
killed in a challenge by the enemy leader. FALSE

On a personal note, the game seemed...fun. The choice between different
types of formation provided a level of tactical flexibility that didn't
exist in the old game, but required more forward thinking. Do you start in
skirmish formation for more maneuverability, risking getting charged with
no bonuses from your numbers? Or do you form up Tight and split the
difference? Or do you make like a Dwarf and form up Square and just risk
getting outflanked? Also, when the two leaders got into a challenge in the
middle it was exciting - mine was faster but not as strong, hers was slower
but more likely to do lasting damage. We stopped before one leader killed
the other though. FALSE

Magic wasn't raised in the intro game, but once again I was told
it hasn't hugely changed. Only thing I should mention is that,
aside from some notable exceptions, wizards can't be leaders of a force. FALSE

On a background note - I was laughed at for about 10 straight minutes
when I told her about the rumours of "Waaaghkin" led by an all-female caste
of "Nigmos", though he was strangely silent when I mentioned Regalia.

From what little he did mention, the core races are all-but unchanged in their
basic background. Humanity is represented by the Empire, with the Chosen of
Sigmar being an auxiliary detachment that is often fielded alongside Empire
forces. Orcs and Goblins are there, nothing about 'Nigmos' or whatever.
Chaos is obviously there, in both Daemon and Warrior form, he didn't know
anything about Beastmen. Lizardmen weren't mentioned, neither were Skaven,
Elves were though. Elves are becoming a bit more like Space Marines in one
specific aspect - they're all one race, but differentiated on the grounds
of how they wage war, a bit like Chapter Tactics. High Elves will have 'Elf
Tactics' that reflect their training and drilling, Dark Elves will
have 'Elf Tactics' that reflect their cruelty and malice, and Wood Elves
will have 'Elf Tactics' that reflect their reliance on hit-and-run attacks.
I anticipate this means a single Elf book with basic troop units, some
specific units for each type of Elf, and the rest of the differences will
be in these 'Elf Tactics' and colour scheme etc.

I'm trying to remember anything else, the units were about 10-15 models
each. The Chaos forces were comprised of a unit of 10 warriors, 15
marauders, 5 warhounds, and the chaos leader. The Chosen of Sigmar (being
represented by Lizardmen models as the actual models are obviously
currently unavailable) had 15 'warriors of light', 10 'hunters' with
shortbows, and 10 'chosen', plus the leader.

It seemed a little unbalanced
in the Chosen's favour, but my manager said that when you're introducing
people to the game, although you let them pick, you talk up the Chosen more
so that they're more likely to pick them and be the good guy. That way,
although it looks fairly even, the Chosen have an advantage. Like other
intro games that have come before it, it is intended to provide 2 good,
though small, starting forces.

It was implied that both armies would
need 2-3 boxes of troops added to them to get them to 'average game' size.
This was obviously important because a key part of the intro game is not
only selling the intro box, but also upselling the customer to get a couple
more boxes for a bigger force.

Stat-line wise, though I wasn't told any specifics (this was more a matter
of 'Okay so the Warriors of Light are in close combat with the Marauders,
so you go first and hit on...') regarding statlines, this is a rough
- Warriors of Light are a halfway point between marauders and Chaos
Warriors, not as tough or as well armoured, but more skilled than
marauders, they were hitting marauders on 3s and saving wounds on a 4+ FALSE
- Chosen are basically Chaos Warriors, same armour save, they were hit on a
4+ and wounded on a 4+ by Chaos Warriors, saving on a 4+ FALSE
- Hunters are skirmishing bowmen, their only unique aspect is that I think
their bows are armour piercing. They were hitting stuff at long range
(range 24") on 5s, wounding Chaos Warriors on 5s, but Chaos Warriors with
shields were only saving on a 4+, instead of the 3+ they were saving on
against the Hunters in close combat. FALSE
- Leader of the Chosen was basically the Chosen's statline with +1 to
everything except Movement and Toughness. He had a sword that allowed him
to re-roll failed hits against Chaos things. FALSE

I am using the current statlines for Chaos Warriors, Marauders etc in these
estimations, and they are liable to change.

Anyway, that's all I can remember. I hope this is informative!

 Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - May 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
New warhammer fantasy game is called Age of Sigmar. TRUE
Preorders for the box go up July 4th. Release on the 11th. TRUE

Dark Angels Rumors - May 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Dark Angels actually do get a new Interrogator Chaplain miniature. Not the one from Dark Vengeance. A new clampack. Mini has a powerfist. TRUE

 Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - May 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Cult Mechanicus Codex - 80 pages £20 TRUE
Electro priest combo box (5 miniatures plastic) £25 TRUE
Tech Priest plastic clampack £22 TRUE
paint guides for Skitarii & Cult Mechanicus £12 each. TRUE

Dominus edition Cult Mechanicus book with datacards and metal objective markers only 900 copies. Direct only.
Ryza, Mars & Metalica A4 transfer sheets also direct only. No prices available to me. TRUE

Datacards available separately for £7.50 like always. (Not direct only) TRUE

couple of Mech themed Black Library novels too

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - May 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Both priest units are S and T3 and start off with 5 models per squad. their shields give them a 5++ and allow them to assault through cover, but with an I3 it doesnt really matter much. What does help these guys is that they hammer of wrath at s4. TRUE

The main difference between the two units is an electric staff or electric gauntlets. The staff is +2 strength AP4 and the gauntlets +1 strength and are both shooting and melee- you have to choose one or the other-. The fulgurites with the staves can get a 3++ if they wipe out a unit in close combat for the rest of the game. TRUE

The tech priest can either repair a hull point-vehicle damage, or heal a wound in his unit. is an independent character with a 2+ save and 3 wounds, feel no pain, and relentless. He also comes with a 5++ and wielding a power axe. He can fire on the move with an upgraded eradication ray, which is a heavy 1 s8 ap1 or a s6 ap3 blast TRUE

Chaos Rumors - May 2015
via a source that wants to remain anonymous
he said the most recent line of models in 40k sold above expectations so they're going to do push forward a chaos faction for the start of next year based on the models in Dark Vengeance. I checked whether this meant the Lost and Damned army and was told yes, but with a different name. FALSE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - May 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Cult Mechanicus has 4 formations.

Cohort Cybernetica- all models in the formation are fielded as a single unit and robots can fire at different targets
1 Tech-Priest Dominus-gets the rules for the Cybernetica Datasmith
2 Kastelan Robot Maniples TRUE

Elimination Maniple-gain +1 BS and ignore cover
2-3 units of Kataphron Destroyers
1-3 Kastelan Robot Maniples PARTIALLY TRUE

Numinous Conclave- must have equal numbers of each type of unit gain crusader and re-roll wounds
2-3 Fulgurite Electro-Priests
2-3 Corpuscarii Electro-Priests TRUE

Holy Requisitioner-Deep Strike with no error
1 Tech-Priest Dominus
2-3 units of Kataphron Breachers TRUE
Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - May 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
for cult mechanicus the new troop units are breachers and destroyers. they are expensive being 50+pts for each model starting with a unit of 3. each has 2 wounds, so they look like they will be durable enough. they come with special rules that allow them to fire two weapons each round, and are relentless. TRUE

for destroyers the heavy grav cannon is a nice upgrade to replace the plasma culverin. It also comes with a phospher blaster, allowing it to fire a lot of shots. TRUE

breachers i like better, but only come with a single ranged weapon. these are the close combat guys, but come with better ranged weapon options, a heavy arc rifle that has haywire, or a new exotic weapon that does extra wounds with high strength and ap1. TRUE

Knight Rumors - Apr 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Three new Knights next week

- Knight Warden TRUE
- Knight Crusader TRUE
- Knight Gallant TRUE

They are only weapon-swaps, not completely new TRUE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Apr 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I was just told that there is a new Giant Robot for Cult Mechanicus in the Heavy Support slot TRUE
You get 2 giant robots and one Datasmith as a squad. The robots stand twice the ht of a space marine and are MCs. If I remember correctly you can add additional robots, it was 2 or 3. The Datasmith is a character that controls them. TRUE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Apr 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
couople points for the cult mechanicus
-no knights or titans are in it. also no skitarii. TRUE
-tech priest dominus are the hq TRUE
they can restore a hull point or heal a point of damage TRUE

also they are nice model. a hunched over robed techpriest who is mostly mechanical. think of previous admech artwork. inspiring model with lots of detail TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - Apr 2015
thought I'd send you something I heard a few days ago,.
The week after assassins is supposed to be a complete surprise, expect a LOT more marines, expect a new game... FALSE

Now of course as with any rumour the timing could be off, but he seemed pretty confident with it.

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Apr 2015
Electro-Priests are not troops like earlier rumors were saying today, instead both Electro-Priests units are Elites. Its a dual kit with Fulgurite Electro-Priests and Corpuscarii Electro-Priests. Energy Fields give both units a 5++. TRUE

Fulgurites have staves with enhanced strength and can get a 3++ for the rest of the game if they wipe out a unit in close combat. TRUE

Corpuscariis have gauntlets that are assault weapons shooting with a 12" range, and can also be used in close combat. TRUE

Both weapons have other abilities as well that fit with the Electro-Priests. They can be taken groups of up to 20. TRUE

Assassin Rumors - Apr 2015
via a couple different sources on Faeit 212
The new Assassin game is called Assassinorum: Execution Force. TRUE
- New 4 assassins TRUE
- Chaos lord TRUE
- 3 chaos marines TRUE
- 15 cultists TRUE

£75 TRUE
Chaos Rumors - Apr 2015
via a reader on Faeit 212
Nothing confirmed rule/model wise, but the recent UK deliveries had Khorne
rubber bracelets as the included freebie. This week theres rubber
wristbands saying about Change. Tzeentch has been rumoured, and along with
the "daemon tide" in the back of this weekend's WD, could be the run up to
something FALSE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Mar 2015
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
This Weeks Releases
Codex: Skitarii £20 - 80pgs [TRUE[/b]
Datacards Skitarii £7.50 [TRUE[/b]
Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians £28 Plastic Box Set [TRUE[/b]

Release Schedule Rumors - Mar 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
As soon as Tomb Blades sold out, the writers and the bean counters all high-fived. Expect Possessed to become somewhat harder to find in the coming weeks as well. TRUE

GW sees Decurion style “Formation by Detachment” armies as a Win-Win-Win-Win. They are fluffy, easy to make, “Balanced”, and they can make a lukewarm product (such as Tomb Blades and Possessed) literally fly off the shelves.

In future releases expect 3 distinct flavors of codex: Harlequins, Ad Mech, and other “Mini-Dex’s” that are too small or not flexible enough to turn into full blown Decurions will become very heavily emphasized on support and formation, but not on structure. With Harlequins the formations are what made the army, while the Masque detachment was really just there to fill up space. TRUE

Expect the same thing with Ad Mech, it will be a codex of mostly detachments, and then one rather big FOC for the players who have bought more than a reasonable number of units. Necrons, the deamonkin books, the Eldar and Tau updates, will all revolve around Decurions. Units, such as most aspect warriors, don’t really fit into the FOC in the traditional sense, and GW would literally kill to have Dark Eldar players start buying a few Eldar units. TRUE

Expect the next Eldar book to follow the same formula, a primary detachment of one Autarch, two Guardian Defender squads, one Dire Avenger Squad, and one squad of Jet bikes, and then a formation for each of the aspect warriors and their respective phoenix lord, a tank formation, a wrath formation, a ranger formation, Vypes with a tax, crimson hunters, Avatar with a tax, and then a Farseer with Warlocks for a command detachment. TRUE

Finally there will be the books that only run FOC, with a handful of formation for good taste. These will be mostly Space Marine armies, to represent their ridged but tactical organization, and any “Chaotic” armies, such as CSM and Nids, which will have many formations, but very little on how those have to be played.

Release Schedule Rumors - Mar 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
+Forgeworld on main site confirmed FALSE
+ Plastic HH confirmed TRUE
+All resin kits are to be getting a plastic upgrade before 2017
+This is one of the "Red weeks"
+More paint colors to come before the year is over TRUE
+the limited edition of the mechanicum codex will be limited only to 1010 TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - Mar 2015
Via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
* the next upcoming big release won't be Warhammer Fantasy but something set "in the 40k universe"

* Warhammer Fantasy isn't expected to be released until the summer like all major GW releases before DUPLICATE

* there is no such a thing as "red dates where managers aren't allowed to take off-days". It's rather a recommendation by HQ to be there

Horus Heresy Rumors - Mar 2015
via a Reader here on Faeit 212
confirmed that HH was coming to regular GW stores.

A starter box set for 2 players with 'generic', non-Legion specific Heresy-era units is coming in May. Wasn't specific on plans beyond that, apart from that FW will take care of Legion-specific upgrade packs, unique units and any other stuff that GW doesn't want to run in plastic. TRUE

Apparently the demand for HH stuff has been so intense GW is centralizing the range.
Didn't mention anything about FW in stores though.

Release Schedule Rumors - Mar 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There are 4 key release dates and even showed me the calendar with "red releases" for this
year. The first of which is coming in the first week of may. He also lead me to believe there would be heresy campaign in stores.

May 1st - heresy FALSE
May 8th - heresy FALSE

June 5th - ???
July 10th - WFB TRUE
Release Schedule Rumors - Mar 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There are 4 key release dates and even showed me the calendar with "red releases" for this
year. The first of which is coming in the first week of may. He also lead me to believe there would be heresy campaign in stores. FALSE

Chaos Daemon Rumors - Feb 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I got a good piece of news from a friend who works out of GW in Nottingham, He claims "new GUO coming in a month, maybe 6 weeks. Its a much much bigger model, posed in a similar fashion to the FW one but seems to have Nurglings spread around the base and guts. Theres some head variations too. FALSE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors / Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Feb 2015
via a reader on Faeit 212
I look at your site a lot for rumors and i would also like to further confirm two current rumors.

It's really basic really but i was told recently that the skitarii are confirmed to be coming for 40k by a friend within GW itself. TRUE

Another point i would like to clarify for you is in terms of circle bases for fantasy. My source has always known that i have disliked the fantasy movement tray system; they've told me that fantasy is moving to a circular base system (although not sure how it will work) for all models, unit boxes will also contain less miniatures due to the new system. PARTIALLY TRUE

They sounded pretty convincing and they have no reason to lie to me at all.
Hope this helps you in some way.

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Feb 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
No, there is no mention of the Horus Heresy on the pages I have seen. These are codex entries, and the weapon section is titled -Armoury of the Forgeworlds- and then goes on to mention arc weapons, cognis weapons, eradication beamer, all like we talked about before. TRUE

At the very top of the page, it starts off with the text- This section of Codex: Skitarii lists weapons and equipment used by the Skitarii, along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000-

There is no mention of Warhammer 30,000, the Great Crusade, or the Horus Heresy. Just 40k. TRUE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Feb 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
An Ad Mech playable army is being released by GW, not Forgeworld, TRUE
in March. Now this timing could be off slightly, but its coming soon.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Feb 2015
via a reader on Faeit 212
This one is just a rumour. Although an interesting one at that. I know everyone has been afraid of bubblehammer and how warhammer will become a skirmish game. FALSE
Well they may be pleasantly surprised. From what I have heard warhammer skirmish is going to happen. But it may not be 9th edition, in fact there could be a new system released based around a very significant empire city that may have just undergone some hard times. I won't say more as I am unsure on the reliability of this and don't want to give false hope but regardless we will know for certain by the end of February. FALSE

Harlequin Rumors - Feb 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
A 96 page full colour hardback Codex that contains new background, artwork, colour schemes and rules for the harlequins. RRP £30 TRUE

A Multipart plastic kit making either a fast moving troop carrier or a heavy weapons platform called a Voidweaver for Harlequins. TRUE
RRP £25

A 168 page full colour paperback step-by-step painting guide for Harlequins. TRUE
RRP £20

All released next Saturday, Pre-orders on this Saturday. TRUE

Harlequin Rumors - Feb 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Can finally confirm that the Codex: Harlequins is next. There's the
Codex, Datacards, a painting guide for Harlequins and the Harlequin
Starweaver as well. so should be a nice week for fans. DUPLICATE

via a separate source on Faeit 212
Releases for this week.
Codex: Harlequins – 96 pages hardback full colour not a supplement but a full stand-alone codex DUPLICATE
Datacards Harlequins – 7 Psychic cards and 36 tactical objectives DUPLICATE
Harlequin Starweaver – transport for Harlequins, looking a lot like the DE Venom DUPLICATE
Warriors of the Laughing God: A Harlequins Painting Guide – 168pages, softcover painting guide. DUPLICATE

Harlequins Dice FALSE

Chaos Rumors/End Times Rumors - Feb 2015
ia an anonymos source on Faeit 212
The guys with the red skin in those pictures are Wrathmongers that you had reported before TRUE

There is one skullreaper in the bottom left hand corner, and the Blood Thirster is the Reaver of the Bloody Path and costs 500pts to field. TRUE

Skullreapers- twohanded weapons and chaos armour- come in at 40pts, and a can take a champion for 10pts. Eye of the Gods and Marke of Khorne are its special rules. Their weapons grant +1strength are magical attacks and gain the extra attack special rule. They have a 5+ unit size TRUE

Wrathmonger -wrath flails and chaos armour- Is 55pts each and can also take a champion. Eye of the Gods and Marks of Khorne come on both models and champion upgrades are going to cost 10pts each. The flails give +1 strength in the first round of close combat and had other rules I dont remember. Unit size of 5+ TRUE

Harlequin Rumors - Jan 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Unit of harlequin troupes are 4 Players and a Troupe Master according to next week's White Dwarf. TRUE

Holosuit, shuriken pistol, close combat weapon, plasma grenades, flip belt TRUE

Special Rules
Fear, fleet, furious charge, and hit and run TRUE

Can include up to 7 additional Players
any model can take a fusion pistol or neuro disruptor 12" S1 AP2 fleshbane TRUE

Upgrades are a harlequin's embrace-S: user AP- melee embrace of death gives d3 hammer of wrath attacks at S6, harlequins kiss, and harlequins caress. Any model can upgrade TRUE
The Troupe Master can take one item from the Enigmas of the Black Library and can select a Starweaver as a dedicated transport. TRUE

Harlequin Rumors - Jan 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
A new Solitaire model. He is in a dynamic pose leaping into the air with one hand out front and his harlequin caress hidden from his target reared back ready to strike the final blow. the model is supported by his jacket on the base. He has a high collar with a demon mask on his face complete with two horns.
infantry (character) unique TRUE
Holosuit, Harlequin's caress, Harlequin's kiss, flip belt TRUE

Special Rules
deepstrike, eternal warrior, fear, fearless, fleet, furious charge, hit and run, precision strikes. TRUE

Blitz- once per game can blitz. Roll a d6 equal to the turn number, and that is the distance he moves and ignores all models and terrain. When blitzing his attacks are increased to 10. TRUE

3+ invul save TRUE
Cannot ever be joined by another character, and cannot take warlord traits TRUE
Can move 12" in the movement phase. TRUE

Can take haywire TRUE
may take one item from the "Enigmas of the Black Library" list TRUE

Harlequin caress S: user AP - ,melee, Caress of Death any 6 to hit causes an automatic wound regardless of of toughness at ap2, against vehicles a to hit of 6 auto glances TRUE

Harelquin kiss S: user AP- melee, kiss of death. One attack is a kiss of death, resolved at S6 ap2 and if a 6 is rolled its instant death TRUE

Flip belt- not slowed by difficult terrain and no penalty for charging through cover. also 2+ look out sir rolls. TRUE

Harlequin Rumors - Jan 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Here is next week

-Harlequin Troupe: 6 models $40 TRUE
-Harlequin Solitaire: 1 model $26 TRUE

-Horus Heresy: Tallarn Executioner John French hardback 125pgs $25 TRUE
-The Masque of Vyle: by Andy Chambers Hardback 128pages $20 TRUE
-Path of the Dark Eldar Omnibus: by Andy Chambers paperback 128pgs $17.50 TRUE
-Warhammer Visions issue 13: 236pgs $12 TRUE

Also the hints for next week for issue 54 on Saturday 7 Feb TRUE
*The Dance Continues
*Exclusive Warhammer 40k Mission
*Some Very Converted Orks

End Times Rumors - Jan 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
-Last weekend in February for the last Endtimes book
-2 Hardcover books 248pages TRUE
First book has picture of Archaon on his fiery steed charging straight at you with flaming sword held to the side TRUE
Second book shows the Archaon model in a very similar pose, but with the Steed's head turned slightly towards the right. TRUE

Necron Rumors - Jan 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I just saw this latest post about Necrons and it’s not true at all. I don’t know where this guy came up with his stuff but I suspect the source is just making it up.

I should start by confirming that tesla is changing like everyone has been saying. Look
to spacewolves to see how your 6’s don’t work on snap firing. TRUE

The first new thing is a new MC that the Necrons are getting called the Necromancer. Str 6
tough 7 like a bigger destroyer lord. It’s a jump character but does so through phasing in and out of reality(dimensional door is the rule, similar to how deathmarks work). The Str 6 is unmodified, so when you use it with a warscythe it gets bumped up to 8. I don’t know how many wounds it has but I hear it has a resurrection orb effect for everything within 12 inches of it kinda like the rules in death from the skies on the flyers. FALSE

The second
unit I heard about is a new monolith, finally. The new one is like a mix of the
super heavy obelisk and the regular monolith. It’s able to fire its ordnance
weapon AND shoot its side weapons at full ballistic skill but ONLY at flyers,
FMCs, skimmers, and jetbikes. FALSE

Other than that still the same, but one big rule shift is that melta doesn’t work against living metal anymore… again. So Necrons rejoice in your renewed durability. FALSE

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors

via a very solid source on Faeit 212
Let me give you some confirmation:
The setting is being completely overhauled - true. TRUE
The concept of a huge chunks of the world in a sea similar to the warp from 40k - true. PARTIALLY TRUE
Faction reduction to 6 - true FALSE

As for how it interacts with the current rules.
9th edition takes place after the sundering that brought about from the End Times. TRUE

So for the purposes of compatibility, you can use your 8th edition hardback book, representing a section of the culture that hasn't been horrifically changed by the End Times (Recognizing it will have the same drawbacks of using a dated book that are experienced elsewhere). FALSE

You can use End Times rules/concepts, representing a section that is still being torn apart. FALSE

You can use the new, post-end times rules to represent what is "current." TRUE

All the books (again, with the caveat that older books may not be optimal for the new core rules [but truthfully the core rules aren't changing wildly, like 5th to 6th edition 40k, really more of a tidied up 8th edition with a brand new setting]) are designed to be compatible. FALSE

Support will be towards the new book, new setting, however, with End Times being in the past. Viable, but not current.

Expect armies to have fewer units in their core books, which will be heavily focused on the fluff for where they are now, what they've been doing in the centuries immediately following the sundering. This will create a more "balanced" pool as they will be rapidly produced and released (consider a scale even somewhat faster than what we've had for 40k these past few years).

These will then be expanded on with supplements, not intended as money-grabs (as I am sure they will be received by the majority of your readers), but more as guided hands to acknowledge deficiencies in books, or even "global meta" changes. The first time that Games Workshop will be openly acknowledging things that need changes.

These units will typically get white dwarf rules treatments heralding the release in hardback of all of the new units from the previous month(s), for a new setting expansion, which will pit several of the races together (representing a collision).

As these expansions are not permanent in the world, so too will these models not be. They are intended to only get one template injection mold life-run, the same as the books will be printed only once in hardback, then delayed paperback.

They will of course remain legal throughout all of 9th, they will just be more limited eventually, the same as the end time models will not be available forever, the same as XYZ model is no longer available (just with a shorter life span than previous experienced). I mean... you can't get albion models anymore either, but that campaign was before people whined on the internet, so I guess that's why no one's complaining.

This will allow for more new models, as contrary to common belief, the storage and rejuvenation of these templates takes a lot of resources which can be instead dedicated to new ones.

On the topic of round bases. The latest version I saw used round bases, but units had the option of ranking up to receive the typical bonuses. To rank up using round bases, it is intended to use new movement trays which have circular cuts to hold the bases of the appropriate size. FALSE

Nothing stops you from (and in many ways you are encouraged to) maintain unit formation the entire game. But you don't have to. Note that throughout all of Warhammer Fantasy, changing width/depth was an option, it's just rarely seen.

So to summarize - you can skirmish, but it's in your interests to rank up for different reasons, like shield walling before a charge for instance. You can alternatively always hold a formation and move the way we're all used to. FALSE


This will be a very big change. It is not because GW doesn't care about its old players and just wants to attract new ones. It is not to fill a void that will come from the fading of Lord of the Rings (which will remain in stores and be supported for a long time due to the agreement with New Line Cinemas). TRUE

It is just a very fresh look at a game that hasn't changed dramatically in how it's played since the dawn of the game and company. It will give everyone the opportunity and hopefully inspiration to do something new, but without invalidating everything from the past. It is opening room for creativity, not closing doors.

Yes, army books will eventually feel too out of date to play, but that's the same with any new edition. And new Army Books will typically allow people to recreate what they're "used to" it just might not be the most effective thing they could do with their new book.

The new faction are basically the opposite of warriors of chaos, but good the way chaos marines are the opposite of space marines but evil (in terms of broad tropes, I really hope this doesn't spawn some kind of debate about the morality of space marines). TRUE

Lastly, nothing stops you from just playing 8th, and ignoring 9th the same way some people ignore End Times. Just understand that unlike Storm of Chaos which was post-production looked at as an "alternate timeline" where the clock was turned back to right before it took place for the purposes of the setting, the End Times are real, and 9th will begin where it left off. TRUE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Jan 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Ive seen the model so I thought I would chime in and describe the Dunecrawler. Sorry no pictures, it was not possible.

Its a walker with 4 armoured mechanical spider legs. The crew compartment is large metal box angled in the front. There is a small robotic arm in the front with tools and drills on the appendage. The visor for the drivers inside is a slit with optical lenses on the the left hand side of the opening. The Eradication Beamer is big, and looks like a giant conversion beamer, up top there is a gunner with a heavy stubber. I don't know the optional guns, but there are a couple. One that looks like a long barreled autocannon, but has some sort of array attached to it. None of the weapon options look like standard Imperial Weapons. TRUE

I also wanted to mention, that this is a Games Workshop release, not Forgeworld.

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Jan 2015
via an anonymous source
here are some rules for some of the guns for the ad mech. I dont recall seeing much more.
Cognis Weapons are normal weapons with the Cognis attached to it, like Cognis Lascannon. They simply use a BS 2 when firing snap shots because of an awakened machine spirit. TRUE

Burst Pistol rules allow for 5 shots to be fired instead of just a single one.

Galvanic Rifle looks like an ornate flintlock rifle with a canister on the side. R30", rapid fire, S4. TRUE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Jan 2015
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
the plasma pistol described in your previous article is not an odd looking plasma pistol. its an arc pistol. arc weapons will be available for the skitarii in both pistol and rifle. the arc rifle is rapid fire with haywire. rifle and pistol both are s6 ap5. TRUE

Deathwatch Rumors/ Harlequin Rumors - Dec 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
thought I'd add some info I've heard, normally what I hear is pretty reliable, harlequins will be coming, so will deathwatch at some point this year probably.DUPLICATE
We already know necrons are here soon, I don't have a lot of info on that but know tesla is changing, just a nerf to the snap shots afaik. TOO VAGUE

Release Schedule Rumors - Dec 2014
January Details
January 10- Blood Angels army box (Sanguine Strike force, £105), Clampack character. Details here TRUE

January 31- Codex Necrons, Clampack character, and an army box (possibly scheduled later) – Look for some reboxings of certain sets as well. TRUE

Other Releases
Harlequins **** - February? DUPLICATE
Deathwatch ***- No release timeline
Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii ****- No release timeline DUPLICATE

Asdrubael Vect ****- January/February....March? FALSE
Plastic Cult Troops ***- No release timeline

2015 may well be summed up as the quoted
"Year of the Supplements and Campaigns" for 40k
"9th Edition for Warhammer Fantasy" TRUE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - Dec 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Ive seen a walker bearing the ad mech symbols on it. The walker has a horizontal pilot hooked up to the machine with optical lenses for the pilots sight, and little mechanical grabbers that extend out from the pilots hands. There is a gunner on top in red robes and odd looking armor that reminds me of the tempestus armor except for larger eye lenses. TRUE
The walker has sentinel legs, and the weapon up top is a ornate twin-linked lascannon. PARTIALLY TRUE

Blood Angels Rumors - Nov 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The Shield of Baal Leviathan will see a softcover release before the end of the year. The demand was sorely underestimated, but the books had already been printed, which is why the softcover books are coming so soon. TRUE

Blood Angels Rumors - Nov 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Blood angels terminator kit TRUE
Dual kit FALSE
First build is honour guard/ regular ba terminator with ornamentation similar to the da kit.

Second build is death company terminator with rather large chainfists and what appears to be souped up storm bolters/gatling cannons FALSE

38 quid a box

Blood Angels Rumors - Nov 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Forgot to add that there's a new sculpt for a special character coming in plastic as well. From the description I received it sounds like Dante PARTIALLY TRUE

Blood Angels Rumors / Tyranid Rumors - Nov 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Captain Karlean WS6 just over 150pts TRUE
Terminator Armour with Iron Halo, storm bolter, and Relic of Baal: melee, concussive, master crafted, specialist weapon and unwieldy.

Strategic Genius: +1 seize the initiative, and can re-roll any reserve roll TRUE

Children of Cryptus is 8 genestealers and the Spawn of Cryptus for a little over 200pts TRUE
Spawn of Cryptus is t5 with 3 wounds and has preferred enemy and has rending claws. He also comes with infiltrate, fleet, move through cover, and stealth just like the genestealers. Spawn of Cryptus is also a lvl 1 psyker who knows The Horror and Dominion powers. TRUE

Blood Angels Rumors - Nov 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
two changes on wargear that might interest you.........
blood talons are Sx2 AP2 with melee, shred, and specialist weapon TRUE
magna grapples give you move through cover, and you can re-roll failed charges when assaulting a vehicle. TRUE

Specialist Games Rumors - Nov 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
GW allocate all Licences for Specialist Games to Fantasy Flight Games / Asmodee. This means we can await the release of SG-related games on FFG. The rumored HH/Crusade related Game can be a Epic "30.000" Miniatures/Board reboot.

Blood Angel Rumors - Nov 2014
via an anonymous reader on Faeit 212
Saw a pic of the new Blood Angels Tactical Marines box (yes, Tactical!). TRUE Probably out before Xmas.
Going by the pic, they seem to have grav weapons and a heavy flamer similar to the Sternguard version. TRUE

Blood Angels Rumors / Tyranid Rumors - Nov 2014
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212 *****
two releases next week for 40k and the rest is hobbit and some bases.
Shield of Baal box set $125 25 miniatures, campaign supplement, and rules TRUE
Shield of Baal: Deasthstorm $24 hardback 125pgs TRUE

Contents of the box set
Small Rulebook with Blood Angels on Front TRUE
Campaign Supplement -40pages
3 missions, rules and dataslates for each model, two formations- Strike Force Deathstorm and Phodian Annihilation Swarm TRUE

Blood Angels Strike Force- 12 models TRUE
Captain Karlean, 5 terminators, 5 deasth company, and a death company dreadnought

Phodian Annihilation Swarm- 13 models TRUE
Spawn of Cryptus, 8 genestrealers, 3 warriors, and a carnifex

The Spawn of Cryptus is a very large Broodlord towering over the height of warriors. Both the Spawn of Cryptus and Captian Karlean are new models. TRUE

End Times Rumors - Nov 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
A quick look at next weeks white dwarf and am a little disappointed, basically a load of single hobbit miniatures, but also the end times book khaine. I could be wrong but it did not look like a novel. It also said book one on it so maybe it's a 2 part release.

The teasers for next week weren't giving away much except it mentioned about the shield worlds so I imagine it will be going back to the Baal campaign. TRUE

End Times Rumors / Blood Angels Rumors - Nov 2014
Via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Hi, next week is another pre-release for Tyranids, ALREADY TRUE
and then we are back to Endtimes with book 3. ALREADY TRUE
No Blood Angels yet.ALREADY TRUE

Blood Angel Rumors / Tyranid Rumors - Nov 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Shield of Baal is the first release for the campaign.TRUE
There will be more.
It comes in two hardback books and in a slipcase. TRUE

book 1 comes with all the details on the invasion- background TRUE
includes the invasion of the Cryptus System, called the shieldworlds of Baal.
the astra militarum, blood angels and even the sisters of battle are mentioned here. TRUE

book 2 is rules including, Echoes of War scenarios (6), a cities of death expansion with 6 new missions, death from the skies rules for aerial combat. TRUE

Forces of Leviathan: a new detachment for Tyranids with warlord traits, datasheets for new units, and new formations. TRUE

Tyranid Rumors - Nov 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The box kit for tyranids coming out next weekend is a Venomthrope-Zoanthrope dual kit that will come with 3 models. TRUE
The exciting part is that there is a new zoanthrope character upgrade called a Neurothrope, which very much sounds like the old Doom of Malanti.TRUE
it comes with a spirit leech -warp charge 1, that targets an enemy unit within 18". Leadership check on 3d6 or suffer a wound by each point the test was failed with no armour or cover saves. Each wound also adds 1 to your dice pool for Warp Blasts. TRUE

Bret Rumors - Nov 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Regarding Bretonnians
"they are dead, I was told flat out and promised they are dead from . .

"Did you read both end times books yet,? by the end of glottkin the empire has lost half its population. I hear kislev is gone in the first, along with bretonia."

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Oct 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The Traitor Marines coming next Year:
-Few Changes in the Codex FALSE
-Undivided Mono-Lists only (no more Chaos Marks) FALSE
-Black Legion Suppliment revised FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - Oct 2014

Once again, the releases for this week if you are just catching up on the news
Tyranid Toxicrene/Maleceptor 1 miniature $73 TRUE
Warhammer 40k: The Rules small format hardback $58 TRUE
Tyranid Dice Tin 10 dice $17 TRUE

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212*****
Heavy Support, slight over 150pts TRUE
Acid blood, Lash whips, fearless, Instinctive behavior feed TRUE
On a large oval base with 10 long tentacles and a face like a lictor. TRUE
A 5 wound t6 monstrous creature who is hypertoxic and shrouded. this means any hit gains instant death on a wound roll of a 6 due to a toxic cloud. This includes its close combat attacks and its choking cloud TRUE

Choking Cloud; 12" assault1 ignores cover, lg blast. Chocking cloud is S3, poisoned 2+ and against open topped vehicles or any vehicle that has lost a hull point the attack gains armour bane. TRUE

Elite Choice: Monstrous Creature, slightly over 200pts TRUE
A 4 legged beast with two large scything talons TRUE
A psyker level 2, synapse monstrous creature that has an invul save of 5+. It has shadows of the warp and a 4+ save. TRUE

Psychic Overload: Warp Charge 2 TRUE
It has the psychic power psychic overload, which is a 24" focused witchfire. target must take a leadership test on 3d6 and vehicles count as leadership 10, failure causes d3 wounds no armor or cover saves allowed, and a causes a single glancing hit to vehicles, no cover save allowed. The maleceptor can do psychic overload three times a round, but cannot target the same model twice. TRUE

Blood Angel Rumors - Oct 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
BA are indeed pegged for a mid-november release but there will be little or even no model releases at all. FALSE

If there is anything released expect either plastic reclusiarch or sang priest. But no new squad kits or vehicles. FALSE

Fantasy Rumors- Oct 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Bretonnians are not coming in the near future as their own separate release. That said I have heard they are being squashed as a separate army, and will indeed be coming to us in book 4 as part of an alliance. FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - Sept 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 ***
Next few week releases are:
- Dark Eldar FALSE

And then: Space Hulk limited edition. FALSE

Eldar Rumors / Supplement Rumors - Sept 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 ***
An Ulthwé Strikeforce supplement for Codex Eldar is on the horizon with new plastic Warlocks. FALSE
GW realizes that Eldar players can and do field many Warlocks as part of the HQ Council, so they are giving this the dedicated plastic multi-part infantry kit treatment rather than offering only one or two single plastic character clam-pack models (which would put a limit on posing options, etc.) PARTIALLY TRUE

As you know the current Warlock models are very dated, a few of them being Jes Goodwin's "evergreen" sculpts which have stood the test of time since the early 90's. Jes has wanted these classic models to be redone for a long time. The Ulthwé supplement will be the perfect opportunity to release the new kit (which of course will be usable by all Eldar warhosts, not just Ulthwé).

The supplement itself is largely based on Phil Kelly's brilliant Ulthwé Strike Force army list from Codex: Eye of Terror way back in 3rd edition. We can expect the usual background section which will greatly expand on what we know about Ulthwé along with Warlord Traits, wargear, Cities of Death / Stronghold Assault strategems, etc.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 ***
I have seen the Voidraven bomber in the list of products on a GW Store computer. Its 81 bucks, I make a bet on it. TRUE

Dark Eldar Rumors - Sept 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 ***
I saw two new interesting things. The Dark Eldar Archon and Urien Rakarth seem to be getting a price reduction. Not much, but some. If I had to guess, I'd say that it was a plastic transition. Also, there is another entry titled, "Artrax: Dark Eldar." I don't know what that is, but it's listed as the same price as a 7th ed Codex. FALSE

Additionally, I looked into BA and Necrons. I didn't see anything new, but I did see that their Codex's prices are increased to 7th ed levels, leading me to believe that they are on their way.

However, based on my previous information on the possible DE supplements, "Dark Eldar: Wyches" and "Dark Eldar: Covens" I would assume that Dark Eldar are next up. That is simply a deduction of mine with no hard evidence, so take it how you wish. FALSE

Dark Eldar Rumors - Aug 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 ****
A reduced price Incubi box(which is drastic, it seems, becoming cheaper than Wracks are now). FALSE

Two items named "Dark Eldar: Covens" and "Dark Eldar: Wyches" for the same price as a 7th Ed Codex. Now I can't say with much certainty what these are, but based on their price and title, I think they might be supplements. FALSE

In addition to that, I have seen the normal 7th Ed priced 'Codex: Dark Eldar" TRUE
and the "Codex: Dark Eldar Limited Edition" that is a bit cheaper than others. PARTIALLY TRUE

Also of interest is the "Dark Eldar Tantalus" that I found that is four dollars cheaper than three Terminator boxes. If this Tantalus entry pans out, I would assume it is our version of the Imperial Knight/Baneblade/Stompa. FALSE

Dark Eldar Rumors - Aug 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
He gave me some insight into what he had seen in early drafts of the book from the design team. I would consider these 1-2 star rumors, more of logical speculation on his end based on what he had seen:

- Eldar special rules were being thrown around as an idea, Ancient Doom and a form of Battle Focus that let warriors run/shoot in the same phase and Wyches run/assault in the same turn. FALSE

- Points decreases for the elites and troops sections, by about 1-2 ppm, but increases to raiders, ravagers, and venoms by about 5 points. The net result was units in transports costing about the same. FALSE

- Obviously the model-less characters were taken out - Vect is a lord of war, but baron, duke, malys, and the decapitator are gone. FALSE

- No new unit entries that he had seen, but repackaged models. I asked him about plastic incubi, mandrakes, grotesques and wracks, clampacks or the voidraven, and he said he honestly hadn't seen anything concrete on them, so couldn't say one way or the other but wouldn't be surprised since finecast had been removed from most new books that still had any.

- No info on warlord traits unfortunately, but said that the drug chart was being refined to mesh with 7th ed special rules (specifically, the drug that gives 3d6 run pick the highest is removed, since that is essentially fleet, which many units have already). FALSE

- Confirmed that, as we all knew, the wargear section for haemies was being shortened, possibly turned into relics. Hallmarks like venom blades, huskblades, soul traps, shadow fields, agonisers should still be there in the generic wargear section. In his words, "shocked if they took those out". TRUE

Overall, more of a streamlining similar to the GK dex, but without removing much other than the named characters. Should still play the same, but have more continuity with the current rules, and with the warlord traits and new FOC (didn't elaborate on what it might look like) will have much more added than lost, unlike GK. TRUE

Said he wouldn't be shocked if we also get plastic kits for some of the finecast options, to make the release similar to Orks. Certainly didn't feel like a nerf in his opinion, but did go a long way to limit the viability of things like jetseer lists that relied on the 2++ of the baron.

Fantasy Supplement Rumors - Aug 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Nagash army will be first of many alliance armies - there will be other in 9th ed - so there won't be free choice alliances, but ready army lists mixing two armies. TRUE

Dark Eldar Rumors - Aug 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Fantasy 3-Week-Releases. After this Dark Eldar. TRUE

Grey Knight Rumors - Aug 2014
So... They're out there now, people know they're coming so I can talk about them.

It's true that the Inquisition and assassins were cut. Assassins are getting their own update (similar to 4E) which will let them end up in any Imperial Army without necessarily taking an Inquisitor and have some cool narrative missions/kill team missions. TRUE

But we're not here to talk about Assassins.

Grey Knights are definitely getting "stripped" of a lot of the bloat they had before, not necessarily the stuff they had. TRUE

What I mean by that is this codex is C:Grey Knights, and NOT Ordo Malleus.

The focus is on the marines and only the marines. If you want to recreate existing armies, its not difficult you just use the inquisitor codex alongside it. TRUE

The special characters as rumored at gone, BUT the relics section lets you effectively portray them (functionally) on the table. This lets people convert to their heart's content without conflict as to what is/is not the right way to represent one character or another. TRUE

Unlike space wolves and Orks there is no follow up supplement for Grey Knights. It's all in the book already. TRUE

Draigo makes paladins troops, but they have to be 4 or more models or else remain elites. FALSE

Things got a little bit cheaper to bring them in line with the new base marine costs.

Librarians still require terminator armor. TRUE

Land raiders are dedicated transports for strike squads as well. FALSE

Deep striking via teleport got more precise. FALSE

Grand strategies are warlord traits. FALSE

There are 2 new kits only one of which is a vehicle FALSE

Have some very unique rules for when playing against daemons primary. /Both/ armies get buffs (fluff wise because GKs only show up when the situation is super dire) FALSE

So to reiterate: book is about the grey knights and nothing else cluttering it.

If you want the old book, just grab codex: inquisition to go with it.

It's not GWs fault that TOs are limiting people to two sources. The design process was that the book was too bloated with choices that had nothing to do with grey knights, thus didn't need to be there.

Does it mean less options? Sort of, if you only have one book, but in return you get a more balanced army that isn't being weighed against the strength of inquisitorial henchmen when considering the potency of "GK troops," allowing for a much stronger book if you wanted to play just knights.

Crowe doesn't make purifiers troops in the traditional way, but he has a formation that's him with 2-6 units of purifiers in transports. FALSE

In this formation he gets a bodyguard of the new unit that are based roughly on his "story" per se and is the only way to give him a retinue as he is not normally an independent character. FALSE

More will hit the internet soon I'm sure but that's all I can say for now

Bret Rumors - Aug 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Bret's are 100% confirmed next FALSE

White Dwarf Rumors - Aug 2014
via an anonymous source
GW may in the near future drop Warhammer visions, the sells of the magazine are VERY poor. Some parts of the content returns to the White Dwarf, Weekly issues remains, but more pages. The other Parts of the visions content comes with "Guide Books" like the new Space Wolves release. FALSE

Space Wolf Rumors - Aug 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The venerable dreadnought shield is called a Blizzard shield, and it grants a 3+ invul to every damage on in front facing. ALREADY TRUE
the axe ist just like a CCW with mastercrafted. ALREADY TRUE

Jaws of the world wolf is still in, its power 6, warp charge 2, focused witch fire with 18" inch. Single model ini test or removed. MC's auto pass this test. TRUE

Long fang squads start with 2 space marines, the ancient and a long fang for 30pts. TRUE

Space Wolf Rumors - July 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Next week:
Logan Grimnar DUPLICATE
Wolf Priest Terminator FALSE
Space Wolves Strikeforce FALSE
Another Space Wolfs related Novel FALSE

Space Wolf Rumors - July 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Yes next week is Logan pre-orders. TRUE
He is indeed on a chariot. TRUE
The chariot is an option for any Wolf Lord, but not Wolf Guard Battle Leaders. FALSE

Space wolf Rumors - July 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Hey there some info about the new SW codex. Not a lot but a couple tie bits. Came from someone who works for GW
New Logan grimnar model- can be on foot or in a landsled pulled by, yes a thunder wolf. DUPLICATE
He is a lord of war
New dreadnought model called murderfang has a storm shield and he has 7 attacks +D3 FALSE
Murderfang/venerable/Bjorn are a plastic multi kit ALREADY TRUE

I would consider this to be 100% accurate. This is the same guy who told me about the orks codex and he was spot on.

Space Wolf Rumors - July 2014
via an anonymous source
Murderfang (Unique) TRUE
Furious Charge, It Will not Die, Rage, Rampage, and Murderlust (ignores effects of crew shaken and stunned) TRUE

Also comes with Murderclaws one with storm bolter and one with a flamer. Murderclaws are S7 AP2, Master crafted, shred, specialists weapon

Space Wolf Rumors - July 2014
via an anonymous source on the cover of the Space Wolf codex and next week's releases.
It' looks like the Blood of Asaheim Novel cover, but different. TOO VAGUE

I heared next week GW will bring an Bjorn/Venerable SW Dreadnought Box. TRUE

Space Wolf Rumors - July 2014
via an anonymous source that gave us the early flyer information
Next week after the flyer there will be another Space Wolves release. But no codex yet. It looks as GW will make a habbit of 3-4weeks long release, just like with Orks. FALSE

Space Wolf Rumors - July 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Codex cover shows an Warrior with Bolter and an primitive looking power sword. FALSE

Space Wolf Rumors - July 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The Stormfang Gunship has the look of half of a Caestus Assault Ram, and is on the cover of next week's White Dwarf. The previous rumors really list out its abilities well. It comes with a Helfrost Destructor, two twin-linked heavy bolters, two stormstrike missiles and ceramite plating, with power of the machine spirit. TRUE

Heavy bolter upgrades to skyhammer missile launcher or two twin linked multi-meltas TRUE
stormstrike missiles can be upgraded to a twin linked lascannon. TRUE

Helfrost Destructor TRUE
Dispersed 24" S6 AP3 Hvy1, Helfrost, Large Blast
Focused 24" S8 AP1, Hvy1, Helfrost, Lance

Stormstrike Missile 72" S8 AP2 hvy1 Concussive one shot only TRUE

Space Wolf Rumors - July 2014
via an must remain anonymous source on Faeit 212
Your information on space wolves main units is a bit off.

Grey Hunters are not cheaper, they are still 15/model. FALSE

They come with Bolter, Bolt Pistol, grenades, ATSKNF, Counter Attack and Acute Senses. FALSE

They can have one model upgraded to a Wolf Guard, for +10 points, who gets +1Ld/attack and access to wargear. (Same as veteran sergeants, except that if not taken, there isn't a "character" in the unit the way normal sergeants are). TRUE

They can take 1 special weapon, or 2 at 10 man. They are limited only to special weapons and not heavy as per normal. They pay the same points as space marines now, not a discount and not a free one at 10. TRUE

They can also take plasma pistols at 1 per 5 in addition to special weapons. FALSE

They can swap their bolter for a chainsword at no cost, on a model-by-model basis, and it specifies that it must also be represented on the model. FALSE

Wolf banners are still in, but aren't as good and cost 15 points not 10. PARTIALLY TRUE

Bloodclaws are 13 points per model, FALSE
minimum 5 up to 20. FALSE Similar as above for upgrades. Unlike what's in stormclaw, if you upgrade a Bloodclaw to a Wolf Guard he gets +1 WS and BS (to take him to 4/4). They have rage now instead of their former +d3 attacks on the charge.TRUE

Wolf Guard terminators are now an entry, as are Wolf Guard non terminators, so no mixing and matching. No more pack leader separating of Wolf Guard to join other squads. Just upgrades in unit.TRUE

While I'm sure that a lot of people will be flipping over the loss of certain iconic character elements for space wolves, the new stuff in the book isn't just "Wolf This" "Wolf That" and they still remain sufficiently divergent from normal marines, with points costs that are now in line with them. Though I won't deny that they definitely were toned down in a lot of ways (that they weren't really overpowered in by any real means) they have been compensated for by gaining access to things like space marine AA tanks, a new flyer and some really nifty formations.

Logan Grimnar and Bjorn are Lords of War FALSE

Space Wolf Rumors - July 2014
via an anonymous source in Faeit 212
It will come in 2 versions:
First - 215 points TRUE
One - assault transport with TL hell frost cannon DUPLICATE
Two fire modes: DUPLICATE
- s6 ap3, blast, then it forces a Str test. If the test is failed, the enemy dies
- s8 ap1 , heavy 1 - rest is the same
16 models capacity DUPLICATE
Heavy Bolters with MMelta or Skyhammer Option DUPLICATE
Second: 220 points DUPLICATE
6 models capacity DUPLICATE
Hell frost cannon (the same as above)
Storm Strike missile DUPLICATE
Both flyers have Machine Spirit and Ceramite plating.
The model will cost as much as a storm raven.

Space Wolf rumors - July 201v4

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
With the Codex release, there will come new Boxed Sets:

-Sky Claw Pack - 5 Marines with Jump Pack FALSE
1x Space Wolves sprue, 1x old Assault Marine Jumppack sprue

-Long Fang Pack - 5 Marines and Razorback FALSE
1x Space Wolves sprue, 1x Devastator Weapon sprue, 1x Razorback & Rhino sprues

-Retinue of the Wolf Priest - 1x Wolf Priest, 10x Wolf Guard FALSE
1x Wolf Priest sprue, 2x Space Wolves sprues, 1x Space Marine Command Squad sprue

-Ragnars Gfreat Company - 1x Wolf Lord, 5x Terminators, 20x Grey Hunters / Blood Claws, 3x Drop Pod
1x Wolf Lord sprue, 1x Space Wolves Terminator sprue, 4x Space Wolves sprues, 3x Drop Pod sprues FALSE

Supplement Rumors - July 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
We talked about this months ago
We will be seeing lots more. Campaigns will be a big part of 7th to keep the narrative flowing.

Every other codex will have a campaign bridge with the next.
Like Orks - campaign - Space Wolves
for Example Dark Eldar - campaign - Blood Angels. FALSE

Each campaign is 3 parts.
1. before the box that sets the stage. Roughly alongside the first codex.
2. inside the box for the bulk of the fighting
3. after the box that concludes the campaign. Roughly alongside the second codex.

DV wont be pulled from each release, that's just happening now to make ensure that they all have 7th edition rule books (I don't know if old sets are being opened and then repackaged, but they just don't want 6th being sold). Anyone who bought DV recently btw can get a 7th mini rule book for free if they have their receipt showing the purchase date within a month of 7ths release.

I don't know for sure, but it was mentioned that all narrative boxes (like storm claw) will come with the mini rule book as added incentive, but DV will remain on the shelves as the starter product.

6 months per is roughly accurate. Their life cycles are directly tied to codex releases.

All will have special edition models like Krom and the Ork. That wont be later released separately. They will be box exclusive.

Chaos Daemon Rumors - July 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 (vague rumor)
they are saying its a palanquin of Nurgle model, herald or ku'gath options. FALSE

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
In July for one week, we become in one Month a Nurgle release FALSE
-Nugle Beast in Plastic FALSE
-Plague Marines Box with Termi Bitz FALSE
-Something big but not a Greater Demon of Nurgle FALSE

Imperial Guard Rumors - Jul 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The Steel Host Formation TRUE
1 Tank Commander
3 Leman Russ Squadrons
1 Hydra
Elite Tank Crews: The tank commander and all vehicles in the formation within 12" have preferred enemy. TRUE

Ork Rumors - June 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Ghazghgull is a lord of war TRUE
The stoompa is in the codex TRUE
Waaagh- They can run and charge same turn TRUE
Boarding planks adds 2inches to your move on disembarking te vehicle FALSE
Ere we go- reroll one charge die TRUE
In combat they are always fearless FALSE
Killa Kanz are now 6 a unit FALSE
Bikes are down 7 points Can be 15 a unit TRUE
A seperate forceorg chart TRUE
9 troops
3 HQs

Bret Rumors - June 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There is a rumour I've been hearing that all bretonnian knights except for knights errant will all be champions, like how grail knights are currently which will all have 2 attacks and accept challenges. FALSE
Knights with lances will also get some kind of jousting focus rule where they can lose one attack and gain one extra strength on the charge. FALSE

Ork Rumors/ Supplement Rumors - Jun 201voice4
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 in response to Ork Supplement Inquiries.
I've heard there will be a limited codex with an supplement included. TRUE

Ork Rumors - Jun 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
passed on some info. He said that you will be able to make a Mega Armored Big Mek or
Warboss out of the new Meganobz kit. Similar to how Nork Deddog can be
assembled out the Ogryn kit. TRUE

Ork Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Ork units over a certain large size generate a warp charge. TRUE
Each separate combat Orks are in generate a warp charge. FALSE

Multiple units in the same combat are treated as a single group in regards to hit the size threshold for generating warp charges, so that several small units can mob up to generate a charge where they would not be able to otherwise.FALSE

Bret Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
A little bird behinds the scenes has revealed to someone I know that
apparently Bretonnians are in July and will be getting a new book along
with... FALSE

Plastic duel kit questing/grail knights

Plastic knights of the realm/questing knights on foot. Have maces or swords
plus shields.

special rule for knights armed with maces confers a +1S

two clam packs with characters.

Release Schedule Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212

There may be a supplement this fall dedicated to organized play. With 7th edition Foc really dedicated to the narrative style of play in the new rulebook, this new supplement will cater to pick up games and organize game play. In that regards, previous rumors of percentages and side boards are in as an alternate way to play the game.
The timeline for such a supplement would be this fall before November. Also coming are more regular FAQ's once the new rulebook is released, but with very little interest in Erratas where rules or information are changed. It is felt that once the new rulebook is out, that more effort for FAQs is needed. FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - May 2014
Dark Eldar


The BObbit and Scenery FALSE

Possible Space Wolves

Release Schedule Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
40k 7th Edition


Ork Theme Apocalypse Supplement PARTIALLY TRUE


Chaos Space Marines Sets and Supplement

40k New Starter Set

Blood Angels

Armageddon Apocalypse Supplement

Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition

Orcs and Goblins

Fantasy Starter Set s

Starter Set Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The re-release of Dark Vengeance with the new Rulebook is only temporary FALSE

Blood Angel Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
-Clam Pack Captain in a 2nd Edition Golden Armor Design, armed with Combi-Melter FALSE
-Box with all options for the Predator (Baal, Detructor and Annihilator, new Melta weapon in Turret option) FALSE
-Honour Guard and Blood Brothers Multi Box FALSE

Blood Brothers have survived as members of the Death Company and turned back to normal Astartes, they are like Vanguard Veterans but more "BA-like" and with different weapon options. FALSE

7th Edition Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
These are in Australian prices
Standard edition 140 TRUE
Collectors Edition 360 TRUE
Physhic Cards 16 TRUE
Objective Tokens 12 TRUE

Blood Angels Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Be prepared for the Blood Angels update, its closing fast upon the release date. A few models have been reworked, use of vehicles, and weapons previously not in the codex will be getting added to the codex. We should be having a few of the new BA appearing before the codex is released. PARTIALLY TRUE

Starter Set Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Blood Angels
-Captain with Jump Pack FALSE
-Tactical Squad (10) FALSE
-Assault Squad (5) FALSE
-Terminator Squad (5) FALSE
-Cybot with Multi Melta and Autocannon FALSE
-Sangunary Priest (with Corbulo option) FALSE

-Ork Boss TRUE
-Wyrdboy FALSE
-Balla Boyz Mob (10) FALSE
-Moscha Boyz Mob (10) FALSE
-Meganobz Mob (5) FALSE
-Kommando Mob (5) FALSE

Dark Eldar Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
the Haemonculi will be a big focus of the new book as the Wraiths were with the Eldar. There is a possibility of the models being a WD release initially. The Wrack kit doubles as a entirely new unit that focuses on chemical weapons. FALSE

The following new Haemonculi will be unleashed upon us all:

1) "Bane" type unit. Bigger than a Grotesque but smaller than a Talos. FALSE
May be a new character.
2) New Plastic Wracks (5 per box, dual kit). Includes all weapon upgrades. TRUE
3) New Plastic Grotesques (3 per box). Includes all weapon upgrades. FALSE
4) Plastic Clampack Haemonculus. TRUE

The Bane have even more exaggerated proportions that looks like it can rip a Dreadnought to shreads bare handed, very cool.

Starter Set Rumors / Blood Angel Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There will be a Scenery Set suitable for the starter Set. FALSE

Limited Starter Set included Multi Part Sanguinary Priest. FALSE

Space Wolf Rumors / Ork Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
It's going to be the greenskins, TRUE
then Space Wolves. The Sons of Russ will be getting their own flier, and it's sitting in the warehouses right now. TRUE

Blood Angel Rumors / Ork Rumors - May 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212

-Blood Angel will get sometime after the new starter set a codex TRUE
-There will be no new super units TRUE
-The Predator gets a new box FALSE
-besides the Baal and the other two Variants a new Weapon option FALSE
-There will be a Multi Box with Honour Guard and something he called "Blood Brothers". FALSE

via a different anonymous source on Faeit 212
had already seen the new rulebook. The cover showing Blood Angels beating Orks. FALSE

Then he said it is planned to expand the Starter Set with another Box. He was not sure but he said that this box should include more models, probably limited. TRUE

7th Edition Rumors - May 201na4
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I was today in my GW Store, the "black shirt" manager told me the cover showing Blood Angels. FALSE

7th Edition Rumors - Apr 2014
FoC removed, percentages added. FALSE

Players have a "sideboard" of up to X number of selections (2-5, bracketed on points, so 1k or less games you have 2 sideboards, at 3k+ you have 5). FALSE

Sideboards can't be more than 25% of the total, or can be none at all. FALSE

They are referred to as "Secondary Detachments." FALSE

They are used for anything from allies to just additional things from your own codex.

If they are allies, then they require an HQ and a troop, and are still bound by the 25% of total. FALSE

Both players are expected to have sideboards.

Sideboarding is now a part of the game, done before deployment but in order of turn priority. So the person going first, picks their sideboard first after learning what race their opponent is playing, and seeing 75% of their army (and the available sideboards). FALSE

The person going second then picks their sideboard, after their opponent has selected, but before either side deploys.
Other tweeks include assaulting as a form of sweeping advance/consolidation. FALSE

The option to flee, in response to being charged (after overwatching) but there is the potential to be swept and the unit charging can (if they have the movement and sweep you) just hit a different unit provided it's in the same rough direction as the unit they swept. FALSE

The main thing I wanted to touch on is sideboards, % based army building, battle brothers being removed and units being able to lock themselves into combat to combat, but simultaneously enemy generals having another tool to avoid combat to counter act this. FALSE

Starter Set Rumors - Apr 2014
via an anonymous source
(sorry if it's a little rough, as this was translated from Italian by the source)
New item has come up in inventory, in a black box: imperial guard vs eldar. Not all stores got it, but it is there. Systems were updated last year on inventory, so this is new. I would say no to blood angels and orks with this later in the year. FALSE

7th Edition Rumors - Apr 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
i can confirm that 7th edition will be released on 24th of may. As off today all rulebooks are removed from the shop floors and known lossed. TRUE

7th Edition Rumors - Apr 2014
via a must remain anonymous source.
-7th edition will come in June DUPLICATE
-New fortification rules and Lords of War will both be in the new rulebook as standard, there are some changes from what we have now. TRUE
-There will be a new phase added to the game, a psychic phase. TRUE

Epic Rumors - Apr 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The Armageddon War is on its way. The starter box contains Blood Angels vs Orks and probably some plastic scenery. Armies will be released in single, fairly large boxes (probably around £50) with fully playable forces straight out of the box. Think half a company of Space Marines + tanks + thunderhawk, or a titan legions box set with an Imperator titan, Warlord titan, and accompanying reavers, warhounds and knights. The initial release will be just Space Marines, Orks, Titan Legions and Imperial Guard. FALSE

The kicker: it will be 10mm scale rather than 6mm. Infantry is currently being tested at 4 guys on a round base but it has been tested at both 5 man and 3 man bases. FALSE

Warhammer Fantasy Rules Rumors - Apr 2014

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
- the next fantasy edition is no continuation of the 8th edition. It uses a
variant ruleset of 40k now PARTIALLY TRUE
- Fantasy has no movement value anymore, but a armour saving profile FALSE
- there are still armour savings modifiers TRUE
- all special rules use the 40k rules FALSE
- units move like 40k units, but can assume one of three formations, block,
tortuga and arrow FALSE
- fantasy flyers can only be hit with minus three to the ballistic talent
and can hit models under their flight path FALSE
- there are allies in fantasy FALSE
- war machines are their own category like special and core now, 25% of
points can spent on war machines FALSE
- there is a system to buy terrain TRUE
- warlord tables, but can choose which trait to get FALSE
- weapons have a profile like 40k but no armour ignore column FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - Apr 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Release Schedule
May-Wood Elves TRUE
June- 7th edition DUPLICATE
July-Orks FALSE
August-Campaigns FALSE
September-Fantasy 9th edition starter and book FALSE
October-Blood Angels FALSE
November-Empire and Caverns of Screams (scenario book) FALSE

Ork Rumors - Apr 2014
This is a large release with five plastic kits and
two codices - the main codex and one supplement for blood axe freebooterz. FALSE

- a warboss in mega-armour with a "chainblade cleaver" FALSE

- a box that makes 3 behemorks, giant orks, as large as a killa-kan. They are stitched-up painboy experiments with giant chainaxes and a cannon that shoots buzz saw-blades. There is a heavily armoured variant with power drills and some sort of shoulder-mounted beam weapon with a tesla coil muzzle. FALSE

- a tankbusta combokit for the specialist ork squads FALSE

- buggy kit that also makes defflaunchas, halftrakk multiple-rocket-launchers. There is pirate nob either on foot or on the buggy. He was described as a mix of pirate and mercenary. A giant grappling hook replaces his forearm, a custom energy pistol, a bandana and two crossed belts on his breast with trophy fangs. The nob is a new HQ choice called 'ead'unter. FALSE

- The last kit is a battle fortress larger than a baneblade. It has a maritime vibe to it. It is basically a huge platform on three tracks with a round gun turret in the middle and several outer gun emplacements. The gun emplacement are not automated or armoured turrets, but open WW2 flak guns operated by orks and gretchins. FALSE

The platform has the shape of a star like renaissance-era fortresses with corrugated metal rails. There is an engine section at the rear end under the platform with exaggerated exhaust-chimneys and a crane that puts scrabs into a tank mouth. The main turret superstructure looks like an igloo. It has either a cannon with three barrels, each with a different size and length or a command bridge. On the platform there is either a landing platform including a killa kopta, a missile silo or two double-barreled armoured turrets.

The last options allegedly makes the fortress look like a battleship. There are galley-like trenches in the platform where ork passengers huddle. They are either empty or covered by canvas, so you can only see the bulges made by their heads. FALSE

The model has lots of humorous touches. The gretchins all wear spiked bismarck-like helmets. There is an ork bouncer standing at the bulkhead of the command tower. FALSE

7th Edition Rumors - Apr 2014

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212

- 7th 40k edition is only a minor update FALSE
- 40k run is part of the movement phase
- assault distance is not influenced by terrain, but gives minus two to
initiative FALSE
- vector strikes allow armour saves, but deal one to six hits
- 40k uses a percentage system for the army list FALSE
- you can bring as many different allies as you want. You can spend a
fourth of your points on allies, but they also count as their normal
category FALSE
- you can bring three allies to a game and must choose one FALSE
- bikes can strike units in 1” in the movement phase without assaulting
just like chariots, but can attacked back
- fortification and lords of war rules are in, but no profiles PARTIALLY TRUE
- you have to pass a initiative test to shoot overwatching, get minus three
to ballistic talent
- you can engage new unit after victory in melee, but enemy can shoot
overwatch again FALSE
- you can choose to flee if you are charged but can be destroyed FALSE
- if you want to run in 12” of enemy you have to pass a leadertest FALSE
- vehicles get no cover saves against infantry, only against other vehicles FALSE

Starter Set Rumors - Apr 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
40k 7th edition and the new starter kit Beachhead Stygia. FALSE
It is small kit, with only five scouts, five blood angels, a commander with jump pack, five meganobs, 10 armoured ork shootas including a nob with two-handed axe and 10 gretchins. FALSE
There are some destroyed columns, destroyed gothic stone walls and a three-piece stone bridge carried by gargoyles. FALSE
It has a 96 page book, but only about the half is used for rules including three scenarios. FALSE
Expert rules like all vehicle-related stuff are omitted completely. FALSE
There are a handful of dice, a ruler, but no blast markers.FALSE

At the same time, there will be a new starter painting kit with 10 snapfit miniatures that will bring the tactical marines from the starter box to a full squad size and gives the ork player 5 additional boyz. It has a 48 page booklet with additional scenarios and hobby guides, brushes, basing sand and glue. FALSE

Wood Elf Rumors - Apr 2014
Wood Elves are out in May. DUPLICATE
They get only a two week release - armybook, magic cards and three plastic kits. It is not a total overhaul and their finecast kits - even the cavalry plastic-finecast-kits - stay valid.
The only exception is the eternal guard. They are dropped completely. The models can be used as war dancers. FALSE

One of the new kits is special because it can be used for several different units. You can build either three hawk riders, which are one hawk and two surfers now, or three giant owl-like monsters called stonefeathers and six waywatchers. On top of that you can build a hero on hawk or on foot. FALSE

The second kit is a war dancer combokit. The second unit wears varying animal masks and shields made of pelt on wooden frames. They have animal claws as weapons. FALSE

The last kit is tree ancient and meadow hag. The former is a giant-sized tree man with a huge beard made of bark. The latter has a crown of leaves and she has a skirt of roots instead of legs. Her hands grow into a web of thorns. FALSE

The rest of the range stays as it is, the finecast kits probably mail order only. FALSE

The wood elves have very dynamic poses because almost all their units are skirmishers again and the sculptors didn't have to worry about spacing. FALSE
Skirmishers work seamlessly with other regiments in 9th edition, so there will be no problem with this play style. FALSE

IG Rumors - Apr 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
1 ~ Sly Marbo will NOT be in the new AM codex. He's gone. (possibly a future dataslate) TRUE

2 ~ The Vendetta has gone up to 170 points, and lost half it's transport capacity, in that it can only transport up to 6 infantry (25mm) models. They can, however, still be taken in squadrons. TRUE

IG Rumors - Apr 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The new commissar looks like he is holding a Plasma pistol and a Sword in a very dynamic pose very much in the pose you had up the other day. TRUE

In White Dwarf Issue #11
Militarum Auxilla Bullgryns TRUE
Militarum Auxilla Ogryns TRUE
Militarum Auxilla Nork Deddog TRUE
Officio Prefectus Commissar

IG Rumors - Mar 2014
Got my hands on the new White Dwarf. Flipping through it now, I can confirm the previous reports of new orders and the Cadian Armoured Fist and Wyvern. Wyvern stats are:

AV 12 10 10, Open-Topped, Heavy Support slot and can be taken in 3s. They come with 2 Stormshard Cannons which as has been previously mentioned are TL, Heavy 2, Barrage, Ignores Cover and Shred at Str 4 AP 6 48 inch range and a Heavy Bolter that can be upgraded to Heavy Flamer. TRUE

The limited edition Astra Militarum Codex is cloth-bound and will be set at 2000 copies. TRUE

One thing that I have not seen mentioned is that all Astra Militarum detachments may now be upgraded to include up to 3 Primaris Psykers, Enginseers and Ministorum Priests. TRUE

Web Page Rumors - Mar 2014
anonymous source on Faeit 212 wrote:Both Whats New Today and the new website will go live on April 11th. The site will be easier to navigate, and comes with a lot of new features, some of which are not on the test sites. ALREADY TRUE
Forgeworld will be there eventually, but is not right now. FALSE

Fortification Rumors - Void Generators - Mar 2014
via a reader here on Faeit 212
I just picked up the latest edition of White Dwarf and the opening pages depict the brand new Void Shield Generator model. Very beautiful model, looks like a series of tesla coils atop conjoining towers (a moderate amount of skulls). According to the article this will be for a limited release of 1000 units. TRUE

White Dwarf Rumors - Mar 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
just saw the next WDW, it's about apocalypse formation of knight, and a
book of apocalyspe will be sold. TRUE
nothing about the new guard ogryns or scions etc... TRUE
painting articles about metabrutus, pages about apocalypse, a dataslate for
daemons (exalted chariot tzench) and a datasheet for a knight formation in
apocalypse. TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Crimson Slaughter - March 2014
via a reader on Faeit 212
I managed to get a look at the new White Dwarf. The Crimson Slaughter have the usual relics, warlords traits and so on. The Force Org change is that you can take Possessed as Troops. TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Release Schedule Rumors - Mar 2014
Please note that the source has clarified that there was an error in what was said, and we have corrected it.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Attack Force Contents - Mar 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212

IG Rumors - Feb 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
we've already seen one of the new IG kits, but nobody seems to have noticed so far. There is a miniature "hidden in plain sight" in one of the newer publications. TOO VAGUE

Knight Rumors - Cost - Feb 2014
via an anonymous source
preorders for imperial knights are 330 Liras,
which is around 150-160 usd.

I guess this kind of confirms the earlier rumor the the knight kit will be
around 160 usd. FALSE

Forgeworld rumors - Feb 2014
via a long time anonymous source on Faeit 212 ***
Someone I know has written a mail to FW and pretended to be a "shareholder" and asked for the "Page merge topic". He got back an interesting mail:

Hi ,

These rumors are false. Games Workshop is getting a new Website but we will not be merging with them. We have got plans to update our website but it is not being merged with the Games Workshop website. TRUE

If there is anything further we can do to assist you, or if you have any queries about the information we have requested or provided, please telephone us.


Forge World

Tyranid Rumors - Feb 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I have seen the next issue of White Dwarf, and in it is the announcement for the next dataslate for Tyranids, Leviathan Rising II, Tyranid Invasion. There is not much mentioned except that the story of the world Satys invasion continues, and it also contains new rules and scenarios. TRUE

I am imagining since no date is listed, and it says available in its various formats, that the release date will be on Saturday when the magazine is released, or at least available for pre-orders on that date.

Forgeworld Rumors - Feb 2014
via a reader here on Faeit 212
We were chatting about the merger of FW, BL et al and he stated that forge
world would soon be purchasable in GW shops. As in, go into a shop and
order FW stuff then have it delivered to store for collection. He didn't
think they would be getting much / any physical forge world stock. FALSE

Interestingly, the main reason in-store orders of forge world were not done
before was, apparently, a capacity issue. In that forge world don't have
enough resin moulding machines to fulfil the amount of orders they could
potentially get if it was promoted in stores.

However, with GW getting out of resin and moving to all plastics (his
words) the resin moulding machines can be given over to forge world to
increase their capacity to produce. We've already seen the start of this
with forge world taking over fine cast production. They obviously want the
machines to ramp up production of Forgeworld stuff ready for the increased
availability. FALSE

IG Rumors - Feb 2014
via a reader that must stay anonymous on Faeit 212
Hello Natfka, I am not normally a rumour guy.

However, I have today seen (and held) something I was not supposed to.
"Astra Militarium Bullgryns" TRUE

Shrink wrapped box ready for sale; I don't know what that implys about
release time.

Three Plastic "Bullgryns" which seem to be armoured Ogryns with large
riot style shields. TRUE
Looked to be on the same bases as the Space Marine Centurians. TRUE
They are painted in a new looking blue/gray urban cammo.
They have armoured looking torsos and loin cloth type things made out
of tank tracks (!). They also seemed to have cybernetic enchancement
(ala Boneheads). TRUE

Looking at the back of the box, there was a small picture indicating
they could also be built as traditional Ogryns, which retain there
T-shirts and Ripper guns look. The Orgryn on the back had a Green T
shirt. TRUE

IG Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I just want to chime in with a bit concerning the newest rumors of Catachans not going away.

Ever thought about why Marbo, Straken and Harker are still metal and not Finecast? Because this is still the initial production run. There wasn't any need to move them to Finecast because nobody is buying them. Ever thought why the special weapon blister contains 2nd edition miniatures? Those sculpts are old enough to buy a drink in most countries!

Of course GW will tell you that Catachans are not going away. Because you can still play them with the new codex, but just as much as you can still play Vostroyan First Born or Praetorian Guard if you want to.
I wouldn't even be surprised to see them as a supplement in the future.

As far as I know, there won't be any new products or production runs, and Catachans will be moved to "MO only/while stocks last" in the near future. FALSE

Ork Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
boyz will become 2 pts cheaper, but must pay for wargear. FALSE
Choppas being 1pt and shootas being 2pts. Choppas now give +1 strength in FALSE
close combat but only give AP4 on a furious charge. FALSE

40k Rule Rumors / Fantasy Rule Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
GW is going to reveal some big new project internally soon.

He said he and his co-workers speculated that we might actually see both new editions for 40K and WHFB this year FALSE
with rules altered in a way to get both systems as closely together as possible to make transition for players as easy and attractive as possible. FALSE
They also speculated that the recent campaign running in the US stores is a test for a similar campaign run with the *new* starter set. FALSE

Ork Rumors - Playtest? - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I have been handed these play test rules for the new ork codex that is meant for a release around the August period.
I must put a HUGE pinch of salt with these as I have never been sent any information before from this person but others I chat to have declared him as trustworthy.

The Orks are due for a August release. FALSE
these rules are meant to be undergoing testing at the start of February.

Ork boyz: 7pts per model FALSE
4 2 4 4 2 2 7 6+

Special rules: war gear: squad size:
mob rule FALSE (unchanged) slugga 10-30
furious charge (brb) choppa
Waaagh! (to undergo re-balancing)

new rule additions (can be changed/removed at any time):

swamp them: FALSE
if the ork squad is bigger than the enemy it is fighting in close combat then it gain additional attacks. FALSE
if the squad out does the enemy by 10 more models then it gains an extra d3 attacks to their combat FALSE
if the squad out does the enemy by 20 more models then it gains an extra 2d3 attacks to their combat. FALSE

the extra attacks strike at the majority strength of the squad and count as AP -

deff dread: 50pts per model
WS BS S I A front side rear unit composition:
4 2 6 2 4 11 11 10 1 deff dread

new rule additions (can be changed/removed at any time):

stomp & squish: FALSE
gain an additional d3 attacks when declaring a charge.

faulty technology: FALSE
if the deff dread fails a charge it must roll on the following table:

d6 roll: FALSE
1: kaboom - the deff dread malfunctions and is counted as a explode result
2-4: zog it - the deff dread cannot move or charge in the next turn but can shoot
5-6: gotz it - the deff dread is unaffected and may act normal on the next turn.

Killa kans: 30pts per model
WS BS S I A Front Side Rear
2 2 5 2 3 10 10 10

new rule additions (can be changed/removed at any time):

stomp & squish: FALSE
gain an additional 1 attack when declaring a charge.
faulty technology: FALSE
if the deff dread fails a charge it must roll on the following table:

d6 roll: FALSE
1: kaboom - the deff dread malfunctions and is counted as a explode result
2-4: zog it - the deff dread cannot move or charge in the next turn but can shoot
5-6: gotz it - the deff dread is unaffected and may act normal on the next turn.

this just in: storm boyz might get moved to the troops section! FALSE

& a new unit called bomber boyz that can send a single model into a tank/monstrous creature for a instant strength 8 armour piercing hit! FALSE

again all are to be tested.

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Long War Supplement - Jan 2014
QnA Session
Thanks for the excellent rumours! 1) is the new vet skill permanent to the squad, unlike a banner?
2) Any idea if it can be used with the BL supplement, or just the codex?

1.Skills are permament. FALSE
2. The supplement can be used with ANY chaos supplement not just the BL supplement. Future supplements may have restrictions on what skills may be taken however

Is FNP purchasable?
FNP is not purchasable I'm afraid

Do you know if all of the skills will be available to all units with VotLW, or if each unit will have a separate selection of skills to choose from? On a related note, will it be a flat cost to upgrade or unit or will different units have to pay different amounts for each skill?
Basically each skill has a list of units underneath it . Any unit on the list may take the skill. Certain units are not on the list due to whatever reason. The example I was given was havoc can't take the fleet skill. FALSE
All skills cost the same no matter what unit takes them.

Are the different legions mentioned in the supplement, or is this just a way to expand upon the Chaos Marine codex? Can you take more than one upgrade?
Yup, there's a limit of three skills I think per squad however. To answer your original question the legions are mentioned in fluff only. The supplement is really just Codex chaos space marines +1. FALSE

if it unlocks Stubborn at a decent unit price.... Man I'll be bringing some big ol CSM blobs to the party.
Stubborn was one of the cheaper skills I think, at around 8 or ten points. I'm not sure if that's a decent price as I don't play sixth ed FALSE

8 or 10 for the whole squad right??
All prices are for the whole unit. Hq's skills are 5pts each FALSE

Can you still take mark upgrades while also taking these vet upgrades?
Marks can still be taken by the squad along with banners.FALSE

what's the projected release date for this mini-supplement?
This is a bit of a mystery to me, it's a week 4 release in the new weekly white dwarf, all I really know is its coming soon. I'm expecting it to be out within 3 months at max FALSE

Can Plague marines take infiltrate? Can Terminators take infiltrate? Does shred apply to all weapons, or just melee weapons? Thanks!
Terminator's can't take infiltrate, plague marines can I believe. FALSE
Shred is for melee weapons only FALSE
I'm not sure about the infiltrate on the thousand sons. Fearless is a skill that pretty much every unit can take, terminator included FALSE

can mutilators get fleet?
I don't think oblits or mutilators can take any skills at all, I will have to double check in a few days time to confirm for certain FALSE

Can HQ's with VotLW take any of the USR upgrades?
Yep, hq's can take the skills, they have access to every skill I think FALSE

If I can put Stuborn on my CSMs and not have it be shot out like the fearless banner, then assuming it's no more then 25 points, I think that will solve the biggest problem for CSMs as a unit, leadership.
Stubborn was around 10 points as far as I can remember FALSE

Will the Rumored models (New CSMs, Lord, Etc.) be released alongside this supplement?

Is there anything else in this supplement, let's say FOC modification?
Is Infiltration really costy?
Nope its nothing but skills I'm afraid. I'm no too sure if it's a full supplement or a big dataslate. I wasn't paying that much attention to begin with. FALSE
Infiltration is 20pts a unit FALSE
HQ skills are 5pts each FALSE
All other units share the same skill price FALSE

Future digital products WILL include free stuff for units of a comparable quality to chapter tactics. FALSE

i just want something to give my noise marine rending so i can pretend that they are palatine blades
Rending may be on the skill lists. I can't confirm for a few days FALSE

Does the unit ~have~ to take the VotLW upgrade in order to qualify to be able to take an available USR upgrade on the unit?
For now yes, future downloadable content is likely to change this or make the Votlw upgrade free FALSE

I also suspect that none of the Walkers can benefit from this?
Walkers can benefit from a few skills, tank hunter being one which I can remember currently FALSE

from your perspective is the pairing between the unit and what the skills offer at least viable?
Most units can take the majority of the skill sets. There are essentially pointless upgrade skills but you can still take them for whatever reason. It's very much a choose whatever you want kinda thing FALSE

All I play is Thousand Sons. Not really interested in what happens with Mark of Tzeentch CSMs but I am interested if you could describe what you know about the plastic god-specific bits (if anything)?
Tzeentch heads are similar to the current thousand son heads, on head is also a very nice bird mask helmet. FALSE
Nurgle heads include a mixture of gasmasky heads and a head with its brain exposed. FALSE
Khorne heads are horney, spikey helmetty heads. FALSE
Slaanesh heads include a hellraiser Esq pinhead. Helmets heads have stretched skin, tounges and big speaker grills FALSE

Now, it is a 10man kit? Are there any "sorcerer" looking things, or a tabard? Maybe a nice force staff?
It is a ten man kit, there are a few tabardy things that go in between legs. The spear could be possibly converted to a staff without too much trouble I think FALSE

o Walkers can also get these skills!? All our Walkers? How does this work, as they can't take Veterans of the Long War - They have just access to these skills by default? Will they get further upgrades like Marks/Dedications so they something god-specific?
Just dreadnoughts, predators and land raiders to my knowledge. I'm not sure how it works with vehicles tbh, I will find out and include it hopefully in my next info batch. FALSE
Marks/dedications are not present CURRENTLY

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
New Supplement
There is a supplement due for release. DUPLICATE
The long war/long crusade
The name itself is a bit of an unknown to me but that's the general gist of it.

Contains fluff on what the legions have been doing for the last 10,000 years. DUPLICATE

Rulewise any model with the veteran of the long war rule may purchase additional specialist skills represented by the universal rules. The skills vary in price with fear being one of the cheapest skills. Certain units may not take certain skills I.e havocs may not take fleet. DUPLICATE

New Box Sets
I had a much more detailed look at the new kits today. The lord is armed with a bolt pistol and mace\maul\club thingy. FALSE

The plastic autocannon on the standard squad sprue is suitable long and dangerous looking. It has the option of being belt or box mag fed. One of the chaos torso is basically a giant mutated demonic face with a piece that glues in in between the torso and legs to represent a big ole mouth. FALSE

The chosen/ regular marine kit has 4 sprues. Two core marine sprues that build 5 complete marines each with either bolter of ccw and bolt pistol. It should be noted that not all ccw are chainblades. The arms are the new style wrist and hand on the gun. There's then the command/ chosen sprue which contains power, special, heavy and combi weapons. This sprue also includes torso and head options along with lots of add on pieces. The final sprue contains all your god bits and icons and is smaller than the other sprues FALSE

IG Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
We have heard rumors about GW streamlining their range, and one of the things to go are the Catachans. They have sold very poorly in the last couple of years and GW will drop them for good. I already said that the new IG codex will be completely Cadia-centered, and it seems that GW is going to change the background of the IG in a away that portraits Cadia-pattern equipment being widespread throughout the galaxy and being kind of the standard equipment for all "normal" regiments. Emphasis on regional "exotic" regiments will be largely toned down . FALSE

In contrast to that there will be supplements for both Death Korps of Krieg and Elysian Drop Troops soon after the codex release. GW is not going to invest the extra money needed to produce an additional regiment, and the IG release will already need a lot of new sprues if we expect a new veteran infantry set, new artillery tanks and a new flyer or walker. FALSE

For the same reasons Rough Riders will be dropped from the army list (much like most entries without models got cut from the tyranid codex). FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
gw have identified a number of issues with the chaos line with the main 3 being 1. The dated look of a number of models. 2. The hybrid nature of many kits 3. The lack of a generic non God marked lord outside of dark vengeance FALSE

There is to be a plastic clampack lord released in suitably ornate armour. The lord is mono posed and comprised of 5 pieces. This model has supposedly been designed as to be easy to kit bash/convert to allow chaos players to use the new updated power armour bits on. FALSE

Regarding the chosen. All power weapon variants are in the box with the lance and axe sharing the same body but with a separate head piece. Icons are included as is a number of God specific pads and heads. The kit has an "outrageous" number of head options. FALSE

Regarding the havoc. The havoc and new chosen/ standard marine kit share a core sprue containing 5 complete marine's. The havoc then has a number of unique sprues containing weaponry, backpacks and torso options. The havoc also boast an impressive number of heads with many appearing as mk2/3 heads with optical upgrades. FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Mycetic spores and some other choice tyranid units will see a return via Forgeworld alongside downloadable rules intended for use in standard 40k games. FALSE

Dark Angel Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
GW wants to release an update for the Dark Angels.
This update would be to allow the Dark Angels players to use the tactica unlocked by Unique Independant Character during tournament. Due to some tournament not allowing to use Unique Characters, like Samael, Belial and Azrael, the Dark Angels could only play as marines without much possibilities. And with the 6th Space Marines Codex, the Astartes are now allowed to play Bikes Armies in Tournament, and the Dark Angels aren't. It would probably be special rule for captains or new non-unique captains for Death Wing and Raven Wing. PARTIALLY TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
One of the new kits would be a plastic havoc boxset. With lots of bits to add to the models. DUPLICATE

On the release date it's implied that the kits would be released in the 4th week of the month in the new weekly white dwarf. FALSE

Hobbit Rumors / Forgeworld Rumors / Finecast Rumors / Fantasy Release Schedule Rumors / Store Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
A lot of things will change at Games Workshop 2014:

* LotR and the Hobbit francise will be handed over to Forge World FALSE
* Forge World products will be available over the redesigned Games Workshop webpage FALSE
* no more Fincecast products FALSE
* Wood Elves, Bretonnia, Beastmen and Khemri products will no longer be produced, updated or supported FALSE
* roughly 30% of the sortiment will be come webshop exclusives
* all Games Workshop stores in Germany will be closed

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Got a bit of a news item for you. I've seen a few pictures of a sprue with a number of finished models. The sprue and models in question are for a new chaos space marine infantry kit. They are supposedly intended to be a replacement for the standard chaos infantry kit but also have options for chaos chosen within the kit ala the space wolves packs' wolf guard. FALSE

Design wise the models seemed to be a mix of ornate and non ornate armour pieces. There were a number of power weapons, combi weapons and what looked to be an autocannon in plastic. I was told that hopefully their release would not be far off and would be released with a few other chaos kits. FALSE

GW General Rumors - Hasbro Rumor - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I have had news to report for a few months now and I just can't hold it in any longer.

Ok so here is the news, about a few months ago I was in my local hobby shop when I saw an old friend. He had said that GW had just been bought out by the same corporation that owns Hasbro Toys a few months ago. I thought I would share seeing as all the changes GW is going through. FALSE

Necron Rumors - Fort - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
"It is possible that we're going to see a new Fortification exclusively in Necron armies (including FW Harvest army).
The Fortification would be a Necron-Style Aegis Defense line, restricted to the Silent Armies of the Necrons." FALSE

New Release Schedule Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox.
I just got off the phone with the GW rep for my store.

He informed me that the new weekly white dwarf would be here for sale on the 31st. The new weekly dwarf will have rules again (a big deal for my customers) TRUE
will have a retail cost of $4 US, TRUE
GW will buy back unsold issues so we can get a bunch and not worry about how many are going to sell.

The new release schedule will break up the model and codex release for each month with the codex being in the second week.

week 1 Model, TRUE
week 2 codex+cards,TRUE
week 3 model,TRUE
week 4 model and black library;

Bret Rumors - Jan 2014
via another reader on Faeit 212
According to one rumor, Bretonnia is going to be squatted as an independant army. They are going to instead pull a Black Templars with the Empire, calling the book "Kingdoms of Men" or something like that. FALSE

Now, I am not sure how valid this is, given word of mouth is not a reliable source of rumor - so I suggest you check with your sources first. However, this would explain why various options are being pulled.

As for the doom and gloom, there's a bit of a silver lining. Old Empire players might remember a time where more exotic units like Kislevite Lancers and Dwarfs were kicking around with the Empire. The newer book probably isn't going to be like that, but it might be possible one could use the new book (if true) to represent Araby, Nippon, Cathay, Kislev etc, etc as well as Bretonnia. FALSE

Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I can confirm that Dwarves are indeed due within the next few weeks.
Models Rumours:
Core Troopers won't get a new box. TRUE

Light Armor Infantry Box is Slayers and a second build I couldn't
recognize. They look indeed weird, however the Slayers are more dynamic
than I'd expected them to be. FALSE

Heavy Armor Infantry Box is Hammerers/Ironbreakers dual build. They look
just so much better than their older versions, quite some variation
considering their former lack of such. FALSE

The "War Altar" is a dual build of Throne and Anvil I believe. It wasn't
quite clear, but it seems to be possible to give a "regular" Dwarf King a
toned done version of the Throne. FALSE

The plastic clampack character looks amazing. Simply. Amazing. TOO VAGUE

The Gyrocopter is quite a lot better than the previous one, but not quite
as good as it could have been. But it is a lot bigger, the dwarf isn't
really that much sticking out It blends in nicely with the rest of the army. FALSE

The Tunneling Vehicle looks pretty awkward considering the awesomeness of
the rest of this release. I think the rumoured "big cannon" could be a dual
build with this one, it looks pretty much twice as good as the Tunneling
Machine, especially considering how much potential there was. FALSE

Rules Rumours:
Pretty few that I know about, but here it is:
Playing Style: The playing style will be quite similar to the previous one,
but with a wider variation of possibilities. Ironbreakers will be even
harder to crack open while Hammerers are No-brainers (Dwarves are slow,
but those can hit like a meteorite if they get you!). TOO VAGUE
Cannons are a bit toned down but are still as accurate as always. I think
there's a decent chance of not having a single misfired shot within
multiple games. FALSE

White Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2014
via a must remain anonymous source on Faeit 212
White Dwarf Visions (New White Dwarf), is coming soon, February 1st, and there will be new issues every Saturday. TRUE
The prices are as follows, and will only be sold at GW Stores and Independents.... no newstands. TRUE
- £2.40, ?3.20, US$4, CA$5, Aus$6, NZ$7, 25rmb, 12zl, 500¥, 30dkr, 35skr, 35nkr

Whats being revealed is that the magazine will be 32 pages of whats new and exciting in the hobby this week, new reelases and other news. There will also be new features that will include hobby oriented material, like techniques for painting and modeling, and new rules, and new authors. TRUE

White Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There will be an announcement this Saturday. The monthly White Dwarf magazine is history. There will be a small weekly white dwarf magazine and a new monthly magazine, called "warhammer: visions", 230 pages strong(!!!). This will start in February. DUPLICATE

Also there is a meeting in February for every European "black shirt" in England. Maybe for the new GW website, including FW. DUPLICATE[/b]

via a must be kept anonymous source on Faeit 212
As a heads up, you're going to be getting emails about "weekly white dwarf mini magazines." DUPLICATE
It's called White Dwarf Visions and it's true. DUPLICATE
They will focus on talking about the hobby and community more so than being a sales magazine. PARTIALLY TRUE

IG Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox.
Regarding the Leman Russ:
Vehicles & Ordnance Weapons: Unlike other units, vehicles can move and fire with Ordnance weapons, but can only make Snap Shots with its other weapons that turn. FALSE
A vehicle that remained Stationary can fire all of its weapons, including Ordnance weapons. FALSE

An interesting note:
Ignore cover USR: the target receives -2 on it's cover save. Template weapons ignore all cover saves. FALSE
Vehicles ignore the "Gets hot" USR. [FALSE

IG Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Maybe next edition it'll be good again, but it looks like no changes to the Lemon Russ this time around. FALSE
Still front armor 14, still rear 10 or 11, and still 3 hull points as a heavy vehicle. TRUE

The only change we might be seeing is new rules on how they squadron, forcing them to deploy within 6" (or enter from reserve together) but otherwise operate independently from then on. FALSE

This could see a return of the Russ since it'd be 1 heavy support slot but get potentially 3 into the army freeing room for other heavies... but it's still very pricy and very .. er.. crummy. FALSE

Forgeworld Rumors - Jan 2014
via an anonymous source here on Faeit 212
1) Forge World/Games Workshop Ltd is in Texas looking for a distribution warehouse. There was talk about limited production capacity as well. FALSE
2) Forge World/Black Library/Games Workshop merger is still "in the works" as you have mentioned or been kept up on. FALSE
3) Look for some plastic kits being pulled from shelves in GW retail stores starting February. I dont think any are scheduled for discontinue, they are just being moved to direct sales only. Likely starting with Tyranids, as February they go into the shelf proper from New Release section. Looks like the various 'gaunts boxes will be first to be pulled. TRUE

40k Rule Rumors - Hull Points and LR - Jan 2014
via a must remain anonymous source on Faeit 212
The team really likes hull points as they are right now

As for Hull Points and the differences between vehicles, the Russ is getting an update to make it more durable (not just a 4th hull point but it's very hard to hurt from the front in more than just having a higher AV). FALSE

40k Rule Rumors - Lords of War - Jan 2014
via a must remain anonymous source
FW super-heavy type models will just get their rules printed into the codex under the Lords of War sections. FALSE

Blood Angel Rumors / Necron Rumors - Dec 2013
via an anonymous source the Faeit 212 inbox
A friend that works for GW mentioned to me that he had seen new Blood Angels
Marines being worked on. He also said that they were snap fit models from
what he could tell. PARTIALLY TRUE

A few weeks before that, the same guy mentioned seeing Necron Warriors with
different looking Gauss flayers. He also mentioned a new Unit, a Necron
Warrior in a Suit, like the Centurions. He had been told those were new
Necron Destroyers. FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - Prices - Dec 2013
New Releases January 11th
Codex Tyranids: by the Games Workshop Design Studio $49.5 £30 TRUE
Tyranid Psychic Cards $6 £3.5 TRUE
Tyranid Harpy/ Hive Crone $80 £48 TRUE
Tyranid Haruspex/ Exocrine $73 £44 TRUE
Tyranid Warriors (3 models) $51 £31 TRUE
Tyranid Hive Guard/ Tyrant Guard (3 models) $70 £42.5 TRUE
Carnifex Brood (2 models) $90 £55 TRUE
Tyranid Swarm (95 models) $170 £105 TRUE

Tyranid Rumors - Prices - Dec 2013

7th Edition Rumors - 40k - Dec 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
There will be no 7th edition or 6,5 edition of Warhammer 40k during the summer of 2014. FALSE
The Games Workshop team isn't interested in compiling the existing rulestets yet, since the edition is not over yet. In fact, our distributor (the main distributor ) received news that the WHFB 9ed is indeed coming this year - he didn't mention when exactly. So 40k fans don't keep your hopes up. FALSE

7th Edition Rumors - 40k Edition Release - Dec 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 (solid source)
The next edition of 40k will be called 7th, not 6.5 when it drops,TRUE
but as far as rules go it will be less of a jump than 5th to 6th. TOO VAGUE

The key areas being updated:
Interceptor, sky fire, fortifications, lords of war, allies and data slates. TRUE

As for its release it'll probably be September not "the summer." FALSE

It's not finished yet, still being tested so anything can happen. FALSE

The thought behind this edition is to make the game less alpha strike explosive and more "competitive" at all points values (even when including Lords of War), but D weapons outside of apocalypse may see alternate rules. TRUE

Pistols in close combat in 7th

Tyranid Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
Apex Biomorphs, max one of each per detachment:
1. Synapse range is reduced but grants Eternal Warrior. Can be taken by any
HQ (not Troop Tervigons or HS Trygon Primes). FALSE
2.Twin boneswords, AP2, for every wound inflicted on a 5+ the model regains
a wound. For Primes and Tyrants. Regular boneswords are AP3 by the way. FALSE

3. Virus spore barrage (Ordnance, Poisoned 3+, unlimited range, one-shot,

the template remains on the board until the end of the game). FALSE

A bit hazy but saw a flamer in there that could be taken by Tyrants and
Tervigons only (AP3?) FALSE
and a 3+ carapace that grants a 2+ and EW if the model didn't run/glide. FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - Dec 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Based upon current information, the remaining 40k codexes will release in alternating imperial and xenos releases:
Imperial Guard TRUE
Blood Angels FALSE
Dark Eldar FALSE
Space Wolves TRUE
Necrons FALSE
Grey Knights FALSE

This covers all current outstanding codexes that have not been touchedin 6th edition. (As much as people hate it, SOB have a new codex).

No independent deathwatch codex mentioned for third arm of the inquisition, may appear as a supplement to SM around the ork release, MAYBE FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - Dataslates - Dec 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
two new dataslates coming alongside tyranids next month. you might find it interesting that they are called codex dataslates. not sure what that means.

-Codex Dataslate: Tyranid Vanguard TRUE
advanced force of lictors, genestealers and more

-Codex Dataslate: Tyrannic War Veterans TRUE
Chaplin Cassius and his elite forces

Tyranid Rumors - Dec 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Tyranids have their own psyker discipline containing 6 powers, with no access to any of the normal disciplines out of the rulebook. PARTIALLY TRUE

Tyranid Rumors - Dec 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Confirming Tyranid Codex and a few new dualkit boxes for January. TRUE

Expansion Rumors - Escalation / Stronghold - Sep 2013
via an anonymous source that has the book from the Faeit 212 inbox
1.a. Void Shields are provided by Void Shield Generators, a completely separate structure that has a datasheet without a picture (It's Forbidden by Inquisitorial Decree) so making the structure is pretty much up to you at this point. The Projected Void Shields special rule project a 12" area of effect (measured from any point of the building) that can overlap, anything inside that is shot hits the AV12 shield. When the shield is hit it rolls as normal for against a vehicle, and if the shield is Glanced, Penetrated or ANY SINGLE HIT from a Strength D weapon, the Void Shield collapses. At the end of the turn of the player who controls a collapsed void shield, they can roll to restore it on a 5+. TRUE
1.b. You can also purchase void shields (25 points) as a building upgrade for the following: TRUE
- Bastion
- Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker
- Wall of Martyrs Firestorm Redoubt
- Fortress of Redemption
- Aquila Strongpoint
They all follow the rules as stated above, but do not project the void shield past anywhere except the building itself.

2. I am afraid that Xenos get the shaft here again, however the Void Shield Generator and the new Promethium Relay Pipes (Explained momentarily) have no picture, so those who enjoy the conversion aspect are free to create their own designs to represent these pieces. TRUE
There are, however, a number of upgrades that are catagorized under either:
- Building Upgrades (Void Shields, Booby Traps, Searchlights, etc.) TRUE
- Obstacles (Tanglewire, Barricades and Tank Traps) TRUE
- Battlements &; Battlefield Upgrades (Ammo Dump, Comms Relays and Gun Emplacements Icarus Lascannon/Quad-Gun) TRUE
Every building has the option to take some of these upgrades, including the Aegis Line (Which can take Obstacles only.)

The Promethium Relay Pipes (40 Points) can be taken as 3 long and 4 short pieces (A la Aegis Line) and must be placed together, they grant a 4+ cover but on the roll of a 6 cover save you must roll a further D6 and should you roll a 1 a small explosion occurs and the unit being shot at takes D6 S4 AP5 hits which ignore cover and are randomly allocated. Vehicles are hit on the nearest Armour Facing. However, the special rule: Fuel Siphon allows any flamer weapon fired by a non-vehicle unit within 2" of the Relay Pipes to change its type to Heavy from Assault or Pistol. Doing so will allow the Flamer weapon to gain the Torrent special rule. TRUE

3. There are 3 Fortification combination which allow for anywhere from "budget" Strongpoint combos to be made to all out impregnable Fortresses. These are:
- Imperial Strongpoint (1-3 Imperial Bastions, 1-5 Aegis Defence Lines, 0-1 Skyshield Landing Pad, 0-1 Honoured Imperium (<--yep gets="" it="" its="" own="" p="" rules.="">- Void Relay Network (1-3 Promethium Relay Pipes, 1-3 Void Shield Generators, 0-1 Honoured Imperium) TRUE
- Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defence Network (1-3 WoM Imperial Bunker, 1-4 WoM Imperial Defence Lines, 1-3 Imperial Defence Emplacements, 0-2 WoM Firestorm Redoubts, 0-2 WoM Vengeance Weapons Batteries) TRUE
All of these cost no extra points other than the point cost of the models themselves and the upgrades you give them. TRUE
The Tempestus Firebase cannot be made as the Aquila Strongpoint does not figure into any of these Fortification Combinations. TRUE

4. I haven't gone over in fine detail yet, the artwork is absolutely fantastic though some brand new pieces depicting the Howling Griffons Fortress Monastery, an intense assault by Tyranids on the Imperial Guard frontlines with macrocannons belching warheads in the background and more Tyranids assaulting the Ultramarine held positions in a fantastic 2-page spread. (At no point do you see Tyranids holding the line, which would've amused me to no end.) TRUE
The book also contains updated rules for buildings which I've not been over yet (went to dinner) but will have a look at soon enough.

Assorted tid-bits:
- Jump infantry and Jet Pack infantry are allowed to embark inside fortifications that are buildings. TRUE
- Jump, Jet, Jetbike and Skimmer units do not take dangerous terrain if they start or end their movement on battlements. TRUE
- Buildings with units hit by a template weapon also take a hit as well. TRUE
- There is an updated Building Damage Chart that reaches 7 (Detonation) TRUE
- I have not yet run into any instances of the Escalation Expansion being referenced in the book, but I can't see anywhere in the book where it wouldn't be compatible. (Although I don't have Escalation, so what the heck do I know? :p) TRUE

Digital Release Schedule Rumors - Advent Release Schedule Rumors - Dec 2013
via an anoymous source on Faeit 212
Dec15 - Warlords of the Dark Milienium : Dante - Dante Short Story TRUE
Dec16 - Warlords of the Dark Milienium : Champions of chaos - Lucius short story TRUE
Dec17 - Carnage, 4 players mission for 40k - Kantor short story TRUE
Dec18 - Warlords of the Dark Milienium : Sicarius - Sicarius Short Story TRUE
Dec19 - On contamunated ground, Apoc mission - Abbadon short story TRUE
Dec20 - Munitorum vol I - Calgar short story TRUE
Dec21 - Kill Team - Gabriel Seth short story TRUE
Dec22 - WHFB Blood in the snow - Bjorn short story TRUE
Dec23 - WHFB scrolls of binding compendium - The sanguinor short story TRUE
Dec24 - Warlords of the Dark Milienium : Masters of the dark angels -
Sammael short story TRUE
Dec25 - Data slate CYPHER - HH Cypher short TRUE

Digital Release Schedule Rumors - December Advent - Dec 2013
via Tune from the Faeit 212 inbox.
5th: Dataslate: Storm Wing TRUE
6th: Warlords of the Dark Millennium: Tigurius TRUE
7th: Battlescroll: Creatures of the Chaos Wastes TRUE
8th: Dataslate: Eldar Ghost Warriors TRUE
9th: Battlescroll: Crypt Scavengers TRUE
10th: Index Chaotica: Terminus Est TRUE
11th: Dataslate: Centurion Siegebreaker Cohort TRUE
12th: Dataslate: Reclusiam Command Squad TRUE
13th: Warlords of the Dark Millennium Vulkan He?stan TRUE
14th: Warhammer: Vanguard Clash TRUE

Tzeentch Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox.
very little plans have been made for khorne or nurgle supplements and they are unlikely to include large model waves. Tzeentch will be the first of the supplements in feb but I doesnt know of any models to be released alongside. FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
December Releases, Tyranids and 40k Expansions
Tyranids are getting 2 boxes (3 total units) dec 16th ish. FALSE
These are for current codex models. DUPLICATE
New codex in Jan along with new models. DUPLICATE
Every (non special character) unit will have a box as of jan. FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - Battalion Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
a memo received from HQ: no more battalions or battle forces. Stores are not restocking them, nor are they re-releasing with army revamps as and when they come. FALSE

Consider, the new Dark Elves release didn't come with a battallion, and nor did the Space Marines. All that's going to be coming out now are the big, big megaforce sort of things that come with a free character, or something.

Tyranid Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source
things are getting really confusing with info i'm getting and constantly changing. seems that a new game expansion is the next WD with hobbit due for release possible half way through DEC, nids set jan with guard following closely afterward. im just waiting to see now as this info change is driving me nuts personally. PARTIALLY TRUE

via an anonymous source
tyranids are coming in december FALSE

White Dwarf Rumors - Nov 2013

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
-The Cover has a Baneblade with Guardsmen beneath it above a crater TRUE
-Escalation: Lords of War is the cover story TRUE
-No Tyranids mentioned TRUE

Hobbit Rumors - Nov 2013

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
The Desolation of Smaug expansion book will be out in December TRUE
Two new models Legolas Greenleaf and Tauriel in plastic TRUE
More Hobbit releases as well for December. TRUE

Tyranid Rumors / Hobbit Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox.
- Nids still in January DUPLICATE
As I was told, it`s false to asume that Nids are preset to December because of the Smaug disaster

- Smaug
The Dragon was not rejected by WB due to the model but due to the size. GW was told when they want to make one it has to be in the same proportion as theother model range leaving us with a roughly 35? Dragon which is not going to happen SPECULATION

Fantasy Starter Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
a Warboss on Wyvern and Knights for the Empire will be included. FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - Release - Nov 2013
December Release DUPLICATE

FAQ Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
There is some talk about GW still working on a new App. It is supposed to launch with the new website next year. FALSE

It will be a full-fledged App allowing online purchases and, maybe more interesting, allowing GW to better enforce DRM for their digital books (i.e. the purchase of an ebook from GW will be linked to the account and can only be used through this account). The bright side is that it is supposed to include an army builder (this might be build into a new format of digitial codex), the downside is that it might be the end of the regular printed codex book. Collector's editions are selling so well that GW is considering to only offer the limited edition printed book "while stocks last" and the ebook version. FALSE

Orcs, supposed to be released after the launch of the new website, will be a kind of trial run offering all three versions of the codex (Collector's edition, new style digital codex and "normal" codex) with a big campaign to persuade customers of the advantages of the digital product. FALSE

In this regard, actual army lists might disappear from the Collector's editions. Instead they will include a version of the digital codex. This is considered to get rid of the FAQ/Erratas, those will be entirely solved through database updates on the App. FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
Next coming Armies are Tyranids, DUPLICATE
Imperial Guard DUPLICATE
Spacewolves DUPLICATE

Dwarfs TRUE
Orcs & Goblins FALSE

9th Edition Fantasy Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox

The Empire and Orks & Goblins in 9th Edition Startset. FALSE

Inquisition Rumors
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
It now has a lot more detailed rules for creating a retinue for your inquisitor, with each member having a lot more detailed rules / impact. FALSE

There are limits based on which Ordo you are on what you can take in your retinue. FALSE

The whole book is just for creating 1 HQ choice, which can be taken by any Imperial army, including as the mandatory HQ. FALSE

i.e. you could have a space marine army without a captain/librarian/chaplain/master, lead only by an Inquisitor. FALSE

No troops, no elites, no fast attack, no heavy support. FALSE

Inquisition Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212]
all of the metal/finecast inquisitor models are going to get updated in plastic shortly (although not in time for the digital codex release). FALSE

However, it looks like we may be getting ONE metal-to-plastic update (with the ?dex?), although oddly, not the one that is shown on the cover of the new ?dex. See the attached screen capture from my gift list. The Inquisitor w/ Grimoire was available as early as last week ? pre-codex 411. Now it is not. FALSE

Tyranids Rumors and Release Schedule Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Looks like I was a month out with Nids release date. expected release date 30th Nov -7th Dec. Second wave releases got removed if you haven't already noticed. Expect second wave release's to start in approx 18-24 month after all codex's and army books are complete. FALSE

Christmas Bundles
Normally we have an army strike force box set each year, guess again. that's the new standard battle forces so be interesting to see what pops around at x-mas if anything. SPECULATION

I know I was told Orks for march this may well not be the case but could be May with the campaign release month being June. FALSE

Black Library Books
There's 2 new boos being worked on by BL. hints have been thrown at me of Iron Warriors vs Daemons (definitely Iron Warriors) also another SMB book, still looking into this at the minute. Authors unknown but artwork is rumored to be by the talented Jon Sullivan.

IG Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I have some infos for you about the recent Stormtrooper sighting:

A lot of the bits described (respirators, plants, NVGs, some of the heads, some of the CC weapons, etc) were actually looted from other plastic kits (Command Squad and the like) and won't be on the sprue for the new box. They were used to create some kit-bash conversions to show what can be done with the new set and a bit box. FALSE

The described "Inquisitor" with a greatcoat over carapace armor is an option for the Sergeant for people who want to build their miniatures "Arbites-Style". Arbites won't be an option in codex, but you'll still be able to get Veterans in carapace with combat shotguns yelling "I AM THE LAW!". FALSE

All in all the new set is supposed to be more like modern "Hollywood"-SpecOps (think The Expendables). FALSE

With Nids closing in fast we can still expect IG in Q1 2014. DUPLICATE

Tyranid Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
New Plastic Hive Guard: Not a dual kit with Tyrant guard - the box just contains 3 hive guard FALSE
There is another ranged weapon option for Hive Guard that looks like a spike with 3 talons on the end of it. TRUE

Expansion Rumors - Escalation Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Escalation gives each army access to at least one Lord of War that are for 'regular' 40k games. There appears to be a difference from Apocalypse and regular 40k games, but the exact rules for them I do not know. Any Lords of War though are expensive in points, and I have been told that the Khorne Lord of Skulls matches the point value found in apocalypse, sitting at 888pts. TRUE

There are only certain units that are in escalation, so no others are allowed for regular 40k games. There are only 16 listed in the new book. As to the point level of the games, there is mention of 1500 or 2000pt games. Here are the known models that can be used for regular games in Escalation.

Imperial Guard-Baneblade or Shadowsword TRUE
Chaos Space Marines-Khorne Lord of Skulls TRUE
Space Marines: Thunderhawk TRUE
Tyranids: Harridan TRUE
Eldar and Dark Eldar: Revenant Titan TRUE
Necrons: Necron Obelisk FALSE
Ork: Stompa TRUE

Tyranid Rumors / Dwarf Rumors - Nov 2013
current GW managerial chart says that's Smaug wasn't good enough for the studio, so GW have had to go back to the drawing board, moving current releases forward so they don't miss the Christmas release window,
Nids moving up to Dec, DUPLICATE
dwarfs in Jan 2014. FALSE

They'll still do the collectors releases for the hobbit, scenes from the film and such, just no new hobbit box. TRUE

Blood Angel Rumors - Nov 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Only things to change in the new digital release:

Heroic intervention - now works as per SM FALSE
Stormraven - no more deep strike FALSE
Glaive Encarmine - now gives +1 str on a turn the model charges, but us otherwise STR as user, ap3, 2-handed, master crafted. FALSE

Space Marines Rumors - Ultima Edition - Oct 2013
Space Marines Ultima Edition TRUE
Limited to 500 copies world wide TRUE
A display box with 4 separate hardback books inside TRUE
-Galaxis: a fold out map of the Galaxy folio TRUE
-Illuminatus: a 72page art gallery of Space Marines TRUE
-Adeptus Astartes: shows off every Space Marine miniature painted by the eavy metal team TRUE
-Codex Space Marines TRUE

Fantasy Supplement Rumors - Oct 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
December Release for Warhammer Fantasy TRUE
*Sigmar's Blood is a Fantasy supplement where you can recreate story of Volkmar's invasion of Sylvania TRUE
*Each battle contains rules that carry through to the next battle. TRUE
*The supplement comes with historical background and large hobby section TRUE

Supplement Rumors - Surprise December Release Schedule Rumors - Oct 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There are going to be two new expansions for Warhammer 40k in December, both pointed directly at getting new options into your standard 40k games. New Fortifications and Super-Heavy options will become available to play without playing Apocalypse, focusing instead on regular games of 40k. TRUE

Stronghold Assault
*40k expansion for regular games of 40k TRUE
*Rules for 17 Fortifications like the Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Line and the Macro-Cannon Aquila Strongpoint TRUE
*Some Contain Several Fortifications that can be Taken as a Group that take up one Fortification Slot TRUE
*Upgrades for Fortifications and New Rules for Buildings TRUE

*40k expansion for regular games of 40k TRUE
*Full Rules for 16 Lords of War in a 96page Hardback Release TRUE
*Adds a new "Lord's of War" slot to every armies Foc TRUE
*Allows certain Super-Heavy units to be fielded in standard 40k games TRUE
*Destroyer Weapons DUPLICATE
*Some of the New Lords of War
Tyranid Harridan TRUE
Eldar Revenant Titan for Eldar and Dark Eldar TRUE
Super Heavy Tanks for the Imperial Guard (several) TRUE
Khorne Lord of Skulls TRUE
Thunderhawk Gunship TRUE

Inquisition Rumors - Codex - Oct 2013
"via an anonymous source on Faeit 212

Codex inquisition still uses your allies slot. FALSE

They were written as "battle brother allies" in witch hunters and grey knights before the allies rules were actually implemented an edition later. Now they'll play that way, requiring a troop etc FALSE

The difference now though is that the troop choice can be the retinue, full of fun stuff, or the retinue can be an HQ choice without taking a slot so that you can take storm troopers. FALSE

It's not a full codex in a sense, you'll find fast attack and heavy support a little light on options. TRUE

It's the first of what will be ally intended codexes which as I explained about a year ago can stand alone, but not with the same breadth as other armies. TRUE

Also, immediately afterward we'll be seeing the Forgeworld forces of the space marines and inquisition to update all those rules as well. " TRUE

Supplement Rumors - Fortification Supplement - Oct 2013

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
there's a supplement that's divided by race with new fortifications and also new racial upgrades to specific fortifications. zionFALSE

Currently it's being playtested as requiring a detachment of the race to upgrade the fortification, but that might change (everyone's been using imperial stuff for a long time now). FALSE

Just to be clear, the base of the fortification such as bastion, aegis, fortress, etc will all be the same, just the upgrades/guns that will be racially specific. FALSE

In so far as models, expect only imperial versions, and a modeling section on converting building racially inspired fortifications. FALSE

The book will have the rules for all the currently released fortifications plus a couple new ones (with models) and then as mentioned rules for racial upgrades. FALSE

Fortification Rumors - Tempestus Bundle - Oct 2013
Tempestus Firebase - It consists of 1 Aquila Strongpoint, 2 Firestorm Redoubts, 1 Vengeance Weapons Battery, and 1 Imperial Defence Emplacement. TRUE

Space Wolf Rumors and Blood Angels Rumors - Oct 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
that Blood Angels and Space Wolves will have the following new models in 2014 and may be released together. FALSE

Mephiston finecast FALSE
Dante finecast FALSE
Sanguinary Priest plastic clampack PARTIALLY TRUE
Blood Angels Assault Squad plastic kitFALSE
Logan Grimnar finecast FALSE
Ragnar Blackmane finecast FALSE
Wolf Guard plastic clampack FALSE
Space Wolves Relic Battletank plastic kit FALSE

Space Marines Rumors - Ultramarine Supplement - Oct 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
the Ultramarines supplement focuses on the tyrannic war and I can confirm it will be a company supplement like the Sentinels of Terra. PARTIALLY TRUE

November Release Schedule Rumors - Oct 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Other news from the November White Dwarf:
- Apocalypse War Zone: Pandorax TRUE
- Codex: SoB confirmed for eBook readers
- Limited Edition (500) Chaos Collection - Codex: CSM, Codex: Chaos Daemons, Black Legion Supplement and folio with original covers TRUE

- Dark Elves Second Wave minis TRUE
- WFB Triumph & Treachery Expansion (book, cards, tokens) TRUE

Space Marines Rumors - Iron Hands - Oct 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
This is from the November White Dwarf, Clan Raukaan is an Iron Hands codex supplement set for digital release in November. Here are some of the details mentioned TRUE
-Iron Hands companies are named after the clans of Medusa, and Clan Raukaan is the largest of these. TRUE
-Battles vs chapters arch rival- The Slaanesh Prince the Saphire King
-Rules for fielding Clan Raukaan including the standard; TRUE
Chapter Relics, TRUE
Apocalypse Datasheets, TRUE
Stratagems for Planetstrike, Cities of Death TRUE
Altar of War TRUE

Kardan Stronos is also mentioned as the Iron Father of Clan Raukaan, but might just be part of the background. TRUE

40k Supplement Rumors - Sep 2013
via an anonymous source here on Faeit 212
Iron Hands rumors we had Is total bogus. FALSE
Not one pen has been lifted on that project yet. Total speculation on part of the original source.

Current supplements being worked on is raven guard, FALSE
book of tzeench FALSE
thousand sons (2 different supplements). FALSE
And before people get up in arms about needing countless books to play 1K Sons that's not the case.

They're very different books. One is Tzeench incursion forces that meld daemons and CSMs, and the other focuses on rubric marines, sorcerer sergeant upgrades and rubric terminators alongside unique wargear and vehicle upgrades.

Book of Tzeench early winter, FALSE
thousand sons later spring/early summer FALSE
beside a poetically relevant book thatll have people buying a lot of grey and yellow.

Space Marines Rumors - Iron Hands - Sep 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 (please extra salt on this one)
I've been given a slight nudge towards the Iron Hands Supp, might be nothing, there was a hint towards the special issue wargear that they would have access too,

A Servo-Harness for Captain/CM, also gaining the rules of Blessing of the Omnissiah, though not gaining the chapter trait for the 1+, letting techmarines and MoF still have that little niche. Weither it can be used with Terminator Armour is still up in the air. FALSE

A standard upgrade is also being added to the choices for characters, which is a 1+ to FnP, something about robotic limbs. FALSE

Also Techmarine's may be an upgrade to Tactical Squads/Purchased per Tactical Squad, not sure which the hint was very very held-back. FALSE

Dark Elf Rumors and Release - Sep 2013
via an Anonymous Source
Dark Elves
First Month
Advanced order/white dwarf from Sat 28th Sept. (so the studio can talk about them at UK GD) TRUE
On shelves Sat 5th Oct. TRUE
-most of the plastics already mentioned-

Second month
Advanced order/White dwarf from Sat 26th Oct. TRUE
On shelves Sat 2nd Nov.
-even more plastic crack Inc. Shadowblade plastic clampack by far the best model of range IMHO TRUE

Release Schedule
September - 1st Dark Elves Advanced Orders/ On the Shelf October 5th DUPLICATE
October - 2nd Dark ElvesAdvanced Orders/ On the Shelf November 2nd TRUE
November - Desolation of Smaug and dark elf army box pre-orders/ Released December 7th TRUE
December: Tyranids Pre-Orders/ Released January 4th FALSE

40k Supplement Rumors - Sep 2013
via an anonymous source
Codexes aren't slowing down, but supplements are ramping up and will see model releases coinciding with them. FALSE

Either redoes of old kits (Khorne Berserkers for example), and then new kits entirely. FALSE

Rules in the boxes are a very likely reality for these new kits to make the supplement not a required purchase. I realize that this goes against the Internets opinion of GW, but they are not trying to make supplements mandatory purchases, but exactly what they are: supplements. FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - Sep 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
- NO Mystery-Box TRUE
- Dark Elves will be spread over 2 months (October + November) because all but 3 boxes will be remade. It?s going to be the largest release this year and will be followed by some events in the GW Games Stores. TRUE
- Tyranids are delayed till January (It was mentioned that they always were to be released in January but i?m not able to proof that)
- Supplements will not be released more than one per month but will see a regularly release every month next year like the codices were this year and will indeed have new model waves. TRUE
- the boxes for the Christmas packs will include just valuable units. It?s questionable what this means but I guess they want to sell them this time and therefore go with common units/-combinations TRUE

Forgeworld Rumors - Sep 2013
*via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I have good news.

Good news is, it does look like it's FW will make it's way onto the new GW site, which will be a lot better than just a giant shopping cart. FALSE

If this goes through it means that people will be able to pay for Forgeworld items through Games Workshop Hobby Center's. FALSE

unlike GW items Forgeworld purchases won't be able to "ship to Hobby Center." They'll need to go to a customer's home address, as they will still be subject to duty if outside the UK. FALSE

This will hopefully be resolved either before launch or soon after, where Forgeworld orders will be compiled into large volumes sent out bi/tri-weekly to local shipping centers for North American/North Asia/ SE Asia/Australia and then redistributed to Hobby centers, and bypass duty costs. FALSE

Space Marines Rumors - White Scars - Sep 2013
*via an anonymous source here on Faeit 212
Your Forgeworld post reminded me of something I learned from one of my GW sources at the weekend: namely, White Dwarf will be getting a new Editor, very soon. My guess is sometime around the 1 year anniversary of the current "new" format (end of this month). FALSE
In addition, he confirmed the White Scars supplement is next - and imminent. No surprise there FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Supplements - Sept 2013
via an Anonymous Source (obviously a good source) from Faeit 212
Chaos Space Marines are getting supplements for all of the major traitor legions. FALSE

World Eaters, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, Emperor's Children, Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion, Word Bearers and Night Lords will all get their due treatment and be fleshed out into characterful factions. FALSE

Warzones however we're going to start seeing a lot more of, which will coincide with codex launches or between them to bridge codexes together (expect one for Tyranids and Ultramarines). FALSE

Also, despite being in the core codex, Space Marines will also be seeing Chapter Supplements to help deviate them farther. PARTIALLY TRUE

Tyranid Rumors / Blood Angels Rumors / Horus Heresy Rumors - Sept 2013
via an Anonymous Source on Faeit 212
this is artwork created by jon Sullivan for a BL book/audio and not for the upcoming codex cover.
HH betrayal book should be up for release November / December. TRUE
Codex BA is being worked on but is still about a year away from hitting the shelves. FALSE
looks like BA are most likely having units from codex SM previously not available being added to the codex. PARTIALLY TRUE

Dark Elf Rumors - Sept 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
the Dark Elf Rumors? are accurate, save for a spelling. TRUE

Space Wolf Rumors - Sep 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Space Wolves coming in May, alongside another csm supplement FALSE

IG Rumors - Playtest - Sep 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
This is from a supposed playtesting document I was able to flip through ( I have no way to verify that this was actually a real playtesting document, but I thought most of it sounds pretty reasonable):

Company Command is now the only, real? HQ you can chose but you can swap the Commander for a Lord-Commissar. FALSE
Primaris Psyker are now Advisors,FALSE
Bodyguards are gone . TRUE
Only Cadian named characters in this document. FALSE
Salamander is in as transport for CCS/PCS, open-topped Chimera with Autocannon, transports 6. FALSE
Engineeers are Elite now FALSE
(but 1-3 per slot), TRUE
can buff squads in the vicinity (think Force Field and such). PARTIALLY TRUE
Priests must join a squad and won?t take HQ slots. PARTIALLY TRUE

Veterans, get some lose some?. Size 5-10, FALSE
can take 1 heavy wepaon or 1 special weapon per 5 soldiers. FALSE
Bastogne is gone TRUE
but every Veteran Sarge can give orders now. FALSE
Can still take shotguns TRUE
and get option to take pistol & CCW. FALSE
New Veteran ability allows charging out of transport. FALSE

Special Weapon and Heavy Weapon Squads are now 10 men each. FALSE

Vendetta is gone, instead Valkyries can take the Vendettas-loadout for +45 points. FALSE

Only one entry for Sentinels, FALSE
no armor upgrade, closed cabin has no game effect but is just cosmetical. FALSE

Thunderer/Destroyer is in, FALSE
Thunderer is a cheap Demolisher with nothing but a hull-mounted Demolisher cannon. FALSE
Destroyer is a dedicated tank hunter with a laser-lance weapon. Have a, hull-down? rule that makes them extremely hard to kill if in cover, seem to be area-control units. FALSE

There was talk about a new Cadian Veteran plastic set, 5 miniatures with all options. FALSE

Heavy Weapon Squad will be repacked to include one sprue of standard Cadian infantry. FALSE
Special Weapon Squads might get their own box with a new special weapon sprue (which is also used for Veteran box). FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - August 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Direct Only themed forces will launch alongside supplements, ie.... Iyanden Spirit Host or White Scars Outrider Force, etc . TRUE

Generic Battle boxes are not going away, but will stay and be at a discount to help new players get into the game. TRUE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - August 2013
via An Anonmyous Source on Faeit 212
Some insights into models that are coming down the track.

A:I have seen a plastic adeptus mechanicus sprue with servitors and human sized (i.e. not space marine) adepts. This definitely exists because I have seen it, so don't confuse it with my second point, although I don't know where it fits in with the release schedule. FALSE

B: for over a year I have been seeing various photos of greens, and CAD print outs - so not just concept sketches - for imperial models that are familiar to the inquisition books. I have seen custodes-style models, arco-flaggelants, and ogryn-sized servitors (greens) - as well as a pretty big tank that looks like a cross between a land raider and a leman russ, in the style of the exorcist (CAD). FALSE

it seems to have become common knowledge in circles that A) the studio has definite plans for all this, and that B) there will be a 'new' race army book at some point at the end of this edition, similar to Dark Eldar.

'like Dark Eldar' I simply meant that, from the business's perspective, Dark Eldar were a new race when they got their latest codex and models. So 'new race' doesn't necessarily mean something like Tau in 2001, and I'm fully expecting it to be an imperial faction. PARTIALLY TRUE

A and B may be unrelated. But, based on this, I am guessing that either that this is where sisters of battle will end up, or that their relaunch will be refocused on the weirder parts of the Imperium. I just want to make it clear though, I've never seen a new sisters of battle sculpt

Tyranid Rumors - August 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
He states these rules are BETA and are around 7 month old

Hormagaunts :
may add an additional 20 Hormagaunts TRUE

Equipment: scything talons & adrenal glans FALSE

toxic sacks : (remain the same) TRUE
piercing talons : (+1 strength) FALSE
tyranid warrior (squad leader): FALSE

special rules:
leap, they just keep coming,synaptic back lash (tyranid warrior only) synapse creature (tyranid warrior only) FALSE

leap: may charge +6'' extra & do not lose initiative while charging through difficult terrain FALSE

they just keep coming: enemies firing at models with this rule suffer -1 bs
models with BS 1 must re-roll any successful hits on a model with this target. FALSE

synaptic back lash: after a model with this rules dies then all friendly units within 6'' of the models death suffer a single strength 3 AP - hit. FALSE

Old one eye to have his toughness increased FALSE

tyranid warriors
may add an additional 3 models
5 5 4+ FALSE

piercing talons, leap, synaptic back lash, FALSE
special rules: will of the hive mindFALSE

toxic sacks: (read above) TRUE
adrenal glands: (read above) TRUE
range biomorph exoskeleton: (+1 bs) FALSE
increased exoskeleton: (+1 sv) FALSE
barbed strangler: (remains the same) TRUE

venom rifles: (tyranid rifles with poison) 18'' range (under re-testing) FALSE

will of the hive mind: while the squad remains with the full 3 models then the synapse range increases to 12'' FALSE

may add an additional 2 models

scything talons, piercing talons FALSE
special rules: rampant rage, living battering ram, natural disaster FALSE

Toxic sacks: TRUE
range biomorph exoskeleton: FALSE
armoured shell: (2+ save)_ FALSE
crushing claws: (+d3 attacks & +1 to range AP) FALSE
reinforced plating: (reduced strength of weapon being fired at you by 1) FALSE
heavy venom cannon: (strength 9 AP 2 heavy 2) FALSE
barbed strangler: (strength 5 AP 5 large blast, pinning) FALSE
twin linked devourers: (strength 4 AP 6 assault 4) FALSE

rampant range: when charging units the carnifex gains rage & furious charge) FALSE
Living battering ram: the carnifex deals d3 hammer of wrath hits TRUE
natural disaster: if the carnifex forgoes its turn in a piece of terrain (ruins ect) it can destroy that terrain and remove it from play FALSE

PENDING Finecast Rumors - August 2013
via an anonymous source here on Faeit 212
GW wants to Limit coming Finecast releases. In the Future, there will be only Characters and re-casts in Resin released.

No new Finecast releases after 2016

Release Schedule Rumors - Codex Authors - August 2013
via an Anonymous source on Faeit 212
40k Codex Authors:
Imperial Guard: Vetock SPECULATION

Fantasy Army Book Authors:
Bretons: Kelly SPECULATION
Dark Elves: Cruddace FALSE

Supplement Rumors - Armageddon Rumors - August 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
there are no Catachans in sight, FALSE
the Codex will Focus Armageddone and Cadia. FALSE
The Ork Codex will Focus Armageddon and the Relationship to the Imperium of Mankind. FALSE

I think Goffs & Blood Axes will become the first Suppliments. FALSE
Codex Orks comes with a Blood Axes Suppliment. FALSE
The suppliment allowed Kommadoz as Troop-Choice und Alliance with Imperial Guard. FALSE

GW Site Rumors - August 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
New GW-Site!
Games Workshop will launch a new Internet-Site in April 2014. TRUE
The new Site will bring back Hobby content and other stuff. FALSE
The Online shop will include Black Library Products and at the end of the year 2014 Forgeworld. FALSE
The success of Horus Heresy moved GW to this.

Tyranid Rumors - August 2013

via a strong source here on Faeit 212
Tyranids, at least at current can ally with themselves essentially. FALSE
They have the standard:
2 HQ 6 Troops 3 Elites 3 Fast Attack 3 Heavy Support

And can take an optional

1 HQ 2 Troops (not minimum 1, up to 2, but instead MUST take 2 and then...) FALSE

And if they do, it unlocks
1 Elite 1 Fast Attack 1 Heavy Support.

Only an HQ from the core can be warlord. ALREADY TRUE

Then the diversity comes into play.

Hive Fleets now have different rules (think chapter tactics). Your secondary brood can be from a different hive fleet. Not representing two fleets working together, just similar evolutionary strains. FALSE

There are also army wide FoC changes based on your Hive Tyrant. Wings give you the option to take Gargoyles as your compulsory troops (so max 2) for instance. Bonded carapace let's you take Carnifex's as elites as well as heavy support (but can't be more than a certain number of points, so they end up kinda baby). FALSE

They have some really cool adaptations for skyfire. FALSE

Warriors can be purchased as sergeant style upgrades for gaunts and gargoyles. They get the biomorphs of the brood and are not attached like wolf guard. FALSE

Tyrannofex will see a points decrease. TRUE

Pyrovore will see torrent. FALSE

Ranged biomorphs contribute to a model's close combat. FALSE
Melée biomorphs enhance a model's ranges attacks. FALSE
You take some biomorphs that affect both, like +1 str to both. FALSE
But having a gun makes melée better and having melée weapons improves your guns. There's some new synergy there. Mostly for big bugs. FALSE

Psychic ability is a lot worse than what it is now, but it'd be difficult to explain and just upset people who don't have the whole picture. TRUE

IG Rumors Release - August 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Warhammer 40.000
Steellegion will become a redesign, the models will wear "M35 Stahlhelms". FALSE
There will be Boxes with Soldiers, Command and Heavy Weapons. FALSE
The Turretless Tank Rumour means a Thunderer / Destroyer Kit. FALSE
There will be vanilla Strom troopers too.DUPLICATE

Imperial Guard & Orks could switch they release dates of January / March. FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - August 2013
November will be Nidvember; FALSE
Plastic Hive Guard Box released (corrected) FALSE

December: No coment, Hobbit and new Terrain TRUE

January: Ork Codex;FALSE
Plastic Kommandoz & Warboss Plastic KitFALSE

February: Dark Elves Armybook FALSE

March: Imperial Guard; DUPLICATE
three Plastic Kits for Steellegion DUPLICATE
Turretless Tank Kit, FALSE
new Steellegion Character (no Yarrik!) FALSE
Codex-Focus is Cadia & Armageddon FALSE

April: Breton Armybook FALSE

May: Space Wolves, FALSE
there will be a 13th Great company & Thousand Sons Supplement parallel release near end of the Year Focus of the SW Supplement is the Fight again Tzeentch Forces FALSE

June: Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition with Empire vs. Orks & Goblins FALSE

Anonymous source on faeit212 wroterks release in march. FALSE

IG Rumors and Release Schedule Rumors - August 2013
via an anonyous source on Faeit 212
Next Year Warhammer Fantasy 9.Edition will have Empire versus Orks & Goblins. FALSE

Imperial Guard will release in March 2014 DUPLICATE
Steel Legion Plastic Kits DUPLICATE
new Superheavy Tank base on the Baneblade. FALSE
Baneblade & all other Superheavies will be in the Codex. [FALSE

40k Supplement Rumors - August 2013
via an anonymos source on Faeit 212 (checking in on earlier rumors)
There's merit to your rumor. However to poke some holes:

The Salamanders squad is for the pre-heresy book coming christmas. They're modified tartaros pattern terminators. Kind of like ornate "artificer" versions.

Imperial Guards will have access to all their tanks in plastic with the release of their new codex. TRUE

Nobz in Mega Armor TRUE
and new War Buggies and Traks are getting new models with their new codex also. FALSE

Supplements will not be providing new model kits until after all of the 6th edition codexes are up to date. Furthermore, if a new unit is introduced, it will be available to the core codex as well. PARTIALLY TRUE

The Supplements will often introduce new ways to configure units. Either with different wargear, size of squad, force organization position, dedicated transport options, or cool army rules TOO VAGUE

IG Rumors and Ork Rumors - August 2013
So Imperial Guard and Orks early 2014. DUPLICATE

40k Supplement Rumors - Armageddon Release - August 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
GW is planning a "re-release" of the 3rd edition Codex Armageddon! FALSE
That will be a huge release for 40K "more than half a year away" according to my friend. It will include 5 supplements:
Warzone Armageddon (scenarios), FALSE
Supplement: Salamanders, FALSE
Supplement: Steel Legion, FALSE
Supplement: Ghazghull's Horde PARTIALLY TRUE
Supplement: Orc Kult of Speed. FALSE
Everything will be released in one wave. FALSE

Each supplement will be accompanied by a very limited number of new releases:
Salamanders - Special Terminator Squad combining Thunder Hammer and Storm Bolters (no shields). Has access to a special weapon that's a "pimped out mix of Heavy Flamer and Multi Melta" FALSE
Steel Legion - Griffon/Salamander combi kit, new Finecast characters FALSE
Ghazghull's Horde - Nobs in Mega Armour (Plastic), Orkimedes (Finecast) [b]PARTIALLY TRUE
Speed Freaks - War Buggy, Wazdakka Gutsmek (Plastic) FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Thousand Sons - August 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Oh, there's no work at all done yet for a thousand sons supplement, so the one you were asking me about is fake. TRUE

Space Marines Rumors - August 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Most of the special characters have seen a points increase. DUPLICATE

Grav weapons have a base strength against targets without an armor save. DUPLICATE

SM will launch in September on it's own. DUPLICATE

White scars in October. FALSE

The October white dwarf blues preview tyranids for november. FALSE

There's a big push for an ultramarine supplement to be released in November alongside the tyranid book in digital. Supplement will focus on the tyrannic war. FALSE

May be a warzone and not a codex supplement. Alternatively, this might mean that ultramarines get multiple supplements. FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - August 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
i've been dropped a hint of Nids release for November. FALSE

Ork Rumors - August 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Orks will be coming in 2nd quarter of next year. DUPLICATE

Space Marines Rumors - August 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
the big dreadnought that has been seen is not for the 40k sm release, but in fact the big mechanicum walker that was pictured at games day. SPECULATION

Space Marines Rumors - August 2013
an Anonymous Source on Faeit 212 wrote:
a AV 12/11/10, 11 transport capacity, skimmer tank, fast attack option with medium weaponry that can be taken as a dedicated transport by vanguard veterans FALSE

40k Supplement Rumors - July 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Not all sub factions within 40k will receive supplements. Only those who have the potential to bring an alternate yet characterful play style to the tabletop and have the scope for expanding the lore. TOO VAGUE

Just over half the space marine chapters of the first founding will receive a supplement. FALSE[/b]

The mono-god legions will NOT be getting a supplement. It's felt they are well enough reflected in the codex. Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Word Bearers were given as Examples of Chaos Legion Supplements FALSE[/b]

Out of the four remaining craftworlds, there's only plans to turn three of them into supplements. FALSE[/b]

Tau are not scheduled to get a single additional supplement, but instead there's going to be three!!! FALSE[/b]

I feel that two Tau supplements more than expected might possibly mean support in the way of new miniatures and perhaps a whole new range. GW as a whole may be gearing up behind this. FALSE[/b]

40k Supplement Rumors - July 2013
via an anonymous and solid source on Faeit 212
World Eaters, Thousand Sons, Death Guard and Emperor's Children are getting supplements eventually. FALSE

The elite unit entries in the core codex don't necessarily reflect World Eaters, just Khorne Berserkers, for example. FALSE
The Legion lists will have unit entries for Berserker/Plague/Rubric/Noise Terminators, unique warlord traits, and some fun wargear stuff. FALSE

Tau have two more books; one for kroot and one for "the rest" of the expanded empire. FALSE

40k Supplement Rumors - July 2013
White Scars: September FALSE
Ravenguard: This year FALSE

Ultramarines: Q1 2014 FALSE
Beil-Tan: Q1 2014 FALSE
Tau Mercanaries: Q1 2014 FALSE
Saim-Hann: Q2? or later FALSE
Catachan: Unkown FALSE

Black Templar Rumors - Dreadknight - July 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There's a new Space Marine kit that is akin to a dreadknight. FALSE
Has several weapon options. FALSE
Monstrous Creature, somewhere in between dreadnought and dreadknight. FALSE
Gets a gun and a weapon. Several options. FALSE
Presumably BT would get a variant? FALSE

40k Supplement Rumors - July 2013
via an Anonymous Source on Faeit 212
Tau Mercs
another Tau Supplement is in the works, it lines up with a few other rumours I've heard about the Tau before it was released to the world. Vespid and Kroot HQ choices, and the ability to play a non "Tau" Lists. FALSE

Black Templar Rumors - July 2013
Scout Stat line. TRUE
They do not take up a force organization slot, but count as troops for all intents and purposes (Scoring etc). FALSE

They do not have infiltrate, or move through cover. They also are not subject to rage after taking a casualty. TRUE
The number of Neophyte Squads you can take equals the number of Initiate, Assault, Bike and Sword Brethren squads total you have in the army. FALSE

Sword Brethren Terminators do not increase this limit. FALSE

Once purchased, as a 5-10 unit choice they are their own selection. FALSE

When deploying Squads with the Crusade keyword (Initiates, Assault, Bikes) you can attach a Neophyte squad to it. This then becomes one unit for all intents and purposes for the remainder of the game and cannot be split. FALSE

If the squad numbers 5 models, Neophytes can buy Bikes. They cannot buy jump packs. They come with bolt pistol and CCW and they cannot take special weapons. Those on bikes can upgrade to grenade launchers though. Neophytes can take shotguns FALSE

If you don't want to attach them, you can just deploy them as their own unit. FALSE

From what it seems, you can put Neophytes with bikes into squads without bikes, and vice versa. FALSE

Initiates have the stats of a basic marine, except their BS which is 3. It's +1 point per model (and the whole squad has to buy it), to get up to BS 4. For 1 more point, you swap their chainsword for a bolter. They are 10-20. Only assault special weapons (meltaguns, plasmaguns or flamers) can be taken. No heavy weapons. Instead of assault weapons they can take power weapons. They can replace both their BP and CCW for a Heavy Chainsword. They do not have sergeants, and are leadership 8. FALSE

Yes it's possible to take 20 Initiates and 10 Neophytes it seems. FALSE

Castellans are a 0-3 per slot elites choice. They are independent characters and take on vows that are reminiscent of oaths of moment from the books. Things like taking objectives, or defending them till the end and confer that benefit to initiates (or better) that are in the same squad as them. They can't take more than one vow and vows have different point costs. They get access to all sorts of interesting wargear, and unique wargear. They do not have to take wargear or vows, and are more expensive than a wolf guard, despite having the same stats. They are leadership 9. FALSE

Black Templar Rumors - July 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Neophytes get their own unit entry, 5-10 unit size, they're 0-X max, where X = squads with the crusader keyword (crusader squad, sword brethren, assault squads, bike squads). It seems like the terminators either don't take squires anymore or they fall under sword brethren. FALSE

They get attached to squads with the crusade keyword at the start of the game when the main squad is deployed or they can be deployed independently. FALSE

They're troops, but if they are attached to a unit they take on whatever squad type the parent squad is. Otherwise though they take up no force org. FALSE

Initiates come with bp/ccw and grenades, one in 5 can take an assault gun, and their squad size is 1-20. 11 points each. They can replace their weapons with blotters for a price. They're bs3, and can buy bs4 for a price. FALSE

Can take land raiders as dedicated transports at a really decent price reduction. FALSE

All power armoured models roll 3D6, pick the two highest to charge. Casualties they take from overwatch are done after initiative 1 attacks are resolved and before combat resolution using the new "closest models." (basically distributed as CC) FALSE

1-3 per choice elite champion-like model who takes vows. Vows are a lot like dark angel banners and revolve around objectives (defending or taking), but only apply to the unit they've joined and are a bit more toned down. Reminiscent of space wolf oaths. FALSE

HQs get access to better vows, and are different for chaplains and Captains. Emperor's champion is only required in games over 1500 points, does not take up an HQ slot and does not have macro-vows anymore, instead... FALSE

The army buys a vow for 0-40 points for every 1,000 or more points the army is. You can only buy one vow and it basically stacks in cost the bigger the army is. FALSE

Some vows are cheaper than others. FALSE

Vows have either an anti- psyker or xenos feel. FALSE

Wargear is significantly cheaper for BT characters. FALSE

Squads that have taken casualties are subject to rage for the remainder of the game.FALSE

Black Templar Rumors - July 2013
via a good anonymous source on Faeit 212
In so far as Black Templar: They are getting a full book not a supplement. FALSE
The direction of the book is on "crusades," and differentiating the Black Templar when they persecute Xenos as opposed to when they put the Witch to the sword. FALSE

They are seeing a lot of changes from their previous incarnation, and are no longer a shooting army (despite the intention of the previous book, they were received as a shooting army). FALSE

The army will have a "knights in space" kind of feel with wargear being a very big importance for the characters, and vows similar to old bretonians. The struggle there is with book keeping, but it is a pretty cool concept. FALSE

Crusade squads with their hybrid neophyte and space marine combinations are gone. Which will probably anger a lot of people without pleasing any (since in the past you could just take 0 neophytes so in essence this is just removing choices), but take it for what it's worth. FALSE

The whole "move after taking casualties" thing is gone and has been replaced with something more similar to battle trance (but less swift, and more assault oriented). FALSE

Templar point costs are down even from those of dark angels, and are designed to be balanced by their point cost, but also deliver the feeling that this is a "crusade army" that has never really felt the yoke of the codex astartes, and thus has huge companies of marines. FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - Jul 2013
via an anonymous (and solid) source on Faeit 212
As currently planned, the Ravenguard supplement will be after the 6th edition space marine book (which will be soon) and will coincide with forgeworld's HH Book 3, Massacre pt 2. FALSE

In the coming months though we are going to be smothered (pleasantly) in space marine goodies, with every other or every third month releasing a space marine supplement, after the main book comes out. PARTIALLY TRUE

These releases will be paired with alongside a Xenos they were famous for fighting.
i.e. Tyranids book month A, Ultramarine Supplement month B. Ork codex month C, Crimson Fist supplement month D, etc. (this is not an accurate release schedule, just to illustrate my point) FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - July 2013
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Now apocalypse is released there are 2 major upcoming armies
-Orks (around October) FALSE
-Black Templar (around December) FALSE
This is to represent the third war for armageddon FALSE

Thunderhawk Rumors and IG Rumors - July 2013
&*(&^ said he's seen the plastic thunderhawk in the flesh AMD said it may breach the £100 barrier maybe 120-140. FALSE
He also mentioned kreig may be getting folded into the 40k IG book. FALSE

Space Marines Rumors and 40k Supplement Rumors - July 2013
Anonymous source on faeit212 wrote:
all the codexes, even Chaos Space Marines and Tau PARTIALLY TRUE

There is not going to be another Eldar one in 2013. TRUE

White Scars is one of the supplement codexes, and it is also complete (borderline printed) so logic dictates it'll be released a few weeks after the SM codex, but I don't have a street date for you. FALSE

Space marines will be getting 2 supplement codexes though by the end of 2013, so again... chances are white scars will be one of them. FALSE

For the Blood Angels and Space Wolves players, fear not you will be getting full codex support and not just supplements. Read between those lines. TRUE

the Space Marine special character changes to Combat Tactics still exist, but are also now available for purchase as an upgrade to a generic HQ allowing you to play Ravenguard without Shrike, or Salamanders without Vulkan. PARTIALLY TRUE

The special characters usually also include some other more specific army-wide changes included in the replacement of Combat Tactics to make them still desirable, as they represent a specific company, within a different chapter, etc. TRUE

Space marines will be getting 2 supplement codexes though by the end of 2013 DUPLICATE

Lastly, Ultramarines are not the focus of the Space Marine book any more. Instead the pages describe the book representing any of the second founding chapters, and many of the founding as well who converted to following the Codex Astartes. Outside of the over-abundance of Ultramarine special characters it's not "their book" anymore, which means it leaves things open for them getting a dedicated supplement as well. TRUE

I've heard about a supplement for tyranids, that they will be getting a genestealer cult supplement possibly something akin the recent GW tourny rules we saw at Warhammer World. DUPLICATE

Tyranid Rumors - June 2013
via an anonymous source
I've heard about a supplement for tyranids, that they will be getting a genestealer cult supplement possibly something akin the recent GW tourny rules we saw at Warhammer World. FALSE

Apocalypse Rumors - June 2013
Not every race is getting a super-heavy, just access to them via Allies. The focus on apocalypse is new scenery and fortifications, with their own rules, that are legal for games of 40k and planetstrike as centerpieces and objectives. Expect a lot more racially specific fortifications as well as more "imperial/generic" stuff in 2014 Q2. PARTIALLY TRUE

Ork Rumors - June 2013
via an anonymous source (from the Faeit 212 inbox)
Matt Ward is the author for the upcoming ork codex. SPECULATION
Orks are next year. DUPLICATE

GW General Rumors - June 2013

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
GW employees have been given the go ahead to begin setting up clubs outside of GW stores but using ex GW stock as well as GW support i believe. This may support the idea that they trying to move the gaming aspect of the hobby out of stores and into the flgs & club market. FALSE

Tau Rumors - March 2011

Eldar Rumors - April 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
Eldar are indeed coming. DUPLICATE

Path system has been revamped. Autarchs take paths that are now fixed in point cost (before they became more expensive the more you took) but do not make their aspect troops. FALSE

Instead it allows corresponding aspects to be taken as compulsory troops. FALSE

Ergo, the Path of the Striking Scorpions would allow you to take up to two striking scorpions as troops. CONDITIONAL

If you also took the path of Swooping Hawks you could take up to two Swooping Hawks as troops or one and one. CONDITIONAL

Guardians are a lot cheaper and have more options for special weapons. FALSE

New transport for dire avengers / weapon platform (with no transport capacity). FALSE

And lots of new goodies. TOO VAGUE

If tau are the long range shooting army, eldar are a mix with potential units in short, mid and long range TOO VAGUE

Long range comes almost exclusively from heavy support, however so you need to create a mix it seems. TRUE

Aspects are still hyper focused and saw a very small decrease in points except fire dragons. TRUE

High Elf Rumors - April 2013

via an Anonymous Source from the Faeit 212 inbox
Core :
Spearmen TRUE
Archers TRUE
Lothern Sea Guard TRUE
Silver Helms TRUE
Tiranoc Chariot FALSE
Shadow Warriors FALSE

Special :
Ellyrian Reavers FALSE
Chrace Chariot TRUE
White Lions TRUE
Dragon Princes (Horse) TRUE
Great Eagles TRUE
Swordmasters TRUE
Bolt Thrower FALSE

Rare :
Dragon Princes (monstruous) FALSE
Phoenix Guard FALSE
Phoenix TRUE
Saphery Chariot FALSE

New Models:
- Saphery Chariot (flying chariot) PARTIALLY TRUE
- Drake Riders (dragon princes) FALSE
- Shadow Warriors TRUE
- Phoenix TRUE
- Guard of Avelorn (maiden guard or similar, not confirmed yet maybe extra option if you take Alarielle as well as 5th edition book) TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - March 2013
3. Space Marines DUPLICATE

4. Nids/Ork tossup. DUPLICATE
6. The Nids or Orks that get pushed back.DUPLICATE

GW Army Builder Rumors - April 2013
via an anonymous source (good source)
Army building support is on the horizon TRUE
with more and more features (like the psychic powers app) being added and integrated until it is something amazing. TRUE

It's being worked on and improved part by part so that it can be released in stages (not as a money grab, as previous pieces are upgraded at low cost, and only full purchases reflect the current value) in order to get it into peoples hands as fast as possible.

Release Schedule Rumors - April 2013
High Elves- May DUPLICATE
Apocalypse- July DUPLICATE
Lizard Men- August DUPLICATE
Space Marines DUPLICATE

Release Schedule Rumors - April 2013
No book is being discontinued. All are getting 6th Ed updates. Hint hint. Nudge nudge. FALSE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - April 2013
Mechanicus Adeptus
GW is not introducing any new full armies. FALSE

Adeptus Mechanicus Rumors - April 2013
starting late 2014 early 2015. FALSE
"Pre-releases" starting early 2014 with finecast Servitors, FALSE
plastic Turrets, FALSE
LR Medusa, used already by other armies. FALSE
White Dwarf historical propaganda on Mars, titan variants etc. FALSE
Starting release based on only two huge plastic kits, around 55GBP each:
- Knight "Titan" (standard paladin, scout lancer + variants, many weapons). PARTIALLY TRUE
- Knight "Lord" (very heavy crusader, support +, character baron blink). FALSE
Each Knighthold can have 3-4 knights at 1250 pts. PARTIALLY TRUE
Depending on sales and demand, more smaller Ad Mech will be released starting middle 2016.

Release Schedule Rumors - April 2013
via an Anonymous Source

Wolves early / middle 2014, TRUE
Inquisition fall / end 2014, FALSE
Blood Angels fall / end 2015. FALSE
Not many releases for Wolves, just specific flyer variants. FALSE
Finecast big predator wolf. FALSE
Wulven units included. FALSE
They also get almost all Marine releases till then, apart of flyers. FALSE
Inquisition all three ordos, two different armies (grey knights and sororitas). Inquisitors can replace IG HQs. FALSE
Blood Angels on early re-design. SPECULATION

Release Schedule Rumors - March 2013
This is what to expect over the next few months
May: High Elves DUPLICATE
June: Apocalypse redo FALSE
July: Eldar FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - March 2013
High Elves- May TRUE
Eldar- June TRUE
Apocalypse- July TRUE
Lizard Men- August TRUE

40k Release Schedule Rumors - March 2013
I have it on good Authority that Codex Space Marines will be the June release this year. FALSE
Eldar will follow them. DUPLICATE
There is also a "Mystery Box" slated for September/October (ala Space hulk). FALSE
GW have 2 which they have waiting in the wings, Blood Bowl Rumors and Warhammer Quest but no idea which it will be at this time. FALSE
But I do know that Lizardmen and High Elves are this year. PARTIALLY TRUE

Tau Rumors - March 2013
*Heavy Burst Cannon or Ion Cannon + Shield for Weapon choices (No Rail weapon) TRUE
*Nova reactor is a 3+, you pick the effect, it's not random. TRUE
*No saves against the wound. TRUE

Tau Rumors - March 2013
Crisis Suits
The new suits are very similar to those old ones. PARTIALLY TRUE

The heads don't have a neck and are now lowered into the torso about 25% of the head is below shoulder level. FALSE

The arms are a bit shorter too. FALSE

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
To answer some questions for your readers:
*The suit starts with rail cannons and can upgrade them to the Ion Weapon. FALSE

*The profiles you have listed are wrong, but it does indeed have blast and shot options. (from yesterday) TRUE

*It does divert power from it's reactor to different systems at the start of each Tau turn, lasting until the next turn and starts with one system active. TRUE

*One includes the gun, which is how you change it from shots to a blast. TRUE

*For those of you wondering; yes the blast is better than the multi-shots. TRUE

*It isn't like submunitions, or dispersed firing. Think of it more like megaman's buster. It gets powers up and fires a big shot instead of rapidly firing smaller shots (granted it's from a big gun). TRUE

Tyranid Rumors - March 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox.
Tyranid Dominatrix It looks like a tyrant, but with more legs.... does not look like the old epic model. FALSE
WS8 BS4 S6 T6 W4 I5 A4 Ld10 Sv3+ FALSE

*Once per turn the dominatrix can double the synapse range of one other synapse creature on the battle field, including itself...this affects the Shadow in the Warp range as well. FALSE

*All Tyranids within 6" gain Feel No Pain just like Catalyst, it is gained at the start of the turn and lasts until the next Tyranid turn, but as an effect. So those units may move outside the field and retain it. FALSE

*The Dominatrix allows Tervigon Spawn Termagant rerolls for Tervigons within 12". 2nd roll must be taken. FALSE

*if killed every Synapse or Psyker model on the table (friend or foe) must take a psychic test at half LD or suffer 1 wound with no saves allowed. FALSE

*Lvl3 Psyker. access to biomancy, TK, Telepathy, and Divination, plus the Tyranid powers. FALSE

*Can take the same options as the Tyrant (including leader abilities), but not wings. FALSE

*Base with the Rupture Cannon, Claws and Teeth, Crushing Claws(x2), Eternal Warrior, Fear, Regen. FALSE

*considered a Monstrous Creature, not Gargantuan. Rupture Cannon cannot be upgraded FALSE

Ork Rumors - March 2013
Grot Whirlybird -
*Looks like a old Vietname War Hellicopter, big bulged bubble cockpit/body, skinny tail boom. FALSE

*About twice as big as the ork DefKoptas. Concept is the doors of the main body open on the bottom like an old bomber to drop the Grots on to the battlefield. FALSE
*Cannot carry Orks or Bulky/Very Bulky models. FALSE
*Can drop Grots at any point along path travelled in movement phase only if not Zooming. FALSE
*Placement like deepstrike, but scatter is reduced if hovering. FALSE

Ork Rumors - Codex - March 2013
grot boss - a big grot almost an ork. FALSE
Gretchin Weirdling - grot psyker. Lvl1. Upgrade to lvl 2. Access to divination, gork, and mork lists FALSE
Killa kans in elite. FALSE
Gretchin - can take control collars no ork herder like in ork list. 5-20 unit. Cheaper than ork codex gretchin by a pt. Can take whirlybird or looted wagon as dt FALSE
Squig runts- sounds like 40k equivalent of squig hoppers FALSE
Whirlybird ? looks like a Huey hit with ork hammer, bomb doors underneath to drop gretchin FALSE
Grot scootas - rocket propelled skateboarders? Squad of 5-10. Hvy bolter profile weapon. FALSE
Grot buggies - drive by assault 8 grot blastas FALSE
Grot rocket - single shot roket with large range and big blast. FALSE
Big Guns ? control collar option again, the ones from ork codex, plus a flakk gun with skyfire PARTIALLY TRUE

Tau Rumors
*Broadsides are Slow and Purposeful, 2+ and T4 now. TRUE
*They are twin linked str8 ap1 railguns and can take plasma or missiles as well. TRUE
*They have a suit upgrade that let's them at the start of a shooting phase have skyfire. TRUE
*They don't have interceptor, nor do they snap fire ground targets. TRUE
*The only thing I notice is that the unit chooses to skyfire or not. So if you use split fire, you can't mix firing at ground targets and flyers easily. TRUE
*Semi mobile and very durable. They're the only non interceptor skyfire unit in the game that can survive flyer alpha strike. TRUE

Tau Rumors - March 2013
They're not 85 points base, that's including their Skyfire upgrade. TRUE

They are indeed STR 8 AP 1 however on the broadside suits, then pay to add skyfire, but not interceptor. DUPLICATE

Tyranid Rumors - March 2013
via a strong anonymous source
Some more specifics on tyranid playtest.

Carnifexes are in the elite and heavy support sections (but have different options) FALSE

While broods are the same base cost as the current dex, additional gaunts are dirt cheap. So if you want to horde it up, you can. FALSE

Rippers are cheaper. FALSE

Ability to build around "free" units coming in from reserve throughout the game (from different sources, but it's the same special rule), but they do not score. FALSE

Can go the other route and bugzilla it up and have all (including scoring) monstrous creatures. FALSE

The goal is to go mass or massive or anything in between. TOO VAGUE

The big text on the design board (figuratively speaking) is "Every Unit Viable. Every unit desirable." TOO VAGUE

And on the topic of evolutions - these are just upgrades and options that can make a bug very finite in it's role, but awesome at it. Not mid game changes. Only one special creature can do that. FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - March 2013
FoC manipulation and "new" deployment options are based on the various stages and methods of a Tyranid invasion. FALSE

- A lot of flexibility in the form of army composition. As opposed to the very mutable stats of units and weapons of the old codex, which caused a lot of headaches for opponents. FALSE
- Hive Tyrants are the main source of FOC manipulation. The idea is that they can specialize the scoring elements of the army.... but you have to pay for it. FALSE
- Reserve manipulation is a very strong theme in the codex. These options are more numerous and reliable than in the current codex. And that's because. FALSE
- Mycetic Spores have expanded rules for ease of use. This includes MC broods. FALSE
- Trygon tunnels are also greatly expanded. Raveners have additional synergy with the tunnels. Even Monstrous Creatures can use them but with a penalty. FALSE
- More outflanking options. Various ideas are being thrown around on the topic of protecting Genestealers and especially Lictors from being shot to pieces when they appear. FALSE

And the most important rule that is being tested...
Synapse offering protection from Instant Death in a brand new way. Right now this is being tested only on creatures that have the Synapse rule (not within the aura): Wounds that trigger ID can instead be rolled to either cause 1 Wound, 2 Wounds, or ID. FALSE

Apocalypse Rumors - March 2013
via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
*June/July is Apocalypse. TRUE
*GW has been looking at new ultra-large plastic kits timed to release with Apocalypse. TRUE
*hinted that one of the kits could be a plastic Thunderhawk. (was unsure) FALSE
*also models as in plural, so I think it's fair to say there's at least one other plastic superheavy due alongside this. DUPLICATE

via a separate anonymous source (checking in to help us navigate rumors)

Apocalypse for 6th edition is this summer. DUPLICATE
There are no super heavy flyers coming. FALSE

Tau Rumors - March 2013
via an Anonmyous Source from the Faeit 212 inbox
None of the Forgeworld suits will be in the new Tau codex. TRUE

There are two new suits, however and the crisis and broadsides are both being redone and are very distinct from one another. PARTIALLY TRUE

The hazard suits will remain as a Forgeworld supplement and are even referenced in the fluff in a few places. They're just non-standard issue and still considered in prototype for various reasons. PARTIALLY TRUE

The Kroot hq replaces the 1+ requirement on fire warriors with a Kroot unit. FALSE

Eldar Rumors - March 2013
- Autarchs take Paths. These represent completed paths they have walked and are tied to the various aspects. By taking a path you make the respective aspect warrior a troop choice (the exception are reapers who just become scoring) DUPLICATE
- Overall point cost reduction (guardians see it the most, aspect warriors see it the least, but are instead a fair margin better with only a minor cost decrease for two of the schools). DUPLICATE
- new special rule that influence how howling banshees interact in combat. It's current iteration really makes them feel like glass cannons that are amazing at what they're designed to do. DUPLICATE
-Seer councils have brotherhood of psykers (the farseers still cast their own abilities in addition, but two farseers together cast more than 2 farseers separately) FALSE
- in general, aspect warriors are hyper focused and hyper successful if used properly TOO VAGUE
- No new aspect FALSE
- 2 new flyers TRUE
- lots of units get access to skyfire FALSE
- new tank (on falcon chasis) FALSE
- Avatar is buffed a lot TRUE
- Two new special characters TRUE
- exarchs are all really good in duels in different ways TRUE
- farseers are still awesome psykers TRUE
- warlocks improve deny the witch. TRUE
- falcon/wave serpent point reduction FALSE
- way to make some of the craftworld specific lists TRUE
- additional rules for allying with dark eldar FALSE
- expanded fluff on the war in heaven TRUE

Tyranid Rumors - More Tyranid Info - Feb 2013
*Tyranids are coming. Probably after Orks sometime next year. FALSE
*Carnifexes are getting a big boost TRUE
*Deepstriking emplacements for shooting and increasing synapse ranges FALSE
*A new Spider-like Pysker Monstrous Creature FALSE
*Background being expanded with some sort of connection between the old ones and C'tan being worked on. FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - for March
Tyranids in March WD FALSE

Daemons Rumors - Rules - Feb 2013
via Matt (not his real name) from the Faeit 212 inbox
The bloodthirsters : 280pts FALSE
10 4 9 7 5 5 5 10 5+ FALSE
Daemonic gifts: blood axe, armour of terror, whip of destruction FALSE
special rules: daemon, daemonic flight, furious charge, rage,blood without end FALSE
blood axe - user gains a previously lost wound he has lost earlier in game for every kill he makes on a 4+ FALSE
armour of terror - user gains a 2+ save and 5+ invulnerable. The bearer gains a 4+ feel no pain if the weapons AP in lower than 3 FALSE
whip of destruction - 12'' shooting attack - strength 8 AP 4 rending FALSE

blood without end- the bloodthirsters gain +d6 attacks on the charge and makes another strike at initiative step 1 for every wound he causes.
These extra strikes do not produce any further strikes. FALSE

Great unclean one : 260pts FALSE
5 4 6 8 6 1 4 10 6+ FALSE

Daemonic gifts: plague sword of death, bloated body, aura of decay FALSE
special rules: daemon, slow and purposeful,my master gifts all,shrouded FALSE
plague sword of death - wounds everything on 2+ with an ap of 3 - turns characters into spawn FALSE
bloated body - the daemon has a 4+ armour save and a 3+ feel no pain on any weapon AP 5 or below. FALSE
aura of decay - the great unclean one has defensive and assault grenades and causes all enemy weapons to count as -1 strength (I believe this is ranged and close combat) FALSE

my master gifts all - pick an enemy and friendly unit at the beginning of the game. The enemy unit gains -1 toughness and strength while a friendly plaguebearers count as +1 strength and +1 to there feel no pain rolls. FALSE

troop units :
bloodletters: 14pts each FALSE
5 0 5 4 1 4 2 10 6+ FALSE
daemonic gifts: blood swords (strength: user AP: 4) FALSE
special rules: daemon, furious charge,rage TRUE
unit type: infantry TRUE
Number/squad: 5-20 FALSE

Daemonettes of slannesh: 12pts each FALSE
4 0 4 3 1 6 2 10 6+ FALSE
Daemonic gifts: rending claws TRUE
special rules: fleet, make them suffer (+1 added to strength - already included) FALSE
Unit type: infantry TRUE
Number/squad: 5-15 FALSE

tzeench gift of betrayal -50pts (one use)
pick an enemy independent character at random, that model or unit must pass a leadership test with a -4 penalty or be removed after being sucked into the warp for tzeench amusement, models from codex: space marine, dark angels,black templars,grey knights,space wolves,blood angels take a -2 penalty instead to represent their resistance from the dark gods temptations. FALSE

nurgle's blessing (30pts)
pick a nurgle unit in your army, that model/unit gains +1 to their feel no pain roll. FALSE

sword of a thousand souls: 45pts
the bearer must charge every enemy unit and must challenge but gain +2d6 extra attacks on the charge. FALSE

dance of death:
40pts pick an enemy unit at the beginning of the game, that unit must roll a initiative test every turn of the game or is under the control of the daemon player. The unit under control may charge friendly models but cannot move off the board or into any piece of terrain that can cause hard to the model. If the enemy passes the initiative test more than three times during the battle then the dance has been removed for the remainder of the game. FALSE

Apocalypse Rumors - Feb 2013
From 'Jon'
*New Apocalypse book set for release in June/ July DUPLICATE
-Rules for 6th edition including new point costs TRUE
-New formations including flying squadrons TRUE
-New Asset Card TRUE
-New Scenarios TRUE
-Battle Reports TRUE

Tau Rumors - Feb 2013
sky ray orbital blast ability. forgo his full turn of shooting for a single unlimited range blast that is:strength X AP 3 (wound on 2+,plasma corrosion, blast) FALSE
plasma corrosion - any enemy model hit under the blast rolls a d6 every turn for the remainder of the game on a roll of 1-3 the unit or model suffers d6 strength 4 AP5 hits. On a roll of 4-5 the unit suffers 2d6 strength 5 AP 4 hits. On a roll of a 6 the unit is hit with 2d6 strength 6 AP 2 hits with the blind special rule. (these are test rules and subject to change) FALSE

Tau fire warriors will have the OPTION to upgrade their tau fire warriors to bs 4 FALSE

battle suits are getting/got new models but have the same profile as now with the inclusion of an option to make them toughness 5 (cost or name is unknown) FALSE

The kroot is getting a HUGE monster that looks like something from fantasy. It has kroot riding it but is under going constant rule changes due to either dying to quickly or for lack of usage. FALSE
From what I remember seeing it has 5 wounds but only a 5+ save and was over priced IMO. FALSE

kroot gain furious charge and move through cover and start with a 6+ save that can be upgraded to 5+ with shaper for an additional 2pts per model (making them 8pts per model) - remember this could change! FALSE

finally their is options to make all your battle suits have 2+ saves for 20pts per model - all war gear that is in the current codex has been reduced slightly. FALSE

the tau dread knight walker rumours you have read are 100% TRUE TRUE

4 4 6 8 4 2 4 8 2+/4+ FALSE

points which were : 210pts. note the points were highlighted in red marker which means they are subject to change at next play testing. TOO VAGUE

Tau Rumors - Feb 2013
Gatling ion blaster: 30'' S:6 AP:3 Assault:3 FALSE
plasma storm blaster: 40'' S:9 AP:1 Assault:1 (lance,system failure,implosion) FALSE

system failure: If you score a glancing or a penetrating hit on a roll of a 6 you cause a system failure in the enemy tank/flyer. The tank/flyer cannot move or shoot for the remainder of the turn. The tank/flyer controlling player must roll a d6 every turn for the remainder of the game, on a roll of 1 the tank/flyer has a system failure again and may not shoot or move again. FALSE

implosion: if you score a explosion on a tank/flyer then it explodes 2d6 inches instead of the normal d6. FALSE

The new big kroot model is actually the krootox giant, from what I have been told fluff points to the tau making the krootox genetics being advance and in doing this increasing the size, strength and toughness. FALSE

the krootox giant has the following rules and stats - these I believe will change as we have had much discussions upon this unit and cannot be certain if it is powerful enough for a competitive environment.

Krootox Giant: WS BS S T W I A LD SV
6 3 8 6 4 1 5 7 4+ FALSE

Special rules: Smash, monstrous creature, rage,mental without control, move through cover,fleet FALSE

mental without control: If your krootox giant loses his krootox rider then the Giant must pass a leadership test every turn otherwise will attack the closest enemy unit. If the Giant cannot reach a target then it misses it next turn while it cools down. FALSE

this unit at the moment costs : 200pts & can upgrade it's armour save to 3+ with a piece of war gear from the kroot armoury FALSE

Daemon Rumors - Jan 2013
The next white dwarf previews the new daemons. DUPLICATE
The previously white dwarf released units are changing slightly (some get better, some worse). TOO VAGUE
The following white dwarf previews flyers. DUPLICATE

Oh p.s. No new god. No hybrid GDs. Expanded fluff on malice. TRUE

Flyer Rumors/Daemon Rumors - January 2013

it's an air caste pilot who is tau, not an alien. FALSE

There are some expanded vespid options being explored and the Tau empire is really being fleshed out as a commerce driven "all are welcome if they serve the common good" attitude. FALSE

the current schedule calls for Daemons in feb TRUE
flyers in march. PARTIALLY TRUE

A fantasy update in April DUPLICATE
it's 40k and a little bit of hobbit from May to August with a new supplement TOO VAGUE?
a big launch in September for 40k TOO VAGUE
then a fantasy fall and shares Christmas. TOO VAGUE

Feb Release Schedule Rumors / Tau Rumors / Eldar Rumors - Jan 2013
Next White Dwarf will feature aerial battle using campaign of fire rules and NEW flyers FALSE
Tau receive a flyer and data sheet for it. FALSE
Fast attack choice. TRUE
Armor 11 all around. TRUE
Non tau pilot. Looks like a manta ray flying backwards. FALSE
Bs 4 super sonic. FALSE
S6 ap4 missiles. FALSE
Off center gun heavy 6 str 5 ap 4 twin linked or single small blast Str 8 ap 2. CONDITIONAL
Eldar flyer and data sheet for it. FALSE
Very similar stats to dark eldar flyer FALSE
has missile lock, FALSE
has distortion missiles. FALSE
smaller fighter looks like elongated vyper.FALSE

The harpy for tyranids. Nothing to note. Not a dual kit. FALSE
The final surprise. A fourth flyer. The long awaited dark eldar bomber. FALSE

Tyranid Rumors - Jan 2013
Q4 2013 40k goes to Eldar supposedly, FALSE
(Tyranids) so will be early/late Q4 2013/Q1 2014. May be Q3 2013. DUPLICATE
There will be a codex release and there may be a WD/model release earlier. DUPLICATE
Kit released for harpy that will make a second FMC - current playtest name hydra. PARTIALLY TRUE
Harpy will remain anti-infantry, hydra to be anti flyer/vehicle. FALSE
Synapse will go back to giving eternal warrior - and instinctive behavior will be radically changed. FALSE

Prime plastic kit, PARTIALLY TRUE
shrike upgrade pack, FALSE
a new MC that is built off of infiltrating and will have a snacking rule similar to the fantasy ghorgon. FALSE

large plastic kit that is a multiple option kit that can make warriors/zoanthropes/lictors, FALSE
one that can make venomthropes/raveners, FALSE
one that will make biovores/pyrovores FALSE
one for tyrant guard/hive guard. DUPLICATE
Ward is writing the FALSE

Tyranid Rumors / WD Update - January 2013
I can absolutely, positively guarantee you there will be models for them in 2013; as well as a WD update for said models. FALSE

Darl Angel Rumors - Nov 2012
*HQ models will be recast into finecast. Same models FALSE
*New Belial model robes, powersword, stormbolter, or plasma bolter combi TRUE
*Deathwing Box Set: Comes with 3 options; Normal DW Terminator Squad, Command/HQ Squad with Banner and Apothecary, and an Elite Squad with Plasma Cannon options TRUE
*Ravenwing Box Set: Bikes remodeled and look like the Ravenwing bikes from Dark Vengeance, but same build as normal bikes, also with added weapons for the new Ravenwing Elite unit. PARTIALLY TRUE

January White Dwarf Rumors / Hobbit Rumors / Dark Angel Rumors - Nov 2012
January White Dwarf Will Feature Dark Angels TRUE
Accordingly Dark Angels will probably be released for pre-order before December is done, and up hitting the shelves January 5th. TRUE

the next WD is Hobbit releases TRUE
the WD after will feature Dark Angels. TRUE
DA codex will be after Christmas though. TRUE

Hobbit Rumors - Nov 2012
LotR will be renamed to "The Hobbit" TRUE
Content of the box (miniatures) will be roughly equal to Dark Vengeance TRUE

Rulebook being an exclusive to the starters box is a lie. you are in for a surprise. TRUE
the new rules wont revolutionize the current ruleset, but change is coming. TOO VAGUE
Pricing wont be more than isle of blood and dark vengeance, rather the same. PARTIALLY TRUE

release schedule rumors - Oct 2012
there is no other release planned for the rest of this month. PARTIALLY TRUE
November and December will have 2 releases. both second releases will launch in the third week. FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors - Oct 2012
- Warriors of chaos are getting an update TRUE
- Daemons are getting an update. TRUE
- From what I understand, they're going to be WD updates and then digital releases that consolidate it all into one e-file. FALSE
- There's a potential that maulerfiends and forgefiends are going to see a fantasy adaptation version. FALSE

Tau Rumors - Oct 2012
-Tau are coming early next year. TRUE
-Unit profiles are being finalized. TOO VAGUE
-The Tau are looking more and more like it will utilize and potentially modify the allies feature. FALSE
-unique fortifications. FALSE
-HQ option to make crisis suits troops (not a special character, just an upgrade) FALSE
-crisis suits remain roughly the same but have a couple new weapon options. TRUE
-New 1-per-squad weapons FALSE
-new heavy support suit that has stats like a carnifex and no jet pack, just a big mech FALSE
-new elite suit that has a lot of sub 18" gun options, with a high rate of fire, or low AP. High toughness and -good armour save at a minor loss of mobility (think jump pack instead of jet pack) FALSE
-two flyers, one for AtA one for AtG (same basic fuselage) TRUE
-fire warriors are a little bit better and have more of a stormtrooper / commando feel, than a rank and file guardsman feel. FALSE
-oh and one of the other things right now, I was able to confirm that the current playtest is that firewarriors who do move in the movement phase may immediately run after firing their pulse carbines in the shooting phase. PARTIALLY TRUE

Digital Release Schedule Rumors
-It was a big deal starting off with iTunes, and they just have not been able to get to the Andriod and Windows platforms yet. TOO VAGUE
-Patience is the keyword, as GW products will not be apple exclusive in the near future. FALSE It has been 3 months

Chaos Space Marine rumors - Sept 2012
The ramming land raider is dropped.TRUE
The forgefiend is a CC demon engine PARTIALLY TRUE
and there's a variant that's a a shooty variant with 2 butcher cannons and can take a heavy flamer and some other options. FALSE
One is dedicated CC, one is dedicated range, TRUE
hellbrute is kind of half and half.TRUE
the Forgefiend is one codex entry you can make cc or shooty and it's heavy support. DUPLICATE
The hellbrute is elite. TRUE

Chaos Space Marine rumors - Date - Sept 2012
I can confirm that pre-orders start on Sept 22nd giving us a 2 week preorder time frame for an Oct 6th release. TRUE

Chaos Space Marine rumors - Forgefiend Rumors - Sept 2012
Only comes with one build. Forgefiend has a shooty and a close combat variant in the same box. TRUE
Flyer comes with lots of options to build it visually different and aesthetics for particular gods, but it only has one rules loadout. TRUE

Faeit Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Sept 2012
- Thousand Sounds full squad is 20 Marines or 10 for half. 150 points gets you 4 sons and a Sorcerer. add more sons for 23 each. TRUE
Sorcerer can take the boon of mutation ability (the one that gives him an extra roll on the chart at the beginning) for 10 points. he can also have meltabombs for 5 points, and you can buy an icon of flame for 15 TRUE
- 230 Arhiman TRUE
- 240 for squad TOO VAGUE
- although a level 3 sorcer is only 140, with mark of tzeentch he is 155 FALSE
- Raptors are 95 for 5, and 17 points for up to 10 more TRUE
- same upgrades as before TOO VAGUE
- WARP TALONS, are the new raptor. They are 160 for 5 and 30 each for up to 5 more. TRUE
- They all have twin lightning claws. and they have an attack on the turn they deep strike. its not an assault on arrival. its an attack that makes everyone within 6" of the unit blinded. so if you thread the needle, they won't be shot up TRUE
- Defiler is 195 now, with all the normal options. TRUE
- demonforge, the ability you're thinking of, is a once per game re-roll to damage TRUE
- Forgefiends are 175, TRUE
- they have TWO Hades Autocannons. A Hades Autocannon is 48", Heavy 4, Str 8 AP 4... pinning TRUE
- they are only bs 3, so it's about the same. and once per game it can reroll to-wound and to-pen you can, however, TRUE
- swap those weapons out for Ectoplasm cannons. which are str 8 plasma cannons. and for 200 you get THREE of them. so that's some ap 2 love TRUE
- 3 HP, 12/12/10 armor TRUE
- Dragon 170, they have 1 hades auto cannon TRUE
- 3 HP, 12/12/10 TRUE
- they can make a melee attack against other fliers TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Dark Apostles - Sept 2012
- the chaos space marine daemon prince being increased by 40pts! & having the lash ability taken away for good (apparently to cheesy) TRUE
- the daemon prince will have to pay the same points for wings as a daemons prince from the chaos daemons codex so it is is more balanced. TRUE
- dark Apostles will be the same as the blood angels sangunary priest (can have up to 3 & they count as 1 elite) FALSE
- the apostle will only give you abilities depending on the mark it has taken. FALSE
- Undivided : unit becomes fearless & relentless and gain feel no pain FALSE
- khorne : unit gains rage , furious charge & rampage FALSE
- nurgle: unit gains feel no pain , it will not die and slow and purposeful (if it joins a unit with feel no pain already then the feel no pain roll is one lower than normal) FALSE
- tzeench: units gains a 5+ invulnerable save that can be re rolled if failed (unit and apostle can re roll once per game) FALSE
- slannesh: unit gains fleet , + 1 initiative and rending FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Rumors - Sept 2012 LATER RETRACTED BY NATFKA
- the chaos dragon will have two shooting profiles: when shooting at flyers : 36'' range , strength 9 AP 4 heavy 3 FALSE
when shooting at the ground: 36'' range , strength 8 AP 3 heavy 3 blast (can be upgraded to large blast but then becomes heavy 2) and costs + 30 pts FALSE
- also terminators will be given a chaos version of a space marine storm shield. FALSE
- And if you now take chosen terminators they will have 2 wounds each. FALSE
- also the melta vindicator rumour is very much real - but with the two profiles as well. FALSE
- special rule: enraged daemon: (this rule only applies if you give your melta vindicator daemonic possession) : once per game you can exchange your normal melta shot for a daemonic melta shot. FALSE
- you may not move in the previous turn to do this ! you shoot ( large blast strength 10 AP 1 shot ) but cannot use your ballistic skill and always scatters 2d6 inches. after doing this then the rules for daemonic possession on the tank is lost for the rest of the game and you must only fire the normal melta shot. FALSE
- normal melta shot is : strength 8 AP 1 large blast. FALSE
- this tank cost 150pts to start and an extra 20pts for daemonic possession - NOTE: this tank may NEVER EVER fire at flyers or at a enemy when a member of your army is within 3 inches of the target. FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors Revised
- Dragon Flyer - 12/12/10 DUPLICATE
- 2 butcher cannons, bs3, immune to shaken/stunned, can be locked velocity as normal. Flyer only, no hover/skimmer mode. Can vector strike at strength 10. strafing run. FALSE
- Because this might be misinterpreted I'm going to be really clear: It does not have "two firing profiles." It has 2 butcher cannons, and that's it. It does not have blasts of any kind. It is "BS4" against ground targets because of strafing run (go read it, it's a USR for details). FALSE
- Terminators can be upgraded to chosen, getting +1 WS (5) and +1 wound (2), and fearless. They can take marks on top of that. It gets expensive. FALSE
- Interestingly enough, when upgraded they are troops if you take Abbadon, yet normal Terminators are Elites. TRUE
- There are no "chaos storm shields," TRUE
- The best you can get is Mark of Tzeench to upgrade your 5+ invulnerable from Terminator armour to a 4+. TRUE
- There is a piece of chaos wargear that gives a 4+ invulnerable, but it is not a storm shield it can just be added for characters. Yes it upgrades via mark of tzeench to 3+. No it's not available for sorcerers. TRUE
- Vindicator is unchanged, but can take daemonic possession (as all chaos vehicles can). No melta of any kind on it except the potential to buy a pintle-mounted combi-melta as an upgrade. TRUE
- As for the essentially indirect fire mechanism? That's made up. As for the daemonic possession changing the weapon profile for 1 shot that then expends the daemonic possession? That's made up. TRUE

Dark Angels Rumors / Flyer Rumors and FAQ Rumors - Sept 2012
Dark Angels will have at least 3 units never seen before, not including special characters. TOO VAGUE
Plus, there is another flyer TRUE
FAQ wave coming TRUE

White Dwarf Rumors Delay
Octobers White Dwarf will be released on 22nd of September.TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Release Dates
Chaos Space Marines are available for pre-order on the 29th of September and for sale retail on the 6th of October. FALSE
Horus Heresy Book 1 - Betrayal available for pre-order on the 29th of September and for sale retail on the 6th of October. TRUE
The entire range of new models will be released on the 6th and 20th (Meaning that every unit entry in the book will have an available box set by the 20th. Some kits that are being redone in a year or more time are not included in what I mean when I say "entire range." FALSE
another BIG 40k release in November. FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Cultist Box - Sept 2012
Cultist box release between £18 and £20 FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - Cultist Details - Sept 2012
Oh, and cultists are getting a plastic box of 10 that comes with 10 sets of auto pistol / ccw arms, 10 autoguns, 2 shotguns, 1 heavy stubber, 1 flamer, 1 grenade launcher, 1 icon (with several top options), 1 power axe, 1 power maul and a bunch of bits to put here and there (such as frag grenades and trophies). Only thing I didn't see was a power sword. FALSE

40k Rule Rumors - Heavy Bolters - August 2012
Heavy Bolters upgrade to Salvo 2/3 FALSE
Sternguard HB Assault 3/18" FALSE

Space Marines Rumors - Flakk Missiles - August 2012
Whirlwind gets Skyfire (Helios, Heavy 1, TL, Skyfire/Interceptor) FALSE
Devastators get skyfire for +5 points, replaces krak/frag FALSE

Dark Angel Rumors again - August 2012
One character prevents guard allies FALSE
Warding staff option that is an automatic psychic power FALSE
LS tempest can zoom FALSE
Reroll failed Gets Hot armor saves and 4+ to avoid vehicle GH FALSE
Stationary allows reroll misses against flyers for Cyclone FALSE
Plasma Destroyer (Heavy 3 PC) no plasma sponsons FALSE
Asmodai is back TRUE
Tact and Deathwing are the troops FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Release - Aug 13 2012
Entire Chaos range by end of September (not including resculpts) FALSE
8/25 - Starter Set Preorders TRUE
9/8 - Chaos Preorders FALSE
Chaos - Entire Range on 9/15 and 9/29 FALSE

Dark Angel Rumors Playtest - August 2012
- The universal DA rules are ATSKNF, Combat Squad and Stubborn. TRUE
- HQs are all fearless. FALSE
- Azrael - up to WS6, his gun is now a master crafted assault 2 12" 1 shot plasma, on top of a bolter. (basically assault instead of rapid fire, but can't fire at long range) and is fearless. FALSE

- Belial - Also WS6, but is now 170 points and still unlocks DW as troops. FALSE
- Interrogator Chaplains - 140 points, all units within 12" are fearless, not just his own squad Rerolls misses and wounds in challenges. Interrogator chaplains that win challenges against Independent Characters give you +1 victory point in a mission that uses victory points. FALSE

- Chaplains are now elites and cost 100 points, but you can buy 1-3 of them as a single choice. FALSE
- They can be upgraded to take specific banners. At the start of the game they nominate a model in the squad they're attached to to be their "banner bearer" who must be modeled appropriately with the specific banner. If the chaplain later leaves the squad, the banner remains. FALSE
- Furious charge USR, reroll armor saves against overwatch wounds when charging a unit within 6" of an objective FALSE
- Counter attack USR, reroll misses with overwatch when within 6" of an objective FALSE
- Reroll wounds against models within 6" of an objective with shooting, reroll wounds in a close combat that takes place within 6" of an objective FALSE
- Deathwing Terminator Squads are 215 points base, can swap to lightning claws for free, pay 5 points for thunder hammer / storm shield, and only models with storm bolter / powerfist or chainfist can take the cyclone missile launcher upgrade, which is now 30 points. FALSE
- Deathwing assault works a little bit differently. All Deathwing units and models in terminator armour attached to Deathwing units now come down on the first turn via deep strike without a roll if you wish you make a "Deathwing assault." TRUE
- It specifically notes, however, the limitations of no more than 50% of your army being allowed in reserve, and that independent characters whether attached to a squad or not, count as a unit. FALSE
- Dreadnoughts are a bit cheaper on points base, can be upgraded to venerable, and can upgrade their dreadnought close combat weapon to any ranged weapon (not just missile launcher or autocannon) TRUE
- Sternguard are in, but can swap their bolter for a close-combat weapon if they want. Any model can upgrade their close combat weapon to a power weapon, lightning claw, power fist or thunder hammer. Any model with a close combat weapon can swap their bolt pistol for a Storm Shield (20 pts) or take a Combat Shield (5 pts). FALSE
- Scouts are still elite FALSE
- Tactical Squad starts with 5 models and can take a special weapon [flamer (free), meltagun (10 points), or plasma gun (15 points)], can buy up to 5 more models at 15 points each. At 10 models they can take a heavy weapon [Heavy Bolter, Multi-Melta, Missile Launcher (free), Plasma Cannon (5 points), Lascannon (10 points)] FALSE
- Assault squads can remove jump pack, and get a 35 point discount on transport vehicle instead of a rhino/drop pod for free, but are otherwise unchanged. TRUE
- Vanguard are in FALSE
- Predators can take a heavy 2 Plasma Cannon turret option FALSE
- Whirlwind can switch their Vengeance/Castellan missiles for Hyperios missiles for 15 points. Heavy 2, Twin-Linked krak missiles, with skyfire/interceptor. FALSE
- No upgrade for Devastators to take skyfire flak missiles. FALSE

Release Schedule Rumors / Flyer Rumors / Dark Eldar Rumors / Ork Rumors / High Elf Rumors - August 2012
- Tyranid Flyer Wave FALSE
- Harpy, FALSE
- Harrier FALSE
- Tyranid Warriors FALSE
- Mycetic Spore TRUE
- and reinvented rules for Pyrovore as anti-air unit) FALSE
- Dark Eldar Flyer wave FALSE
- (Void Raven, FALSE
- Grotesque unit with expanded options FALSE
- Sliscus FALSE
- Sathonyx FALSE
- Vect (on foot)) FALSE
- renamed Eldar Nightwing (finished), PARTIALLY TRUE
- Tau Copperhead (finished), FALSE
- medium sized Space Marine FALSE
- large Ork flyer. FALSE
- upgrade packs for Space Marines FALSE
- Ork flakk trakk / buggy FALSE
- kopta box in the pipeline FALSE
- A daemon flyer (or swooping) wave is even more far off. FALSE
- Chaos Space Marines (October 2012), TRUE
- Warriors of Chaos (November 2012), TRUE
- High Elves (February 2013), FALSE
- Dark Angels (April 2013) FALSE
- The next fantasy supplement deals with engines of war. FALSE
- The next 40k supplement deals with campaigns, experience gains for troops and conversions to represent these changes. FALSE
- There is one extra release next summer (2013): Blood Bowl Rumors! FALSE
- The Hobbit Release is full plastic, characters only available in unit boxes or themed full character boxes. FALSE
- WoC and CSM have random gift of the gods charts. TRUE
- Tau have a system of unit upgrades that get unlocked by another unit or other effects. For example, a Firewarrior cadre with an ethereal next to it, with markerlight support and scouting kroot unit will get a serious buff. Every unit has a small chart for three of these effects. FALSE
- High Elves get a renewed court rule: No more always strike first, but units can get it back plus other effects if not accompanied by the wrong character (rolled before the game). FALSE
- Dark Angels units choose a circle that is kept secret during the game. Only a fraction of the army?s units can take a circle that has an in game effect. Circles can be revealed midgame and grant a special rule depending on the circle. FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors Q&A
- As of July 25th, CSM book is set to release in September along with the starter (though not the same week). DUPLICATE
- Basic CSM squads actually end up cheaper than a tactical squad if they take only 2 special weapons and their aspiring champion has bp/ccw. FALSE
- It's possible, however, to clear 400 points on a 10 man squad with a transport. FALSE
- There are no CSM squads that can combat squad. TRUE
- Undivided armies are a lot cheaper than cult marines. A lot. Playing undivided gives you many more bodies. TOO VAGUE
- The only impact on Marks is that HQ models make corresponding cult units Troops. TRUE
- You can mix/match Marks and Icons. TRUE
- +1T/FnP isn't as good as a Plague Marine, they're worth their points. TOO VAGUE
- HQ unlocks corresponding cult troop. DUPLICATE
- Undivided still reroll morale tests? FALSE
- Khorne still Rage TRUE
- Tzeentch still +1 invuln save TRUE
- Nurgle still +1T TRUE
- Slaanesh still +1I TRUE
- Undivided Lords get Inspiring Presence command trait, and improved reserve manipulation. FALSE
- Dedicated transports get the mark of the unit they're bought for, for free. Only units with the same mark can ride in it, (so be careful). FALSE
- Undivided vehicles can transport anyone. DUPLICATE
- Other vehicles may buy them. An example would be the mark of khorne on a predator, which gives it a dozer blade at no additional cost, and allows it to roll d6 wounds on a unit it tank shocks FALSE
- Yes icons prevent scatter FALSE
- CSM/Havocs/Raptors/Chosen pay the same cost. Termies pay more. TRUE
- There are 2 debuff spells in Nurgle and Slaanesh, 2 buff spells in Slaanesh. FALSE
- Psychic powers are rolled, not bought specifically TRUE
- The "eye of the Gods" table is actually several tables. First you roll to see what table you roll on, then you roll what you get after winning a challenge, killing a monstrous creature or walker, or annihilating a unit in close combat. FALSE
- One of the tables is Daemonic Gifts. FALSE
- The chart is 6 charts of 6 options. PARTIALLY TRUE
- CSM and Cultists are Troops TRUE
- No bonuses for Sacred numbers TRUE
- No one comes with icons by default, cult troops get marks by default. TRUE
- Skull Champions can take collars that give the squad and any vehicle it's embarked in a 5+ DtW FALSE

- Kharne strikes at initiative 5, and he gained armour bane which I guess is new. He's AP3, but for every model he kills (not wound inflicted) he makes an additional attack at initiative 1. FALSE

- Not quite the same as warrior born as it doesn't keep growing, but it's very devastating for someone with 8 attacks on the charge. FALSE
- Kharne has a 2+ Deny the witch TRUE
- Kharne still hits friendly models. TRUE
- Khorne berserkers are AP 5 FALSE
- Berzerkers are 105+21/berzerker FALSE
- berzerkers are 2 attacks, rage, furious charge, frag and krak grenades, bolt pistol / khornate weapon (ap5 in close combat). TRUE
- They're 5 attacks at str5 ap5 each on the charge. FALSE
- They can also upgrade to have chainfists in the form of 2 handed chain-axes. FALSE
- 5-20 in size. TRUE
- Noise marines are overall a little bit cheaper. TRUE
- Sonic Blasters are 36" salvo now.PARTIALLY TRUE
- Aspiring champions have access to a whip that prevents enemies from denying challenges. Other weapons are the same FALSE
- Plague Marines They are 120 for 5, + 24 for more. TRUE
- Poisoned only in melee. TRUE
- Can throw their blight grenades to reduce enemy movement speed to 2d6 pick the highest, or if already rolling d6 for whatever reason (i.e. cover, charging) pick the lowest. FALSE
- Thousand Sons come with an Aspiring Sorcerer in their basic 5 before adding more Rubric marines. TRUE
- 150 points for 4 Rubric marines and 1 Aspiring Sorcerer, He gets a roll included.. TRUE
- Unit size 4-19. 20 points per Rubric. Still slow and purposeful, unless the sorcerer is alive then relentless. FALSE
- Rubric marines are 1W, 4++ FALSE
- Thousand Son squads are rank 1 FALSE
- HQ sorcerer are rank 1, can be upgraded to 2. FALSE
- Mark of Tzeench on an HQ is +1 (so you can upgrade all the way to rank 3) FALSE
- There is a piece of wargear that lets you reroll up to your mastery in dice after you have rolled, but only each dice once. FALSE
- Ahriman is mastery 4, TRUE
can cast multiple powers per turn, gets access to almost all lores and has a default psychic attack much like smite but longer range that he can use in addition to his normal psychic powers per turn. PARTIALLY TRUE
- Most named characters are the same, but overall a point reduction. Abbadon is the same points and does not make terminators troops.TRUE
- There are no new named characters. TRUE
- I haven't read any special character adjusting the allies chart. TRUE
- Abadon is AP2, Daemon Weapons are AP3 TRUE
- Daemon princes are jump if they have wings. FALSE
- Chaos Space Marine - 70 for 5, 14 for each additional marine. FALSE
- Aspiring Champion is a 10 point upgrade. FALSE
- Come with bolter/bp/ccw TRUE
- For every 5 models in the squad you get a special weapon. If the squad is 10 or more, one model can exchange a flamer(5 pts) for a Heavy Bolter, meltagun(10 points) for an Autocannon or Missile Launcher or a plasmagun(15 points) for a Lascannon. FALSE
- Marks range from 10-50 points, Icons range from 10-40 points. PARTIALLY TRUE
- Cultists are 4 points each and come in squads of 10-30. They can have any combination of autoguns (str3 ap-) or auto pistol ccw (str 3 ap-) TRUE
- They can take special weapons, but not heavy weapons. TRUE
- they respond very well to dark apostles getting an extra benefit when one is in their unit. PARTIALLY TRUE
- Zombie cultists aren't scoring and cannot be joined by Characters (even with the mark of nurgle) FALSE
- No traitor guard. Just cultists. TRUE
- cultists cannot platoon, TRUE
- but you can take up to 30 of them in the first place. PARTIALLY TRUE
- Will Terminators be able to be given both marks and icons to essentially be cult terminators? Yes, but it's expensive. Taking both increases the cost of the second and Terminators pay more in the first place. TRUE
- Terminators pay 50% more for marks. Taking an icon if you already have a mark costs an extra 20 points FALSE
- Possessed get to buy (not roll) up to 3 boons from the Eye of Gods table. FALSE
- Maulers (Elites) - str5/t5, 2+/5++, Once per turn can combination of 2: power weapon, power fist, lightning claw. Each mauler chooses individually. FALSE
- 1-3. Maulers cannot deep strike, but are not slow and purposeful. FALSE
- Dark Apostles Yes daemons can be summoned to your CSM icons if you have a dark apostle. FALSE
- War Smiths war smiths who can restore hull points TRUE
- Chaos Dragon (Fast Attack) The only flyer in the codex TRUE
- Dragon Takes out other flyers with a ranged attack TRUE
- its 12/11/10 170pts DUPLICATE
- Fast Attack TRUE
- Bikes get nothing new, just CSM on bikes with combi-bolters instead of bolters. TRUE
- Raptors still have access to special weapons, only the aspiring champion can take special melee weapons. They are reduced in points. TRUE
- The Night Lord's raptors are a lot like vanguard (they cannot charge on deep strike though), but they have 2 attacks base + dual power weapons (ap3) with the shred special rule and are 35 points each. TRUE Mostly
- Dreadnoughts They can take marks FALSE
- The mark of khorne for instance gives it Rage and a unique weapon option much-like blood talons except it's a giant rotary saw. FALSE
- Predators No new turret options for predators. TRUE
- New Siege Engine (heavy support) The siege engine has a melta blast template. FALSE
- Defilers They're the same except they have the Daemon special rule, 4 hull points and a 5+ invulnerable save. TRUE
- Havocs, CSM and chosen squads can take autocannons TRUE
- Vindicator Daemonicly possessed vindicators I think will be in every list, with their ability to potentially regenerate destroyed weapons at start of the chaos player's turn FALSE
- There is a sound-based vehicle upgrade but it's more of a Word Bearers item than Slaanesh. TRUE (DIRGE CASTER)
- no chaos razorbacks, just combi-weapons TRUE
- No drop pods TRUE
- There is a new land raider, it's a lot like a crusader. FALSE
- 12 capacity for the basic, 16 capacity for the new one. FALSE
- New Land Raider can ram fortifications and you can launch an assault on the occupants, except that you don't consolidate at the end, you remain locked in combat.If the enemy unit flees they immediately exit the terrain. If the door is blocked (by your land raider for instance), they count as having been caught ala Sweeping Advance FALSE
- There are no new fortifications but there is a unique upgrade to fortifications. FALSE
- don't know about upgrades being finecast. I know that there is intent to upgrade the basic CSM box to support all the cult troops to be able to achieve any of the weapon combinations from the entries (including everyone having soundblasters). FALSE
- The "Hatred: Space Marines" rule....is Just imperial loyalist. TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors
3 New Flyers in August, 1 Flyer is Chaos FALSE
CSM - Release in August with half models and codex FALSEna
6th Edition Starter in September TRUE
other half of CSM in September FALSE
DA + Entire Range in October FALSE
August WD pushed back FALSE

Father Gabe - Total rumors: (33 TRUE) / (10 FALSE) / ( 7 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Dark Eldar Rumors - Sept 2014
via Father Gabe on Faeit 212****
Yep. Just got back from meetings and lots of information blew up in my face. Feel like an ass lol.

So here is what I posted on my earlier posting concerning 9th ed.

1) I can confirm that in the system there is a book called Artifex: Dark Eldar $49.50....additionally there are 2 other books called Artifex: Tyranids and Artifex: Space Wolves both at $49.50. FALSE
2) Still in system is a box of Incubi with a different product code under $30.00 (want to say $29.50), DE VR Bomber is not under that heading anymore, whether that means it was scrapped or it is under a new code I do not know. FALSE
3) Alien Invasion in WD is true. TOO VAGUE
4) GW corporate email mentioned poster coming this week, not today...that was my bad. Additionally, next week an in store activity centering around painting in conjunction with the WD is encouraged...something concerning the Crux of the matter. Crux as in terminator Crux? TOO VAGUE

Regarding my horrible flub on Fantasy:
1) 23+ NA stores have been zeroed out for Island of Blood Restock. that could mean Fantasy is around the corner or those stores are closing...yikes! TOO VAGUE
2) New Planogram is inbound, which means fantasy and/or 40k shelving is going to get a face lift TOO VAGUE
3) There is an issue with back orders of both Bretonnian and Empire Knights, as one has been sold down and will not restock. I couldnt get more info...yet. TOO VAGUE

9th Edition Fantasy Rumors - Sept 2014
Latest 9th Edition Rumors by Father Gabe 9-3-2014

Just got some news from several sources concerning the strong possibility of 9th edition Warhammer Fantasy.

1) Coming tomorrow to a GW near you will be a series of new posters for in store advertisement for something BIG as the corporate email stated. FALSE
2) Some GW stores are finding Island of Blood sets are being zeroed out of their system for restock. Similar when Dark Vengeance happened to Assault on Black Reach.
3) This part is speculation: Bretonnians are going to be playing a big part in the Nagash saga in the beginning, it is believed the following is going to happen: FALSE

a) Pre-Order for 9th Edition will be Sept 13th (with special editions - standard new edition merchandising) FALSE
b) October will receive the new box edition (if standard releases from past is an indicator) which may contain Bretonnians and Undead. FALSE
c) Bretonnians will have a new Army book, model release following that, possibly into November before the Christmas packs roll in. FALSE
d) intermingled among these releases will be probably some filler models (repackaged Crom/Valten/etc.), army bundles, etc. FALSE

4) Not of speculation, though it must be considered rumor, I (and a few chosen) have personally seen new artwork by John Blanche for Bretonnians. Does this mean it will be in the new book? No idea, but sometimes his stuff is used for the sculptors to pull concept to model.

Or we could be really blindsided by everything and it be 25 new paints (not very likely), Dark Eldar (possible) or something ridiculous like a mass Hobbit release. GW likes to have a strong second quarter launch that will help carry through 3rd quarter (end of February).

Dark Eldar Rumors - June 2014
via Father Gabe
Looked at update on next months releases. Dark Eldar are likely coming. FALSE
Codex, TRUE
limited edition codex, TRUE
supplement, TRUE
dataslates. TOO VAGUE
Voidraven bomber @ $81.00 PARTIALLY TRUE
and new Incubi @ 29.75 which likely means plastic incubi. FALSE

Supply system updated, whether that means next month or not, Im not sure. It would make sense, since Orks are bleeding over into July release. To help support that info, no changes in supply system for Bretonians.

Knight Rumors - Feb 2014
via Father Gabe on Faeit 212
I have had a chance to skim through my advanced copy of Codex: Imperial Knight. Here are the highlights:
1) For non-Imperial Knight armies...you can get up to 3 as a separate detachment. This is a separate detachment from allies and lord of war...which is the new template I am guessing we will see in future codexes...sorry everyone Escalation is standard. Unless of course I looked at that box wrong... TRUE

2) Datasheets. There is a section in the codex, after organization chart, that covers Datasheets. None are mentioned but looks like these will be popping up in books...sorry everyone that don't consider them official, etc... TRUE

3) Ally Matrix: TRUE
Battle Brothers: Everyone Else
Allies of Convenience: Eldar,Grey Knights
Desperate Allies: Tau, Dark Eldar
Apocalypse: Orks, Necrons, Chaos Demons, Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids

4) Primary Detachment: 3 - 6 Imperial Knights. 1 is the designated Warlord (roll on Imperial Knight Warlord Trait table...yep Warlord Traits).
Additionally: Your remaining Imperial Knights in the Primary formation can roll on the Knight Apparent/Knight Seneschal chart. 1 - Knight is -1 WS/BS, Ion Shield is 5+ now. 2-5 Your an Imperial Knight. 6 - Knight is +1 WS/BS, Ion Shield is 3+ now. TRUE

5) Concerning Warlord Traits: They range up and down from being useful to 'meh'. Examples: +1" to Run/Charge range. +1 to Building Damage Chart. My favorite: Warlord gains It Will Not Die! TRUE

6) Let me stop all the questions now ladies and gentleman. Cannot show pictures. There are no other unit entries for Adeptus Mechanicum or Freeblades. They are not even listed on the ally chart. TRUE

7) The Companion Guide is amazingly beautiful for coffee table style books. Its a big book, lots of pretty pictures, etc. It does not contain rules but for collectors its a nice buy. Average guy might not buy it but dedicated collectors will want to order it. I recommend ordering it in a Games Workshop, ship to the store for safety and protection of the book. TRUE

Knight Rumors, GW General Rumors - Feb 2014
via Father Gabe on Faeit 212
Concerns Imperial Knights, New Web Page and Pre-Order changes.
1) Imperial Knights box is small, about the same size as a Rhino box. Contains 2x Decal Sheets (Lots and lots of decals for those that enjoy these), a 90mm x 120mm flying base. TRUE

2) Rules don't appear to be included in the box, for right now it looks like the White Dwarf is its only place. No additional info has been fully revealed concerning how its used, who uses it, etc. TRUE

3) New Web Page: new Direct Order computers are hitting the stores (in North America at least) that are being upgraded (for improvement reasons) and to allow better interface with the new Web Store. Software is being pumped through the Tills (registers) that will allow managers to perform detailed look ups or by use of the Fuzzy Product look up button.

4) Pre-Orders: Due to some complaints, concerns, etc by some UK/European customers and/or managers, the pre-order time is being changed effective tomorrow. Before in North America you could jump on pre-orders the day before at approximately 6pm, which was midnight or later in UK/Europe. So, now it will begin at 1pm Central time (US), not sure when that is in the UK/Europe but Im sure they can figure that out.

5) This last part is an oddity. At the recent HSC in North America (collaborating info I had from my UK source) is that GW feels (whether rightly or not...Im thinking not) that the whole reason we purchase miniatures is not because of what they can do in a game (rules wise) but we do so because of how they look. That surprised some of us. Combined that with the same reason the Codex/Army book comes out later, that might indicate a disconnect between corporate and its customer base. We have decided to dig on this issue, conduct surveys across the US GW/Independent stores to get an actual consensus. What we will do with that info? No idea yet. The concern is, does GW really feel that way, is it accurate or is it more of a "training" issue towards managers and such.

If it is a training issue, its designed to ensure that employees sell the models based more on the aesthetics then the benefits to the customer. Which is not good in training, where it was concerned that you do both, especially explaining how "Awesome miniature (X) can do all this stuff and it makes a great center piece..." for example.

Knight Rumors Details - Feb 2014
via Father Gabe on Faeit 212
1) The models in the White Dwarf are resin versions of the Imperial Knights. The actual plastic versions are a bit more streamed lined and will look slightly different. Kit contains (3) different heads. TRUE

2) The transfer sheet has approximately 250(+) decals. They contain decals for the following: Various Knight Households, Adeptus Mechanicus and Freelance versions. Before anyone asks, no I don't know if this means there are rules for these (3) factions or if it will be included in a book, etc. I should know more very soon. TRUE

3) Not a lot of info on Codex: Legion of the Damned beyond awesome artwork. The information that was provided was similar to the White Dwarf leak, mentioning they can be used as allies. Whether or not it can be used as a normal army. TRUE

Expansion Rumors - Escalation / Stronghold - Dec 2013
via Father Gabe from the Faeit 212 inbox.
I wanted to pass on information concerning Escalation and Stronghold Assault. I had the opportunity to have these two books in my hands today. I wanted to pass on the following information:

- For Standard (what some refer to as "regular" Warhammer 40,000 TRUE
- Not Expansion (like Planetstrike, Cities of Death, etc) TRUE
- Lord of War choice is optional (like Fortifications, Allies) TRUE
- Rules governing Lord of War: If you use a Lord of War your opponent receives a +1 bonus to Seize the Initiative and for every 3 Hull Points or Wounds you cause on a Lord of War choice you gain +1 (like Slay the Warlord, First Blood, etc).TRUE
- I won't go into details concerning the data sheets but don't expect Reavers, Mantas or Hierophants. TRUE
- Rules governing Str D weapons, AV 15 and all other Apocalypse based rules remain the same, but now crossover to Standard ("regular" Warhammer 40,000. TRUE

So it is Standard. Yep Tournaments can ban them, but these are for "regular" games. These rules are now apart of the landscape. Whether they are chosen for tournaments or not, that's not my call. I would only hope that they are tried out to see the difference before being condemned but I cannot help uninformed bias. TRUE

Locally we are going to play the heck out of it to see if they should or should not be included in Tournaments (or as it is being suggested every other tournament allow FW, Escalation, Stronghold Assault).

Expansion Rumors - Stronghold and Escalation - Dec 2013
via Father Gabe from the Faeit 212 inbox.
Concerning Stronghold Assault:
- Updated Fortifications TRUE
- Wall of Martyr (and subsequent new releases for fortifications are included. TRUE
- Combination Fortifications are expensive, the most expensive combination is 1305pts base. TRUE
- There are upgrade tables you can purchase for your fortifications. TRUE
- There is a separate section from the rest of the book. This section contains optional building rules to use with these fortifications. This separate rule is an optional way to use buildings and both opponents need to agree to their usage. I want to stress though that this optional rule set is a separate way to use buildings in general, and does not affect Fortifications in the book unless you agree. So if you want to use the Fortifications in the book, you don't need permission. If you want to use the optional rules, you do. TRUE
- Fortifications: Defense Line, Defense Emplacement, Firestorm Redoubt, Imperial Bunker, Vengeance Battery and Aquila Strongpoint are in the book. Vengeance/Firestorm already have rules that come in the box but are not in one place. Also BRB fortifications included. TRUE
- There are 3-4 Fortifications that have an Inquisitorial stamp over the picture but full rules. TRUE
- The combo Fortifications work as follows: Point cost equal to number of fortifications purchased. Most have a variety of 1-3 of this and that and a few 0 -2 options. TRUE

Concerning Escalation:
- Read the book again and it remains the same as I reported the other day. This book is adding a new force organization slot: Lord of War, to standard games of Warhammer 40,000. I read one additional rule. TRUE
- If your (I think also if both of you) opponent uses a Lord of War choice, besides the other benefits you get (if you don't have a Lord of War) there is a separate Escalation Warlord Trait table for you to use. I didn't have time to skim the entries, as I was focusing on confirmation on use, benefits, etc. TRUE
- Armies can only use their armies Lord of War choice and it is for the Primary detachment. TRUE

Fulkes - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 1/19/2017 - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

via Fulkes on Bolter and Chainsword
dark Angels Rumors - Jan 2017
From /tg/. Take with salt. I will let more knowledgeable people debunk this:

Yesterday I could see some boxes folded (without content) but. Like the other time I could not see until they were opened, but something I've been able to see. FALSE
A box I saw clearly indicated the name lion el'jonson primarch of the dark angels, for the image uses the base of a dreadnought, with a very elaborate armor and in a dynamically superb pose. I was surprised that the armor is black instead of green. FALSE
More on the Lion's armour:
black with red and silver details


Asrai - Naeith the Prophetess back in next armybook FALSE
Asrai - Additional lores available TRUE
Asrai - Skaw will be a SC, choose Great Eagles as Specials. FALSE

Garro - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 11/29/2017

PENDING Necromunda Rumors - Nov 2017
via Garro (Facebook 11-25-2017)

Genestealer Cults and Chaos Cults gang rules, and wargear will be coming to Necromunda early next year, after Orlock and gang war 2.

these will be coming through a pair of White Dwarf articles sometime in the spring (march-may). these will also include various additional wargear which other gangs will be able to take.

regarding the GCults; this version will focus on the mining cults of the ashwastes coming into contact with a genestealer, so will use the Neophyte Hybrids kit as its base. expect to see a larger more detailed cults gang at a later date when they explore hive secondus. but this will help provide an additional two gangs by the beginning of the summer.

don’t have much details on the chaos cults rules, but there are chaos tokens, and a tile with an eight point star in blood in the new expansion set of tiles coming with GW2. so would expect some cult ritual mission of some sort.

Garro on 11-26-2017

got some more in depth about the Genestealer and chaos cult gang lists coming next year.

-they’ll both be appearing in White Dwarf.

-both gangs will be based around the existing kits (No new models)

-Genestealer cults (GC) will focus around the neophite-hybrids with a sub-primus leader, and able to take Aberrants in the gangs. they’ll have full access to the entire GC armoury including weapons in the acolytes kits. these weapons should be added to the trading posts lists in the article, but will be in Gang War 3 (GW3) for certain.

-Chaos cults will be god neutral. but will be able to preform a ritual between games, to one of the gods. if successful, your gang gets a buff based on the god, and if it fails, a random member of your gang (other than the leader) turns into a spawn, and remains like it (spawn is added to the gang roster). you get bonuses to the ritual roll, if you stick to the same god, and get negative modifers if you chop and change.

-both gangs will have full gang rules, and access to trading posts .etc so will be able to include other non-faction gear as campaigns go on.

-both factions will have a low-power psyker option.
PENDING Horus Heresy Rumors - June 2016
legio Custodes


the custodes are part of the ‘talons of the emperor’ army list which will include the sisters of silence and other non-astartes or mechanicum agents that the emperor sends to prospero, this list is purely themed to what was at prospero, but will be more than usable in regular gaming. each of the factions in the list will ‘probably’ be span off into seperate full size lists over the rest of the books.

the custodes element will be fully sized enough to be able to play a regular game without being restrictive. this will include vehicles (can’t wait for the ‘gift of the emperor’).

valdor is coming as their named character and is being considered alongside the primarchs in importence, (so probably being held for simon egan to do)

expect to see the full selection of units seen in the artwork. jetbikes, terminators, dreads and breachers alongside the basic spear guys.

they have ALL THE BLING

Gas_Monkey82 - Total rumors: (10 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

High Elf Rumors
- Anointed of Asuryan as a new Lord choice. Can ride the Flamespyre Phoenix. Picture was posted briefly. It was the on-foot version of the ridden model. TRUE
- Loremaster as another new Lord choice. Has WS and A of a Noble, counts as a lvl 2 and knows all the signature spells in the rulebook. Great weapon and heavy armour.TRUE
- Lothern Sea Helm as a new Hero choice. Can ride the Skycutter chariot or be on foot. Can be the BSB TRUE
- Reavers and Silver Helms are Core. No news on other Core. TRUE
- Army apparently has army-wide ASF, Valour of Ages and Martial Prowess (presumably this means no-rolls for Swordmasters and White Lions) TRUE
- unridden Phoenixes are Rare. Names are Flamespyre and Frostheart. Only Caradryan can ride the frost one. They have a Ward save as normal and can come back from the dead on a D6 roll of a 6. Have a special rule called Attuned to Magic, which gives them abilities depending on the roll for the Winds of Magic. One of these boosts the Ward to a 4+. TRUE
- Flying chariot is called the Skycutter Chariot. Doesn't say it they are Special or Rare. TRUE
- High Magic Lore attribute gives units that have an augment cast on them a 6+ Ward in addition to any other effect. If the unit already has a Ward it gets improves as with the Mark of Tzeentch TRUE
- Bolt throwers are still Rare TRUE
- Sisters of Avelorn is the name of the new bow-wielding lasses TRUE

gcsmith - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (3 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING - Updated 8/7/2017

Bret Rumors
6 man knight (questing or Grail)
Plastic Trebuchet FALSE
Plastic Lord kit suitable for Leon FALSE
Late 2011, early 2012 release FALSE

GDD over at Chaos-Dwarfs - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (11 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2014
Hello! I got some potential leaks from the same guy that leaked the DE units. This is regarding the GW vanilla Dwarfs. Sorry if this is a duplicate thread.


OrcCrusher / Tunneler (combo kit) FALSE
Runic Anvil / War Altar (combo box) FALSE
Gyrocopter Squadron Box TRUE
Thunderers / Crossbowmen / Dwarf Warriors Box (10) FALSE
Hammerers / Ironbreaker Box FALSE
Slayers / Brotherhood of Grimmir Box FALSE
Longbeards / Rangers Box FALSE

- There will be more magic activity and movement than before (something everybody expect). FALSE
- The runes system is going to be like now but with some changes in the "laws". Some of them are going to reduce their point cost and there will be less options. Basically are going to be created magic items, some people speak about add runes into already existing magic items from rulebook... with some blacksmith skill... FALSE
- Runelords will have some changes, they will have innate spells (like empire warrior priests). And the anvil will make those spells stronger. FALSE
- Rune combos in warmachines are going to suffer nerfs. There will be a cost point reduction but also the destruction capacity will be decreased (except for the organ cannon, that will become a nightmare...) FALSE

- Points cost reduction in infantry. PARTIALLY TRUE
- They speak about robot/rock golems similars to Blackrock Deeps in world of warcraft. FALSE

George Smiley - Total rumors: (3 TRUE) / (0 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 8/5/2016 - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

40k Rumors - July 2016
via George Smiley 7-18-2016

First issue of the monthly magazine covers the following releases:

Chaos Space Marine Campaign book with new CSM rules.
New Kharn the Betrayer.
Codex Deathwatch. TRUE
New Deathwatch Flyer Model. TRUE
New Deathwatch Brother Artemis Model. TRUE


Tau Rumors - March 2011
Farsight makes crisis troops FALSE
Farsight new sculpt TRUE
Shaper hero with Psychic Powers FALSE
Demiurg FALSE
Vespid get two slots FALSE
Kroot an additional FALSE
Demiurg - HQ, Troop, 1 other FALSE

No Knarloc riders TRUE
Big Krootox FALSE
New Crisis Suits FALSE
Experimental Suits for Characters FALSE
Sniper Suit FALSE
Legions of Chaos FALSE
More plastic dreadnoughts FALSE
Another new Tau Race other than Kroot, vespid and Demiurge FALSE
Water Caste Hunting Party FALSE
Nausicarr FALSE
No court of the archon type unit TRUE
Human FW Fluff FALSE
Commander Iceheart FALSE
Kelly on Tau FALSE
Stealth armour for commander FALSE
Morphic Weapons FALSE
Ethereals give improved BS and PE FALSE
4 Boxes and 4 blisters for Tau FALSE
dropship FALSE

Ubersuit TRUE
Fighter TRUE
iceheart FALSE
Shadowsun in the dex TRUE
Choose your own ammo FALSE
Zoats in Fantasy

Eldar Rumors - March 2011

Eldar Storm Guardian change box size FALSE
Plastic Vampyre FALSE
Dragon Riders FALSE
Solitaire FALSE

Exodite Character FALSE
2 Additional Aspects PARTIALLY TRUE

Link needed
Claimed to be in GW meetings as a source of his rumors FALSE Outed by ADB

Release Schedule Rumors / Chaos Space Marine Rumors / Starter Set Rumors / Compiled Ghost Rumors
BT and Daemons for Starter FALSE
Holy Inquisition Dex FALSE
Chaos is a Ward dex FALSE
Tau is last 5th ed army FALSE

LINK NEEDED Sororitas printed Codex in autumn 2011 with plastic miniature release FALSE

Black Templar Rumors - UNKNOWN DATE
Do out before Tau, next codex FALSE
Vows less restrictive PARTIALLY TRUE
Kits for SB and Neophytes FALSE
Knights of the inner circle FALSE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - UNKNOWN DATE
Plastic Dreadnought, TRUE
Lesser Chaos Gods, FALSE
Chrono Gladiators, FALSE

New 'larger' Abaddon, FALSE
Little Horus Figure, FALSE
Legion Dex, FALSE
marks for lessers FALSE
but no daemons, TRUE
dark mechanicus FALSE
Plastic Plaguebearers in Starter FALSE
30k Boxed Set FALSE
Chaos Renegade WD Update / 3 books (Legions, Renegades, Daemons)FALSE

Overpowered Red Angel FALSE
Downsides (no Sweep for Nurgle, Khorne must fight or take d6, tzeentch mindless, Slaanesh harsh results FALSE
JP Berserkers in FA FALSE
Nightlords with H&R + Stealth FALSE
Word Bearers with Daemonancers, Dark Apostles, rerolls on scatter for daemons FALSE
Cult Terminators FALSE
Special Char Ven dread FALSE
Chaos Psy Hood FALSE
Plastic Plague Marines FALSE

Gino Goetz - Total rumors: (1 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (1 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Tau Rumors
Krisis ( including XV 88 )
Can fire 2 Weapons on moving ( without extra cost ) FALSE
Optional Skyfire 25p ( choise at the start of the round ) FALSE
And Kollos with S8 AP1 will cost 60p TRUE

If near a Special HQ, if not moving get +1 Shot. PARTIALLY TRUE

Glemigobles - Total rumors: (8 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

Dark Elf Rumors - Sept 2013
Ok, so as it was already said here - Dark elves are coming 05.X.13 TRUE
and we won't get all the things listed by Lion. As mentioned before:
Book - 20 eur TRUE
Magic cards - 3 eur TRUE
Dark Elves Dreadspears/Darkshards/Bleakswords - 18 eur TRUE
Dark Elves Witch elves/Sisters of Slaughter - 30 eur TRUE
Dark Elves Kharibdyss/Hydra - 35eur TRUE
Dark Elves Cauldron/Bloodwrack Shrine- 38 eur TRUE
Shadowblade - 10 eur TRUE

Prices given for Polish retailers

Gloryfan1 - Total rumors: (0 TRUE) / (2 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - NO RUMORS OUTSTANDING

High Elf Rumors - April 2013
Swordmasters retain ASF (or similar) and move to Rare FALSE
New Helf unit in core with GW FALSE


6th Edition Rumors - 'leak' - May 2012
Snap Fire, TRUE
Assault from DS conjecture, SPECULATION
Hull Points, TRUE
Challenges, TRUE
Gifts, TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors April 2012
No EW Levels TRUE
Hull Points TRUE

More Chaos Space Marine Rumors - June 2012
- Lucious Eternal is a beast! Gets extra attacks from difference in WS just like lilith from DE. PARTIALLY TRUE
- The defiler is pretty damn good. It has a power called "daemon forge" which allows it to reroll all wound rolls and armor pen rolls in cc or while shooting. TRUE
- Typhus unlocks plauge marines as troops and gives them feel no pain in his unit. This is pretty much known already on most rumor sites I believe. TRUE
- Cover is definitely 5+. Again, not really news. TRUE

more Chaos Space Marine Rumors - June 2012
*The book is called chaos space marines. TRUE
*There are no legions. theDarkGeneral is wrong TRUE
*I don't know if I mentioned it before but the "random terrain" is officially called "mysterious terrain" TRUE
*Also the anti psyker stuff in the book is a special rule called "suffer the witch". Every unit can negate a power on a 6 up but it can be buffed TRUE
*One is called ecstasy...which sounds weird but basically it allows the user to fire his weapon at his strength value. PARTIALLY TRUE
*Some usr names are "strike down", "blind", and "un-weilding". TRUE
*There is a usr called "invisibility" that seems to have an affect on targeting a the unit and also effects assault. TRUE

Chaos Space Marine Rumors - June 2012
- Imagine a dragon made of "fire" and coverd in a platemale armor and you won't be too far off. TRUE
- Chaos units that kill a unit get to roll on a chart for gifts from a chaos lord very similar to the power from pain rule that Phil gave to DE.TRUE
- Thousand sons are still relentless and still have ap 3 bolters.TRUE S&P
- The codex is a full color hard cover book.TRUE
- you can do is unlock certain elites as troops with specific special characters. TRUE
- Ahriman is a psyker mastery level 4 now. TRUE


Dark Angel Rumors - Nov 2012
- Whirlwind will get recut with a third missile rack with a single big missile (AA skyhammer option?) FALSE
- Two new flyers - one smaller and one bigger (rumored Darktalon and Nephilim from BL book?) TRUE

Grissom - Total rumors: (10 TRUE) / (11 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE)

Release Schedule Rumors - Oct 2015
via grissom2006 on Warseer
Right guys you need to keep yourselves at the ready for dates the 7th and 14th of November TRUE

via grissom2006 on Warseer
I'll expand slightly on the thinking behind why the pricing is likely to be in the realms of what i keep on hearing. The current think is that GW is looking at three gaming systems AOS being the first stage entry level gaming quick to pick up and play and complete with free rules. 40K more complex game to play and greater cost due to codices add ons etc.. Horus Hersey being the top end of the gaming spectrum and aimed at veterans/experienced gamers supposedly complete with even more complex rules.

Ohh and just to add into the mix there may not be just one set release but TWO!!FALSE

Horus Heresy Rumors - Sep 2015
via Warseer’s grissom2006 9-18-201

“Well according to my sources within GW the price tag floating around in here of it being £95 is wrong and it’s going to be a three figure price tag. Not going to say the amount as it would be all to easily sourced back to my source. As for those after a release date start thinking about the end of October (expected preorders) start of November time (actual release). FALSE

…I’ll expand slightly on the thinking behind why the pricing is likely to be in the realms of what i keep on hearing. The current think is that GW is looking at three gaming systems AOS being the first stage entry level gaming quick to pick up and play and complete with free rules. 40K more complex game to play and greater cost due to codices add ons etc.. Horus Hersey being the top end of the gaming spectrum and aimed at veterans/experienced gamers supposedly complete with even more complex rules.

Ohh and just to add into the mix there may not be just one set release but TWO!!

…I can see how one can think Marine on Marine will be simpler. But the formations the weapons the specialist rules that each chapter had could be become a lot more engaging and much bigger than that of the chapter tactics we currently have. We are talking about an era in which the Primarchs were in command not a set of chapter masters that we currently have. A marine is a remarkable creation but that could never achieve what the Primarchs could. There are units that operated weapons and other things all lost with the Hersey. The game is set while all that stuff is very much still there for use and hasn’t become the stuff of legends and myths. So there is plenty of scope for it to be more complex even if the basic starting block isn’t that gets supplied in the box which is meant to be PACKED to the GILLS.”

Grotorderly - Total rumors: (19 TRUE) / (6 FALSE) / (0 PARTIALLY TRUE/VAGUE) - Updated 9/6/2016

Datacard Rumors - Sept 2016
So, you might have heard, that the data cards are not going to be there any more. Another line being closed / shut down for no reason really (except for money but it was such a helpful tool. Anyways, Genestealers cards are the last ones, so if you were planning on getting some data cards, better do it now. FALSE

Blood Angels Rumors - Sept 2016
via Grot Orderly 9-5-2016

“So this week we will hear about the next week’s new Supplement for Blood Angels, called Angel’s Blade. It will involve Chaos Space Marines invasion on some planet (of course). 9 new formations, 2 new detachments as well as Death Company relics and tactical objectives, wargear upgrades and 3 new missions to top it all of. TRUE
New Blood Angel Termie Captain DC Chaplain and updates to Assault and Devastator squads. TRUE

Angels’ Blade (supplement) – 30GBP / 39EUR TRUE
BA Death Company Strike Force – 80GBP / 105EUR TRUE
BA Archangels Orbital Intervention Force – 80GBP / 100EUR TRUE
BA Chapter Ancients – 65GBP / 80EUR TRUE

We will also get new boxes for Blood Angels Vanguard, Assault, Sternguard and Company Command.”

40k Rumors - August 2016

I got some fresh news for you.
Kill Team boxed game is coming out!

Last time we saw it was 6th edition with rules to play small games and all.

This time we will get:
- A space marines tac squad (the standard one) TRUE
- Tau fire warrior strike team (the standard one) TRUE
- Small format 40k rule book TRUE
- 32 page soft back Kill Team rule book - skirmish tweaks (updated version of the 6th edition rules, expanded rules for team leaders and specialists, missions and inspirations) TRUE

Cost: 40 pounds!

It will be out for sale on 3rd September. TRUE

Ork Rumors - June 2014
"I just got some info:
- 20th June we gonna get new release info for 28th June: codex, two new models TRUE
- Ork Codex will have 104 pages.TRUE
It will be the first codex to sport new organization of unit info in form of Datasheets, each unit will get a one pager TRUE
(25 quid).FALSE
- new models for Painboy TRUE
and Ork Mek TRUE
and 15 quid).FALSE
- Ork Datacards: 43 cards (7 pyschic cards and 36 Tactical Objective cards). Limited Edition (5 quid)." TRUE

Ork Rumors - Jun 2014
According to Grot Orderly: "Dex is definitely in issue 21, to be sold on 28th with issue 22." FALSE

Ork Rumors
Anyhow, this weekend (13th June) we will see a new model of Big Mek model (as I wrote couple posts below) with Shokk Attack Gun. The model will be 100% plastic TRUE and will cost us 20 pounds / 35 dollars. FALSE
Additionally we will get a new artillery unit. A Ork Mek Gun with six Gretchin crew. From the parts in the box we will be able to make Smasha Gun, Traktor Kannon, Bubble Chukka, Mega-Kannon. We don't know anything more about it, but I can guess this will swap the old artillery kits. TRUE Price: 25 pounds / 38 dollars FALSE

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Dwarf Rumors - Jan 2013
Dwarves 2013 FALSE


PENDING Release Schedule Rumors - Jan 2018
So, new rumors (apparently the 4chan schedule was some compiled leaks and some bullgak - as usual) :

- February : End of CustodesDUPLICATE
, Thousand Sons
- for AOS : 4 Harbingers, Legions Of Nagash battletome. ALREADY TRUE

- March : Codex T'au and Necron (maybe Necromunda, Bloodbowl) - Malign Portents campaign book, reboxed sceneries (maybe in Feb).

- April-may : Codex Harlequin and Drukari, AOS Aleves.

Since June, no data but :

- AOS summer global campaign like Seeds of Hope, Fate of Konor (Maybe a 40k campaign book / big boxset).

- End of August : Codex Space Wolves.

- December : Codex Orks / Speed kult (with new moldels).

- Maybe : end 2018 / start 2019 : Slaanesh 40k and AOS (probably around new Keeper of Secret and daemon Fulgrim).

PENDING Release Schedule Rumors - Nov 2017
Early and throughout January - Double daemons TRUE
End of January is Custodes TRUE
February is unknown but some is custodes
Early mid march is Tau
End of Month is necrons
April and may are Harlequins, Drukharii and the two new aelves for AOS

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Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - July 2015
I would expect to see nothing but more Humans and Chaos stuff TRUE for a couple of months along with a bunch of terrain (so folks can build 'new look' tables) TRUE and then the Skaven stuff to hit.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - July 2015
Harry on Warseer wrote:
Pug on Warseer wrote:

.... Seems there are additional rules coming and some kind of army composition. TRUE

I would have thought that must be obvious .... but apparently (Judging by the last thread) ... not so much.

Warhammer Fantasy - June 2015
The human faction will be more than just Sigmar Knights ... it will have regular Humans in it and everyting FALSE
and I think the Chaos in the box will be Khorne themed. TRUE

 Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - June 2015

via Harry on Warseer 6-3-2015

yeah …. about the army books …. there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is ….. OK …. actually … there is no good news.
…I have been trying to describe a “full on reboot” for months … or is it years now. TRUE
…You are still assuming there will be army books as you know them.
…I would not be surprised if it was one book … or two books one for the good guys and one for the bad guys or one for the good guys one for the bad guys and some sort of additional book for the four factions.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - May 2015
Harry, Arthurius11 and Hastings have posted several hints that this game called Age of Sigmar is going to be a smaller affair than the mass-battle game WFB used to be in 8th. The rumor tracker has their posts. DUPLICATE

It's basically more of a skirmish (low model count) game. The box contains a small rulebook with less pages than usual (at least that's what I understood reading Harry's latest posts regarding the rulebook) and two forces. TRUE

It is rumored to be 'human warriors' (a Sigmarite Knightly Order?) vs Chaos Warriors and Daemons of Khorne. Rules for the units are included in the box. And some scenarios. Calling it an introductory set (for new players but also to the new setting for us veterans) seems to be a fitting description of it. TRUE

The last posts from Hastings on WS mentioned new building kits to be released in the near future. The removal of several WFB buildings like the fortress seems to back this up. And Hastings can be trusted anyway. TRUE

The tracker has lots of good WFB rumors collected - if you focus mostly on these three.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - May 2015
I think I said it depends on your definition of squatted.
If by squatted you mean can you still use your existing models to play a game … then no, armies are not getting squatted. TRUE
If by squatted you mean that they will not make any more models for that range …. as happened with the Squats in 40K …then armies are getting squatted. TRUE

….and I knew about these pictures when I included Lizardmen in the armies I thought were going to go.

Arthurius first posted about these pictures (Months ago) … and I think hastings confirmed it.
They are as described …. seeing these pictures does not give me anymore hope that my lovely Lizardmen army will see any more support in the future …. what I see is a studio army painted up for the … “look fellas you can still use your old models in the new edition” photograph. … and the “Hey fellas, it does not matter what bases your minis are on … you can use your old square based minis right along side any new mins you paint that come with round bases … ” – article in White Dwarf.

I suspect we will be seeing more and more of the existing stuff painted up on a mixture of bases.

I can tell you there are several kits and concepts for existing armies that have not yet been released.

There may be one last roll of the die for a couple of armies is all I was suggesting. There is obviously a boat load of stuff coming for the new factions.

Something i still can’t get my head around is all the hand ringing going on about Lizardmen … like they are a special case. They are no more, no less shafted than anyone else. It is far, far easier to count the one or two armies NOT royally stuffed by this than the ones that are … just saying.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Apr 2015
via Harry
You are most welcome.
I have posted about this. It is not a ‘normal’ Fantasy box set. It is more like the recent 40K Box sets. The rules “book” is tiny… barely a booklet even a pamphlet is being over generous … more of a leaflet … well I say leaflet, it’s closer to a ‘post it note’. There is not enough paper in this to wipe your own @rse … never mind space for enough rules to call it a skirmish game. If Fischer Price made wargames this would be Fischer Price my first wargame. It’s good but it’s not quite Carling. TRUE

(I may be overstating just how small the rulebook is for comedy effect. )

Release Schedule Rumors - Feb 2015
More from Harry:

-In No Particular Order-
Adeptus Mechanicus Codex & models (full release) TRUE
Genestealer Cult Codex & models (Harelquin sized release) TRUE
Deathwatch Codex & models (Harelquin sized release) TRUE
Horus Heresy Standalone box game, TRUE
on sale for a few months, then models become part of 30k range – Mark 4 + Cataphract armors featured, as well as Contemptor
Assassins Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, TRUE
then models become part of the 40k range. TRUE

Also of note:
Greater Daemons all complete
Dark Angels later in the year TRUE
Tzeentch later in the year TRUE

Release Schedule Rumors - Feb 2015
I never mentioned May
I never mentioned “Nerd rage”
I was only talking about the new space marines.
I said it was going to cause a “**** storm” ….
I simply meant it was ‘big news’ and it was going to cause a lot of … ‘excitement’ on the 40K boards.
I did not intend to cause any panic.

It would seem duffybear heard a rumour about new space marines. He naturally assumed these were what came next …. mark 9
However it did not occur to him that what his rumour was about was what came before …..

I think these rumours ARE part of the same thing.

I think Duffy’s rumours are about the new space marines for THIS …. for 30K
So that would make it not mark 9 but something like Mark 3 / Mark 4 ? armour. (Or whatever armour it was 30K …someone will have to help me out with that) TRUE

The armour is a simpler, earlier version of the power armour we all know and love.
It looks a bit like something Tony Stark might have knocked up in the desert.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Feb 2015
First Darnok gets the party started:

My latest information has 9th for summer. May has something else coming.

Then Harry adds a dash or reliability:

You are laughing now. This will cause a ***** storm of similar proportions on the 40K boards to the one we have been enjoying on the fantasy side. FALSE

Finally throws gasoline on the fire:

Oh you guys are gonna love it.

Chaos Rumors / End Times Rumors - Jan 2015
Except this one was designed and sculpted by Jes Goodwin. TRUE

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Jan 2015
My final thought before I go paint something .... it is everybody's assumption that the rumoured 'six' will ALL be familiar.
that most stuff will be saved and crammed into one 'faction' or another.

The only two I am certain of is Humanity and Chaos. TRUE
You have to retain humanity to have some connection with the game. (But I don't think these will be familiar as the either Bretonnians or Empire 500 years on).
Chaos is as GW as .... square bases for fantasy Also ... they look set to win! TRUE

After that I wouldn't bet on anything.
I think Skaven stand the best shout. Rats seem to do well after a bit of death and destruction and they are also a GW creation. BUT they were introduced as Chaos Ratmen .... so they might get rolled into Chaos? TRUE
I think some sort of Undead must be in there ... it's not like they will be short of dead bodies after the dust settles on the End Times. Will they be familiar as either VC or TK? Can't see why they would. TRUE
Everything else (If for no other reason that it is too generic and un protected) seems to be set to be knocked back into the stone age or into the history books. High Elves sink? Dwarves disappear under the mountains? Elves return to tree hugging in the deep woods. Lizardmen leave the planet. Who's going to left who can put up a fight? ... and we still have slots to fill. FALSE

I wouldn't bet against Fishmen Ichthyosapiens ... no one is fighting in the oceans FALSE
... or Insect men ... insects survive everything ...or some sort of Sky living birdmen/angels type thing as no one is fighting in the air especially either.

There was rumour about a new race for Warhammer ages ago.

I don't remember the details but their were two parts to it. 1) they needed to find the Fantasy equivalent of SM TRUE
and 2) They had always been here, part of the warhammer world just not visible. FALSE

So a race that lived underground and stayed out of everyones way, (Bit like the Skaven ... assumed not to exist by most normal folk) under the sea or in the sky and had stayed out of everyones way?

Don't know if there was anything in it, can't even remember where I heard it ... but I honestly would NOT be surprised to see a new (protectable) race. (or two) ... Everything else is up in the air ... why not the warhammer races?!

Just to mess up everyones nice easy six factions.

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors - Jan 2015

Quote Originally Posted by Poncho160 View Post
Months and months and months ago, early last year some time, Harry (I think ) wrote that their would be a new faction for fantasy that they would be the equivalent of 40ks space marines.

I hate it when that happens. TRUE

Quote Originally Posted by Regulator View Post
The mankind will be one army together. Meaning the Empire and the Bretonians become the "survivors". Good luck with that!

Chaos V's "Humans" ...

Harry wrote:About six months .... but i first heard about ita good six months before I posted that.
Sometimes it is not all that cryptic .....

I tried to find some of my old posts about this. i have posted about this 6 months, 12 months and 18 months ago. But many of my recent posts have been deleted.???

In the end I had to go find some of what I had said on BOLS Forum where Big red had quoted me from here. (Thanks Red)

OK, here's one for you .....

Chaos Vs "Humans".

Quote Originally Posted by Tozudos a Dieces:
I've just read The fall of Altdorf.


At least fluff-wise, nothing's gonna be again the same. It all will change. All.

Harry: You are not wrong there fella. That is what I have been saying.

Quote Originally Posted by Ludaman:
Awesome! Thanks Harry! I may be way off, but that sounds like the contents of a new starter Box to me.

Harry: We have been playing this game together for too many years.

Big Red: So first up, Harry called the End Times and Glottkin by name over 6 months out. So when he says something, you should take it as much more serious than garden variety rumors.

This insinuation of new boxed sets and unified "Human" factions all feeds back into Harry's earlier speculation on GW utterly shattering the game with the End Times series, to produce a very different environment and game on the other side of the series. TRUE

After months of absence, the BEST rumormonger out there returns to talk about the End Times of Warhammer Fantasy:

Harry's BACK from the wilderness!

9th Edition Fantasy Rumors - Sept 2014
You may remember last year I was being very vague about some 'radical changes' in a thread about 9th edition.

Back at the start of the year, in one of my first posts of the new year I said this:

I don't think they are trying to destroy it.
I suspect they will be trying their hardest to breath new life into it.
We are not seeing the "End times" for Warhammer just yet. TRUE

Did you see what I did there?
The clues are always there fellas.

So I first heard about all this last autumn?
I was told 2014 would be "Year zero" for Warhammer.

Had no idea what that meant at first but if you Google your way to the wikipedia you get this:

The term Year Zero (Khmer: ?????????? chhnam saun), applied to the takeover of Cambodia in April 1975 by the Khmer Rouge, is an analogy to the Year One of the French Revolutionary Calendar. During the French Revolution, after the abolition of the French monarchy (September 20, 1792), the National Convention instituted a new calendar and declared the beginning of the Year I. The Khmer Rouge takeover of Phnom Penh was rapidly followed by a series